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Porn Stores Under Attack

RAME's Tim Evanson writes: Porn stores always are under attack when conservatives are in the White House. The presidential bully pulpit helps give impetus to the prudes. But I found the things Kennebec is doing to be particularly egregious. Notice the way the city fathers are openly abusing the public health role of the government to harass someone for liking porn. (Like this nurse doesn't have something better to do, like catch up on some bioterrorism reading or vaccinate some kids or something.)

Kennebec Journal: FARMINGDALE - The owner of an adult bookstore in town hired an attorney Wednesday after a public health inspector and a sheriff's deputy recently examined the store. Richard Brann of Monmouth, who runs 1st Choice Adult Book & Video with his girlfriend Shannon Fisher, said they are fed up with town officials and his neighbors harassing them and their customers.

French fed up with TV porn

(Reuters) - With television now showing 950 X-rated and violent films a month, two-thirds of the French say they want pornography banned from broadcast and cable channels, a poll by the audiovisual watchdog CSA has said.

Summer Storm Review

Dick Stone writes on bigdoggie.net: Summer Storm is a relative newcomer to the porn business, only doing movies for the past two years. She is a nasty girl! I saw her today in New York City and she was fabulous. Summer provides a total porn star experience and leaves nothing to the imagination. When she's with you she's totally focused on you, and reacts to your every move. Summer speaks all languages, allows you to enjoy her multiple times, and makes your toes curl with her skills! You'll leave totally exhausted but very happy. I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience.

Shyla Foxx Returns To Hobby

The Player writes: According to E2K'S ADVERTISING-The incredible Shyla Foxx is back and touring-she will be in NY in Nov-check the web page for other locations...

GeneRossExtreme.com reports: "I hear things. I hear a deal was cut in the bigdoggie.net case and it's not a real smart move for Johns to be posting their comments. The operation got popped in the first place based on information supposedly supplied by someone who had a major tax beef with the Feds. I hear other things. I hear that a certain blond haired porn star and her husband have pretty much taken over the operation of Nici's Girls and that a lot of the girls are moving over to a competitor because one of the agency girls got popped in Florida and the situation was handled rather clumsily."

Nicis Girls replies: "Bull s---! Haha!"

Angry Man

Joe Balls calls 5:21PM 9/5/02:

Joe: "You have a f---ing death wish?"

DUC: "No."

Joe: "Let me tell you something. First of all, you had no right to reprint my son's poem, which is copyrighted. That's the first f---ing lawsuit you're going to get. Between me, XXX, you are going to have a lot f---ing problems because I am going to finance everybody's lawsuit against you. Let's see how much money you have to go f---ing do depositions and the rest of the s---. So you better get my kid's poem right the f--- off of there, that's for openers.

"Secondly, you are so f---ing inaccurate, you can't even get names right. Your spelling and your f---ing listing of names is just f---ing unbelievable. So let me tell you something. I'm now making it a career to go after you and break you. So you better get my s--- off your f---ing website.

"So if you think you can come into this town you little snot-nosed f--- and just put s--- like that up there, let's see how much you can afford f---ing lawyers. I'll own your f---ing shirt when I'm finished because I can just afford to keep your f---ing ass in f---ing depositions for the rest of your f---ing life. Do you understand that?"

DUC: "Yeah. What would you like me to do?"

Joe: "Get my f---ing s--- off the website especially my kid's f---ing poem, which as far as I'm concerned, I haven't decided whether to call the police and say you stole it off my desk."

DUC: "I'll take it off right now."

Joe: "That's the f---ing position that I am going to take with everybody in my office, that you stole it. You came in my office and stole it. You're a little motherf---er. You came in here. You were going to write a book. You put up all that s--- on the website and you think you can come into this f---ing town and trash everybody. You're not Julia Phillips pal. She had a long f---ing history with me and a long history in this town. She's an Oscar winner. You're a f---ing pimple on my goddam ass.

"I'll break you the f--- down like you've never seen in your f---ing life. You want to see some s---? Let's see how much f---ing money you have. You'll never have a f---ing dime as long as you live. Because that's how long I'll f---ing keep you in court. And I don't give a f--- if I lose. I'll just keep going after you in f---ing court. Do you understand that? I'll make sure that every f---ing penny you earn for the rest of your life will go in f---ing lawyers. I can finance that with my residuals."

DUC: "I've taken it off. Is there anything else you'd like me to do?"

