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Courtney Stodden Sex Tape

Get Your Free .webcam!

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To celebrate the .WEBCAM domain ending’s 1st birthday ALPNAMES, an ICANN Accredited registrar,  is giving away FREE .WEBCAM  domains. 

Go to and use voucher code XBIZSTARS to get your free domains names. Numbers are limited so when they’re gone … they’re gone

Is This the Dawn of the Sexbots?

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Matt McMullen has almost single-handedly changed the world of sex toys with his startlingly lifelike RealDolls—which sell for $5,000 and up. Vanity Fair gets an eye-opening look at Abyss Creations, where McMullen and his team build some body to love.

real dolls

It’s a beautiful morning in Huntington, West Virginia, but David Mills wants to drink beer in the same ramshackle house where he has lived since birth. In the other bedroom is his ailing, nonagenarian father. Mills the younger is best known for writing Atheist Universe: The Thinking Person’s Answer to Christian Fundamentalism. In the foreword, Carl Sagan’s son Dorion praised Mills’s “impeccable logic, intellectual bravery, and professional clarity.” Richard Dawkins gave the book a blurb—“an admirable work”—and mentioned it two times in his best-seller The God Delusion.

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DEMON SEED RADIO Gets New Syndication & Hires The Rub PR

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Demon Seed Radio is starting off 2015 with the goal of world radio domination and they’re off to an amazing start. Hosts Bobby Genital and Whitney Morgan attended the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in January and interviewed such heavyweights as Dennis Hof, Lexi Belle, Bonnie Rotten, Riley Reed, Nina Hartley, Tera Patrick, Ron Jeremy, Riley Steele, and Jules Jordan.

They’re settling into their new home on XXX Pornstar Radio and two new syndication affiliates have signed on—Wildfire Radio’s Wildfire After Dark and Tony Batman’s Planet Platypus. Demon Seed Radio can be heard on Wildfire Radio Mondays at 8 pm PST/11pm EST . And, their Planet Platypus syndication debut will be happening in the next few months.

In June, Demon Seed Radio will be taking over Royal Empire Productions booth at Exxxotica Chicago and broadcasting and doing interviews all week long for their YouTube channel and live broadcast. Look for them at Booth #529.

And lastly, they have hired The Rub PR to get their name out there and take their show to the next level and increase their brand awareness.

“We’re very excited about what’s coming up and many things we haven’t even announced yet,” says Bobby G. Host and Executive Producer of Demon Seed Radio. “We going for world radio domination and we’re doing it right. How many other radio shows have publicists? We can’t wait to see what Erika Icon and her team do for us!”

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Everyone masturbates, right? Or do they?

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10 Reasons To Make Masturbation Part Of Your Wellness Routine

Everyone masturbates, right? Or do they? And why is it so embarrassing to talk about? Should we be doing it more?


Well, here are my answers: yes, everyone masturbates. But yes, we should also be doing it more. According to Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, more than half of American adults report masturbation between one and four times a week. Men masturbate more frequently than women do, and it’s time to change that.

Through working with thousands of women as a health coach (in addition to my own personal experience), masturbation has been both an uncomfortable topic to talk about — while also being a powerful healing technique. It’s time to finally embrace it.

Masturbation has gotten a bad reputation, mainly because religion and culture tell us it’s a sin. The Bible doesn’t explicitly talk about masturbation, although there is some stern warning against “spilling your seed on the ground.” The Catholic Church decided that masturbation (sometimes referred to as “onanism” after Onin, a Biblical character) was a sin deserving of eternal damnation.

By the time World War I came around, onanism was being called “self-abuse” and described in medical texts as more dangerous to young boys than lying or stealing. Girls and women aren’t even mentioned, as if “the fairer sex” couldn’t even possibly do something so dirty.

So it stands to reason that most of us would feel some traces of shame, guilt, or even fear when practicing this very natural act. But take heart from the animal world and modern science! Dozens of mammal, bird, and insect species have been documented to masturbate in captivity and in the wild. From penguins, to dolphins, horses, and even porcupines, mother nature has no judgment when it comes to wrapping your hand, wing, or fin, around your own personal magic wand.

