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Christy Mack Responds

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NL-Thank you Christy

Christy writes- It would be kinda hard for me to get 20,000-30,000 likes on nearly every Instagram photo(except those of my dog) if I bought my number, wouldn’t it?

It would also be hard for me to receive over 400 tweets an hour when I’m active on Twitter, with 300-400 favorites, and another 200 retweets on photos of my dog.

Go ahead, verify ALL of my social networks. I haven’t bought a single follower.

Chyna Plays She Hulk- Perfect Casting

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New Adult Movie Debuts Online March 26th and in Stores April 2nd with Free 8-Page Parody Comic Book Illustrated by Iron Bear Included with DVD
LOS ANGELES – (March 25, 2013) – “She-Hulk XXX: An Axel Braun Parody” starring former pro-wrestling champion Chyna will be released by Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company. The movie will be available online at on Tuesday, March 26th and in stores nationwide on Tuesday, April 2nd.
“Of all of the great female comic characters, She-Hulk is the one that I wanted most to play in a parody,” says Chyna. “This is the role I was destined for because I can identify with both her strength and her vulnerability.”

The film is directed by undisputed Parody King Axel Braun, who has won more awards for his parodies of superhero characters than any other adult director. “Chyna was absolutely terrific and I don’t think I could have made the movie without her,” said Braun. “I can’t imagine any other adult or even mainstream actress in this role. She literally explodes off the screen.”
In the adult parody storyline, Chyna’s character is Jennifer Walters, an attorney and the cousin of Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk. When Jennifer is shot by a gunman working for mob boss Nicholas Trask, Banner performs an emergency transfusion, which saves her life but transforms her into She-Hulk.
The sex-filled, action-packed movie’s scenes are hot and fast-paced as Jen meets up with the Fantastic Four, the Hydra cell and other characters, including the Avengers’ marksman Hawkeye, played once again by the excellent Eric Masterson. Along with Chyna, the cast includes Gracie Glam, Tara Lynn Foxx, Alexis Ford, Jennifer Dark, Mark Wood, Alec Knight, Alan Stafford, Ryan Driller and Richie Calhoun as Bruce Banner.
An 8-page, 4-color comic book of the spoof illustrated by Iron Bear is included with the “She-Hulk XXX” DVD. “Iron Bear” is the pseudonym for a well-known mainstream illustrator,” said Braun.
DISCLAIMER: ‘SHE-HULK XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY’ IS A PARODY MOVIE. All characters and related materials are trademarks, copyrights, and/or registered trademarks of their respective license holders and/or owners. The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with Marvel Characters, Inc. or its affiliates or parent company or any other company owning the trademarks of characters seen therein.

Christy Mack Being Called Out By Reader

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NL-Reader’s email, their opinion, not mine. Although, it is a well researched e-mail. Consider it an OP/Ed, any involved parties can reply, and truthfully I have never heard of Christy Mack.  I have seen all the comparisons Mr Fake is talking about, and they seem to be true. I cannot get them all to load and post on here right now. I’ll try again to add them tomorrow. (added the TWO that will download, the rest wont) But he did send the attachments, and they look for real. But the decision is yours.

Reader’s email-

Subject: Porn girls buying Followers / using Proxy Servers (cheating on contests) Something that NEEDS to be understood!!!

To everyone who has been waiting for the TRUTH to come out here you go!
I can’t take it anymore, I am so sick of girls BUYING followers/ using Proxy servers to vote for themselves 100 times a day and getting special treatment / winning contests etc. because of it.
While girls who actually put in the time to tweet / post photos to their fans get over looked / lose jobs to fakers!!!

Be smarter than these girls and take the time to notice how long a girls has been around, how many times a girl tweets or posts photos compared to how many followers they have!
Otherwise you are wasting your money on a girl you THINK is popular and will promote your product when you could be spending it on a girl who actually will and has a following /puts in the work to deserve it!

This has been going on too long and I know its porn / high school but hopefully this will open a few people’s eyes and some justice can be served.

***I have heard that there are programs that will tell how many FAKE followers a person has, I strongly encourage girls to step up and volunteer to have their followers verified and / or not be afraid to call out girls we all know are clearly abusing something that really has NO reason to be***

Keep it Real People!!!


