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Adam Film World (AFW) pioneered serious coverage of adult films on the West Coast and was the magazine of record in the industry until AVN took over that position in the mid '80s. Since then, the stodgy magazine has lumbered downmarket to compete with HEVG. Because it also ships to Canada, AFW has to censor itself in strange ways. For years it couldn't use the terms "anal" and "double penetration."

The publisher of Knight Publications is Bentley Morris. His late brother Arthur Schwartz ran the warehouse until he died in 1990. An assimilated Jew, Bentley changed his name to sound less ethnic.

Morris's partner was Ralph Weinstein. Both men have turned the business over to their sons who never caught on to the internet. They sit on huge libraries of content.

For many years, Filipinos composed the bookkeeping department. Most did not speak English. The art department was composed of lesbians and the typesetting department was flamingly gay.

The first editor of Adam Film World was the late Ed Sullivan, a defrocked Jesuit priest who had monthly lunch meetings with the local bishop.

A former Mormon missionary with a degree in film from Brigham Young university, Kent Smith worked at Adam between 1979-83. He now makes movies for Metro under the name James Avalon. He's worked in the industry for over 20 years in various capacities.

Ex-performer Tim Connelly edited the magazine Adam Film World under the psuedonym Jeremy Stone. He was there from 1985 - 2003.

Tim worked in the New York sex scene beginning in the late '70s. He lived and worked with Helen Madigan. Then he met Kelly Nichols and they moved in together.

One day they worked on a Jerry Garfinkle set. Tim, a long time friend of Eric Edwards, met  Kimberly Carson and soon after they married and had children.

  Gossip columnist Helen Bed wrote in 1986: "Kimberly Carson and her new hubby Dick Howard (Jeremy Stone) had a major falling out. Seems Miss Carson was not thrilled her beau's attentions to other women..."

In 1995 Tim and Kimberly divorced.

A trim, balding athletic man who works out regularly and wears an earring, Connelly married Christy Canyon in 1996. She filed divorce papers on him in late 1998.

Tim's unique writing style makes him a worthy successor to the late pornographer Ed Wood.

He describes Kaitlyn Ashley: "She of the fattest labia in the current crop of video vixens...not to overlook her wondrous way with sticking a dick up her ass. She's always the girl with the ready mouth, large tits and eager genitals, making her the kind of slut you want to take home and f--- in the garage." (AFW 97)

Sophia Ferrari: "This lusty wench is the kind of porn queen we don't get enough of these days. She may not be the most beautiful box in the biz, but she's one of the most amarous lovers, linking with studs and laying wide open her legs, letting porn dicks invade her snatch and bowels with vigor. She's been a busy poon since getting into the jizz biz, churning out tons of low budget titles.... Most of her performances have at least two of her holes filled the entire time." (AFW 97)

Jim Holliday inducted Tim Connelly into the X-rated Hall of Fame in 1998, writes the 4-98 AVN. "Stone…relayed some bizarre anecdote about Joey Silvera, a live sex show, a pizza delivery man and a gun."

Tim described his career: "Where else can you hike ten miles, come home, and watch a video with a midget doing bong loads wearing a duck suit?" [Referring to a Rob Black video?]

AFW is at 8060 Melrose Avenue, LA, CA, 90046. 213-653-8060


Hart Williams writes: "Free Speech" Coalition, huh?

It astonishes me that these bastards can't live with the same degree of scrutiny that any City Council member in Dogsbreath, Idaho would expect.

But then the Industry has held their "media" [the mags] in utter thrall for more years than I'd care to count. I oughta know -- I endured a decade of blue-pencilling for inadvertently being less than reverent towards the Porn Kings.

The normal tack taken is: "Either you fire him/kill the article/ give us some GOOD press, or we pull our ads/take you off the free stills list/take you off our screening list."

In 1985, I was "relieved of my duties" in editing (and keeping the top ten charts) for FILM WORLD REPORTS because (as was told me by the late Ralph Weinstock, which is why I'm not naming any names) a "certain company" (still existent) [VCA?] threatened to pull all their advertising from our other magazines and the annual film directory.

Why? I refused to "cook the books" and put a certain number of their videos in the top 10 -- whether their sales justified it or not. This "quota" I was informed, had been strictly adhered to by my predecessors.

Do I believe that they DON'T pull this on AVN? Hardly.

Kill the messenger, FSC. Hell, if you'd have gotten to Luke sooner, Mark Wallice WOULDN'T be HIV positive, right?


Adam Film World editor Tim Connelly aka Jeremy Stone will play the drums for his group "Trance Poets" at “The Night Before New Years Party” Saturday, December 30th at the dive bar The Mint, 6010 W. Pico Blvd (between La Cienega and Fairfax).

Connelly plays the drums simply because he loves doing it, not because he thinks he's going to be a rock star. He got over that a few years ago.

May 2003

Tim Connelly moved to AVN to become Publisher and Editor. Anthony Petkovich succeeded him.