Bree Olson

Bree Olson Bree Olson

I interview the Indiana girl at the Smash Pictures booth Thursday, Jan. 11.

She says she got into porn (three months ago, she's done 20 movies) "for the money. I can get sex anywhere, baby. I don't need to come here for sex."

"I'm going to become a plastic surgeon. I'm going to school right now for pre-med biology."

Luke: "How did you get the idea to do this?"

Bree: "I love sex. I love money. The traveling's fun. The attention's OK. I like being promiscuous."

"I'm taking the next semester off."

"I'm really shy in my personal life. On video, I can get into a character."

"Friends and family are not surprised. I've always had a high sexual nature."

Outside of the business, Bree has been with a dozen guys and three girls.

She lost her virginity to a guy at twelve.


June 12, 2007


It's early afternoon.

Bree lies on a couch and I hover above her with my video camera.

Bree: "I went to go light up this morning and I said, 'I'm so sick of this. Cigarettes control my life. I smoke two packs a day [for the past two years].'

"It's going to ruin my youthful looks. Health problems. Money."

She decides to quit after smoking since age 12.

Kelly Holland, director: "I think it is admirable that you decided to quit smoking. I'm just not sure that today... We'll see how you are doing by 7 p.m."

Luke: "What do you do to stay in shape?"

Bree: "Eat a lot at McDonalds and Burger King."

Luke: "What about exercise?"

Bree: "I walk to my car. Have sex. Ride my bike. Unorganized sports such as volleyball."

"I don't drive down here. I can't. I have a driver. The freeways here are nuts. There's too much congestion."

"I've been working here since November but I haven't done anything. I went to Disneyland the other day."

Luke: "What makes you happy, aside from sex?"

Bree: "It was smoking."

"My kitten, Dr. Sniffles, makes me very happy. My grandmom makes me very happy. I have two girl friends in Indiana and that's it. My boyfriend's here in California."

"Anything to do with [dead] animals makes me sad. People dying. I hate death. I don't like talking about it. I'm atheist. I know that when you die, there's no heaven, so that really bums me out. I wish I could be Christian and say I'm going to heaven but I know I'm not. It sucks to know the truth."

"I've always questioned since I was a little kid. Between ten and thirteen, I was really Christian. After studying the whole Bible, I decided that this isn't true."

"I still love religion. I think religious people are really nice."

"I don't go around saying I'm atheist. How did we even get on this subject?"

"My best friend is really Christian and I never talk to her about it. I never try to convert people."

"I don't need to have a fear of God in my life to be a good person."

Luke: "What makes you angry?"

Bree: "When people talk bad about me like you're probably going to do on your website."

Luke: "What's your earliest memory?"

Bree: "Falling out of the crib and my grandpa coming in to put me back in and give me a bottle. I was about one. He died when I was two."

Oct. 10, 2007

My 16 free Bree Olson videos.

Jim Gunn writes on GFY: "Howard has been in the news more than ever, mostly because his move popularized satellite radio service to a great degree. I'm a long time fan and I think the show is better than ever in some ways. Why don't you subscribe to Sirius and listen to the uncensored show? It's not very expensive and you get a LOT of channels, with talk, sports, and commercial free music. The Howard TV On Demand shows are awesome as well. They do special programming sometimes besides the regular in-studio shows that are very entertaining. For example, I am looking forward to the Miss Howard Stern reality show coming soon."

From MarksFriggin.com:

Howard moved on to Bree Olson and asked her about her life. She was new to the show so Howard wanted to get to know her a little bit. She said that she used to watch Howard's TV show many years ago. She said she knew she wanted to do porn when she was about 12. She said that she was going crazy at 12 and doing girls and stuff as early as 9. She said that she still likes to bang a chick once in a while but she's mostly into guys. Howard played a clip from her movie ''Cock Craving Cuties'' to let everyone hear what she does in her movies. He played another clip from one of her other movies after that as well. She likes to be dominated so she told Howard that he could spit in her mouth and stuff like that.

...Howard said that Bree is really cute. She started to cry and told Howard that she really loves him. She lives out in Indiana but she'd move to wherever Howard is if he'd be with her. She said she has 4 acres out in Indiana and he could move out there with her if he wanted. She said that she makes her money from porn and doesn't have another source of income.

...Howard read that Bree's grandmother was a holocaust survivor. Bree thought that was very sweet of him to know something like that. Howard kind of joked about it and she asked him not to do that. Artie asked if she was a Jew then. She aid that she wasn't and that's a big misconception about the holocaust. A lot of people weren't Jewish. she said that she was Ukrainian and a lot of Ukrainians were killed there.

Bree said that she is engaged right now but she would be willing to give him up for Howard.