Look at some current contest Christy Mack is working her "Magic" on:

I have no doubt she will mysteriously dominate these contests!

Don’t be fooled its not because she is that popular!!!

What she is doing is wrong /unfair to the other girls and I am asking anyone who agrees with me to get this information out there so girls know they will not be rewarded for buying followers/cheating.

I am not saying she is the only one but I certainly don’t know of another girl who is being so blatant about it.

Examples Below:

REALLY CHRISTY MACK ???? You have more followers on Instagram than Jenna Jameson and every other major pornstar???
*Big difference in the amount of photos? Weird?

REALLY CHRISTY MACK ???? You have more followers on Twitter than Tera Patrick???
*Big difference in the amount of tweets? Weird?

Inline image 10Inline image 11

REALLY CHRISTY MACK ???? You have almost as many followers on Twitter as Teagan Presley???
*Big difference in the amount of tweets? Weird?

Inline image 12Inline image 13

REALLY CHRISTY MACK ???? You have almost as many followers on Twitter as Jesse Jane???
*Big difference in the amount of tweets? Weird?

These are girls that have been / promoted by major studios for years are we really suppose to believe you have somehow all by yourself marketed yourself better than they did???

To all the other girls who are going way to far with buying followers / cheating on contests etc. you are being watched and you will be outed!!!


LIB For Sale- Questions & Answers

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I’ve had a good five year run here, running this amazing site. I care deeply about the adult industry. I have tried to let all opinions be heard. I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast. But I have been ill for six months now. And when my illness started I thought i would over come it, get all better and continue with my life. But unfortunatly, that is not the case. it is going to be a chronic illness. I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. And stress makes it worse. There is a lot of stress running LIB. I have to deal with a constant barage of hate, and negativty. So after a lot of thought, I am not going to do this much longer.

The price is $50,000, and to the right person I will finance some of it with a big down payment. I will also continue to write for LIB if I am wanted. But the overall handling and business end of this is not going to be my responsibility.

This site has fabulous traffic, and a very loyal readership, which I am so thankful for. The commenters are wonderful, whether negative or positive their suppost of this site is unlike anything else in the business.

Anyone who takes over this site will have a high standard to work for.

I have a wonderful job working for Xcitement Magazine. It is a positive in my life. I enjoy interviewing porn stars and writing articles and producing beautiful stories and layouts.

And yes, I have health insurance. Its a laugh. And that is a whole nother story…..

Hi Guys,

My email box is overflowing with questions from my readers about the sale of LIB. You know I am honest with you, so I will answer anything you ask, the best I can. 

Have you sold it yet?  No I have not.

I’ve heard you are selling it to The Aids Heathcare Foundation (or the Dot XXX people, or Manwin, or Pink Cross etc) I have heard rumors myself that AHF and dot xxx were interested, but I have had no contact with them.  No interest from Manwin as far as I know. I have heard nothing from  Pink Cross being interested.

Would you sell to those anti-porn people?   My pick would be someone who would carry on the tradition of free speech and crazy controversy that Luke Ford and I worked toward. And I would like the honesty and support of all opinions expressed that I try to honor. BUT to be realistic, I will sell to who offers to buy, if i have a choice among people/companies I want who is closest to my standards. If I don’t have that choice, I will sell to who writes me a check. I don’t love saying that, but I’m not going to lie to you. And truthfully, after working very hard on this for five years, and having to give it up, I would like to be as honorable as I can in it’s continuance, but I also have to be true to myself and my medical bills.

You are writing a book about porn and are going to expose all the secrets you have been told! Ha ha ha ha. NO, I am not. At one time about five years ago, I was working on a book project I called "Real Life Love Stories" , which was to be about people in the industry who had been together in adult for a long time and were making it work. I did many couple interviews. Problem was, even tho I picked people who had been together for years, they were breaking up. So as I would interview a couple to add to my story, another couple who I had already interviewed was spliting up. Just like in the real world, the breaking up rate was huge. So I couldn’t get ahead of it to put out a book, before couples that were to be in it were spliting up. I thank all the people that gave me their time for the book, that will probably never be.

