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How to be a porn star

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Party Pics! Ideal Image Models Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

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PIctures by Glenn Francis at

NL- Has it really only been a year? Tee, it seems like forever ago I was giving you crap for your misspelled press releases! I must say you have sure improved in that department. And you have a beautiful stable of girls. Congratulations!

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

The gorgeous Ana Foxxx gets best dressed

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub

Ideal Image Models 1-Year Annivversary Party at Supperclub
Our own Lucky Starr

Kelli Roberts Makes Erotic Fiction Debut

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NL- congrads Kelli!

Industry veteran Kelli Roberts made her fiction debut with the release of her erotic fiction book, “A Walk in the Woods”.

A Walk in the Woods by Kelli Roberts

The story revolves around a husband and wife who invite two friends to join them for a week long camping trip in the Palo Duro canyons. It’s a sexy and romantic look at what goes on when friends get together to play.

The book is currently available in paperback and as an e-book through Amazon ( and the popular e-book website, Smashwords. The book is exacted to be available on iTunes and through various other retailers such as Barnes and Noble in the coming weeks.

You can view the trailer for the book at

People love to joke about romance novels being girl porn and in some ways they are right. So it was only logical that after 17 years of being in the adult industry, I took a dip on this genre,” says Kelli Roberts. “Writing erotic fiction allows me a creative outlet to share with the world all I’ve learned over the past 17 years being in adult entertainment. There is more to sex than just a good blow job and my writing allows me to explore all those possibilities and passions.”

More details about “A Walk in the Woods” can be found at


Aaliyah Love Does Boy/Girl Interview

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Interview with Aaliyah Love By Scooter McBooter
Aaliyah Love, the ultimate all-natural spinner, is a sprite of energy, exuberance, and cute-yet-naughty sex appeal.
The tiny Chicago native, who now makes her home in Los Angeles, broke into the adult business focused on solo and girl-girl fun. But after much demand from her ever-growing fan base, Aaliyah recently boy-girl scenes to her portfolio.
During a break in her daunting schedule of shoots, Aaliyah took some time to talk about her decision to “add penis to the mix” along with her celebrity crushes, toe sucking, and being “bendy.”

SM: You’ve recently decided do to B/G scenes. Was that a difficult decision and what made you make up your mind to do it?
AL: I wouldn’t say it was a difficult decision because once I make my mind up to do something, I’m in it 100%. But I don’t make any rash decisions and I thought it over for a LONG TIME. For a long time I wanted to keep that part of my life private, but now I’m ready to share it with my fans and let everyone watch! I can’t say it was one thing or another that made up my mind for me. It was a number of things … it was a progression. It’s a decision I haven’t regretted one bit either. I’m having a BLAST shooting these B/G scenes for Manwin. It has been so much fun!

SM: Some girls specialize in oral or anal or whatever … what will your specialty be? And what do you enjoy most doing off- or on-camera with guys and girls?
AL: So far, the sex I have had in every B/G scene (I’ve shot seven so far) has been mind-blowing in every way possible. And I imagine it will just get better with time. There are several things I want to do in a B/G scene that I haven’t yet that I think I should keep to myself for now, so they are a surprise when I finally get my way and get to do them. I’m in talks with Brazzers now to make two of those fantasies come true. What I like to do with men and women definitely depends on the person and the mood. But, in general, I LOVE kissing. Passionate kissing, looking into each other’s eyes, intensity and passion. I also tend to be submissive. I like to be told what to do and follow directions. I also like spankings and getting my toes sucked!
SM: What is it about toe-sucking that drives you crazy?
AL: I’m VERY ticklish and there’s nothing I hate more than being tickled. But when I get horny, it goes away and my ticklish parts are more “sensitive.” I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s a strange and wonderful sensation! If you were to touch my feet or armpits just out of the blue, it would tickle and I’d probably punch you. But if you lick or suck on either area while we’re fucking … mmmm! (shiver)
SM: It’s cool that you mentioned that because I like to lick shapely and smooth armpits.
AL: That’s so interesting that you’re one of the people who are into licking armpits. I didn’t know you guys also “checked out” armpits or that there was a “shape” to them. Mine are … skinny, I guess, and very shallow. I don’t know LOL!

