Evil Angel, Fashionistas, Belladonna Clean Up At XRCOs
2003-04-03 23:57:44

XXX Porner: "Some of the acceptance speeches were amusing. 'I'd like to thank my mother and my father for giving me a ------ that can ---- for 20 hours.'

"Another one said, 'What you didn't see in the scene was that she had two fists in me.'

"It was a raincoater evening as usual. The most extreme awards show the planet has to offer. Vivid, Wicked, VCA rarely win anything."

Veronica Hart, of VCA, gave the only anti-war message of the night, saying: "I don't know what the question is but war is not the answer."

Veronica Cain, former Extreme Associates contract girl, gave a strong message in support of the troops as did Dave Cummings. By her facial gestures, Jenna Jameson seconded the message.

Veronica Cain: "We're a bunch of beautiful people and we're here awarding ourselves for doing beautiful things. I wondered if we could take a moment for the boys and girls representing our country and our freedom..."

Loud cheers.

Veronica: "Whatever your beliefs are about what we're doing in Iraq right now, I'm wondering if we could take a moment to express how we feel. I'm going to express that I support our troops. Now, one, two, three, yeah..."

Loud cheers.

Armed Forces veteran Dave Cummings: "Please keep the troops in your minds, in your hearts and in your prayers."

I've long wondered why there isn't as much gratuitous hatred these days in the porn industry. Tonight was such an amiable affair, aside from Tim Connelly aka Jeremy Stone repeatedly inviting porners to "kick L--e F-rd's ass, he's standing down here right now."

Has 9/11 changed the mood of the porn industry as well, teaching it to mature? Teaching porners what is most important in life?

List of winners:

Orgasmic Analist

Best Group Sex Scene
Friday, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild & Rocco Siffredi, The Fashionistas

Best Actor
Rocco Siffredi, The Fashionistas

Cream Dream
Ashley Blue

New Stud
Manuel Ferrara

Orgasmic Oralist

Best Actress
Belladonna, The Fashionistas

Best Pro-Am Series
Shane's World

Best Threeway Sex Scene
Gauge, Aurora Snow & Jules Jordan, Trained Teens

Super Slut

Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene
Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire, The Fashionistas

Unsung Swordsman
Brandon Iron

Unsung Siren
Olivia Saint

Best Gonzo Series
Flesh Hunter

Best Male/Female Sex Scene
Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi, The Fashionistas

Worst Movie of the Year
You're Never Too Old to Gangbang

Director of the Year
John Stagliano

Starlet of the Year
Carmen Luvana

Male Performer of the Year
Erik Everhard

Female Performer of the Year

XRCO Hall of Fame Inductees
Andrew Blake, Susie Bright, Ashlyn Gere, Tiffany Mynx, Randy Spears

DVD of the Year

Video of the Year
The Ass Collector

Film of the Year
The Fashionistas


I arrive at Century City club for the show.

I talk to photographer Marc Medoff, Dr X, Kevin Moore from stunningcurves.com, Dave Michaels and John Douglas, Hamilton and Kelly Steele (just back from the Bunny Ranch).

Dave Cummings, 63 years old, walks up the red carpet.

Marc: "Where are your bitches man?"

Marc won't be able to sell Dave's picture unless he's with beautiful young women.

Gauge gets out of a limousine. She looks about 15 years old and about 4'10 tall.

Nick Manning walks in with April.

Marc: "Look right here. Snap. For Cheri magazine honey. Snap. Snap. You can do anything you want honey. Snap. I wont tell. A little butt shot. Great. Thank you."

Wicked publicist Daniel Metcalf mans the door. He's a big beefy guy and for the first hour I thought he was security and then I finally recognized him as Wicked's publicist.

Tall blonde Cassidy walks in.

An Elegant Angel official walks up. He's asked about the whereabouts of Elegant's contract girl Ann Marie.

Official: "Oh, haven't you heard?"

Luke: "What's going on?"

Official: "I can't say."

Shai walks in. David Aaron Clark walks in with asian girl Kimi Kahn.

Maripossa and Flower walk in.

Randy Spears walks in with a beautiful blonde civilian woman.

Marc: "Randy Spears associating outside the circle. My goodness. Cross-species almost."

Marc accosts next starlet: "Will you take your coat off? We'll shoot real quick. Smile honey, good. Smile. Good. Pretty. Get out of here, you're insane. Get inside."

Katie Morgan.

