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How to be a porn star

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A Quickie with Emy Reyes

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How did you get started in the industry?

Emy: I’ve always wanted to be an adult performer. I worked as an insurance agent in Florida before I got into the industry. I was sexually active, as most my girls my age at that time are “LOL”, and I had watched porn, and when the regular job ended, I thought it was time for a change, a big change, so I went for it. I spent some time looking into who and where I should go to start, and got an agent and the rest is XXX history.

What’s been your most “memorable” scene so far?

Emy: they’ve all been really good, it hard to say which one really stands out. I had a alot of fun working on “Saw: A Hardcore Parody”, and “Not The Cosby’s XXX” and “Not Married with Children XXX”.

What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?

Emy: Gonzo scenes are great, easy to do in and out “LOL”, but parodies and features are fun also. I don’t think of myself as an “actress”, but I would like to be a better actress one day. I’ve also worked on some soft core movies on cable, it was called “Beach Heat”, and I had a chance to act a little in those, so maybe, if I’m given a chance, I’ll do more acting as well on camera. I can do more than roll around naked on camera and have sex.

Do you have a favorite performer or director to work with?

Emy: My favorite performer is Romeo Price, and my favorite director is Chucky Slezzy.

Have you noticed that the “Condom Law” has effected your work, for good or bad?

Emy: I think it has effected a lot of companies. Worked has slowed down, and production seems to be moving out of the L.A. area. I hope this gets worked out, because I don’t want to move out of town, and sometimes it’s difficult to film out of town, because I have a life here. It’s not fair that one person or organization is telling us how to do our work.

Latina women are so sexy. Are you as sexy off camera, as on?

Emy: Of course I am “LOL” Yes, really I am. I love being sexy, and flirting and turning on men. Latina women have that sexuality built into them it seems. We love to love, and it shows doesn’t it?
What do you do in your time off from working?

Emy: Sleep “LOL” really I love to catch up on my sleeping. I work so much every week, so any chance I get to sleep and rest, I’ll take it.

We all love our fans, do you have a favorite “encounter” with a fan?

Emy: Every encounter with a fan is a big deal for me. I love meeting my fans in person. Sometimes they are a little nervous when they come up to you at a store signing or industry event we are signing at, it’s cute. I say “Don’t be nervous sweetie, come up and say Hi, it’s why I’m here”. I love it when they come up and say they watched me in this scene or that scene, and they really enjoyed it, because that means that I’m doing my job, and doing it well.

If you weren’t working in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing?

Emy: I don’t know, probably working in the insurance industry again I guess. I also love animals, so maybe working with dogs and cats.

Have you ever been recognized in public?

Emy: Yes, sometimes it’s a little embarrassing. They don’t know what to say, they know me but maybe they don’t want to admit they have been watching me naked and touching themselves. It’s alright, it’s what I do, and I love that I can turn on so many people, men and women.

Speaking of women, you like doing scenes with women right?

Emy: What do mean like? I LOVE doing scenes with women! Women are so sexy.

What’s you new projects?

Emy: I co host “Inside The Industry” with James Bartholet, on, I’ve been doing that for over a year now, it’s a lot of fun. I am also working on starting my own movie production company, and yes, I am working on my official site, that will be up really soon.

Any advice for a new performer starting out in the industry?

Emy: Just be yourself, and take it slow, you don’t have to do everything at once. Pace yourself.

A Quickie With Gina Mond

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By Scooter McBooter
gina mond72
Life imitates art. Gina Mond is a living example.
The Russian-born actress combines the all-out rawness of hardcore porn with the flair, panache, and occasionally over-the-top outrageousness that art can be. Now living in New York, the 34DD-23-33 performer is certainly not one to be pigeon-holed or typecast. All it takes is a look at her provocative website – – to figure out that Gina is anything but typical. That’s what makes her so compelling.
Though quite shy by nature, Gina took some time out for a chat in between filming and touring.

SM: How much does your artistic background influence your photo shoots and movies?
GM: I like to stay in tune with the fashion and music industries, new movements, ideas, expressions, etc. All my inspirations come from within and the people I interact with. That truly elevates me

solo diamond shade2
SM: You have a wide-ranging assortment of hairstyles in your work. Do you go on a whim to change things, and was there anything behind the idea to go with a completely shaven head?
GM: I like to be a chameleon. Reinventing myself is very attractive and arousing to me. Shaving my head was taking it to the extreme and it turns me on to look at myself as a different person.

