"Who can forget Bridgette Monroe in Bruce Seven's 1990 Where the Girls Sweat? Especially that initial rape sequence. Bionca and Heather Lee in Mardi Gras masks corner a twat-shy Bridgette in a murky, dimly-lit dungeon. "Hold her down, sit on her face," Bionca commands Lere, who promptly obeys the depraved directive. "No! Stop! I don't eat pussy!" poor innocent Bridgette shrieks before Lere smothers her mug with pussy...." (HEVG)

Poor prudish Bridgette dropped out of sight for a few years before returning to Porn Valley for another helping of abuse.

"I got out of the business because I was burned out. I wanted to get away and lead a normal life. Then I realized I don't like normal life. I love sex, and I missed the people in the business. They're family."

In her time off from porn, Bridgette promoted various rock clubs around town, using her cock sucking technique to advantage. "I met every band. I was with Axl Rose and Billy Idol. They both had a hankering for Savannah but I did them before her."

Monroe hated high school. She earned straight Fs, ditching school frequently because she didn't like authority. At age 15, she lost her virginity. After graduating high school, Bridgette became a stripper at a Déjà Vu club in Ontario, California.

Monroe met Selena Steele who helped her get into Hustler. "Through that I found out about Jim South and after that it was movie, movie, movie."

Where the Girls Sweat was a watershed film for Bridgette. "Working with Bruce Seven was great. He loves high energy scenes, so we girls could do whatever we wanted to.

"I just had my boobs enhanced. I've had a fixation about big breasts since I was a little girl. I used to put on my mom's bra and stuff 'em when I was little and pretend I had big tits. All the women in my family have had their boobs done." (HEVG)

Bridgette features in such videos as Star 90, Night Trips 2, Casanova and The Fire Down Below.

Bridgette Monroe Interview

Bridgette calls me back Wednesday night, September 1, 2004.

Bridgette: "Why do you want to interview me?"

Duke: "Because that is what I do for a living."

I wonder if Bridgette was on the cover of Harris Gaffin's book Hollywood Blue. No, that was Tami Monroe.

Bridgette: "I heard the charges got dropped against Kobe. Cool."

Duke: "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Bridgette: "I wanted to be a Price is Right model."

Duke: "What did your family expect of you?"

Bridgette: "They just expected me to get married and have kids, because I didn't do that well in school. My mom taught me to cook and clean. That the only way I'd make it in life was by getting married. I was very smart. I just hated school."

Duke: "Did you finish high school?"

Bridgette: "I got kicked out three months before graduation for not going. I got caught drinking a few times. I got sent to [a disciplinary] school for fighting and drinking. I was a bad kid.

"I was a good student if I liked the class. I was a bad student if I wasn't into that subject. I loved math and history and English but I thought the rest of the stuff was bulls---."

Did you have much experience with pornography growing up?

"When my mom had a boyfriend, I used to look at his Hustler magazines when I was a kid. I always dabbled in sex. I lost my virginity at 15.

"I was playing around with a little girl called Carrie when I was in kindergarten. She was Cher and I was Sonny and she'd lie on top of me. I don't know how I knew about sex at such a young age, but I knew about it."

Did you grow up with a single mother?

"She always had boyfriends and husbands. She never married my father. She married some guy I don't remember and left him. She's still with my stepdad [second and last marriage for Bridgette's mom]. She got together with him when I was about six."

How do you think it affected you psychologically for your mother to have all these different relationships?

"It affected me. I didn't see her a lot when she was separated from my stepdad and she was working at a bar and she had a bunch of boyfriends. It affected me that we moved so much. I went to 14 different schools growing up.

"That's why I had such a hard time with school. Every time I'd make new friends, we'd have to move.

"I was a latchkey kid, so I drank when I came home from school. I got in the liquor cabinet and I drank and watched cartoons. We moved about once a year all over Southern California."

It must've been hard keeping friends.

"Yeah. It was tough. It was tough moving in the middle of the school year. It was tough making new friends. I became the class clown while my step brother became the introvert.

"I couldn't break that cycle. When I moved out of the house, I moved a lot."

Did any of your mom's boyfriends take an aberrant interest in you?

"I don't recall. I blocked out a lot of my childhood. I think it had a lot to do with why I ended up into the movie business. Why I ended up having sex at such a young age. I was looking for somebody to hold me and to love me. When my parents were home, my mom and my stepdad, they weren't very nice."

Did you have a relative or anyone in your childhood you could count on?

"No. My parents were still young. It was hard on them back in the '70s to raise two kids and be married at such a young age. Back then, you were allowed to hit your kids. Everybody has seen kids getting whacked in restaurants all the time."