Joe: "Lose my f---ing name. If I see one more word with your name attached to me, and you're f---ing dead. Do you understand that? You can tape-record that. You can put that as a threat and anything else. You're financially f---ing dead. Ok, and if I were you, I'd leave XXX alone. She's got a lot of f---ing friends in this town. And right now they're not real happy with you."

DUC: "Is there anything else you'd like me to do?"

Joe: "That's all I want you to do. Get it the f--- down right now. Don't let me go on a website and find anything with your name and my name."

Greg writes: Great interview you did with him but jesus it sounds like this is an enemy you don't want. I remember the guy. Hopefully his years of cocaine abuse will do him in and you won't have to worry about him. How old is he? 60? Do you get scared when people do this trip on you or are you used to it from all the porners threatening to get even with you? What's he so pissed about? You didn't make any of that stuff up did you? You did an interview with him. Where did his son's poem come from? Who gave it to you or did you lift it off a website or something? Hopefully he's just a blowhard.

I don't blame you for being scared. Are you sure you can't get a job writing for some entertainment magazine or work in production on some TV show like Entertainment Tonight? Seems like a better way of life than always having people threatening to kill you. What about the National Enquirer or some other tabloid? It wouldn't be as scary if people threatened you while you were working for a magazine or newspaper.

Well you do have balls. hey if the book is full of those types of interviews maybe you might have a book that sells really well.

Curious writes: I notice these Hollywood producers claim everything they touch is copyrighted. Fred, isn't there a process involved in copyrighting material or does just claiming your teen son's inane poetry is copyrighted make it so?

Emma writes: It's a shame: it was one of the most interesting profile and the poem impressed me. So you won't take the page down at the end?

Khunrum writes: Did DUC steal the poem or was it given to him?

Chaim Amalek writes: Not having read the original material, I will venture a guess.

DUC presented himself as the dutiful (if weirdly old) son; someone this guy could open up to. So he did, to the extent that he let DUC see a copy of a rather embarrassing poem penned by his 15 year old kid. (DUC, have I got that right? This guy is an idiot if he shared that poem with you.)

When DUC put this up on his web site, he naturally triggered the guy's paternal defensive instincts on behalf of his boy. Entirely predictable. DUC, ya just don't have the brains to hang with this crowd. Stick to what you've been doing of late....

PS Would that Marc were in your media shoes, oh, what could be done.

I am coming around to the conclusion that the Torah I spent four solid months on is dead in the water if I have to count on you or your name to get it a friendly reading. Didn't I urge you to KISS EVERY ASS IN SIGHT until this got done? You just don't think like a jew.

And you didn't foresee his reaction to your publishing it? You're treating these people as though they were no smarter or better calibrated than the cud-chewing psychologically damaged porners who marked your previous excursion into "fame." While I am not one to elevate Hollywood folk above me, I acknowledge that they are at least average in intelligence and in many other respects, which means that their reactions . . . aw, what am I doing writing this? From your parents to porners to producers, the end result is always the same with you. You just don't have the social smarts to move in these circles. Your instincts are wrong, you have no idea what you are doing, you cannot think ahead even two moves (if that), and your weird eating habits place you just one step away from being a raw-foodist or fruitarian.

Frank writes: I just got a call from Joe Balls about your .... I must say, I was very surprised you would be meeting Joe, and equally surprised to know that you would be using my name to open doors. Having not spoken in about nine months, I was surprised to hear that you might have thought I was your ... I am not now nor was I ever.

As I am sure you are aware, we never had any agreement of the sort. I just wanted to help bring .... to light. When we couldn't we went our separate ways. With that in mind, I would ask you nicely, please do not use my name. I will be happy to help you if I can in the future -- but I would appreciate your letting me know in what context first. Thank you.

As for Joe, he is not happy. And an unhappy Joe Balls is something you definitely do not want. I really don't know the circumstances, nor do I care, frankly. My recommendation -- just drop the whole thing. The alternative is a bunch of troublesome legal stuff that will do nothing but burn energy and make lawyers money. I would appreciate it if you would get back to me via email or phone to let me know we are on the same page here.

Fred writes: Ya know, being able to do that as an interviewer might be a valuable skill. Maybe you can put that to better use career-wise. Things coulda been worse. You could have presented yourself to John Gotti as the dutiful (but wierdly old) son-type.