You hate porn, just like Luke did, and you’re whole goal was to make the industry look bad.  That’s crazy. I don’t know Luke’s thoughts, although he always seemed conflicted. I don’t hate porn at all. I love so many people in this biz. I have made so many friends that don’t judge people by their quirks, or oddities, or money status. I have become so much more accepting and tolerant, because of all the wonderful people I have met. I have been around this for twenty years now, I certainly have learned a lot,and care a lot about the free speech aspect of this very much. Yes, I will admit, I am a bit over watching porn movies. After watching hundreds a year, for so many years, I really don’t look forward to watching people have sex on film. I watched some crazy ass asian subtitled movie the other night, that was hotter to me then porn, i guess because sometimes, seeing not much is better than seeing too much. ( Lust in Hell 2) and this movie deserves a reviewlll but I digress.

Can I donate toward buying LIB? Hmm, maybe, I guess if there was a group of people would wanted to buy it , we could set something up. We could put up a donate button. That isn’t really something I envisioned, but not a bad idea, so thanks. I’ll think about it.

 I love porn. I love your site. Is there a way I could own it with financing? I don’t really have the set up to finance it unless you are going to give me a big downpayment, like $20,000. Maybe there are options for you. I would look into those sites that allow people to buy in. You know those that I mean?  I can’t think of the names of any of them right now, but they did it for Misty Beethovin, and several other adult projects.

Any one that has in interest in owning this site and who wants to continue it in a similar fashion , with of course your own twist on things please contact me. Let me just say, that time is running out. Sometime in May, I will be changing lanes. And if you never saw that movie, you have missed something in life..  send me more questions and I will answer them

PS- Almost forgot, I got about 20 requests for interviews. If the above stuff didn’t answer your questions, or if you want more info, feel free to send me an email with your questions and I willl answer them  But I’m not doing any interviews for the general public.



Madria Interview on Rubber

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Interview with Madria by JEM


Spring is here and New York Rubber Ball will be starting in just a couple of weeks, bringing together rubber fetishists from around the world and they will be crowning Miss Rubber World 2013 on April 6th. Along with the title comes not only prestige and fetish fame, but also thousands of dollars worth of slick latex clothing and kinky accessories. Even the AVN and Xbiz awards don’t come with that kind of pervy perk. We recently had a chance to interview Madria, who not only is a fetish model, but also creates rubber wear through Madria Latex.

LIB: Hi Madria! Will this be your first time involved with New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World? What got you interested in the competition?

Madria: Yes, it will be my first time involved! I first wanted to participate 4 years ago but I was only 19 and the competition is 21 and over. So I’m glad to finally get the opportunity. I’m travelling all the way from Montreal to show that I have what it takes to be Miss Rubber World 2013.

LIB: How did you get started in fetish modeling? What drew you to rubber and latex? How did
you get interested in latex design?

Madria: I was always attracted by the camera. I’m a very shy person so it’s a way for me to get into a character and express myself. I fell in love with Latex from the very first time I saw pictures of it on the internet. Then I began to fill my wardrobe with all the garments I could buy but I never thought I would end up making my own latex. I slowly learned how to make latex clothes and discovered a new passion.

LIB: Who’s your favorite photographer and what’s the wildest adventure you’ve had in front of
the camera?

Madria: I can’t pick only one, after years of Modeling I’ve had many amazing collaborations
and each photo shoot is an adventure! I really love shooting when I travel, I’ve only had good
experiences with photographers from other cities and countries as I was traveling and that’s how
I’ve done some of my best photos.

LIB: What is your favorite magazine layout you’ve posed for?

Madria: I’m always happy to be featured in magazines or books such as fIXE Magazine, PHOTO
Magazine, The Cat’s Meow magazine, Goliath’s Fetish Fashion book etc. but my biggest wish is
to be on the cover of a magazine or book.

LIB: As a designer, do you feel this gives you an advantage in the competition?

Madria: I believe it does, I am very proud of the fact that I made my own outfits for the event and I hope the judges will see it as I did double the work to be in that competition!

Madria: I haven’t had the chance to work with other designers yet aside of modeling.

LIB: We have heard a lot about models’ relationships with hoods, vacbeds, and gloves. What is your favorite rubber item, and how does it make you feel?

Madria: Gloves! They are fun and sexy to play with!

LIB: What models do you like working with the most?

