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Elexis Monroe Sets the Record Straight, Reply’s to Mike South’s Accusations

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John Tribb Writes-We may agree or disagree about which side to take on Girlfriends Films Elexis benefit video .Elexis tried to lay the controversy to rest on,Twitter.. The problem is we have bottom feeders like Mike South who want to take advantage of any situation to get more attention for themselves. He’s raised a whole series of doubts about her illness and financial situation on his blog  without contacting her or even trying to find out what she was going through. Adult industry news sites like Adult FYI have taken his word as gospel as well as trolls on different blogs.
Elexis is a very private person. Here she reveals the reality of one performer in the industry just so people can really understand what she’s going through.. It’s far from the misogynist claims of Mr South and those who think  female pornstars are little better than liars and tramps.. I would hope at least that we’d get an apology but I doubt it. Elexis has and will always deserve respect.


Good afternoon. I’m not exactly sure how to start this, it’s not normally my thing. :) 

I appreciate you posting info about everything that’s occurred since I found out I was sick. 

I’m obviously beyond devastated by the last weeks events. It’s the last thing I expected, wanted, or need. 

I was hoping after Dan spoke to AVN and I spoke out, people would see the situation for what it is and move forward.

Ever since my very first photo shoot, I’ve always been very open and honest with all the fans. I love them and sharing my life with them has always been a joy. People know me and by watching my movies, I am who I am. 

I decided to share the experience because while terrifying, it’s informative on many different levels. An abscess, bone infection, health insurance, along with just simply hoping for help. 

I’ve been trying to get health insurance all this last year. It’s very expensive and difficult for me. I have a medical history that certain companies consider ‘high risk’ to say the least. 

When I had my Daughter almost 11 years ago, I had her 3-4 months early emergency c-section. I was hit by a car which led to me having an abrupto. Needless to say, my kid it lucky we both survived considering the circumstances and the amount of blood I lost and how early she was. She’s my miracle. She beat all odds and is my little genius. 

Not many know this but 3 1/2 years ago a few days after shooting I became ill. I was hospitalized because I had ovarian cysts that had ruptured and caused a massive infection. I also had to have a surgery due to this situation. The amount of scar tissue I have from my labor, along with my right ovary being enlarged, it’s just a few reasons why getting my own health insurance has been a battle but one I intend to overcome. 

I’m sure now with the last few months it won’t be any easier. If and when I do get insurance which is a goal of mine, it doesn’t change the fact I got sick and need surgeries.

As far as my kid is concerned, I don’t need to say much. Everyone and anyone who knows me, knows my daughter is my entire world. I’m a very good, dedicated single mother. I’ve raised her on my own with no child support, not even one payment to this day. I’m not on welfare or any gov programs and never have been. I have her all on my own and I absolutely love it. I love being here for every minute, every dance class, school field trip, important moment or accomplishment she has in life. For anyone to ever say otherwise is someone I will not tolerate. Especially when we both almost died during my labor. Bringing a beautiful innocent child into this, a child who’s watched her mother get violently ill, be hospitalized numerous times, have surgery, and has been through the hardest ordeal of her life is wrong. Shame on anyone even bringing her into any of this crazy nonsense. 

The drug comment? Really. This isn’t high school and just because some other woman in my industry have used drugs before doesn’t mean I do! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate drugs. Especially that crap. My fiancé long ago chose drugs over me, he couldn’t quit and I had no idea what or how anything could be that disgusting powerful over someone. I begged him to get help, quit. He literally couldn’t. I gave him back his ring and moved. 

The fact someone is telling my fans I’m using money to fix my house is ridiculous. Also, lies! I rent a town home that’s almost 30 years old. He’s been saying he’s going to ‘fix things’ forever. The last few months, being home more and sick, paying rent for things that didn’t work I snapped. 

I’ve had no working dishwasher for years or garage door. My over stopped working and because I was furious about cooking meals, he replaced that finally. The sink is bad, the bathrooms are 26+ years old. Plumbings, paint, fans. He finally just fixed the broken shower doors in my kids bathroom and put up a curtain. My own bathroom hasn’t worked and shower broken since last year so we share one….. And the carpet downstairs. It’s 12+ years old!!! The house needs fixed, basic upkeep and maintenance but there is no way in the world I would ever pay for a dime of that. I pay rent. The only reason I haven’t moved to LA is because my kid loves it here. Her school, friends, neighborhood and she’s had the since kindergarten. I will drive back and forth forever if it makes her happy but I want my house fixed. I want to be able to web cam or have guests over and feel my place is nice. I shouldn’t have to explain that to anyone and of course I’m not going to tell the world how I love my house but it sucks. 

