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How to be a porn star

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What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ?

What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ? from On September 25, 2012, in Legal, by adultbizlaw We are now 42 days from November 6th and the vote on Los Angeles County’s Ballot Measure B – otherwise known as the “Condoms in Porn” law. In the next 42 days […]


Did Luka Commit Murder in L.A. ?

from Los Angeles police are looking into a possible connection between a Canadian porn actor suspected in the mutilation of a university student and the killing of a California man who was also dismembered in the same grisly manner. In January, a woman walking on a hilltop trail near the famed Hollywood sign discovered […]


Newsweek is F’ing Up Says Public TV

    Orgs to Newsweek: Stop F-ing Up By Chris O’Shea on February 13, 2012 3:27 PM Some organizations, such as public television stations, give out subscriptions to Newsweek as gifts for donors. Those companies are grateful — after all, according to the New York Times, those gifts have helped raise millions — but they’re […]


Kat Von D Says Jesse James Cheated on Her With 19 Women

From Wipe that guilty grin off your face boy! Once a cheater, always a cheater? According to Kat Von D, Jesse James’ ex-fiance, the adage has never been more true. The reality show star took to Facebook to open up about her failed relationship with James following their roller coaster of breakups and makeups […]


A Guilty Guy Meets Max Hardcore & Writes About it

picture by Pacific Pro Digital NL- Max- I’d love to do an interview with you if you are up for it. Cindi at Lukeisback dot com.  Max Hardcore is out of prison now, but Writer Shalom Auslander visited Max in prison and discusses his guilt about enjoying his movies with Layla, Ashley Blue..  Very interesting […]


IFFOR Hires Former ICANN Staff- How Convenient!

From  – The International Foundation for Online Responsibility — the organization tasked with setting policy for the operation of websites within the dot-xxx domain space — has hired former mainstream journalist Kieren McCarthy to lead its public outreach efforts. Among other things, McCarthy is the author of the authoritative book One Domain, Two […]


Forced Into Porn

From (CNN) — A Chinese police official apologized Saturday for his department’s handling of a case in which a man allegedly killed two of six women he had held captive in his underground lair, where they were raped, forced into prostitution and featured in porn videos, state-run media reports. Li Hao, a 34-year-old who […]


China Teaches Sex Ed to Six Year Olds

NL- The U.S. is such an overly conservative country that now Communist China is teaching their kids about sex at a young age, and America keeps their kids in the dark. Sad.   from Beijing (CNN) — China has long been considered a conservative country where talking about sex is taboo, especially to children. […]


Missing Aruba Tourist, Robyn Gardner, Sex Connection?-UPDATE- Another UPDATE

UPDATE  read whole story at     … "Graphic, disturbing and ‘beyond pornographic’ images are believed to have been found on Gary Giordano’s camera of missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner, calling into question the relationship between them, who were at first believed to simply be travelling companions." … … "Giordano’s camera, as well as his laptop […]


Home Circumcision- OUCH!

From An Oregon woman who tried to circumcise her 3-month-old son at home after reading the Old Testament and watching YouTube videos has been sentenced to five years of probation. Keemonta Peterson pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal mistreatment. The 30-year-old Portland woman must also undergo mental health treatment. Peterson called 911 and the boy […]

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