On Set With Cytherea, Kelly Wells, Violet Blue

Kelly Wells Kelly Wells Kelly Wells Kelly Wells Byron Long Byron Long Ron Sullivan, Byron Long Bishop Christmas with Brian, Cytherea's husband Kelly Wells Ron, Bishop, Kelly Rob Spallone Byron Long Byron Long Byron Long Byron Long Byron Long Sylvio, Violet Blue Sylvio, Violet Blue Violet Blue Rob Spallone Violet Blue Violet Blue, Sylvio Violet Blue, Sylvio Violet Blue, Sylvio Violet Blue Violet Blue Violet Blue Violet Blue Violet Blue Violet Blue Violet Blue Kelly Wells Kelly Wells Violet Blue Kelly, Rob Bogie


Rob Spallone is producing another edition of America's premiere heart-warming family-favorite series since the Cosby Show -- Bang My Tight White Ass.

Within a few minutes of walking inside, shaking hands with director Ron Sullivan, photographer Bill Diehl, production manager Kenny Carolina and greeting Brian and Cytherea (of Cytherea Productions), I find my bad mood lifting. I start laughing. I check out the new girl -- Kelly Wells. She's 20 and slim and blonde and real.

Everyone thinks she's petrified. She'll be taking on two big black guys -- Byron Long and Bishop.

I find there's nothing like an interracial double penetration to take away the blues.

I'm a lonesome dove no longer. I've got important work to do.

It's 10 am. Brian lounges on the couch surrounded by Cytherea's four dogs. Cytherea's just gotten up. She wears no make-up. She's coming to life.

Brian shows me their Santa Claus. It has a male appendage.

Rob Spallone drives up and walks in, amping up the excitement. He has a major Penthouse casting call Tuesday. Rob hands out business cards for its Holiday Inn location in Woodland Hills.

Ron tells Cytherea that he wants to get his ear pierced again. He had it done the first time at Cytherea's house around his 65th birthday.

"She made a big thing about it," says Ron. "Just as they were about to puncture my ear, she unzipped my fly and took my dick out and started sucking my dick to distract me."

I have my tape recorder out capturing everything.

Rob warns Ron: "He's writing everything you say."

Ron: "I don't care."

Rob's still talking about Bill Margold's dire predictions for his talent call.

Despite it all, he's as happy as two black men with a white girl to poke. He boasts that he has no more warrants out for his arrest, and just a minor court appearance Friday morning.

Rob just graduated from anger management (not that the 52 classes have done him much good).

Rob says about his teacher (after telling me to shut off my tape recorder): "He says that I am one client he will never forget. And he don't make much money. He gets like a $100 per class.

"Usually, when someone graduates, they have pizza. I have never graduated from anything in my life. I wanted a diploma. The guy went out and bought me a diploma.

"Then I find out there's a warrant out for my arrest. I was supposed to be in court in October. If I had been pulled over, [Rob might've gone to jail]."

Byron Long, 35, arrives. He carries a drink. I guess 10am is not too early for a beer. But it turns out he's sipping a non-alcoholic energy drink. What kind of set is this? Soon they'll be passing out milk.

Bishop arrives late. He's eager for his "prison rape season" with Byron and Kelly Wells.

At a shoot earlier this week, Bishop had his car alarm go off. The LAPD rolled up and questioned him. Bishop was not cooperative. So they through him in county jail for two days. Now he's a free man and he's got a beautiful young white woman to pork. Life is good.

Bishop: "They ran my background information. And based on a warrant from many years ago..."

Ron: "How long have you been black?"

Bishop: "For about 40 years now."

Ron: "Haven't you learned yet?"

Duke to Bishop: "Did you get raped?"

Bishop laughs: "Almost."

Duke: "When was the warrant?"

Bishop: "Twelve years ago. Marijuana found its way into my possession. I met all the state's requirements for that infraction -- probation, work release."

Kelly looks up as the conversation progresses. Do I read fear in her eyes?

Duke: "Were you drunk [when Bishop was questioned by the LAPD]?"

Bishop: "No. I was on my way to work so I wasn't drunk yet.

"Apparently they didn't like my attitude."

Duke: "Why weren't you more cooperative with the nice police officers?"

