British blonde beauty Hannah Harper
2002-10-02 18:33:21

I met British blonde beauty Hannah Harper, a Legend contract girl, at the 9/24/02 Tera Show.

We spoke over the phone 10/1/02.

Hannah: "I did my first in-story signing in Denver this weekend. I couldn't have been with nicer people."

Luke: "Did you grow up in London?"

Hannah: "About 300 miles south in Devon."

Luke: "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

Hannah: "Sixteen."

Luke: "Was it a good experience or a bad experience?"

Hannah: "It wasn't a bad experience. I guess you always think your first time is going to be amazing and it wasn't amazing."

Luke: "What's the age of consent in England?"

Hannah: "It's 16. My boyfriend was 24."

Luke: "When did you get the breast job?"

Hannah: "Before I came into the industry. I turned 18 on July 4, 2000, and then I had my breasts done on July 14th. I did my first shoot in January, 2001."

Luke: "What prompted you to get the breast job?"

Hannah: "Just because I felt it would increase my confidence. My boobs were nice. They weren't saggy. But you grow up and you feel very self conscious if you have a small chest. I was a B-cup but then I lost weight and it went down to an A-cup. I now measure 35B-25-34."

Luke: "How do you like them?"

Hannah: "I'm really happy. My doctor advised me not to go too large and I'm glad I didn't. I was halfway through my first shoot with a photographer in England when he said, 'Are your breasts real?' I said no. I'm pleased that they look real."

Luke: "How did your breasts react to your breast job?"

Hannah: "They didn't know. I wore padded bras for a long time. I didn't draw attention to my chest for months before having them done. And the same thing afterwards. My mom used to say to me, 'Don't worry. You'll have a growing spurt. That's what I did when I was younger.' So now she thinks that I had my growing spurt."

Luke: "What sort of attitude were you raised with about sex?"

Hannah: "My parents were always very open about sex. They taught me about sex from an early age. It was something we discussed. It was never a taboo thing. I can remember being so embarrassed because my mom used to throw parties for me when I was in junior school. I was about ten. All my friends would be in there asking my mom all these questions they couldn't ask their own parents. I used to sit in the corner dying. I'm glad I was brought up that way."

Luke: "How did you get into this industry?"

Hannah: "I jumped into video first. It was that boyfriend's idea that I give it a try. I don't think it is something that I would've done on my own. He saw an advert on the internet for a modeling agency in England. I went and they took a few promotional pictures of me. From there, I did my first video, which was done on an amateur level. To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed. It wasn't something that I felt I would carry on with. But I was given a whole bunch of numbers on that shoot, and one of them was an agent in London, Ben English. I called him and he was great. He got me some work for Club magazine and a video for Ben Dover. That's where my enjoyment of the industry came from. If I hadn't met up with him, I don't think I would've stayed in the industry.

"Ben had contacts over here - Mark Spiegler and Mike Sullivan. So that's how I came to work here. Ben's English but he's been in California for 12 years.

"I left [high] school when I was 16, then I went to college, finishing at age 19. I flew in to Los Angeles on July 10, 2001. I turn 21 years old on July 4, 2003."

Luke: "How did you like LA?"

Hannah: "It was fantastic. The industry out here compared to England is just amazing. It's so much more professional here. The rates are higher. Great locations, make-up, wardrobe. The girls look great. You see pictures of English girls shot in England and you see pictures of them shot over here and you wouldn't even recognize it was the same girls. It's more underground [in England]. It's how I imagine the industry was here 15 years ago.

"LA is great. I come from a small town in England and it is great to be somewhere where there's life and sunshine."

Luke: "Do your parents know about your entry into X-rated videos?"

Hannah: "Yes they do. They were worried at first, especially working in England. But now I've come out here and since I've done Penthouse, which is obviously has a higher reputation. I'm a lot happier working out here and it must show when I'm talking to them. They know that I'm [financially] comfortable. I don't come from a background where we ever had money. Now I'm living comfortably and I've traveled with my money. This work has enabled me to travel around the US - New York, Miami, Hawaii, San Francisco.

"My husband and I travelled around Australia and Malaysia and Europe together. He's now in the process of becoming my ex-husband. He lives in England. We still talk and we're friends."

Luke: "Do you want to marry one day and have kids?"

Hannah: "I'm not very paternal. Obviously I'm young and I can't say, no, I never want children. But I really have no desire to ever have children."

Luke: "What do you love and what do you hate about the industry?"

Hannah: "I love how social it is. I love that now I have been around it longer, I can walk on to a set and pretty much know at least half of the people there. It's nice to be around people who are open about their sexuality. I love that it is never boring. I love the funny little scenarios you get yourself into. I was at a toy convention. I sat down to take a break. We were eating lunch and there were all these massive dildos all over the table. When you stop and think sometimes, you think it is so ridiculous. But I love that. I love shooting movies. I love being under contract with Legend because I get to shoot every month. I'd miss that if I shot less often.

"What do I hate about the industry? I've been fortunate in the way my career's been managed. I was in good hands over here with Mark [Spiegler] and Mike [Sullivan]. I've never been pushed to do things I'm not comfortable with. I've never been abused. I hate that aspect of the industry. I hate that people are shooting rape scenarios. I keep quiet about it because I know a lot of actresses speak up that that is their fantasy, but I hate it. I hate the little girl aspect of it. When an obviously womanly girl dresses as a little girl, and she's obviously a woman, and she's just playing, that's fine. But when you have a little girl who looks very young and they really play that up, I hate that. I understand why they shoot it and I would never speak up about it. It's something I personally try to avoid doing."

Luke: "What did it mean to you to be Penthouse Pet of the Month?"

Hannah: "I never expected it. I don't think Mike or Mark or Ben expected it. They took me around to meet photographers. There was a rumor that Carl Watson might shoot me for Penthouse but that never really came through. Then Hank Londoner said he wanted to but I never quite believed it, even after we'd done the shoot. I'd heard that some pictures are rejected. I was supposed to come out in the March [2002] issue but I didn't. I thought they'd rejected the pictures. Then it came out in April and I was like, ohmigod. I didn't want to believe it until it actually happened. Now I get advanced copies of Penthouse and I always look at the other layouts and I still can't believe that somebody decided they could put me in the same league as these other girls."

Luke: "What are you looking forward to doing in the industry?"

Hannah: "I'm looking forward to the AVN Awards because I didn't get to go last year. Once I've been around longer and I have a fan base, which I don't have at the moment. I'm still working on a website. I've hit a standstill with my webmaster. It's not an uncommon story. It's taking longer than I would've liked."

Luke: "How long are you under contract for at Legend?"

Hannah: "Until March [2002]."

Luke: "Would you like to be independent?"

Hannah: "I'd rather be under contract, if possible with Legend. They've been terrific. I like the routine of it. You know who you are going to work for and what they expect from you. I shoot with Jerry next week and I can already tell you how the day's going to go. I like that."

Luke: "Do you have hobbies?"

Hannah: "I work out. I mostly do pilates. I've gone a trainer.

"I studied theater and film and media at college. I like to go to the cinema and theater. It's ridiculous. Since I've been out in LA, I haven't done that much. Coming out here, with so much more to see, I would've done that... Things just get hectic. I never seem to get round to it."

Luke: "How do Americans respond to your accent?"

Hannah: "They never understand when I ask them for water and tuna. The majority of Americans like the accent. They either make fun of me in a nice way or they want me to talk."