Catalina Interview

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Thursday, February 3, 2005.

Duke: "When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Catalina, from Ventura County, she's spent her life in Southern California: "I wanted to be one hundred million things. I never had any clue what I wanted to do."

Duke: "What sort of things?"

Catalina: "I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, a chef. I wanted to do everything. I went to college but I didn't know what I wanted to do."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Catalina: "Quiet people."

Duke: "Were you a good student?"

Catalina: "Until I got to my sophomore year. It was 4.0 and then I decided to get tired of school. I got lazy."

Duke: "Did you have a good home life?"

Catalina: "Yes. If you want to know anything negative, there's nothing negative in my life, so don't even bother asking."

Duke: "There's nothing negative in your whole life?"

Catalina: "Right."

Duke: "At what age did you love your virginity?"

Catalina: "I like to keep my privacy on my virginity. It's on my bio on my website www.catalinaxxx.com."

Duke: "What did you study at college?"

Catalina: "I wanted to be an English teacher."

Duke: "How much college did you do?"

Catalina: "Four years."

Duke: "Did you get your degree?"

Catalina: "No."

Duke: "Were you a good student?"

Catalina: "Yes. Well enough for my standards. I don't care what anyone else thinks of me. What I think is good for me is good for me. Nobody can tell me anything."

Duke: "What is your ethnicity?"

Catalina: "Mexican."

Duke: "Did you have much experience with pornography when you were a kid?"

Catalina: "No."

Duke: "You didn't watch it?"

Catalina: "No. Of course not. I was too busy thinking about what I wanted to be. My philosophy is that I don't think about how I am supposed to act in society. I just am a person. I'm just a plain person. I have nothing extremely like significant for anyone to judge me. I don't think you understand when I say I am just a plain person because plain people are never understood."

Duke: "You feel that people misunderstand you?"

Catalina: "No. People want to create a person from a plain person but a plain person can never be created because they are always going to be the same and you are just going to frustrate yourself. So don't even try."

Duke: "Why did you drop out of college?"

Catalina: "Because I was going fulltime for four years and I wanted to take a break for a semester and I never went back."

Duke: "How did you get into porn?"

Catalina: "Just an ad in the paper through World Modeling four years ago."

Duke: "What were you thinking when you answered the ad?"

Catalina: "I was thinking that I was going to be a model. I'm only 5'3". I knew I was never going to be runway. I knew my only chance to be a model was to do nude and I have no problem showing off my body.

"I don't like anybody to tell me that it is wrong, because I am a plain person and I am not going to see what you see. Plain people are hard to understand. They just don't see anything but what they see."

Duke: "So what was your first shoot?"

Catalina: "I don't really remember. I don't want to say who I shot for first for anybody else's benefit. I don't want to be involved in that shady aspect of the pornography industry."

Duke: "What kind of experience was your first time shot?"

Catalina: "I don't even remember. I told you I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to be involved in that shady aspect. I was assuming that you weren't going to ask me again but you did. The people who have shot me are not going to be able to say anything to me because only mature people who I got along with are my true people who really shot me. The other people -- they shot me because they wanted to. They wanted to get an edge on the porno career. But I have more respect for myself and I am not going to put myself in that situation."

Duke: "What situation?"

Catalina: "Oh, that I shot this person or that person first. If they want to put me in that situation... Porno is supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to be who shot who first. Who's this and that. I want to shoot with respectable nice people who treat me good. I don't want to shoot with people who are selfish about a body that is mine. Nobody can tell me who I can and can not shoot for."

Duke: "It sounds like you had some bad experiences."

Catalina: "No. I didn't have any bad experiences. You're putting negative thoughts into the conversation."

Duke: "What do you love and not love about the industry?"

Catalina: "I love all the people who've shot me and are my friends. And I hate bad interviews."

Duke: "How many bad interviews have you had?"

Catalina: "I haven't had any, I hope."