Bishop: "They weren't playing nice with me. They asked me a bunch of questions that they had no right to ask. Once I proved that this was my vehicle and that I wasn't breaking into it, that should've been the end of our interaction."

Duke: "What questions were they asking?"

Bishop: "Where I been. What I was doing there."

Duke: "Did you tell them you were a porn star?"

Bishop: "I didn't think that would be helpful. Men cannot be porn stars. Only women can be porn stars. Men are just props.

"Every time I've talked with the LAPD, it has been an unfavorable interaction. Those guys and I just don't see things from eye-to-eye."

Ron says Kelly looks nervous. "I'd be nervous too if I was about to be f----- by Byron Long."

Rob tells a story about dropping off his kids to his ex-wife this week. They were hanging out in a clubhouse and accidentally tripped off an alarm. When they walked outside, they were surrounded by LAPD officers who had weapons drawn.

Bishop: "Lucky you weren't a black man or you would've been shot in the back."

Rob says he's going to McDonalds. Anybody want anything?

Byron: "Get some young meaty girls."

Duke: "What's wrong with the one you got?"

Byron: "She's only a snack. I need meat."

Ron says he would never hire Sean Michaels because he spoke like a white man.

Byron says that it is not a matter of talking white, but talking educated.

As I listen to Byron, I realize he talks like a white man. I ask him if he went to college. Yes. He got his degree in biology from UCLA in 1991. His parents expected him to go to medical school.

Byron served in the military full-time from 1990-94, and was then in the reserves for six years. He entered porn in 1994. "In the lull of life," he says.

Duke: "Why didn't you go to medical school?"

Byron: "Because doctors are jokes."

Duke: "Why are they jokes?"

Byron: "They're practicioners."

Bishop: "They kill people."

Duke: "What's wrong with being a practicioner?"

Bishop giggles.

Byron: "There's people who heal and there are people who practice. All doctors really do is hand out medication. When you go see a doctor, he has no real idea of what's the matter with you. But you're going to leave that day with a prescription."

Byron says prescription drugs don't help people.

Duke: "But what about lithium?"

Duke owes his sanity, such as it is, to lithium.

Byron: "Bipolar? Let me tell you a story about a girl I knew in the business. She was bipolar. As long as she smoked the good bud, she was straight. As soon as she started hanging out with people who told her it wasn't good to smoke that herb, and she went back to that medicine..."

Byron makes dramatic swinging motions with his arms to indicate her changing moods.

So no, Byron (who grew up in Inglewood, a middle-class black community near LAX) does not endorse lithium for people with bipolar disorder. Instead, he recommends "the good bud." Otherwise known as "that herb."

Byron: "Another case in point. My mother almost died a couple of years ago. She had a brain aneurism. It had grown the size of your fist lodged in her brain. She was going brain. We take her to the hospital. She gets surgery. She was the one person that lived. The reason that it never exploded is that she smoked the bud all the time with me.

"When she got out of the hospital, she was given a medication with the side effect of seizures. They gave somebody who had brain surgery medicine that had the side effect of seizures. I took her off that s---. I put her on herb. She smoked the herb all the time and she hasn't been sick since. Every six months when she goes to the doctors, they ask, are you taking the medicine we gave you? They're trying to figure out why she's still alive, because they know the medicine they gave her is crap."

Byron speaks against pharmaceutical companies and for Eastern medicine. "The only reason it isn't accepted in Western society is that Western society is based on religious beliefs. How are you going to accept that somebody else has a better system of medicine than you when you believe the earth didn't start until 3,000 years ago and you have a group of people who had medicine 4,000 years ago. That doesn't sound right [from a Western perspective]. How are you going to have medicine longer than you've been on the planet? When you have a society developed by a religious group, certain things can't happen. Western medicine is based, not on healing, but on making money. If you heal somebody, they don't come back.

"Any time you have a corporation that has made six billion dollars, I don't think the mother------- need much more money. You should drop out of the game and let some other people make money."

Duke: "Do you think porn heals people?"

Byron is taken aback for a few seconds. He thinks before speaking: "Some porn does, but there's a lot of porn in this industry that's just wrong."

Duke: "Like what?"

