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Victoria Hilton, Summer Haze Victoria, Summer Asia, Pua Pua Asia Asia, Pua Ian K, Asia Ian K, Asia Ian K, Asia Bill Margold at the FSC booth Kat Sunlove Kat Sunlove Maya Austin Kincaid Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Kinzie Kener Kinzie Kener Lady Armani Lady Armani Lady Armani Lady Armani Lady Armani Lady Armani Michelle Lay Michelle Lay Michelle Lay Kinzie Kener Kinzie Lani, Robyn Lani Lani Robyn Robyn Robyn, Robyn, Sarah Blake Sarah Blake Sarah Blake Justine Joli Hollie Stevens Hollie Stevens Mason Storm Mason Storm Mason Storm Mason Storm Reyna Leone Reyna Leone Reyna Leone Reyna Leone Dee and her ex-husband Rob Dee, Rob Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee

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Leah Luv pic Leah Luv Echo Valley Echo Valley Kitty Kitty Carmen Luvana Carmen Luvana Lori Alexia Lori Alexia Gia Paloma Gia Paloma Sarah Blake Sarah Blake Sarah Blake Sarah Blake pic Tone Capone Tone Capone's tattoo Gorgeous Dre Cash Phasion Phasion Gabor Esterhazy Gabor Esterhazy Kinzie Kener Kinzie Kinzie Liza Harper Liza Harper Liza Harper Lisa, Lizzy Lisa, Lizzy McKenzie Lee Tommy Gunn Tommy Gunn Rita Faltoyano Rita, Tommy Rita, Tommy Rita, Tommy Tommy, Eva Angelina Courtney Cumz Tommy, Eva Courtney Cumz Courtney Cumz Courtney pic pic Melissa Lauren Melissa Lauren Melissa Lauren Harmony Harmony Harmony Harmony pic pic Bud Lee Destiny St. Claire Dr. Josh Dembicer of Nastura LCC Jenaveve Jolie, Kris Knight Anh Tran Keri Sable Keri Sable McKenzie Lee Jesse Capelli Jesse Capelli Summer Haze Summer Haze Craig Valentine Victoria Hilton, Summer Haze Victoria, Summer Victoria, Summer Smelly Monkey commentary More on Erotica LA

I park for free on Figuroa Blvd and walk half-a-mile to the convention. Despite my VIP pass, I have to wait in line with the fans (for 20-minutes) to get in.

Many of the girls are charging fans for pictures, including Echo Valley and Justine Joli.

Jenna Jameson and the Club Jenna booth drew the largest crowds.

Day Three report from Dan Miller. Erotica LA report.

Poster Morbid Thoughts checked my settings on my camera and changed my ISO setting to approximately 400 as we were indoors.

Tommy Gunn, owner of Assasin Pictures, is marrying Rita Faltoyano next week.

Harmony says she's been in LA for five weeks. She's worked every day except for four days.

She had two drinks Friday night at the Avalon party and was hung over all day Saturday.

She was in the chair getting make-up at 8:48 this morning when the 5.5 earthquake rolled through.

Eva Angelina said she had a few drinks Friday night and never went to bed. She's exhausted.

I talk to Jenaveve Jolie and Kris Knight.

J: "I was dancing at a club [two years ago, when she was 20]. Someone gave me a card to an agency. I didn't know it was for porn. I thought it was for regular modeling. I called it, World Modeling. They still didn't tell me what it was for. I walked in and I got promoted into doing it.

"I did girl-girl for six months. Then I only worked with him [Kris Knight]. Then I started doing boy-girl [with other guys]."

Kris and Jenaveve were together before they got into the industry.

Duke: "What are the challenges and joys of being a couple in this industry?"

Kris: "The challenges are that you both f--- other people."

J: "Yeah."

Kris: "But it's fun."

J: "We get to make our own schedule. We spend time with each other. Eight hours a day or more."

Duke: "What were you doing before you got into the industry?"

Kris: "I was a personal trainer, waiter, and manager of a general nutrition center."

Jenaveve and Kris spent one year at the same highschool but they didn't know each other. Kris was a Senior and Jenaveve was a freshman.

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool?"

Kris: "I was a loner. I had a brother two years younger than me. I hung out with him."

J: "Me too. I didn't have any friends in highschool. Nobody liked me. I think other girls were just jealous of me."

Kris: "I was looking to hook up with girls."

Jenaveve was 15 when she lost her virginity. Kris lost his three weeks before turning 18.

