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Courtney Stodden Sex Tape

Policy Clarification

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Apparently I need to clarify my earlier statements about this site being cleaned up.  Any trash talk, negative comments, insults, etc. will be ignored, deleted, moderated.  I’m sorry if you don’t like this new policy but for now it stands.

There has been enough negativity and hate mongering going on at this site for awhile now.  You guys have had your fun, but really all of that served no purpose.  All it did was hurt the overall value of this site.

As I said before, there are thousands of people each and every day who visit this site and only about 10 of you who are problems.  I’m sorry if you aren’t happy with this new policy but again this isn’t a democracy, it isn’t up for a vote.  If you want to start your own site where trash talk is permitted, feel free to do so.

Your negativity, threats and harassment won’t be tolerated.

That I even have to make this post proves my point about there being a problem.

But again so we are clear on this subject, your negativity, threats and harassment won’t be tolerated.

This is a site dedicated to news and information about the adult industry, not about calling each other names and insulting people.  So that is all I will say on this subject.  You make jack ass comments, I will delete them.

My Life in Review- Porn 101- Part 1

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by C. Loftus

I’ve been around the adult industry for more than twenty years now.

I can’t believe it’s been that long. But I was a kid, a newbie, an X-rated virgin when it all began. A long time ago…

I wrote a review on Madonna’s SEX book for the first issue of Xcitement. The book was weird, and metal and expensive (50 bucks!) and the review I wrote was odd, and sexy and interesting and the book was numbered. If I still had it, probably worth a fortune. The year was 1992.

 My first Xcitement cover interview was with Windy Leigh. (I’m not sure that’s how you spell it) and what I remember about our interview is that I was so excited to talk to her, and she was so boring. Bored to talk to me, bored to answer my questions, and she did not care at all about our interview. She told me at one point to "make it up", when I asked about her exciting sex life.

She mentioned a friend she had, and said, go ahead and say she tied me up and we had sex together, she won’t care. Of course that wasn’t a true story.  and I was surprised, and naive. I thought if someone told me a story it was true. Why would they bother to make it up?

Like I said, naive. It wasn’t my middle name, it was my first name back then….

I feel bad that I don’t now remember every interview I’ve done, because they all were important to me. I spent time doing research on the person, writing my questions and having butterflies before dialing the phone number, every time. But the day and time in my life made a difference in my memory.

If my kid was sick, if my friend was mad at me, if  I was having money troubles, all of this colored my perspective. But don’t get me wrong, I always loved writing and questioning and interviewing.  It made me happy and intrigued. It kept me interested. I thought about it when I went to sleep at night and when I woke up in the morning, okay afternoon. lol

I’m nosey, I’m curious, I’m a busy body. I want to ask you questions. I can’t help myself!

My chats with the stars….. the story will continue…..



Johnny Castle’s FanGurl has Something to Rant About!

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NL- It’s really nice to hear opinions from a female fan! Here’s a blurb from her blog. You can read more here


NL- The slides that JC fan references are basically just an image that shows the name of the scene and female stars name imbedded and no mention of the male talent, like  this-

This is gonna be a doozy of a rant, y’all. Consider yourself warned.

