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How big really is big?

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Speaking of penis sizes, how big really is big when it comes to cock sizes? Being in porn for so long it’s hard not to be biased by oversized members. But how big really is normal? Turns out 15,000 men participated in a study to find out.

Everyone is a liar when it comes to penis size. And now there is proof.

A scientific guide – put together to help clinicians deal with anxiety disorder ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ (BDD) – was dropped on the world today regarding the average penis size, and it may put some men at ease. The guide comes from a group of British researchers who examined the manhood of over 15,000 men. From this, they were able to determine what constituted as a ‘normal sized’ penis.

They determined that the normal length for a man’s pride and glory when flaccid is 3.6inches (9.16cm) and 5.2inches (13.12cm) when erect.



Dr David Veale from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) told The Daily Mail:

Men compare themselves in locker rooms and with pornography on the internet and believe they are inferior, but there are lots of men who might be worried – and we think reassuring men they are in the normal range will help.

We will also use the graphs to examine the discrepancy between what a man believes to be their position on the graph and their actual position, or what they think they should be.

The research also found there was a small correlation between the erect length of a penis and a man’s height.

It goes without saying that the ‘larger penis’ has been glorified for years in porn and the media in general, but in reality, only a small population of the men had an abnormally small penis.

Exactly 2.28 percent to be precise, and even if you’re within that population, you are by no means inferior to a man with a larger penis in the bedroom. There’s plenty more to sex than how far you can.. well, you know.

Are you anxious about your penis size? Chances are you’re overreacting. 

Source: Unilad

The Man with the Foot Long Penis

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Believe it or not there is a 21 year old man with a 12 inch cock and he decided to do an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit about his mega sized cock.





“I’m 21, a few people told me I should do an AMA because they think people would be interested. I am from the US and I’m relatively a normal person. I’ve had on and off stints with cam modeling for cash but nothing too serious. Ask me anything.“

Ever tried to suck you own dick?

Mr. Footlong: Yes, interesting but not my cup of tea.

so your saying you can???

Mr. Footlong: Yes. But its not as great as it seems!

Alright. But how big is it soft?

Mr. Footlong: 8” usually.

Do you have to use two hands to masturbate?

Mr. Footlong: I try not to masturbate but when I do, yes.

Why do you try not to masturbate?

Mr. Footlong: I have enough sex and save it for that!

Have any girls ever let you get anal?

Mr. Footlong: Yes and yes they survived. Not often though, not often.

So does the zipper on jeans just get in the way or is peeing more of a “release the kraken”-type scenario where no zipper can hold it back?

Mr. Footlong: haha I dont really use the zipper because i hang below the zipper ending so opening it would just expose the middle of my shaft.

Do you feel like being at the far end of the penis bell curve has opened or closed more doors for you as far as access to sexual partners is concerned?

Mr. Footlong: Good question – I would say opened, mostly because I go to college, word spreads as it will and whatnot.
I would say there have only been maybe like 5 girls total who have crossed their legs and says “noooope” (insert Lana voice).

When you go to the Doctor and pull down your pants are they like “Ok lets just look under the HooGOOD GOD?!?!?”

Mr. Footlong: kinda just like that.

how in the hell do you find condoms that fit?

Mr. Footlong: Great question that no one asked! theyfit custom condoms.

Do your parents know?

Mr. Footlong: Nope, I don’t think that they do. Dont plan on telling them either..

Does your penis have a nickname?

Mr. Footlong: Thor

How “long” did it take for you to realize this isn’t normal? How old were you?

Mr. Footlong: In terms of noticing: 7 or 8.
In terms of realizing that its like something that matters: 12.

How do you deal with an erection when you wear shorts?

Mr. Footlong: Its pretty bad so I try to avoid wearing shorts.

Firstly, congrats and fuck you. Secondly, I’m almost afraid to ask, but has anyone ever accidentally bent that thing riding you?

Mr. Footlong: hahah so surprised your the first person who asked that, and its a danger but I take measures to prevent that like usually keeping a hand on the bottom of the shaft – it also protects the girl.