Duke: "How have friends and family reacted to your porn stardom?"

J: "Right before I was going to tell my mom, somebody who hates me took pictures off the internet and mailed them to my mom, and my grandma and my sister. My grandma and my sister didn't open the letters. My mom called me. She was upset. But we were so close, she was just mad at that person..."

Kris: "My family is supportive too. They said, 'This wasn't our first choice for what we wanted you to do. But ok.'"

J: "My mom said, I'm proud of you no matter what."

Duke: "How did your friends react?"

J: "I never had friends, so I don't know."

Kris: "Neither did I."

J: "The people who acted like his friends but didn't really talk to him now find out that he's a porn star and try to hang out. No. You weren't even a real friend."

I ask Craig Valentine why he fills his swinger movies with middle-aged couples instead of hot 18-year olds. "Because hot 18-year olds don't go to swingers clubs," he replies. "These swingers have millions of dollars. They're rich and they figure they can have sex with whoever they can have sex with."

I interview Peter Frost, owner of AsiaBootleg.com. He's been doing internet stuff such as live cams since 1997. He started up this DVD company a year ago. He flies around the world and shoots sex with the natives.

Duke: "What about HIV-testing?"

Peter: "We use condoms. I'm familiar with what Mark Anthony and those guys do in the Phillipines. Over there, you can't really [do HIV-testing]. It's hard to even check for IDs, much less a medical test. You don't have time.

"I know that Mark Anthony had that problem in Brazil. International Booty was their line.

"We've gone into Indonesa, Thailand, South-East Asia, and South America. We just went to Peru and Colombia. It's real reality."

Peter and company were shooting in Colombia. They told the girls to come back the next day to get paid. Some of the girls got upset and went to the police. The hotel manager tipped them off. They sent the footage out with a Colombian national who carried a bag. The hotel manager put them in a different room. Then Ian K. drove out in a car full of baggage. The police pulled him over. Peter took advantage of that distraction and drove out in another car.

John Knowles at the NJFilms event said they were warned twice yesterday about being too lewd. "The attorney for the event came over and warned us. They told us we couldn't throw out any t-shirts. But this booth here is throwing out t-shirts. They've got strippers.

"They're on us."

I ask FSC lobbyist Kat Sunlove about her husband Layne Winklebleck. She says he's not at the show. He writes most of the Free Speech Coalition monthly newsletters. The couple sold The Spectator weekly a few years ago.

Video Team doesn't have a booth this year. Its head Christian Mann replies to my question: "I had a booth once before and it was so much work and required too much staff. Since then I had some of our girls sign at the Goalie Booth, but not this year. We've not had any success at direct marketing or branding, so a consumer show isn't for us at this time. Maybe next year..."

I say hello to Sean Michaels. After we exchange pleasantries and part, he says, "God bless."

I talk to Sunny Lane's parents Shelby and Mike along with Sunny's manager, Mark C. Perry, a black man who lives in Tampa Bay. Sunny (an only child) and her parents are originally from Georgia.

I ask Mike what he thinks of the way the industry exploits his daughter. He says, "It's awesome." He wants to know if there are any older stars at the show.

Mom: "We need to find some old Traci Lords movies. [Sunny Lane] has been compared to Traci Lords by a couple of photographers. Sunny said, 'I know who she is, but I've never seen any of her work.'"

Duke: "What did you think when you found out your daughter was getting into porn?"

Mom: "Twenty years ago, if I could've done it, I would've done it. If you've got it, flaunt it, and enjoy what you do."

Duke: "What did the father think?"

Dad: "I think we helped her. She was an ice skater, then she couldn't skate any more. She wanted to still be in the limelight. I said, 'What about dancing a little bit?'"

It was four years ago. The family lived in Tampa Bay. "She went down to the Deja Vu club," says Mike. "She started dancing. Before you know it, she became Deja Vu girl of the year. Then Nightmoves magazine made a calendar of her. We supported her 110% and here we are."

Shelby: "We don't look at it as porn. We look at it as art."

Mike nods his head.

Duke: "How do your friends react when they find out your daughter is a porn star?"

Mike: "Everybody has been real supportive because they know she has potential in so many aspects of life. This is just one of them. This is just what she's in now. We don't know where she'll be tomorrow."

Mark C. Perry: "Mainstream America assumes that the adult entertainment is different from any other industry. It's not. She has made a career choice based on her goals in life. We expect she's going to be a star in this industry. This is film. This is entertainment. It is no different from anything else. Porn is nothing more than sex. These people are stars as much as anyone is, whether it is in Hollywood or the Valley. This is not the end-all or be-all. This is a branch to a lot of other things.