What you see above are the title slides from 7 scenes on a brand new site, from a company that hires JC all the time. And when I say “all the time,” I MEAN … ALL. THE. TIME. I like to reference how JC is the star of over 180 scenes and THE MOST PROLIFIC PERFORMER on Naughty America’s network. Well, he’s done so much work for THIS company over the years, I’m guessing the # surpasses his NA record. On this brand new site that just debuted, JC stars in 7 of 16 scenes currently featured. That is basically HALF of the content currently on the site. And if I was Danny Mountain, who seems to star in the other half, I would be PISSED too.
One would think that if a company relies THAT HEAVILY on a performer, said company would give credit where credit is due. I mean, putting JC’s name on a title slide? Where is the difficulty in that? WHY is it SUCH A CHORE for companies to put male performers’ names on DVD covers or title slides in movies/scenes?
If y’all only KNEW how much correspondence I receive that says:
I had to work so long to find out what Johnny Castle’s name was after I saw him!
And I can relate! I discovered my first Massage Creep scene in November/December of 2010 and didn’t find out what his name was til January/February of 2011. And that’s cuz I’m crazy and kept on Googling and SEARCHING THIS DUDE OUT because something about him resonated with me.
Imagine all the CASUAL FANS who don’t put in that work. COMPANIES ARE LOSING MONEY BY NOT CREDITING MALE PERFORMERS. If I wasn’t a mental case and saw a hot guy in a scene and thought, “Hmm, I’d like to see more of him. What’s his name?” but couldn’t find it immediately? I’d shrug and be like OH WELL, and forget about it. But if his name was READILY AVAILABLE on the site and I could CLICK ON IT, like you can for the female performers and I saw a whole bunch more content .. well, I might be reaching for my credit card then! THIS is where Naughty America and Brazzers get PROPS because I can go to their sites and JC (and his peers) each have a page of their own, regardless of whether they have 1 scene, 19 scenes or 42 scenes.
THIS company, however, that HIRES JC ALL THE TIME … they don’t seem to see any reason to a) GIVE CREDIT TO THE MEN THEY HIRE and b) MAKE IT EASY FOR FANS OF THE MALE TALENT TO FIND MORE OF THEM.
Another kicker? This company shifted its style a while ago, moving towards the “glamcore” and “pretty porn” style, where everything is white and brightly lit, meaning you need GOOD LOOKING DUDES cuz who wants to watch an unfit, not-so-handsome DUDE banging a chick IN HD? In these scenes, there’s no dialogue, JC isn’t allowed to talk, there isn’t even that much sex noise PERIOD. It’s a style I’m not really THAT into when it comes to SCENES (but for stills? It’s great). I gotta be in a MOOD to watch this “pretty porn” stuff.
KEEPIN IT 100? This style of porn IS NOT BEING SHOT FOR MEN! I have SEEN MALE FANS COMPLAIN ABOUT IT! In doing what I do, I go to websites, message boards, and social media networks EVERY DAY and I get to see what “the average porn fan” thinks about a VARIETY of different performers and scenes. Male fans? Get BORED with this “pretty porn” REAL quick. From the comments I see, they want hard fucking, they want her being more roughly handled, they want more noise, etc. This begs the question, then, WHO IS THIS PRETTY PORN BEING SHOT FOR?
*light bulb* Let’s go ahead and pretend that it is being shot for US FEMALES, woo hoo! If you are trying to shoot porn that appeals to the FEMALE SENSIBILITY, why in the BLUE HELL are you NOT going to credit the MEN in the scene or make it easier for us female consumers t identify WHO HE IS?? I mean … there is literally ZERO LOGIC there!
And it’s funny cuz I point OUT to you guys when a trailer or preview stills FOCUS on JC, and they have sometimes! So if someone has the mind to do a sweeping shot up JC’s body or feature JC rolling his eyes back while he’s getting head or to take a photo where HIS BODY is on display … how can these same people NOT HAVE A MIND TO PROPERLY MARKET WHAT THEY ARE SHOOTING?? It’s baffling. Truly.
JC and his peers WORK HARD at keeping themselves in shape and healthy to LOOK GOOD to their co-stars AND on camera. JC and his peers WORK HARD when they get in front of the camera to produce the best scene possible. SO WHY CAN’T JC AND HIS PEERS GET A GOD DAMN NAME CHECK FOR THE WORK THAT THEY DO? THE WORK THAT THESE COMPANIES REPEATEDLY HIRE THESE MEN TO DO?
EVERYONE in porn says being a male porn star is A HUGELY DIFFICULT TASK, yet THE MAJORITY OF THE INDUSTRY FAILS TO GIVE ATTENTION OR CREDIT to the FEW MEN who have been able to consistently get it up, keep it hard and LOOK GOD DAMN GREAT DOING IT!
Kurt Lockwood said it best when he said that there are NOT many men who can DO the job, but the ones who can? Stay around for a long time! That says A LOT about the caliber of performer these male talents are that we see ALL THE TIME on VARIOUS SITES, so what gives?

