Police Report On Angela Devi's Suicide

Her real name was Angela Shanali Dhingra.

The police report states she was 30 years old and stood 5'1 and weighed 105 pounds.

She resided at 7498 E. Christmas Cholla Dr., Scottsdale, Arizona.

Angela S. Dhingra was found by police at 9:34 a.m. on March 31, 2006.

From the report:

Angela's boyfriend Euan C. Black...told me Angela tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide approximately three weeks earlier by carbon monoxide asphyxiation in the garage.

...Euan told me she wrote notes to himself, her parents, who live in Louisiana, and Bibiana [B. Baez, her best friend], parked her BMW X5 in the garage, ran a hose from the tailpipe to the interior of the car, started the car and shut herself into it. Euan arrived at the house with SPD and SFD and was able to get her out before she died. She was transported to Mayo Hospital on E. 56th St. where she recoevered.

Angela saw a Dr. Seuss about the suicide attempt and was prescribed Wellbutrin. She also "swore" to the doctor, Euan and Bibiana that she would not try to kill or hurt herself ever again.

...Angela was lying on her left side on the floor... Her back was against the west wall of the living room and her feet were up against the landing of a set of stairs... She was curled into a fetal position and her right arm was curled into a fist and was directly in front of her gace. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was partially protruding from her mouth. Both her tongue and lips appeared to be swollen and were blue and purple...

A small square-shaped, four legged stool, was upside down on the carpet next to Angela's feet.

While the firefighters were checking Angela for signs of life, I noticed what appeared to be a red, white and green plaid strip of fabric between Angela's back and the wall of the living room. When I looked closer, I saw the fabric was wrapped around Angela's neck. The loose end of the fabric was attached to a white colored hook.

Euan...is in the process of a divorce that will be final on 5/5/06 and said Angela was "the other woman."

Bibiana has known Angela for seven years.

...There was a partial note and card left for "Dearest Mom and Dad." It started off saying that she was sorry for "hurting both of you with what happened last Monday." I later spoke with Kapil Dhingra, the victim's brother, and none of the family knew what significance "last Monday" had.

...Inside of the kitchen pantry, there was a garbage bag hanging on the inside doorknob. The garbage bag contained a glass with a straw and several empty Xanax packages. The empty packages previously contained 115 .5 mg pills that were unaccounted for.

Here's the April 1, 2006 death announcement on Angeladevi.com.

Somebody posing as Angela Devi posted April 1, 2006.

Mike emails me:

I knew Angela before she got into the adult business. She was a very nice girl. I would have never guessed she would have gotten in that business or that she would have died in the tragic manner that she did. Back then she was known as Angela Shanali Dhingra. Last Saturday, July 30th, would have been her 31st birthday. Everyone please remember her.