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New Research: Size Does Matter

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NL- I don’t agree that a  big dick equals a good looking guy. Nor that a big dick makes a man more sexually attractive. Although I do believe the opposite to be true, a really small dick would be a turn off to me. The average hard male penis is around 6 inches. So as long as he is height/weight/penis in proportion that’s good for me. A slightly larger or slightly smaller than average cock is okay with me. I would NOT want any monster cocks anywhere near my, uh hmmm. You know what I mean. Sometimes average is just fine…

By Stewart Tongue

YNOT – Women associate penis size with attractiveness in men, according to new clinical research.

As reported in the prestigious scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, a multi-university team led by Brian Mautz, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa, asked 105 Australian women to rate the perceived attractiveness of unfamiliar men they viewed in life-size video clips and digital images. The naked males varied in height, body shape and flaccid penis size, but not in facial features, hair and other attributes typically believed to contribute to attractiveness.

Each woman gave each male a sexual-attractiveness rating from 1 to 7, without assessing individual body parts.

The results indicated “penis size actually is important on some level and, importantly, it interacts with other traits,” Mautz said.

Notably, height and penis size seem to be correlated, the researchers noted. Penis dimensions loomed more important for taller men, apparently because body proportions figure into the equation. Taller men generally scored higher than shorter men, but only when a taller man’s penis appeared proportionately larger than a shorter man’s.

“A change in penis size has a larger effect for taller men than it does for other heights,” Mautz said. “This result could be because penis size was smaller when assessed relative to the height of a taller man.”

For decades, adult entertainment sales have provided anecdotal evidence that size matters. The new peer-reviewed study indicates porn was right all along.

Stupid Pervert, Faces Animal Cruelty Charge, After his Surgery…

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Do not try this at home. Do not try this anywhere. Just do not try it.

A man in China’s southeastern Guangdong province admitted himself to a local hospital after he reportedly got a live eel stuck inside him. According to British tabloid The Sun, the man inserted the 20-inch-long Asian swamp eel into his anus after seeing it done in a porn movie, and he had to endure all-night surgery to have it extracted.

According to a HuffPost translation of Chinese news aggregation website, the eel reportedly chewed through the man’s colon, perforating his large intestine, and became stuck in his body cavity. A graphic X-ray image  shows how far inside the eel was when the man came in for treatment.
Medical team members reportedly said the eel, which was “simply trying to find its way out," was alive when removed but died shortly thereafter. According to The Sun, the man is still recovering at the hospital and might face animal cruelty charges.
The Asian swamp eel — also known as the rice eel or rice paddy eel — is a snake-shaped fish that is commonly sold live at food markets in East Asian countries.
Although this type of eel is known as an invasive species in parts of the United States, this isn’t the first time that it’s made its way into (ahem) foreign habitats.
In 2012, a New Zealand man had to have an eel removed from his posterior. In 2010, a Chinese man died after his friends allegedly inserted an eel into his rectum as a joke.

Tony Batman is on Another Planet…And that’s News? LOL

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NL- One of the things I like best about Batman is the fact that he is always himself, which sometimes may mean he acts a little like an alien, lol. But don’ t we all? I know you guys like to give him shit, but he doesn’t care. He’s used to it. And Let me just say that I have lots of friends in the industry. I actually LOVE quite a few people I work with. But there are only a couple I would spend the night with… Batman is one of them.  And he’s good too, right Natasha? lol  ;)

Tony Batman Is Spending Time on Another Planet…Planet Platypus  (NL-oh and Platypus needs to say hi once in a while!)

(Tampa, FL) Last year, people were saying that 2013 was going to be the Year of Tony Batman and their crystal ball was completely correct. Tony Batman and A Entertainment News’ fans are flocking to the planet…Planet Platypus, the radio and entertainment network. With just a few months on the air, the Planet has 100,000 hits/listeners tuning in weekly to listen to their line-up, including the Tony Batman Talk Show, where he interviews the top names in adult, and Tales from Tony Batman, a recap his week of traveling and hosting events around the country.


Not only is Batman a host, but he’s also a managing partner, along with DJ Platypus, Bobby Mac, and Johnny Walker. All the music and talk shows are broadcast from a state of the art studio in Ft. Lauderdale. Guests on the shows are from the worlds of gentlemen’s clubs, the adult biz, stand-up comedy and electronic music.


“Planet Platypus is blowing up—we’ve got a great crew, stellar shows and the best listeners,” says Tony Batman. “I’m having a blast doing my shows, hosting my gigs and writing my monthly column. I’ve been so busy this year that I don’t even have time to breathe—that’s just how I like it. And, more announcements are coming, so definitely stay tuned on all fronts.”


