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Monica Foster’s Book

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NL- Monica Foster emailed me and told me to tell my staff to stop talking about her, she doesn’t comment on my blog. I didn’t have a staff, but I’ll pass on the message. Stop talking about Monica!  ( the "Bill" commenter doesn’t seem to be her by the way) Made we wonder what Monica  has been up to lately. Didn’t come across much except her book on Amazon which must be an interesting read.

Here’s the blurb she wrote that appears there, and also the comments from two buyers…

About the Author

Monica Foster is best known as an online personality and adult actress / pornstar – however she’s also one of the most innovative adult and mainstream independent African-American entertainers as of current. Monica is rapidly becoming a well known author, blogger, artist and online content developer along with gaining much notoriety as an online host on her popular webcast "Monica At Home". Monica Foster cultivated both a technological and artistic background from an early age, and through an unusual chain of events found her way into the adult entertainment industry of which she spent a brief time, and now makes a point in sharing her experiences, thoughts and views with others who may find their lives taking similar channels. Monica Foster as of current is developing projects both within adult and mainstream entertainment and hopes to continue to share her life’s journeys, with those who are interested and shed light onto the often concealed truths of our society and world.

3.0 out of 5 stars Overpriced! June 20, 2012
By JaysMom28
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Can’t believe I paid almost $17 bucks for this "book", more like a long pamphlet if you ask me. Informative I guess, a short and fast read…took me 20 minutes…if that…85 pages total (11 of which are blank numbered pages)…Save your money, follow porn stars on Twitter and ask them questions…

5.0 out of 5 stars Monica Foster is the purveyor of truth in the porno industry December 29, 2010
By B. E. Nelson
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
After viewing her weekly video blogs on Blogtv, reading her blogs on MySpace, or visiting her website that bears the same title as her book, I have come to admire this brave young lady. She is single-handedly removing the black veil of lies and deceatful tactics that have plagued the male-dominated porno industry for years.
This handbook is written in a simple and easy-to-follow style, yet chuck full of useful information for the woman who is thinking about starting a career in porn, and for the women who are already making a living in the industry. Monica spells out the pit-falls to watch out for and how to survive in a profession that has been known to chew-up and spit out it’s female stars. This handbook is an excellent first read for anyone with even the slightest interest in working in the Adult industry, and I understand her follow-up books will pickup where this one left off and reveal more.

NL- Wasn’t she trying to get people NOT to go into porn because of how horrible it is? I’m confused

Dave Cummings Final Column

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BY: Dave Cummings—-Hall of Fame Porn
December, 2012
It’s happened. There’s so little porn production these past couple of years
that material for this monthly column has ebbed terribly. IMO, piracy is to
blame. Rather than fight it any longer, this tired 72 year old porn star is
making this the last “From The Trenches”. Herewith, It’s happening with this
final column.

I basically shut down Dave Cummings Productions a few years ago when it
became evident to me that the pirates and down-loaders made it seemingly
impossible to continue. I’ve tried to keep positive, but it’s now time for
this column to wave the white flag, and for me to concentrate on performing
for other companies whenever a booking comes along; sex will still be
occasionally available to me via San Diego’s swinging community and  groupie
coeds, and the hope that the rest of the porn world can keep surviving so I
might have some future booking/performing opportunities. Piracy has taken a
heavy toll on many companies and personnel. It’s happened.

Yes, my writing is terrible, but there have been times when I’ve felt like
the column was still of some value to groups of readers, especially the porn
fans in Texas who frequently told me that they liked the column. But, “From
The Trenches” is dying from the pirates and other obstacles that the porn
world is now faced with. It’s happened.
I’ll keep up with porn news and happenings, and will comment from
time-to-time via Internet boards and other outlets.  But, herewith, the
demise of “From The Trenches” has now happened. Thanks for reading past

As you might have noticed in the past, I frequently quote other columns. One
of my favorites has been, and remains, “Sexual Intelligence”, written by Dr
Marty Klein, Ph.D.  Found at, the many top-notch
articles in each month’s issue have topics that are so on target that I
recommend you sign up for his newsletter.