Also, if you were in a position to fight with this jerk I would point out that his e-mail to you is nothing more than a long admission that he is essentially planning to abuse the legal system in a tortious manner, and if he does so, you can sue him. As it stands, the better course might be to avoid a fight and stay away from him.

Everything is, in fact, copyrighted. Everything you put on paper. It really doesn't matter whether it is a work of great literary merit or a completely idiotic poem. There is a process by which one registers the copyright. Whether or not you register the copyright affects what sort of damages you can get. One registers the copyright by sending the copyrighted material with the appropriate form and a few bucks to the copyright office. It's pretty easy to do. The copyright office doesn't do an examination to see if the work has any merit. They just check to see if you filled out their form right.

JMT writes: It's too bad that you couldn't have had a confrontation with someone who's still important. This isn't going to help sell many books. I don't think you would have stolen the poem, and I don't think you could have memorized it, so presumably the dumbs--- gave you a copy of it, or sat there as you read it into your tape recorder. Either way, what did he think, that you were just going to add it to your secret, private stash of treasured Hollywood mementos?

Joseph Elkind vs John Bennett

JoeE writes on Netpond that he still owns CEN, now operated by his former partner John Bennett and JoeE's former attorney Steve Workman. JoeE claims JB's falsifying reports and bringing down 10-20 lawsuits a day on CEN. JoeE claims CEN is committing tax evasion, fraud and not paying its bills. No evidence was presented on Netpond to back up this claim.

JB does not want to respond to JoeE's charges.

JoeE claims the IRS is watching CEN carefully and that anyone who does business with CEN will have their records in a courthouse.

Jeremy Steele vs LF.com's Paul Flashburn

Jeremy Steele writes Paul Flashburn: Paul, Derr Errr. You humour is so brilliant.. I can't stop laughing. Someone help me. Just for your clarification, it's been well over a year since I've worked regularly. I hadn't pursued porn on a full time basis since I left and hooked up with my psycho ex in mid 97. But now after having gone through all that my doctor says I'm becoming more sane every day. But seriously, I did turn up, however in the Adam Film World Guide yearly picture/bio in 1998, with a geeky picture of me and a nice bio which called me the "pillar" the biz is held together by. And just for your information, in the last week, I've worked for P.T. at Vivid, Jim Malibu for High Society Mag Video, Frank Thring for Pleasure Prods big tittie series, tomorrow I work for Quishe (I think she's with Dreamtank still), Next Monday for Cash Markman, and have other work promised soon. Get your head out of ass because I don't beg for work. I give hot viagra-free scenes with big pop shot, am a little wiser and in better shape now since getting over severe allergies I had for years. Yes, it's true.

By the way, it seems I've been victimized by Extreme, in a way, again. I have a cute industry girl roommate now who's worked for Barely Legal, Red Light and others including Extreme, and because the very first check she began her new bank account with was from Extreme, it of course bounced and f---ed her situation up where she has to wait 5 business days for all checks she deposits to clear. But I know she's working and I'll have my rent soon, and besides, I have enough money in the bank now to cover rent anyways. Thanks again, Extreme. And don't try calling me "Jeremy Steal" again, Paul. I've tried explaining the situation to you but perhaps your biased for some reason, in addition to being cerebrally challenged. Ok, now go retrieve some more Extreme footage of me and claim you have no association with them.

Monique Alexander's Best Sex Ever

Los Angeles, California - Sin City Entertainment announced today that their blonde contract cutie Monique Alexander has successfully landed two mainstream roles for the HBO/Cinemax series "Best Sex Ever."

Monique has wooed network brass with her sweet and innocent demeanor, as well as, her much improved acting abilities. She will be co-starring in an episode entitled "Heart's on Fire," as well as, being the female lead in an episode entitled "Roommates."

Mainline Releasing, the company responsible for releasing Best Sex Ever has also been taken with the natural beauty's talents. Mainline's Robert Lombard suggested big things are in Monique's future, "She's got "it." Whatever "it" is - she's got it. Call it what you will, 'star quality,' 'sex appeal', Monique has star quality."

For additional information and/or interviews contact Scott Stein at Sin City Films @ 818.407.9990 / 310.837.5069 or e-mail at sms10@pacbell.net.


Anthony writes: I'm very interested in the comments Midori made about racism in porn. Could you direct me to a website where I might find it. Or, you could just tell me what she said. Also, any news on Jordan McKnight? I heard that she recently shot a few scences [with condoms, of course] many of us have tried to hold on to our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely.