WITHOUT TALENTED MALE PERFORMERS, all porn would be is G/G action and solo stuff. Since that is NOT what porn IS, MALE PERFORMERS ARE ESSENTIAL. And they aren’t just essential, the ones who take care of themselves and know what they are doing are A JOY TO WATCH and HELP GET A LOT OF US OFF ON THEIR OWN!
So WHAT IS IT about the adult industry that they REFUSE to give proper recognition IN THE FORM OF A NAME CHECK? WHY is it SUCH a drawback to put a title slide on a scene that says “Featuring *insert beautiful lady’s name here* and JOHNNY CASTLE?” WHY is that SO MUCH TO ASK?
And WHY IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK from companies that are obviously RELYING ON JC? He would NOT get booked as much as he does by the companies he does if he wasn’t amazing at his work. THAT IS THE FCKING TRUTH. These companies KNOW he’s going to show up, he’s going to look SICK’NING, and he is going to do a great scene!
His co-stars REQUEST HIM because they LOVE TO FCK HIM and because they ENJOY being around him! If a female talent is comfortable and turned on? THE SCENE IS GOING TO ROCK! From the various feedback I’ve gotten from his co-stars – much of which I have shared on this blog – THEY LOVE WORKING WITH HIM AND THE PRODUCT REFLECTS THAT! Girls don’t HAVE to say he made them “cum more than 10 times” or that “he was the first to make me squirt” or “there’s so much more to him than just porn, he’s a sweetheart, I wanna work with him again.” They don’t HAVE to say those things, but the fact that they do MEANS SOMETHING, and the quality of scenes JC stars in speak for themselves.
SO if you KNOW he’s an excellent employee, why would you not wanna tell the world about him? WHY would you not AT THE VERY LEAST GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR THE AMAZING WORK HE HAS DONE FOR YOU?
Johnny Castle makes your porn great, period. I would NOT be buying memberships to YOUR sites or buying YOUR DVDs if not for Johnny Castle, ok? And you wanna act like I am 1 in a million, BUT I AM NOT! My fellow JC fans are out here. My fellow MALE TALENT FANS are out here! You just don’t wanna believe it and it’s TO YOUR DETRIMENT.
DO NOT try and tell me that “a paycheck” is credit OR respect, because it’s not. JC and his peers show up to do a job, they do the job, they get paid. That is how the system works. But in terms of BUSINESS SENSE? It makes NONE to not credit these men who are working so hard to make your product look good.
And while I know that the adult industry is like the rest of the world and respect is difficult to come by? Companies should RESPECT the employees who SHOW UP, DO THE JOB, and DO IT WELL. So well that you want to keep that employee on your roster.
A name check, folks. Credit, for a job WELL done. THIS is what we want. This is what we’ve WANTED, for a long time.
Tell us what the FCK we have to do to get it going. I’m proud of the baby steps I’ve seen in my 2 years. When I first got on Twitter, NOBODY promoted the guys in scenes. Nobody gave a DAMN. Now? I see companies name check the dudes, post pics of the dudes (rarely, but it happens), GIVE CREDIT when the dudes step up and hit it out of the park.
But tweets aren’t enough. Something HAS TO CHANGE in the overall bigger picture: on the websites, on the DVDs, and in general. The male performers who put in the work deserve the credit and respect, and us fans who are here putting our money down to support THESE MALE PERFORMERS deserve to be recognized as consumers.
I just am at a fcking LOSS at this point as to what else to do to try and faciliate the change. I buy memberships, I leave NOVELS for comments on scenes so they know I am watching for JC and THAT is where my attention is, I rate things, I am sure to tweet about my favorite talent … WHAT ELSE can be done to wake the industry up to this HUGE lack of respect, for both talent that works hard and an audience that is EAGER to support said talent?
I REALLY APPRECIATE JC and his peers. THEY are why I watch porn and my belief in JC as a performer is why I’m here. And you know what? Through the power of social media and networking? I have discovered, I AM NOT ALONE IN BEING A FEMALE PORN FAN and I AM NOT ALONE IN BEING A FAN WHO SUPPORTS MALE TALENT. It has been an amazing gift & blessing to discover other, like minded, fellow fans who enjoy adult entertainment for the same reason I do – MALE TALENT – and who also FEEL MY SAME FRUSTRATION with the lack of credit given to said male talent.
If you think you have any ideas/thoughts to share about this problem in the adult industry, PLEASE feel free to email me and share. I know I am not the only one who feels the way I do, and it is ONLY AS A COMMUNITY that we can make our voices heard and have ANY hope of bringing about a change for the better. I’m not sure how many characters Tumblr gives you, but do you have any ideas about how we can try to get male talent their due?