SM: Are there any male talent you’re looking forward to working with?
AL: I did my research and picked 12 hot guys for my “yes list.” So far I’ve gotten to fuck five of them, and they have all been A-mazing! I’m sure my list will grow as I get to know more of the guys personally.
SM: Since you’ve decided to do B/G is there anything “next” for you … kink, gangbang, etc?
Aaliyah Love 002
AL: Haha, whoa, slow down! I just started shooting boy/girl!. If you’re asking me if I will always feel a need to “up the ante” and constantly outdo myself or others, I don’t see it being like that. G/G was never like that for me. I just did the best I could to play the roles the companies gave me while having great sex with hot girls, and enjoying myself every step of the way. Now that I’ve added penis to the mix, I think it will just be more of the same.
SM: Would anal be a possibility for the next step or upping the ante?
AL: I love anal. I haven’t had anal sex in almost two years. It’s like a “special occasion” thing I only do with people I trust. And considering I haven’t been dating for over 2 years, I really haven’t had chance, but I LOVE fingers and tongues in my butthole, and I LOVE licking girls’ buttholes! Its my new “thing!”
SM: You’re an all-natural girl which I think is awesome. Do you think people appreciate that you’ve stayed natural? Have you ever been tempted to get breast enhancements?
AL: There are some people who appreciate it, sure. And there are some people who don’t. There are going to be super fans and haters and everything in between no matter what you do in life, which is why I only choose to do what makes me happy. I live for myself and what I want, not what others want me to be. I’m just grateful that I do have fans who love my body and my work and don’t want me to change. When I first started webcams and porn was when I learned that there were men who not only liked my petite body type, but PREFERRED it. Porn taught me to except my body just the way it is, and to love myself. And nope, I’ve never been tempted to get breast implants. 

SM: Speaking of natural, what are your thoughts on girls who choose to keep some or all of their pussy hair rather than shave it?
AL: Well pussy hair is making a comeback, and in a major way! When I first started webcams, every girl on the Internet was completely shaved. It was just expected. And now, having a little bit of hair is more common. I kind of like it, less razor burn and ingrown hairs LOL.