SM: Something very unique is your shoot with the devil-type horns on your head. Can you talk about that endeavor as well as the set with the snake?
GM: I’m intrigued by the darker side of sexuality.

SM: What does “darker” mean to you?
GM: It’s more mysterious, more exciting to explore and I love the theatrical aspect of it.

SM: Do you have favorites during sex?
GM: As a producer as well as a model, I aim for the visual aspect of it. If it looks arousing, it is arousing for me.

SM: You seem to enjoy multiple men and gangbangs, any reason why? Do you perform at all with other women?
GM: I do both and enjoy them equally.

SM: What are the attributes you like most in a male talent and in a female talent?

GM: Hygiene, great performance and radiant health. In other words, someone who takes very good care of themselves.

SM: Any reasoning behind your breast and pussy piercings, or just that you wanted them done?

GM: It accents the body.

SM: Are masturbation shoots some of your favorites? I think watching a woman kiss/suck her own breasts is amazing.
GM: I think it’s amazing also.

SM: Tell me about your reality TV link on your website.
GM: I’m strictly vegetarian and like to use my website to promote a healthy and cruelty-free cooking/reality show, featuring me surrounded by my animals cooking amazing vegetarian meals.

Mia Lelani- Interview about SEX!

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Mia_Lelani_clothes 1
Do you have any sexual fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled yet, either on film or in your personal life?
In my personal life I’d love a b/b/g & on camera I’d love a DP and a b/b/b/g

Have you always been a bit of an exhibitionist?
I’ve always been comfortable in my skin.

How often do you masturbate?
I masturbate or fuck at least once every other day.

What is the most sensitive part of your body?
The most sensitive part of my body is the area above my hip bones. I love to be kissed there & for a man to squeeze me tight there when he fucks me.

What turns you on?
A man with confidence, a hard cock, & a nice back that wears clean kicks. A man with a strong back can throw me around.

And what turns you off?
Nothing turns me off more than big egos and/or a closed minded guy.

What do you look for in a prospective fuck (in either sex)?

I judge a prospective fuck by the way they carry themselves and what comes out of their mouth when they approach me.

Are you dominant or submissive?
I’m a dominant personality in my everyday life, but I prefer to be submissive it comes to sex.

Hard ‘n’ fast or soft ‘n’ romantic?
Start off slow, make my pussy want more, and than fuck me hard and deep!
Mia_Lelani clothes 2
Were you a porn fan before you started out in the sex biz?
All my serious boyfriends were avid porn watchers, but I really wasn’t. I went out & fucked instead of watching it.

And do you remember what the first porno you ever saw was?
The 1st porn I watched had this girl standing on top of couch reaching for the wall vent to show the “repair guy” what was broken when she fell & then well you know how that ends….

What makes your movies special – why should a viewer choose to watch one of your movies over everything else on the shelves?

I love fucking and I think my fans see that.

What do you do with yourself, other than shoot porn?
Outside of shooting I like doing outdoor activities, Pilates, going to school, cumming, & blazin’.

Do you like to have sex to music? If so, what kind?

Music is cool, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Is it easy to make you cum? What’s the best way to get you off?
Best way to get me to cum is to slide 2 fingers in my pussy & stimulate my clit with your tongue or a vibrator.

Who, out of all the ‘celebrities’ in the world, who would you give anything to fuck?
Mark Wahlberg

What are you proudest of?
Getting out of debt & paying my taxes.

Can you tell us something that your fans would be surprised to learn about you, please?
I have freckles.

What are your plans for the future?
I plan on getting my degree, traveling & become a Padi instructor.

What’s the best piece of sex advice that you can give to our male readers?
Best advice for a guy is don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask your girl what feels good & let her know what feels good when she’s sucking your cock.

And finally, how can our readers get in touch with you?

Best way to reach me is through twitter: @mialelanixxx

Happy 10th Anniversary Vicky Vette!

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NL- She looks amazing!