Steve writes: I see that there isn't enough gossip in porn land so you still revert back to comments about pornstar hookers. Why are you so f---in' lame? Undercover my ass, you have nothing to say that would interest anyone that is in porn. I guess you're getting your hits from the consumers!

Jasmin St. Claire

ThePlayer writes on Bigdoggie.net: Pass on her-she is too expensive for a hit or miss-if she is in the mood or not-I have seen her-I get more from a 300 dollar lady-no DFK ,or LFK, you couldn't insert fingers anywhere-you couldn't touch her asshole,you could only lightly graze her breasts and couldn't touch her nipples. She didn't want you to lay on top of her during missionary either-she had her arms in between us-not worth the 15 I paid for an ok bbj and little else-and she didn't rush you,but let you know when the time was over.

Natalie Bach

Heard a little while back that her session was just average. The guy said that seemed more interested in showing her portfolio than anything. Everything was covered.

Keisha On The Joys Of Escorting

Keisha writes on bigdoggie.net: Me, retired? far from it! I have been a very busy beaver this last year!!! I hadn't been posting on the board because my old password wasn't working after the whole tdb arrest fiasco.So finally I cancelled my membership and joined again. By the way, I haven't been following what happened with that. Can you get me up to speed on that whole situation? I am having such a wonderful time escorting. I have met some very lovely men and couples. I absolutely love my profession. There's just nothing more satisfying than bringing excitment and pleasure into peoples lives.

Lovette and the Raincoat

BigPoppa writes: Yes everything is covered, I seen Lovette a few months back and while she is a very hot and sexy woman, everything including french and even russian was covered, a real bummer

Ananova: Patient catches HIV twice

Swiss researchers have found a rare case of a patient contracting HIV twice. The patient picked up a different strain of the virus over two years after the first infection. Doctors once assumed that patients' natural immunity would keep them from getting the virus more than once. Researchers say the new case highlights the importance of safe sex even between HIV-infected partners.

Jenna Jameson Clash With Danni Ashe

Jasoncurious.com reports the following: The crowned princess of porn Jenna Jameson tells me she’s disassociated herself from the adult Internet conglomerate that is Danni Ashe. Club Jenna’s association with Danni’s Hard Drive came to an abrupt end last month as Ashe reportedly released footage of Jameson on video and DVD without the star’s consent. The release not only violated Jameson’s self-proclaimed exclusivity to Club Jenna, but her contract with Vivid Video as well. While Ashe’s company had been hosting ClubJenna.com for quite some time, the footage in question was a live strip Jameson had performed for Danni.com. "I wrote in the contract specifically that it was for web rights only," Jameson said to Jason Sechrest. "It was a huge discrepancy and I got very upset about it."

Jameson claims that while this wasn’t the sole reason for her severing ties with Danni’s Hard Drive, it certainly didn’t help in the grand scheme of negotiations. "We had outgrown them," says Jameson. "Our company was getting too big for them to handle. They were stifling our growth actually. The whole deal with the video they put out on me, that was more on a personal level with me than it was with Club Jenna. It changed the way I thought of Danni’s Hard Drive because when I first came into dealings with them, they kept telling me how honest they were and how they were out for the good of the girls and how they wanted the girls to succeed and this and that. So when that footage was released, I can’t even explain how incredibly hurt and angry I was about it. I had dealt with a lot of people in the industry who had worse reputations and they never f---ed me like that."

In an attempt to do damage control, Bert Manzari, former Vice President to Danni’s Hard Drive and husband of Danni Ashe, rang Jameson’s husband, Justin Sterling, director for Vivid and Club Jenna. "Bert called us up, but it was after the fact, asking if there was going to be a problem. He’s lucky he talked to [Justin] and not me because if it would have been me, a lot of other things would have been said. He has more of a level head than I do. I was in the background just screaming the entire time. It just struck me as so ridiculous for her to do something like that, being a girl from the industry and knowing how hard it is for us as women. It makes me wonder how much she really has to do with running the company. I mean, Bert’s the one who called. He’s the one who we had all the dealings with. I never heard from her."

The Jeremy Steele Story

Jeremy Steele writes for this rebel newspaper at Columbia University, The Fed:

Screw the job market Reverse-Cowgirl Style-- I'm going into porn. How a Long Islander got into the adult movie industry.

