Devinn Lane Interview

Huggins293 wrote on AdultDVDTalk: 1. What was your worst sexual experience on camera?

DL: Having to deal with Jonathan Morgan as a director. Wasn't sexual but it ranks as the worst.

2. What are some of the things that you refuse to do in a sex scene?

DL: Anything that I'm not in the mood for.

3. Have you ever worked with partners who were nervous having sex with you on camera?


How did you try to relax them?

Told them to let me take control and just relax and enjoy the ride.

4. How is the sexual persona that you have on camera similar or different than the one that you have in your personal life?

DL: It's really not that different other than every now and again I like soft romantic sex.

5. You said in adult.dvd.empire.com that people in the industry will tell you that you can’t be successful without doing boy/girl, how do they explain why Janine Lindemulder is one of the most successful adult film stars of the 90s?

DL: Industry tells you that to try and put more $$$ in their pockets. I never believed it was true but it does take a special girl to make it happen. Being beautiful and very photogenic helps. Penthouse also helps girls that only do girls.

6. Janine had sex exclusively with women because she feared that having sex with men would lead to her to be emotionally committed to them? Did you have those same fears doing boy/girl?

DL: No! It was just more personal and I was the one that had to get past that. I will never date within the industry. I don't need the industry to know that much about my private life.

7. Why do you think there are more men who enjoy girl/girl scenes than women who enjoy boy/boy scenes? Is it because of marketing?

DL: Social acceptability but I think a lot of women just don't admit it as often as men do.

8. Recently you said that you have not received any challenging roles. What character types you think would be challenging to play?

DL: I don't know. I guess I'll know when I get it. The most challenging part is making bad writing seem good on camera.

9. Give us some examples of real life situations in reality porn you put people through.

DL: Public sex is my favorite. Road Trixxx we were out on the sand dunes and people were cruising up on their ATV's and bikes.

10. What are some of the elements that are in reality porn that are missing from mainstream porn?

DL: The reality.

11. What is your advice to someone who wants to direct and produce their own videos? Go for it. How should they go about it?

DL: Pay attention to the directors you like and the way they shoot. Always shoot sex how you view it in your own mind.

12. You implied in ‘adultdvdempire.com’ that the FCC and the Clear Channel are ‘picking on' pornographers as part of their decency campaign, do you think this recent trend is going to result in a more committed campaign to severely control the sale of pornographic material?

DL :We'll see after the election.

13. Do you think that the adult industry has underestimated the Far Right’s moral hostility toward porn culture?

DL: No I just think that maybe more people are beginning to realize that you don't have to win every battle, you only have to win the war.

14. What's a day in your life?

DL: I get up at 6:45 every morning and make my daughter breakfast and see her off to school. I then go to Pilates, shower, get ready for the days events. That can range anywhere from pre-production, production,post, photo shoot, interviews, I come home make dinner, read ADT, update my site.

Wicked girl Devinn Lane has a fundamentalist Christian preacher for a father. They just found out about their daughter's new occupation. In October of last year, Howard Stern was doing a show on the gay children of fundamentalist Christians. Devinn's gay brother called and said that his sister was on the cover of the October Penthouse. Devinn and her brother came on Howard's show the next week.

Devinn's parents flipped out on the news and disinvited her to Thanksgiving dinner.

CES & IA2000 In January, 2000