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2 New HIV Positive Performers – ONE ON SET TRANSMISSION

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The FSC did not notify the industry of this latest alert …. not one but two male performers tested positive for HIV. One gave it to the other on set. Hear that? ON SET. Yes, an on set transmission.

Some will say, oh well it’s not big deal, they are from the gay industry and it doesn’t effect us. Oh really? Because there are quite a few male performers in our industry who are cross overs. That means they perform in the gay industry and then come back and perform in the straight.

This is why it’s important to remember you are putting yourself at a higher risk if you perform with cross over performers.

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to tell your agent to put all cross-overs on your no list and then let them deal with it in regards to booking YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING MATTERS!

Read the full Cal-OSHA report below carefully. You’ll see exactly how it all played out. And not a single peep from the FSC to warn us to at the very least be aware and be careful. Nope, they are to busy fund raising to bother with something as important as warning the industry of TWO new HIV positive performers, that may or may not be cross-overs. We don’t know because … well …. the FSC clearly doesn’t give a fuck enough to tell us.

Cal OSHA Issues An Occupational Health Alert

The long term results of what this means are yet to be found out but this is a very clear shot across the bow of the Adult industry.  What it immediately does is dispel the myth that testing is enough.  It also dispels the bullshit about no on set transmissions in ten years. But let’s face we ALL knew that was bullshit, anyone who didn’t know that is prolly too dumb to be in porn to begin with.
I think it would behove people in the biz to see this as a shot across the bow, because that is exactly what it appears to be.
If you are a smart performer you will make sure you are signed up for health insurance as is required by law, Then you should get on a PreP regimen which your insurance should cover based on this Alert.  This should actually be encouraged and/or required by agents.  It takes some of the responsibility off of them and off of producers.




Source: Mike South

Belle Knox back in the news …. again

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Teenage Porn Sensation Back in Mainstream Media Spotlight as Politician Steve Bellone Follows Duke University Student on Twitter


NEW YORK – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – Belle Knox greets the end of a very busy year back in the media spotlight, as part of yet another scandal. Mainstream media quickly picked up news of Suffolk County politician Steve Bellone, discovered to be following the 19-year-old Duke University student and porn teen sensation on Twitter.

The Suffolk County executive, who follows only 267 people on Twitter, responded to media speculation by claiming his account had been hacked. A spokeswoman from Bellone’s camp, who called Knox’s account “obscene,” added a formal complaint has been filed with Twitter and the third-party software used to manage the politician’s account.

The story broke over the weekend by the NY Post; to read the entire piece, visit HERE.

“I’m very flattered Mr. Bellone – or whomever hacked his account – is a fan,” says Belle. “There’s really nothing wrong with watching porn, so chill out, people!”

Fans can find Belle Knox on and on Twitter at @belle_knox


Source: Tony Batman



Seized By Feds, Domain May Be Auctioned Off & The Govt Won’t Make A Penny

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Back in 2005 the Federal Government raided the offices of one of the most controversial, and well known porn stars/porn producers, known as Max Hardcore.

In 2007 Max Hardcore whose real name is Paul F. Little, and his company, Max World Entertainment, Inc., were indicted by the United States Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section with five counts of transporting obscene matter by use of an interactive computer service and five counts of mailing obscene material.

In 2008 Little was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to 46 months in prison.

The jury also ordered that the domain name be forfeited.

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Girls Try Reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ On A Sybian

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It’s time to get in the holiday spirit and what better way to do that than to have a girl reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas while on a Sybian.



A leopard doesn’t change his spots and neither does Bluebird Films

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I hate to be the kind of person who says I TOLD YOU SO, but well …. apparently you just have to make me, don’t you?

Since 2012 I’ve been warning people about doing business with Bluebird Films and more specifically Nick Steele aka Nicholas Pinkowski, but do people listen? Of course not.

And now he’s burning people left and right on content deals and if you are stupid enough to do business with anyone from Bluebird Films you will be next.

Nick Steele is a liar and a thief. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

The man is a con artist and if you do business with him, you will get burned.

