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A Fuck You Facial? Oh my!

UK Glamour girl Tess O Reilly (who used to work a lot with Bluebird in the past) tweeted one hell of a picture to her ex-boyfriend today. The picture says it all!


Christy Mack Update

Christy Mack tweeted an update about her condition here. 2 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and last night. I’ve had several dentist visits to make eating more comfortable and make my smile look more normal. I still have a few more dental visits to go. I’ve had my eyes checked out and made aware that […]


Porn Stars Sara Jay & Siri’s World Cup BJ Twitter Pledge Going To the Finals!

With the World Cup ending this coming Sunday, June 13, only one thing is certain, all of the twitter followers of Porn Stars Sara Jay and Siri will have BJs on the line in the Finals.  


Pakistan ordered Twitter to block Porn Star Belle Knox’s account

Porn Star Belle Knox has the privilege of being among the first Twitter accounts with content banned in Pakistan. You can follow Belle Knox (aka the Duke Porn Star) on twitter @belle_knox Last week, Twitter was, well, atwitter about a post by Eva Galperin of EFF accusing the platform of “betraying its most fundamental values” […]


Dropping’ Loads – The Legend of Nick Manning

Nick Manning was recently inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame but he seems not to be slowing down. I guess it’s true what they say … there is no rest for the wicked! I heard awhile ago about a documentary of sorts in the works for Nick Manning and was curious to check it […]


What PORN Has Taught Me..

Pretty funny subject going around twitter. Porn Has Taught Me…. and people fill in the blank. Here are some of the funny ones- #PORN HAS TAUGHT ME… Americans order pizza for a completely different reason than I would. that the pizza delivery guy is bringing more sausage than you expected how well i can hear […]


HIV+ in UK?

ChristianXXX just posted on twitter that he received an email from AIR (Adult Industry Resources) that there was a positive HIV test. No other info was given. Christian is in England, so they are talking about a British or European Performer. I’ll give you more info when I get it… Thanks Christian


Twitter Tidbits

Subjects twirling on twitter. Take  it as gossip. I thought you’d think twas interesting   Voodoo Claims on a radio show that he was "with" Lindsay Lohan while her father slept downstairs..  Michael Lohan says ( in the NY Post) – "Another worm crawling out of the woodwork trying to get some publicity," said Lohan, […]


Twitter to Censor Tweets?

Twitter to Censor Tweets? From Yahoo News Twitter, championed as a tool of free expression during the Arab Spring, was facing censorship charges on Friday after announcing it can now block tweets on a country-by-country basis if legally required to do so. San Francisco-based Twitter stressed the move in no way compromised its commitment to […]


Nica Noelle Quits APA

NL- These are tweets where Nica explains that she is leaving APA, ( the adult org she co-founded and why. FYI- Rodger, is Nica’s fanboi, the same one whose email and story is here   Nica talks about a "PWL" site and a sick person. I believe she means Sean from TheRealPornWikiLeaks because he […]

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