Al Pacino said in Scarface "You know what capitalism is? Gettin f---ed." He was right.

I came to California aspiring to become an accomplished actor and recording artist. I tried school, but it turned out to be nothing special. Then I decided after 3 years that I had had enough.

One day after I had moved to Hollywood, I got a rush call and was told to dress in gym clothes. $50 in cash. I'm thinking, cool, and that soon my non-union days will be over and I'll be on to bigger and better things. When I got there, something felt different. The director looked like some kind of blotchy freak. Then I saw a guy that I know I've seen in a porn flick (I've seen a few, OK?).

I told the others that this was a porn and they didn't believe me. A production assistant came over and handed us model releases to sign, telling us this is for the Playboy Channel. I looked at the release, which requires our consent to act in a sexually explicit movie. I told the cute girl sitting next to me that I thought they would offer her a shot at getting in on the porno deal. I was right, though she declined an invitation to participate in a nude scene.

While we were there, a buxom Italian woman decided to take her clothes off and change in front of me. That was all right. I was intrigued, so I wandered closer to the dialogues being shot and found myself standing next to a hot chick called "Ashlyn Gere." She was flirtatiously rubbing up against me as if I was the next guy she would be "working" with. I was at a loss. I could feel her sexual energy and see her nice size titties tightly held by her shirt.

Falling all over myself, I said, "It's funny how it's Sunday morning now and people are going to church and we're here doing this." She froze and soon I found myself standing alone again. Five years later, I was still sticking it out in Hollywood, walking to my 6 AM telemarketing job.

One day on my way to work, I saw an adult newspaper called "LA XPress." I picked it up and read it when I came home from work. I circled the ads which read "Porn Star/Escort." First I called a few ads, telling the girls I was a young attractive male looking to get into the adult business. When they said "so what?"

I changed my story: I was a young attractive male seeking to get into the adult business to support a young child. This got me a referral to an agency. I made an appointment and a female talent coordinator took me into the back room and shot a few naked Polaroids of me. I asked her if she wanted me to have a hard on and she said that would help. She liked what she saw, told the boss and two weeks later, I got my big chance.

My first porn scene was unforgettable. I got to the hotel and met the girl that I was supposed to have sex with. Average looking, I'd say, young, but nothing fancy. She was a stripper named Lacy Love, who carried a bag of clothes, dildos and makeup. On the way there she revealed that I was to be her first boy scene, though she had done some lesbian work. I told her I liked to see heat develop from a sense of the unknown.

The director told me that I was to play a young college student who calls an escort agency. I'm supposed to be horny, but nervous. No problem. The scene started. I called, waited, and answered the door. I'm nervous and she can tell--she says it's going to be all right. Soon she was sucking dick, and I looked down and said to myself, "this definitely beats telemarketing."

When it came to be my turn, I flipped her over and went down on her. Soon I realized that I had pulled my tongue. I do everything so the cameraman can see, trying to pull a lizard tongue showcase. She was enjoying it, but, damn, my tongue was killing me! Then it was finally time for the main event. I go in for the kill and the director says, "I can't see anything. Can you stand up more?"

So, I quickly began to learn the bizarre, leg-straining circus positions, keeping my ass in the air and coming down as I thrust. Before I knew it, we had gone through all the positions, Doggie Style, Spoon, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl. Now the big finale. I shot a big load then had to hold for stills. We showered, he paid us. I drove her home. We kissed goodbye. What a nice girl.

Whatever Happened To Tyler Pratt?

He ran smutcash.com and a dialer company that supposedly ripped off numerous webmaster for thousands of dollars. He disappeared.

Whatever happened to Frank Whalley, another guy who supposedly ripped off his peers?

Scott Pendergrass? Andy Chandler?

I hear that Vivid offices on Califa Street in Van Nuys are clearing out and people are moving over to Larry Flynt Publications, which now does Vivid's distribution. I hear Vivid's internet operation peaked 18 months ago and has gone downhill since.

I hear many Playboy Playmates, many married or with boyfriends, are flying to Saudia Arabia to work for $25,000 a night.

Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom

Larry White writes: Kids can now "fly" a Nimbus 2000 broomstick just like the members of their favorite Quidditch team. A replica of the broom Harry uses in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the Nimbus 2000 features a grooved stick and handle for easy riding. Enhancing the excitement are the vibrating effects and magical swooping and whooshing sounds the broom makes when on. Sounds can also be activated when the switch is set in standby mode. Requires three AA batteries (included).

