Amee Donovan - Her Heartbreaking Story
2003-02-13 22:48:06

Amee Donovan is a natural breasted girl from Dayton, Ohio. She came out to Porn Valley for six weeks and got mauled. She did 23 double penetrations, worked a lot for Anabolic, and went home with rectal tearing and sundry other medical problems.

Amee Donovan writes Luke: "you may want to get your story straight, i did a 5 on one scene for diabolic, yeah i got tore, yeah i have medical sh-t i have to take care of, but i got paid, try asking questions before you write a story about someone please."

Satyric8 writes: "Come on DUC, "Her Heartbreaking Story"?? If she had a unpleasant experience in making one of her videos that is unfortunate, but no where that I saw does she say it was "heartbreaking" for her. In fact I see where she thanks people for their positive reviews and speculates on future porn projects. You aren't trying to get impress the folks at the National Inquirer with your melodramatic headline are you?"

Hank Rose writes on Yesportal.com: Every few months fan consensus in the adult news group message board forums like Adult DVD Talk and rame.com bows to an new X It Girl. They get all hot and bothered and hung up on a new smut slut who isn't necessarily Miss X-rated America but the one girl whose sexual talents mark her as the blowbiz dreamboat of the masturbatory moment.

This time it's a girl named Amee Donavan, who has made a handful of movies but shows potential above and beyond her early calling. A carnal casual moonlighting as an adult actress to pursue a career in cosmetology, it's safe to say that the makeup world will have to wait for this wet, wild and willing wench who is winning the wads of cyberspace hard-ons everywhere.

Here's an interview with Amee Donovan on AdultDVDTalk.com:

1. For those who don't know how did you get into the biz?

well, i have a profile up on onemodelplace.com, and mark spiegler, my agent, happened to go on there one day, found me and wrote me.... and here i am!

2. How has the experience been so far for you?

its been great so far, ive met a lot of cool people 9talent,directors..etc)

3. Any particular scenes that you have shot which stand out to you?

i liked heavy handfulls 2 it had a lot of energy and i had a blast with everyone that day making that scene.

4. What is your favorite part of a scene to shoot?

i really like the whole thing, its cool to watch/be apart of the action and learn how to do the things these guys do to make a good film. ( but sexually my favorite parts are blow jobs, and the cum shots)

5. Is this also your favorite part in real life as well? If not what do you like to do?

i love giving blowjobs and being messy is the best part!

6. Any favorite scene partners so far? Male? Female?
i liked working with kyle stone, mandingo was cool he's a really nice guy.. everyone really has been great so far.

7. What do you like to do when you aren't having sex?

i dance at a club here, which i like to do for exercise, and going out to eat, seeing movies, and enjoying the snow, and im on here a lot..lol

8. Do you plan to go out as a feature dancer any time soon?
PS-- if so please come to Phoenix,lol.

id like to feature but theres a lot of money that goes into that so it'll be a little while before i do that.

9. Any director or studio you want to shoot for that you haven't yet?

wicked, vivid, vca, digital playground.... ive shot for a lot of the bigger gonzo companies, id like to give those a try, see if i can act....lol

10. What do you like to watch when you view porn?

i like to hear girls moan so for me, the scenes where they arent talking a lot are my favorite, i like to see girls that are totally into what they are doing, i dont want them to look into the camera and see dollar sighns twirling about.

11. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Favorite film? TV show?

im pretty diverse when it comes to music, i listen to just about everything.. i like shallow hal, i just watched that movie last night and it was so great because its really true about how people in general can be.

12. Do you have a favorite concert experience?

i went to new york and saw eminem and dr.dre in concert, it was a blast!

1. Since you have done the Gangbang Audition scene would you like to do the full fledged Gangbang?

im kindof undecided rite now, i got hurt in that scene so it put a bad taste in my mouth about working with so many guys.

2. How would you feel about doing a 7 the Hard Way scene for RLD? A few less guys but we don't have to see all those guys standing around jerking off either,lol.

sounds like a plan to me where do i sighn up?? lol

3. What do you like best about making love with a woman? Is it kissing, oral, toys, etc.?
my favorite thing about women i think are their curves, so

i guess im the "caressing" type, i like to touch, and kissing is awsome too.