In honor of National Masturbation Month, here are ten great reasons that masturbation should be an essential part of your wellness and self-care routine:

1. You’ll get a healthy dose of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.

According to the 2009 University of Michigan study, orgasms cause the body to release dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, the “love and bonding” hormone.

The boost of these hormones in turn lowers cortisol, a main stress hormone. Chronically elevated cortisol levels lead to inflammation, stress-eating, insomnia, and weight loss resistance. This means your pleasure-powered work outs will more easily lead to a toned body.

2. You won’t get as many junk-food cravings.

Higher levels of oxytocin makes us feel happier, which keeps those emotionally-triggered food cravings for sugars, cheese, and other “comfort foods” at bay. Oxytocin levels are usually increased simply through the physical stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, cervix, and breasts. So even if you don’t reach climax, you’ll still release this powerful neurotransmitter.

3. For men, frequent masturbation improves sperm quality.

Why? There is less DNA damage and motility problems with fresh sperm.

4. Pleasure is physiologically relaxing, which has a positive effect on the microbiome.

The gut and the mind are inextricably linked. In my book Women, Food, And Desire, I tell the story of a client who wasn’t dating, and wasn’t masturbating. She had been suffering from bloating, gas, and a frustrating “muffin top” that wouldn’t budge for years. I took her to Babeland, a clean, well-lit sex store, and we spoke with a knowledgeable staff member who helped her pick out her first nontoxic vibrator.

After a couple of weeks of self-exploration, and regular self-pleasure, she noticed a marked difference in her digestion, and her bloating had reduced greatly.

5. Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to feel positively about their body.

This, unsurprisingly, leads to higher confidence, and a positive upward spiral of self-care. When you know what you need to bring yourself pleasure and orgasm, you strengthen your emotional intelligence and connection to your body.

Knowing how your body works, and what you’re capable, regardless of your relationship status, helps you make better decisions and stronger boundaries about dating and mating. When you can bring yourself physical pleasure, you don’t need someone else to validate that you’re sexy. You know it.

6. Daydreaming kicks life up a notch.

Another study reveals that sexy daydreams release testosterone in women, which means that when you read erotic fiction, or watch any kind of porn that excites you, your body will begin anticipating encounter, which naturally raises your libido and quite literally gets your juices flowing.

7. You will feel less pain. Really.

Orgasms (and to a lesser extent simple sexual arousal) increase blood flow to both your brain and reproductive organs, which helps soothe menstrual cramps and headaches.

8. Sexual pleasure brings you in the present moment.

Sexual pleasure is a great way to clear your mind of ruminating and excessivea nxiety. It brings you to the present moment, kind of like meditating! But if sitting on a meditation cushion isn’t doing it for you, grab your bottle of lube.

The physical release doubles as stress relief, and can be a great way to get in touch with your body and out of your head. Being in the moment, and focusing on what feels physically good to you, is a wonderful intentional practice with many benefits.

9. You can keep your sex life alive and kickin’ no matter what.

Especially if you’re single, or in a long-distance relationship, masturbation is a great way to help your sexual energy stay alive. Self-stimulating keeps your reproductive tissues flexible, strong, and healthy. The more solo-sex you have, the more you’ll want because your brain is thinking about sex more often. This is really helpful for couples who are separated or for the single person who wants to present the best version of themselves while dating.

10. It feels awesome!

And we all need more pleasure in our lives, am I right?

So join me and thousands of others as we celebration the 20th anniversary of National Masturbation Month!

Source: Mind Body Green

What It’s Really Like to Be a PR Person for Porn Stars

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Erika Icon talks to Cosmo magazine about what it’s like to do PR for porn stars.

Most publicists who represent actresses do everything possible to prevent their clients’ sex tapes from becoming public. Erika Icon (pictured below at right), the founder of The Rub, a public relations agency for the adult industry, does exactly the opposite.

“The problem is, once the perception’s out there, it will be hard to change it.”