To give this month’s “From The Trenches” validity, below is one of the many
 fine reports in Marty’s most recent posting “Reprinted from Sexual
Intelligence,copyright C Marty Klein, Ph.D. (”;

“Porn Industry Fights For Your Rights
Back to top
Even if you don’t watch porn-even if you think porn should be illegal-you
still get the benefits of the porn industry’s fight to safeguard your
freedoms as an American. And this goes way beyond your right to watch porn,
to areas of privacy, capricious taxation, and elsewhere.
Here’s the latest.
Say you produce adult porn films for a living (go with me on this). You, the
government, and society all agree that only adults should act in such films.
And in fact, the adult film industry has an amazing record of accidentally
employing almost no underage actors/actresses girls in the last 30 years-a
far better record than the number of oil spills, crashes, or explosions in
any other industry.
So it’s illegal for underage people to act in adult films. No problem. The
government goes a step further, and requires age documentation of every
participant in adult films. You must prove you’re an adult. No problem.
One day you decide to make a film featuring only 50-year-olds. All
participants must prove they’re adults, and they do. But the government has
this law (called “2257″) about record-keeping, unique to the adult film
industry. They can come into your office unannounced, with no warrant or
even probable cause, asking for the IDs of the 50-year-olds in the film; if
you don’t have them handy right there, you can be prosecuted and sent to
jail. You can go to jail not because you have underage actors in your film,
but because you can’t prove that three 50-year-olds are over 18.
This law isn’t keeping underage talent out of films-because they haven’t
been in commercial films to begin with. It’s simple harassment of a legal
industry, which no other industry has to suffer. It’s an unconstitutional
invasion of privacy-government agents coming into your premises unannounced
not because they have a reasonable cause, but because the law allows them.
So here’s the big news-the porn industry has challenged this law, the
government asked the case to be dismissed, and a federal judge refused.
In this case, the porn industry is protecting all Americans’ rights-to be,
as the Fourth Amendment says, “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”
Here are just three other ways (there are many others) the porn industry
protects your rights, whether you watch porn or not:
.    Fighting arbitrary zoning: Cities and counties around the country
try to prevent adult bookstores from opening by inventing discriminatory
zoning rules-which are also used to prevent swing clubs, education centers,
and religious centers from opening.
.    Fighting taxes based on content: Several states now tax strip clubs
more than other forms of live entertainment. If they can do this, they can
levy extra taxes on any form of communication they want to discourage (such
as violent video games or religious newspapers).
.    Fighting government agencies advancing a moral agenda: Even though
there is no HIV problem in the adult film industry (you’re safer sleeping
with a porn actress/actor than a stranger you meet in a bar), Los Angeles
County plans to require condoms and dental dams on all porn shoots. If they
can do this, they can supervise any legal activity of which they disapprove,
such as fashion shows, church bake sales, and campus protests.
So whether you watch porn or not, whether you think porn is evil or not-this
holiday season, give thanks that, in addition to making films, porn
producers are protecting your rights.”

See, Marty Klein is one sharp, professional, and in-tune gentleman!

Take care everyone; and, Happy Holidays

Dave Cummings. /

Jeremy’s thoughts on Sandy Hook Shooting- Conspiracy!

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NL- No, it has nothing to do with porn, but it is an interesting theory.

Happy Holidays from some Hot Girls

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Happy Holidays from some Hot Girls

The Rick’s Cabaret Girls have been wearing Christmas colors and spreading holiday cheer all through December at the legendary Rick’s Cabaret gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan.
"Every year we collect toys to give to the Marine’s ‘Toys for Tots’ campaign," said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alondra. "Our goal this year was to get 1,000 toys and we already passed it!"
"Of course we had lots of help," she added. "I was having dinner at the club’s steakhouse with some Wall Street guys when a bunch of players from the NY Knicks and Giants stopped by with bags full of toys. Then a few nights later the Wall Street guys tried to outdo them by coming back with even more toys!"

The Rick’s Cabaret Girls also donated boxes full of winter outerwear to a New York City "Coat Drive" for those in need.

Happy Holidays!

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What special things are you doing today? I will be gone traveling for a few days to see family and will update when I can.

Have a wonderful holiday and Stay safe! No drinking and driving!

Mo Reese- Candidate for FSC Board

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Chatsworth, CA (December 24, 2012) – It is with great excitement and honor that Mo Reese announces his candidacy for the 2012 Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Board of Directors election. Mo, who is a producer, photographer, and performer, hopes to bring a more “average citizen’s” point of view to the industry’s trade organization.

