Carmella Bing pictures from Porn Star Karaoke November 29, 2005

LA Direct Models Drops Carmella Bing

Derek Hay replies to my inquiry May 10, 2006: "She flaked her third night of three, feature dance appearance at Rouge. Lot of lost revenue and advertising expense."


Carmella Bing blogs May 11, 2006:

AS YOU MAY KNOW ALREADY HOW MUCH OF A HOT HEAD DEREK HAY IS... If not then check this out, I was featuring at Rouge in Van Nuys CA May 4th 5th and 6th. Obviously a holiday weekend, Lakers game Cinco De Mayo, the fight... So here I spent over a grand for all my DVDs, magazines, and some s---ty coppies of my 8x10s. The 4th and 5th were dead, I was humiliated to see that no one was interested or had they even known of me, I sat there looking stupid for nothing. So on the 6th my roady bails on me, leaving me scrabling for help. With tears in my eyes, Derek starts screaming at me that Im running late, well duh, Derek its your job to provide me with a roady. So the conversation gets a bit hostile to put it lightly. I feel that if someone is having a hard time that it is wrong to make it any worse, do you agree? Well it escelates into derek threatening to sue me over his contract with Rouge. I just say f--- it, Why am I even going so you can look good? No! f--- that! Im outta here! f--- you! So what if Rouge sues me, I signed a contract, Im sure Ill have to take care of that, but derek. Dont you have enough to worry about? Like the girls you bring in to the United States who dont pay taxes and work illegally? Or that time you sent me to Hong Kong to do a private not knowing that it was a private? Isnt that called PIMPING and PANDERING? Oh, what is that you say? Its called human trafficing? Huh. Well whatever it is this LUKE IS BACK.com s--- is rediculous. Derek says, he dumped me - not true, I left. And that I flaked out on my feature causing lost revenue - well if a tree fell in the middle of the woods and no one was there to hear it would it have make a sound? Well im sure it would but no one really gives a f--- do they? So my point being exactly that... Derek go out to the woods and blow off all the steam you want, cause nobody really gives a f---! Thank you for your interest in my post, pass it on to a friend, the feds, fbi, the irs, or anyone who needs a reason to kick this pencil dick in the face! Id really appriciate it.


She calls me back Sunday afternoon. "I'm good friends with the accountant at LA Direct Models. She expressed her disappointment with my blog. She said, 'I thought that you, out of all people, would man up and let it go.'

"I said, 'Derek, has a lot to lose. He has the business. I'm a porn star.'

"That was his stupidity for doing that. You want to play games? I can play hardball.

"A lot of people said I was the first person to stand up to Derek. What is he going to do? Kill me? Two grand isn't going to put a dent in my pocket.

"I got into [porn] last November. I'm good friends with Davia Ardell. She brought me into the office and introduced me to Derek.

"I've made at least a hundred movies by now. I got a house in Vegas three months ago. I've been there twice."

Luke: "What were the highlights and lowlights of your last six months?"

Carmella: "I love the attention. I love the publicity. I like doing a Google search and seeing my name everywhere. I get to meet people I've only seen in movies. People recognize me. When I go to Vegas, I'm all the Seamless [strip club] billboards, the strip magazines, LA Weekly, Vegas Weekly, two-for-one drink cards, taxis.

"It's funny to go back and everybody says, 'Hey, you're Carmella Bing!'

"I come from a small town [Salem, 45-minutes drive from Portland].

"The July edition of Busty Beauties just came out. I said that I admire my mom. I told her about that and she's really happy.

"Derek and I just don't get along. We both have strong personalities. We don't lie on our back and let people walk on us. If somebody has an issue with us, we'll lash out. There's no turning back.

"I've busted my ass. I'm proud of what I've done. I don't have a lot to show for it. I know it will come back in time.

"I have brand new three cars. I've got myself into a situation where I have so much that I'm not able to afford it all at one time. You get yourself into a higher standard, your lifestyle is more expensive. I paid rent at Derek's place. I never got a receipt for it to write that off. I've got a rental car. I spend about a thousand bucks a week on clothes. If a director tells me they want something, that's what they're going to get. I love accessorizing my outfits."

Luke: "Why do you have three cars?"

Carmella: "I've made some investments. I'm dating. I wanted my boyfriend to have a certain car. I put it in my name. He's making payments on it. We help each other back and forth with the bills. We're just moving in together. We've been together about two years.

"My little sister has a car. I don't drive my Durango because it's bad gas mileage and I'm going to take it back and get something else.

"I was a dancer from the time I was 18. I was going to college at Portland State. I moved to Vegas and started escorting at 21. I did bachelor parties, not so much privates, but when I was with my girlfriends, and they'd say, 'Let's go out to the clubs.' It was cool. We'd hang out with guys and they'd give us money to gamble.