Byron: "Anybody who wants to do the most extreme thing [is probably not healing]. What people don't realize is that we are dealing with women. The same young ladies we are calling sluts, hos, bitches, whatever... That's your momma. Because she's a woman too. If you one woman is bad, you must think all women is bad. A lot of the porn made in this industry is not geared towards sexuality. It's geared towards a group of men who don't particularly like women. They want to make sure that there's pain...anger. That there's no sexual anything. When you have a scene where they're trying to make a girl cry. Where they're trying to break her. 'Yeah, we f----- her up. She ain't going to work for days.'

"You don't like women."

Duke: "You don't do those scenes?"

Byron: "No. They say I'm too nice. They call me a lover. That's not what they're looking for. I won't call women bitches. They're pretty girls. They're all pretty girls. I like getting women off."

Ron Sullivan lectures his talent before the scene. Ron is not a fan of double penetration (because, he says, people don't do it in real life), yet he must shoot it because the market (and his producer Rob Spallone) demands it. So Ron comes up with creative scenarios to make the scene more meaningful and humane. The guys are supposed to take turns "doing her in the butt. I like it slow. It's nasty when it's slow. I can see it better."

Kelly looks scared.

Byron and Silvio (a black performer in his early 40s) discuss colors. I don't quite follow. I press for explanations. Byron asks if I have noticed that most black men in the business wear the same color -- blue.

I'm not sure if these "colors" are gang-related or slavery-related. It's not easy being a poor outgunned white child on a black man's shoot.

It used to be a scandal if a white woman went with a black man. Now it's cool.

Byron uses the phrase, "to true-up."

Duke: "What does it mean?"

Byron: "They're true to their colors. They're true-blue."

Duke: "Are those gang colors?"

Byron and Sylvio protest. "No, not necessarily."

They're smiling broadly at the ignorance of this white man.

Sylvio: "I just like to wear red a lot. That way they know it's me. We'll leave it at that."

Duke: "Sylvio, what gang do you identify with?"

Sylvio and Byron repeat that it had nothing to do with gangs. It's just that Sylvio's favorite color is red.

I ask Byron what was the predominant gang in his home community of Inglewood.

Byron: "I wouldn't say there was a gang in Inglewood. There was a family."

Duke: "What was it called?"

Byron: "Inglewood family."

Byron smiles. "Hey Sylvio. There's no gang in Inglewood, right? There's a family."

Sylvio agrees. They laugh in the hearty manner of the well endowed black man who knows that the tiny white girl is his oyster.

Duke: "What about Crips and Bloods?"

They say they don't know nothing about that.

Byron: "I would never be caught slip-walking. My friends wouldn't appreciate me doing that."

They won't explain "slip-walking" to me.

Sylvio: "It's exactly what it sounds like."

I guess it is some inner-city black gang thing.

Ron Sullivan is married to a black woman (though he does not recommend it) and it is his best marriage yet (after five tries).

When Byron Long takes off his red beanie, he displays a pair of ponytails.

He tells Ron Sullivan to remove the disinfectant wipes he's been using on the sink and floor in Cytherea's kitchen from the scene (taking place in the kitchen) in case the girl mistakes them for the sanitary wipes she'll use later on intimate parts of her body.

Kelly (20yo, 5'10, and 34B) says she's been in porn three months (after three months stripping in Las Vegas at Palominos) and done 40 movies. She got into it through a friend who said she'd make a lot of money and have a lot of fun.

Kelly said she couldn't f--- on camera. Her friend said that's where the money comes in. It's a good motivator.

Kelly says that if you are going to do porn, you might as well do it right.

As the scene begins, I walk outside into the sunshine and throw a football back and forth with Rob. Football is our favorite sport to watch.

I ask Sylvio when he was last in prison. He says it was 17 years ago.

I hear Misha has quit as publicist for VCA. As could be expected, there has been a ton of turnover at the company since LFP bought it.

I hear former VCA owner Russell Hampshire is looking good and doing well. He was just off to Hawaii for a vacation. I suspect he's playing a lot of golf and working in his garden.

White kid Mike Johns learned Spanish and headed down to Costa Rica a few years ago to work in Internet gambling. He made a ton of money and now shoots for Red Light District, which is funded by its owner's (David Joseph Giarusso) Costa Rican gambling operation.