In addition to Batman’s hosting gigs, he’s also keeping himself busy with his highly entertaining monthly column, “Oh The Places You Will Go With Tony Batman”, which you will find on his site,, and is now syndicated in Xcitement Magazine (Florida, Atlanta) Xtreme Magazine (New York, New England), Midwest Nights Magazine (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois), Quest Magazine (Houston), The Gentlemen’s Pages (Chicago) and VIP Magazine in (Columbus, OH).

To find out more about Planet Platypus visit their website,, and make sure to follow them on Twitter at @planetplatypus. For sales and ad packages, contact their South Florida offices via phone at 954.530.2810 or email at


For everything Tony Batman, visit All requests for interviews, appearances, magazine placement and media inquiries about Tony Batman and A! Entertainment should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at


Tony Batman is known for his emceeing skills and bringing fun to events. Batman hosts the World Famous Screaming O Show at every major adult convention and tons of exotic dancing venues—his show has toured around the country several times and is always in demand. His co-hosts have included Nikki Benz, Sunny Lane, Monique Alexander, Monica Mayhem, Showgirl Schevelle, Shay Lynn, Moxxie Maddron, Kayden Kross and Taya Parker. Additionally, Batman has hosted several Miss Nude World events and events at the Playboy Mansion, and has built a solid mainstream movie career. He’s also an industry veteran who is known for his extremely popular site A Entertainment, which spotlights everything that is sexy in entertainment.


Adam & Eve Survey- Free Adult Content is the Favorite

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NL- I prefer to watch a dvd of adult movies. I like to see it on a big screen TV, and have the option of starting and stopping and having the sound loud, and great picture quailty. I like cuddling on the couch or bed. I don’t like watching  on my computer, it doesn’t feel like relaxing, it feels like work. I don’t ever watch anything on a free site, and I have not yet ever (except a free ten minutes at Hot Movies once maybe) watched a streamed adult movie on my computer. What about you guys?

How Do You Prefer to View Your Adult Content?

Hillsborough, NC  —
America’s most trusted source for adult products, has never been afraid to askc
the hard questions when it comes to anything sexual. And this month’s “Great
American Sex Survey” tackles the question “How do you prefer to watch adult

When over 1,000 American adults were asked what format they preferred to view
their adult entertainment, “free sites” was the overwhelming winner with 44% of
the respondents. A surprising 36% said they did not watch adult content, and 16%
said they preferred to view adult DVDs. Only 4% said they preferred pay-per-view

“It’s no surprise that free sites are the obvious choice for adult viewers,”
says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, resident sexpert for<>.
“There is a niche for every sexual preference under the sun. And it’s FREE!
Unfortunately, a lot of the major adult studios are financially hurt when their
content is leaked to the public this way. In addition, many viewers don’t know
the source or circumstances behind their free adult content. ”

Christy Mack- Wins Freeones, Opens Website

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( LOS ANGELES, CA ) — adds another A-List performer to their growing roster. Christy’s site will include weekly updates and exclusive HD content.

Newly crowned Miss FreeOnes Christy Mack continues her amazing year with the launch Puba and Christy are proud to announce her official site which is the latest addition to the Puba Network. A new starlet with a unique look and personality, Christy Mack has taken the_porn world by storm!

The Tattooed brunette lives a straight-edge lifestyle, but her insatiable sexual appetite makes her perfect for the sort of hard-core action featured on all of Puba’s 25 sites.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to show off for all of my fans on the site,” says Christy. “My inner_slut is always dying to get out and the Puba family has made it easy for me to do that by working with the top performers in the business and providing my fans with great looking, totally filthy content. “

Updates feature Christy with some of the biggest stars and hottest talent, often two or more at a time. Designed to show off Christy’s deepest desires, is a true reflection of just how dirty this stunning creature is deep down. It is the only place to see Christy’s fantasies come to life. features weekly updates, high-res photography, stunning HD video (Streaming and unlimited downloads), mobile friendly content, personal photos and videos and so much more.

“I love my fans and make sure that members to my site are always satisfied,” Christy adds. “That’s why I am so happy to have partnered with Puba for my site. They shoot amazing content that I know will look spectacular. They also have some of my favorite guys and girls in the network so I get to play with them frequently. That leaves it up to me to make sure that each and every update is as sexy, hot, filthy and awesome as possible. I am more than up to that challenge. If that means a fun, behind the scenes look at my daily life or a smoking hot three way with a beautiful girl and a well hung_stud, I’m ready. Bring it on!”

