LFP's Head Of Production Mark Kramer Vs. Kimberly Kane And Her Boyfriend Jack The Zipper

Friday, July 31, 2005. Marc Kramer was shooting a movie (starring Jessica Jaymes) at the Hustler studio. Kimberly Kane showed up to the set. She was not invited by Kramer. He didn't believe she had any business being at the studio.

Kramer asked her what she was doing there. She said she was there to talk to Haley Page who was in make-up. Kramer told Kimberly to leave the set.

A few hours later, Kimberly sent emails to LFP's head of sales saying Kramer was rude and abusive.

Marc notified his directors not to use her:

To all- You are not to use Kimberly Kane in any of your shows. If you decide to hire her, you will no longer direct for the company. Thank you. Marc

Kramer has been shooting movies for seven years (for Digital Playground, Zero Tolerance, Third Degree Films, Colossal Entertainment, Vivid, Tera Vision, Adam & Eve and CDI) and says he has a good reputation. He says he's never been fired.

I emailed Kramer for comment on the below emails. He had no comment.

I asked around the industry about Kramer. I was told he was tightly wound and combustible.

One source friendly to Kramer writes: "Kramer is blunt, but he's a man of his word. He hates bulls---. Jack the Zipper is a pretentious, whiny bulls--- artist whose panties are in a bunch because his porn-whore gf got put in her place. Go back to art school, Jack the Hack."

Kimberly Kane and her boyfriend Jack The Zipper sent out this mass email to porn directors and producers:

By now you've received a mass email from Marc Kramer attempting to block you from hiring Kimberly Kane. As many of you have worked with KK in the past on countless Hustler productions, I think you'd agree she's a top performer with a topnotch reputation. We're still shocked that Mr Kramer would choose to abuse his authority this way, and we think it's symptomatic of what we've all been putting up with in recent months with the current mgmt. We're also guessing you don't appreciate being intimidated and threatened in that email if you choose to exercise your right to hire KK. I'm betting Mr Flynt won't stand for it, and I plan to meet with him right away. We would appreciate any support you could give to KK, she's being harassed and her income is being threatened directly by a man with a very bad reputation for this kind of thing, basically for standing up for herself. Below is the letter I sent to Mr kramer to expose this situation.

On Friday, Jack The Zipper wrote Marc Kramer:

mr kramer apparently your lack of standards knows no bounds. for you to attempt to blacklist an established performer with a great reputation...who stars in most of Hustler's top movies over the last year..... for calling you on your unprofessional behavior towards her at the LFP soundstage on friday proves her point about you...don't you think....?

I'm going to take this problem to Mr Flynt personally as I have other issues to bring up with him about what we've been dealing with in your dept....and I also plan to contact the directors personally to explain what you're up to...you should also be aware that I'm contacting my attorney and will seek damages against you for any loss of wages that kk suffers as a result of your actions.

I hear you've been fired from a long list of companies for these kinds of manipulations....you represent what needs to be weeded out of this industry....and you should realize that unlike you...kimberly kane is a vital and very well respected professional in this business....and we have a lot of methods at our disposal to bring this out in the open... you're obviously no gentlemen...and now you've made it my business to expose this nonsense once and for all...I'll be happy to discuss this further with you in person....

Marc Kramer, Dustin Flynt (Photo from AVN.com)

Marc Kramer Apologizes To Jack The Zipper, Kimberly Kane

His assistant sent out this email August 5, 2005:

I would like to retract the previous email sent out to all Hustler/VCA directors regarding Kimberly Kane. In addition, I would like to make a formal apology to both KK and Jack the Zipper. This is a simple case of misunderstanding, and we welcome the opportunity to shoot KK again. Thank you, and again please accept my apologies.

Kimberly Kane Interview

I call her Tuesday afternoon, August 9, 2005, a few hours after interviewing her fiance Jack The Zipper.

She sounds distracted. "I have a couple of minutes," she says. "We're just having a family thing, but I can talk."

Duke: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Kim: "Umm, let me gather my thoughts. You have impeccable timing.

"My mom thought I was going to be a rock star. She had high hopes for me. She didn't realize that I suck at playing guitar. I wrote songs and I was really into music as a teenager.