Toy enthusiast writes on Amazon.com: This toy was #1 on my daughter's Christmas list. So what the heck, although it has no educational value I figured it would be good for imaginative play. It wasn't until after she opened her gift and started playing with it that I realized that the toy may offer a more than sensational experience. The broomstick has cute sound effects and ***VIBRATES*** when they put it between their legs to fly. Come on---what were the creators of this toy thinking? She'll keep playing with the Nimbus 2000, but with the batteries removed.

San Jose Mercury News Profiles Gary Kremen

San Jose Mercury News reporter Chris O'Brien (COBrien@sjmercury.com) is working on a major profile of sex.com owner Gary Kremen.

A few months ago, Chris stayed with Kremen and his attorney Sue Whatley at Steve Cohen's old house (Cohen stole the sex.com domain name from Kremen in 1995) in northern San Diego County.

Chris might turn his profile into a book on the sex.com drama.

Was that really Gary Kremen who unraveled on Oprano.com's messageboard Tuesday night? I don't think so. Or was it Cohen impersonating Kremen? Gary does have a vocabulary similar to the posts under his name. Cohen aka Jack Brownfield also has an awesome vocabulary. The posts under Kremen's name were bizarre. I doubt they were really from Gary.

Steve Cohen's appeal was turned down last week in San Jose. Gary won hands down. He keeps Cohen's house and he keeps the domain sex.com. Cohen can't come back to the United States unless he pays Kremen a minimum of $25 million. Not likely.

XXX says: Chris O'Brien is a great guy. He spent days with Kremen. You've got to meet Gary in person. He's brilliant. I don't think there's anyone smarter in the adult business. He's nice. Is Kremen smart when it comes to the porn internet? No. He hasn't made any money yet from sex.com and everybody in the smut biz sneers at him because of it, which must bug Gary to no end.

Gary has more than his share of demons. A year ago, he was addicted to crystal methamphetamine. While he was in its grip, he blew off a lot of important people in the adult biz, like Ron Levi, who now won't take a meeting with Kremen.

Kremen is an MBA. He knows how to take companies public. He's not a pornographer. He pissed off a lot of people when he was on meth. When you're on drugs and you're crazy, you tend to insult a lot of people without realizing it.

Kremen now operates sex.com himself. He's not making any money at it, which is why he gets a lot of heat from internet pornographers. They call him a failure. I can't believe you took a domain like that and screwed it up so much. It's hurtful to him. It bothers him.

Should he just turn it over to Ron Levi and take a cut? No. Ron won't do it anymore.

It won't be easy to get an interview with John Bennett of CEN. He's low key, private and prefers to just operate his business and avoid controversy.

Why don't you write something about Serge? There are so many great stories there. He has a checkered past you wouldn't believe.

Ask about the glory hole incident. There was a criminal charge.

Serge is into anal. Read what he writes on the boards. He's into some kinky backdoor stuff. He's into enemas. He's hetero but very interesting and funny.

XXX says: "I do not have many people to badmouth other than Serge, and MikeAI, both spineless bastards. Of course Serge took MikeAI under his wing when MikeAI was experiencing financial difficulties from his fledgling amateur empire. I know nothing of [Serge and glory holes], but I would pay for the content. We have always known Serge is scum, heck he admits it. I am more disappointed in MikeAI turning to the dark side. I opened my house to him... and then he goes off with Serge."

Reuters reports: Because Steven Cohen's a fugitive from justice, a federal appeals court judge has rejected Cohen's appeal in the landmark $65 million sex.com case. "It's a pretty resounding ruling," attorney James Wagstaffe, who represented plaintiff Gary Kremen in the five- year battle over one of the most valuable addresses in cyberspace, said today. "This decision sends a message -- that fugitives can't continue to use our legal system."

The brief decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the appeal by Cohen in light of his status as a fugitive from justice and "egregious abuse of the litigation process."

The court did not make a ruling involving co-defendant Network Solutions, now a part of VeriSign Inc. the main registry of ".com" addresses, although a decision on that part of the case is expected in several months.

In April 2001, a federal judge handed down a $65 million judgment against Cohen, hitting him for $40 million in compensation for lost profits and an additional $25 million in punitive damages in the largest judgment ever in a cyber-squatting case. U.S. District Judge James Ware found Stephen Cohen liable for fraud and forgery, and ordered that a warrant issued for Cohen's arrest remain in effect until he surrenders all of his property to the court.

