Digital Playground Director Celeste Used To Be Performer Bunny Luv

TSCFan writes on ADT:

Yes, Celeste is now a director for Digital Playground. Read the AVN article. She joins the likes of Su, Jessica Dee, Kylie Ireland, Jewel De'Nyle, Alexis Amore, and Kat Slater as a female director in the adult film industry.

She first came onto the scene a while back, initially working in gonzo before transitioning into some condom-only feature work for a company like Legend. Somewhere in there, she married Devan, who now operates the site www.hardcoregossip.com and directs for Madness Pictures. They did a couple of scenes together before their divorce. She was a rather popular girl with the fans, reportedly attracting quite a crowd at conventions. She was the Teagan of her time. However, in a January 2003 interview with Rog she definitively revealed that she was done with boy/girl, quitting because she didn't dig porn guys and was alarmed by the growing health risks that went hand and hand with the new extreme-sex-act trend. However, at that time she did seem intent on continuing her career as a girl/girl performer, promising several scenes in future Sineplex films. No such scenes ever materialized. She essentially retired without announcement and went behind the scenes.

From what I have read, DP director Robby D. is...her boyfriend. So, she has had a re-occurring non-sex role in his "Jack's Playground" series. She has done a solo or g/g scene here and there for DP but for all intents and purposes she is retired. l-keford reported some drudge about her actually doing a ton of the work behind the scenes [for Andrew Blake]... Den at cavr.com consistently credits Bunny in his reviews of "Jack's Playground" installments and one of his latest such reviews included mention that he had received an e-mail from DP requesting that he discontinue his practice of regarding her by her former name and acknowledge her only as Celeste.

By the by, I definitely recommend checking out some of Bunny's work (Initiations 1 with Vince Vouyer is a particularly hot scene) but do so knowing that frustratingly so Celeste is a lot hotter now than when she was Bunny, in part due to her hair color change. As Bunny Luv, she was a blonde for the majority of the time.