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How to be a porn star

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Axel Braun – Now With Wicked

AXEL BRAUN GOES TO WICKED King Of Porn Parodies Signs 2-year Deal With Wicked Pictures  


ATMLA Releases Statement on HIV+ Test

NL- This is so the right way to handle things, honest and above board, with everyone knowing what is going on. Thank you to ATMLA & the performer for coming forward and putting it all on the table. Much Respect! ATMLA Owner Mark Schechter Releases Statement Regarding HIV Case by Dan MIller LOS ANGELES […]


Kimber James Rockin’ Some New Female Parts

NL- She looks amazing! Kimber James has a new body and new goals. She’s back better than ever and is looking to become the It Girl of Adult and a mainstream model and actress. To help her grace the pages of adult publications and accomplish other new and exiting projects on the horizon, she has […]


Court Says YES To Gay Marriage

You can read the court decision here Very simply, the court has recognized Same Sex Marriages and in doing so granted the same federal rights to gay couples, as enjoyed by straight couples.


Stagliano Sued For Not Disclosing His HIV+ Status

thank you PV NL- Deep Breath… okay, if you didn’t know Stagliano had a positive HIV status, you must live in a cave. AND even if you didn’t know, aren’t we checking each other’s tests before we shoot a scene? I believe Mr Stagliano’s test would say he’s positive, right? AT the time you saw […]


Selling LIB- Questions & Answers

  Hi Guys, My email box is overflowing with questions from my readers about the sale of LIB. You know I am honest with you, so I will answer anything you ask, the best I can.  Have you sold it yet?  No I have not. I’ve heard you are selling it to The Aids Heathcare […]


Randy Kaupos Involved With New Model Agency in Vegas

Remember Randy (Dean) Kaupos? He was not well liked when he left LA a few months ago, leaving a trail of unpaid people. He also sent me an email where he was selling his modeling site back in January. Here’s the story-  Triple X Models for Sale But I’m guessing Triple X did not sell […]


Batman Shooter Update

op/ed NL-Alleged Batman shooter JImbo, has told jailers that he doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t know why he is in jail. Previously he had asked them how the movie ended. HmmmSo he doesn’t remember that either? Or did he miss it because of all the shooting that was going on? Sounds to me like a […]


Riley Steele Will Be Missed-UPDATE

NL-Riley Steele Tweets-"Come on guys it was all in good fun I am not quitting or retiring I love porn and theres no way I’m leaving DP"   Well I gotta say crying while you are talking is an odd way to make a joke video….  Me thinks you just changed your mind and are now […]


Tanner Mayes Arrested For Drugs

NL-Well I’m hearing that Tanner has been arrested for possession of Meth. I saw the arrest record and it says drugs, but not what specific kind.  If anyone ever needed an intervention…. TANNER- PLEASE GET HELP! Tanner has tweeted a few new pictures and some other interesting info. She wants to be a rap star […]

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