Interview with Felicia Fox
interview by DUC
Friday, April 11, 2003

I got home from the DP Tonight show 4/8/03 and got an IM from Mike South, who told me to call his porn star friend Fifi. I did and we started chatting while I continued my IM with Mike. Ten minutes into my talk with Fifi, I asked her for her porn name. She said "Felicia Fox." I felt like an idiot because I've known Felicia for several months.

South1226: DUC, where you been all day?

South1226: You missed all the excitement!

South1226: Hey I think me n Debbie are coming to erotica LA.

South1226: Will see ya there I hope.

South1226: You be nice to Fifi now.

South1226: Dont type so much so fast.

South1226: LOL yer a man of many words.....cept in chat...be nice to Fifi. She is a good kid.

South1226: Call fifi at ----

South1226: They are there now.

South1226: I'm on the phone with Tim.

Luke: Ok, I got Fifi on the phone. What should I ask her?

South1226: Ask her whatever ya want.

South1226: Fifi is cool and smart.

South1226: Her family knows.

South1226: She is managing her career with savvy.

South1226: Her husband Tim Case is a good guy who pulls his own weight.

South1226: DUC you big goober.

South1226: You didn't know Fifi was Felicia Fox.

South1226: That's funny

South1226: You called some girl just cuz I told ya to and had no idea who she was?

South1226: Yer OK man

South1226: DUC... dude yer hopeless man

South1226: To be such an instigator of s--- you are the most innocent guy on the planet!

Ten minutes into my conversation with Felicia, I realize I haven't pressed record on my machine. So let us join my conversation in progress.

Felicia: "I'd been featuring [as a stripper] for two years. I went to see Jenna Jameson perform at the club Diamonds. I saw the responses she got and the crowd she got, the fans... I went to [hubby] Tim and said that I wanted to do adult films. That was in May of 2000."

Luke: "Is Tim Case in the room with you?"

Felicia: "He just walked in."

Luke: "Is he manipulating you?"

Felicia: "No, never."

Luke: "Have you come to LA before?"

Felicia: "Yeah, I've been coming for two-and-a-half years. I shot for Vivid, Wicked, New Sensations, Sin City, Jill Kelly, Playboy. I'd considered moving out prior to this but I was featuring so much, we never did. I realized I was missing out on some good opportunities, mainly because I couldn't catch an airflight in time. So Tim and I moved out here in January 2003. We considered keeping our place in Ohio but it's so much money... We want to save money."

Luke: "Porn stars don't save their money. They blow it on drugs and stuff."

Felicia: "I don't do drugs."

Luke: "Not even before a scene?"

Felicia: "Never. I treat it like a business. I put everything I have into it - my heart, mind and soul. I started dancing at 18. It's paid for me to go to school."

Luke: "Why would you go to college?"

Felicia: "I was going to go for my nursing license before I found other ways of making money. I went to cosmetology school. I took care of Alzheimer's patients and handicapped kids. Most of my family is in the medical field. I was going to go for that but I just like this industry. I'm an exhibitionist. I like sex. My Mom couldn't keep my clothes on when I was a kid. I was all getting naked and going into the creek and tubing down the rivers, riding horses naked.

"I bloomed early. I had this size breasts at the age of twelve. You get stereotyped as easy. People were saying that when I hadn't even had sex yet. I didn't lose my virginity until I was in high school. I grew up with mainly guy friends."

Luke: "How many movies have you done?"

Felicia: "About 70."

Luke: "And what's your stage name?"

Felicia surprised: "My stage name? Felicia Fox."

DUC aghast: "Oh wait... I'm sorry."

Felicia: "Did you call the wrong person?"

Luke: "No. Mike was telling me about Fifi."

Felicia: "That's my nickname."

Luke: "I'm so brain dead."

Felicia: "Gotcha."

Luke: "Mike said I had to call Fifi. I thought, that's interesting. She's managed by Felicia Fox's husband."

Felicia: "So you thought Tim was managing a girl named Fifi?"

Luke: "Yes."

Felicia: "You're funny."

Luke: "What's your ethnic heritage?"

Felicia: "Cherokee Indian and Irish."

Luke: "What do you love and what do you hate about the industry?"

Felicia: "There's nothing I hate. It's all been positive. The worst thing is that there's not enough time in the day to do everything. Traveling wears you down."

Luke: "How does your family feel about your new career?"

Felicia: "They're ok with it. Any parent would rather have their daughters do something else. But I've got a good head on my shoulders. I save my money."

Luke: "What are your ambitions?"

Felicia: "I want to keep featuring and keep upping my rates and buy my house. I might want to open up a little adult bookstore one day. I love doing camera work. I love taking stills. When my looks fade, I'd like to be on the other side of the camera."

Luke: "What type of movies do you like to make?"

Felicia: "When I broke in, I went the vanilla route. The longer I've been in the business, I'm doing edgier stuff. I'm getting more comfortable with myself. I'm finding I like things a little rougher. Porno has brought some things out in me that I didn't know I had.

"Porno has helped me grow, dealing with the cash flow that you make in this industry... It made me use my head to invest my money."

Luke: "So many people get jaded in this business?"