One of adult’s best known stars, Vicky Vette ( & is proud to announce her 10 Year Anniversary in adult.  Vicky’s first day ”on the job” took place on May 31, 2003 in a DP scene for Evil Angel in a video called “The Evil Vault”.  Vicky’s journey in the adult began after she sent a Polaroid into Hustler for ”Beaver Hunt” and became the oldest person to ever win the contest.    At the time almost 38, Vette was offered a scene in ”Evil Vault” and decided to take the plunge – despite being told by a number of agents that she was too old to succeed in adult. 

Ten years later, Vette remains one of porn’s most visible success stories, having won countless industry awards including an AVN for Best Tease, XBIZ Webstar of the Year two years running and Miss Freeones 2012.  Vette initially made her name in movies shooting for companies such as Naughty America, and Smash Pictures (appearing in over 150 scenes in three years) but stopped making movies in  summer 2006 to focus on making and owning her videos and releasing them on the internet through her own websites – a move she credits for elongating her career. 

Known for her social networking, Vette is one of the most followed adult stars in the world with over 494,000 followers on twitter.

Vette is quoted as saying: “It’s amazing to think I’ll be 48 in June, still in the game and celebrating 10 years.  I would not be here without the fans who support me through thick and thin on the internet.  A lot of the girls and companies I shot with in 2003 are long gone.  We are up against massive issues in porn that did not exist in 2003 like free porn, rampant stealing of content through file sharing, tube sites, torrents and a mentality where companies fail to see the importance of  turning girls into household stars.  I am grateful the fans continue to support what I do and keep me in business.  I release and produce my own stuff…. without website memberships, I would have been finished years ago.”

Known as one of the hardest working women in adult, Vette has amassed a considerable internet presence. Starting with her Official Site,, Vette now webmasters and runs the Network featuring 14 Official Sites for such superstars such as Julia Ann, Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Bobbi Eden, Sara Jay and others.  She also developed her own live cam network which just celebrated reaching 40 participating official sites of solo girls worldwide.    

Vette has been signed to toy manufacturer Doc Johnson since 2009.  A new line of toys called ”Milf in A Box” developed around Vette’s network of girls comes out this summer.  She also has been a spokesperson for and male supplement  Strangely, Vette has become a household celebrity in Indonesia, having starred in a mainstream horror movie released in that country and been on the front page of the news countless times.

Vicky adds: “It hasn’t been easy. When I let people know I wasn’t going to do any more traditional produced adult movies and was jumping ship to the internet, a lot of folks wrote me off… especially after I started dressing in camo and putting out promo videos of me having sex with military band music in the background. lol.  It’s been an amazing ride but I would not have changed a thing.  I have to thank the girls in the VNA Girls Network who trust me to webmaster their sites. As a team we are able to compete with the bigger companies and give fans more bang for the buck.”
As for the future, Vette jokes: “There is still a lot coming down the pipe from me. The 20 Year Anniversary is really gonna to be off the hook. lol.”
To celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary, Vette is running a limited one time membership special to her Official Site.  Fans can join for $20.03 (2003 being the year Vette started in adult).  Fans who join her site for a minimum of a 3 month subscription get a special edition 10 Year Anniversary Poster (24″x36″) signed by Vette personally free. 

Exxxotica Ft Lauderdale Info

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EXXXOTICA Expo Debuts In Fort Lauderdale This Weekend
The Largest Event In The USA Dedicated To Love & Sex Makes Move and Opens At Broward County Convention Center, May 31-June 2

(FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – MAY 30, 2013) The EXXXOTICA Expo (, the largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex, returns to South Florida this weekend for the eighth straight year and makes its debut at its new home, the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

After seven successful years in Miami Beach, this year’s EXXXOTICA in Fort Lauderdale promises to be an even bigger success on all fronts. With the short move just north to Fort Lauderdale, the organizers of EXXXOTICA know that this more geographically centered event will give more of the South Florida region an opportunity to enjoy the EXXXOTICA experience.

