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How to be a porn star

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Warning Porn Stars – Casting Scam Alert!!

I have a friend who decided to give the site Sexy Jobs a try. Now I want to go on record as saying I told her not to do it. It’s nothing against anyone, I’m sure the people who own it are really nice or whatever, but I knew that she would get bombarded with […]


Vivid Video Secretly Shoots Movie with Xander Corvus

I am sick to my stomach over what I heard today. I was so sure what I was being told was just gossip. No way no how any of this “gossip” was true. Just not possible. Boy was I wrong, oh so wrong. On September 7th Axel Braun tweeted … Dear Las Vegas, thank you […]


IronMan- Good Movie!

NL- I love superhero movies. I’ve seen all three Iron Man movies. Just saw #3 this weekend. They were all really good. I can’t imagine them without Robert Downey Jr, he is  perfect casting. What is odd, is that Marvel didn’t want him in the role, and at the time he was having problems and […]


It’s a Movie Weekend- the Good, The Bad & The AWFUL !

NL- It’s so Freakin’ HOT outside, I spent the weekend in the house, with the a/c full blast. I did some late spring cleaning (anyone want a HD DVD player?) and watched a bunch of rented movies. What did you do? Did you lose power? Stay cool? Stay inside? Venture out to cook an egg […]


B Skow to Direct for GirlFriends Films

thanks j Photo is B Skow with his wife Meggan Mallone This was posted by GFF News on the forum by Dan O’connell Today’s K&C Show, and now the forum, are our first two time and places for our announcement of Skow joining GFF. A press release will go out to media outlets such as […]


Max is Back! Max Hardcore Exclusive Interview.

    1. Are you back to shooting movies? What is your latest and where can we find it? Firstly let me say that I consider myself fortunate that people areinterested in what I have to say, and what I am doing with my career.My new website is I can also be contacted at: […]


The First Time Ever I Saw Her- Jenna Haze

  Was in the Elegant Angel movie, Big Bottom Sadie. Jenna was pretty new to the biz. I wasn’t used to seeing her look- petite, all natural with straight long brown hair. But Patrick Collins is good at picking talent and he must have known from the very beginning how she would capture everyone’s attention. […]


Exclusive Interview With Director Eddie Powell

1 Can you tell us a little about yourself? My name’s Ed. I’m originally from Phoenix, AZ. Born in Mora, MN. I’m 34, and I’m a pornographer living in the greater Los Angeles area. 2 Why did New Sensations decide to start the Romance Series in 2010? The […]


Nica Noelle Quits APA

NL- These are tweets where Nica explains that she is leaving APA, ( the adult org she co-founded and why. FYI- Rodger, is Nica’s fanboi, the same one whose email and story is here   Nica talks about a "PWL" site and a sick person. I believe she means Sean from TheRealPornWikiLeaks because he […]


A Guilty Guy Meets Max Hardcore & Writes About it

picture by Pacific Pro Digital NL- Max- I’d love to do an interview with you if you are up for it. Cindi at Lukeisback dot com.  Max Hardcore is out of prison now, but Writer Shalom Auslander visited Max in prison and discusses his guilt about enjoying his movies with Layla, Ashley Blue..  Very interesting […]

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