Madria: I really enjoyed shooting with Mosh because she was so gorgeous and our shoot was very intimate. I also love the contrast of my darker hair with blond models. But I always enjoy shooting with other models, it creates a very different dynamic and women are so beautiful!

LIB: Have you worked with any of the Miss Rubber World contestants in the past? Is there a performer or model you’re looking forward to meeting at the event?

Madria: No I don’t know any of this year’s contestants but I’m looking forward to meeting them. I’m also looking forward to see again the sweet Jade Vixen.

LIB: What’s the wildest rubber adventure you’ve had off camera?

Madria: One of my wildest rubber adventures was to shoot with one of the original Fetish Queens, Kumi Monster and my photographer friend, Micheal Andrews. We had a lot of fun with latex hoods, corsets, catsuits and more!

LIB: Who in fetish inspires you the most, and why? Not just a mentor, but someone you see out
there and go, "wow!"

Madria: So many women inspire me! On top of my list… Dita Von Teese for many reasons, followed by Morgana. Morgana was the first fetish model that made me want to start modeling
and wear latex.

LIB: What is the rubber fantasy you’re dying to try out, but haven’t had the opportunity to do

Madria: For my performance at the Ball it will be my first time multi-layering latex so that’s certainly a rubber fantasy I’m looking forward to! I’m also fantasizing about a mansion where gorgeous people are all dressed up in the hottest latex outfits and we are having a glamorous party with fancy foods and drinks that we are feeding each other with our latex gloves…

LIB: As a designer, what would you recommend someone curious about latex buy first?

Madria: I recommend starting with a smaller and easier piece such as a skirt or mini dress! If you don’t know much about latex and get a catsuit as your first piece you might find it inconvenient and get discouraged from latex.

LIB: Do you have anything in the media or events coming up before Miss Rubber World we
should look out for?

Madria: Before the Ball I can be seen at the Grand Burlesque Show, March 21 through the 23rd here in Montreal and I’ll have tons of other performances in the summer!

For more of Madria, go to Madria’s slippery and sexy latex designs can be found at If you’d like to tickets to Miss Rubber World 2013, to see details and photos, or have what it takes to compete, check out

Wife Finds Practice Disgusting- A Reader’s Question

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A Reader’s Question…

He writes-

There is something I keep seeing in videos lately that my wife finds disgusting (and I like to watch with my wife), and I’m not too fond of either.
First there was ATM, auk not too fond of but whatever, and now in a lot of scenes in newer vids involving anal the male performer is pulling out of the ass and without cleaning his cock (or a cutaway or angle change to make you think he cleaned), he’s putting his cock immediately into her vag, and sometimes back and forth and back and forth. WTF is up with this practice? You used to only see this in Euro videos where they don’t give a shit about safe sex anyway. This is definitely NOT SAFE! I don’t care how clean a performer thinks their ass is it’s just begging for a vag infection.
A female performer who will remain nameless, who follows me on twitter and I follow her, says that this is "happening all the time now" and that she has taken to "putting a little Betadine in her douche water" afterwards.
None of the directors I’ve tweeted or sent messages to have responded. Only 2 of the ladies I’ve question have answered, and one tried to tell me it was "the magic of seamless editing" (bullshit!)
Anyway I thought I ask you folks. We’ve decided if we see it again we’ll just blacklist that performer/studio/director and not patronize them again

Harry Reems Died

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Thank you Karmafan

NL- Harry was a wonderful sweet man. The last few years he’s had a lot of health problems and money was tight for him. He was however deeply in love with his wife and happy that they were together. He didn’t really want to do any interviews or have stories done on him as he lived in Utah and wanted a quiet life without everyone knowing his past. I am very sorry to hear he passed away. i send my sympathy out to his wife and family. Here’s an interview I did with him back in 2008

Painting by my friend Denise LaFrance.