"These folks supported her 120% when she was vying to be a professional skater. They have not wavered from that support with any other choice their daughter has made. She's got a legitimate support system that's there for her every day."

Duke: "What kind of girl was she in highschool?"

Shelby: "Athletic. Always happy. She was training in skating. She's skated since she was seven. Going to school. Competing. Traveling.

"She had her bunions, her foot messed up [at age 21]. She had to have surgery. She couldn't compete anymore. She said, I've got to do something. I'm used to entertaining."

Duke: "Did she go to college?"

Shelby: "Nope. She didn't want to. All she wanted to do was skate. She's a certified professional iceskating coach. She can take anybody to the Olympics. She's a certified personal trainer. Pilates."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did she hang out with in highschool?"

Mike: "She didn't have an outside life from skating. She gave everything to skating."

Shelby: "She placed third in nationals pro-am ballroom icedancing [at age 17]. In freestyle, she placed fourth."

Proud mama Shelby says Sunny was on Playboy radio and TV during her first week in LA (in January 2005). Shelby accompanied her daughter to the interviews. "Playboy welcomes families."

Shelby got a job doing costumes for Evil Angel.

Sunny was with Exotic Star Models for several months but she left a couple of weeks ago. "In LA, they prefer you to have a local connection," explains her manager Mark C. Perry. "For her, that doesn't work well. She's used to having a supportive structure. I still reside in Florida and I do business on her behalf wherever I need to."

Why did Sunny leave Exotic Star Models?

Mark: "They weren't sufficient to take her the entire distance she wanted to go. Some star's potential might be limitless. Every opportunity that comes along is not a great opportunity. Some relationships are only going to go so far and you have to adjust to go further. This was an adjustment made on a management level."

Dee's ex-husband Rob says he's getting out of porn (manages two girls, Carmen Luvana and Little Miss Kitty) and getting into hip-hop.

Daniel Metcalf (who caught Mass Sunday morning) at Wicked Pictures hired a celebrity bodyguard firm to make sure all their girls are safe. They have more security than any other booth. Devinn Lane posted on ADT that she was not going to Erotica LA because of her fear of a stalker. But she walked through the show. She didn't sign for Wicked. She took Daniel's recommendation and hired the same bodyguard firm for her stripping gig.

I finally meet Tone Capone the Black Corleone.

Duke: "I heard you went over to Wicked yesterday."

Tone: "I asked them why they didn't shoot more niggers."

Duke: "How did they react?"

Tone: "They were like, she was like, that's what I'm saying. I'm going to go over there and drop off a DVD and maybe they can check out my work."

Duke: "How did she respond to you?"

Tone: "She couldn't respond. It was more like a joke to her. She took it as a joke, like I was playing, but I was as serious as a motherf-----. S---. Get some real niggers in your motherf------ movies, you know what I'm saying? Get some real interracial."

Duke: "Have you gone to Vivid and told them to put some niggers in their movies?"

Tone: "No. We need to though."

Duke: "You should stop by Vivid and Club Jenna and Digital Playground."

Tone: "Yeah, I wouldn't mind working with Jenna. She doesn't do black guys, though?"

Duke: "Maybe you could be her first? Maybe Gabor could set it up for you?"

Gabor wants no part of this.

My man Tone understands what I'm saying.

Tone: "I don't get no love. At the after-party [Friday night] at the Avalon, you know how they say separate lines for special guests and talent. I get to the door and I have a hard time getting in. 'Oh, we've never heard of you. Oh, we don't recognize your name.' Yeah, I got in, after I kept pressuring the motherf----- for a good 30-minutes, you know what I'm saying?

"I ran into Mr. Johnson. That motherf----- is as big as f---. We had a little discussion. It wasn't no argument. I asked him what he did with the [AVN] award. He said he didn't have our numbers. That he and Phasion don't talk no more. He was wrong and he knows it."

I ask Gabor: "What did you have to do to get your AVN trophy?"

Gabor: "I just called AVN and they gave it to me."

Duke: "Were you personally hurt? Did you come to look at Mr. Johnson as a son?"

Gabor: "You're crazy."

Tone: "You're as crazy as f---.

"I'm the new king of throatfu-----. You might as well say that right now off the top. You know what I'm saying? You've got to look for my trademark do-rag on my left wrist in the blowjob scenes."