 If you have been burned by Nicholas Steele aka Nick Pinkowski, aka Blue Bird Films, aka Tough House Media, aka Alley Cat Inc …. please contact us and let us know your story

Men’s Mag Daily Names Top 25 Porn Stars of 2014

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While this list seems to vary greatly from that found at Fame Registry, still it’s quite interesting to see who Men’s Mag Daily named as their top 25 porn stars of 2014.

Putting together a list of the 25 Hottest Porn Stars in the Business isn’t as easy as one would imagine. There are a tremendous amount of hot girls who do porn so whittling it down to just 25 is quite a task if you want to do it right. Then of course, you want to make sure that nobody on your list is going to retire before you post your article, which is important. This list however is carefully thought out. These are the absolute most beautiful women in porn. They’re not just hot because they’re having sex on camera. They’re hot in any situation. The porn is kind of secondary. We thought it was important to shine a light on the pornstars that are actually beautiful as a lot of them get away with being, not. This is the definitive list. You can take this seriously. Every girl on here is a 9 and up on a scale of 1-10. We hope you enjoy.

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Porn Stars Get Serious About Earnings

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This is a great article from badoink magazine.

It only takes a spark. In this case it was the actor Samuel L Jackson who set off a bunch of sensitive porn stars by naming porn sharing site RedTube as one of the best pop culture achievements of the past 50 years during a press conference prior to the release of the last Captain America movie. Jackson’s comments, which were pretty flippant and insensitive, led the adult star Catalina Cruz to suggest on Twitter that that “these sites are stealing whole members’ areas and have the potential to kill an industry”. She may be right, but I do have to admit I’m sort of flabbergasted at her sudden entrée into a new world of porn politics after I asked both her and the lovely Jasmine Tame about this very subject less than a year ago and received nothing but silence.

Having seen much of their trade denied in L.A. County with the current municipal ban on the shooting of bareback porn, the business is now growing in all 50 states and expanding in Europe. Things have changed. Adult performers wouldn’t have given much thought to politics had they not seen their paychecks going down. Outsourcing porn has seen performers’ paychecks drop by 2/3rds in some cases, but the reality is that a jaded public can now get all their porn jollies for free.

The time, it seems, is ripe for performers to stand up and protect themselves. The Pay For Your Porn campaign, backed by publishers Adult Empire, editorializes. “Purchasing content ensures it’s better produced, delivered in higher quality formats and more secure,” one of the thousands of Tweet-type aphorisms says on the campaign website. “Porn piracy hurts everyone, from the creators behind the scenes to the porn stars fans love to watch… Theft only helps take away the ability of the tens of thousands of people in the adult industry.”

Some of the veterans in the business are a tad dubious, however. One grand dáme of a MILF, Karen Summer, is definitely one of the industry’s senior alumni and she is both wise and dubious about who benefits and how. “Everything is free on the Internet and anybody with a laptop is now a star,” she told me. “It floods the market and the fans are not getting the quality they deserve.” And although she’s very kind of leery about the cynicism of this new breed of ’star’ over their contempt for the fans, she strongly believes adult actors must show solidarity and still thinks that they must be most aware that it’s not the fans “who want to control us and make money off us.”

Atypical of Summer’s point is the way “tube”-style sites mimic YouTube‘s model of user uploads and free streaming as they build their own sustainable business model.’s David Kay told the Guardian he is “100% behind the campaign.” He argues that his site’s pay-per-view scheme “keeps a lot of content owners in business,” by offering a cut of the ad revenue to studios which upload their own videos and clips to the site’s system.

Just as the movie and music industries were forced to adapt in the face of piracy, becoming more user-friendly to win back customers who were used to getting what they wanted for free, Kay says the porn industry needs to change as well. Unfortunately paying the performers properly is never mentioned.

Yet the various adult industry groups who’ve taken RedTube and its like to court have, in spite of hiring the best and brightest lawyers, failed repeatedly. Indeed the California State Supreme Court’s finding on February 1, 2011, was that they really didn’t want to touch it, according to the Tech Dirt blog. I’ll leave you with an excerpt of Chef Justice Ronald M. George’s opinion.