‘Deep Throat’ co-star Harry Reems dies at 65
MICHELLE L. PRICE | March 20, 2013 07:45 PM EST |

SALT LAKE CITY — Harry Reems, the male star of the 1972 cultural phenomenon "Deep Throat," which brought pornography to mainstream audiences, has died at age 65.
Reems died Tuesday afternoon at the veterans’ hospital in Salt Lake City, his wife, Jeanne Sterrett Reems said Wednesday. Doctors haven’t determined his cause of death but Reems had multiple health issues, including pancreatic cancer, his wife said.
Reems became famous for his role in the adult-film classic "Deep Throat," which drew middle class audiences to the theater and became a forerunner of today’s hardcore adult-entertainment industry.
The film later served as the nickname for a source that helped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein investigate the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.
Reems was born in in New York in 1947 as Herbert Streicher. He served in the U.S. Marines before he ended up in the entertainment industry in the 1970s. He aspired to become a serious actor but was thrown in front of the camera while working on the production crew for "Deep Throat."
At the 2005 premiere of a documentary about "Deep Throat" at the Sundance Film Festival, Reems told The Associated Press that the film was the first to "drop any pretense that it had educational value."
"There was no socially redeeming value, and so the word of mouth went out from people who saw it saying `This is just a comedy. It’s great. You’ve got to see this,’" Reems said.

When the original male lead didn’t work out, Reems, the lighting director, stepped in. He played a doctor helping a patient, played by Linda Lovelace, with a sexually sensitive area at the back of her throat. Lovelace died in 2002.
The movie, an unlikely box-office sensation, became a touchstone for obscenity laws and a target for anti-smut activists.
In 1976, Reems was convicted of obscenity for his role in the film and faced a potential five-year prison term. Celebrities including Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty came to Reems’ defense, and the conviction was overturned.
After "Deep Throat," he went on to star in dozens of adult films, including "The Devil in Miss Jones."
"He hated, at the end, doing porn," Jeanne Reems said. "It was all he could make money doing."
In the 1980s, he left the porn industry and moved to Park City, Utah, where he eventually became a real-estate agent.
In 1989, a judge placed Reems on five years’ probation and ordered him to pay back taxes after pleading guilty to failing to pay income tax on $35,000 in movie earnings. The court also ordered Reems to undergo an alcohol detoxification program and undergo psychological counseling.
In a 2006 interview with the Deseret News, Reems described his battles with alcohol and how his life transformed after he became sober.
"I literally should be dead. I know a lot of people who drank a lot less than me, and they are dead," Reems said. "God has left me on this Earth for a reason, and I think it’s to save lives."
Reems said the public life he had led was his "downfall."
He married Jeanne in 1990, the first and only marriage for both.
"He was very romantic and a great husband," she said.
Family friend Don Schenk, who knew Reems for 20 years, described him as a "nice guy," a great salesman and an avid golfer and skier.
"I met him long after he left the adult film industry. The adult film industry basically destroyed him," Schenk said. "He would never talk about the salacious stuff – we always talked about how he was a survivor."
Reems struggled with multiple health problems in his final years and was hospitalized on March 5. His health problems kept him at home in recent years and he went through chemotherapy earlier this year for early stage pancreatic cancer.
"His last year or so was really, really hard," Jeanne Reems said.
Besides his wife, Reems is survived a brother. He had no children.

XRCO Needs Sponsors

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The XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) is holding its annual party – an Awards Show in Hollywood – and we need your help!
The upcoming 29th annual XRCO Awards Show is the industry’s second-longest running adult event and will be held this year on April 25, 2013 in Hollywood at SUPPERCLUB (6675 Hollywood Blvd.). The co-hosts will be the ravishing Misty Stone and the whacky Ed Powers – it should be a blast! Red Carpet begins at 7:30;  the show starts at 9:00.
The XRCO Awards Show, the industry’s only private event of its kind, is supported solely by generous sponsors – including such well-known names as Wicked Pictures, Vivid Video, and others. “We can always use a few new sponsors,” admitted XRCO Chairman Dirty Bob. “While the adult industry, on the whole, does a fine and much appreciated job helping with sponsorships, this year, for the first time, we are also looking outside the box and willing to allow select mainstream sponsors access to getting their name, logo, and product involved.” The first of these, an energy drink company, is now onboard as a yearly sponsor.
Suggested sponsorship levels, beginning at $500, can be found at – click on Sponsorship Opportunities in the main menu at the top of the page for the full list.
Anyone interested in participating as a sponsor for the Awards Show can contact the XRCO at:
Dirty Bob, Chairman

Aurora Snow- On Porn Shoots- Neosporin my best friend

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Thanks PV & RA & AS

Blood, Sweat and Sex: My Hard Life in Porn
by Aurora Snow Mar 18, 2013 4:45 AM EDT

The performers may look like they’re in ecstasy, but the physical pain and endurance that goes into sex for the camera would make an NFL linebacker weep. By Aurora Snow
Portrait of me in the middle of a typical porn scene: Sweat drips down my face, my overworked legs are wobbly, my jaw might ache from being open too long while my neck burns from being twisted into an awkward angle.