You were hit a lot?'

"I was."

So was I.

"See. You grew up in the '70s. That's how you were raised then. We were good kids when we were in public, weren't we?"

Yeah. I'd get hit by [] and I'd go flying across the room.

"Yeah. I remember those days. But now, I get along so well with them. The parents that they are now, I wish they were back then."

You had a step-brother with you much of the time.

"Yeah, but we didn't along. I drank a lot and partied a lot and he didn't. He wanted to be in the Navy. He's still in the Navy. I just wanted to party and have fun. I never thought about tomorrow.

"Those dreams of being a Price is Right girl faded as I got a little older. I've always lived for today and never thought of my future. I never thought of going to college.

"I started as a dancer at age 20. Selena Steele came in. She was featuring. I became good friends with her. She said I had to meet her friend Clive McClean. He wanted to shoot me for Hustler. Then, at 22, I started doing movies. I loved everything about it. I loved the family, the tightness, everything I didn't get as a child. I'm not talking about the sex part.

"I started in 1988. I left in 1991 for a boyfriend. I came back in 1993. I left again in 1995 for another boyfriend. Then came back a few years after that and I haven't really left. I did my last movie about five months.

"It's harder for me to get parts now. I'm a little older. They want the new girl. I do a lot of MILF [Mom I'd Like to F---] stuff.

"Guys want to date a porn star but they don't want to have a relationship with one. I know why people date within the industry. Or they get boyfriends who don't want to work. They become "webmasters." I can't do that. If I'm going to have a boyfriend, I'm going to want him to pay half the rent or support me."

Bridgette's main friends in the industry are Karina, Stelena Steele, Amber Lynn and Tony Tedeschi. "Most of my friends are not in the industry. They don't even talk to me about porn. I like it better that way. Otherwise you get burned out. When I first got in the business, everything was about porn, and I burned out."

What do you love and hate about being in the porn industry?

"I love being in front of the camera. I love acting. I love sex. I love a lot of people in the industry. I don't like that it has changed a lot. I don't like that they don't treat us as good as they used to. I miss having scripts. I miss doing features. I miss having make-up artists. They used to pay us for boxcovers. There used to be only one girl on the boxcover. Now it's, oh, there's my arm.

"I don't like it that anybody in the world who has a camera can be a director and know nothing about the industry. I wish the girls would honestly go to college while they're doing it. Because when you turn around, you are at my age, and then what?

"I went to college for a little bit to be a paramedic but I couldn't pass the firefighting test. I had these big boobs. It was hard. You had to run and carry a heavy load."

Stevie's a paramedia and she says she'll never get to do that now that she's done porn."

How did you react to this year's HIV crisis?

"It scared the crap out of me. You think it can't happen to you, but it really can. Look at everybody who keeps getting chlamydia and stuff and it keeps going round and round.

"I know for a fact many [porn] people don't have protected sex in their personal life. A friend of mine had unprotected sex with a couple of [18 yo] porn stars. That they [the women] never wanted to use condoms. He also says that they want him to make love to them. He says, I'm dating a porn star. I want the porno version.

"He just got something from one of the girls.

"I've had money thrown at me to do gangbangs, and I just won't do it."

What's the longest relationship you've been in?

"Five years. We never married. I was engaged twice. If the right guy came along, I'd definitely be monogamous. I'm too old to settle."

Has working in the sex industry affected your view of men?

"No, but it has affected me relationshipwise. The reason I didn't get married both times is that it is hard for me... I start fantasizing about other people. I think I was getting bored. I was used to having 31 flavors. I was having vanilla every day. No matter if you put chocolate and nuts on top of it, it is still vanilla. Even if you bring girls home, you've still got that vanilla there.

"I'd love to be in a monogamous relationship, which I was, but I got bored."

How have your friends from childhood reacted to your porn career?

"One of my friends from high school, her boyfriend got a hold of one of my videos. She got mad at me. At Christmas time, I went home. I went out to check the mail and there were videos of me in the mailbox. It was a small town.

"Back in the day, when people found out you were a stripper, girls would shun you and guys would want to f--- you. But they didn't want anybody to know. Now, if you don't do porn and you're not a stripper, there's something wrong with you. Now there are a thousand girls in the business and they all want to be the next Jenna and there will never be another Jenna. Ever.

"Savannah could've done it."

Did you know a lot of porn stars who killed themselves?

"Megan Leigh. And Cal Jammer. I did a lot of scenes with him.

"Are you trying to figure out what to ask me so I will put my foot in my mouth again? I'll probably never get any more work after this interview.

"Four things I try to live by: I try not to lie, cheat, steal or gossip."