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How to be a porn star

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Shawna Lenee talks about being an atheist

Porn Star Shawna Lenee talks about being an atheist, religion as a whole and the crazy ass Kim Davis.


Exxxotic Dallas faces problems

Welcome to the south, baby! Where we are known for our high end tittie bars but pretend we have a problem with porn. Shawna Lenee (@ShawnaLeneeShow) snapped some pictures of the people protesting Exxxotica Dallas. Apparently they have gone beyond just calling the porn stars names, but are also throwing Holy Water on everyone who enters and exits […]


Porn Safer Than Religion (at least their websites)

NL- So to follow that thought, are priests more dangerous than pornographers? hmmm By Stewart Tongue from YNOT – Surfers are less likely to encounter cybercrime at adult entertainment websites than in many other places online, according to antivirus software development firm Norton. The company attributes the increase in the reliability of adult sites to […]


Do Porn & Mothering Mix? Alana Evans on Dr Drew & Shelley Lubben Appears…

see the clip here Do Porn & Mothering Mix? Alana Evans on Dr Drew Show OP/Ed by Cindi Alana Evans appeared on Dr Drew yesterday on a show about doing porn and being a good mother. I saw a ten minute clip from the show and Alana did an amazing job of answering hard […]


Sexual Abuse in London Catholic School Investigated

  From LONDON — The Vatican has ordered an inquiry into decades of sexual abuse by clerics at a Benedictine abbey in London, whose former head monk has disappeared while facing allegations of sexual assault. Ealing Abbey runs St. Benedict’s School, a private Catholic institution whose former pupils have made allegations of abuse dating […]


Scientology Investigates South Park

NL- Has nothing to do with porn, but has a lot to do with freedom of speech! from Scientology Targeted South Park’s Parker and Stone in Investigation By Tony Ortega Sun., Oct. 23 2011 at 10:30 AM UPDATE: New Scientology internal documents about the investigation of Parker and Stone leaked. Another interesting revelation at […]


Shelley Responds to Her Brothers Vid

 Shelley wanted me to let you all know– "Please tell everyone at Lukeisback that I am truly sorry they have become involved in our family’s private issues. I want you to know that this family fight could go on forever. My brother will probably reply with emails and I could do the same and my […]


WOW- Shelley Lubben’s Brother Speaks out Against Her

NL- In thinking about this whole situation, I was trying to decide if a family fight belonged on LIB. But considering that one member of this fight is using her words to fight pornography in Jesus’s name. I think this IS the exact right place for it. The below video is from Shelley’s Brother Chris, […]


Maddy, Shelley Lubben, Fattorosi, Lawsuits

NL-Maddy has sent me & given me permission to post the back and forth with her Lawyer Michael Fattorosi and Shelley. This is when Maddy left Pink Cross originally & wanted her info taken out of the Pink Cross  marketing material. Fattorosi, btw, did this stuff for Maddy for FREE! Feb 9, 2011 Pink Cross […]


Shelley Lubben- Drug & Alcohol Problems ?

Michael Whiteacre has been putting up  pieces of his Documentary on Shelley Lubben for a while now. Here is his newest, an interview with Madelyne who worked with Shelley & Pink Cross.  LMK what you think…    I would be happy to post Shelly’s side of this story also. Or anyone else legitimately involved.

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