Yes, my landlord is finally starting to fix things little by little in his house. I house I simply rent. I would never fix a house unless I owned it.

Now all this has done is people think lies and negatively about me. Things which have never happened and it’s really unfair. 

If someone doesn’t know me and has never met me, please talk to me. I’m the nicest person ever. If you don’t know me, please don’t make up lies about me as a parent, how I love my life, my health situation. I already had my face cut open, this isn’t some Internet joke or fun blog post to me. 

I can’t speak for anyone else but myself. I got sick. I had 1 surgery. I need more. That’s it! 

Even sitting here writing this it makes me cry. I love my job and my fans. I hate drama or confrontation. Not my style. I just understand why he won’t just leave me alone. 

I am not going to respond to anyone else or post anything about this anymore, for now. It’s not doing anything positive for me or my situation.

I wanted to talk to someone but I don’t want to keep adding fuel to a dead fire. I just want to work, be happy, raise my kid, and fix my face. That’s all. I don’t want to ever have to go through anything like this again.

Hopefully people will remember what was posted this week by myself and AVN and move forward. 

I hope some of this helps you understand a little bit more about things that have been posted or said. I make usually 28-35,000 a year. It’s not millions but it’s been enough to live. Am I going to try and work harder in order to have more for other things such as insurance, of course. I can only do one thing at a time and regardless what happens to me, my kid always comes first. 

Right before I was sick my kid fell ill with pneumonia and was also seen at a hospital. My dog also got Parvo and almost died. There went all savings I had. 

People think I just have all this money and it’s so easy to get health insurance?? It’s so sad. 

If you would like to write back or talk to me, please do. I can send you my info if you want. I just want you to hear the truth from me. I don’t want to respond to any of the garbage. I hate it, I know it’s untrue but I seriously don’t have time for hate or negatively in my life. 

I’m sorry in any way if you somehow have been linked or involved in all this. 

Please feel free to message me. 

Love, Elexis

Kendra Lust- Hot MILF Interview

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Kendra Lust
Interview by G. C.

Kendra Lust is a newcomer to porn and her enthusiasm, as well as her perfectly round bum are quickly gaining recognition in the adult industry.  After spending years working as a registered nurse, Kendra finally decided to embrace her sexuality and become porn’s newest MILF next door. She was nominated for Xbiz Awards 2013 Milf of the Year. 

When & why did you decide to get into the adult industry?
Kendra Lust: I started doing porn in March of 2012, and I am loving it! I have filmed about 60 scenes so far.  I have always wanted to do porn. However, in my twenties, I was too worried about what people would think. Now that I’m in my early thirties, I am less concerned with what others think and more concerned with what I want to do.

How difficult or easy was the transition from performing in webcam shows to doing hardcore porn?
Kendra Lust: It was not that difficult for me personally and I’m not sure if that is good or bad. However, so far, so good!

Who was your first scene with/for?
Kendra Lust: My first scene was a scene with  Eva Karrera  filmed in March of 2012 for Brazzers’ Series.  I was so nervous, but had a lot of fun with it because Eva was so sweet, sexy and mean at the same time.  I love her she is beautiful and such a talented performer.  I am very bisexual and have always loved women for as long as I can remember.

Was it what you expected?
Kendra Lust: Yes and no. It is really exciting however, challenging to get myself into some of those poses ha ha! I had somewhat of an idea of what I was getting into however, until someone actually does it you never really know.

Who do you like to working with?
Kendra Lust: I like working with more experienced performers and directors. I always try to learn something from experienced performers in the industry.  My best experience has been working with two guys at once.  It was such an eye opener, but it is a lot of work.  It really made me realize how much I still need to learn as a performer.

What do you like about porn? What don’t you like about porn?
Kendra Lust: I love to be sexual and the freedom that it allows me to be me on camera. I think that porn is a safer alternative to getting a prostitute and a lot cheaper. Ultimately, I believe it enhances people’s sex lives.  I do not like the fact that porn is not more widely accepted and still considered "dirty" and frowned upon.