Duke: "You've never had a bad interview?"

Catalina: "Yes."

Duke: "What about industry gossip?"

Catalina: "If I get a bad interview, and I know I won't, because you will do your best to be the nicest person, because I know you're nice, then it's all good."

Duke: "How do you deal with industry gossip?"

Catalina: "I don't deal with it."

Duke: "It doesn't bother you."

Catalina: "I come from a neighborhood that was really close. There were lots of Mexicans at my school. I learned that things shouldn't bother you. And if they do, then you have to ask yourself why you are letting it bother you. And I don't allow anything to bother me."

Duke: "And this industry allows you fulfill certain fantasies?"

Catalina: "I'm not sure if I've fulfilled any fantasies because I'm out there to have a good time. I'm not there to fulfill what's on my list."

Duke: "Is it like what you thought it would be like?"

Catalina: "It's been more funner that I thought it would be. It is more better than I thought it would be."

Duke: "Why did you decide to get breast implants [two years ago]?"

Catalina: "Because I wanted to. I have no reason to explain. What kind of answer are you expecting?"

Duke: "I'm not expecting any answer. I'm just curious."

Catalina: "I don't have any response to that. Why do you want to get a car? Because you want to drive. Why do you want to get boobs? Because you want to take more pictures. Plain and simple."

Duke: "Did it affect the kind of people who wanted to shoot you?"

Catalina: "No."

Duke: "How did it affect your self image?"

Catalina: "Are you talking positively or negatively? Because I've already told you there's nothing negative."

Duke: "Neither."

Catalina: "I don't see myself as an image. I see myself as a human being with real feelings."

Duke: "How did it affect how you feel about yourself?"

Catalina: "I don't have any answer for that. Whatever I feel as a woman is private. I don't think that should be asked.

"I'd like to say thank you for the interview. If there's any women who feel inferior to questions asked about you, I definitely can relate to the emotions you might go through, because I just had the same kind of experience. I don't think people mean to say what they want to say, it's just a woman's feeling that we cannot control. Just hang in there and stay happy and don't let any kinds of questions bring you down. Don't let anybody try to make you. You make yourself."

Catalina Trying To Hide Deep Dark Secrets?

Smelly Monkey writes on XPT: "Please be a tad more defensive."

Jamie L. Brian writes: "Can't recall reading a more evasive interview in my life. This girl definitely has her demons."

Catalina writes:

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Max Hardcore (pictured with Little Cinderella) writes:

thats it sweetheart, give them hell! just like we did to them damn iraqi's at the alamo! YEEHAA!

you done did it now! i just drank 2 big gulps full of mr. pibb. i gots me a full bladder waiting for your open mouth. YEEHAA! YEEHAA! PEE PEE! PEE PEE!

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Joe writes:

That Catalina interview was certainly interesting..in the way that a train wreck is interesting. Doesn't do much for the porn girls who would have us believe they're regular people with no issues, does she?

Speaking of porn chicks, what is it with the tongue pins? This increases their attractiveness how?

And just out of curiousity, any of the porn guys willing to share any workout secrets? Seems like they need strong backs and lots of flexibility for some of the stuff they do. I realize some sex acts are things we kids shouldn't try at home, but piledrive looks intriguing.

Does Catalina give out her phone number or her satellite coordinates, since she seems really out there? (A cheap shot I had to throw in.)


Jeff Steward writes on XPT: "I heard her parents put her away in a loony bin."

Max Hardcore responds: "Yeah, it's true Catalina 'snapped' a couple months back, but she was only held for evaluation for about 2 weeks. I'm happy to report that she's been out since then, and doesn't need to take medication. She's good girl, but for sure a little loopy. But who isn't in this business? I don't think she's coming back into the business, as her folks found out what she did, and of course blame her breakdown on porn. But she was wacky before she took her first cock up her ass. She was a great sidekick, and we'll miss her, but we all have to move forward."