I hear Kelly said to Byron, "Did you just put your head in my ass?"

Byron: "The good news is -- my cock ain't got no shoulders."

Harry Weiss had Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Cytherea. As he cut up some pork, he said, "This pink turkey ain't bad."

Violet Blue, 29, drives up. She gets out of her car and shakes Brian's hand. Then she gives him her bag.

Her scene partner Sylvio walks up. They start making out.

Brian: "I'm carrying your bag and you only shook my hand."

Cytherea has crashed her scooter a couple of times. After she drives off, I ask Brian if his wife is a good driver. "Yes," he says, "except when she gets distracted, and is talking on her cell phone, and having a drink while she's driving."

A few minutes later, we hear a car roar outside the gate. It's Cytherea. She can't work the code to get in.

Violet Blue and Sylvio make out again.

Taking a breath, she says, "Good thing we're both married."

I ask Sylvio how his wife likes him working in porn. He says she don't. She's 57.

"Most wives wouldn't like their husbands working in porn," says Violet.

She yawns, even though she had more than eight hours of sleep last night.

She's been married for five years, and has had a boyfriend for three years. Now she has a new boyfriend in addition to her other two men. She and her husband are talking about divorce. They're only married for the sake of their son.

Violet is about to take her fourth degree of Wiccan test. She'll become an elder.

Rob has Brian put on the movie Donnie Brasco, one of Rob's favorites. He's long named my Donnis Brasco. Rob says I'm an undercover FBI agent who will bring everybody down. "Agent Luke Brasco dot com."

Rob asks if I ever wear my uniform. "Only on dates," I say. "Some women like that."

I imagine Rob as the Al Pacino character in the movie, playing with his birds and waiting for his crime family to whack him.

Rob tells Brian to put the sound on.

"Wait till Fellini's done in there," says Brian.

"Tell them to go outside and shoot," says Rob.

Jim South handed off Rob Spallone's mail to an assistant. Now Rob has the stack on the table in front of him. He has six offers for credit, from mortgage refinancing to new credit cards. Don't they know this man is filing bankruptcy any day?

We hear loud moans from the kitchen. The two black men are thrilled with their delicate white maiden Kelly, whose yelps indicate she's far from unhappy. It's a good thing Dr. William Pierce never lived to see the series Bang My Tight White Ass.

Rob says I have caused him more aggravation than anybody in the past eight years. He's disappointed he wasn't able to raise $200,000 from the industry to frighten me away from porn.

Cytherea's black cocker spaniel wanders into the kitchen during the scene. "She wants some too," says Kelly.

Brian says to Ron that he has a feature and some gonzos for him to shoot.

"Features are for faggots," says Ron, probably the greatest feature director of the 1980s.

I ask Brian if he shoots bestiality. "Some of the girls we had at the house a few weeks ago," he says, "could've been confused to animals."

Brian's black t-shirt says "white guy" on the front and "f--- y'all, you all." But without the dashes on the obscene word.

Brian remembers Ron shooting a scene in his pool a few weeks ago. Brian pulled out his remote control and directed his boats in the pool into the scene.

"What are those dildos doing on the window sill?" I ask.

"They're air fresheners," says Rob.

Brian complains that on every Rob shoot, Rob and his crew raid the kitchen. "Rob's crew descends like locusts."

Rob sucks down a load of Brian's custard.

"It's a Rob Spallone shoot," says Brian. "I'm out of food and my kitchen smells like turds."

The scene is finished. Kelly is cleaning off. Ron Sullivan collars her in a corner and tells her all about himself. That she should stay in touch with him so he can get her work. She should give him her number. That he was Henri Pachard. She should search "Henri Pachard" on the Internet. That he shot more pornos on film than anybody during the 1980s.

"I'm as humble as an elephant in heat," Ron admits to me later.

12:35: Violet Blue says, "Ron, you're out of enemas."

Rob gives Ron money and he drives to 7-11 to buy more.

I ask Kelly if she's sore after her scene. "Not at all," she replies.

She's shooting for Meatholes.com on Tuesday.

"Is that the one where they have the girl beating up on the girl?" Violet Blue asks.

