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How to be a porn star

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On the set of David Lord’s The Key for Wicked Pictures

These are production stills from David Lord’s THE KEY, his first scripted narrative feature for Wicked Pictures in Los Angeles, California on September 1, 2015. These photos were taken by Glenn Francis of Pacific Pro Digital.


On The Set with Wicked Pictures for Aftermath

You know I normally don’t post any press of any kind that has to do with Wicked Pictures as a policy because of one certain contract star but I’ve decided to make an exception because our good friend Glenn Francis from Pacific Pro Digital went out there and got us some great shots and since […]


Fornication 101

This isn’t some major breaking news story. It’s just a cute title I seen at Gamelink today and thought you all might like it as well. For some reason it gave me a chuckle. It’s a box cover for the new movie called Fornication 101. Don’t know why I was so amused by the name […]


The new generation of taboo porn

In the 1970s and early ’80s the Taboo movies were such a big deal. They went out of style for awhile, then you had the Amber generation of porn and the birth of the porn star. Then we moved in the time of the feature film, then the parody generation. We are still in the […]


Wicked’s UnderWorld Pics- First Look

Pics by Francis of UNDERWORLD, Director Brad Armstrong’s Spectacular Land of Wonder, Sensuality, and Danger Underworld casts Ms. drake as Tanya, a young woman whose hospital stay is interrupted when she awakens to find herself in a surreal wonderland where destiny and desire collide. She soon learns that this “underworld” is a purgatory of […]



NL- Hot women with weapons! What a beautiful boxcover,  this small size, doesn’t do it justice. Amazing star line up also. I can’t wait to see it. And add in 3D, WOW! HUSTLER VIDEO BRINGS YOU ADULTS’ GREATEST STARS IN ITS LATEST PARODY MOVIE “THIS AIN’T THE EXPENDABLES XXX 3D”   (October 3, 2012 — […]


Mercedez Releases Deluxe Edition of Thrust on HD- Hottest Scene!

NL-There is a scene in this movie that is on my list of hottest of all time. Mercedez is tied to a stair railing and teased and tortured until finally freed to join in with Brook Haven & Ray for a sex-filled threesome. Here is my review from 2008 on the movie– The first scene […]


It’s a Movie Weekend- the Good, The Bad & The AWFUL !

NL- It’s so Freakin’ HOT outside, I spent the weekend in the house, with the a/c full blast. I did some late spring cleaning (anyone want a HD DVD player?) and watched a bunch of rented movies. What did you do? Did you lose power? Stay cool? Stay inside? Venture out to cook an egg […]


“Revenge of the Petites Is A Hit!

  June 5, 2012 — TARZANA, CA — is racking up rave reviews from critics and fans with its mega-hit feature, “Revenge of the Petites.” Available exclusively through Exile Distribution, the 3-disc set contains nearly 8 hours of content, including the original feature movie, extended sex scenes, interviews, and a behind-the-scenes documentary.  Retailers and distributors should […]


Kickstarter Helps Misty Beethoven Go “Blue”- Want Your Copy?

 Click here for all the info, or to back the project   This is a very well done offering to raise money to get Misty on Blu-Ray. I’ve read through it all and talked to the boss at Distribpix/435 Productions. And to me, looks like a very convenient way to preorder the Misty stuff […]

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