Being an adult performer is not easy money, as the preachers like to say. It’s a little like being a high-risk professional athlete—stamina is required. While everyone is entitled to love or hate “skin flicks,” I think most people harbor misconceptions about the work. Remember that pornography is shot with the viewer in mind. In the summer there is no air-conditioning on the set (too noisy) and it’s not always, or even often, glamorous.

Like many other adult actresses, my first few scenes, which were shot in May of 2000, were the stereotypical easy-money kind: some regular vaginal sex where I played the wide-eyed innocent guided by the seasoned male. Fresh meat sells well—the roughing-up came later.
Over time the “new girl” scenes no longer appealed to consumers, who want to see diversification from steadily working performers, and scenes that progressively up the ante. Over the last decade this process has gained momentum—girls that enter porn in 2013 have to be ready for extreme acts earlier on in their careers. Because of this acceleration, there is about to be a generation of porn performers who have spent the majority of their years in porn doing extreme sex acts. I am one of them. I’ve smiled through gonzo scenes, but afterward often went home sick, curled up in a ball and physically nauseated. There is always a price to pay; the kind of damage we’ve inflicted on our bodies won’t catch up with us for years. Hopefully it won’t be lasting, but we’ll be the first generation of adult actresses to know.
Adult actresses are prone to internal tears the way an athlete might be at risk for injuring a tendon. No amount of stretching can prepare you for what will happen on an adult set if things go wrong. No one likes to talk about injuries (porn-girl etiquette), so it’s hard to pinpoint how frequently they occur. Injuries are not routine, as far as I know, but several of us, myself included, have experienced their fair share. My first on-set injury happened with a rapacious male performer who held little regard for my body and slammed into me like a rag doll. It was the first time I’d been torn; the director suggested we use extra lube and keep going. (On days like that a tube of Neosporin became my best friend after work). It was excruciating, but the show must go on. No one gets paid if it doesn’t.
A rising performer, Amy Brooke, entered the adult business in 2009, and has already garnered the AVN award for “most outrageous sex scene.” With over 200 films under her belt, Brooke is aware of the chances she takes dedicating herself to her fans’ entertainment. “Your body can’t take doing that every single day—it might break or start prolapsing.” Strenuous scenes can take a toll on the body over time, thus limiting a career to a certain number of years. Sensitive flesh is pounded raw, and muscles are stretched to their limits. In this line of work a girl cannot work every day; she needs “recovery” days. Fortunately I’ve been lucky, but I know others who have been injured from the same sorts of scenes. It’s a high-risk, high-dollar job. Taking it in the booty makes it even higher, paying fifty percent more on average than vaginal sex.
On some days a tube of Neosporin became my best friend after work.
Though less injury prone, men in porn don’t have it easy either. Men face the embarrassment of not being able to do their jobs—performance issues can lead to a very long day. Not all male performers are attracted to the women they work with, nor can they always perform with robotic consistency (hence the modest-sized pool of male talent) and all in front of an audience. If a male performer is only flying at half-mast, he may have to spend more time trying to get ready than actually performing. Fluffers are a myth, girls are rarely on set to prep the male talent (though some women have been known to act as personal fluffers for their boyfriends). Knowing that the entire crew is watching him fail only makes things worse. I’ve seen cameramen who live to double as performers and eagerly await moments like these. Thanks to the debut of Pfizer’s little blue pill in 1998, performance issues are less common than they use to be. Though most don’t admit it publicly, I believe the majority of men in porn use a prescription performance enhancer; it’s a tool of the trade.
Iconic adult actress Kristina Rose has appeared in over 400 movies and earned several awards for her peak performances. Rose knows this occupation isn’t without repercussions, and feels there is a give and take to her job. “Porn is easy in that I don’t have to wake up every morning at 6 a.m. and get ready to go to work and that I have the luxury of having days off during the week, but porn does affect everything in my life. It is a harder job than you think, you have to watch out for STDs and deal with all different kinds of people. It also affects your personal life.” Despite the industry’s self-regulated testing, STDs remain a workplace hazard.
And, while the money is good, it’s not great. Not the sort of money that mainstream celebrities can count on. The long-lasting social repercussions, along with the wear and tear on the body  aren’t accompanied by the payday that a professional athlete received. Adult actresses earn a flat scene rate. No residuals, no hourly pay, and certainly no overtime—a girl earns the same amount of money for a three-hour day as she does for a two-hour day on set. And performers in the adult industry generally do not collect unemployment or workman’s comp. Producers offer no healthcare or retirement accounts. We are considered independent contractors, which producers interpret to mean: if anything bad happens, it’s on you.
Adult performers might have one of the most divisive jobs in America. Being in the adult business carries a stigma that will follow a person for the rest of their life, and it can affect your ability to pursue another career in the future.
Yet the job is not without its redeeming qualities and unique experiences. There is no judgment within porn—it can be an outlet for sexual fantasies, helping those with a fetish feel accepted and less outcast. The movies we make can get a soldier through a long deployment, help a married couple spice up their love life, or provide an unconventional tutorial about sex. The good pay for relatively infrequent hours worked, not to mention the fame and the loyal fan following, create opportunities to have a voice in our community. Sex doesn’t just sell porn, it sells movies, advertisements and most of what we buy, and the adult industry fills a need within our culture. Whether or not you indulge in this form of entertainment, take a moment to consider the hard work (words not often associated with porn) that went into to creating it. It’s not the easy payday so many assume it is.