"At bachelor parties, we'd get our double whammies out and lick each other and it was so much fun. If you can party and have fun and get paid, what better life could there possibly be?

"I met Davia in Vegas through one of the VIP hosts. She has a porn star feature at Ice.

"Everything was really cool with Derek. He really helped me out. I was struggling with my weight. I'm 5'10 and I weigh about 130 pounds. He's been getting me into the gym with him. He's been a really cool guy. I have to admit that. I stayed at his house. He's been lenient with me. I've been late to work. I've been in the office and we've screamed at each other. I don't want to say that I'm the cause of a lot of problems... His tone with me set me off a few times.

"I thought we got along pretty good but when business comes up, it's a different subject. It's hard to stay calm around him. He's not an easy person to work with."

Luke: "When did you get implants?"

Carmella: "About two years ago, I moved to Vegas from Portland. I was 197 pounds. In one year, I lost about 75 pounds. No drugs. I swam and did cardio. I ate nothing but fish. No carbs.

"I went from popping out of a DDD bra to wearing a DD bra, and even with the pads, I was still swimming in my bra. I was smaller than a DD and I was really self-conscious about it.

"I went into a doctor in Las Vegas and showed her a picture of Mercedez, who's totally gorgeous. I said, 'I want you to make me look like this.' She wanted to do a mastoplexy, which is the anchor scars. I said no. She did a 420cc saline implant over the muscle. The surgery was done in an hour. I felt great. I was invincible. I was driving two days later.

"I'm now a 34DDD. I don't plan on getting them redone for quite a while."

Luke: "What was your reputation in highschool?"

Carmella: "I kinda was a slut. I was very promiscuous. I didn't have a father growing up and I looked for love in all the wrong places.

"I only slept with one guy in highschool."

Luke: "Is it hard having a relationship with you are doing sex work?"

Carmella: "If you are not making money, you obviously have an emotion for this person and it's cheating. It costs money to have time with me."

Her boyfriend, 29, is a poker player and stock investor.

Carmella: "I'm not a big drinker. I don't do drugs. I smoke a little pot every once in a while. I'm laid back. All I want is to be normal. I've got to be outrageous for a little while to be able to kick back and be normal. All I want is a house with a white picket fence and have my boyfriend become a fireman. That's what he wants. Have kids and be a family. That's the ultimate American dream."

Luke: "How did your mother react when you told her?"

Carmella: "She was a little surprised. She had found out a long time ago that I was stripping and wasn't happy about it. She grilled me to see if I would cough up the truth. I lied to her about it. It got into this big huge lie.

"I talked to a couple of people in the Hustler office. I was wanting a contract. Derek didn't want me to go get a contract. I wasn't ready. My body wasn't fit.

"I went in to Hustler and had a contract meeting. They didn't want to sign me because I was with LA Direct Models. They don't really deal with Direct.

[Derek at Direct and Drew Rosenfeld at LFP say that is not true.]

"I felt stupid for a minute when Derek finally found out, he said, 'They're only going to get you $45,000. I've heard quite a bit more from the mouth of people in the [LFP] office. I laughed at him. 'Are you trying to rip me off for $50,000?'

"I didn't feel like my body was good enough to go in there and that's why I felt stupid.

"At one moment, I said, 'If Larry Flynt sat on his ass waiting for somebody to do something for him, we wouldn't be here today.'

"Maybe I wasn't ready, and maybe it was stupid of me, but my agent wasn't going to do it for me.

"I was excited about the meeting. I really wanted to meet Larry Flynt.

"I told my mom I was going in for a contract [about six weeks ago] and that I wanted that. She said, 'What are you doing for Hustler?' 'I told you I was modeling.' 'I know what Hustler is.' 'Mom, what do you think about me being a porn star? Would you be mad at me? Would you hate me?' 'No. You're my daughter. I love you no matter what you do.'

"As long as my little sister doesn't find out because she's still pure. She's Catholic. I hate to lie but I do it to protect them. She's graduating this year [from highschool]. I'm so proud of her. She's a straight-A student. She's going straight into college. She has two jobs.

"I'm very demanding. I have no patience."

Her ethnicity is German, Native American, Tahitian, and Hawaiin.

Luke: "When did your dad disappear from your life?"

Carmella: "My mom and dad divorced before I was a year old. My mom was about 15 when she had me. My dad was 24 when I was born.

"My mom got pregnant with me and married my dad to leave the home. She got emancipated. It wasn't out of love. They used each other.

"I saw my dad a few times. When I was four years old, I realized he really was my dad.

"I love him. He's my dad, but he really hasn't played a father-figure in my life. I'm all right with that. I've forgiven him. He's never hit me. He's never yelled at me. He's always been a good parent. He never disciplined me. I've always despised him because when I was in trouble, my mom would always ship me off to see my dad. I associated trouble with my dad.