The Long Lost Luke Ford Archives

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I will be working on restoring the massive amount of long lost Luke Ford archives and essays that cover an insane amount of material about every subject matter you can think of.  It will take a day or two to get everything back up and even a few more after that to clean up the old dead ads but I did want to let you guys know it is in the works and should be live soon.


On a bad note, the old archives won’t be within the same blog system as the current site and as such that means they won’t be searchable.  Sorry.  Maybe one day when we have more time we’ll work on changing that.

Time for a Change ….

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Hello everyone.  My name is Kelli Roberts.  Some of you may know me, some of you may not.  I won’t bore you with a long resume.  I’ll just say that I’m an industry veteran, having been in the business since August of 1996.  I’m here to help my friend clean up her site, fix a lot of little technical issues here and there and well … take out some of the trash.  I know most people won’t really notice any changes to the site but some of you, a vocal majority will.   I’m sorry but for those few who have been causing problems for awhile now, will need to find somewhere else to go play.  There are thousands of people each and every day who visit this website.  Less than 10 of those people, are those that I am speaking to.

The days of pointless ramblings and rantings via the comment system are gone.  Hate on me all you want, it won’t matter.  It’s just how things are going to be.  This site isn’t a democracy so there is no voting.  The decision has been made, this site is to be cleaned up and that is that.  If your comment isn’t specifically relevant and appropriate towards the post in hand then it will be deleted.  Period.   Don’t care who you are or what you think of this new policy.  I’m here to do a job and well … that just means a few of you are going to have to hate on me for that.  I’m good with that.
 For the mass majority of the visitors, I welcome you to the new days of this site.  A time when you can come and read industry relevant news without having to wade through the sludge.  Really you won’t see many changes.  Most of them are being done on the back end.   But I do hope you enjoy the peace and quiet. :-)

So to clarify, the site will remain live and continue to grow and become better than ever.  You can expect to see some great new stories and fun new features in the near future.  If you would like to contribute to the site with news stories or photo galleries specific to our industry please click the contact us link at the top of this site and let Cindi know what you have in mind.



 Cindi- So glad you are here Kelli, you just took the huge weight that’s been on my shoulders and made it a LOT lighter.

More XRCO Pics…

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Amber Lynn


XRCO Pictures

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beautiful photos by Glenn Francis

thank you Howard & Abe

Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrerra

Christie Stevens


Nikki Chase

Vicky Vixen

Tanya Tate  OMG Tanya looks amazing!

Kendall Karson

Mellanie Monroe

Miles Long and Nikki Phoenix

Lea Lexus

Ana Foxx

Brad Armstrong

jessica drake

Misty Stone

Tessa Lane

Lucky Starr

Nina Hartley

Julia Ann

XRCO Winners

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NL- I am a member of XRCO, but I didn’t vote this year. I didn’t feel that I watched enough movies to be able to do it fairly. But the guys did an excellent job with their awards. I woulda picked many of these myself~ Like Star Wars & Jaws 3D

XRCO congratulates to all of the nominees and especially the winners.

BEST RELEASE — Wasteland, Elegant Angel Productions WINNER

BEST EPIC — Voracious: The First Season, John Stagliano/Evil Angel WINNER

BEST PARODY (Comedy) — Star Wars XXX: A Porn_Parody, Axel Braun/Vivid WINNER

BEST PARODY (Drama) TIE — Dallas XXX: A Parody, Adam & Eve Pictures WINNER
& Diary of Love, Smash Pictures WINNER

BEST PARODY (Comic Book) — Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, VividXXXSuperheroes WINNER

BEST 3D RELEASE — This Ain’t Jaws XXX 3D, Hustler/Adam & Eve WINNER

BEST GONZO MOVIE — Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3, Elegant Angel Productions WINNER

BEST GONZO SERIES — Raw, Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel WINNER