SM: I saw on your site that you love to workout and eat healthy. How important in your life is that? What is your workout regimen consist of?
AL: I do try to eat as healthy as possible. I quit eating all meat in 1997, but added seafood back into my diet around 2002. I eat mostly raw fruits, veggies, fish, stir fry, veggie burgers, teas … stuff like that. I do have my cheat days but I find I’m happiest and have the most energy when I’m eating “clean.” I try to make it to the gym at least three times a week, more if I have an important shoot coming up. And I take a lot of yoga classes. I’m very flexible!
SM: Well since you brought it up, just how flexible are you? Have you ever used your “stretchiness” in the bedroom on or off camera?
AL: I’ve always been naturally “bendy.” I’m not the strongest, but I’m usually the most flexible in my yoga classes. I can’t do the splits, but I can do some fun stuff with my legs during sex! You can throw them above my head and crunch me into a little ball and fuck me! Keiran did this to me in our B/G scene for Brazzers. That position plus his huge cock made me SCREAM!
SM: Can you tell me who your favorite female co-stars so far and why? And are there girls you wanna fuck yet that you haven’t?
AL: I used to play favorites, but now I’ve learned to be a little more diplomatic and try not to play favorites so as to not hurt anybody’s feelings. I’ve had some amazing times with MOST of the the girls and guys I’ve worked with. But I will say this … it’s quite obvious that I have a “thing” for Ms Cherie DeVille. There’s probably 6 or 7 scenes of us together on my website now. And there will always be more! I think she’s such an amazing girl! As far as girls I want to work with, I have a LONG list. I had a public “to do” blog post in 2012 of companies, photographers and girls I wanted to work with. By the end of the year I worked with EVERY company/photog, and about half of the girls. I’m a LUCKY GIRL!! I’m sure I’ll leave some names out that will come to me later but off the top of my head – Lexi Belle, Celeste Star, Elle Alexander, Veruca James, Lily Carter just to name a few!
SM: With you being so petite and all-natural, I think it would be fun to see you in some “contrast” scenes with bigger and bustier ladies.
AL: I’ve have done some “contrast” scenes. I just fucked Anastasia Pierce two days ago for a scene for both of our websites. She said in her thick, sexy accent “Lay down and open your mouth, I’m going to give you a mouthful!” and shoved her big tit in my face. It was great! I love ladies of all shapes and sizes. It’s chemistry that attracts me to someone, not their looks. GF Films does a lot of “contrast” scenes and I’ve been in many of them!
SM: What are you thoughts on tattoos becoming so popular amongst the girls?
AL: I’m in the process of getting my only tattoo removed. It’s already about halfway gone. By December I will have zero tattoos or piercings.
Aaliyah Love 001
SM: Any celebrity crushes – male and female?
AL: Male would be Anderson Cooper, even though I know he’s gay. He’s just the perfect specimen of a man, physically. And he’s so smart which attracts me to him even more! (And probably the fact that he’s gay and would want nothing to do with me is part of it too. I’m twisted like that!) I also am obsessed with Mark Wahlberg. I think there was never a man more good looking than him, and there probably never will be! The things I would do to that man … ooooh! As far as celebrity women, I think Mila Kunis is so gorgeous! And I’ve heard she’s very short and petite. I like that! And I don’t think anybody could get closer to perfection than Scarlet Johansson especially in one of my favorite movies “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.” Zooey Deschanel is also so pretty, but I’m not sure she would be wild in bed. She looks like she might be too prudish to “let loose” in the bedroom LOL!

SM: What are your favorite snacks and your favorite splurge dinner?
AL: I love Thai food. I know this sounds gross but I’m going to tell you anyways. I like to order tofu fried rice with extra egg then I dump a bunch of peanut sauce on it and make a sort of fried rice/peanut sauce type of paste. Then I devour it like a wild animal. I recommend it to anybody who would like to gain a bunch of weight very fast. But I love all types of food … I’m a food-a-holic! That’s why I work out so much, I can’t stop eating! I love sweets – ice cream, donuts … and macaroons are my new guilty pleasure. I just can’t stop! LOL
SM: What is the favorite place you’ve been, and where is your dream vacation?
AL: I recently got to shoot for for a week in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. It was an amazing experience! Especially having a G/G/G three-way in the swimming pool in the middle of a torrential rainstorm! I also really enjoyed Montreal in October two years ago. I was walking the streets with a friend when the first snowfall of the year happened. It was so beautiful, a real magical moment! As far as where I want to go, I have a long list of places I want to visit. Some people dream of getting married and having children, I dream of traveling and learning about new places and people. I’ve seen all of America but unfortunately, I haven’t been out of the country much, yet, just Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. I am hoping since I started doing B/G it will open many career opportunities for me, including travel. I’m excited to spend a week in Amsterdam this coming September, and my next goal is Japan.
Check out more of Aaliyah at and follow her on Twitter @AaliyahLove69.

Porn Worker Discriminated Against?

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When asked to be taken off parole He was told he wouldn’t be, because he WORKS IN PORN!

Red Redemption, who does IT for an adult web company says “I’m being kept on parole for working in the porn industry. That’s discrimination! The offense I committed was criminal threats, for telling someone I was going to beat there ass. ”

Red sent me this poster-
porn discrim

Karen Stagliano Speaks on Lawsuit

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NL- This is from a couple days ago, but is enligtening on what the Stagliano side is thinking

By Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Katie Summers has filed a lawsuit against director John Stagliano and his company Evil Angel, alleging “negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual battery and violations of professions code section 17200” because Stagliano didn’t inform her of his HIV positive status prior to her performing in the 2010 movie “Buttman’s Stretch Class 4.”