Have you ever watched any of your scenes or would you find it too weird?
Kendra Lust: Yes I have actually! I think because some of the roles that I have played are not my typical sex fantasies.

How sexually active are you in your personal life?
Kendra Lust: I try to have sex as often as possible, so  I guess that means…a lot! Porn increases my sex drive most of the time.

Does your family know you do porn? If so, are they cool with it?
Kendra Lust: Yes, my family knows that I do porn.  Some are cool with it, some are indifferent and others are not accepting.  It is what it is so as long as I am true to myself that is all that really matters to me.  It does not change who I am it is just a profession that I have chosen.

What other aspects of the adult industry would you like to explore?
Kendra  Lust: I would like to feature dance eventually and possibly learn more about what goes on behind the scenes…what directors, editors and producers do.

Here are a few of Kendra’s links:

ICM Sells More Dot XXX -Singles.XXX, Adultchat.XXX…

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ICM Registry Secures Additional $185,000 Order for Premium .XXX Domains from IRIS

Second Order for targeted premium domains due to the growing popularity of .XXX


Palm Beach Gardens, FL (February 14, 2013)ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) exclusively used for online adult entertainment, announces today that IRIS SARL, based in Luxembourg, has secured an additional 25 Premium Domains in a deal worth $185,000.  This is the second significant order from IRIS who previously acquired $650,000 of premium names back in September 2012.

The new .XXX names include,, and many more popular niche sectors of the adult market.

The Chairman of IRIS commented.” We have spent several months analyzing the key adult search terms and with our SEO experts and have chosen a further 25 Premium XXX names that are highly popular adult search terms. In addition, the recent changes by Google have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our other .XXX sites and this is without doubt, a solid investment in the future” 

Steve Winyard, ICM Registry Vice President, added, “IRIS have been diligent in their approach to launching their initial sites and have some leading technology and ideas which will make a huge impact when launched. We are once again delighted with this further investment and will work to support them and introduce them to the very best partners we know, in order to help them achieve their goals.”

For interviews with Steve Winyard and the Chairman of IRIS, please contact Alison Crisci / 212-896-1252).

  About ICM Registry:

ICM Registry LLC, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is the registry operator for the .XXX sponsored top-level domain as approved by ICANN in 2011. ICM Registry provides the management and supporting infrastructure for this extension offered via registrars around the world.

  About IRIS

A Luxembourg Based company, heavily funded, with highly experienced and successful entrepreneurs who are developing many leading adult and social themed destinations, using .XXX.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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            The days (and nights) of Champagne, Chocolates and Romance are very much alive at the famous Rick’s Cabaret New York Gentlemen’s club. "Valentine’s Day is special," said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Yasmin. "So we have decided to celebrate the holiday for an entire week!" (Actually 6 nights: Tuesday February 12th through Sunday February 17th).
      "All of us girls will be wearing red or pink sexy outfits," said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Jill. "But not for long," she promised.  "My g-string has red hearts on it," cooed Rick’s Cabaret Girl Raven.
      "I don’t want to brag," purred Rick’s Cabaret Girl Felicia, "but there are so many beautiful girls at Rick’s Cabaret, you feel like you are in heaven!"
       The club will be decorated in white and pink fabrics, Valentine’s hearts and flowers.
        "I know that our chef Mr. Nestor is preparing some delicious specials for Valentine’s Week," explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Hanna. "The food is always so good–I can’t wait to see what he’s serving."
         Rick’s Cabaret New York is known for its beautiful entertainers, gourmet steakhouse, upscale clientele and warm hospitality. It is the club of choice for numerous pro athletes and celebrities.
Rick’s Cabaret New York