“South Florida is where our show started seven years ago. The area is a favorite of ours and our exhibitors and stars, and we can’t wait to show Fort Lauderdale an incredible time,” said J. Handy, Director of EXXXOTICA. “We have our largest line-up ever of the biggest stars, and an outstanding sponsor in AEBN who has enhanced the look of our Star Valley exhibit. We have a fully interactive dungeon that’s almost double the size of last years, fully ready to satisfy the curiosity of the 50 Shades audience. We’ve brought in Street Kings who are well know car show producers from the South Florida area who will be showcasing close to 200 exotic cars, bikes and trucks in our hall. The VIP program has been expanded to offer more parties at cooler venues, incredibly deep discounts on products being sold by our exhibitors, as well as an enhanced VIP lounge located in the heart of the action of the show floor. This year going VIP should be a no brainer. This is all in addition to revamped seminars and entertainment that includes the Mr. EXXXOTICA contest for the first time on our infamous Ladies Free Friday. There are also some fun surprises along the way that’ll make this EXXXOTICA one that you don’t want to miss!”

EXXXOTICA South Florida boasts its strongest line-up ever of stars appearing. Straight from the headlines, the breakout star of MTV’s “Teen Mom” series and Vivid’s recent celebrity sex tape phenomenon, Farrah Abraham will be appearing at EXXXOTICA. Farrah will also be hosting an Official EXXXOTICA After Party Friday night at Passion in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood that is free to all VIP attendees.

Also, the legendary Ron Jeremy will be making his first public appearance since his near-fatal aortic aneurysm just a few months ago, and EXXXOTICA is celebrating by making Sunday, Ron Jeremy Appreciation Day complete with a penis lookalike contest and more. Appearing with Ron all three days are over 100 of adult film’s top names, including superstars such as Alexis Texas, Teagan Presley, Lisa Ann, Rubberdoll, Joanna Angel, Allie Haze, Evan Stone, Lexi Belle, Gianna Michaels, Kimberly Kane, Bonnie Rotten, Sean Michaels, Tanya Tate, Jynx Maze, Tory Lane, Tasha Reign, Veronica Rodriguez, Aleksa Nicole, Misty Stone, Ryan Driller, Monique Alexander, and dozens more, including former WWE Diva, Playboy covergirl and “Survivor: China” star, Ashley Massaro. A full list of stars is available at

EXXXOTICA also showcases the hottest and sexiest live entertainment on the AEBN Entertainment Stage with interactive events, female and male burlesque shows, all-star panels, dancers, DJs, musical acts, giveaways, the Ms. EXXXOTICA Competition and much more. Also, informative seminars featuring numerous topics are free for all attendees, including seminars from experts and legends such as Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone, Joanna Angel, Teagan Presley, Tanya Tate, Sean Michaels, Mistress C and more. Topics ranging from “50 Shades of Kink” to Breaking Into The Adult Biz are just a couple of the many topics covered daily in two seminar areas. For a full seminar and stage schedule, visit:

EXXXOTICA’s show floor features over a hundred exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest products of both adult and mainstream industries. Webcam sponsors MyFreeCams and Chaturbate will be streaming live from the show floor showcasing their hottest talent and the up to the minute action taking place at the event. The world famous Bang Bus will be in attendance as an interactive exhibit with BangBros featuring opportunities for pictures and autographs with Christy Mack, Phoenix Marie, Rachel Starr, Diamond Kitty, Luna Star, Remy Lacroix and more. The fan favorite, beautiful EXXXOTICA Hotties will again be everywhere ready to meet and greet fans as they dance, strut and pose for photos. There is truly something for each attendee, male female, single or couple on every aisle, corner and beyond at EXXXOTICA.

If attendees are looking for the best way to experience EXXXOTICA, they are encouraged to go VIP. This ensures that they get hundreds of dollars worth of free swag, products, discounts from vendors and sponsors, and event better yet, free entrance to the official EXXXOTICA After Parties happening all over South Florida. For a full list of VIP perks, go to

EXXXOTICA is open Friday, from 5pm until 11pm, from 1pm until 10pm on Saturday, and from 1pm until 7pm on Sunday. Information about the Expo and after-hours events are listed at the show’s official website, Advance tickets for all days are on sale at the show’s website, and tickets may also be purchased at the Convention Center box office during show hours.

For booth sales and sponsorship opportunities, please email

For media inquiries, please email,

Persia Monir- 54 Year Old Porn Star- Exclusive Interview

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interview by Scooter McBooter
Persia Monir is a collaboration of great clichés. Good things come to those who wait. Like a great wine, she gets better with age.
She’s certainly the ultimate late bloomer in the world of adult entertainment, and the quintessential, very definition of a MILF.
Persia loves meeting fans and many will have the chance this weekend at Exxxotica in Fort Launderdale, but before heading out to the convention, she took time out to talk to me from her home in Boynton Beach, Florida. The avid golfer, the 40DD-25-37 former nurse was upfront, open, and a real delight to speak with.

