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How to be a porn star

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Sonny Malone- On LIfe & The Walking Dead…

NL- Sonny tells me to go ahead and fix up what she wrote because she’s not a very good writer. I have to disagree. I did not change one word. This is a well done piece for sure, honest, sad, happy & hopeful…  Sonny, you ARE a good writer! Please send more! Right Now by […]


Hustler’s Ass Hole of the Month… Mitt Romney!

NL- Excellent article  from  Who are you gonna vote for? When we at HUSTLER think of Willard Mitt Romney—the former governor of Massachusetts and current Republican Presidential aspirant—T.S. Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men comes to mind. How else would you describe someone who has no discernible identity? Oh sure, flip-flopper kinda works, but does […]


The History of Vibrators!

NL-The Hitachi is Porn Stars most loved toy and is so mainstream it is sold in Kmart and Sears A CENTURY OF GOOD VIBRATIONS by Jon of     One thing that can get many porn fans in a lather is the use of sex toys in scenes. In the real world sex toys have […]


“Get Smart” About 9-11

 OP/ED by PeeVee 9/11 conspiracies beware… I have the proof of what happened on that fateful date. Yes, I did ALL the research myself and perhaps you can find some other tie-ins that I missed. I would appreciate some research assistance. On this tenth anniversary of 9/11 I’ve discovered the truth about what happened […]


80’s Adult Industry Star Lisa Be says, Jamie Gillis was Cruel…

Lisa Be contacted me through my other site to leave comments on a story about Jamie Gillis. I asked to pubish them here and she sent the below essay.  Lisa tells me she appeared in about 20 porn movies in 1980-81. I found this blurb & pic on     With a whole host of […]


Lucky Does Anal

Lucky Starr’s First Anal and Three-way The following is a recent entry from my blog  by Lucky Starr    Tuesday, January 18 was a day that I was worried about for quite a few days.  I was about to do my first anal scene for Elegant Angel. LT, the director, swore up and down he’s worked with other girls who’s […]


NFL vs AVN- Lucky & Jeremy do Vegas

AVN VS NFL (and/or WHY PORN CONVENTIONS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN SO DAMN CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR’S) Op/Ed by Jeremy Steele I had the most amazing weekend in Vegas during the AVN awards and porn convention this year: I watched two of the greatest games ever in football history, back to back, on Saturday, with two more […]


Porn Writer Rodger Jacobs Faces Homelessness.

NL- Rodger Jacobs has been a freelance writer for many years and is well known for his work in the adult industry. If you would like to help Rodger, please drop me an email and I will put you in touch with him.   THE NEW HOMELESS: MY STORY: I am frightened Within a matter […]


Mariah on LA Direct- Setting the Record Straight

L.A. Direct Let Me Set the Record Straight OP/ED By Mariah Milano   When I returned to doing movies in 2007 I was amazed at how much the game had changed in 7 years. Jim South was nearly irrelevant and there were so many agencies representing girls. I was used to Jim being the main […]


“Oh my God, I’m Dating a Porn Star!”

Love in the XXX World   Op/Ed By Lucky Starr          I was bored last night and I starting doing what I usually do and start poking around on the internet..Suddenly, I came across a Q & A website that had this question…   Could you ever be in a committed relationship with a […]

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