Hi Cindi,
I’m a writer who spends exorbitant amounts of time analyzing interesting data sets. I’ve spent the last 6 months studying the profiles of 10,000 adult performers, extracted from IAFD.com. I thought the results might be interesting for the readers of LukeIsBack. 
Here’s a selection of the results:
  • The average female porn star weighs 48 lbs less than the average American woman and the average male weighs 27 lbs less than the average man.
  • The most common cup size for a porn star isn’t double-D, D, or even C – it’s 34B. The most common set of measurements is 34-24-24.
  • Porn stars are more tattooed and pierced than the general population.
  • 87% of female porn stars take a facial at least once in their careers, while 62% do anal, 53% interracial, 39% a double penetration, 31% swallow, 28% do a ‘creampie’, 16% squirt, 10% do a double pussy penetration, and 5% do a double anal penetration.
  • Porn stars have been making their anal debuts sooner over the last 30 years. In the ’80s they waited about two years, now it’s closer to six months.
  • The most common female sex roles for women in porn film titles are: teen, MILF, wife (other people’s), cheerleader, nurse…
  • The most common first name for a female porn star is Nikki. For men it’s David. The most common last name for both genders is the same: Lee.

I’m quite excited to have finished it, because no one’s analyzed IAFD before.

Anyway, hope you find it interesting!

All the best,