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Ron Jeremy Update

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NL- Feel better Ron, we all love you!

Ron says-"Thank you ALL for the concern & well wishes, I’m doing very well thanks to modern technology!

Luke is Back is UP for SALE

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I’ve had a good five year run here, running this amazing site. I care deeply about the adult industry. I have tried to let all opinions be heard. I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast. But I have been ill for six months now. And when my illness started I thought i would over come it, get all better and continue with my life. But unfortunatly, that is not the case. it is going to be a chronic illness. I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. And stress makes it worse. There is a lot of stress running LIB. I have to deal with a constant barage of hate, and negativty. So after a lot of thought, I am not going to do this much longer.

The price is $50,000, and to the right person I will finance some of it with a big down payment. I will also continue to write for LIB if I am wanted. But the overall handling and business end of this is not going to be my responsibility.

This site has fabulous traffic, and a very loyal readership, which I am so thankful for. The commenters are wonderful, whether negative or positive their suppost of this site is unlike anything else in the business.

Anyone who takes over this site will have a high standard to work for.

I have a wonderful job working for Xcitement Magazine. It is a positive in my life. I enjoy interviewing porn stars and writing articles and producing beautiful stories and layouts.

And yes, I have health insurance. Its a laugh. And that is a whole nother story…..

Girlfriend Films Responds about Elexis Benefit DVD

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 NL- According to GFF’s they gave Elexis over $10,000 toward her expenses. I think that is quite extraordinary.

Here’s GFF’s reply on the forum

As soon as we heard about the severity of Elexis’ health situation we wasted no time in figuring a way how everybody could get involved in helping her out. However, there have been some recent Tweets regarding the benefit movie that we did in order to help her with her personal and medical expenses.

To hear today, via social networking, that some people feel like we haven’t held up our end of the deal, feels like a low blow, and a much undeserved one at that. It leaves me sad and frustrated that after all of our efforts and contributions, our charity donation and benefit wasn’t what some had in mind.

I have combed through all of our press releases and the media coverage eliciting support for Elexis, and I don’t see where the proceeds or profits from the movie sales were included in the drive. I left the recruitment of the performers to Elexis, so it’s difficult to figure how Girlfriends Films could have misrepresented the mission to them.

In truth, we put in a ton of man hours to organize the charity and the promotion surrounding it. If I had to quantify the labor it would exceed $10,000 on its own. Additionally, we gave Elexis our $1000 December charity donation, plus we matched all of the performers’ donations and provided them a scene in which to have funds to donate. When one of the performers in the movie cancelled at the last moment, Girlfriends Films paid her replacement her full fee and covered what would have been her part of the donation ourselves. We also solicited support from Elexis fans and friends, and provided an address and handling of these funds. Our direct monetary support exceeded $10,000.

With the dwindling DVD market, our combined contributions of over $20,000 cut in to any profit on the DVD we may have experienced.

Nobody else stepped forward like we did. And now to be the subject of a public bashing…well, it’s very painful and disappointing. We always try to promote the best public image when it comes to our company, our performers, and the industry at large. Each step forward takes work, planning, energy and, most often, money. Giving us an undeserved public bashing on social network is like suddenly getting sent back ten steps.

Anyway, our continued wishes to Elexis for a speedy recovery.


Elexis Monroe “Benefit” DVD in Question

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UPDATE- So the talent donated half of their earnings and GFF matched that making another donation? I’m still not exactly sure what the deal was here…

NL-This was posted on the Forum of Girlfriends Films concerning a movie made to benefit Elexis Monroe. My understanding is the talent who performed in the movie were paid half their usual rate and Elexis received the other half of their pay. So the talent is who really made the donation, not the movie company.

Well, Sinn Sage finally broke the information yesterday evening on twitter. For those who don’t follow her, this is what she said.

Sinn Sage @sinnsage

My understanding of a "BENEFIT" movie was that a portion of the PROCEEDS go to help someone in need,in this case a friend.
Sinn Sage @sinnsage

If I had known or understood that NONE of the PROCEEDS were going to my friend, I don’t think I would have done it.

Sinn Sage @sinnsage

Production company retains all profits, not even a portion go to help friend, how is that right?

Sinn Sage @sinnsage

Using her illness, tricking consumers into buying thinking they are helping her, to make more money. This is vile and slimy.

Elexis posted this shortly after Sinn erupted.

Elexis Monroe @ElexisMonroe

@sinnsage they matched donations. The rest is up to me. Winging it here. Unfortunately I’m not getting money from sales.

And she followed it with these tweets.

