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Romney Would Cut Off All Funding to Planned Parenthood

from Huffpo Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney thrust himself into the the Susan G. Komen controversy on Monday when he said in a radio interview that he agreed with Komen’s decision to cut Planned Parenthood funding. When Minnesota radio host Scott Hennen asked Romney whether Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the leading U.S. anti-breast […]


Romney for President? Updated

UPDATE- Michele Bachmann announced today she is dropping out of the presidential race, saying "I have decided to stand aside." NL- DAMN! I was looking forward to a Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin ticket! ( j/k)   NL-Who would you pick as the Republican candidate and why? UPDATE Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was the 2008 Republican […]


Candidate WAS Gay, Did Drugs, Had Sex With a Child, but Now She’s a Christian !

NL- What a role model! lol from Linda Wall, Virginia House Of Delegates Candidate, Admits Lesbian Affair With Minor The Huffington Post   by Luke Johnson Linda Wall, a conservative independent Virginia candidate for the House of Delegates, admitted on Wednesday that she had an affair with a female student as a junior high […]


Bachmann- I Didn’t Say That!

NL-Must be some other chick who LOOKs like Bachman and is running for GOP Presidential candidate. She said it, it’s on VIDEO on line, and now she says she didn’t say it. Yep, she’d make a good politico, she already has the straight-faced lie down… OH, and BTW Michelle’s whole NH campaign staff just quit […]


Let’s MAKE Congress Reform!

NL- this is an OP/ED by Jimmy. I love the idea of it.  But I’m sadly jaded enough by our political corruption to think it would never happen. The 26th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States granted the right to vote to 18-year-olds. It took only 3 months & 8 days to be […]


WOW- Shelley Lubben’s Brother Speaks out Against Her

NL- In thinking about this whole situation, I was trying to decide if a family fight belonged on LIB. But considering that one member of this fight is using her words to fight pornography in Jesus’s name. I think this IS the exact right place for it. The below video is from Shelley’s Brother Chris, […]


The Republican Race….

So Bachman is in it to win it. According to the Ames Straw Poll (Ames is a town in Iowa) Bachman is their number one choice to run for president. (OMG this is scary) Tim Pawlenty  who was running for the nom for a few seconds, quite the campaign when the Ames Results showed him […]


Is Michele Bachman MILF Material?

NL- Who is the political figure you would consider a hot MILF? Michele? Sarah? Hillary? WOW, I think Newsweek forgot to retouch her wrinkles on this cover. Intentionally? Did they WANT her to look awful? Fox news thinks so in the story below. FROM Rep. Michele Bachmann has declined to get into the scrum […]


Bachman Against Gays, Porn and So Much More!-UPDATE

UPDATE- Bachman’s husband runs a center to "council" people and change them from gay to straight, he calls gays Barbarians. "We have to understand: barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That’s what […]


First Woman to Announce Her Run For Prez

NL- She looks damn good for 55, although i see signs of having work done. ( this picture is probably from when she was first elected to congress 5 years ago) Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her run for the2012 Republican presidential nomination today. according to her website-Congresswoman Bachmann hosted the first Tea Party Caucus […]

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