Duke: "Any drama in your life?"

Tone: "S---, man, there's drama every day in my life. My bitch is getting on my nerves."

Duke: "What is she doing to get on your nerves?"

Tone: "Bulls---, man. The stuff that females do. The s--- that they don't do. She done one scene for T.T. Boy, you know what I'm saying? Her name is Tasty. Black Street Hookers 14. She did that s--- way before me... I've been with her for like a year-and-a-half."

Duke: "Is she ok with you being in the industry?"

Tone: "No, man, she's as jealous as s---. You know how that s--- can be."

Duke: "Are you going to give up the industry for her?"

Tone: "Hell no. I got rid of my last bitch for this s---. You know what I'm saying? I'm just going to do my thing. This is for me. It's hard to be in a relationship and do this type of work. She's mad right now that I'm at the Expo and she's not with me. I'm like, you can't rag behind me. I've got bitches up here that I can f---, you know what I'm saying? Grab me and rub on me and kiss me and s---. It's just part of being in the industry. That love that you get. This bitch cussed me out."

Duke: "What did she say exactly?"

Tone: "That I'm going up there to cheat. I'll find out that the bitch has been cheating on me. I'll throw it in her face. If she can keep the s--- real with me, I will always give a f---.

"When I throw the s--- in her face, she'll throw it back in my face. 'Well, you do porn.' It's hard, man."

Duke: "Where did you grow up in LA?"

Tone: "In the Crenshaw - Slausson area. You know what I'm saying? It's stereotyped as the hood. But it's a community, you know what I'm saying? Where all kind of people live, black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, even a couple of Korean motherf------ live over there, you know what I'm saying?

"I went to Crenshaw High School."

Duke: "What kind of crowd did you hang out with?"

Tone: "Aw, s---, come on, man. You know who I hung around with. Gangsters. Drug dealers. My dad got killed when I was seven and s---."

Duke: "How did he get killed?"

Tone: "A f------ drug shoot-out."

Duke: "Was he a dealer?"

Tone: "Yeah, he was a drug dealer. The s--- went bad and they popped him.

"I was young enough to understand what happened. I grew up gangbanging. My mom was in-and-out of the penitentiary most of my life. For different s---. My mom had all kinds of priors. S--- I can't even say over the air right now."

Duke: "So, who raised you?"

Tone: "My grandma raised me. She's resting right now."

He opens his wallet and shows me a picture of himself as a kid with his grandma.

Duke: "Did you get into trouble much?"

Tone: "I went to jail, man."

Duke: "For what?"

Tone: "For robbing a motherf------ 7/11."

Duke: "How old were you?"

Tone: "I was 15 when I did this s---."

Duke: "And what did you use? What sort of gun?"

Tone: "A .38. I was with three of my homies."

Duke: "How much money did you get?"

Tone: "We were hungry. We ain't got no jobs. So what are you going to do with a couple of hundred dollars?"

Duke: "How long till you got caught?"

Tone: "It was a high-speed chase. You know what I'm saying? For like 30-minutes. We threw the gun out the window into the gutter. They never found the gun. That's why part of the charges got dropped. They gave me five years probation."

Duke: "How long did you spend in jail?"

Tone: "They had my ass in juvenile for a couple of months. Then they sent me to a fire camp for a year. It's way out in the boondocks. You wake up every morning and you're chopping down something, wood and s---. It's crazy, man."

Duke: "Have you been arrested since then?"

Tone: "No, man. I've been trying to keep my cool, man. You know what I'm saying? I've been busted for smoking weed in public or acting the fool. Bulls---, man. Loud crazy s---, you know? But I've been cool lately man. Friday night I got into it with a security guard up here. Trouble just seems to find me, man. I just have a face that says trouble. Let's just go f--- with him."

Duke: "Do you look at Gabor as a father figure?"

Tone: "Man, hell no. Man, Gabor ain't s---. I love Gabor though."

Gabor: "I'm there for him, Cuntree, and Phasion. They're my cousins."

Duke to Gabor: "How come you're such a friend to the black man?"

Tone: "This motherf----- is a nigger, man."

Duke to Tone: "Do you ever take him down to the hood with you?"

Tone: "I want to, man, but his ass won't go."

Duke: "You guys could deal some drugs and hold up a 7/11 and meet some nice girls."

Tone: "You're crazy as a motherf-----."

We talk about what Gabor would do if Tone went to jail again.

Tone: "The most that Gabor would do is put money on my books."