“In the 21st century, businesses of all kinds are having to adapt to a constantly changing commercial landscape. The business that the parties describe as the “adult entertainment” industry is no exception. Websites that originally made their money by offering such material on a subscription or pay-per-view basis are being replaced by “tube” websites which offer their content for free and make their money through advertising.”

Source: badoink magazine

Sex Tape Movie – Et Tu, Hollywood?

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“Piracy is not a victimless crime,” reads a warning screen displayed on the DVD before the featured program begins.

It’s a damn good thing Sony Pictures reminded me of this fact up front – because you’d sure never know it from the contents movie on the other side of the warning.

On its face, Sex Tape is a modern romantic comedy about the inevitable loss of passion that takes place over the course of a marriage. Steeped in comic cliché, the movie dispenses rapid-fire jokes covering everything from the spontaneous erections of youth and the awkward first meeting of your prospective spouse’s parents to pregnant sex and highly irritating, predictable “kids say the darndest things” moments in the car.


Sex Tape introduces the subject of self-recorded porn with a brief exchange between two of the film’s forgettable male characters about sexting and explicit selfies. Luckily, we leap from there to “Annie” (Cameron Diaz) in effect doing a turn as Roller Girl from Boogie Nights.

I must say, however lacking in merit the rest of the movie might be, it was almost worth the price of the DVD to observe my husband as he watched Diaz skate and spin about in orange panties and a nearly transparent half-shirt. (I’ve berated him several times since, but I think removing the shit-eating grin from his dirty-old-man-face might still require surgery….)

Despite how insanely hot Diaz is, the vibe of the evening immediately collapses – in predictable comedic fashion, of course, as the couple searches in vain for a position or location in the house which will spice things up, and reawaken “Jay’s” (Jason Segel) inexplicably hibernating erection.

Trying to spice things up, what’s a modern couple to do? Well, make a sex tape, naturally. With the help of a little tequila, an iPad, and a copy of the Joy of Sex, Jay and Annie make the leap into the wonderful world of self-made porn.

Presumably, this is where hilarity is supposed to ensue.

Instead of deleting the video evidence of their night of passion, Jay accidentally syncs the video with a network of iPads – devices which, for some reason, Jay has recently distributed among friends, colleagues and, apparently, the mailman, as well.

What follows is mildly amusing, if terribly predictable, Hollywood rom-com claptrap. There are some good lines, one genuinely funny scene (at the house of “Hank,” a conflicted, egotistical, corporate type played very ably by rob Lowe) and a litany of cheap jokes and sexual innuendo.

The film’s generally mediocre quality isn’t my primary issue with Sex Tape, however; my major beef with the movie is the “Tube Factor.”

In choosing to make one particular tube the user-generated porn site of choice for Howard (Robby’s son) to ‘own’ Jay following his porn-cloud-error, the makers of the movie made a choice: They chose promote a site which serves as a vehicle for profligate online piracy.

Yes, filmmakers from Hollywood, the same Hollywood which has sued end-users and site owners alike for violating the copyright of studios like Sony Pictures, chose to include one particular tube in Sex Tape, chose to repeatedly utter the brand’s name, and chose to make the head of this tube site (in a cameo by Jack Black) something akin to a ‘voice of wisdom’ within the story’s narrative.

The makers of Sex Tape could have made up a fake site name, or they could have sought out an adult company that doesn’t operate a business model reliant on copyright violation and the illicit distribution of porn, and used that brand name in place of this actual tube site.

Segel, who is also credited as the screenwriter of Sex Tape, didn’t have to script dialogue in which Black mentions several other major sources of pirated porn. (In fairness, the character does also spit out a plethora of legit adult brands, as well, for what it’s worth.)

I don’t know that “irony” is the right word, but part of the Black’s soliloquy near the end of the film manages to express something so far afield of reality that it really stood out for me.

“Internet porn gets a bad rap in some circles, but it’s not deserved,” Black’s character says. “I’m always telling people this: our tube is a community, a safe supportive place where people can go to display videos of themselves ass-fucking each other.”