According to the lawsuit, Summers consented to Stagliano engaging in sexual contact within the context of her acting in an adult film. In the scene, Stagliano can be seen handing Summers sex toys and touching her ass, but he does not perform hardcore sex with her. Summers claims that had she known of Stagliano’s status prior to the scene that she would not have done it.

“Actors engaged in sexual contact during the productions of adult films in the state of California are as a matter of custom and practice, required to provide evidence of testing for HIV and are not allowed to engage in sexual contact if they have a test which indicates they are HIV positive,” the lawsuit says.

“… As a result of Stagliano’s wrongful conduct, [Summers] has suffered damages.”

In the suit she is asking for monetary damages that include medical bills, future medical bills, loss of income, loss of future income, punitive damages, special damages and attorney’s fees and costs.

Stagliano’s wife Karen told XBIZ Tuesday that he and the company dispute the allegations.

“John and the company feel that he did not do anything with Katie Summers that would warrant having to inform her of his HIV status,” Karen said. “He had no genital contact with her, no sexual touching of her genitals at all that would have put her at any sort of a medical risk whatsoever.

“In addition, he’s been undetectable for HIV for over 15 years, despite doing repeated cultures even out of curiosity. Doctors and labs have not been able to find HIV in his blood for over 15 years, but he continues to take his medicine as a precaution.”

Stagliano was diagnosed with HIV in January 1997.

“As for the lawsuit, definitely John and the company feel that it simply doesn’t have merit,” Karen continued. “If she had any distress at finding out that she was touched on her non-genital skin by an HIV-positive person, that’s very, very unfortunate of course. But in this day and age, I think that a reasonable person understands that there are people out there that have diseases that are only communicated through bodily fluids.

“So to be making statements that she was put at risk of death or contracting a disease like she has, that becomes a lawsuit that doesn’t have merit.”

Karen added, “I think there are some very irresponsible statements that are being made trying to imply that John performed as a sex performer in a scene with this girl, to leave it open to people believing that he actually had sex with her or did something along those lines. When in fact he handed the girl toys and it was a tease scene, and he touched her butt cheeks. But he absolutely never touched her genitals.”

Summers is being represented by attorney Robert Starr in the case. He was not available for comment at post time.

Interview With Viv Thomas

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Interview – Viv Thomas

Have you ever thought that you’d become a Pornographic Producer?

No I came into it quite by accident – literally! I was convalescing after a car crash and my brother lent me a a few books on photography. My wife was pretty hot (and still is!) so I began to experiment on her. I loved it and soon I was shooting calendars in the South African bush and flying top British girls over for shoots to South Africa for the local girlie mag: Scope Magazine.

Did you have other dreams? What were the ones that you couldn’t accomplish?

I always wanted to be a pro golfer. I was a 6 handicap once and the dream was to go on circuit. I still play golf as often as I can though. I love the game and have instituted a yearly golf tournament with friends and business partners. It’s been going like clockwork since 2008.

Do you feel like you’re still missing something in your movies? That you still need to accomplish something?

Absolutely. I feel we have so much potential to create incredibly compelling adult content with real loving sex. Most of the porn out there is either fake or boring or both. We have just finished shooting a film that we believe is going to turn the tables once again and catapult the brand to a new level.
Do you feel like, being a producer, you could have a work on the subject matter “sexual education”?

Yes, I do and in a way we are already achieving that goal. Our best selling title “The Art of Sex” was not a film about sexual technique, but it exhibited those sexual techniques on film with really beautiful models. It is a showcase for how to have incredible sex but it flows so well…. you don’t feel like you’re watching a text book “paint-by-numbers” style of film.
How many different nationalities actresses’ have you worked with? I’ve read an interview where you say you prefer Hungarian girls, although, don’t you like American girls too?