“I’m really just an average guy. I don’t have fame, I don’t run a big company, and I don’t have a political agenda. But I have built many close personal and business relationships over the years, and I care immensely about the industry in which I work. My experiences relate directly to those of a large proportion of our business – the voice of the adult industry’s general public,” he stated.

Fueled by his love of porn and politics, Mo has already become a prominent and vocal activist for adult industry rights and welfare. Mo’s perspectives regarding long-standing and developing issues will benefit the FSC’s Board of Directors in at least two ways. First, he is closely connected to relatively typical “life and work in porn.” Conversations about issues impacting the community will be strengthened by this sort of familiarity. Second, his involvement will provide FSC with an additional way to connect with members of the industry. Ideally, this will make the organization feel more accessible to the entire community and will foster increased performer awareness.

“I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m committed to helping make the industry a better place for everyone. Ultimately, I’m running for a seat on the FSC’s Board of Directors to help open channels of communication and promote intra-industry collaboration. This way, we can take on the challenges we all face, together.”
To read Mo’s full FSC Board of Directors Statement of Intent, go to

To learn more about Mo, please visit

Follow Mo on Twitter at @MOXXX (

Email Mo at

FSC members may vote from a field of fourteen candidates to fill nine seats during this month’s election. Only active members who joined FSC by December 17, 2012 may vote. Electronic ballots will be sent by online survey service by December 27, 2012. Mo is one of five first-time candidates.

If you are an active FSC member and DO NOT receive your electronic ballot by December 27, please contact the FSC office at (818) 348-9373 or email
Please make sure you vote! This is an opportunity for active FSC members to choose representation for the adult industry’s business and legal interests for the upcoming year.

About Mo Reese
Mo Reese is an adult content producer and photographer with an extensive and rich professional background. He was born and raised in Oregon state and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1997. He then worked in mainstream commercial photography for eight years before actively making the transition to adult.
Mo has since worked in a variety of production capacities for several noteworthy studios – as a Director, Producer, and General Manager for Madness Pictures; as a Production Manager for Adam & Eve; and as a PA for New Sensations and Wicked Pictures (among many others). Ever invested in the entire creative process, Mo has directed, edited, and performed in several award-nominated POV titles including Latin Mouth Club and Asian Mouth Club 5 and 6. And though his skill set has diversified, Mo’s passion for photography has not fallen by the wayside – he has continued his work with the camera, shooting some of the industry’s top performers and hottest rising stars.
Mo Reese - average guy, not so average job.

My Strange Addiction…

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NL- What I do when I’m overtired and can’t sleep is find the weirdest program on, and watch it. This one was very enlightening. I’m not half as weird as I thought I was, lol.  But it didn’t make me sleepy…

TLC’s My Strange Addiction

Season 1 Episode 8

Davecat is married to his perfect woman, Sidore. The only problem is that Sidore is not a living person, she is a real doll!  Wow,  He has sex with her, buys her clothes and dresses her, watches TV with her, has (one sided) discussions with her. Is basically very happy with his life and his partner. Davecat saw the show’s  psychiatrist and afterward ordered his second real doll. Guess he has decided he was fine, and  he is up for trying a tthreesome.  I wonder if Sidore is into girls? Will she be jealous? Maybe they will do a part two on this one…  I wonder how many REAL DOLL inquires were made when this show first aired?

 Made me think.. Do I have any strange addictions?   But I don’t think I do. The most strange thing about me is my job. Other than that, i’m pretty normal and boring… what about you guys? Strange addictions? Late night viewing habits? What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Reader Tells Me Secrets about Simon & The Luxury Companion

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NL-This is an email received from a reader with insider knowledge. Since we have had a couple of conversations I do believe, that he believes what he is saying is true. BUT it is his opinion and his knowledge, not mine. Other opinions welcome. Would love to have an email from Adonia. & Simon


This is an opinion/editorial from a reader….

