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ADT Security Sucks Balls but are you Guilty of the Same Thing?

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When a person gets a new phone number, or signs up with one of those new digital phone services they immediately get bombarded with phone calls from ADT offering them the latest in home security. And when I say bombarded I mean 3, 5 or even as many as 10 calls in a single day, every single day for weeks. You can ask them or hell, down right demand they remove your number from your list and stop calling, but they won’t. In doing so it seems to only encourage them to call you more often.

They annoy the living hell out of their customers. Sounds like a really bad business practice, right?

But you know what? THEY aren’t really doing it – their affiliates are. They seem to turn a blind eye to anything and everything going on in the name of making that sale.

And you know what’s even worse? So are a whole lot of adult website owners who run affiliate programs.

How much do you really pay attention to what your affiliates are doing?

  • Are they sending out emails, spamming people?
  • Are they promoting your content on illegal tube site?
  • Are they scamming people via IM bots?

Affiliate programs are still a very viable form of marketing your websites, but you have to pay attention to what they are doing. It’s not something you can just turn on, and hope it all works out for the best.

You are pissing away a lot of potential money by dismissing affiliates as a great asset to your company. But that doesn’t mean you can set it all on autopilot. It’s your name, your brand and your money – so you have to pay attention.

So what can you do to lessen fraud and get the most out of affiliates?

  • Consider every affiliate a TRUE PARTNER. Would you partner with anyone who asks you to? Of course not! Cherry pick who you want to do business with and get to know them! Look at each account, verify they gave you a real address and that they show you their real website. In other words, know who you are doing business with. Yes this takes time, but it takes a lot less time to get to know if an affiliate is legit up front than it does to clean up the mess afterwards. Wouldn’t you rather have 5 good affiliates than 1,500 bad ones? Then you need to start off on the right foot and get to know your potential partner up front.
  • Once you’ve determined an affiliate is a real person, with a real website, then pay attention to their traffic and sales ratios. Visit their websites and find out if there is anything you can do to help them make more sales? So many people work hard to get new affiliates, but then do nothing to maintain those relationships. It’s your program, so it’s up to you to make sure your affiliates are performing up to their potential. Don’t go into this with a bad attitude. If you want your relationship with your new partners (aka your affiliates) to be successful then you’ll need to take the initiative … be the driving force that encourages your team to be the best that they can be.

The affiliate game isn’t dead. If you do it right, if you aren’t lazy about it, you can build strong relationships with people who will promote the hell out of your program and do a good job at it. The question is, are you willing to put forth the effort it takes to find and foster these relationships or are you going to be like so many others who sing the mantra “affiliate programs aren’t worth the hassle”?

I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend 10% of my day finding good affiliates to work with, then spend my time sitting around bitching about how affiliate suck. What about you?

Every time I see a program owner bitching about affiliates, I can’t help but laugh because I know the truth. I know there is still a lot of great affiliates out there, but some program owners are clearly just to lazy to go out there and really build those relationships. They want it to be easy. They want to just install NATs and walk away, hoping it all works out for the best.




The Starr Sisters Hit The Road

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Real life sisters Natasha and Natalia (aka The Starr sisters) continue to take the industry by storm and now they’ve decided to go on tour and dance together. They’ll be making their debut appearance in Philadelphia. This will no doubt be one interesting show to watch. You can follow the Starr sisters on twitter @TheStarrSisters

 The Starr Sisters

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Belle Knox interview from Elle Magazine

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The iconic fashion magazine Elle has just posted a rather insightful interview with the Duke Porn Star, Belle Knox. It’s a great interview, but I still can’t help but wonder how in the world she has time for all these appearances around the world, interviews on TV shows, magazines and filming XXX shoots, when she is supposed to be in class. Isn’t her claim to fame that she’s from Duke University?


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Scarlett Fay returns to porn!

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While the boys are busy having their pissing matches on their own blogs, I thought I would go the opposite route and tell you some good news. And today that good news is that the adorably sexy Scarlet Fay has made a return to porn. You can follow her on twitter @scarlettfay1OH1.

Scarlett Fay

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Kudos for Wicked Pictures for This One

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Studios and website owners alike are learning one simple truth about the internet and that is if they want to attract new members then just offering them videos won’t work. Sadly because those videos are stolen and plastered all over tube sites, many of which are owned by Manwin aka Mindgeek.

So to combat this, these sites offer their fans something that they can’t get from a tube site and that’s a live show. I mean if anything Vicky Vette’s massive rise to success have shown us, is that this formula works.

But today I really have to give credit to Wicked Pictures for one upping this concept.

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Manuel Ferrara does Reddit AMA

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On Wednesday March 26 at 8 pm, Manuel Ferrara is doing a Reddit AMA (ask me anything).


The 2014 AVN red carpet (Photos Page 2)

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There were so many photos in our AVN red carpet gallery I had to break it into two posts as to not overload the server. In all there are almost 500 pics from our friends over at Pacific Pro Digital so I tried to cut it evenly between these two posts.

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The 2014 AVN red carpet (Photos Page 1)

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I was chatting with a friend about this year’s AVN Awards show that was held in Las Vegas earlier this year when I realized I never posted the massive collection of photos from AVN’s red carpet that our friends over at Pacific Pro Digital sent me. I know it’s been a few months since the show but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s better late than never, once you look at some of the great pics that Pacific Pro Digital got for us.

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A Look Behind Those Infamous Green Doors

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I recently found a great review of Behind the Green Door (the original classic from 1972) that also went into talking about the Vivid reboot which stared Brooklyn Lee as Marilyn Chambers’ daughter. The article was written by Chauntelle Tibbals who is an embedded public sociologist who has spent over ten years researching the adult entertainment industry.


I have always been a bit uneasy about Behind the Green Door (1972).

Though many call it groundbreaking and amazing (and in many ways, it was), it always struck me as rapey and racist. A woman gets kidnapped and is told by another woman that she can’t do anything about what’s about to happen to her so she might as well just enjoy it. And then… well, this is some of how I described the film in an academic paper I published in 2010:

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but will a flogger really hurt me?

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In a world dominated by political correctness, is there still a place where male domination is considered okay? Yep! Apparently it’s live and well in the BDSM community.

As tourists outside the Burbank Marriott hop on shuttles headed for Universal Studios, Doug and his partner, Tigrita, are inside a hotel conference room, lecturing on relationships: compatibility, physical attraction, boundaries, communication – all of which could apply to any couple. But this is no ordinary relationship seminar.


“I was married for 20 years,” Doug says at a key moment, “and my wife never understood my need for S&M.”

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