We found the Hungarian girls in the late 90’s after I got fed up with the attitude of some of the British porn stars. They were unreliable and difficult to work with. Someone suggested a trip to Hungary and we couldn’t believe how many stunning girls there were all very keen to work. The Hungarians were really easy to work with and it gelled really well. We discovered Sandy, Sandra Shine, Peaches, Sophie Moone and many others who went on to build very successful careers in the industry.

We would love to work with American girls but it is not always practical to fly them over for one shoot. We have done a trip to America in 2006 which resulted in a great title called “In the Family”. We’re trying some British girls again as it’s easier for them to act in English, and they seem a lot more professional these days.

Since you work in Portugal, haven’t you ever wanted to pick Portuguese girls for your movies?

Certainly, we would love to shoot Portuguese girls, but the reality of the fact is that we make pornographic films and many of the girls here are only interested in doing soft Playboy style work. If you know of any willing Portuguese girls, we would be interested to have a look.
What did you like the most about Portugal to live here?

The lifestyle is fantastic: the weather, the food, the golf, the people. Personally I feel I have integrated fairly well (although my Portuguese is not good) but I play golf regularly with a group of local Portuguese businessmen and that has opened many doors for us. I also make my own Piri Piri oil which is naturally an incredible Portuguese invention!
Do you have any international actress that you wanted to work with and never accomplished that?

No not really, although I do regret not working more with Jenna Jameson. I did a few sets with her a long time ago in London which are still on our web site . I would also like to work with Stormy Daniels – that is one seriously beautiful woman.

From all the actresses and actors with whom you’ve worked with, have any of them disappointed you in some way? Did you have any that stood out the most?

Yes, quite a few have let us down at the last minute! It’s tough because we used to book flights for them and then we have a whole crew and a location ready to shoot and no models. Sometimes it has been incredibly difficult but we have adapted. I would prefer not to mention any names.
Have you ever watched a movie that surprised you negatively and that you’d like to change?

A movie of ours? Sometimes I have had to step in and tell the guys to re-edit a project as it hasn’t come quite up to scratch but that has happened extremely rarely. We have a great team and the guys we have at the moment are all from a mainstream film and advertising background which really helps on set and in the editing room.
Have you ever watched any Portuguese porn movie? What is your opinion about it and in what way should we make it better?

I’m sorry I haven’t, but if you send me one I will watch it :) I have heard about the parody on the architect from Lisbon, who used to do all his female clients from Cascais in his office. It would be interesting to see that.
What’s your opinion, in general, about american porn movies? Are they well developed? Do they have good directors and actors?

In general I think the Americans have a certain style (as do the English) of portraying porn as something dirty and tend to go as extreme as possible (i.e. Fisting, gaping and all manner of things which they seem to invent every day). On the other hand, these days there are a lot of production houses which are springing up and making great content.

My policy has always been to try and display real loving sex on camera. There is something exquisitely beautiful about the act of making love between two people and we will always try to capture that sensuality, bearing in mind our customers also have certain requirements and at times we can spice things up a little too.
You know your movies are out on the internet, right? So, have you ever tried to fix this leak problem? Why do you think this happens? Do you think there can be a way to prevent piracy?

Yes we know our movies are being pirated and for years we have contracted so called “Take Down Piracy” companies to try and decrease the flood of pirated content. It’s an ongoing battle that I don’t think we will ever win, however we need to try and do our bit to fight it.

I firmly believe that the only way to stop piracy is to make it easier to buy the product than it is to steal it. However, in practice that is very expensive and difficult to do. Steve Jobs managed to do a great job with the music industry but the film industry and porn is a more difficult nut to crack. We need to work on it collectively and there are many initiatives which the adult industry is coming up with to attempt to stop piracy. Trust me, it really affects our business and therefore our ability to make more great films.