SM: I guess to be right up from the start, is it true that you are 54 years of age?
PM: I am. I think I’m at a good age now. As they say the older you get the wiser you get. I’m happier and healthier and I look better than I did at 18 or even 25.
SM: You certainly are far from almost every other 50-something lady out there.
PM: I’ve always been over the top and out of the norm. And I really am a MILF. A lot of other ladies who are billed as MILFs are more in the Cougar genre, but I really am a MILF.
SM: You really did get a late start into the business, correct?
PM: I started stripping at 34 and I didn’t start doing hardcore till I was 46. It’s definitely a late start. Fortunately my body is timeless. I was an athlete in my 20s and have kept my body in shape.
SM: Why do you think men are attracted to you?
PM: I think it’s because I’m honest and genuine. I’m not fake at all. And I’m highly sexed. I still enjoy what I’m doing and I enjoy doing everything with a high level of authenticity.
SM: What kind of man are you attracted to?
PM: I’ve always been attracted to older men. Younger men have never really done it for me. But a lot of it has to do with personality and maturity, and it’s got nothing to do with age. I’ve met 25 year olds who are more mature and wiser than 70 year olds.
SM: Does that enter into your choices of who to do scenes with?
PM: I have many different audiences and I like to shoot the types of scenes that fans request and there are certain companies that like me doing certain types of scenes.
SM: Is it correct that you recently filmed your first anal scene?
PM: It was my first, and the following the day I did another scene with the same actor which turned out to be my first DP. Both of them were really good scenes.
SM: Have you done a lot of girl-girl scenes?
PM: I’m very bi. I’m all over Girlfriend Films. I do a lot of the mother-daughter exchange … and always with the virgins! I loved working with Kitty Bella.
SM: Will you be doing more girl-girl soon?
PM: I’d love to do more. Maybe I’ll find some possibilities at Exxxotica.
SM: Do you have any favorite ladies to work with?
PM: There are so many beautiful girls out there. It does help to know someone before you shoot with them. I’ve got a scene with Ava Devine coming to my site in June. I’d love to work with Holly Halston but I’m not sure if she’s still in the business. Prinzzess, too, is very hot and she’s a contract girl with Girlfriend Films.
SM: You are one of the rare ladies with a luscious, full bush. Was that by choice for you?
PM: My fans like it and I like it. It’s a personal preference. Besides, who wants to fuck a prickly pear? Fur is nice, and I don’t like shaved men either. Shaving your balls is fine, but not the whole area.
SM: You are working on a book about your life. How is that coming along?
PM: Thanks for asking about it. I thought I had finished it but I gave it to four people to read. It’s a compilation of short stories about my time as a stripper. It’s kinda funny … a black comedy. There’s some interesting tales about family, betrayal and much more. But everyone who read it agreed that they want the whole enchilada. So I’m going ahead with a full auto-biography – from the beginning of things to the present. I’m going to restart writing it in the very near future. I usually need to get motivated to write and then I get on it in spurts.
SM: Will it be similar to books written by Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick?
PM: My experiences were very different – everyone’s tale is different – about how I got in the business. Being a single mom had a lot to do with it. I had to support myself and I became a stripper. I wasn’t doing any hardcore, but I did have a soft site. When my son turned 18, I went into hardcore. I did have some fun with alcohol over the years but I got to the point when enough is enough. Like a rock star, you have to shut it down or you’re doing to die.
SM: You are now producing your own movies for your site and doing a lot less traveling, is that right?
PM: I do still go somewhere every month for five days to a week, and feature dance at a club. But I’m getting more into Internet-based work and starting a webcam show. This year I travelled too much. I’m still going to be able to reach people. It just makes more sense and makes your brand stronger by being able to reach more people. You set a schedule and everyone can see you regularly and you develop a really strong fanbase.
SM: Along with your site ( you have a new project underway, right?
PM: I do. It’s a VOD (video on demand) site that just started this week called I’d like to encourage everybody to fight piracy. If you’re a fan of any star, please join their official site otherwise we just can’t keep going on. The business model has changed because of piracy in adult films. There’s such temptation out there but it is nice to support your favorites by buying their product directly.
SM: And fans can also follow you on Twitter.
PM: Please do. I’m at @persiamonir