"Yeah," I say.

"I did that. I beat up a little asian girl. I beat up people in my personal."

Duke: "How many people do you have to beat up to become an elder in Wicca?"

Violet: "You don't. That's a stupid question."

Photographer Bill Diehl: "Hey Rob. People are asking for water."

Rob: "I just sent Ron to the store."

Brian asks Kelly, "What don't you do?"

Kelly: "I do everything."

Rob boasts about his AVN nominations for The Sopornos.

Kelly has red eyes. She got stung with the man seed. It happens every time. They're just supposed to shoot on her face but they always get some in her eye.

I hate it when that happens.

Violet and Kelly discuss stripping at Palominos in Las Vegas. They both know Kat, the morning manager.

Kelly: "She has big breasts. She can make her pussy talk."

Violet nods.

Kelly says stripping was boring. She grew to resent guys. They wanted to see all of her without paying for it.

Brian: "I know this guy who'd go to clubs and his thing was -- he wanted girls to stomp on his nuts."

Violet Blue says she is a "ceremonial magician" in OTO.

"Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Oriental Templars, or Order of the Temple of the East..."

Duke: "Do you guys have gun?"

Violet: "We don't need guns."

Violet says "we can only do spells on ourself. It's your own will acting... When I was in college, I cast a spell [for] this guy I was madly in love with. My roommate walked in as I was casting the spell. My energy got divereted towards her. He ended up falling in love with her and they're not married."

Violet majored in "Environmental Studies" at college but she did not graduate.

Kenny: "Do you guys have orgies?"

Violet: "Unofficially. There have been some parties that got wild. Usually it ends up in spankings and whippings as opposed to orgies. It's not an OTO event but OTO people tend to be wild."

Violet Blue's husband is a production manager for Stony Curtis at Lethal Hardcore.

Duke: "Does your husband every say, take your hands off my wife!"

Violet: "Why would he say that? He could care less who has his hands on me."

Kelly asks Violet: "You've been in the business for a while, right?"

Violet: "Yeah, four years now."

Kelly: "How often do you shoot?"

Violet: "About four times a month. Not very much."

Kelly: "Not very much. You probably shot a lot, huh?"

Violet: "Oh yeah. I was shooting every day for two years."

Kelly: "Tiring."

Violet: "It's not that. People shoot you for all their gonzo lines and then they can only shoot you for features. Features only happen every so often. I don't even know what this one is for."

Kelly: "The rumor is that if you shoot four or five days a week, you won't be in the business in four months, because you'll be shot out.

"I met a woman who shot every day for years [Bridgette Kerkove]. She's done over a thousand scenes and she's only been in porn for a few years."

Violet: "It helps that her husband Skeeter is a director and she'll take a baseball bat up her ass."

Bridget Kerkove won Best New Starlet in 2000. Tera Patrick won in 2001. Violet Blue in 2002. Jenna Haze in 2003. Stormy in 2004.

Violet: "Bridget said that after she won Best New Starlet she didn't work for a long time. The same thing happened to me. Everyone thinks your rates are too expensive. It didn't help that my manager Roy G-rcia told everybody that my rate went up $200. Stay far away from Roy."

Roy replies: "Funny, last week she was e-mailing me & calling me for work and I haven’t been an agent for almost 2 years – idiot. Especially since I was calling her today for a job I’m shooting. Double idiot. Word of advice to talent – show up, (on time) look good, don’t complain. And stop blaming everyone else for your problems, because even if those problems are legit, there’s nothing you can do about them, you can only change yourself. And learn another skill, hell, learn a lot of them – no-one ever got to the top of their industry staying the same, not evolving, and not diversifying. So do that, and stop whinning – this is the ADULT Biz – act over 18."

Duke: "Does OTO have a feeder program into porn?"

Violet: "No. I think I am their only porn star but we have a few rock stars."

I try to have an intellectual conversation with Violet Blue but Kenny Carolina keeps taking it into the gutter. He wants to know about the freakiest things Violet has done while I want to explore her spiritual side.

Rob's friend Bogie (tattooed, muscular, hulking figure) comes over. Every year for the past four years, Rob has arranged a photo for Bogie of him with some porn chicks.