Stagliano Sued For Not Disclosing His HIV+ Status

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thank you PV

NL- Deep Breath… okay, if you didn’t know Stagliano had a positive HIV status, you must live in a cave. AND even if you didn’t know, aren’t we checking each other’s tests before we shoot a scene? I believe Mr Stagliano’s test would say he’s positive, right? AT the time you saw the positive, that might be a good time to back out of the scene. Or if Stagliano didn’t have a test, you wouldn’t shoot with him, right? Or you knew he was positive and shot with him anyway, right? Am I missing a possibility here?

From TMZ
A popular porn star who appeared in the movie “Buttman’s Stretch Class #4” is suing the male lead (Buttman) … claiming he failed to disclose that he was HIV positive before they shot sex scenes.

The woman behind the lawsuit is Katie Summers — real name ******** — who claims she was paid to appear in the film back in 2009 … and the role involved sexual interaction with John Stagliano (aka Buttman).

In Katie’s lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, the porn star claims Stagliano had known he was HIV positive since 1997 … but failed to disclose that information before they shot their sex scenes for the movie.

FYI — Stagliano has been open about his condition for years.

Still, Katie claims she didn’t find out about Stagliano’s condition until 2012 … 3 years after they shot the movie.

In her suit, Summers does not say if she is HIV positive.

Summers is suing for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and sexual battery. She’s also suing John’s production company — Evil Angel Productions — which produced the flick.

Summers is suing for unspecified damages — and wants a judge to hit Evil Angel with an injunction forbidding the company from continuing to produce movies with Stagliano unless it discloses his condition to others.


WAr Machine is BACK, but not for Porn!

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LOS ANGELES, CA ) — MMA fighter War Machine is a skilled warrior who brings plenty of weapons into the ring. When he heads into his bout Wednesday June 19th for the Bellator MMA Championship Tournament, he will be bringing a little extra support. War Machine has a new sponsor for this fight, one of adult_entertainment’s fastest rising brands, PUBA.

NL- War Machine had his share of problems and some fights OUTside the ring where he hurt people he shouldn’t have. He also spent some time in prison. I am hoping that this is a new start for him.

PUBA’s sponsorship is their first for an MMA event. However, War Machine is not unfamiliar with or to the adult entertainment world. In addition to being one of the most feared fighters in the world of mixed martial arts, War Machine has also performed in adult films. Though he has given up carnal coupling for an even more intense brand of physicality, War Machine has not forgotten the fun he had working for Puba in his former profession.
“I am very happy and excited that PUBA has chosen to sponsor me for this fight,” he says. “I think we fit well together.  When I was in the adult industry they were my favorite company to shoot for. They always had the hottest  chicks on their sites. I hope all of my fans will use PUBA for all their_XXX_needs, I promise you won’t be disappointed!”
War Machine takes his 12-4 record into the ring against Blas Avena (8-6) for the Welterweight Feature Fight on the card Wednesday night, June 19th. Live from the Winstar World Casino  in Thackerville, Oklahoma, the card and War Machine’s bout will be televised on Spike TV.  It will be his first fight since November of 2011.
Though a natural fit given his past_XXX_performances, the sponsorship by PUBA is new territory for an MMA event.
“It is a natural fit for us,” says PUBA’s co-owner Ben. “MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. The fans who love the intense action offered by MMA are the same people who dig what we are doing with our adult entertainment. We are MMA fans so it just seemed to be a perfect match for us. We know that War Machine will put on a great show and make us proud.”
Hailing from Simi Valley, California, War Machine has already picked up twelve MMA wins, seven by knock out with five submissions. In between bouts he has appeared in a dozen adult scenes including “Pretty Dirty (II)” for PUBA’s Pornstar Empire line.
PUBA’s in-house director Ivan has seem War Machine’s work in the ring and on camera and is impressed. “War Machine always brought great energy to his scenes,” says Ivan. ” He fights with the same take-charge aggressiveness. We know he is going to have continued success.”
Tune in Wednesday June 19th to see War Machine do battle in the Bellator MMA Championship Tournament on Spike TV. 
For all things Puba, visit
All media requests for interviews, appearances and all things Puba should be directed to Roger Pipe:

