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XRCO Awards Thursday Night

I experimented tonight with using manual focus instead of the automatic setting, which has caused me so much trouble. The results are mixed.

Tayor Wane Taylor Wane Taylor Wane Taylor Wane Taylor Wane, Bill Margold Austyn Moore Austyn Moore Austyn Moore Austyn Moore Austyn Moore Kimberly Kane Michael DeLuise, Lynn LeMay Lexy Lamour Gen Padova Gen Padova Gen Padova Gen Padova Randy West Randy West Make-up artist Alex Brett Bernie with his wife Alex Nikita Denise Nikita Denise Nikita Arianna Jollee Cassie Courtland Cassie Courtland (L-R) Cassie Courtland, Keri Sable, Eva Angelina, September Dawn Steven St. Croix, Cassie Courtland, Keri Sable, Eva Angelina, September Dawn, Mark Davis Group Group and Billy Glide Group Monique Alexander Tee Reel Monique Alexander, Vivid girl Selena Steele, Keri Sable, Tee Reel Eva Angelina, Monstar Eva, Monstar Selena Silver, Keri Sable Lori Pleasure, Lady Armani Lori Pleasure, Lady Armani Lori Pleasure, Lady Armani Avy Scott, Tom Zupko Nikki Hunter Nikki Hunter, Avy Scott Nikki, Avy Nikki, black girl, Avy Tall G-ddess, Ron Sullivan Tall G-ddess, Ron Sullivan Keiko Cytherea Cytherea Cytherea Brooklin Nights, Serena Marcus, Kimmy Brooklin, Serena, Kimmy Jersey Jaxin (L-R), Jesse Capelli, Sophia Rossi, McKenzie Lee, Jenna Jameson Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson, Monstar Jenna, Monstar Jenna, Monstar Brian Metcalf (Wicked publicist), Jenna Jameson Jesse Capelli, Jenna Jameson, Jay Grdina, Tara Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Club Jenna girls Jesse Capelli, Wankus, Jenna Jameson Wankus, Jenna Jameson McKenzie Lee, Jesse Capelli Jenna Jameson Tina Toy Tina Toy Tina Toy Tina Toy Rebecca Bardoux Jacklyn Lick, Alexandra Silk Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder Kim Chambers Jenna Haze, Kim Chambers, Tera Patrick Jenna Haze, Kim Chambers, Tera Patrick Jenna Haze, Kim Chambers, Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick Jenna Haze, Kim Chambers, Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick Jenna Haze, Kim Chambers, Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick Jenna Haze, Kim Chambers, Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick Kim, Evan, Tera Kim, Evan, Tera Evan, Tera Evan Seinfeld girl, Evan, Tera Sarah Blake, Justine Joli Sarah Blake Sarah, Justine Lisa Marie Lisa Marie Jenny Hendrix Chris Cannon, Mia Smiles Nick Manning, Skye Blue Nick Manning, Skye Blue Sunny Lane, Nic Andrews Sunny Lane Monstar, Mallou Bill Margold, Sunny Lane Shari, publicist, Monstar Flower Tucci Spiegler girls Paul Thomas, Bill Margold Spiegler girls Spiegler girls Spiegler girls Spiegler girls Spiegler girls Spiegler girls Randy West, Paul Thomas Katja Kassin Katja Kassin Katja girls girls girls Jef Hickey Alectra Alectra, Pat Myne Stormy, Christy Canyon Stormy, Randy West, Christy Canyon Stormy, Randy, Christy Genesis, Jenny, Tony Sexton Randy West, Kevin Moore Steve Hirsch Scott Fayner Scott Fayner Katie Morgan Spiegler girls Spiegler girls girl, Taryn Thomas girl, Taryn Thomas girl, Taryn Thomas girl, Taryn Thomas Jesse Capelli, Sophia Rossi, McKenzie Lee Katie Morgan Jessica Drake Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong Jessie Capelli, Sophia Rossi, McKenzie Lee Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong Eva Angelina, Keri Sable, Stormy Eva, Keri, Stormy Lauren Phoenix Jenna Jameson Flower Tucci, Jenna Jameson, April Storm, Cousin Stevie Jenna and company on stage Jenna Jenna Jameson T.T. Boy Taylor Wane, Vicky Vette, Austyn Moore, Sunny Lane, Mallou Girls Sunny Lane, Mallou Sunny Lane, Mallou Vicky, Sunny, Mallou Vicky, Austyn, Sunny, Mallou Jessica Drake Austyn, Jessica, Sunny Sunny Lane Austyn, Sunny, Mallou Gram Ponante, Austyn, Sunny Gram Ponante Gram Ponante, Sunny Lane Tricia Devereaux, Kevin Moore Tricia Devereaux Tee Reel, Cousin Stevie, Nikki Morgan Tee Reel, Cousin Stevie, Nikki Morgan British photographer Jelena Lauren Phoenix Justine Joli, Nikki Hunter, Lauren Phoenix, Flower Tucci Mark Anthony, T.T. Boy Bill Margold Jared Rutter, Bill Margold Jared Rutter Randy West, Christy Canyon Jenna, Randy, Christy, Bill Jenna, Randy, Christy, Bill Randy, Christy, Wankus Taylor, Randy, Christy, Wankus Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong Jessica, Brad Armstrong Brad, Scott Fayner Scott Fayner Brad, Scott Holly Wellin, Lexington Steele, Keri Sable, Stormy Tony Malice, Keri, Stormy Mike Barbella Jesse Capelli, Jenna Jameson Jesse, Jenna Jesse Sarah Blake, Justine Joli Brad Armstrong, Tricia Devereaux Brad, Tricia, Daniel Metcalf Missy Monroe Missy Monroe Brandon Irons, Missy Monroe Brandon, Genesis Skye Jenna, Keri, Stormy Jenna, Keri, Stormy Sophia, Paul Thomas, Randy West Jenna Jameson Jenna Jameson Lauren Phoenix Lauren Phoenix, girl Lauren Phoenix, girl Ron Jeremy, girls Genesis Skye More XRCO pics

