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It Seems Nick Manning Has a Unique Fan

A story about a teenage facing two years in jail has been blowing up in the media lately (source). A Pennsylvania teen faces two years in juvenile jail after posting photos of himself simulating sex acts with a statue of Jesus on Facebook. According to WTAJ-TV, the year-old statue, which depicts Jesus kneeling to pray, sits […]


Move over Kim K, there is a new sex tape in town!

Below is the press release about it but all the bullshit aside let me lay it on the line for you. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Iggy isn’t going to sell out for a possible $1 million dollar payday because she doesn’t need it. But even if she did, this tape still wouldn’t ever see the light […]


Happy Birthday Takedown Piracy!

Takedown Piracy Celebrates 5-YearAnniversary Alongside 30 Millionth Infringement Removal From an ABC ‘Nightline’ Profile to University Appearances, Owner Nate Glass Is Established as a Leading Expert in Anti-Piracy!   Rather than blowing out candles, Takedown Piracy celebrated its 5-year anniversary by removing its 30 millionth copyright infringement. In addition to keeping clients’ content safe from […]


Axel Braun Ups His Game

Director Axel Braun just changed everything. He now not only requires condoms but a 7 days test, of which he’s willing to pay for. How the hell do you even respond to something like that? I mean … other than to say HUGE KUDOS TO YOU AXEL! I don’t even know what to say about […]


Mr. Marcus is back … thanks to Vivid

I read an article today from Adult FYI that made my stomach turn. I still can’t believe it’s true. But it seems that the folks over at Vivid have decided to bring Mr. Marcus back. Despite the hundreds of good people they could have hired, they instead decided to work with Mr. Marcus. SERIOUSLY?! SHAME […]


Court orders man to pay $40,500 for stealing porn

This single line is why I absolutely am for those lawyers who go after the jackasses who steal porn or as most people call them “copyright trolls”. Funny how when we are trying to stop you from stealing our shit we are “trolls” but when you get your shit stolen, you are a “victim”. Next […]


Strippers Support their A-Rod

STRIPPERS SHOW SUPPORT FOR YANKEE SUPERSTAR “A-ROD” RICK’S CABARET NEW YORK GIRL GIANNA SAYS, “IF HE SAYS HE NEVER TOOK STEROIDS I BELIEVE HIM!” 22 year-old Gianna is an exotic dancer at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan. “I’ve danced for so many athletes and I think I know something […]


RealTouch Says GoodBye to New Sales in 2014

A visit to the official Real Touch website reveals that as of January 01, 2014 they are no longer going to be making any new sales. In essence, they will be out of business. “Please be informed that we will no longer be able to sell RealTouch Devices as of January 1, 2014. RealTouch Interactive […]


Can Tube Sites Be Done The Right Way?

I met this woman who was as absolutely nice as could. She was a freelancer for one of those websites and her profile picture was of her and her husband sitting in a field of flowers. They were just oh so lovely. They were a young good looking couple that reminded me of one of […]


The FSC Parties with Pirates

When the governing body of our industry is out and about, wining and dining with a company who supports piracy, what does that say about our industry as a whole? We are all so quick to jump down Manwin’s throat for their turning a blind eye to the stolen videos on their own tube sites, […]

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