When you are in public do you find women staring at your bulge? Do they ever approach you after?

Mr. Footlong: This happens all day every day in public. I think that women talk a lot about guys that look at their boobs, its the same for women, just as nosey. hahah. I don’t mind it much but like some women say “my eyes are up here” its kinda funny.

In terms of approach, not many women are brave enough to do something like that, but I sometimes will do it for them if they seem interested. I have had a dozen or so times like that where they have approached.

Demon Seed Radio talks about 50 shades of fucked up

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Bobby and Whitney (of Demon Seed Radio) sit down to discuss the Cinematic Phenomenon known as FIFTY SHADES OF GREY from a different perspective.

As Hosts of the popular Adult Industry related radio show Demon Seed Radio as well being Producer’s and Performers in Adult Films, Bobby and Whitney have a unique perspective on the whole situation that is worth checking out. In this video they explore the questions Was Anastasia Steele (the main character) raped? Does this film promote Misogyny or Domestic Abuse? How is it different from the real BDSM Lifestyle? and much more in their own unique way of presenting you the whole story!

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Elle Magazine Asks Porn Stars If They Fake Orgasms

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Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News – Men are always wondering if the women they’re with are faking orgasms. But, what about porn stars? Elle Magazine writer Cheryl Wischhover asked five porn stars if they “fake it” in real life and/or on camera. Posted to, “5 Female Porn Stars Sound Off Orgasms” consult with adult performers Petite Powerhouse Jenna J Ross, Spicy Latina Nikki Delano, and curvaceous girl next-door Brooklyn Chase, and Queen of Lesbian Foot Fetish, ALT Model and Director Kayla-Jane Danger, in addition to BBW performer/director Kitty Stryker.
Their answers about on-camera orgasms run the gamut. Jenna J Ross wants every on-camera orgasm to be real, so the viewer’s experience is real. Kayla-Jane Danger wants her female performers to really cum, and have fun on set. Brooklyn Chase and Nikki Delano fake it more often than not.

“I was glad to be able to set the record straight, so my fans don’t think I’m faking anything, and everything is see is the real deal,” says Jenna J Ross.

“A lot of people have no idea what sex on a porn set is like,” says Brooklyn Chase. “I’m glad to be able to give the readers some insight into what it’s like.”
Real life is a completely different animal. Brooklyn rarely fakes it in real life and Jenna (who is a squirter) will never fake it. Nikki needs to connect or be in love with the person she’s with to have a real orgasm. And, Kayla gives a few tips on how to set the mood, so women really do orgasm.

“It really sucks when you have to fake it all the time, and usually happens if you’re with someone who doesn’t care about your pleasure,” says Kayla-Jane Danger. “I’m so glad that’s not an issue in my life anymore.”

“It’s great to have a voice that reaches the mainstream,” says Nikki Delano. “These are very common questions and a lot of people are afraid to ask.”

Read the article in its entirety here. The article will also appear in a future printed issue of the magazine.


Dakota Skye os now Kota Skye

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XBIZ is reporting that popular new starlet Dakota Skye is changing her name to Kota Skye.

Dakota Skye, a 2015 nominee for XBIZ Best New Starlet, on Friday announced she is officially trimming down her name for something fresh and catchy and not shared by anyone else connected to the adult world: Kota Sky.

The name change was accelerated by pressure put on by another person using that name, but Kota is nonplussed.

“I love the whole nickname aspect of being called Kota!” Sky said. “I feel like it is a good thing, I get the similarity of ‘Dakota Skye’ but with less problems. I think ‘Kota’ is catchy and fun, certainly much better than ‘Dak,’ and I think it will be an easy transition for me and for fans.”

Kota will be on the “Tastemakers” show on Dash Radio: Loud Station today. She won the award for Batch of the Week (tune in to learn more about that). The show will air today between 3-6 p.m. PST. Click here to listen.

Kota Sky (no doubt to be billed for some time as Dakota) is recently featured in titles such as “Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 5″ (Pure Passion) and the upcoming “Pretty Little Pussies” (New Sensations).

Kota is booking her own scenes and can be contacted at Her new Twitter handle is @JustKotaSky.