Admittedly, on one level, that’s a pretty funny line. On another level, however, it’s a perversion of the truth about this, and other sites like it.

“Communities” such sites might be, but outside of the actual self-made porn displayed thereon (videos like those Jay and Annie make in Sex Tape, only uploaded intentionally) these sites are the exact opposite of “supportive” to the industry from which their content is culled.

From the perspective of many adult producers, so-called “tube” sites are parasites, pure and simple. They suck the lifeblood of revenue from the very studios, producers and performers whose images make their sites so popular in the first place.

It’s important to understand: Hollywood knows this.

At the very least, there’s no question the MPAA knows all about sites like these. If any adult tube site like the one featured in the “Sex Tape” film distributed movies made by MPAA member-studios, you sure as shit better believe they’d be all over the ICE division of Homeland Security lobbying them to seize the domain, as they did with sites like, and others.

To be clear, I don’t really expect Hollywood to support or feel solidarity with the porn industry, despite how similar our products might be and despite the fact piracy impacts both industries in similar ways. That said, it’s still disappointing to see Sony Pictures celebrating and promoting brands which were built by effectively plucking flesh right off the skeleton of the legitimate adult entertainment industry.

Whether it’s Sex Tape or Don Jon, or the likes of Samuel Jackson extolling the virtues of porn tubes, the message from Hollywood is clear: Online piracy is only a problem when it affects THEM.

Otherwise, I guess piracy is just a cute, amusing little cultural phenomenon which are fun to explore through forgettable, middling rom-com flicks.
This seems like a good place to announce my upcoming debut as a porn director. The working title of my maiden flight as smut peddler is How and Where to Download the Latest Hollywood Films for Free, XXX.

It’s gonna be a laugh riot, filled with brand names which online consumers of free mainstream entertainment already know, quite well, but to which the general public has, tragically, never been properly introduced.

Granted, it’s never easy to predict the popularity of a movie before it has even been made, but where my directorial debut is concerned, of this much I’m certain: Sony’s attorneys will LOVE it!

Source: Erotic Scribes

Porn Star Sunny Leone most watched YouTube video in India for 2014

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YouTube Rewind 2014: Sunny Leone and Honey Singh most watched on YouTube in India this year


With the end of the year upon us, it is that time when companies start looking back at the year that was. After the likes of Bing, Yahoo and Facebook, YouTube’s Rewind has revealed the most-watched videos in India this year.

The year 2014 seems to belong to one Sunny Leone who has taken Bollywood by storm. Not surprisingly, her music video Baby Doll is the most-watched in India this year with around 39,850,121 views. It is followed by Honey Singh’s Chaar Botal Vodka, which has garnered 28,780,641 till date. Other music videos in this list include the likes of Samjhawan Unplugged from the movie Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, and Tu Meri from the movie Bang Bang among others.

As for trending videos this year, a Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma featuring Sunny Leone (who else!) and Ekta Kapoor came up top, followed by AIB’s Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year. Other trending videos include Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party – Arnab’s Qtiyapa, and Aap Ki Adalat featuring Narendra Modi.

On the global scale, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse was the most-watched music video this year, followed by Enrique Iglesias’s Bailando. At the time of filing this story, these videos had more than 717,003,981 and 589,318,639 views respectively.

As for trending videos this year, the list includes Mutant Giant Spider Dog, Nike Football: Winner Stays and FIRST KISS among others.

To celebrate the year, YouTube has also created a montage that mashes all trending videos in a five-minute video. You can watch the video below, followed by the making of video.


Source: YouTube and


Mass Face-Sitting Outside UK Parliament

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Porn Protest: Mass Face-Sitting to Go Down Outside U.K. Parliament Over New Censorship of Web Porn Content

Here’s a delightful little update in the saga of government censors versus the U.K. porn industry: This Friday, activists are planning to gather outside Parliament and stage mass simulated sex acts—specifically face-sitting. The demonstration is in response to last week’s announcement that a host of sex acts, from face-sitting to bondage to faux non-consent, will be banned from U.K. porn websites that charge for content.



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