Rabbit’s Review Award Winners

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RabbitsReviews RISE Awards Winners Announced
Montreal, QCóFeb 13, 2013óTwenty sites have been crowned winners in the fourth annual RabbitsReviews Innovation and Site Excellence (RISE) Awards. Each winner was carefully chosen after a year of reviewing the best (and worst) porn sites online and after two months of nominations from users, producers and staff. Here are the greatest sites for the following categories as voted on by the team at
Site of The Year: Brazzers Network
Innovation Award: Saboom (Shared Viewing Feature)
Sweetest Deal: Video Box
Best New Star: Lucy Ohara
Best New Site: Sex Art
Oscar Quality Porn: X-Art
Thatís Original: Underwater Show
Best Boobs: Catherine Tayler
Hottest Butt: Yuri Luv
Fan Favorite: MetArt
Holy Shit Award: Naughty Tinkerbell
Masterful Moniker: Missogyny
Best Shemale Performer: Wendy Summers
Best Femdom Lesbians: Electro Sluts
Best SBBW Site: BBW Buffet
Best MILF Swingers: Cathy’s Craving
Best Wet & Messy: All WAM
Best Bukkake: Ura Bukkake
Most Authentic Squirting: Sabrina Squirts
Best Gay Fisting: HDK Fisting
For more information on the judging process, why these sites were chosen and to see previous winners, please visit:
 RabbitsReviews is the most read adult review site with about two million readers every month. The site features the largest collection of complete, unbiased adult paysite reviews. The company is gearing up for its 10th anniversary this summer and has close to 20 full-time employees. For more information on RabbitsReviews, please visit:


Bang Bros Robbed?

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NL-Reader emails me this- Just a rumor for now… I’d like to hear from Bang Bros and anyone that was around.

Yesterday, went to Venetian office (Bang Bros) and the whole compound was on lock down. There were numerous Miami-Dade cop cars, detective vehicles and a big crime scene truck. They were robbed on Sunday by a team of professionals taking all the camera equipment and their computers. I was told by one of the employees that the cops were saying it was a professional job and  it was like something out of a movie.

Kink’s Acworth Arrest Info

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NL-Although I have sent several requests, I have received no comment from Acworth.


Fetish Porn Mogul Arrested for Cocaine Possession By Cops Investigating Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon
by Adrian Chen   

Peter Acworth, CEO of San Francisco fetish-porn giant, has made a fortune from BDSM and maintained a surprising respectability while doing it. Just last month brought the Sundance premier of Kink, a James Franco-produced documentary that glorifies Acworth’s sprawling, filthy empire. But now we’ve learned that Acworth was arrested earlier this month for cocaine possession, by police investigating a report that people were shooting firearms inside the company’s Mission District headquarters. Leave it to San Francisco to combine gun culture and S&M.

Acworth, 42, was arrested at 8:24 p.m. on February 1st and charged with one count of cocaine possession and one count of delaying arrest, according to Albie Esparaza, a San Francisco Police Department Public-Information Officer. Police were initially sent to’s massive, $14.5 million studio/dungeon in the old San Francisco Armory at 1800 Mission St. after a concerned citizen reported seeing a video online of men firing guns inside the premises, Esparaza said. Joshua Carlberg, 40, was also arrested and charged with delaying arrest.

"Basically it stemmed from social media," Esparaza said. "Someone posted a video online and this person reported it to the police, and they located an indoor shooting range, sort of a makeshift." Esparaza said police did not find enough evidence for fire-arms-related charges, though the investigation is still open. It’s unclear what video spurred the investigation, or what fetish it might have spoken to. One Kink performer I talked to said that for all the weird stuff Kink puts out, he’d never heard of videos involving live firearms. Acworth is typically fastidious about keeping his torture porn this side of the law, the performer said.

The arrest is a rare misstep for Acworth, a Brit who has has built a paradoxical image as a peddler of exotic smut like "Electro Anal Exploration" and "Maitresse Madeline’s Small Penis Humiliation POV," with the polish and business acumen of a start-up guy.

"I’ve always had an intense desire to be tied up, since childhood, so when I discovered bondage pornography around 17, then I felt, I guess I’m kinky, and that’s OK," he told the Daily Beast recently. "So I started a business to help people demystify it and help them find their sexuality." Acworth has boasted that Kink has " never shied away from scrutiny," and the company offers public tours of its Armory daily. The S&M mania sparked by 50 Shades of Grey and James Franco’s documentary means we’ll probably be hearing more about Acworth in the future.

Acworth’s arrest may give new ammunition to some San Franciscans who fought Acworth’s transformation of the Armory into a sex dungeon back in 2006, but fans and performers need not worry, for now: It appears not to have thrown much of a kink (ahem) in the shooting schedule: The Kink performer I spoke to said he had heard nothing of the arrest, and he was still on schedule for a shoot this week. (Acworth did not immediately respond to an email request for comment; nobody answered the phone at Kink headquarters.)