Jenna Jameson’s Lousy Weekend

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picture of Britney & Jenna from Britney’s twitter


Poor Jenna has had a really crappy weekend according to TMZ and social media. First it’s reported that yesterday, she was on her way to her own birthday party when she was detained by police for suspicion of battery.

A few hours ago Jenna sent a tweet accusing her assistant (former transgendered porn performer) Britney Markham of robbing Jenna’s house.

from Jenna’s twitter-

WOW just got

Robbed by a friend @britneymarkham she accused me of gusting her, and them broke into my home and took everything

I hope things get better for Jenna, and she has a wonderful Birthday, on the 9th.



Lydia Lael, Model, Fetish, Latex- Interview

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Interview by JEM

We’re days away from New York Rubber Ball and the fantastic fetish pageant, Miss Rubber World 2013, which marks the highpoint of the event. Not too different from how the AVN awards mark the high point of the Adult Entertainment Expo. Well, there’s one difference. An AVN award doesn’t come with thousands of dollars worth of latex fetish clothing. The New York Rubber Ball is one of the biggest fetish events in the USA, and we had a chance to interview the incredible Lydia Lael of Vengeance Designs. She ran for the Miss Rubber World title last year and came in as 1st runner up. This year, Lael is working closely with some contestants and will present a fashion show of her latest slippery rubber fetish creations.

Luke is Back: Good evening Lydia. You’re not just a designer, but also a model for fetish and mainstream adult. What new and exciting things have happened since you ran for Miss Rubber World last year?

Lydia Lael: Good evening! A lot has happened since I ran for Miss Rubber World last year. I graduated college with my degree in Fashion Design. I showed my imaginative "Dead Souls" collection in the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. I traveled to Montreal Fetish Weekend for the second time in a row where I put on another fashion show, two unique fetish shows, and participated in many weekend festivities. This previous weekend I also traveled to Fetish Evolution Weekend in Germany for the first time where I premiered my new military collection, "Discipline," and took the international stage by storm with a fierce group of glamazon models!

LIB: You’re working with contestant Julie Simone this year, who’s sworn not to tell us what she’s got in store for her fantasy performance, can you give us a hint as to what’s to come?

Lael: Well, if you know anything about Julie Simone, you know she has a sexy and perverted mind. Combine that with her creativity and you have an amazing show. My lips are sealed, but just know that you will be in for a kinky treat.

LIB: Are there other contestants you’re working with this year?

Lael: On top of working with Julie, I also made some new rubber items for the contestant, Queen Titania. She has a lot of my star pieces like that Batgirl catsuit and my sleek Noir Gown.  I don’t pick favorites, though.

LIB: Have your designs moved in a different direction since last year. What can we expect for your fashion show at Miss Rubber World?

Lael: Now that I’m done with school. I finally have time to work on all the collections that I put on the back burner while I was focusing on my degree. Over the winter, I broke the chilly spirit with a bright collection called "Color Me Kinky." Recently, both Fetish Evolution and now the NY Rubber Ball are treated to my newest military uniform collection, "Discipline."

LIB: You’ve done a lot of fantastic nude modeling, which do you prefer, nude modeling or fetish modeling?

Lael: I like to combine a bit of both. I love the female figure and I love latex. Putting the two together will always result in an amazing photoshoot.

LIB: Who’s your favorite photographer to work with?

Lael: I work with so many talented people, it’s impossible to pick favorites.

LIB: As a designer, what latex item would you recommend for someone who’s new and curious about latex?

Lael: Starting with accessories is a great way to integrate rubber into your wardrobe. One of my favorite pieces are the fingerless opera gloves. They go with pretty much any outfit whether its fetish or or just an edgy street look. Chokers and wrist cuffs are great accessory pieces as well.

LIB: Are there other latex designers that you love to work with and model for?

Lael: Before I started designing latex, I often modeled for Dawnamatrix and Latex Nemesis. Both are such talented designers and amazing friends that I still collaborate with.

LIB: What latex creation are you most proud of?

Lael: I’m currently really ecstatic about our new latex waist-training corset. Never before has something like this been on the fetish market and I’m excited to be sharing it with the kinky world. I collaborated with expert corset designer, Sin and Satin, to create a latex corset that equals in quality and stability to a fabric waist-training corset, but in all rubber. This innovative new design begins with a fully steel boned fabric corset base which is then encased in two layers of rubber. The end result is a fully rubber corset with all the cinching power of a fabric waist trainer. All cinch and no stretch!