Cohen, who has previously served time in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud and impersonating an attorney, lives in Tijuana, Mexico, and has shielded his multimillion dollar fortune by stashing it in offshore accounts, lawyers said.

Gary Kremen, who had the foresight to register the sex.com web address in 1994 and regained control of the site after November 2000, now runs it as a "portal" with a search engine for adult content on the Internet. "Unlike Cohen we are not a pay site, we don't make content, we don't sell pictures," Kremen said Tuesday, adding that advertising on the site helped to pay the bills.

Women Love Jenna Jameson

Ulfie writes on Oprano.com: Women love Jenna. My cousin Joe loves her as well so I got her to sign a pic for him in Vegas. Wasn't sure how his girlfriend was going to react when I gave it to him. As soon as she saw the pic she said I think she is so hot. I think Jenna has the best of both worlds since she appeals to both men and women.

Digital Playground Party For Rush

I'm going to the Digital Playground premiere party for Rush, starring Devon and directed by Nic Andrews, Monday night. And I need a glamorous porn star escort. Email Deep Undercover at Hanka444@aol.com.

Mark Kernes Claims He Invented Gonzo

AVN Senior Editor Mark Kernes writes www.simplyjimmyd.com: "Hey, Jim, Since I was the guy who introduced the term "gonzo" into adult video, and apropos your thoughts on Henri Pachard's article, I thought I'd let you know how it all happened. This was, I seem to recollect, late '91 or early '92, when we at AVN -- me, Paul and Gene -- were faced with a problem: We were getting s--- from some directors about what category --" video", "amateur", or "wall-to-wall"; "specialty" and "film" really didn't enter into the discussion, since those were clear-cut -- their tapes were being placed in.

"So anyway, Fish, in his ongoing effort to keep everybody (and I mean everybody) happy, decided we had to come up with a new category to cover everything that wasn't clearly either video or wall-to-wall -- and that really was the intention of the category: a catch-all for stuff we couldn't easily classify -- and me being a major Hunter Thompson fan, I piped up with, "How about 'gonzo'?" because the sort of hodge-podge we were talking about seemed to fit well with Thompson's idea of gonzo journalism. We batted the idea around for a while, and finally decided to go with it. And that's the true history, subject to my not- always-entirely-accurate memory, of how "gonzo" came into porn."

Mark Kernes, born around 1948, joined Paul Fishbein's Adult Video News operation in Philadelphia around 1988 after a varied career that included imprisonment for not paying taxes and serving as a court reporter.

Mark writes in the March 2001 issue of Adult Video News magazine: "On September 20, 1984, I entered Allenwood Federal Prison Camp in north-central Pennsylvania to serve a three-month sentence for "Willful Failure To File Tax Returns.""

From http://www.generossextreme.com/120800.html:



Answer: Mark Kernes caught asleep at the wheel- many times. That's why Kernes is no longer managing editor at AVN.

Gene Ross writes: Howdy Paulie [Fishbein] had made similar mistakes in the past when he had the show's clown character, Clarakernes, report on the hilarious antics of Buffalo Kenny G. Buffalo Kenny G. was pissed off about that and Howdy Paulie, copping ignorance, sold out Clarakernes and the show's Indian character Chief Thunder Ross. Howdy Paulie had even threatened to fire Chief Thunder Ross, even though the story on Buffalo Kenny G. was commissioned by Howdy Paulie himself in front of witnesses.

Bruno writes: "Zupko commented the other day, and I quote: 'I also know FOR A FACT that a certain [AVN] reviewer was bribed with cash, whores, and various other unsundry pleasures as an enticement for a positive review and award eligibility. Now, I can’t say whether these generous acts of carnal and pecuniary charity actually affected or persuaded his final vote, but…hmm…well…you be the judge of that. And I will testify to this under oath as pathetic or melodramatic as that may sound. When I actually saw that these videos were nominated it almost made me s--- my pants and made me realize what a motherf---ing hoax the AVN Awards are.'