Claudia-Marie Exclusive Interview

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By Scooter McBooter
There are few performers in the adult world that put as much into their performances as Claudia-Marie.
The incredibly buxom blond – the owner of magnificant 50J breasts – is certainly a giver when the camera rolls. Claudia-Marie, who turns 39 in August, rocks everyone’s world with her fun-loving nature, charming antics, and outrageous sex appeal. She freely admits playing up the ‘ditzy blond’ persona and gets deep into every scene which run the gamult from interracial, girl-girl, threesomes, anal, and much more.
She’s also a terrific singer with her band, and uses her ample assets to attract an ever-growing audience.
A frequent nominee of AVN and XBiz Awards, Claudia-Marie too some time out of her busy schedule and jumped on the phone from her home in Las Vegas.

SM: How close is your on-screen character to you in real life?
CM: It’s pretty close to who I am. Claudia Marie is my real name. I was 33 years old when I started and I was told to look for a performer name, but I just wasn’t a Sugar or a Candy. I was getting started later in life and I wasn’t about to try and find a name so I just made sure no one else was using it. I’m just being who I am, sometimes a little exaggerated but when you see me on camera that’s really who I am. I do have a guillable personality and I do have a self-depreciating sense of humor.
SM: You live and shoot primarily in Las Vegas. Is that better for you rather than being in Los Angeles?
CM: It’s really what works best for me. I could shoot more with guys in LA but something about doesn’t feel right for me. I shoot with a lot of amateur talent and they’re so excited to be with me. That’s the fantasy that people have been watching since Day 1 with me and they like it. And the guys I’m with are putting everything they can into it.
SM: Why do you like using amateurs rather than the professional male talent?
CM: The guys in LA, the pros, they’re doing it for a living. Using the same people all the time it’s like you’re watching the same movie all the time. It’s their job and they get excited but it’s nothing like the ‘Oh my God’ I get with my guys. It comes across so much better. They’re just everyday Joes. They’re guys who think they’d never get a chance to be with me but they can.
SM: And your guys are not just amateurs, but truly your fans, correct?
CM: They are! If you’re member of my site, you can shoot a movie with me. It’s not a draw or a contest. If you’re a member you can do a movie. I use guys of every nationality, age, weight. You provide recent (blood) tests, we do the paperwork so it’s all legal, we get a room and go.
SM: What’s a scene like with you?
CM: There’s no script and I really strive to have few limitations. We try to get as many positions as possible and if there’s certain things the guy likes I try to cater to that. Obviously I get mostly boobs-and-ass guys, and then it’s just me and Robbie do the shooting. It’s really laid back. It’s not like there’s a set where you’re there for six or seven hours and you actually film for 30 minutes. We’re relaxed. It’s a very chill set-up and very comfortable. A few times the guy gets a little scared and can’t perform right away, but usually we get great scenes.
SM: And you’ve probably had some crazy sex off-camera as well?
CM: My best little story came a few years ago back in South Carolina. I’m a big Clemson fan and I was singing at a bar called The Pond in Anderson, South Carolina. It was the night before a game and the quarterback for the football team came in and we got to drinking and having fun. Well we ended up going back to my room and fucking all night. He didn’t leave till early in the morning hung over and well fucked but he went out and won the game that day. I’ll do whatever I need to for my team!
SM: How often do you perform with your band?
CM: Once or twice a month at a place called Whisky Dick’s by the Air Force base. It’s a chance to relax and get away from the porn business. It’s mostly classic rock.
SM: Does being a recognizable porn star help draw in a crowd to hear you sing?
CM: I use my name and it does help draw more people. And of course carrying these things (tits) around, you can’t get away from drawing attention. I love the attention and I’ve used my name to open some doors.
SM: Is it hard just to get away from people noticing you?
