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Pirates XXX Premiere At The Egyptian Theater On 6712 Hollywood Blvd


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Email Luke the missing picture IDs. Peter Stokes Reports. Gram Ponante Reports. Monstar Reports.

It was a great night for the porn industry. For a few hours, we felt like real movie people attending a real movie premiere at a real theatre.

I'd been looking forward to this event for weeks. I even skipped a promising football game between Atlanta and Philadelphia.

I heard press were coming at 5pm and the rest of the guests at 7pm.

I parked for free on DeLongpre (I'm willing to walk miles to save a few bucks) and hiked up to Highland and Hollywood, dragging along a copy of Anne Lamott's book on writing (stuffed in the back of my pants, luckily I have no bum), just in case things became boring.

The Egyptian is just like a real Hollywood premiere. There are pirates singing and a man breathing fire. Adella and company have head sets. The chicks are young, hot and plentiful.

I hang with my bud Monstar, who has Jill Kelly tattooed on his wrist. "Now that's devotion," he says.

The whole gang is here -- Mike Ramone, Peter Stokes and Peter Warren from AVN, ex-AVNers Carly Milne, Tod Hunter, Gram Ponante, photographers Richie, Gordon, Dr X, and some mainstream press such as Variety's Dana Harris. Playboy has a big crew with Gary Grey and hostess Andrea Lowell. They're shooting for a sex news show tentatively called Bang.

Digital Playground contract girl Devon does not show. Teagan doesn't either, but she's seven months pregnant.

The movie runs over four hours with ten sex scenes, which are heavily edited down in this production which runs two hours. About 75% of the crowd sits through the whole thing, cheering at the money shots and the humor.

Some of the photographers are forward and affectionate (Duke Hunter, Gordon) with the girl and others stand back (me, Richie). Gordon would as soon drop a load on a girl's face as take her picture (he fills in on some shoots, such as Brandon Irons' protein-rich productions).

I hear there were cost-overruns on the joint project between Digital Playground and Adam & Eve. An A&E source says that when A&E budget for a movie, they always come in exact, but DP has a different style -- they're going to keep spending until they get it just right.

I talk to Joone, co-owner of Digital Playground and the director of Pirates XXX, Tuesday afternoon.

Joone: "There was never tension between us and Adam & Eve. We went a little bit over what we thought we were going to be because we had to go to Florida to shoot some of the scenes. It was way talked-through in advance. We've had nothing but smooth-sailing with Adam & Eve."

Luke: "I heard there was tension with the owners of the HMS Bounty and they didn't realize an Adult movie was being shot on there?"

Joone: "It wasn't the HMS Bounty. I can't comment on the boat. Part of our agreement was that we wouldn't mention which boat we shot on. They knew everything. The problem was the city we were shooting in. The city people didn't like porno people in their city. No sex was shot in Florida. There was nothing but dialogue. They were getting very upset that 15-16 year old girls were recognizing Evan. I was thinking, 'How the hell do they know Evan?' I didn't know how popular he was until I walked through an airport with him."

Luke: "I heard some members of the crew were owed money and a wardrobe lady was owed $7,000?"

Joone: "Not at all. The wardrobe lady, Stephanie, was there last night. Everyone has gotten paid."

Luke: "I heard that identical props in your movie were used in five [gonzo] Metro movies?"

Joone: "Correct. I'm having a problem there now. I wanted to wait until the premiere was done. The studio we chose for the production... We had our meeting before. We decided we were going to build original sets, which we wanted to pay for. It was understood that once we finished shooting, those sets were going to be destroyed because they were our sets. This was all agreed on.

"Right after we finished shooting, our sets were taken and used in a bunch of Metro movies. I didn't find out about it until I saw some pictures from those movies. They tried to make a quick buck, I guess."

Luke: "Is there anything you can do about that?"

Joone: "Yes."