Kelli Roberts Releases Porn How To Guide

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Industry Vet Kelli Roberts Releases Porn How To Guide

Houston, Texas / February 12, 2013 –  Industry veteran Kelli Roberts announced today the release of her ebook, "The Absolute Definitive Guide to Creating Your First Adult Website" which includes 27 chapters that covers absolutely everything you need to know about creating your first adult website and actually make money doing it.

You can view the trailer for the book at

You can view the full sized book cover at

"I’ve been in the adult industry for over 16 years now so I decided to put everything I’ve learned into a guide to help others get started in this business.  There are a lot of people who want to start their own porn website but just don’t know how to do it.  The book covers all you need to know, is easy to understand and includes actual examples so anyone can understand how it all works.  So if you were ever even considering making some money on the side in the porn business, this is the book for you.  I know its cliche but it’s true … with my book, making money in porn has never been so easy!" say Kelli Roberts.

For a mere $7, “The Absolute Definitive Guide to Creating Your First Adult Website” is available exclusively from Amazon –
More details about "Absolute Definitive Guide to Creating Your First Adult Website" can be found at

About Kelli Roberts:  Kelli Roberts is an AVN nominated producer and webmaster who has worked in the adult industry for the last 16 years.  Her time in the adult industry includes running a collection of over 60 websites, as well as an independent marketing consultant with several well known companies including Gamelink,,, Blueibrd Films, Cezar Capone, Amateur District, Adult Film Star Content and many more.  Kelli Roberts also runs the popular adult film star ranking website You can follow Kelli on Twitter by going to or read her blog at

Pope Says Bye Bye

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VATICAN CITY (AP) — Benedict XVI always cast himself as the reluctant pope, a shy bookworm who preferred solitary walks in the Alps to the public glare and the majesty of Vatican pageantry. But once in office, he never shied from charting the Catholic Church on the course he thought it needed — a determination reflected in his stunning announcement Monday that he would be the first pope to resign since 1415.

While taking the Vatican and world by surprise, Benedict had laid the groundwork for the decision years ago, saying popes have the obligation to resign if they can’t carry on. And to many, his decision was perfectly in keeping with a man who had dedicated his life to the church, showing his love for the institution and an acknowledgment that it needed new blood to confront the future.

The German theologian, whose mission was to reawaken Christianity in a secularized Europe, grew increasingly frail as he shouldered the monumental task of purging the Catholic world of a sex abuse scandal that festered under John Paul II and exploded during his reign into the church’s biggest crisis in decades, if not centuries.

More recently, he bore the painful burden of betrayal by one of his closest aides: Benedict’s own butler was convicted by a Vatican court of stealing the pontiff’s personal papers and giving them to a journalist, one of the gravest breaches of papal security in modern times.

All the while, Benedict pursued his single-minded vision to rekindle faith in a world which, he frequently lamented, seemed to think it could do without God.

"In vast areas of the world today, there is a strange forgetfulness of God," he told 1 million young people gathered on a vast field for his first foreign trip as pope, World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany in 2005. "It seems as if everything would be just the same even without Him."

With some decisive, often controversial moves, Benedict tried to remind Europe of its Christian heritage and set the Catholic Church on a conservative, tradition-minded path that often alienated progressives and thrilled conservatives.

The Vatican’s crackdown on American nuns — accused of straying from church doctrine in pursuing social justice issues rather than stressing core church teaching on abortion and homosexuality — left a bitter taste for many American Catholics.

But conservatives cheered his championing of the pre-Vatican II church and his insistence on tradition, even if it cost the church popularity among liberals.

As he said in his 1996 book "Salt of the Earth," a smaller but purer church may be necessary. "Maybe we are facing a new and different kind of epoch in the church’s history, where Christianity will again be characterized more by the mustard seed, where it will exist in small, seemingly insignificant groups that nonetheless live an intensive struggle against evil and bring the good into the world — that let God in," he said then.

Yet his papacy will be forever intertwined with the sex abuse scandal.

Over the course of just a few months in 2010, thousands of people in Europe, Australia, South America and beyond came forward with reports of priests who raped and molested them as children, and bishops who covered up the crimes.