Porn Stars Read Their Hate Mail

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Porn Stars Read Their Hate Mail

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Paxum now offers escrow transfer services

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Paxum Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new Escrow Transfer feature to their popular global ewallet payment service. Paxum Escrow Transfers enable users to initiate payment that must be approved by both the Buyer and the Seller before the funds are released.

“Our new Escrow Transfer feature offers Paxum clients increased security and flexibility for payment management.” said Business Development Manager, Ruth Blair. “Escrow Transfers provide clients with the option to issue a payment that can be held for a specified period of time before it is released with the approval of both the sender and the recipient. In addition, once released, the funds can be withdrawn to one or multiple Paxum accounts.”

Payments initiated via Paxum Escrow Transfer are placed in suspended status during a buyer-defined period of time until both the BUYER (issuer of the payment) and the SELLER (recipient of the payment) have approved the payment.

Escrow Transfers can be initiated by any verified Paxum client, both business and personal account-holders. For clients that receive payments they distribute to others (such as Cam Studio owners), the Escrow Transfer option allows direct distribution, through either individual or bulk payments, of the incoming funds to other Paxum account-holders.

For example, prior to Escrow Transfers, Cam Studio owners would receive full payment for all Cam Models under his or her care. After receipt to the Cam Studio owners Paxum account, those funds would be split into payments that would then be sent to the Cam Models via P2P transfer. Now that Escrow Transfers are in place, Cam Studio Owners can receive payment without full deposit to their own Paxum account. Rather than withdrawing all funds to their own account first, payments can be directly distributed from within the Escrow Transfer section. This will be particularly helpful for such clients when reporting their income for tax purposes.

In keeping with Paxum’s well-known slogan “Pay With Ease”, Paxum Escrow Transfers are simple to complete, and cost exactly the same to send as regular Paxum P2P transfers. Escrow Transfers are available to all verified Paxum users. This option is located in the Transfer Funds section of the Paxum user interface.

To learn more about Paxum, or to register your free account, please visit their website at Paxum E-Wallet

Paxum can also be reached via email at

Paxum Global eWallet is the leading alternative payment service for the online adult entertainment industry. The award-winning payment company offers a cost-effective secure ewallet payment service that allows users to easily send and receive money instantly all over the world with just an email address. You can learn more by visiting their site at Paxum E-Wallet, or by contacting one of their friendly reps.

We charge regular transfer fees for Escrow Transfers:

Business clients – $1 USD per transfer
Personal clients – $0.25 USD per transfer

And as usual, zero fees to receive (unless the recipient chooses to split the payment, at which time the distributed payments carry regular transfer fees as shown above)

Move over Miley – MIA KHALIFA is in town

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Interview with Carter Cruise

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Sneaky Magazine did a great interview with “Best New Starlet” Carter Cruise.

We Spoke To Carter Cruise, Award-Winning Adult Film Star


Carter Cruise is a porn star with brains, who is as passionate about women’s sexuality and freedom as she is about having sex on camera. She’s just won a bunch of AVN and XBIZ awards over the past year, and we spoke to her about sex, the porn industry, freedom and having the balls to do what you want with your life. 

Hey, so obviously you’re in an industry most people would consider to be an extreme one… how did you get into it? What was your childhood like? Were you a restless kid?

I grew up in North Carolina, in the suburbs. You know Stepford housewives? It’s just like that; lots of golf courses. There are even rules about what colour you can paint your house. Since I was five years old I’d wanted to live in New York city. All the energy there was really appealing. I wanted to do all these crazy, amazing things, and everyone was doing those things in NY and LA. And I wanted to be amongst those people.

I liked to read erotic stories and go on Wikipedia and just read about fetishes, BDSM, homosexuality. I was interested in it partly in a sexual way, but mostly just out of curiosity about what other people do in secret.  I just wanted to understand them.

When did you start to feel as though you had a different attitude to sexuality?