BEST GIRL/GIRL SERIES — Women Seeking Women, Girlfriends Films WINNER

BEST POV SERIES — POV Pervert, Mike John Productions/Jules Jordan Video WINNER

BEST ETHNIC SERIES — Mandingo Massacre, Jules Jordan Video WINNER




BEST ACTRESS — Lily Carter, Wasteland, Elegant Angel Productions WINNER

BEST ACTOR — Steven St. Croix, Torn, New Sensations Couples WINNER




NEW STUD — Logan Pierce WINNER











Rodney Moore
Christian Mann
Lisa Ann
Alexandra Silk
Jonathan Morgan
The Fashionistas, John Stagiano/Evil Angel


AHF Bill on it’s Way…

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NL- How much money did AHF and its croonies give to this congressman’s election fund? Just askin’

AHF: California’s Condoms in porn bill (AB 332) clears Assembly Labor Committee with 5-0 vote
California Assembly Bill 332, Rep. Isadore Hall’s bill to require condoms in all adult films made in California, cleared the Committee on Labor and Employment in the California Assembly in a bipartisan 5 to 0 vote earlier today and now moves on to the Assembly Appropriations Committee
Assembly Bill 332, a bill introduced by California Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III (D-Los Angeles, 64th Assembly District) which requires condom use in all adult films produced in California, cleared its first hearing before the California Assembly this week with a 5-0 passing vote from the Committe on Labor and Employment
California Assembly Bill 332, a landmark bill to require condoms in all adult films made in California, cleared the state Assembly’s Committee on Labor and Employment earlier today in a bipartisan five (5) to zero (0) vote (with Republican Assemblymember Jeff Gorell from the 44th Assembly District in Ventura joining four Democrats voting in favor of the bill). Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III (D-Los Angeles) from California’s 64th Assembly District, authored the bill, which he introduced in mid-February. AB 332 now moves on for hearing in the legislature’s Appropriations Committee. On April 9th, the bill cleared its first legislative committee, the Assembly’s Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media Committee, in a five to one vote.
Last year, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the sponsor of Hall’s legislation, successfully spearheaded Ballot Measure B, the ‘County of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act,’—more informally known as the ‘condoms in porn’ measure, which Los Angeles County voters approved by a 57% to 43% margin in the November 2012 election.  Measure B requires producers of adult films to obtain a public health permit from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and pay a permit fee sufficient for necessary enforcement and follow all health and safety laws, including condom use by performers. AB 332 will expand upon the workplace protections now required in Los Angeles County to protect all adult film actors throughout the state of California.

"This is common sense. This is good public policy. And it protects California workers simply trying to do their jobs."

                 Whitney Engeran-Cordova, AHF Senior Director of Public Health
“To date, the industry has not been able to persuade anyone but themselves that the industry should be able to profit on their performers’ work without providing basic protection,” said Whitney Engeran-Cordova, Senior Director of Public Health for AHF. “We thank the Labor Committee for its swift and favorable action on this bill today. AB 332 does what only this legislature can do: give clear direction to CalOSHA to settle definitions surrounding worker safety measures on adult film set workplaces throughout California. This is common sense.  This is good public policy. And it protects California workers simply trying to do their jobs.” 
“In November, Los Angles voters overwhelmingly passed a similar County measure requiring condoms and other safety measures on adult film sets throughout Los Angeles County, said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “AB 332 will now expand and broaden worker protections for all California’s adult film workers on a statewide basis.  We are grateful that Representative Hall has shown the courage—and the vision—to recognize that workers in the adult film industry are entitled to the same safeguards and worker protections that any employee in California is, and we will do what ever we can to help pass this legislation.”
Hall’s legislation will provide statewide uniformity needed to ensure that the thousands of actors employed in this multi-billion dollar industry are given reasonable workplace safety protections needed to reduce exposure to HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

More Raylene

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NL-I know you love Raylene, so here’s a few sexy pics of her from the movie-

Devil’s Films “The Seduction of Raylene: An All Girl Gang Bang Fantasy” is directed by Jim Powers and co-stars Presley Dawson, Veronica Radke, Melody Jordan, Cici Rhodes and Shae Snow. It streets on June 17.

LOVE the shoes!

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