Erika Icon - the Rub PR

I had a lot of different jobs before I got into advertising. I worked retail, I was a diamond grader for GIA [Gemological Institute of America], I was an executive assistant. I worked for a couple of different advertising agencies. I quit my last job and said, “I can’t take this anymore.” They were making me cover up my tattoos and take out my piercings, and it was ridiculous. I answered an ad on Craigslist to work for this company called WantedList. They were the Netflix of porn. I was a video buyer, because DVDs were big back then. When I was there, one of my clients said, “Do you want to do PR for us?” I worked for them on a consultant basis and I really liked it. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years now. I usually average 12 to15 clients at a time.

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Porn Star Sunny Leone tops India’s Mot Desirable Woman List

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Sunny Leone tops Times Most Desirable Woman 2014 list

ndia has voted and chosen the Times 50 Most Desirable Women of 2014. The 20.3 lakh votes received online on along with our vote decided the winners. Bombay Times spoke to Sunny Leone on topping the list.

1. Sunny Leone

What do you think makes you so desirable?

I think it may be because I live an unapologetic life and believe in doing things my way.

What does winning this title mean to you?

It’s such a huge honour to be winning this. A couple of people don’t want me to be here and want me to pack my bags and leave. Winning this title is a reassurance of the fact that I am not going anywhere and I don’t want to. I love Bollywood and want to be here.

Who do you find the most desirable man in the world?

My husband Daniel Weber. He is obviously super hot and a sexy man, but on top of that he has a great heart. He has been supporting me through everything in my life, not just my personal life, but also in my career. I have not had any mentors or guide in Bollywood. And for me, he is the only person who has helped guide me through the chaos of Bollywood.

Does it scare you that some day with age you may not remain as desirable as you look today?

No, it doesn’t. I know with age things will head southwards, but I can hope that my eating habits and working out remains the same, so that when things start heading south, I at least, will feel good in the clothes that I am wearing and I can remain desirable at least to my husband forever.

Queens of Desire

The Times 50 Most Desirable Women, in association with SRM Sivaji Ganesan Film Insitute, is India’s pick of the women who possess the looks, the confidence and the calibre to get a place on this coveted list.

See the full list here….

Is porn’s new capitals, Romania and Colombia?

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Telecommuting is shaking up the porn industry.

Camgirls—models who earn their living by stripping (and more) in front of a computer webcam for hundreds of people watching live online—are taking advantage of the Internet’s freedoms to work anywhere.

The adult webcam industry currently tops $1 billion in revenue a year and is growing fast. Collectively, the sites are estimated to be visited daily by some 5 percent of the Web’s global users. And the number of models is increasing.

But while many of those models may claim to be from the U.S., the large majority operate overseas. The percentage of cam girls who are based in the U.S. ranges from 15 to 35 percent, says Theo Sapoutzis, chairman and CEO of AVN Media Network.

That number varies from site to site, but some sites have higher concentration of non-U.S. models, adds Ophelia Marcus, a camgirl better known to her throngs of fans as LittleRedBunny.

“On the performer side there are more Americans on MyFreeCams,” she said, adding that on her site, Jasmin, the geographic mix has changed of late.

Before the recession, the number of U.S. models was actually a lot lower, said Ross Love, owner of the Best Kept Secret Talent Agency, which focuses exclusively on the webcam market. At that time, Eastern Europe made up the majority of the market, and still has a sizable stake.

As webcams became a bigger part of the adult entertainment landscape, though, U.S. models began to focus more of their attention there, in part because of the significant earning potential.

In Romania, the capital of European cam operations, models can make thousands of dollars per month. They pay taxes on their earnings and often work in studios that offer fast Internet connections, high definition webcams and a variety of studios catering to all sorts of themes (including bedrooms, showers and dungeons).

In exchange for the workspace, the studios take a percentage of the model’s pay from the website (which, in general, takes a 50 percent cut of what viewers donate).

“Lots of models are able to negotiate their rate,” Love said. “Most will start at a 50/50 split. And as they become a much better model, and if they earn a certain amount or work a certain number of hours, that split will slide a bit.”

Russia is something of a gray area for camgirls. Solo performers are legal, but the country’s strict laws against homosexuality and cyber prostitution prohibit any sort of performance with other models.

