Sugar Daddies

Choker writes on GFY: “Hot women are attracted to both MONEY and Power, money equals power. I have a ad on that site but never check the email. I have dated and fucked several girls…

Is anyone else really stoned?

Conky writes: “I’m absolutely baked. It’s the weekend. Kick back. Put some Andy Williams on and rock out.” Danny writes on XPT: “Yeah. Now that the kids are grown, Rhea and I don’t have to…

Jenna Jameson’s Secret Cancer

Conky posts on XPT: According to a feature in US Magazine, Jenna Jameson went to her dermatologist in 2004 to have him check some veins on her back (I’m guessing thread veins near her coccyx)….

Internet Gossip And Your Porn Viewing Habits

Papercut posts on XPT: “I canceled my subscription to because every video I watched reminded me of Luke. :shudder:” MoronBoy posts: “I almost picked up a movie once and was about to buy it,…

Healthcare For Porn Whores

F—whore writes on XPT: Big 3 automakers don’t give a rats ass about their employees. Only reason they do is because UAW is an organized crime family forcing them to pay for benefits of employees…

Whatever Happened To Naomi?

She’s no longer on the website. Derek replies: “She no longer works with us. In fact to my knowledge she is not working at all.”

Penthouse Pet says good-bye to Howard Stern

Chaunce Hayden writes: Penthouse Pet of the Year (runner up) Krista Ayne says good-bye to the Howard Stern Show forever! In next weeks issue of Steppin Out magazine, Ayne sits down with Chaunce Hayden and… - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic