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How to be a porn star

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True Detective’s Second Season Will Involve An Elephantine Orgy Sequence Featuring At Least Two Porn Stars!

True Dicktective‘s… Uh, Detective‘s… Second Season Will Involve An Elephantine Orgy Sequence Featuring At Least Two Porn Stars! Yet another reason to watch the second season of True Detective! According to sources, HBO‘s dark and moody modern day noire just shot a gigantic orgy shot over two days in a mansion in Pasadena! Time may […]


Do Porn & Mothering Mix? Alana Evans on Dr Drew & Shelley Lubben Appears…

see the clip here Do Porn & Mothering Mix? Alana Evans on Dr Drew Show OP/Ed by Cindi Alana Evans appeared on Dr Drew yesterday on a show about doing porn and being a good mother. I saw a ten minute clip from the show and Alana did an amazing job of answering hard […]


Shelley Lubben Wanted NO “Playboy Club” -Now it’s GONE

NL-Shelley Lubben was protesting that this show was even going on the air. She told "The series looks like it’s all cute, taking place back in the old days — it seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. NBC is breaking the law […]


Larry Flynt On Presidents & Free Speech

From Watch the full interview with Larry Flynt tonight. "Piers Morgan Tonight" airs weeknights on CNN/US at 9 p.m. ET and on CNN International at 0200 GMT (Live simulcast), 1200 GMT and 2000 GMT / HKT 2000 CNN — "I don’t have any regrets," Larry Flynt tells CNN’s Piers Morgan. "And I do feel […]


Eat Out At Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen in L.A.

NL- Totally off topic, but thought this was cool. You can submit your name etc to eat at Hell’s Kitchen which is shooting in LA for the next couple months. Since they want a restaurant full of beautiful people, I think if industry types applied with the occupation of model, or actor and gave them […]


Where Charlie Sheen Goes…

trouble follows… If you haven’t been watching the drama, I’ll give you a quick synopsis to catch you up to date… All of this is Op/Ed from various online sources, mostly Let’s start with ALLEDGEDLY>> Charlie Sheen tore up a hotel room while porn star/escort Capri Anderson locked herself in it’s bathroom and called […]


Free Press- Some News Stories are actually Paid Promo Spots

Los Angeles Times Investigation Shows Deception Continues on Local Newscasts From The Free Press (NL- With the stories I am posting today, I guess it’s fighting for free speech day, but shouldn’t it be that everyday?) WASHINGTON — Free Press has filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission asking the agency to investigate the […]


Pipedream’s Adult Novelties on NBC’s Comedy OutSourced

Pipedream Gets Outsourced NBC Show Features Pipedream Bachelorette Items for New Show This Fall   CHATSWORTH, Calif. – September 28, 2010 – Pipedream Products, a leading adult novelty manufacturer known for its robust line of best-selling Bachelorette items, will have several products placed in NBC’s new comedy, Outsourced.  NBC described the show as a workplace […]


Stagliano on FOX tonight

Yesterday, John Stagliano, the owner of Evil Angel, taped a segment on the subject of the first amendment live in New York for John Stossel’s show Stossel for FOX Business network. The episode will air for the first time at 8pm on Thursday, May 20. John Stagliano is currently being prosecuted by the federal government […]


Sasha Grey on Entourage

Sasha Grey will have a re-occuring role on the upcoming season of Entourage. She will play herself in the role of Vince’s girlfriend. “Sasha’s the biggest porn star in the world right now, and when Soderbergh casts her as the lead of his movie, I take notice,” Entourage creator Doug Ellin said. If someone who […]

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