Pat Myne pulls up in a limo with two white porn girls, Britney Foster, Kelly Erickson, and a group of black rappers (from Metro's new line Sex in the City, Eli, Money Money, Dominico).

Pat: "And this guy's a gangster. He's Kenny friend from Metro. Tony. He's Kenny's friend from Back East. So keep an eye on him. I think he might be packing."

Tall dark Vivid girl Taya walks up.

Medoff and I discuss the Iraq war. He's against it. I'm for it.

Belladonna walks in arm-in-arm with her boyfriend Nacho Vidal.

Tom Zupko walks up looking as dishevelled as normal. He's with tall blonde Veronica Cain.

Marc: "This looks like an ad for the homeless.

"Good, good. Honey, could we see some boobage there?"

Axel Braun walks up.

Luke: "What's the name of your date?"

Axel: "Alisha Sinclair. She's Belladonna's sister."

Alisha works as a secretary at Elegant Angel.

John Stagliano walks up and starts complaining to Marc Medoff about something. Marc promises to never do it again.

Marc Davis walks up with his wife Kitten. All the white photographers snap pics of Kitten.

Three years ago, Marc was here with Kobe Tai. Pat Myne was here wtih Shelby Myne. Michael Raven with Syndey Steele. All three couples have divorced.

Syren and Ava Vincent walk up.

I chat with Wicked girl Stormy. She tells me to be more discrete.

Marc asks a Wicked girl to unbutton her top. She says no.

Francesca Le.

Ron Miller does not look well. I recall an AVN story a few weeks ago that says health problems prevent him from doing his normal legal work.

There's a delay at the entrance because of a number of under-21 porn stars try to get entrance and are denied. Eventually they sneak in.

MikeSouth.com reports: "The Awards are being held in a Los Angeles Nightclub, one that serves alchohol....OOOPS! Seems that persons under 21 aren't allowed in, some of the XRCO presenters are under 21. Jared Rutter, has just intervened as I am writing this and has worked out a deal to allow the 18 - 21 year olds in. They are kept in a special area to make sure they don't drink and everyone ordering alchohol is being carded. Props to Jared for jumping in and fixing things so that the show can go on."

I shake hands with Joey Silvera who remembers that it was two years ago at the XRCO that we last did that ritual.

A British gangbang queen, Claire Brown, walks in with Dick Nasty.

Marc: "She finished fourth at the World Gangbang Championships last year in Warsaw [Poland]. She did about 400."

An observer tells Wicked's Daniel Metcalf: Sydney Steele used to get wild now she's a Wicked girl she's demure. Is that a marketing strategy? Are you guys a bunch of prudes.

Daniel says it's the individual girl's decision on how much to reveal.

Observer: What happened? She used to be so much fun.

Daniel: "She is still a lot of fun."

Luke: "A woman has to do something sexually deviant for you to classify her as fun?"

Observer: "I guess. Turn that thing off."

I've been disapointed to learn tonight that Daniel Metcalf has not heard of setgo.com. A couple of weeks ago, I learned publicist Brian Gross did not know of setgo.com either.

Victoria Givens. Dalny Malga walks in with Steve Nelson of AINews.com.

Layna Jennsen with her lawyer.

Shawn Ricks walks up. He's gained about 100-pounds since I've seen him last.

Shawn: "I got more s--- over putting you in a movie [to play an unscrupulous writer]."

Shawn carries a bottle of booze and appears intoxicated. He's still in a relationship with an executive at a porn cable company.

Taylor St. Claire turns away from my camera.

Dick Delaware and his date Wendy James wait outside. Wendy is only 20. She's in a strapless aqua evening dress. She shivers in the cool night air. She waits outside for about an hour.

We chat. She's from Washington D.C. In the industry two weeks, she's done about ten videos.

She eventually sneaks in.

I'm depressed that many of the couples in the industry I've known from past events are no longer together. Bunny Luv and Devon Sapphire have broken up. Digital Playground contract girl Devon and Barrett Blade are no longer together.

Bunny Luv arrives with director Andrew Blake.

Rex Ryder introduces me to Garry Spain, managing director of Craig Communications News Service. He did a TV talkshow with Barbara Dare in 1991 called "Dare to Speak."

Garry: "We tried to present the adult industry as it really it is. These are human beings. College graduates. Paul Stevens [Vivid director] came from one of the largest food franchises in America."

Olivia and Vivid girl Sunrise Adams wear little red tops.

