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How to be a porn star

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FSC is the boy who cried wolf

The FSC lost credibility with me a long, long time ago. They’ve lied so many times to us, it’s hard to even keep track of the bullshit they spew anymore. Seriously, it’s just sad. Yet for some reason some people still support them. Why? I have no idea. Their most recently stunt is a scare tactic […]


Man spends $500k at MyFreeCams!

Man spends almost $500,000 on online strippers. John David Berret, a tech service manager, has allegedly racked up a bill of almost half a million dollars on a business card, on online strippers. 40-year-old Berret has been indicted, as of last week, on 5 counts of fraud by a federal grand jury, Missouri. The man, […]


Did PlugRush just get caught stealing?

A while ago those websites using PlugRush were nailed by Google in a very bad way (see story here). I’m not sure that many of them ever recovered. Imagine how bad it would be to lose all of your search engine traffic over night, all for using an advertising platform like PlugRush? Some webmasters just gave […]


Mike South lays groundwork to go after Donny Long

Now that Donny Long is back in the US, it seems Mike South has begun to lay the groundwork to go after Donny Long and whatever assets he may have. He made a post on his website today that said … “… anyone who wants to step up and take every US asset Donny Long […]


Another Booking #SCAM Alert – PORNSTARS BE WARNED

Scottie Platinumx from Facebook posted a warning to all talent about a man named Alex from Hollywood claiming to be an adult producer. He in fact is not. He will book talent, get them to do various things and then never pay them. Don’t fall for this scam! Here is the information …. Scottie Platinumx: Warning to […]


What’s Donny Long been up to lately?

Some of you may remember Donny Long from the porn wiki leaks scandal a few years ago. But what has he been up to lately? Has anyone even heard from him in awhile? It’s been years since the original scandal broke. Every once in awhile I would hear a rumor that he was going to […]


Let’s talk about online sex AND GOING TO JAIL

There has been a lot of talk in the industry lately about extreme porn. That is porn that is outside the norm – like simulated rape, degradation and racism. Surprisingly a lot of people making their money in porn weren’t aware of the very real legal issues involving it. Just today some dumb ass on […]


Miami Cop Exposed as Porn Star

According to a local news station in Miami, officer Sabine Raymonvil appeared in films with convicted rapist. Can anyone say Oooops! Turns out there is no specific rule against being a porn star and being a cop at the same time, but it could fall under the rule of “conduct unbecoming an officer“. She has been […]


Jenna Jameson is Marrying an Israeli & Converting to Judaism

We haven’t heard much from Jenna Jameson lately. Not since I guess her now infamous hosting gig of the XBIZ awards. Was that last year? The year before? Who knows. But anyway, I guess that doesn’t matter now because Jenna Jameson has been busy doing something far more interesting … falling in love! But not […]


Porn star Lylith Lavey settles Mr. Marcus syphilis case with BangBros

The LA Daily News is reporting that BangBros has settled with porn star Lylith Lavey in regards to the Mr. Marcus syphilis case. Porn actor Jesse Spencer, known as Mr. Marcus, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for exposing two adult-film co-stars to syphilis. His sentence included 36 months probation and 15 days of […]

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