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How to be a porn star

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The HIV Outbreak Timeline Decoded

Prior to the big HIV scandal not many people had heard the name Xander Corvus. To the rest of the world, James Deen was still the IT boy of porn, booking all the scenes. But apparently Xander Corvus was quickly gaining a name for himself to porn insiders and rumor is, he is slated for […]


Cyberbullying and the Porn Industry

Before we get started let me first make sure we are all on the same page … I want to make sure you know what a cyberbully is because sometimes apparently some people don’t seem to know they are a cyberbully. Whether the bully is male or female, his or her purpose is to intentionally […]


What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ?

What AHF is Not Telling You About the “Condoms in Porn” Law ? from On September 25, 2012, in Legal, by adultbizlaw We are now 42 days from November 6th and the vote on Los Angeles County’s Ballot Measure B – otherwise known as the “Condoms in Porn” law. In the next 42 days […]


Hustler’s Ass Hole of the Month… Mitt Romney!

NL- Excellent article  from  Who are you gonna vote for? When we at HUSTLER think of Willard Mitt Romney—the former governor of Massachusetts and current Republican Presidential aspirant—T.S. Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men comes to mind. How else would you describe someone who has no discernible identity? Oh sure, flip-flopper kinda works, but does […]


“Fifty Shades”, too Hot For Library, but Not for Smash! Casting Call!

  NL-The best selling erotic novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey has been pulled from the shelves of a Brevard County Florida library by head librarian Cathy **** for being Pornographic! Contemporary Romance novelist E.L. James tells the story of a virginal college student who gets into a sub/dom relationship with a billionaire. But lotsa gramma’s […]


Political Attack Ads on NPR?

NL- So basically this means our needy Public Radio & Television stations will get Gov’t funds to run political ads. What do you think of this? Obviously the "FreePress" org isn’t happy about it. Dear Cindi, Sesame Street, brought to you by Mitt Romney. Up next, Downton Abbey, but first, a word from Obama’s Super PAC. […]


PayPal Says NO to Bestiality…

NL- If we allow things like this to go on, Visa will be deciding what we can and cannot read…. from eBay’s global e-commerce business PayPal Inc. has caused an outbreak of anger in the publishing world for its controversial stance against e-books that contain “obscene” themes of rape, bestiality, and incest. PayPal has gone so […]


Porn Moving Out of LA ?

NL- We know there is and has been shooting going on in Vegas, in AZ, in the desert, in NY,  in Florida. Do you think there will there be a major exodus from LA? from Will the Condom Ordinance Drive the Industry Out of LA? With growing media attention to the recently-passed adult industry condom […]


Ira Isaacs Writes while Awaiting His Verdict on (Scat) Obscenity Charges

Email (Op/Ed)  from Ira Isaacs- At the time I’m writing this letter, the outcome of my trial is unknown. The trial has ended and the jury will make its decision soon. First, I want to say, I love porn. I’ve watch porn since the early ’70s, the time of John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Harry Reems, […]


Free Speech Fighters..

NL-Who do you think are the greatest freedom of speech fighters of all time? Past & Present… Of course you know at the top of my list is Larry Flynt, and from the past is Ben Franklin. I had never before  heard of Barney Rosset, but sounds like I would have liked him.   From […]

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