"I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. At 13, I decided I needed a change of scenery and I moved to Oregon to my mother [a stripper]."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Kim: "The smokers.

"I wasn't that great of a student, though I was great in the classes where the teachers cared. I was a good student in classes with good teachers. I was misunderstood when I was a teenager.

"I was a wild child but I could be easy and I could be taught but only a handful of teachers took the time to care.

"I wasn't a troublemaker."

Kimberly lost her virginity at 15 to her boyfriend. "I wasn't a dater. I didn't have boyfriends [aside from that one]."

Duke: "How did you get into the porn industry?"

Kim: "I grew up around the business. My mom helped produce a $150,000 softcore film when I was 17. I don't want to say the name of the film because I know the stars now.

"Back then, my mom was kooky and she had issues with the creators, who were the stars of the movie. The movie was never released because of these issues.

"Now I know the stars and they don't remember me from back then being her daughter. I want to keep it that way.

"When I came to live with my mother in Oregon, I was around the business. That's why I'm comfortable out of making a career of something I've been in for a long time and know well.

"My mom was a Hawaiin Tropics award winner. She was a beauty queen, dancer, and model." She never did porn.

"She's proud of me now, but when I first told her I was getting into it, she was upset.

"I have a step-brother, half-brother and real sister. My sister is totally awesome. My mom, aunt, grandma, know what I do and they love me. My little brother was the location scout on Stunt Girl 2. They're in the business too. They've been around it for a long time. They're proud of me."

Duke: "What do you love and hate about the porn industry?"

Kim: "That you can come into this business and not have a good education (like myself) and be successful. You can be a woman and be successful. You don't have to take s--- from anybody. I hate people who abuse and degrade women and men. Kahn Tusion and Meatholes and those sites that make their money off degrading. They're the ones who give porn a bad name. I know plenty of people in porn who are good people."

Duke: "How long have you and Jack the Zipper been together?"

Kim: "It's our one-year anniversary today. We met on the set of Stunt Girl in March [2004]. He'd seen me on talent sites and he didn't know how to get a hold of me. From the second he opened the door to greet me, I was like, He's cute. We're best friends."

Duke: "What are the joys and sorrows of dating someone in the industry?"

Kim: "It's not that difficult. I'm condom-only. I don't work all the time. I'm extremely selective. I have a short list of people I'll work with. And I'm doing my own projects. I'm directing a movie - Naked and Famous. It's bizarre. You never know what I'm going to do next in it. It's not just a boy-girl movie. It's not just a girl-girl movie. There don't have to be a certain number of DPs in it. Some of it is going to be shot in New York. I just shot a scene at the Mondrian Hotel last night with Faith and Mr. Marcus.

"A female director I really enjoy is Celeste (aka Bunny Luv). Andrew Blake claims he taught her all she knows. That's not true. I called her one day to say, I'm directing. I have a radio show on KSEX. I review your movies. I really enjoy them. Thank you for caring about your projects. We had a good creative-women-to-creative-woman conversation."

Kimberly has been a host for a couple of months on KSEX's Porn Honeys (Wednesdays at 6pm) review show with Maria Menendez and Hailey Page (when she can).

Duke: "Sounds like you're busy."

Kim: "I love it. I know every single person in this business. I know everything that everyone's doing, same as you."

Kimberly made her first film at the end of August 2003 - Troubled Teens, directed by Pat Myne.

Kane turns 22 on August 28.


Kimberly Kane Interview Part Two

"I am normal sexually at home," Kimberly says. "I don't need things rammed in weird places. I'm a lover."

"I'm a homebody. You don't see me at parties often."

Luke: "Do you ever wind up curled in a ball in the shower crying,'Why me?'"

Kimberly: "All the time. I bet you do too and everybody else on this set. 'Why me? I've got myself into a bed and I guess I'm going to lie in it for the rest of my life.' Every day."

"My mom is so proud of me. She thinks I'm a rock star."

"XPT is like the punk rock Adult DVD Talk."

"I hate that people outside the business don't get it and don't get you. It's hard to understand what we do."

Luke: "When you stand here on the set, it seems like the most normal thing in the world."