I arrive at 6:30pm. I see Bill Margold walking up with Sandra Bullock's good friend Brian Sebastien.

Bill says he's been having visions of Jim Holliday. The great one has spoken to him from the grave, but not about baseball. Bill says tonight's show is in honor of Holliday.

Bill remembers an XRCO awards on the Santa Monica Pier when the temperature was below freezing. "It was the coldest night in the history of Santa Monica. February 14, 1990. Nina Hartley was purple. The wind whipping off the ocean. We were in a tent. I went home, got in bed with my clothes and boots on, and went to sleep.

"The poor girls were undressed. It was the night Penn & Teller showed up. Goldstein gave one of them a birthday cake."

Ray Bradbury was there. Chili Davis from the Angels. Wally Joiner. Buster Rhymes. Carrie Fisher.

"One year at the FOXE awards we had Julianne Moore, just before Boogie Nights was released.

"Georgina Spelvin will be inducted into the Legends of Erotica in Las Vegas in January. She says she's too old. She looks damn good. She's special and happy and very important to the history of the business. The modern era, with the exception of one or two people who have became a name brand, Tera is becoming a name brand...And by sheer attrition, because she's gorgeous, Janine."

Bill says Brandon Irons and Jake Steed used Bill's book Breaking Into XXX.

Roger Pipe was at XRCO. And Monstar. Gram Ponante. Tod Hunter.

I hang out with John Douglas and Porno Dave.

"Hey Bill Jr," says John.

Why do you call me that?

"Because you're always at the table waiting for scraps from daddy," John says. "You roll over so he will scratch your belly and tell you that you're a good dog. That's what you're always looking for -- parental approval."

John teases me about my love for self-flagellation. How I like to climb up on my homemader cross in my livingroom to atone for the sins of the porn industry.

John says I've moved to the undercard for being beaten up. Max Hardcore is now number one.

I hear Skeeter Kerkove Frank is staying behind the bookshelf in John Douglas's home. When the LAPD Gestapo come, John bangs on the door and says, "Flush the sugar down the toilet. They're coming to get you."

The Diary of Skeeter Frank.

Bill yells to Taylor Wane and her husband Laurent: "You should've brought the dog. It's a Chinese restaurant."

Porno Dave Micheals is sick of looking at my ugly pictures and he adjusts my camera.

A black woman named Tara walks over to Bill and introduces herself.

"Oh, you're part of the racial family," I hear him say.

What he actually said was, "You're part of the Rachel [Worth] family."

John says I take a Groucho Marx approach to woman -- I won't go inside any woman who'll have me. "You love to jeopardize and destroy all your relationships. It's a psychological compulsion."

Tara calls me down to the street when the Club Jenna girls arrive. I see four of them and take photos madly.

"Where's Jenna?" I ask.

Jenna turns out to be the brunette on the right.

"Where's Jay [Grdina]?" I ask.

He's two feet away from me.

Paul Thomas walks by with Sophia.

Jenna Jameson begins her acceptance speech: "I want to thank everyone I s--- on while writing my book."

Brad Armstrong hassles her from his table near the stage. He takes a beating in Jenna's book.

Max Hardcore tells Jenny Hendrix, 19, that she needs to lose five pounds.

Scott Fayner has a perm. He got his hair done for a relative's wedding.

Digital Playground was not there. "Everyone is on location - we're in production," says Adella. Gram Ponante was the hit of the evening, as Tod Hunter noted, as he impersonated Teagan Presley twice. Adella had appointed him to pick up any Digital Playground awards.

I hear Lisa Love no longer works at Red Light District.