Elexis Monroe @ElexisMonroe

I need to have surgery. Bs aside. I’ve lost my hearing forever in my left ear. The infection spread that far. Otherwise hell yes

Elexis Monroe @ElexisMonroe

It’s really a sad situation because all I wanted and want is to get my face fixed. It’s confirmed I’ve already lost all hearing on left side

Elexis Monroe @ElexisMonroe

Please… If you want to help ME, Donate directly to me… Please.

Elexis Monroe @ElexisMonroe

Donations- help save a face. Literally.

So now we know, Elexis will get none of the proceeds from the sale of the "benefit" DVD.

The only question I have for GFF is this – why did they think this cynical manipulation of a woman who is the face of their company, someone who was literally fighting for her life, the models who supported her and of her fans, wouldn’t get out?

Ron Jeremy Update

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This is from Ron’s site

Ron is still in ICU and will be for several more days.
Once he’s cleared from intensive care he’ll still be hospitalized for a few weeks while doctors monitor the healing.
We are putting together a care package for Ron, We’re also including all the well wishes you are sending.
You, the fans, mean a lot to Ron and he appreciates your support and prayers.

Voodoo Trashes Type 9’s Kevin

Comments (13)

An ongoing tirade by Voodoo against Type 9 Models & Kevin has lasted for days now on twitter. I’d love to hear Kevin’s side of the story…

Here’s a sample of what Voodoo is tweeting-

from Voodoo ‏@Voodoopornstar
Agents fuck up call times, scripts and wardrobe requirements more than anyone. #useless

Don’t worry. My book will expose it all. Right now @KevinONeal1 owes me money so he’s my current target.

@KevinONeal1 sleeps with his talent. Now is that really what an agent is supposed to do? #illegal #immoral #inconceivable

The entire porn industry is juvenile. What matters is that
@kevinoneal1 gets put in his place for fucking with people’s money.

I know several girls that have had their checks paid directly 2 @KevinONeal1 from @type9models . I’m sure the IRS would like to know that 2.

@Official_LATATA You should have done your homework before you got yourself legally involved with criminals. They go down, YOU GO DOWN!!!


@Official_LATATA I don’t condone the numerous #illegal activities that your agents are involved in. THE TRUTH SHALL ALL COME OUT!!!

If people think I’m a trouble maker today, wait until my book comes out!!!


All the porn agencies that are nervous about my exposé, you may need to distance yourselves from @KevinONeal1 because he is going down!!!!

Been in the porn industry for almost 15 years and I’m ashamed in myself for not speaking sooner on the subject of Abuse by Porn Agencies.



For 15 years I’ve been a professional fucker. I have fucked many asses but none so hard as the ass of Kevin of @type9models I’m about 2fuck.

Girls forced to pay huge rent in model houses, stuck in bullshit contracts having to fuck their agent for work

The government wants to make porn safer. They should start by investigating agencies like @type9models and how Kevin abuses his girls.

All the girls who have had issues with Kevin from @type9models please let me know. In hearing horror stories of abuse. CLASS ACTION!!!

People like Kevin from @type9models do a lot of damage do young girls in the porn industry. He teaches them to have no self respect.

Kink Evacuated?

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Rumor has it that police evacuated the Kink compound on Saturday, after a civilian complained of a gun being shot in the building. I’m told there was an arrest. Anyone know how to get arrest report for that area? I’d like to verify it before I announce the name off the person. Or perhaps he could just drop me an email and confirm or deny it?

Bobby Rinaldi Passes Away

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AVN is reporting that long time director Bobby Rinaldi has passed away in his sleep. Very sad news. He was in his late 50’s. He is most famous for his Screw My Wife Series

24 Hours Til Kick-Off

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NL-Ok, I know just about nothing about sports, including football. My reason to watch the superbowl would be the great commercials and the half-time show. So those of you who do know a lot and want to discuss it, here is your forum.

My friend Richelle Ryan knows tons, and she said she is rooting for the Ravens and will be watching the Superbowl with friend at Hooters. Where will you be watching? And who are you cheering on to win?

AHF Throws a Block Party for their One Minute HIV Test

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For five years, the citizens of Wilton Manors, FL have been taking part in quality shopping, free HIV testing and access to free condoms at the city’s Out of the Closet Thrift Store and AHF Pharmacy, which benefits leading global nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). As South Floridians celebrate the site’s 5th anniversary with a gala block party, AHF will roll out the most cutting-edge HIV testing technology: the INSTI Rapid HIV Test, which provides accurate results in just sixty seconds. Used globally for over four years and introduced by AHF in California last September, this is the official launch of 1 minute rapid testing in South Florida.  See you at the party on Saturday!

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