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How to be a porn star

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Who’s the better Donald Trump?

Both Wood Rocket and the Dog Fat Network are producing Donald Trump like pornographic parodies. James Bartholet plays dirty Donald for Dog Fart while Dick Chibbles was cast as the Donald for Wood Rocket. Who do you think does it better? It’s hard for me to say which I prefer, they both look pretty great. […]


Is there a Donald Trump Sex Tape?

It’s okay. Calm down. No I wouldn’t do that to you! LOL Don’t worry there isn’t a Donald Trump sex tape (that we know of). But there is an audio file I think you might want to hear that could be just as damaging to his career. Or not – it seems the more insane […]


Pakistan ordered Twitter to block Porn Star Belle Knox’s account

Porn Star Belle Knox has the privilege of being among the first Twitter accounts with content banned in Pakistan. You can follow Belle Knox (aka the Duke Porn Star) on twitter @belle_knox Last week, Twitter was, well, atwitter about a post by Eva Galperin of EFF accusing the platform of “betraying its most fundamental values” […]


Missing Al Goldstein… or not?

Al Goldstein… By C. Loftus He could be harsh, rude, overboard, overstep boundaries, but he was always honest. When I read that he died yesterday I was sad and a bit nostalgic. If you asked me to describe him in one word, it would be Asshole. And if you gave me two words, I’d say […]


Obama Gets Four More Years!

These are current statistics but not all votes have yet been counted. Quick Results- Obama won 303 electoral votes                             Romney got 206 Florida has not yet been counted Obama also won in popular votes 60,085,524 Romney got 57,401,992


What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ?

What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ? from On September 25, 2012, in Legal, by adultbizlaw We are now 42 days from November 6th and the vote on Los Angeles County’s Ballot Measure B – otherwise known as the “Condoms in Porn” law. In the next 42 days […]


Dave Cummings Says VOTE!

NL- One of the kindest, and wisest men I’ve met in this biz, gives some advice below. He is worth listening too.     FROM  THE  TRENCHES                     BY:  Dave Cummings, Hall of Fame Porn Star   SEP, 2012 Listen up, as this is important. Elections are coming up, and we all need to register […]


One GOP Candidate Left Standing

After a weekend of "prayer and thought" Santurom Drops out of the race. That means Mormon Governor Mitt Romney will clinch the Republican nomination and go against Obama. A Washington Post/ABC News survey shows 51% of Americans would choose Obama over 44% for Romney if the election were today.


John Edwards Is a Scum Bag, Who Hired Hookers

NL- John Edwards is a scum bag for many reasons. I don’t have a problem with people hiring hookers. I have a problem with married men cheating on their dying wives and paying for it with OUR money. from By Murray Weiss MANHATTAN — A call girl working for alleged "Millionaire Madam" Anna Gristina […]


Ira Isaacs Writes while Awaiting His Verdict on (Scat) Obscenity Charges

Email (Op/Ed)  from Ira Isaacs- At the time I’m writing this letter, the outcome of my trial is unknown. The trial has ended and the jury will make its decision soon. First, I want to say, I love porn. I’ve watch porn since the early ’70s, the time of John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Harry Reems, […]

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