4. Any ladies or gents who are no longer making porn that you would have loved to work with?

im not sure to be honest, ill get back to ya on that one...... (i'd love to have met betty page though)

5. If you didn't have such a great pair of natural breasts how would you feel about getting them done?

natural is better i could be as flat as a wall and i wouldnt get them done.

6. Any favorite sports teams, players?

i like watching nascar from time to time, if i catch a race... and football and hockey...

7. How do you feel about doing shows like AVN in Vegas? It's a great chance for the fans to meet their favorite lady but how do you like the whole crowd scene?

i had a f-ckING BLAST at the show, the crowd was great it was a ton of fun!!!!!! =)

8. What kinds of features would you like to do if you get the chance? Do you want to wear a lot of costumes, have a lot of dialogue?

i dont know, id do whatever part i could get and try to make it as good as i possibly could.

9. What would your dream scene be as of now? Performers in it, type of setting, what positions you'd do, and of course how would it finish?

good question..... let me ponder that one for a bit too

10. Would you ever want to direct or be involved in the business side of porn?

yes i'd love to make my own movies, that would be a whole bunch of fun i think

Blacksilver writes: Hey Amee,in which way you got hurt in that scene?

Amee replies: well to be blunt i got 3 tears in my ass.

RonK replies: Oh so sorry to hear about the tears in your ass. Hope everything has healed nicely, and someone who loves you kissed your boo boo. I know that if I had the opportunity, I would do that in a jifty.

Amee writes: i am my own worst critic of course, the only one ive done so far that i really enjoyed watching, was heavy handfulls 2, ive watched assult that ass 2, heavy handfulls 2, group thing 2, and grrl power 14.

assult that ass was my 2nd scene, so of course, i was nervous and didnt really know what to do, grrl power was close to that one and i was still figuring out noises at that point in time, so it seemed like there was no heat in the scene, and i didnt like group thing because it seemed like i was hardly in it, but i understand why... that was a bad day for me, i had done several scenes before that one and was terribly sore so i wasnt on top of my game in that movie.... but im getting better!
but all my friends back here at home that have seen my movies have liked them all so far, so im on the rite track i think!

in a way yes, por effects your personal life, but it really depends on the girl, my life has not changed, but it has its complications from being sore and or sick

i have to practice anal at all times, i leaned my lesson from not practicing already and its not fun so theres always a butt plug handy for me!

Atsival writes:
Hi, Amee. I love your attitude towards anal sex. It is so rare for a woman to feel this way. So many women are averse to anal sex. I wish that they would be more open minded. Perhaps the negativity is due more to feelings of degradation associated with anal sex rather than the initial pain and discomfort. Amee, what would you say to women who feel this way and won't even give it a chance? I fondly remember the first time I had anal sex with a girlfriend. It was her idea, and it was hurting me (I'm not circumcised) a bit, too, even with a good amount of lube. But once we achieved penetration comfortably, oh my God, it was memorable!!!!!!!! It was so sexy because my girlfriend just lit up like a Christmas tree and loved the sensation of having something nice and hard moving in and out of her ass. Today, I am absolutely fascinated by anal sex and double penetrations (the way the asshole looks when the cheeks are spread nice and wide, the look on the woman's face when the man gradually enters her from behind and goes deeper and deeper, etc.) Of course, if a woman is just not interested in it, it's her right. If she just goes along with something and visibly dislikes it, that just kills the erotic mood completely. What was your first anal experience like, Amee?

Amee replies: my first expierence was great but as i got more and more movies, i learned that the big dicks suck, ie; lex steele eric everhard, steve holmes etc...

but all in all its been a great expierence, and a great learning expierence i wouldnt trade it for anything.

honestly i prefer smaller guys, even for regular vag. you can be more aggressive and not get your cervix drilled out....lol

im known to get sick after swallowing 3 loads......lol

Traumatized by her experience with hardcore, Amee Donovan writes on AdultDvdTalk.com: i wanted to throw an idea at you guys, what would you think if i offered personalized videos for you guys, (29.95 + 5.00 shipping) theyre R rated only so i can strip tease, you can send me quetions and i can make videos answering them etc.... let me know your input! my e-mail is Amee_Donavan@my.adultdvdtalk.com

Blazrocca writes: Amee, could you do a striptease surronded by 5 midgets and a black guy dressed as the pope? Oh yeah... and everyone would have to talk backwards, like twinpeaks you know.