Documents revealed that the Vatican knew well of the problem yet turned a blind eye for decades, at times rebuffing bishops who tried to do the right thing.

Benedict had firsthand knowledge of the scope of the problem since his old office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which he had headed since 1982, was responsible for dealing with abuse cases.

He met with victims across the globe, wept with them and prayed with them. He promised that the church must "do everything possible" to ensure such crimes never happen again. The Vatican updated its legal code to extend the statute of limitations for cases and told bishops’ conferences around the world to come up with guidelines to prevent abuse.

But Benedict never admitted any personal or Vatican failure. Much to the dismay of victims, he never took action against bishops who ignored or covered up the abuse of their priests or moved known pedophiles to new posts where they abused again.

And hard as he tried to heal the church’s wounds, Benedict’s message was always clouded by his wooden personal style. No globe-trotting showman or media darling like John Paul, Benedict was a teacher and academic to the core: quiet and pensive with a fierce mind. He spoke in paragraphs, not sound bites. In recent years, his declining health made him seem increasingly fragile and somewhat disengaged in public. And he was notoriously prone to gaffes, though that was perhaps more a fault of his advisers than the pope himself.

Some of Benedict’s most lasting initiatives as pope — the actions he will be remembered for — focused on restoring traditional Catholic practice and worship to 21st century Catholicism. It was all in a bid to correct what he considered the erroneous interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, the 1962-65 meetings that brought the Catholic Church into the modern world.

His conservative vision is a direction his successor will likely continue given that the bulk of the College of Cardinals — the princes of the church who will elect the next pope — was hand-picked by Benedict to guarantee his legacy and ensure an orthodox future for the church.

Benedict relaxed restrictions on celebrating the old, pre-Vatican II Latin Mass. He reached out to a group of traditionalist, schismatic Catholics in a bid to bring them back into Rome’s fold. And he issued an unprecedented invitation to traditionalist Anglicans upset over women priests and gay bishops to join the Roman Catholic Church.

In doing so, he alienated many progressive Catholics who feared he was rolling back the clock on Vatican II. He also angered some Jews who equated the pre-Vatican II church with the time when Jews were still considered ripe for conversion and were held responsible collectively for the death of Christ.

Yet like John Paul, Benedict had made reaching out to Jews a hallmark of his papacy. His first official act as pope was a letter to Rome’s Jewish community and he became the second pope in history, after John Paul, to enter a synagogue.

And in his 2011 book "Jesus of Nazareth" Benedict made a sweeping exoneration of the Jewish people for the death of Christ, explaining biblically and theologically why there was no basis in Scripture for the argument that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death.

read the whole story here;_ylt

Adult Woot Site Owner’s Letter to Amazon

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NL-I received a comment that contains the lawyer letter. So I am posting it here instead of the comments section. It is from a person who wishes to remain anon. This their opinion on the case. Not mine. Consider it an OP/ED. Also I don’t agree that Amazon shut this site down because of the "adult" nature of her site, and this adult reference would harm Amazon. Amazon sells adult dvds all day long, but in no way are May’s site and Amazon in any kind of similar market. I would love to see a "lawyer letter" from Amazon, explaining their reasons.

RN writes- Amazon’s does not own a "woot" trademark to any "online" retail that specifically relates to the  smaller site In fact, makes it imperative that when they try to protect their brand, it’s always followed with a exclaimation point (!).  If the "woot" brand was SO important to them, why didn’t they trademark  the domain "", every smart company does this, for online protection.  It’s standard just in case  other companies want to buy something like,, etc.
A word mark search states that "woot" is a: Retail store for electrical items, not an Online store that  generally sells everything, not just electronics.  There is a big difference.  We can’t put our personal opinions in this, the law is specific, and so should the work mark description. I have written to the owner of and she has sent me a copy of her letter to Amazon, and they  had the nerve to offer her $100 for the domain when it’s actually her livelihood.  She has given me her  permission to redistribute her plea to Amazon:

