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How to be a porn star

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Party for Kimora Klein & an Update on her- UPDATED

Adult Industry Swings Support to HelpKimora Benefit at Miami Velvet on Friday, April 8th   (Miami, FL) — Adult industry actresses, directors and other entertainers are showing their support for the severely injured performer Kimora Klein, on April 8th at Miami Velvet, Florida’s largest on-premise swingers club. Both fans and swingers are invited to meet […]


Roe v Wade- It’s still up for Battle

OP-ED by NL- Some zealots in congress want to take a way a woman’s choice to have an abortion by making it "NOT COVERED" by medical insurance, including medicaid. So those who can afford to have children least, will have no choice in the matter if they accidently become pregnant. Unless of course we go […]


REALLY Dumb Criminal, wants 1.8 Mil

NL-I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there…. Here is some of the  paperwork that brilliant legal mind Hubert  filled out from ************************ From  A college student claims he was traumatized by a underwhelming session with a Las Vegas prostitute — and now he’s suing her escort service for distress caused […]


Tax Write Offs For Performers

by Nunzio Bruno So you have your goals all set right?! I mean all over the internet this week all I’m seeing are posts and articles about starting your 2011 off with a bang. Well that’s not with this is today – sorry! What I want to do with this post is to get you […]


The Non-Budgeters Budget

by Nunzio Bruno First of all I want to say thanks for such a warm reception. All the comments and discussions are great; I really appreciate the feedback and questions! The next topic I want to tackle in our still introductory series is going to be about budgeting. Now, before you roll your eyes then […]


Managing your CASH

NL- If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is going to be handling your money better, you need to pay attention. Nunzio is going to write an on-going column about finances. Feel free to ask him questions in comments and he’ll answer them. by Nunzio Bruno There’s something that is instantly gratifying about being paid […]


Monica Foster Says Lenny Dykstra Ripped Me Off

Monica Foster does her webshow on Have & Have Nots She says that she previously shouldn’t have laughed about the Charlie Sheen/Capri Anderson story, because now she has walked a mile in her shoes. Monica says it’s time for women to speak out who have been in Capri’s situation. Monica says she will talk about […]


Nina Hartley is Ill

  And needs to have surgery. For the whole story click here The Lovely & Talented Nina Hartley Needs Our Help…


AHF Trying to get Funding From American Express

From the AHF website. AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been selected as a candidate for funding from American Express through Members Project®, a partnership between American Express and TakePart to help people everywhere support charitable organizations. We are now in the third week of the competition. In order to win, AHF must receive more votes than […]


Porn Writer Rodger Jacobs Faces Homelessness.

NL- Rodger Jacobs has been a freelance writer for many years and is well known for his work in the adult industry. If you would like to help Rodger, please drop me an email and I will put you in touch with him.   THE NEW HOMELESS: MY STORY: I am frightened Within a matter […]

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