"It was no fun. I couldn't smoke pot at my dad's house. I couldn't drink. I couldn't cuss. I had to be this cute little thing. We had good times together. We went fishing and camping."

Luke: "What trouble would you get into?"

Carmella: "If my grades were slipping. If I would get into a fight with my siblings. My mom's husband at the time would be so irate with me over something. He just didn't like me because I wasn't his kid. I understand that. I couldn't date anybody with children. I'd get really jealous.

"My mom would get sick of me. She had three kids [Carmella was the oldest] she had to support. We didn't have a lot of money. It was nice to send the kids away when you get a chance."

Luke: "In porn, you like the money, attention. Anything else?"

Carmella: "I'm just a horny girl. I like to get ----ed all the time. I'm just nasty. My boyfriend works out a lot. He gets tired. We don't cross paths often. When we do, things are great. Sex is better with him than anybody else. But I want to keep things fresh. I'm a nympho. I love everything. I don't do interracial and I don't swallow, but that's about it."

Luke: "Do you have a new agent yet?"

Carmella: "No. I've had a few people try to turn me on to Gold Star Modeling. It's best that I sit back and relax and take care of a few things and try to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

"I was mainly getting into the [porn] industry so that I could charge more for escorting obviously. I got into the industry and I loved it. I don't what people think about me. They might think I'm a bitch, a whore...

"A porn star can charge $1,000 to $2,000 just to hang out with a guy for a couple of hours. That's not all inclusive. That's just to be seen. That's just to go gamble and have dinner.

"I've only got three titles out now."

July 22, 2007

She emails: "Hey Luke! It's been a while.... It was May 6th last year I left Direct. And May 6th of this year I returned to shoot an incredible super hardcore scene for Skeeter Kercove. Which was a blast by the way. I went to London a few months ago and have been booked solid ever since! My bookings are great and I'm traveling all over. I know things were terrible last year and a lot of things were thrown out of proportion, things I said were awful and totally out of line. Derek and I had our differences and have since decided to put the past behind us. I've seen a different side of him which is quite encouraging to me. I am very happy to be back with LA Direct. Sorry to keep it so short, you know how to contact me. Any Qs let me know..."

July 24, 2007

She calls me back Tuesday afternoon.

Carmella: "I'm in the North Carolina airport now."

Luke: "What have you been doing?"

Carmella: "Just doing my thing [in Las Vegas]. Seven months of the year I make bank out there. I just so happened to get a house four months too early. I just got a six bedroom house [in Vegas]. And I live by myself. And I love it."

Luke: "So what brought you back into the industry?"

Carmella: "Derek (LADirectModels.com) called me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go to England. It was an absolute blast. We went to London. We did some shoots out there. I made quite a bit of money. I went shopping and like brought back the whole world."

"I shot for Skeeter Kerkove when I got back. It was my first scene. I was crazy. It was supposed to be A which turned into DP which turned into AA. I was laying on the floor singing 'Ring of Fire.' It was great."

Luke: "Did you get hurt?"

Carmella: "Huh?"

Luke: "Injured?"

Carmella: "No, well, yeah, kinda, but I'm over it. It was hardcore."

"I'm going to keep my house in Vegas. I'm going to start looking for a condo [in Los Angeles]. I've got a really nice house in Vegas. If I were to get a house like that in L.A., I'd be paying triple what it's worth."

"It's like my little fort. If I want to run away and feel really secure...and beat the stress."

"I was with Mike from Icey Porn. We got a private plane and flew to Florida last night. We did a scene on the plane. A first for me."

Luke: "How would you describe your relationship with Derek?"

Carmella laughs. "It's very interesting. Before we really were at each other's neck. We're both stubborn. He's good to work with. He knows his s--- and he does everything right. But we hate each other. I'm not going to lie. He probably took things better than I did [when they split a year ago]. This time around, it's different."

Luke: "What do you love and hate about your life now?"

Carmella: "I hate that I jumped into this house way too early. I probably could've found a better place for less. Maybe had two places. I don't have enough time. There's only 24 hours in a day and I wish there were about 38.

"I love being with LA Direct again. I'm getting a lot of good shoots. Derek is getting me good things, not cheapy web content crap."

"I like going to Derek's house and being with the girls."

"Derek's shown me a softer side. He's not cold-hearted like I used to think. He's very respectful. We go out a lot. I guess you could say we're dating.

"I don't regret anything. He does everything for a reason. He likes to date girls he's had past issues with. It's a good challenge. His whole thing with me, he was asking me why. I don't like sucking face and being all cuddly. It makes me sick. I do that on my own terms. I just like the distance. I like things to be professional. I like space. Challenge."