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Adult DVD Deals

Voodoo Trashes Type 9’s Kevin

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An ongoing tirade by Voodoo against Type 9 Models & Kevin has lasted for days now on twitter. I’d love to hear Kevin’s side of the story…

Here’s a sample of what Voodoo is tweeting-

from Voodoo ‏@Voodoopornstar
Agents fuck up call times, scripts and wardrobe requirements more than anyone. #useless

Don’t worry. My book will expose it all. Right now @KevinONeal1 owes me money so he’s my current target.

@KevinONeal1 sleeps with his talent. Now is that really what an agent is supposed to do? #illegal #immoral #inconceivable

The entire porn industry is juvenile. What matters is that
@kevinoneal1 gets put in his place for fucking with people’s money.

I know several girls that have had their checks paid directly 2 @KevinONeal1 from @type9models . I’m sure the IRS would like to know that 2.

@Official_LATATA You should have done your homework before you got yourself legally involved with criminals. They go down, YOU GO DOWN!!!


@Official_LATATA I don’t condone the numerous #illegal activities that your agents are involved in. THE TRUTH SHALL ALL COME OUT!!!

If people think I’m a trouble maker today, wait until my book comes out!!!


All the porn agencies that are nervous about my exposé, you may need to distance yourselves from @KevinONeal1 because he is going down!!!!

Been in the porn industry for almost 15 years and I’m ashamed in myself for not speaking sooner on the subject of Abuse by Porn Agencies.



For 15 years I’ve been a professional fucker. I have fucked many asses but none so hard as the ass of Kevin of @type9models I’m about 2fuck.

Girls forced to pay huge rent in model houses, stuck in bullshit contracts having to fuck their agent for work

The government wants to make porn safer. They should start by investigating agencies like @type9models and how Kevin abuses his girls.

All the girls who have had issues with Kevin from @type9models please let me know. In hearing horror stories of abuse. CLASS ACTION!!!

People like Kevin from @type9models do a lot of damage do young girls in the porn industry. He teaches them to have no self respect.

Kink Evacuated?

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Rumor has it that police evacuated the Kink compound on Saturday, after a civilian complained of a gun being shot in the building. I’m told there was an arrest. Anyone know how to get arrest report for that area? I’d like to verify it before I announce the name off the person. Or perhaps he could just drop me an email and confirm or deny it?

Bobby Rinaldi Passes Away

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AVN is reporting that long time director Bobby Rinaldi has passed away in his sleep. Very sad news. He was in his late 50’s. He is most famous for his Screw My Wife Series

24 Hours Til Kick-Off

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NL-Ok, I know just about nothing about sports, including football. My reason to watch the superbowl would be the great commercials and the half-time show. So those of you who do know a lot and want to discuss it, here is your forum.

My friend Richelle Ryan knows tons, and she said she is rooting for the Ravens and will be watching the Superbowl with friend at Hooters. Where will you be watching? And who are you cheering on to win?

AHF Throws a Block Party for their One Minute HIV Test

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For five years, the citizens of Wilton Manors, FL have been taking part in quality shopping, free HIV testing and access to free condoms at the city’s Out of the Closet Thrift Store and AHF Pharmacy, which benefits leading global nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). As South Floridians celebrate the site’s 5th anniversary with a gala block party, AHF will roll out the most cutting-edge HIV testing technology: the INSTI Rapid HIV Test, which provides accurate results in just sixty seconds. Used globally for over four years and introduced by AHF in California last September, this is the official launch of 1 minute rapid testing in South Florida.  See you at the party on Saturday!

AVN Red Carpet Pics -Set 3

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THanks for the names Abe and everyone!

photos by Glenn Francis of

NL-Truthfully I see a lot of people that look familiar, but oft times can’t remember their name. It’s not them it my brain in a fog… Sorry folks. Lots of girls have this big bump of hair on top, must be the latest thing, (since the bouffants, lol ) I don’t like it personally.

Stacia Eve Paul

Tara Holiday

Jewels Jade

    Pepper Keste                    Lily Cade

Vanilla DeVille

Mimi Myogi?

Joanna Angel

jessica drake


Nikki Benz

Angie Savage

kellly madison

Dana Dearmond

Skin Diamond & Asphixia Noir


Pornhub SuperBowl Ad Was a Publicity Stunt?