CM: Carrying these around? Even when I’m wearing no makeup and a ballcap I still get people coming up to me. If I’m down on Fremont Street or in a restaurant, someone always comes over. They know my name and tell me I’m their favorite star. There’s a lot of boobs out there but not many people have seen ones like mine in real life. Sometimes it might be nice to go to the grocery store and not get any attention but generally speaking I’m a walking billboard!
SM: What is your driving force for staying in the business?
CM: I like sex. I love the variety with people of all different life experiences. A lot of people never get this kind of opportunity or they’re too nervous to try it because they’ve grown up being restrained or repressed about sex. I got this opportunity and it’s been really good … and it don’t hurt that I get paid to do it! It’s something I’m gonnna do for the rest of my life and I’ve got a real passion for it.
SM: You’ve done so many different things in your sex life, but is there something you haven’t done yet?
CM: I haven’t done a bukkake and I want to do it. It would need to be a good scene but people can be really flaky. A lot of people say they’re going to show up and don’t. But whether it’s on the website or just private I want to do it.
SM: What’s something that you’ve really enjoyed doing on film?
CM: I do enjoy interracial.
SM: Anything you don’t want to do?
CM: I never want to do anything around potty games or anything in BDSM. I don’t mind a slap and a tickle or a finger in my ass or having my hair pulled a bit, but nothing more extreme than that.
SM: Having very prominent tits, do you like a lot of attention on them when you’re having sex?
CM: I like lots of foreplay and I love giving a titjob. Guys love to slap and suck them and I enjoy that. But I tell them ‘Hey, there’s no clit between!’ You can give my tits all the attention you want but that’s not going to get me off although I’ve been closing to having an orgasm from sucking my nipples.
SM: All right then so what does get you wet and cumming?
CM: I love a tongue in my ass and I enjoy anal too. Of course there’s always good vaginal sex, but when anal sex is done properly, I can have an orgasm that leaves me crying out. Some guys though are not too sure how to do it properly. They’re too rough or go too fast, but when it’s properly done it’s very enjoyable.
SM: Who are some of your favorite ladies in the business?
CM: Persia Monir and I are like kindred spirits. She’s a little more out there than me but we’ve gotten into all kinds of trouble together. She’s a little firecracker. Kayla Kleevage is my best friend. We shot many times together and we go out together. I can be a bad girl when I’m by myself but when we’re together, oh my god! Rebecca Lane is a good friend of mine, and so is Julia Sands. Allura Jensen, she scares me a little bit. She sounds so sweet but then she’ll go all dominatrixy on me. I’ve found they most genuine and best people aren’t in the porn bubble around Hollywood.
SM: How can your fans get in touch and see more of you?
CM: I’m on Facebook – make sure you go to ‘therealclaudiamarie.’ I’m on Twitter @claudia_marie and you can check out my website And my band’s website is

A NEW Case of HIV? Or just a NEW TEST?

Comments (3)

Since the report that the HIV+ individual was working on a condom only set, chances are about 90% that it was a gay male filming company. The rumors around support my conjecture. Now here’s the problem no one is thinking of…

It is a well known “secret” that some gay performers have HIV and continue to work. They use condoms too. They stay working because the gay industry doesn’t follow a monthly testing regimen like the straight side does.

So what if a performer that is HIV+, has been for years, and continues to work and all of a sudden gets tested? It just looks like another PORN PERFORMER got infected in the industry, when that’s probably not what happened.

Why would thing happen? Just a theory on my part, but doesn’t it make sense to you that some big anti-porn pro condom “charity” with lots of money could start having HIV+ individuals come forward with a new positive test to make the whole industry look bad? And then spin the whole incident and start their new marketing campaign HIV didn’t spread because of CONDOMS!

Just a thought.

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