Bogie once killed a guy in a bar fight. He wasn't convicted of any crime but he went out of his mind afterwards. He's been arrested three times but never convicted.

He works in computers.

Ron says he looks good. Bogie says he's lost 35 pounds.

Bogie asks Ron: "You got any decent girls this year?"

Rob: "Do we have any girls for him or he's going to get angry?"

Rob rounds up Cytherea and Violet Blue.

Bogie: "I'm a Jehovah Witness. Anyone want to donate?"

Bogie says he has a WWII Italian rifle for sale. Never fired. Dropped once.

Kelly Wells's business card reads: "Kelly F---'N Wells. www.kellyf-cknwells.com"


Kelly calls me at 4pm after I emailed her for an interview.

Kelly: "I don't remember meeting you at Cytherea's house."

Duke: "I was the guy taking pictures of you all the time."

Kelly: "The one with blond hair [Bill Diehl]?"

Duke: "No. The one with the Australian accent."

Kelly: "I didn't even remember your name. You're the dark-haired guy, right?"

Duke: "Yeah."

Kelly: "I remember you. Did you have a leather jacket on?"

Duke: "Yeah."

Kelly: "You're not completely forgotten. I meet a lot of people every day."

Duke: "Everyone thought you were scared last Thursday (before a scene with two black guys)?"

Kelly: "Not at all. I've done a lot worse than DP in a scene. I wasn't scared. I'm not a scared cookie. I'm pretty brave when it comes to what I do on camera."

Duke: "But you're just a little girl. How could you work with those big guys?"

Kelly: "I'm not that little. [She stands 5'10.] Only physically, but my mind is a lot more expanded than my body. I don't tell myself that I can't do certain things on camera. I'm not scared to try anything. You don't make money being a scared girl in this business. People pay to see what they can get most out of you."

Duke: "When did you first do double penetration?"

Kelly: "About a month ago. I'm comfortable with DP as long as I am not working with the two largest guys in the business. When I have one 7" and one 10", I'm fine with that. Byron's ok but Bishop's smaller than Byron, so it was easy to do a DP scene with those two."

Duke: "You're slender. I thought you were going to get ripped up. You never get injured in this industry?"

Kelly: "Nope."

Duke: "When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Kelly: "Not in porn. I wanted to be a little of everything. I wanted to be a poet. A painter. A dancer. I'm not so artistic anymore because I don't practice what used to be artistic talent. But I am artistically inclined. I know what makes guys horny. I do certain things on camera and I get a certain response. I'll do those things more often and improve on those talents on camera. I give a guy what he wants and I get nastier in how I perform in front of a camera. If you book me, I give you 110%. I don't give 50%, because 50% in this industry just isn't f------ good enough."

Duke: "What kind of clique did you hang out with in high school?"

Kelly: "I hung out with the deebs and the dorks. I was anti-social. I stayed to myself. I like to be a private person. I don't get out much and talk to a lot of people. I'm not socially elite. I didn't hang out with the popular people. That would be my little sister, who I am trying to recruit into porn. I'm just a down-to-earth, laid-back, quiet, private person.

"I told her it is good money. You can get enjoyment. It's a good combination to make a decent living."

Duke: "Were you a good student in high school?"

Kelly: "I was for the first two years. The last two years of high school, I partied a lot. The last two years, I completely blew off. I barely passed high school. I had too much fun being a rebel."

Duke: "At what age did you lose your virginity?"

Kelly: "I was 17. Within the first couple of parties I went to, I lost my virginity. I slept with four guys in high school. I didn't sleep around a lot. I was very picky. It was a small town [of 4,000]. There were a lot of STDs to be passed around. Chlamydia, gonorrhea were common because everybody was f------ the same people. I just limited myself."

Duke: "Are you a celebrity back there?"

Kelly: "No. Nobody knows I do porn. It's none of their business."

Duke: "When you left high school, what did you want to do with your life?"

Kelly: "I always wanted to produce films. I went to school for two years to study psychology but it didn't work out. I didn't like it. I don't like books. I don't like to be held down. I don't like that kind of a commitment. I felt like I was wasting my time."

Duke: "How did you get into stripping?"