I know for a fact and have undisputed proof that

1. Lisa Anna  Escorts and books girls and Males on Private escort Jobs
    I date a fairly well Know Adult Performer. While on a set Lisa Anna Solicited My GF and To my surprise she accepted the Offer to
    Go with Lisa Ann To see a John Off the coast Of Florida. I have her Emails  CC to mail  Box.
B.. Another Occasion Lisa Ann Booked My Girl Friend with two other Girls back to back to see a John in Hawaii. Right after she Feature Danced Back East.
I am Shocked that Lisa Ann does this and goes out in Public with her frustrations about Gracie Glam.
BTW….I work with in Vid Editing and Know Simon The Previous Tech and Web developer once with LA Direct.
Derek Hay Truly does not Own The Luxury Companion.
I even Know why Simon  was fired from Direct Models….
3 or 4 Years ago Simon Asked me to Edit some pics for his client without his Boss knowing about it at the time his boss was La Direct. I saw and worked with Simon on the project briefly.
Simon was paid  $3000 for a site by Simon’s client. While working on the Site TheLuxuryCompanion he constructed the site temporarily hosted on what he told me was His hosting company " later found out that was a lie" it was actually His employers hosting company. I gave the Illustrated front design to be layered on the template. Simon ask me to wait until he got the remainder of the Payment from Adonia to pay me only  think was $100 for the mock up.
I know Simon had access to the admin for a while and was trying to get the E mails from this site CC to him to book a few girls himself without anyone knowing. Simply potential client stealing about 3 months later Adonia caught on to this.. I suspect that’s why TLC had a G mail account for a while because Simon cannot get copies of that mail..  Simon was trying to book a female talent that he had a fake marriage with to get a green card  along with two others. Simon told me Adonia ran an Independent ad and Simon saw it on line and contacted the girl via E mail but it turned out to be Adonia answering the e mails.
Adonia Accused Simon and Derek of profound dishonesty… I am very very certain Derek Hay does not own that site or have any influence over it. So it came out that It was just Simon Acting alone
Simon also secretly constructed the site for
Big Love Talent
101 Modeling
The Luxury Companion
The Sexy Secrete
I think but not sure also…..ATMLA
Simon also did some work for several Independent Escorts
Simon Also has No Green Card at the moment. He actively works for 101 Models for tech support

How To Get Your Comp AVN Ticket

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YNOT – In an effort to more efficiently handle and distribute tickets to adult industry talent for the 2013 AVN Awards, AVN Media has launched an online RSVP system to process requests.

As in previous years, a limited number of complimentary tickets for the 2013 AVN Awards will be available. Priority consideration is given to requests from nominees, active performers and Hall of Fame members. AVN’s new system allows all those who desire comp tickets to submit their requests through an easy-to-use form located here.

The deadline to submit a ticket request for the 2013 AVN Awards is midnight PST Jan. 8. If a ticket request is approved, the submitter will receive a confirmation email. Awards show ticket reservations are not complete until a confirmation is received.

Those whose requests are approved will receive one complimentary ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased by emailing Bonnie LeBlanc.

For talent who miss the RSVP deadline, there will be a signup sheet at the AVN Awards ticket table outside The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where nominees and others may add their names to the request list beginning Wednesday, Jan. 16 and remaining open through 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18. Available tickets will be distributed at noon on Saturday, Jan. 19, on a first-come-first-served basis. These tickets will be standing-room-only unless any assigned seats have gone unclaimed. No tickets will be distributed after this time.

In addition, no tickets will be released on-site to agents or any other representatives under any circumstances. All talent must sign for their tickets in person at the AVN Awards table.

Celebrating its 30th year, the AVN Awards show is the adult industry’s biggest night, and the awards themselves are the industry’s highest honor. With a stylish red carpet pre-show and lavish star-studded ceremony, AVN celebrates outstanding achievements in the world of adult entertainment.

The 2013 gala will begin at 9 p.m. Jan. 19 inside The Joint. A red-carpet arrival ceremony will precede the main event from 6-8 p.m. For more information, visit or email the coordinators.

Manwin’s Fabian Thylmann Has Been Released!

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Translated by Whitey. Thanks love!

Fabian Thylman free.

According to german news site "Welt online". Manwin´s Fabian Thylmann is out of jail.
He has deposited a guarantee in the tens of millions and is on strict reporting requirements.
His permanent residence in Belgium and his close family involvements are also reasons for his release.
Thylman is married and has two kids.

Ulrich Bremer (Spokesman for Cologne´s public attorney´s office) said:

"Prosecutor and court think that the only reason for detention, the implementation of a regular criminal proceeding against the accused can be achieved by these measures as well."

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