Duke: "What does that mean?"

Gabor: "When people go to jail, people send them money so they can buy food and s---."

Duke: "Wouldn't you prefer to earn your own money by doing sexual favors?"

Tone: "You're crazy as f---."

Gabor: "He grew up with the kangaroos. That's why he's so crazy."

I meet Gorgeous Dre who boasts he did his job at bukkake more quickly than Tone Capone.

Duke: "Did it help you guys feel closer after you both worked in a bukkake?"

Dre: "We've got a competition. Who will pop just once. My pop two is second to none. He wins some and I win some.

"I can't say I'm a better performer than him. I'd rather ask the hos that knows. Get a room full of hos so we can f--- them and let them judge that. We'll f--- the bitch."

Dre says he's never been to prison.

I ask this gentleman Cash how he met Tone Capone. He says: "I was on my way to a shoot. He walked by my car with a blunt. I asked him, do you got papers, 'cause I didn't have anything to roll with. He says I got weed. He says, can I get a ride? I say, what do you do? He says he's in porn. I say, me too. He says, can you give me a ride to the set? Cool."

Tone: "I'm the most underrated and most-hated nigger in the industry. I don't give a f--- how you feel about me, what you say about me, keep my name in your motherf----- mouth. Bitch."

Phasion points out that two of his female cousins are stripping on the main stage for Deja Vu.

Tone Capone is furious that he and "his nigger Cuntree" and LT and Dave Cummingz were not included in AVN's "Men of porn" article. "The niggers worked hard," says Tone.

A Chat With Jewel DeNyle's Stepfather

From Erotica LA Sunday, June 12.

Duke: "How did you get into the industry?"

Larry Schwarz: "Our daughter Jewel DeNyle asked us if we would come over and help set up the business Platinum X. We started talking about it at Christmas 2002 and we moved here in March of 2003."

Duke: "How did you feel when you found out Jewel was working in the porn industry?"

Larry: "It was a shock obviously. She moved to California for totally different reasons. When she told us, my wife and I talked about it. We realized that this was something she wanted to do. In our opinion, it was better to be supportive of her and still be there for her. I was concerned that if we did anything short of that, she might do some things that would hurt herself. It's worked out well. She doesn't drink. She doesn't do drugs. She doesn't smoke. She bought her own home when she was 23. She called me when she wanted to know about investments."

Duke: "Who does she take after in her personality? You or your wife?"

Larry: "Certainly her mother. Looks too, thank G-d."

Duke: "She's very independent."

Larry: "I've always thought that girls should be able to do anything that boys can do."

Duke: "She's fiery."

Larry: "Yes. That she may have gotten from her real dad. I raised her eversince she was six."

Larry's wife, Jewel's biological mother, is head of sales for Platinum X.

Duke: "What do you love and hate about working in the porn industry?"

Larry: "Wow. I've never had a job I didn't like. This is the most fun I've ever had."

Duke: "What kind of adjustments did you have to make to work in this industry?"

Larry: "Not nearly what I was led to believe. I was told that the people would be different, harder to deal with. I don't think that's true. Business is business. The language is different. I don't mean bad language. Here we deal with DVDs, VHS, masters, etc. Billing is billing, collecting is collecting."

Larry served two terms as a state legislator in Colorado and for two governors on the parole board. "I was in the state legislature when I found out our daughter was in this industry."

Duke: "Did it become a political issue?"

Larry: "It did in the end, among other things."

From Rocky Mountain News, August 7, 2004:

Debbie, his wife of 24 years, is director of sales. Their 28-year-old daughter, Stephany, is co-owner and star of the company, where she goes by the stage name Jewel DeNyle.

People who knew Schwarz as a Republican legislator twice elected to represent a conservative House district in southern Colorado say they can't fathom his being part of the $6 billion porn industry.

"I could put my finger in an electrical socket and I wouldn't get this kind of a shock," says Ken Chlouber, the Republican president pro tem of the Colorado Senate, who worked with Schwarz on several bills and once wintered his burros on Schwarz's ranch in Wetmore. "If you knew Larry, none of this fits."

A former trucking company executive, Schwarz was tapped in 1997 by then-Gov. Roy Romer for a seat on the state's Parole Board. He was reappointed by Gov. Bill Owens three years later.

Then everything unraveled.

Authorities raided Schwarz's Wetmore home on Dec. 4, 2001, looking for child pornography. According to court records, police removed cartoon books depicting children having sex and other items, including tapes of DeNyle from Schwarz's home.

