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How to be a porn star

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RIP Christian Mann

Christian Mann – February 3, 1961–July 30, 2014 From his Facebook page … I asked him how he wanted to be remembered, and he didn’t hesitate. “I was audacious.” He was that, and so much more.


The REAL truth about Jon Dough

Jon Dough was known as the Ultimate Ladies Man and in August of 2006 he ended his life. Why people can’t just leave well enough alone is beyond me. But today I have to stand up and say I’m not really on board with people saying things that are probably not true. See the thing […]


RIP Sondra Saxon

According to her Facebook page, Sondra Saxon is the National Feature Entertainer 2014 Showgirl of the year and the 2013 National Champion of Exotic Dance. There are reports coming in that she has passed away. I will continue to look into these reports and let you know what I find. What I can say for […]


Death Rumor-UPDATE

NL- Sadly I have now spoken to Alicia’s Friend “Sexy India” who confirms that she spoke to Alicia’s manager yesterday, and the rumor is true. Alicia leaves a young daughter behind. I hate to hear about someone dying, and as yet I can’t verify this. So the best I can do is report on it, […]


Harry Reems Died

Thank you Karmafan NL- Harry was a wonderful sweet man. The last few years he’s had a lot of health problems and money was tight for him. He was however deeply in love with his wife and happy that they were together. He didn’t really want to do any interviews or have stories done on […]


Director John Bruno Commits Suicide

Nl- So many people killing themselves, again because mental illness is a stigma and is not handled properly by the U.S. health care profession, and is not taken seriously by the health insurance companies. Prolific Falcon Director John Bruno Passes Away   John BrunoPhoto by Greg ‘Mocha’ Lenzman San Francisco (January 16, 2013) – With […]


BDSM Vets Double Suicide

NL- This happened last month, but I didn’t know about it until I just read Xbiz mag. The whole story is here Natali Demore and Her Editor Jack Banner Found Dead  By Dan Miller Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012               LOS ANGELES — Fetish model and producer Natali Demore and her video editor Jack […]


Kandi Barbour UpDate

NL- I forwarded all the  information you guys sent me to the coroner’s office. Thank you for sending it. But they didn’t find her family. Here is what the coroner sent me-   "Thanks for your help.  We are able to locate families on 98% of our cases, however we had no luck in this […]


Sadly, Hollie Stevens Has Passed Away

Hollie Stevens, RIP, January 4, 1982 – July 3, 2012 From Her husband Eric- On Tuesday morning, at 10:05 am, Hollie Stevens took her last breath while I held her hand. I had heard her breath hitching, and walked into our bedroom and kneeled with her. Morgan Bailey was also there. After a long hard […]


Head of Luka’s Victim Found?

from TORONTO — Police found what appears to be a human head in a park in Montreal and are investigating whether it is the missing head of a Chinese student who they say was dismembered by a Canadian porn actor, an official said Sunday. A police official said it appears to be a human […]

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