Sunrise tells me she's lost 20 pounds since the AVN Expo. Vivid owner Steve Hirsch hired her a personal trainer and she's been working out three times a week for two hours at a time.

Sunrise says her aunt, Sunset Thomas, taught her all about STDs.

Sunrise moved to Los Angeles two years ago, when she turned 18. She moved in with Olivia and two male performers she introduces me to after the XRCO show.

Sunset had her breasts done last September over Vivid's objections. They're now 36Ds.

Aria hugs me and says she had a dirty dream about me last week.

Luke: "Did you tell your husband?"

Aria: "No I didn't. It was one of those things where you wake up and go oops."

I stand by the stage for most of the show, just in front of the Digital Playground table.

I finally meet Robby D's girlfriend Marissa.

The Jill Kelly Productions girls present an award. Jill seems fine after her hospital drama of a few weeks back.

Sharon Wild accepts an award: "This goes out to all the men I've loved before, who've traveled in and out my back door. I'm glad they came along."

Jeremy Stone aka Tim Connelly of Adam Film World and Jewel DeNyle are the chief presenters. They berate the crowd for being too rowdy.

Ashley Blue wins an award and says she's "the luckiest whore in the world."

Sunrise Adams is buying four homes in Texas and hiring her grandmother to look after them.

Marc Davis tells me that the only time I speak to him is to briefly apologize for something I've written and then move on. He's now married to black girl Kitten.

Catalina walks on stage naked to accept her award.

Max Hardcore brought a still camera with him and he snaps shots of various porn media reps.

Steve Bannon tells me, "I don't like it when you're not smiling. It means you're thinking."

Tall slender AVN managing editor Mikey Ramone stands to the side of the stage and claps enthusiastically for various winners.

As I sit on the stairs next to the stage, I feel them vibrate when the rock music plays.

Beautiful porn star Georgia Adair hands out the award tropies.

Jim Holliday (in the hospital recovering from minor surgery) and Bill Margold have not been with the XRCO in years even though they helped found the organization 19-years ago.

Metro wins worst movie for "You're Never Too Old To Gangbang."

Pat Myne wanders on stage, ostensibly drunk. He says he thought he'd won best movie.

Tim Connelly: "As someone who has been married to three porn stars in his life, I had a moment of clarity three years ago when Brad Armstrong came up to me and said, "Dude, if you can't f--- 'em, f--- 'em."

Tim: "I always loved when she'd do a girl-girl scene in a big movie would say, 'Ohmigod, this is the first time I've ever done this.' Please welcome the head of AIM. The person who has saved countless lives and reputations. She made us legitimate. You guys have no idea how much you have to appreciate this person."

Carmen Luvana, a blonde from Puerto Rico, wins Best Starlet of the Year. She looks lost and shy on stage. Says thank you and leaves. I haar her Adam & Eve contract is worth about $400,000.

Tim: "Lexington Steele told me a few weeks ago that it would be a sin if Erik Everhard didn't win Performer of the Year award."

Erik won tonight.

The XRCOs run smoothly. Credit must go to Jeremy Stone and Jared Rutter of Adam Film World. Jeremy and Jewel are smooth cohosts.

Jared inducts writer Susie Bright into the XRCO Hall of Fame, calling her his "cosmic soul sister." Susie also inspired Carly Milne to masturbate and check out pornography. Susie's among the most literate and interesting writers on smut.

She's a big tall woman, about 40 pounds overweight.

Susie: "When Jared told me about the award, I said it was the biggest thing to happen to me since I won the Riverside County spelling bee in 1966. When I was a little Catholic girl in third grade, I don't think anybody knew that I was going to be a feminist pornographer when I grew up.

"I remember when Chris Mann spilled the beans to me about this business, I said, 'Why are you telling me this?' And he said, 'Because you make fist f---ing films.'"

Jeremy Stone admits Andrew Blake into the XRCO Hall of Fame: "I keep hearing people telling me, 'I'm doing it like Andrew Blake.' Here's a guy who got into the porno industry with a jeweler's eye for erotica. Here's from the other world. He made images that you can never forget. I looked at [Blake's work for the first time] and it changed my life. He creates images that you wish you could live. He makes porno movies that transcend pornography.

"I was talking to Gregory Dark a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about the current state of porno affair. And Greg said, 'There's only one guy - Andrew Blake.'"

Tiffany Mynx comes on stage when she's inducted and breaks into tears. She appears to have gained about 30-pounds. She's speechless. Jewel DeNyle and Tim Connelly hug her. Tiffany stands on stage and cries and sobs.