Kelly: "My boyfriend at the time convinced that I had to try to do different things to make money. I was making $300 a week as a pharmacy tech. He told me to try dancing. I met a girl dancing who did some escorting and some porn. She gave me an agent's number [Tomas from Skin City Models].

"Porn is more exciting. It is more mentally stimulating. I don't get pleasure out of 80% of what I do in front of the camera. The positions are not like what I would do at home. It's not normal sex. It's hard for me to come on camera. I have to have clitoral stimulation. But mentally, it is stimulating.

"In the beginning, I was like -- I'm in porn to make money. That's it. No pleasure. I didn't really want to be in it.

"I have found ways to make porn more enjoyable. Not just sexually, but mentally. Being nasty on camera is exciting. It's an adrenalin rush. I'll sit back after a scene and say, I did that? God! I'm crazy. I'm using porn as an outlet to be a rebel, to be the bad girl I never really was."

Duke: "Do you save your money?"

Kelly: "I save some of it. I spend some of it. I'm set financially."

Kelly wants to work behind the camera.

Duke: "Would you rather date someone inside or outside of the industry?"

Kelly: "Outside. I think 98% of the guys in the industry, even in a relationship, think with their dicks. Off-camera, I like to be serious. I like commitment. I don't want somebody that just wants to f--- all the time. That's what I do on camera. I'd rather deal with somebody outside the business because then I don't have to deal with the, let's f--- all the time bulls---."

Duke: "Has working in the sex industry changed you?"

Kelly: "Not morally. I'm making money at what I do. I'm not a slut or a ho. Yeah, maybe I'm a whore because I f--- for money, but this is what I do for a living. I'm a businesswoman. It has changed me as a businessperson and as an individual because I learn something new every day about people and how to do good business. If I would say that I've changed morally, that would affect my personal life."

Duke: "So it hasn't affected your personal life?"

Kelly: "No."

Duke: "Was it a big hurdle to do interracial?"

Kelly: "No. I am not a racist. I am very open-minded."

Duke: "Would you say you had a happy childhood?"

Kelly: "No."

Duke: "Do you think that if you had had a happy childhood, you would have ever done porn?"

Kelly: "If I had had a happy childhood, that would've meant my parents were rich and I would get to milk them for the rest of my life and not have to work. So definitely if I had had a good childhood, I wouldn't be in porn."

Duke: "How do you use your power over men?"

Kelly yawns. "Well, I'm in the industry. By that fact, it shows how much power I have over men. Porn has opened up the closet freak that lies inside of me."

Duke: "What do you do when you are not working in porn?"

Kelly: "I sleep. I write. I listen to music. I like to kick back. I'm a lazy person."

Duke: "What do you like to write about?"

Kelly: "I write quotes about life -- new things I learn every day. I write my own quotes. I've got a couple of hundred of them. For example, if you turn your head for one moment, you might miss what you waited a whole lifetime to see. Or, sometimes I write metaphors. Like, when the core of an apple is rotten, so is the seed. That's not just relevant to apples but it is relevant to people."

Duke: "Do you like to read?"

Kelly: "Yeah, but I have an attention-deficit. I can not sit still for long. I write mostly. I get bored easy."

Kelly yawns again.

"I read on the Zodiac and on horoscopes. Anything to keep my interest in newspapers. I'm not really an interesting person to be honest with you. I don't do a lot with my spare time.

"I like to be around people, but at the end of the day, I prefer to be by myself. I'm a thinker."

Duke: "Ok, thanks. I'll write this up."

Kelly: "Are you going to write a bio?"

Duke: "Yeah."

Kelly: "Did I say anything about a boyfriend?"

Duke: "No."

Kelly: "Oh ok. I just wondered. Oh God. I just didn't want one column to change everybody's opinion about me. It is good to make people think that you are a good porn whore."


Kelly Wells Broke Her Jaw On A Belladonna Shoot A Month Ago

I believe she received about $10,000 in compensation and she's now back to work.

I call Kelly Friday afternoon. "I heard you got your jaw broken," I say.

"I don't want to talk about it," she says. "It's a shame journalists don't do more research before they write about things."

"So you don't want to talk about it?"

"Absolutely not. I just want to be about my day."