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Mainstream Media: Pornhub Super Bowl Ad a ‘Bogus Stunt’ 

by Sue Denim 

Published on February 1st, 2013 10:08 AM    

YNOT – The mainstream is growing wise to the porn industry’s marketing tactics. We’re surprised it took so long.
    •    A flurry of mainstream and adult coverage resulted this week after Pornhub released a statement indicating disbelief that CBS would reject a “clean” Super Bowl ad from an adult entertainment company.
    •    Really? Pornhub brass was surprised a major mainstream television network would turn down $4 million rather than face the inevitable overwrought backlash from social conservatives?
    •    Pornhub got more than $4 million worth of publicity out of the stunt and didn’t have to pay a dime, which according to more than one analyst was the motive behind the move in the first place. The coverage may have been primarily negative, but to paraphrase P.T. Barnum’s alleged attitude about publicity, nobody in adult cares what the press says about them as long as they spell the names right.
    •    Pornhub’s management “of course knew the spot would be rejected,” BuzzFeed’s copyranter wrote. “This is not new footage that they shot for the Super Bowl, and they had no plan to spend the nearly $4 million in media money CBS is getting for a [30-second] slot during the game. What they did plan on was sites like [BuzzFeed] posting the video.”
    •    Trade journal Business Insider came down even harder on Pornhub’s shenanigans, labeling the tactic a "bogus stunt."
    •    “While many believe the hype that big, bad CBS blocked poor, well intentioned Pornhub’s G-rated spot, the fact is that this is more likely a cheap stunt to get free publicity,” Laura Stampler and Julie Bort wrote at “There’s no way this ad could have played in the Super Bowl. It’s not even the right length. Pornhub’s ad is 20-seconds long … which simply makes no sense.”
    •    Frankly, mounting a promotional campaign that stands no chance of success, and then shouting “foul” when the effort is rejected as expected, is nothing new in the mainstream, and it certainly isn’t innovative in adult. As BuzzFeed pointed out, PETA played the same game in 2009 by proposing a naughty Super Bowl ad called “Veggie Love.” In 2011, infidelity dating site Ashley Madison proposed a racy Super Bowl ad that likewise was rejected with the same summary reasoning CBS applied to Pornhub’s attempt:
Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission. 

In both cases, folks are still talking about the failed campaigns, so the companies involved obviously received more than a casual return on investment. The self-inflicted figurative black eye was more than worth any momentary pain. (And we doubt they felt any pain at all, since both PETA and Ashley Madison, like Pornhub, undoubtedly expected exactly the results they got.)
    •    A few adult studios, notably Vivid Entertainment, have employed a similar tactic with equally positive results. By publicly offering celebrities ungodly sums of money to appear in adult movies, knowing the celebrities won’t even bother to respond, adult studios keep their names circulating in the mass media. The tactic increases brand recognition, though at some point fatigue is liable to set in, leaving consumers rolling their eyes and muttering “not again” at the mere mention of a company’s name.
    •    Still, according to Business Insider, “promoting an ad as a ‘banned’ spot is an increasingly popular marketing technique … [and] it is a decent publicity strategy.”
    •    “I remember one year when the networks wouldn’t allow one of the Bud Light spots in the game, so Bud actually released it online as, ‘the Super Bowl ad the networks wouldn’t let you see,’” Tanin Blumberg, an account director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and a Budweiser Super Bowl ad veteran, told Business Insider. “It was pretty smart … got about 1 million views on YouTube in just a few days.”
    •    It’s difficult to argue with success.

Ron Jeremy Update

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After two heart operations, Ron is doing as well as can be expected. He is on a ventilator. His manager says "Ron is currently in a private resting area w/ no visitors allowed while he recovers. He would like to thank everyone for all their support! "

AVN Pictures- Part 2

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Selena Rose

Kaylani Lei

Andy San Dimas


Nikki Benz & Puma Swede in Finland

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Swedish pornstar & VNA Girl Puma Swede ( &  and Penthouse Pet of the Year 2011 and VNA Girl Nikki Benz ( & headline a large adult show Salo, Finland on Friday, February 1 & Saturday, February 2 with performances at the Astrum Arena (

Puma Swede was originally born in Finland (and speaks the language fluently). She recently released her autobiography which has been a smash hit in Europe (to be released in English soon).  This is the first ever joint appearance ever in Finland by Benz and Swede (hash tagged on Twitter as #Swenz).  Last year they toured Madrid, Barcelona, Sweden, Morocco, Turkey and the largest club in the world in Ibiza in 2012. The girls are documenting the antics on their Official ‘Swenz’ YouTube page.  Benz and Swede are both part of Vicky Vette’s popular VNA Network of websites.

Puma Swede is quoted as saying: "Nikki & I always have a blast when we tour Europe. I can’t wait to see how Finland likes #Swenz.  European clubs are not like American clubs – zero restrictions & lots of alcohol.  Luckily, we can’t get arrested for indecent exposure….I think."  Nikki adds: "I haven’t performed in Finland for over 3 years. I can’t wait to get crazy with Puma.  Finland may never be the same again.  LOL.  It’s -5 degrees… but I still plan on being as naked as I can during the trip."

Puma Swede will also be signing and doing a meet and greet with fans on Thursday at Cicciolinos Aninkaistenkatu, 14b 20100, Turku, Finland where she is available for pictures and signing DVDs, autobiography, pictures and her Fleshlight.  On her return from Benz heads to Platinum Kisses in Toledo, Ohio (February 15 and 16), Legz in Martinsburg, West Virginia (February 21 to 23) and then Blush in Pittsburgh (March 14 to 16).  Both girls do live camshows for members of their respective Official Sites.

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