FSC Responds to Complaint Against Porno Dan

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FSC Responds to Complaint Filed by AHF Against Immoral Productions

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) denounces actions taken by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) as another misguided attempt to monopolize public health policy by demonizing adult industry businesses
At a press conference today, AHF announced that it has filed a complaint against adult production company Immoral Productions. In response to the latest developments involving AHF’s relentless attacks on the adult industry, FSC CEO Diane Duke has issued the following statement:
“There hasn’t been an on set transmission of HIV since 2004 – nationwide. Adult film industry protocols are highly effective, which is why it is so preposterous that AHF has spent millions on a problem that doesn’t exist. Moreover, AHF has yet to bring forth performers who are not on their payroll and now, an ‘anonymous’ letter? Countless adult film performers have come out against AHF’s crusade as detrimental to their health and their livelihood,” Duke said.
“The bottom line is that AHF’s efforts will only diminish performer safety, drive jobs out of LA and California and spend valuable tax dollars on a non-issue,” Duke added.
As the adult industry trade association, FSC has opposed AHF’s special interest campaign for barrier protection use in adult productions since 2007.
In 2010, after a lawsuit brought by AHF delivered a crippling financial blow to the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare (AIM) clinic, which had been the primary source of healthcare services for industry performers. At that time, FSC stepped in to uphold industry-appropriate standards and protocols for production safety and developed the database program, to oversee performer STD testing.
In 2012, after an estimated $6 million dollars in campaign expenditures by AHF, county voters passed the Los Angeles ‘Safer Sex’ Ordinance for Adult Productions (aka Measure B) by a margin of 57% to 43%. Language on the ballot scarcely stated to voters the proposed barrier protection use, which includes condoms, dental dams, goggles and gloves. Soon after the election, Vivid Entertainment and two performer co-plaintiffs filed suit against the County of Los Angeles, in an effort to strike down the regulation. The case is ongoing.
AHF’s anti-adult industry attempts continue with Assembly Bill 332, which was to be introduced in committee today in Sacramento. The bill has been tabled by the Arts & Entertainment committee, but was handed over to the Labor Committee for further consideration.
FSC will continue to oppose AB 332 and the Los Angeles ordinance as unconstitutional and a burden on both adult industry and California taxpayers. If you would like to find out more about the Los Angeles ordinance, AB 332, or how YOU can help fight AHF’s big money, special interest campaign, contact and follow us @FSCArmy.

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