Meanwhile in the Ukraine, any sort of sexual webcam performance is illegal, though that doesn’t prevent girls from doing so.

Other big hubs for camgirls include Colombia, the Czech Republic and the Philippines, Sapoutzis said.

Ultimately, of course, the location of the camgirl matters significantly less than her ability to connect with fans. Marcus, who has been on LiveJasmin for 5½ years, competes against a largely European base of models but has been a top performer.

Some reports put her monthly income at $100,000, a figure she says is wildly inaccurate though she declines to go into specifics. Love says one of his top models on the competing site MyFreeCams earns $10,000-$20,000 per month.

That success has come by working 12 or more hours per day and establishing relationships with her regular fans. And, since Marcus is based in the U.S., she often doesn’t have to compete head to head with top European models.

“Because we all live in different places, we don’t all work the same hours, which is a good thing,” she said. “I have a feeling that the behavior is slightly different as well. There are a number of girls who will type rather than talk, so that gives me something that works better for me.”

Also, unlike some of the other models on Jasmin and other sites, she focuses solely on a single operation. Others, though, will work simultaneously on several sites to increase revenue. That’s a practice that seems to be more common among models who aren’t based domestically.

“U.S. models tend not to work multiple sites,” Love said. “It’s a very common strategy for European models to work multiple sites. … If they have a very limited vocabulary, then they’re relying on their (bodies) to get them tips, so they put them on multiple sites, since the (bodies) are the bait.”

Source: CNBC

ArchAngel Drops Contract Star Remy LaCroix

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I knew something was going on when I seen a tweet by Remy LaCroix that said “They promised me a certain amount of scenes that they won’t fulfill & now they’re going to get sued. The end.” Now the other side of the story comes out, in the form of a press release.



Less than three months ago, ArchAngel signed Remy LaCroix to an exclusive six-month contract and she filmed a handful of scenes. As of yesterday, ArchAngel has severed their relationship with Remy due to creative differences.

“We’re parting ways with Remy, but there’s no bad feelings,” says Owner Gabe Guzman. “Despite the fact we have irreconcilable differences, we appreciate the time Remy spent with us. It’s unfortunate, but we feel it’s better to part ways and not waste anyone’s time. At ArchAngel, we’re a team that works well together and everyone is equal. Remy didn’t fit that mold, so we’re walking away.”

“As a former performer, I have to say I understand the decision,” says Director Tori Black. “Any girl willing to put her company in a bad light deserves a release from her contract. Thank you to the fans that love and support us. Archangel is a family.”

“I’m very sad my partner in crime will no longer be joining us, but I understand that even though we are a tight knit family, not everybody gets along. I wish her well,” says ArchAngel Contract Star Jada Stevens.

“ArchAngel is still a young company and my focus is to continue to grow our brand the best way possible,” says General Manager and Director MimeFreak. “Going forward, we will have another signing that we’ll be announcing soon.”


Girls convince man he’s on Bang Bus as a prank!

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Anyone who’s seen a comedy movie ending in “3” knows there are reasons to be wary of the third installment in a franchise, which tends to feature no shortage of repackaged jokes and gags from previous films.

This isn’t the first time Steve Greene Comedy recruited random guys for a ride in his fake Bang Bus, but there’s something about watching the exact moment someone’s dreams are crushed forever that never really gets old.

I might know how it’s going to end, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.


Source: Elite Daily

What’s Sunny Leone been up to lately?

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While industry insiders are busy wondering who will be the next Jenna Jameson, Sunny Leone has been busy in Bollywood starring in a hit movie which just so happened to be #1 at the box office in India.

Sunny Leone in Leela - India


The Deccan Chronicle reports …. The film, which is catering mainly to single screens and having a decent run at the multiplex, has scored more over other Hindi movies that released in 2015. Following are the day 1 collections of Hindi movies in order of their release in 2015, that Sunny Leone’s ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ was able to beat. She leaves behind stars like Bipasha Basu, Ayushmann Khurana, Anushka Sharma and Amitabh Bachchan.

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