Shauna Grant And The Launching Of The XRCO

Bill Margold calls me back Monday night to clarify remarks he made last Thursday about the first XRCO show February 14, 1985, about eleven months after Shauna Grant shot and killed herself (March 23, 1984).

Bill: "Two weeks after the AFAA (Adult Film Association of America) awards, which was held at the Coconut Grove, she was dead.

"In the early part of 1984, the critics (Jim Holliday, Kent Smith (now known as James Avalon), Jim Dawson, Lonn Friend) began to sense there was something wrong with the awards the AFAA were giving. Then along came this movie Virginia. Shauna Grant is in it and nominated for Best Actress. If you studied her performance, one of the bears in my office could've delivered a better performance. Yet, because the AFAA ruled supreme, you could buy your nomination, which I did for Sweet Alice ($25). Then Maria Tobalina said, do you want to win? Buy it. I ended up losing to Ron Jeremy.

"Then Virginia won some awards and we critics we were livid. Now we are born.

"Within two weeks, Shauna Grant died. I felt she was our mascot.

"We didn't know if the XRCO was going to survive. We had a meeting at Pussycat Theaters. Musso & Franks [Grille]. Jimmy Johnson said to me, we'll see to it that you never get your show off the ground.

"I went down to pay homage to Dave Friedman (of the AFAA) on Cordova St off Vermont on Washington (now there's a Korean church and a childcare center). He was one of the most powerful people in the business. I had known him for years through the Cordova Street Clique -- Dick Aldridge, Bob Chinn.

"I had worked for Carlos Tobalina as publicity director from 1976-84. I was fired for creating the XRCO.

"I believed in what the XRCO stood for -- truth and honor.

"I knocked on the door of Dave Friedman's office at 7am. He said, what are you doing here? I said, I'm here to pay homage. Five hours later, I also told him that he was going to be the first person inducted into the XRCO hall of fame. He said, don't worry kid. We'll leave you alone.

"Friedman knew that they [AFAA] were a dinosaur and they were corrupt. We based our awards on truth and honor."

Bill met Shauna Grant in San Francisco in 1982 on the set of The Young Like It Hot. "I said, 'I'm Bill Margold.' She said, 'I know who you are and I've been told I can't talk to you because you're a bad man.'

"I was adopting people as far back as 1973. Here was this magnificent woman I knew was fragile. I would've been happy to take her into the den and make her one of the bear cubs.

"It always disturbed me that I couldn't help her. On the night of the 1984 Erotica Awards (by the AFAA), there were famous people there such as John Landis, Francis Ford Coppolla, John Milius... It's rumored that they promised things to Shauna Grant that they never delivered. Within two weeks, she was dead.

"I've always felt down deep that she was the one I failed completely. I know that [Jerry] Butler worshiped her. [Joey] Silvera worshiped her. They both said she was too vulnerable for this business.

"I told Butler the story of my confrontation with her. He said, you should've just dragged her out of there.

"Had she not been nominated for Virginia, had she not been so vulnerable looking that night in 1984, we probably would've never gone on to the XRCO. We were livid that she was getting all this attention. It obviously went to her head.

"As daylight poured through the window, I woke up crying on February 14, 1985. I had just had a dream of saving Shauna Grant from a house full of bad people who were chasing her around. I grabbed her in my arms and we jumped out of the window and landed on the grass. After I saved her, she kissed me on the cheek and said, do it right.

"I remember the grass was wet. And I woke up crying.

"I was with Drea. She asked me what was wrong. I said, I just saved Shauna Grant. She said, do it right.

"If you look at any pictures from the first XRCO, you will see Bill Liebowitz, Jim Holliday, Jared Rutter, Kent Smith, William Rotsler and I were wearing jackets with "Heart On" on it and the sentiment, 'Do It Right! Shauna Grant, 1984.'

"The night of the first XRCO show [at Gazzarris, now the Key Club at 9107 Sunset Blvd], the show began, and within the first ten minutes, the lights blew out. All the enemies of the XRCO said ha. They said the show was over. I said, no it's not. Shauna is on our shoulder. She said, do it right.

"Two hours later the lights came on. That was the most emotional show ever staged. Holliday did the first hall of fame. He inducted the King (John Holmes), Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis, Harry Reems and John Leslie.

"Bill Gazzarri was the semi-connected godfather of Hollywood. He liked me for some reason, so he gave us the club for nothing. There were over 400-people there."

The last AFAA show was 1986. The two hostesses were Brandy Alexandre and Viper.

Bill: "When [Jared] Rutter said he had to put up with a lot and his sanity was strained over the years, I'm the one who did that. That's my nature. Someone has to keep things stirred up.

"It was an honor to pull off what I did -- getting Randy [West] and Christy [Canyon] up on stage to honor Jenna. I would've liked to have had the hedgehog there. He showed up ten minutes after the fact."