Felicia: "The worst thing you see is burnout. You see people burn out quick. When I broke in, I wanted to shoot quality over quantity. I didn't want to shoot too much. I didn't want to get overexposed. I want longevity in the business. You need more positive people in this business."

Luke: "What is it about this business that makes so many people negative?"

Felicia: "The dickhead directors that take advantage of people. You get girls out there that are young and get taken advantage of. Like that girl who had to f--- a bum on the street. For girls that use their head, it can be a good business. It's just sex. It's not brain surgery."

Luke: "How has being in this industry affected your soul?"

Felicia: "My soul is completely healthy and loves to f---."


Felicia Fox Responds To A Fan About The Son of G-d

Tim Case, Felicia's dutiful husband, writes: "Felicia Fox received an email from a born-again Christian who felt she was doomed to a life of eternal damnation, if she doesn't give up her life as a porn star and accept Jesus Christ as her personal saviour. He explained to her that he wears a "purity ring", which shows that he is a virgin and will never give himself to another until he and she are cleaved in the holy bonds of matrimony."

Felicia writes her fan Anderson:

Sweetie: I think jesus christ had some great and progressive ideas, considering the time and place where he was born and lived out his unfortunately short life. Its a shame that he was killed for his radical beliefs, but then, times haven't really changed all that much in that respect, have they?

I think jesus was the son of god. I think you are also the son of god. I think that moses, john the baptist, the pope, buddha, marilyn manson, george carlin, george bush and osama bin laden are the sons of god. Just as I am the daughter of the god or the goddess or gaia or whomever might be in charge out there. I do not, however, believe in that frightened-of-my-own-mortality-fueled fantasy of an afterlife, in any form.

I think you, and your fellow christian cultists, are laughably off base and missing the point of your existence entirely. I think you all take the precious "holy scriptures" to be literal truth, when they are intended as metaphorical fables. I think god, the goddess, or whomever is in charge, if they really are up there, is thoroughly embarrassed by your actions and really wishes you would just stop. I think that you are engaged in a profound waste of your own time by trying to make converts to your christian cult by seeking out individuals online and harangueing them with your dogmatic observations. If you don't like what I do for a living, why seek me out online and take the time to tell me about it? I don't care what you think, and definitely have more important ways to spend my own AOL minutes.

I can't imagine living a life so empty that I would waste my days by seeking out individuals that I know ahead of time I'm going to disagree with -- white supremacists, man-eating cannibals, born-again christians -- and then trying to whine at them that their way of life is wrong according to my own personal standards. Who cares? What gives you the right? Are you truly that much of a loser? And what could possibly make such an individual -- you, in other words -- think you are accomplishing anything more than wasting your time? Or, more importantly, mine?

Please don't bother to contact me again. Consider spending your time on more worthwhile pursuits, such as helping the homeless, tuning up your car, or perhaps reading the collected works of Joseph Campbell.

In other words: Take your purity ring, babe, and stick it where the Son don't shine.

Anderson replies:

You seem to be quite offended by the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.Which makes perfect sense, because the reason people such as yourself get offended is simply because the Word of God brings forth light and exposes those who choose to live in darkness like yourself. And it exposes your evil and wicked deeds and sins. And this makes you uncomfortable to talk about including your lifestyle. The Word of God pierces the heart of man kind and people don't like to hear the truth. So your response is very predictable just like everyone else in the world. So don't get mad about me writting you back because I sat here and read all you wrote me so I expect the same. My prayers will be with you and your future husband. And I did not seek you out I just happen to come across your profile. And I care thats why I took the time to share the truth and my heart with you. If I didn't care i'd simply say the heck with ya and not even bother. But I love and God loves you thats why He sent His Son to die for you and me. John 3:16-17 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world would be saved through Him". Don't lie to yourself in thinking the bible does not effect you, because one day you will face the Almighty true living God and have to give an account for your life. It's like standing on a beach and theres a hurricane and a huge wave is headed towards you, and you stand there and say to yourself I don't believe in that wave or it won't effect me, because weather you believe in that wave or what it can do to you or not it? It will not only effect you it will hit you. However the good news is Jesus took the wrath of God that was reserved for us and paid the price so we didn't have to. However if you reject the free gift Christ has to offer then you are headed down a path that will destroy you for all eternity. Remember everyone spends eternity in one of two places there is no other choice and thats heaven or hell? Take care and God bless


Felicia Fox On Miss Nude World Contests

Felicia emails:

Contests like the "Miss Nude World" are a joke, and they've always been a joke. Young feature dancers who are new to the feature circuit rely on pageants and contests such as these to acquire "titles," which they then use to try and increase their booking rates on the dance circuit...many then try to market themselves as "porn stars," hoping to draw the bigger porn chick paychecks, whether or not they've actually done any films or even have any desire to do XXX.

As a new touring feature entertainer, back in 1999 I quickly figured out that the majority of those hokey pageants and contests are rigged, so I decided to do XXX films instead, and I increased my name recognition value through my film, television and magazine work and steady touring.

Any girl who pays to enter one of these things is in for a rude awakening, I'm afraid. The only one I might even consider, if I was a newbie, would be the Nudes-a-Poppin' Festival, held each year in Roselawn Indiana at the Ponderosa Sun Club.