I think I was pretty aware of that from a very early age. I was super interested in sex since I was really, really little. I found out about it when I was about five – I just thought it was so cool. I was very inquisitive about it as a child, and peppered my mum with questions, so finally she told me everything. And I was masturbating really early – like when I was five or younger. At the time I didn’t connect the two things – masturbating and sex. But when I was in middle school – when I first got internet access – I liked to read erotic stories and go on Wikipedia and read about fetishes, BDSM, homosexuality. I was interested in it partly in a sexual way, but mostly just out of curiosity about what other people do in secret.  I just wanted to understand them.


So partly it was discovering your own sexuality and partly it was anthropological?

Yeah. I love to understand people, I’ve always read about all types of people. I went through a phase during which I was obsessed with serial killers. I’ve always loved and been attracted to the darker sides of humanity, whether or not it’s extreme stuff like serial killers or sexual “perversions”. I’m really interested in the things people hide about themselves. Whether or not they’re actually bad, or just perceived to be bad, I’ve always been drawn to those things. Even though on the outside I’m a well rounded, socially conventional person – at least when you first meet me.

If you’re interested in serial killers you should read about Ted Bundy.

Oh! I actually have a book about him that I really love. He’s fascinating.

I had sex with lots of guys in college, but it was always the same sex, over and over again. I wanted to learn, to know all these things about my body. In porn, all these people know everything you could know. To me, this is almost like a field study.

When did you think porn might be something you could get into as a career?

I happened really fast. I never really thought about it, but I read VICE a lot, their NSFW section, and they had a lot of porn stars writing articles. Then I came across Sasha Grey, and I watched interviews with her, and Stoya… I felt like I could really hang out with them. Like I’d be more comfortable with them than with anyone I knew. So then I watched a bit of porn, and saw some artsy stuff that I really liked. I always imagined it as super cheesy, pizza-delivery-guy style stuff. Then I saw some porn that was really hot, the sex was really good  and there was chemistry. So I became really interested in the industry, just reading about it. Then I started to see what they had done with their careers, and I thought they were just so free. At the same time I was really frustrated, sexually. I couldn’t experience the things I wanted to experience. So eventually, one day, I just thought “what if I did porn?”

The idea stuck in my head. I knew I wanted to do it, but it wasn’t until I did a nude photoshoot I realized I could be naked on camera. And then I was like “well yeah, I can definitely fuckin do it.”

I’ve always wondered about this – you’ve mentioned that you wanted to use porn as a starting block to build a career, but surely the idea of doing porn was a turn on for you personally?

Oh yeah, of course. There were so many reasons I wanted to do it. There’s the business, the connections, the money. But the main reason I wanted to do it was to experience these sexual things. But when you do porn, it obviously closes a lot of doors. It makes certain things harder. So I could have never justified doing it purely for the sexual experiences. Because I needed to know that it wasn’t going to ruin my life afterwards. For example, I’ve always kept a journal, and I’ve always loved memoirs – they’re my favourite types of books. I love getting into the psyche of another person. Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to write a book in which people can get inside my head. And in order to do that, you have to live an interesting life. Some of the decisions I’ve made, even if they don’t look like the best decisions from the outside, are about that. I always look at the worst possible outcome, and ask “can I deal with the worst possible outcome, and is it worth the story?!”

Yeah, you can’t always take the boring option.

Totally. I’ve done things in my life that I knew were going to end badly, but I knew that I could handle it, and I knew it was going to be a great fuckin story! I wanna feel things and know things myself, I don’t want someone else to tell you about it. And the more experience you have, the better you can know people you come into contact with. It gives you a lot more social power – if you can understand people you can give them what they want.


Is the physical side of working in porn challenging?

Yeah, definitely. It’s like being an athlete.

A lot of the negativity you hear about porn these days refers to the damage it does to women’s bodies, how the physical acts can really cause harm.

Well, first of all that’s a dumb argument. If you play football you can die, and nobody is saying we should get rid of the NFL. I was watching a NASCAR race, and a car blew up, and killed spectators.