Super Villain Leia Down Holds Exxxotica Hostage

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Super Villain Leia Down Holds Exxxotica Hostage

(Las Vegas, NV) It’s a week of firsts—this is the first year Exxxotica has invaded South Florida and it will be the first time that super villain Leia Down has appeared at the adult trade show. Poised to meet her fans and maybe even kidnap a few, she’ll be signing at Porn Star Tweet’s booth Saturday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 2nd, and possibly might even sneak in a few hours at the show on Friday. For show hours or to purchase tickets, go to

“I love doing trade shows and meeting my cum buddies, so of course, I’m very excited,” says Leia Down. “I have a lot of fans in the South Florida area that are excited that they will get the chance to meet me, especially the ones who won’t be able to make it to Comic-Con in San Diego in July.”

Leia’s cam shows can be seen MyFreeCams Wednesday through Sunday. Log onto her page at and watch her Twitter at @LeiaDown for details on specific times and shows. With her Exxxotica appearance this week, she will have an abbreviated schedule.

All requests for interviews, appearances, magazine placement and general media inquiries about Leia Down should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

Like most busty super villains, Leia Down had interesting beginnings. Hailing from the Caribbean, her family moved to Las Vegas where she took up flying and got a pilot’s license at the age of 17. One day while flying over the Mojave Desert, she saw a strange light emanating from the ground, lost control of the plane and crashed. She disappeared for four years only to emerge a powerful woman with new special gifts, including incredible strength, martial arts prowess and the power of manipulation, allowing her to morph into anyone she pleases. In 2010, she started webcamming and making her fans’ (AKA Cum Buddies) fantasies a reality by morphing into one of over 300 hot super heroines and sexy comic book characters, like Black Cat, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman and Baby Doll from Sucker Punch on her official site, When she’s not being the ultimate super villain, she’s a video game champ and a respected member of the Cosplay community appearing at conventions around the country. In 2013, this super villain wracked up nominations, including a Fanny, Exxxotica Fan’s Choice Awards, for Cyber Hustler (AKA Wecam Girl of the Year) and Best Model from the ALT Awards. Try and keep up with her adventures by following her on Twitter at @LeiaDown, and liking her fan page on Facebook

Lotsa Stars to be at Exxxotica

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Misty Stone and Joslyn James at Exxxotica this weekend
(LOS ANGELES— May 27th, 2013)
Beautiful and talented Award winning adult film stars Misty Stone and Joslyn James will be appearing at the upcoming Exxxotica in Ft. Lauderdale Florida this weekend; May 31st, June 1st, and June 2nd.
Stone will be signing at the Club Booth, and James will be signing a the Porn Star Tweet Booth.
The Exxxotica events are always a top rate event, and it’s where the fans can meet their favorite stars and purchase DVD’s 8×10’s and more.
For more information, please go to;
“I love Exxxotica, and I’m looking forward to this really fun event in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, and seeing all my fans there in person this weekend. I love talking to my fans, and I’m bringing a lot of product with me, so make sure you come up and visit with me baby”, said Stone.
“The Exxxotica events are always a blast . I’m really happy to be signing at the Porn Star Tweet booth, and getting a chance to meet all my fans there. I’ve got a lot of new movie releases and products, so please come and see me,” stated James.
Stone’s exciting new site is at; .
James’ sexy site is at;
Fans and industry can follow Stone on Twitter at; @mistystonexxx
Misty Stone is represented by LA Direct Models:
Joslyn James is represented by OC Modeling:
Please contact them for all booking inquiries.

Time for eXXXotica Fort Lauderdale!

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exxsoticas party
T&A, Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas, Invades eXXXotica Ft. Lauderdale This Weekend!

(May 28, 2013 Fort Lauderdale, FL) The bootylicious duo of Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley, T&A, make Adam & Eve proud once again this weekend with three days at eXXXotica Florida in Fort Lauderdale with multiple night time appearances for fans. The already sizzling hot South Florida is about to get a lot hotter.

“I love eXXXotica!” Presley exclaims. “I am a little sad eXXXotica moved from Miami to Lauderdale (Fort), but I am excited to see new fans and fans who will make the drive just the same! Texas (Alexis) and I will be representing Adam & Eve all weekend signing at eXXXotica and events Friday and Saturday! It is gonna be a blast and we can’t wait!”

