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On Set With Ron Sullivan, Chelsea Zinn, Annie Body

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I walk in the door at 10am and run into Ron Sullivan who gives me a grin lopsided by ten-hours of oral surgery to cut cancer out of his mouth.

"I can't run with the herd yet," says Ron, "but I can graze with them. I'm doing Kenny's old job -- the paperwork. Tomorrow I'm shooting my first scene."

Kenny Carolina's taken over Ron's old job -- the camera.

Chelsea and Jonny Zinn are a porn couple in their thirties (together 18 years (since highschool), married six years). They have a couple of kids they have to schlep to school by 7am every day.

In the adult industry for eight years (as a stripper, cam girl, fetish model, custom videos), she's been working in the regular hardcore industry for a year and done about 150 scenes. Today she gets sandwiched by Tony Eveready and Silvio.

Wednesday night, Rob Spallone shot a private scene for a man with a colostomy bag. The damaged guy did Katie Gold who was over the top (drunk?), yelling at everyone on the crew, "You're not leaving here until you f--- me."

When Katie swings by the house Thursday, she's calm and sober.

I overhear Tony Eveready saying he's setting up a million-dollar company with Ron Sullivan next year.

Tony got out of prison in June after serving two-and-a-half years in prison for assault (this crime was aggravated by Tony beating up Kid Vegas a few years ago and Kid Vegas snitching to the cops about it). I tell Tony that Kid Vegas resides in jail on rape charges. Tony looks pleased.

Eveready has a vast knowledge of the federal, state and county penal system. He seems to have friends at every major prison in California.

Silvio entered porn in 1989 at age 21.

Silvio booked all the talent for today's shoot. It wasn't easy with the wages Rob was offering. Girls who would normally do DP for $1,200 wouldn't come below $1,000 and so Silvio had to settle for booking the older broads.

Billy Banks has been in porn since 1990, when he was 23. He'll leave for a couple of years and then come back.

Silvio wants to move to Australia. Tony Eveready (in porn since 1991 when he was 20) loves Australia and Japan and Guam, but not France because the girls don't douche.

Tony and Silvio laugh about European girls who don't know what douche is until they come to America to work. There was Gata, a blue-eyed blonde Italian girl they did in 1991 who didn't know how to douche.

It's 11:30am. Tony and Silvio sip Silvio's Courvoisier cognac.

Tony says he never brings alcohol to sets.

Tony has five kids.

Billy says he has no kids.

"I'd have 11 kids except for pregnancies that didn't come to term," says Tony, who's getting divorced from Silver.

The boys remember taking Western Blot Elisa tests for HIV every 90-days (prior to 1997).

"Ron's not drinking today," Rob Spallone announces (he brings lunch). "He can't walk and spit. I'm making a mongaloid movie with Ron Sullivan."

Ron smiles. He faces a massive amount of reconstructive surgery in addition to probable chemotherapy.

"Ron's speech impediment is only temporary," says Rob. "Until he dies."

Rob wants this to be his boxcover shot. "Mongaloid, f--- me in my tight white ass."

Spallone warns Kenny about eating certain food. "Do you want to end up like that?" he asks, pointing to Sullivan.

"I need you guys to clean up after you eat," Rob thunders. "You are the only crew in the world that don't like to clean up after yourselves."

"You could get a job as a housecleaner if the porn thing doesn't work out," I tell Rob.

"I've got to grind it up more when I get home," Ron says about his pasta.

"No," says Rob. "It's very soft."

"I can't eat it," says Ron.

Spallone turns to me. "You're going to have a hard time in Vegas," he says. "No one's going to bother you. If anybody saw Kenny [Gallo] right now, there's nothing they could do."

Luke: "I should just give lots of space to people."

Rob: "I would. I wouldn't come within ten feet of somebody. You're a sick bastard. If you had only written in big letters, this is not me writing this stuff. It comes from Hollywoodmafia.com. You're giving this kid Kenji free publicity. You should shake him down for $500 a week because you link to him so much. No one will read his site. They read it off your site. That's why I got all these phone calls: 'What is Luke doing?'"

Luke: "What did you tell them?"

Rob: "I didn't know until the day I yelled at you and you explained it to me. I don't know what you were thinking."

Rob Spallone says he used to do business with Bill Linton. He says his father Joe helped Bill do business. Then, Rob complains, Linton screwed him and his father. So, two years ago, Rob paid Bill a visit at his office. Rob called Linton a "f------ Israeli Jew bastard."

Bill came from behind his desk and pushed Rob. Rob pushed Linton back and under his desk. Linton's secretaries called the copies and swarmed the room and protected him. "They thought he was going to die," says Rob.

The magic seems to have entirely disappeared from the Spallone - Linton relationship and perhaps only Christmas can put it back in.