I do think there should be better education for girls entering the industry. For example, getting an HPV shot, which can help prevent cancer. I thought a lot about what it would do to my body before I got into porn, but I still didn’t think about getting an HPV shot. If wasn’t until my friends experienced some harm due to not getting the shot that I thought about it. So that, for example, should be a requirement for anybody working in porn. There does need to be some education about how to take care of yourself. When you have multiple sexual partners who themselves have multiple sexual partners, you’re really exposing yourself.

But I think it gets better the longer you’re in the industry. When I would work with a girl who had been around for five years or so, I’d ask her what she’d do to make sure her body was ok before and after scenes… now I have way less problems. It’s really in the first few months – when your body is exposed to all these new things – that it takes a little getting used to.

Porn really is like a professional sport. You need to eat healthy, make sure you’re body is ok. The vagina is a very sensitive part of the body. But when you’re doing anal on top of that, it’s going to completely change the way you eat. Because if you’re using an enema you’ve gotta take probiotics to replace that bacteria, for example. A lot of girls don’t research it, they don’t ask, and they don’t take care of their bodies. But that’s my personal responsibility, not the industry’s and not society’s. I’m an adult; I can take care of myself.

You said one of the reasons you got into porn was that you weren’t getting the kind of sex you were getting in life. What is it about porn that gives you the sex that you want? Why can’t you find the sex you want in life?

I think it was more about the people in porn and the trust that’s there. I lot of the things I wanted to try were very unconventional. Where I’m from, people are not very open minded when it comes to sex. So I would want to try something and they’d be like “oh that’s weird”. I would usually never tell guys what I wanted, I had trouble working up the nerves to ask. One day I eventually asked a guy I was with to slap me on the face. And he got so offended – he was this good southern boy. It really made me feel wrong for what I wanted. With porn, people are a lot more open minded. And they’re more experienced. I had sex with lots of guys in college, but it was always the same sex, over and over again. I wanted to learn, to know all these things about my body. In porn, all these people know everything you could know. To me, this is almost like a field study. It’s not always about the sex, it’s about discovering new things that I like.

Also, there’s this impression that women are the conservative ones in bed. But that’s not always the case. A lot of guys find that scary.

Yeah, totally. A lot of guys think they’re dominant. But I have a lot of energy, both in life and sexually. So a guy might be able to physically restrain me. But to be able to be mentally dominate – I was never really able to find that. They were never really getting in my head – I liked the sex I guess, but I was never engaged fully in it. So when a guy walks in the room and you can feel their dominance, that’s really sexy to me. I really enjoy being submissive, but I’m not doing it just to be submissive. I have to respect you and want to give you that.

One of our writers wrote something a while back about women’s desire to have sex with multiple men, which is one of the few remaining taboos… and that’s another thing that you explore quite openly.

Oh definitely. I did a gang-bang and it was so awesome. It was one of the coolest experiences. But I would never have had the opportunity to do that in normal, every day life. Because it’s impossible to find six dudes who are clean, who I trust, and who can keep their dicks hard! So it’s really cool to be able to explore those kind of fantasies. After the first time I did two guys on camera, I thought it was so much fun that I was like “oh my god, I can’t wait to do a gang bang!”

It’s gotta be nice to be the centre of attention.

Exactly! I never have threesomes in real life, because it’s very difficult to get the chemistry right. There’s so many weird things that can happen. But at work, I love doing them – I’m just having fun with some friends.

You’re quite passionate about women taking control and being empowered by their sexuality. Why do you think people are still so scared of it?

I don’t know. I feel like we’re past the whole inequality between the sexes, for the most part. I think its religion. We’re desperately holding on to these books and what they tell us about the meaning of life, and religion plays such a huge part in telling us how a woman should be sexual – which is not at all, except for her husband.

Maybe it’s power, too. I think if most women realized how much power their sexuality has, they’d be kind of shocked by it.

That’s very true. But I have a huge problem with that too. A lot of girls have realized that power, and they use it. They have guys buy them things, and the use their sexual power to manipulate people. We either tell women to not be sexual at all, or tell them to use their sexuality to get what they want. All that does is make men resent women. I think women should take control of their sexuality, but I don’t think they should use it to manipulate.

Source: Sneaky Magazine

Photos from AVN Red Carpet

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photos by Glenn Francis of


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