Both Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley appear at the Club Spotlight booth at eXXXotica in Fort Lauderdale, this Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 2. Friday evening, Alexis joins follow LA Direct star Jynx Maze at Vibe Las Olas for an official after party that fans will be lined up for. For more information, visit or call (954) 713-7313. Then Saturday night, both T&A stars, Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas, represent Adam & Eve together at Passion Nightclub inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Seminole. For table reservations, call (954) 235-6164 or visit For more information on eXXXotica Florida, visit

To see safe-for-work trailers of all the Rock Star Entertainment movies for Adam & Eve, visit and subscribe to the Rock Star Entertainment YouTube channel at To visit Rock Star on Facebook and see exclusive galleries, go to and be sure to Like the page. Follow Rock Star on Twitter at @RockStarEntXXX. Visit Rock Star Entertainment’s homepage to see exclusive picture galleries, movie trailers, and to purchase the Rock Star Entertainment titles. Rock Star just wrapped production on Alexis and Teagan’s next two movies, T&A and All-Star Cheerleaders!

Condom Bill Dies in Committee

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California Condom Bill Dies in Committee
Marty O’Brien
Published on May 26th, 2013 08:19 AM

Assembly Bill 332, a controversial measure to mandate condom usage in porn films, was among 144 bills the California Assembly Appropriations Committee shelved on Friday, citing a desire to spare the state the potential expense of administration, enforcement and legal defense.SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Assembly Bill 332, a controversial measure to mandate condom usage on porn sets statewide, was among 144 bills the California Assembly Appropriations Committee shelved on Friday, citing a desire to spare the state the potential expense of administration, enforcement and legal defense.

“Passing a bill of questionable First Amendment validity, that would certainly subject the state to expensive lawsuits, would simply cost too much for California right now,” Chairman Mike Gatto [D-Los Angeles] said of AB 332. He voiced concern none of the shelved bills represented a good use of funds under “our state’s continuing fiscal constraints.”

AB 332’s sole sponsor, Assemblyman Isadore Hall III [D-Compton], saw the situation in another light.

“It’s a matter of Gatto putting porn profits above worker safety,” Hall said.

For its part, California’s adult film industry breathed a collective sigh of relief.

“Overwhelmingly, performers in the adult film industry do not support AB 332,” said Lydia Lee, spokeswoman for Adult Performers Coalition for Choice, a group formed following the passage of Measure B, Los Angeles County’s notorious local ordinance upon which AB 332 was based. “Effectively removing a choice does not protect performers. This ill-conceived bill was constructed without the input of the adult industry.

“It’s a relief to know California won’t be burdened by a law that will make the adult industry less safe, not more safe,” Lee continued. “We [performers] know how to protect ourselves, and our current [voluntary health-testing] protocols are more effective than this oversimplified bill. Testing works and is the best primary protocol for preventing the spread of [sexually transmitted diseases].”

Although the state’s legislature could take up AB 332 or a similar measure in the future, Diane Duke, chief executive officer for adult industry trade association Free Speech Coalition, said she doesn’t think that’s likely.

“We are grateful that lawmakers have chosen the best interest of California’s taxpayers and the adult industry over AB 332’s misguided legislation,” Duke said. “The adult industry creates a tremendous amount of revenue and jobs for California. We have effective, successful standards in place to protect performers. This ridiculous bill was a solution without a problem.”

The bill died in committee despite mainstream nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s years-long pro-condom-mandates campaign. The industry, AHF and Los Angeles County remain embroiled in a bitter lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Measure B.

“We support choice for performers as well as the successful testing system that has been in place since 1998, which has resulted in no on-set transmissions of HIV in nine years, nationwide,” Duke said. “It is encouraging to see that legislators recognize the hard work the adult industry has done to safeguard performers and that our hard work will not be lost to an unnecessary bureaucracy created from unnecessary legislation.”

FSC spearheaded opposition to AB 332 and Measure B as part of the association’s continuing effort to ensure the well-being of adult-industry businesses and professionals. FSC also assists in defining and tracking industry-appropriate self-regulation that includes regular, frequent testing of performers for sexually transmitted infections.

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