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How to be a porn star

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2 New HIV Positive Performers – ONE ON SET TRANSMISSION

The FSC did not notify the industry of this latest alert …. not one but two male performers tested positive for HIV. One gave it to the other on set. Hear that? ON SET. Yes, an on set transmission. Some will say, oh well it’s not big deal, they are from the gay industry and […]


Halt on porn production lifted by the FSC

The current production hold has been lifted (for those who were actually following it which apparently weren’t many). It is unclear if the original “out of state” person in question has been confirmed or not to be HIV positive or who said person is. Rumor mill has it as a male “crossover”. FSC’s statement is […]


HIV Production Hold Extended

FREE SPEECH COALITION EXTENDS PRODUCTION HOLD THROUGH MONDAY  The Free Speech Coalition is asking that all producers extend the current production hold through Monday until all tests for possibly affected performers are conclusive. Diane Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition: “We understand that production delays are difficult for performers as well as producers. However, as […]


The REAL truth about Jon Dough

Jon Dough was known as the Ultimate Ladies Man and in August of 2006 he ended his life. Why people can’t just leave well enough alone is beyond me. But today I have to stand up and say I’m not really on board with people saying things that are probably not true. See the thing […]


Axel Braun Ups His Game

Director Axel Braun just changed everything. He now not only requires condoms but a 7 days test, of which he’s willing to pay for. How the hell do you even respond to something like that? I mean … other than to say HUGE KUDOS TO YOU AXEL! I don’t even know what to say about […]


TJ Cummings HIV+ Testing

  October 11 – October 25 – TJ Cummings tested negative on October 11th and October 25th from CET. December 3 – He did not test again until December 3rd *within the PASS system* – This time from TTS. December 5 – He retested on December 5th at CET. December 6 – FSC calls for […]


Worked since November 20th? Retest now!

Anyone – male or female – who has worked since November 20th needs to retest immediately. The story is that the first generation exposure list on this TJ Cummings one is huge and that means your potential for exposure is increased.  There are only so many adult performers, so chances are you’ve directly slept with […]


Apparently the HIV positive guy is TJ Cummings

When I read that the guy who has recently tested positive for HIV was TJ Cummings, I was really surprised. He has been in the business since 1998 and in that time has worked with just about every company you can imagine including Vivid, Evil Angel, Metro, Adam and Eve, Club Jenna, Bluebird Films, Brazzers, […]


Another case of HIV – This time a male performer

It’s been a rough year for the adult industry and it doesn’t look like 2014 is going to be any better. Today the FSC announced that we have another positive HIV performer and this one looks to be a male. And now we have another production moratorium, the 4th one this year. Although I hope […]


The HIV Outbreak Timeline Decoded

Prior to the big HIV scandal not many people had heard the name Xander Corvus. To the rest of the world, James Deen was still the IT boy of porn, booking all the scenes. But apparently Xander Corvus was quickly gaining a name for himself to porn insiders and rumor is, he is slated for […]

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