Isabel Ice Interview By Da Burglar

She says 5/24/06 on XPT:

I find that the industry in America is more physically, and sometimes more mentally demanding, the sheer volume of work in the USA takes it's toll. In Europe there is no such 'capital' of porn like LA. The work load is shared out over several countries including Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain to name a few. As for the cultural differences... there are many. European people I think, on the whole are more naturally kinky. The culture there doesn't put such a guilt trip on you for exploring sex and sexuality... I mean, I got a ticket in LA for topless sunbathing! Sunbathing? And I was made to feel like a sordid criminal, that I had done something terrible, and I was going to hell. (If only the officer knew...) I think that people there are more liberal with there sexuality, because it's easier when you're not being outcast and condemned.

The amount of times in LA I hear the boys stressing about how the balls of the second performer are bashing his, about how close their cocks are together. In Europe, this thought wouldn't cross the mind of the performers, and if it did, I don't think anyone really cares. There's a lot of labelism in the States that impeads peoples performace...haha... If I don't like the guys I'm working with, I get myself off by making them do a double anal, so I know their dicks are all rubbing up against each others inside my hole, it makes me wet!

I have a degree in Criminology and English Studies, which I finally finished, and I'm just starting another one in Modern Languages. As for whether or not my education has helped me in porn, I'm not sure... it certainly played a huge role in starting me off... I tell you the story... I left my poor town in Wales to live in Thailand teaching English as a Foreign Language for a year after college. When I finally returned to the UK, I went straight to London and started University. The expense of London was so great after volunteering for a year that I started work in a strip club called the Windmill in Soho, London... strip clubs there don't require you to dance too much, more like hustle for your cash. The guys pay you to sit down chating/dancing/eating per hour, but the problem is there are very few clients and loads of girls, and I hate hustling, so when the opportunity came up to make porn in LA, I packed my bags and never looked back... Moral of my story... DON'T get an education in London unless you have rich parents, or want to enter the Skin Trade.( you will be rendered poverty stricken if you don't) DO get an education, or at least half of one, in London if you want a semi-excusable explanation for the Folks as to why you became a cum-guzzling porn whore.

>What do you feel are the greatest benefits to being a pornographic film performer?

Lots of cool people, sex, traveling, Securing my finances, certainly an added bonus. Just a different look at life, a side that some people never experience. Not just the side on camera, but the lifestyle experience that comes with porn. It can get pretty crazy at times... I have dealt with a huge spectrum of situations and emotions that maybe I wouldn't have, if I hadn't started porn. When it's time for me to move on an leave the industry, I hope I leave happy, and with a whole lot of memories, good and bad.

For me, there are loads of drawbacks, but that's the same as a lot of things you choose to do in life... every job/path/vocation in life has pros and cons, and I made my choices so I'm not going to regret them. Things I think I'll miss out on for example, is I'd love to teach kids in school, but that won't be possible now. I feel like I've lost a few years with my family, because I don't really have anything to talk to them about in depth with out going into something about porn. For me, it's not a huge problem, but for others wanting to enter the adult industry, think carefully before you do, because you will get judged by Joe Public, which can sometimes feel like a witch hunt... I'm sure some people would love to burn some of us Porners alive!

Other draw-backs include the industry in Europe not being the same as in LA, so it's harder to find good work constantly. It's hard to find serious, meaningful relationships that are real, and you're not just settling for because there aren't so many options if you want to do your job properly. You have to learn a great self contol to be able to be happy, and keep jealousy under-wraps ect.

The last nice thing I did without expecting anything in return was today on set when I showed some chick the easiest way to stick a baseball bat up her ass, I also bought one of my roommates some moisturiser because he said his skin was dry this morning. People always do nice things for me, I'm really grateful to everyone being so cool when I go to work, or for picking me up and taking me to the doctors.. the last really BIG helpful things people did was this... When I had to move house unexpectedly last month, I got 'fostered' by Hannah Harper, Rebbeca, and Rio Mariah, until Arianna Jolle permanently adopted my homeless British ass.

[Isabel's boyfriend is] in the Italian industry, so he understands the mentality behind the movies. Of course it's very easy to be here in a different country for extended periods of time and get stressed, and jealous, but it's not worth it. I don't want to be unhappy, I want to be happy, so I do all I can to ensure he and I am. I've never had a reason not to trust him, so why should I give myself or him unneccessary grief? It is difficult to think of him with other girls, as it is for him with me and other guys, more so for him, because he knows me, and he knows I can potentially get turned on by any guy, young, old, fat, thin... it's all in the sex appeal, but I know he def. needs good looking girls, and a lot of the girls in Europe are drama queen and make it hard for the guys to work, so I'm confident I don't have to worry. Anyway, he wouldn't be with me if he didn't want me, and visa versa. Although sex on camera is 'real' it's very adrenaline inspired, what I do at home is very 'love' inspired... sex in porn and sex in private are two incomparable entities.

Isabel Ice Says She's A Normal Person

She posts on ADT:

The word 'dating' in the UK is different than in America. From my understanding 'dating' in the US is a casual term for people who 'hang out'? Is that true? and then you go on to become 'exclusive' (information gathered from watching too many episodes of Saved by the Bell as a youngster) I have a boyfriend, and we love each other, and we do normal things together, the same as any other couple, we just work in the industry. I can only talk about myself, but I feel like a 'normal' person, whatever that is. Other than my job, I still behave in a socially acceptable mannor. I went to school, I don't swear in front of my mum and dad, my biggest fear is growing old lonely, or dissapointing the 'folks beond repair... all pretty normal 'aspirations' if you will... so why would my dating be different? Probably, it's difficult for some people to understand, because they can't separate love from sex, which is cool, but in general, yes, porners have feelings too, and fall in love too...