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How to be a porn star

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The REAL truth about Jon Dough

Jon Dough was known as the Ultimate Ladies Man and in August of 2006 he ended his life. Why people can’t just leave well enough alone is beyond me. But today I have to stand up and say I’m not really on board with people saying things that are probably not true. See the thing […]


Tanner Mayes Arrested For Drugs

NL-Well I’m hearing that Tanner has been arrested for possession of Meth. I saw the arrest record and it says drugs, but not what specific kind.  If anyone ever needed an intervention…. TANNER- PLEASE GET HELP! Tanner has tweeted a few new pictures and some other interesting info. She wants to be a rap star […]


Note To Tanner Mayes

Tanner, You have a lot of people who love and care about you. I am hearing from them. They say you have been on this downward spiral for a while. Staying up for days and doing drugs. I know this is not how you want to end up. You are funny and pretty and sexy […]


What Meth Does to You….

Meth use has deadly consequences By: Randy Cavin, from From WPSD-TV news archives: Kentucky State Police has reported that a 22-month-old toddler has died from drinking a mixture of liquid drain cleaner and salt that was left in a cup on a kitchen counter.  Police say the liquid drain cleaner was being used to […]


Tanner Mays Posts About Drugs

  NL- I’m a little worried about Tanner Mays. I did an interview with her last year where she told me she had come back to the industry clean and sober and had found religion. Yesterday she tweeted hundreds of times, often stuff sounding crazy and drug induced, talking about wanting to be a rap […]


Kacey Jordan Says She is the Reason Sheen Quit Drinking & Drugs & She has now Quit too.

NL- Kacey was in the hospital yesterday, for burning her stomach lining due to three days of heavy drinking. She is diagnosed with Acid Reflux disease and peptic ulcers.  She decides to take a week off from drinking. Here are her recent comments about that-     .        .    i’m not in denial folks! i […]


“The Devil & Shelley Lubben” Videos Are Out

NL-Michael Whiteacre & Lydia Lee (Julie Meadows)  in their new documentary "The Devil And Shelley Lubben, shows Shelley Lubben in the role of a fact juggling, misguided ex-porn star who twists her experience in the porn industry into a alcohol and drug filled ongoing "rape". The input from stars like Melissa Monet, Kayden Kross, Guy […]


Dick Delaware/Aaron Brink-Exclusive Interview & Pics- He Looks HOT!

  Dick looks fantastic! This very revealing  interview with Dick Delaware does mention names, so all opinions in the answers are his. Welcome back Dick! 1. What year did you start in porn and what was your first movie? my first scene was in December 2002 with Candice Jackson/Randy spears Cream pie (Cumdripper’s 4) shot […]


Results From Jenna’s Drug Test

Tito & his Lawyer have stated in a press conference  that Jenna had an addiction to oxycodone for a year and had been to rehab. To prove Jenna was telling the truth when she said she wasn’t taking any drugs, and didn’t have an addiction problem, she took a drug test and passed it. The […]


Tito Answers-“Jenna has a Drug Problem”- UPDATED with Jenna’s Response

UPDATE- Jenna says it’s isn’t true- "I am officially crushed…. I have so much I could say, but I refuse to ruin tito……I will never be the same, I lost the love of my life. Its sad tito had to resort to attacking my character. I am being strong for my children, and I hope […]

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