Police also investigated claims that Schwarz had sexually molested family members years earlier. No charges were filed, but Owens fired him from the Parole Board.

Schwarz says that after 15 months of unsuccessful job hunting, the position at his daughter's film company was the "only one available" to him.

Stephany, who refused to be interviewed for this story, spent nine years in the tiny town of Wetmore, 20 miles south of Caņon City. She is the biological daughter of Debbie Schwarz and was adopted by Larry while still a child.

People in Wetmore remember Stephany as a rowdy high school student, but Schwarz says he never detected signs that she was heading toward life as a porn star.

However people categorize his involvement in the adult industry, Schwarz says he will never abandon his Republican ideals of self-reliance, lower taxes and individual freedom.

Here's a Denver media report from 2001:

Authorities have seized dozens of pornographic videotapes and comic books from the home of former state legislator Larry Schwarz and parole board officer. [Schwarz is the father of porn actress Jewel De'Nyle.]

Schwarz, 61, who served as a state legislator from 1995 to 1997, is under investigation on allegations of incest and sexual assault on a child. He was fired Dec. 4 from the Colorado State Parole Board. He has not been arrested or charged with any criminal offense.

Custer County launched an investigation Nov. 5 after a therapist called the sheriff's office and claimed Schwarz molested her client, a 43-year-old member of Schwarz's family. The therapist said that two other family members were also victimized and that her client was concerned about a 7-year-old family member.

The search of Schwarz's Wetmore home turned up 75 pornographic magazines and catalogs, many of which contained photographs of a 25-year-old member of Schwarz's family. Investigators also seized 15 comic books with pictures of children having sex, according to court documents filed last week.

A state-owned Dell laptop computer, a Compaq computer, a black leather attache case with addresses and phone numbers and miscellaneous financial and phone records for the year 2000 were taken as well.

Duke: "Has this industry tarnished you?"

Larry: "Not in my mind."

Duke: "But in a lot of people's minds?"

Larry: "Yeah. That's their problem."

Duke: "Is Jewel a Republican?"

Larry: "Yes. We're fiscal conservatives."

Duke: "You're a religious man?"

Larry: "Yes. I was raised and baptized a Lutheran and switched to Methodist by my choice. I strongly believe in G-d."

Duke: "What do you think G-d thinks about the porn industry?"

Larry: "I think it's a matter of choice and how we each handle ourselves. My opinion is that I will go to Heaven the same as anyone else will."

Duke: "You don't think G-d has a moral judgment against pornography?"

Larry: "I don't know. That's for Him to judge. If I'm going to be judged the other way, then I'm going to be judged the other way."

Duke: "Do you feel any internal conflict about it?"

Larry: "No."

Duke: "Don't you think pornography tarnishes people's souls?"

Larry laughs. "I guess not. Any more than I believe that people who don't know about G-d are going to go to Hell because they don't know. I don't believe that G-d is that cruel."

Duke: "How often do you go to church?"

Larry: "Seldom. Mostly it is my feeling that on ranches and farms, I hunt and fish. I've always tried to explain to my mother, who's extremely church-oriented, that I feel closer to G-d in the open and in the fields. I've always loved Indians. I read a lot about the Native Americans. Just because they might've called G-d ...., it's the same G-d."

Duke: "Jewel is into Wiccan. How do you feel about that?"

Larry: "I'd prefer she would be more into normal religions. She looks at it as not a negative. I don't know where she got that. It certainly didn't come from our family. It came from being out here and associated with those people.

"She's getting in September in a Catholic wedding. She still believes in G-d. She doesn't look at Wiccan as cruel witchcraft."

Duke: "Does she cast spells on people?"

Larry laughs. "Not that I know of. The only spell that she casts on people is her beauty."

The first two years that Jewel was in the industry, is was hard on her mother Debbie. Then Scott Taylor, owner of New Sensations, took them to the AVN show in January 2000. Jewel's parents saw that she dressed in a classy way and handled her interviews in a classy way.

When Debbie became head of sales, she couldn't even say the names of her titles. Instead of "The Pussy Is Not Enough," she said, "The Kitty Is Not Enough." Eventually she and her husband used porn language, though they still feel a twinge at times when it turns graphic.

When Larry was a child, his mother would wash his mouth out with soap if he used the F-word.

As I walk out the door at 3pm Sunday, the line to buy tickets for a show that closes in three hours goes out the door. I see Cara Lott at the back of the line. The ratio of men to women is three to one.