To Mr. Struthers,  (
I am not sure if this is the correct person to write to, but was told it would be you.  Nobody has contacted me, emailed me, mailed me, served me, nothing at this moment.
There is no reason why, aka Woot! should be bullying my small company.  It pays for my  family’s existence of shelter and food.  I should NOT be under such assault by your law firm to take me  down by strong arming my web host before even contacting me first.  You sneakingly try to shut down my  income by bypassing me and forcing your hand on my hosting provider to take me down.  No notice, no  email, nothing from you.  Cyber bullying is real and with large fines and I believe you have just did this. There are many things to consider when you try and bully my honest living in which of course you did not.  Even your word mark claim of ‘woot’ IS QUESTIONABLE to say the least. You want to prove that I’m a threat to your business?  Really?  I would be lucky to have 100 visitors  with 5-10 sales a day… I’m considered a THREAT TO YOU!?  have spoken to some legal people that are friends who have told me what matters most when it comes to  these type of things. Does your website offer goods or services that compete with the goods or services being sold under my  name?  NO. Does your website offer goods or services that typically are distributed in the same channels as the  goods or services being sold under my name?  NO. Might have my website in some way divert business away from the Woot! mark because of of my name?  NO. People who are searching for adult merchandise know EXACTLY what my site is, they type in ‘ADULT’, there  is no accident.  Nobody types in more than they need too.  No one mistakenly comes to my site looking for  yours. Every search engine states it clearly:  Cheap Adult DVDs | Daily XXX Deals | Porn DVD   Your client’s  site simply just says:  Woot    So where’s the confusion? Could you show that your domain name is so similar to mine that users might end up on my website by
mistake?  Definitely NOT. Domain names of acronyms, whole categories of products, services, common expressions are ineligible for  trademark protection. Your claim ‘mark’ clearly does NOT state any online business and, it is not famous because its A RETAIL  STORE like a Walmart.  Your claimed mark is old, and it’s incorrect.  I am not a trademark lawyer, nor  can I afford one… but common sense I do feel prevails here.  When I acquired my domain, I did a search  mark and was told that I would be OK, but a company as greedy as Amazon actually wants to take food off  my family’s table??? If your ego is that high to think that you’re going to bully a small person like myself to abandon my  family’s income because of some stupid acronym, ‘woot’ = want one of those, a word that my daughter and  her friends ALWAYS USE, you are sadly mistaken.  50 million web pages using this acronym and you think  you can own it?  I will take this public before I let my family’s income die from your greediness, from’s GREEDINESS. I can prove to the court hundreds of other "woot" domain owners that operate just fine without your type  of threats.  Do you think ‘adult’ products companies are any different?  How come Amazon has not gone  after companies like, or others?  Because they are NOT adult based, that’s why.  We are  people too, that have lives and bills to pay for.  We are completely LEGAL.  If you’re still thinking  that you want to take me down, I will sue you for cyberbullying.  Laugh as you might… I am a determined single mother of two. You, representing a powerful company, are trying to force ME, a very, very small company, with no money,  to give up a domain name that was legally acquired in good faith for my type of business. Read my About page, "Adult" = being all things adult related and "Woot" = Want One Of Those,  because I  focus on low pricing.  Which illegal free porn circulating the Internet that destroys legitimate  businesses, who wouldn’t want tangible adult DVDs for cheap?  I barely make a dollar on each item.   Amazon makes billions and feels that it has the time to go after a small business like me?  I am  disappointed, but more so, I am concerned for the livelihood for myself and 2 children. Believing that you’ll make a ton of money from, gain recognition and that you’re in a powerful  position to sue a smaller company like me…. I AM NO THREAT.  You though, can clearly be liable for such  an action.  I will acquire a lawyer who will do it for free (GOD WILLING) just to make a point that big  companies cannot own the Internet when nothing of the above that I’ve mentioned has infringed your  business in any way. Facebook tried suing the world for their marks, but small companies like fought showing that  two different types of companies DO NOT mistaken people from what they are seeking online.  Just LIKE YOU.Please don’t force me to protect myself and my family.  My children come first.  I am the American Dream,  someone who is down and out who thought up of a way to produce income from home, to find a resource where  I am able to get my product for cheap enough to provide for my children.  I am not rich, I am not any  threat to ANYONE and my company has NO similarity to Amazon. I will SUE you for CYBER BULLYING, your previous actions against me before contacting me FIRST was NOT right.


RN writes-I personally agree with her, her site does NOT confuse people who buy from Amazon. I KNOW it’s an adult site, and THAT unfortunately is probably why they decided to trounce on her and NOT other "woot" sites.

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