LIB: We’re going off the deep end for a moment, but know that the rubber scene attracts many cross dressing fetishists. What would starting latex garment would you recommend for a male who wants to become a sexy rubber doll?

Lael: There are many ways to become a sexy rubber doll, but I think a dress with lots of ruffles is a good place to start.

LIB: What was your favorite moment out of the Miss Rubber World competition, and who are you looking forward to seeing again, aside from the awesome Julie Simone?

Lael: My favorite moment was winning 1st runner up last year and I’m looking forward to seeing all my kinky friends.

LIB: Thank you so much for your time today. Do you have any major appearances or fashion shows planned for after the New York Rubber Ball?

Lael: After the New York Rubber Ball, you can catch me at this years Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend parties, Montreal Fetish Weekend, and the Von Gutenberg Ball.

The New York Rubber Ball kicks off Thursday night with the Fixe Fetish Party at One and One in New York City. You can see Lael’s fashion show at the Miss Rubber World competition on Saturday night, April 6th at Union Square West in the Big Apple. For tickets and more details, check out

Lydia Lael has at least two great sites worth keeping an eye on with for Vengeance Designs, and for her delicious modeling and photo shoots.

Religious Right’s Hate List…

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    •    MIM Targets ‘Porn Dirty Dozen’ 

by Marty O’Brien 

Published on April 3rd, 2013 02:25 PM  

YNOT – The U.S. Attorney General, the U.S. military, publishers, broadcasters, a hotel chain and three online titans populate Morality in Media’s latest “hit list” of organizations to be ridiculed because they don’t march lock-step with the Religious Right’s socially conservative agenda.

Called the Dirty Dozen, the 12 entities on the list are “sex exploiters who facilitate the spread of pornography,” according to MIM. In the No. 1 spot is U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who heads the department in which MIM President Patrick A. Trueman formerly served as a federal prosecutor.

“Holder’s actions keep the porn industry thriving,” Trueman noted in a statement MIM released early this week. “He not only refuses to enforce obscenity laws currently on the books that prohibit the distribution of hardcore pornography, but he even disbanded the office charged with enforcement.”

As an attorney, Trueman doubtless is aware he’s stretching the truth. Hardcore pornography is not illegal. In fact, courts repeatedly have ruled pornography is protected by the First Amendment’s free-speech clause. Obscenity is illegal, but pornography only becomes obscenity when a jury finds it “patently offensive” and devoid of serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. Nevertheless, Trueman and his organization continue conflating pornography and obscenity as though the two were identical.

According to Trueman, MIM launched the Dirty Dozen list “to bring awareness to the pandemic of harm caused by pornography, including violence against women, increased child pornography and sex-trafficking. With your help, we will successfully target, expose and shame 12 top enablers of our country’s pornography pandemic.”

In addition to Holder, the list includes:

    •    Comcast, for providing explicit material on basic cable television.

    •    Facebook, for failure to prevent users from sharing pornography.

    •    Googleplay, for allowing porn apps to invade the Android mobile ecosystem.

    •    LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, for providing pay-per-view adult entertainment to major hotels.

    •    Hilton, because the hotel chain has resisted MIM’s attempts to shut down in-room adult entertainment.

    •    American Library Association, for standing firm on a broad range of free-speech issues, including unrestricted internet access in tax-funded libraries.

    •    Twitter, for failing to censor users’ tweets.

    •    Wikipedia, for refusing to remove everything even remotely sexual from its community-curated online encyclopedia.

    •    Cosmopolitan, for publishing features about human sexuality.
    •    Barnes & Noble, for selling erotic books and magazines.

    •    U.S. Department of Defense, for allowing service members to purchase and enjoy adult entertainment during off-duty hours.

As with MIM’s previous calls for boycotts and public shaming, it’s likely the organization’s attempt to embarrass major corporations and public officials into compliance will represent little more than a tempest in a teapot. Pornography is not illegal, but it is profitable, and money talks far louder than pseudo-religious hypocrisy.

LIB Price Dropped by 50%

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My husband wants me to be done with LIB soon. I have health and family issues to deal with. So I want to finish up with LIB in April. The first valid offer of $25,000 takes it. Please send me your proposals. Thank you. Everything will remain confidential unless we agree otherwise.

Zombies! Smash’s New Movie- first Look

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“Beyond Fucked-a Zombie Odyssey” Directed By: Tommy Pistol
Bonnie Rotten with Tommy Pistol
Bonnie Rotten with Nikki Hearts
Phoenix Askani with Tommy Pistol
Annie Cruz with Mark Wood

Liv Aguilera with John Strong

photos by Rick Garcia


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