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Tasha Reign Heads to Philadelphia

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Tasha Reign Takes the Stage at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Philadelphia March 13-15 Features the Sexy Penthouse Pet Dancing at Philadelphia’s Premiere Gentlemen’s Club!

Tasha Reign


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Orgasms on demand

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Oh technology how wonderful art thou!!!!

Today I have news to share with you, in what may very well be the best news ever … of all time … for all women in the world.

Orgasms on demand … on yes ladies, it’s real.  Dr. Tim from over at Doc Johnson posted a fabulous article today about a new procedure that a doctor accidentally discovered a way to implant a little thing in your body and BAM insta-orgasm!! LOVE IT!! Can I just say BEST INVENTION EVER?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

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New $20 Medical Fee for Bookings

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LAX models – and apparently all agents in LATATA will now be charging producers a $20 testing fee if they require the models to have a 14-day or under test. Those producers who accept the standard 30 days test, then they will not have to pay this fee.

Effectively Immediately, if your production requires a 14-Day or Under Test, we will be adding a Medical Testing fee of $20 to your Invoice from LAX Models. Alternatively, you can pay the model $20 more at time of shoot or with payment. If you do not require an Under 14-Day Test and use a 30-Day or Under requirement, you will not be assessed this fee. This is a focused initiative at assisting the Talent with the new, more stringent requirements being placed by select producers.

I wonder what kind of influence this will have on the new standard that the FSC has put down, asking everyone to test every 14 days instead of once every 30 days.

In addition now some models are listing that they will do b/g only with condoms. Condom only performers have existed in the past but it seems nowadays there are far far more of them.


Meet the infamous Duke Porn Star

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The Duke Porn Star has finally decided to reveal her identity and her name is Belle Knox. She actually is cute and this tiny little thing isn’t even 19 year – although she will be in June. She stands 5 foot 4 inches tall and shockingly weighs only 93 pounds with some slightly enhanced C cup breasts.

Belle Knox

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The Adult Virtual Convention

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The Adult Virtual Convention 2014 has now pretty much wrapped. So how was it?


Stoya was listed as the feature presentation but other stars were there on other days and times including Tera Patrick, Audrey Hollander, Nicole Aniston and Tasha Reign.

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Charting Masturbation for Science

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This Man Graphed Every Time He Masturbated For One Full Year. His longest session lasted 150 minutes. That’s eight minutes longer than Forrest Gump.

He didn’t do it so he could curb his porn habit. He didn’t do it for science. This 18-year-old Redditor collected data on all of his masturbation habits for one whole year so he could get better at wanking. “I thought my masturbation sessions took too long, I thought I was slow,” he explains. Like any good Excel geek, the anonymous man took to the spreadsheets to track when he masturbated, how long his sessions lasted, and of course, the time since his previous “completion.”

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iPhone vs iPad for Porn

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According to a recent story put out by Webmaster Central, the iPad is now more popular when it comes to people who pay for their porn. Interestingly enough, they say that Android is still the most popular platform though when it comes to mobile devices. I just had to check it out with some of my own sites and see how well my own data adds up.

Luke is Back for the month of January 2014

  • Desktop Users 69.15%
  • Mobile Users 22.93%
  • Tablet Users 7.92%

Now out of those mobile and tablet users the breakdown is …..

  • iPhone 34.18%
  • iPad 21.68%
  • iPod 1.78%
  • Anroid 7.70%

For Fame Registry (for January 2014)

  • Desktop Users 64.49%
  • Mobile Users 27.83%
  • Tablet Users 7.68%

Out of those mobile and tablet users the breakdown is …..

  • iPhone 28.81%
  • iPad 17.15%
  • iPod 3.19%
  • Anroid 9.76%

So for me the numbers didn’t match up with Webmaster Central.  The iPhone still remains the most popular mobile device for both and

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5th Annual RISE Awards Winners Announced

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The top porn paysites from around the Internet were gathered and compared to crown 23 winners for this year’s RabbitsReviews Innovation and Site Excellence (RISE) Awards. The world’s best porn site review team (as they largely like to refer to themselves) spent days locked inside a dark conference room, watching videos from each nominated site, and carefully voted to pick the ultimate winner. This year had nothing but high-quality sites in the running thanks to both webmaster and reader nominations.

“It seems that many awards can be bought,” said Doug, Director of Marketing for “But you can’t buy a RISE Award. We don’t even give the judges sandwiches.”

All nominees were asked to submit three videos that featured content from their nominated category. Each reviewer was asked to pick their top three, with their top choice receiving three points and their third choice only one point. All the judges’ scores were tabulated and the site with the most points won.

This year’s winners were standouts!

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Sunny Leone the real mainstream darling

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Every year our industry gives awards for being a crossover star. Yet surprisingly the one person in our industry who has had massive mainstream success gets overlooked. We awarded Riley Steele who was in a single mainstream B movie. We awarded James Deen who was in a nearly straight to DVD movie with Lindsay Lohan and a fake sex tape with the MTV reality star.

Yet while all that was going on, there was one of us who really is making it big and no I don’t just mean a ten second appearance in some B rated horror flick or by dating a has been drugged out Hollywood bad boy.

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Vagina’s Deserve Respect!

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This is just to funny not to share with you guys. :)

Too Many Women Don’t Have Fun In Bed. Maybe It’s Because Their Partners Never Took This Class?

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