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25 worst passwords of 2014: Is yours on the leak list?

If your password is on the list below you had better change it. Among the 25 most common passwords among 3.3 million that were leaked online last year, the top two were once again “123456” and “password,” according to a company that provides password management software. SplashData, based in Los Gatos, Calif., said the top […]


War Machine claims to have found God but still blames victim

Jon Koppenhaver — better known as War Machine — is currently doing time in a Las Vegas, Nevada jail for nearly beating his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, to death inside of her home on Aug. 8, 2014 after a surprise marriage proposal went terribly wrong. Where to begin? It’s sad to say that I am 1000 […]


Billing Company Zombaio Processing Cards For Theives

It seem Signbucks Ceo John Deiz has stolen a ton of content, including celebrity sex tapes and has created a paysite called And you know how he is doing it?  Zombaio, the billing company is processing the joins for him. And they had to know about it because each site must be manually checked prior […]


A leopard doesn’t change his spots and neither does Bluebird Films

I hate to be the kind of person who says I TOLD YOU SO, but well …. apparently you just have to make me, don’t you? Since 2012 I’ve been warning people about doing business with Bluebird Films and more specifically Nick Steele aka Nicholas Pinkowski, but do people listen? Of course not. And now […]


It Seems Nick Manning Has a Unique Fan

A story about a teenage facing two years in jail has been blowing up in the media lately (source). A Pennsylvania teen faces two years in juvenile jail after posting photos of himself simulating sex acts with a statue of Jesus on Facebook. According to WTAJ-TV, the year-old statue, which depicts Jesus kneeling to pray, sits […]


Court orders man to pay $40,500 for stealing porn

This single line is why I absolutely am for those lawyers who go after the jackasses who steal porn or as most people call them “copyright trolls”. Funny how when we are trying to stop you from stealing our shit we are “trolls” but when you get your shit stolen, you are a “victim”. Next […]


TJ Cummings HIV+ Testing

  October 11 – October 25 – TJ Cummings tested negative on October 11th and October 25th from CET. December 3 – He did not test again until December 3rd *within the PASS system* – This time from TTS. December 5 – He retested on December 5th at CET. December 6 – FSC calls for […]


The FSC Parties with Pirates

When the governing body of our industry is out and about, wining and dining with a company who supports piracy, what does that say about our industry as a whole? We are all so quick to jump down Manwin’s throat for their turning a blind eye to the stolen videos on their own tube sites, […]


Cyberbullying and the Porn Industry

Before we get started let me first make sure we are all on the same page … I want to make sure you know what a cyberbully is because sometimes apparently some people don’t seem to know they are a cyberbully. Whether the bully is male or female, his or her purpose is to intentionally […]


Nacho Vidal Charged With Money Laundering

from By Erika Icon YNOT EUROPE – Nacho Vidal’s latest release isn’t on DVD, but he doesn’t appear to be complaining. According to multiple Spanish news reports, Vidal was released from jail on his own recognizance late last week following a Tuesday arrest as part of coordinated government raids on an alleged organized crime […]

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