Scott Fayner runs off to play in his rock band.

Dave Cummings tells me: "Be careful driving home. There are drunks out there, probably coming from here."

An intoxicated Kevin Korey, ex-husband of Nakita Kash, dances with Olivia.

I chat for 20-minutes after the show with Vivid girl Sunrise Adams, niece of Sunset Thomas. Grant Rockman brought Sunrise to LA two years ago. She became roommates with Olivia, Slain Wayne and Rockman.

In sixth grade, Sunrise Adams tattooed "horny" on her knuckles. "I tattooed it with a sewing needle and ink from an ink pen.

"I've always been sexually curious. My aunt being in porn helped me out. She told me how it was like. I loved her for that.

"I am getting my business management degree. I am in real estate. But porn is what I've always wanted to do and it's opened my eyes to what all is out there for me. I love adult.

"I was an amazing student in high school. I spent two of my high school years in community college instead of high school. I was overly sexually curious.

"In high school, I played junior varsity and varsity football. I was the first and only girl on my team. I played basketball. I played on my stepdad's co-ed basketball team. I did track. I'm a major tom boy."

Luke: "How did you like getting implants?"

Sunrise: "I've always had odd boobs. Vivid didn't want me to get implants but I wanted them for me. I went to Dr. Garth Fisher September 17, 2002. I was in pain for a couple of days. I'm now a 36D. I feel more confident about myself."

Kevin Moore of stunningcurves.com has moved to Los Angeles but he still lacks all trace of a tan.

I caught him on a couch interviewing Ava Vincent and Syren. I prompted him to ask about their spiritual sides.

I leave at midnight.

A lot of people said tonight that I'd put on weight. About seven pounds in the past two months.

Cly Maxwell writes on stunningcurves.com:

In true Flashman style, I'm cracking out the bulletpoints:

Jules Jordan is bigger than The Beatles. Not taller, but more popular. I hear next year the XRCO will start presenting an annual Jules Jordan Lifetime Achievement Award.
I like being honest with girls about their role in my masturbatory patterns. They usually react well.
I finally met hot brunette Brooke Ballentine who has played a significant role lately in that aforementioned masturbatory pattern. Maybe if I were famous like L-ke F-rd she would allow me to engage in coitus with her. I will keep hoping.
John "Buttman" Stagliano single-handedly killed an entire forest with the number of XRCO awards he walked out with. He deserved every one.
Jenna Jameson was curiously without entourage. Good to see her staying in touch with the plebians.
I'm trying to convince Chris Evans, of Alana and Chris Evans fame, to change his stage name to "The Prototype." No luck as of yet.
I had the chance to speak for a while with Jewel De'Nyle's parents. After getting over the awkwardness of talking to the 'rents of an anal queen, we had a very pleasant chat. Platinum X Pictures is headed in the right direction, as if they needed my approval.
Speaking of Platinum X, our good friend Steve Holmes is back in the U.S. Some great advice from Steve: "If you want to get a girl really drunk, give her a red wine enema." Priceless.
I hear a rumor that Francesca Le indeed does have a negro problem.
MIchael Finkelstein attended an industry event. The armageddon must be upon us.
Tiffany Mynx showed up without the Vandingo. I hear he was sold to Afghani warloads for a bag of pinto beans.
Monique Alexander may be the friendliest girl in the business. I like when really amazingly hot girls ask, "Don't you remember me??"
I want to sing "You Are My Sunshine" to Bella Donna.

Kevin Moore writes on stunningcurves.com: "Mr. Jordan was stunned to come out of the XRCO and find his new Escalade missing. It seems his new ride has been stolen. Maybe a diehard Jules Jordan fan decided they wanted to see what it feels like to be king."

XXX writes: Cool pics, DUC.

When you were outside, did everybody know who you were?

What did you say to get them to stop and have their picture taken?

Does Bunny Luv know you? Did she know you were taking her pic?
That one taken outside is an interesting pic. She does not
look too happy to be there. She reminds me of traci lords in
that photo. Something about the cold veneer. Cool eyeliner.
Very whorish.

DUC replies: Yes, 90% of everyone knew me...people have been generally friendly to me since my return, very little anger expressed my way. I'm much more responsible and mature these days.

Bunny Luv knows me. We're friendly. I think she knew I was taking her pic. That's a much colder look from her than I've seen before.

I didn't have to say anything to get a pic. Just stand there and aim my camera.