"The writer Zupko's talking about was Mark 'Jabba' Kernes, the benign Mark Kernes you referred to the other day. Isn't benign synonymous with tumor? Kernes was 'allegedly' wined and dined by Ray Pistol and supplied with entertainment of the female persuasion - this in exchange for coming out to Vegas, and doing an on-the-set piece and later lauding Goddaughter 5 in a review. Divine Brown winning a Best Screenplay nod? Wasn't that the hooker that sucked off Hugh Grant? And isn't she Ray Pistol's girlfriend? How cozy. And that's not all, Kernes is in deep with Seymore Butts. Why do you think Kernes is so pro-Butts in his write-ups of the Sunshine decision? Talk to Chuck Martino. Seymore has a smooth way of patching up the bodywork in Kernes' dented 401K. You bet. If this is all true, the stench of Mark Kernes' ball cheese is all over Goddaughter 5, a movie that's actually worse than Godfather 3. If that can be believed. By the way, how many nominations did it get?"

Gene [Ross] sez: "Ordinarily I would have taken a pass on this email, but I've heard from at least half a dozen sources that Kernes allegedly got 'entertained' in Vegas. By the way, Bruno, it's Treasure Brown, not Divine Brown. And, yes, before I left AVN I did have a chat with Chuck Martino who had already confirmed what Bruno now writes. I approached Kernes with this and he quickly dismissed it with a look on his face of one smelling bad cheese. But, then, he kind of looks that way all the time, evidence the photo. I believe Goddaughter 5 got nominated for Best Video, Best Director [Bud Lee], Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Group Sex Scene, Best Overall Marketing Campaign and Best Screenplay. That's an awful lot of ineligibility if the allegations against Kernes prove to be true."

Bruno writes GeneRossExtreme.com 1/01: "I see our little hyperventilating friend Mark Kernes is back in the news, this time for spitting at Mike Albo. I wouldn't expect any less than that kind of behavior from Kernes. Maybe you'll believe me when I tell you that Kernes got plied with hookers to come out to Vegas to push Goddaughter 5, especially in light of the fact that there was this party one time that Kernes attended where both Nina Hartley and Ann Malle, in appreciation for all that Kernes has 'done' for the industry, blew him on the floor of the living room with everyone standing around. One thing I have to correct Albo on, though. Kernes will never succumb to cardiac arrest. Just check out the pulse rate for slugs in the actuarial tables."

Gene sez: "I think of Goddaughter 5 as a meatball sandwich with Kernesian ball cheese sprinkled on it for flavoring. By the way, I wonder if that Hartley incident was before or after the fact of Kernes pushing for a Hartley supplement which turned out to be not one of AVN's better business deals."

Khunrum writes DUC: Looks as though you hurled a bigger insult at Brother Kernes...And I think you did it out of frustration and defensiveness. Could it be you realize you are trapped in the porn biz? The "producer" interviews were a commendable attempt to break free of the sleaze industry. However your questions and their answers are so bland only insomniacs will want to read your book. And then only until they fall asleep. Likewise your "life story." In order to write a life story that someone will want to read you have to do something interesting. Something different. Like making the first successful barefoot accent of Mt. Everest walking backwards. Know what I mean?

Did You Know That Mark Kernes Was Jewish?

I never knew that AVN legal affairs correspondent Mark Kernes was Jewish. He's not religious however.

Mark writes in the March, 2001 issue of AVN:

The first major mistake I made was letting one of my fellow tax protesters convince me that I should tell the officials that I was Jewish, and hence ate "kosher," since that was supposed to get you better food. In actuality, that simply limited your selection of edibles and guaranteed that most of it would be tasteless. Not that the other guys ate that much better; the prison grew a lot of its own food, the inmates cooked it, and the steaks from its own slaughtered cattle could never be served in restaurants. The officer that ran the kitchen boasted that he fed each inmate on $2.21 per day. I believe it. The only decent meal I had was Thanksgiving.

The Jewish thing also required me to take three days off from my work assignment during Passover and spend six or so hours a day listening to a band of traveling rabbis. In recollecting that experience, for some reason, thoughts of the proverbial Chinese water torture come to mind.

AVN Journalist Mark Kernes Available For Escorting?

Fawn writes: Hello, I was digging through my grandfather's steamer trunk and found this photo.

Porn Models

Jim Gunn writes on RAME: I even use the phrase "The Youngest Models Allowed By Law" on the boxcovers of many of my young girl movies. Indeed, a lot of the girls I fiulm are not really full time porn stars, but rather some girls with limited naked modeling experience or the like so it has that meaning for me personally as well. But anyway, it's not such a stretch to imagine why that term is somewhat common. All porn shoots generally involve some combination of video and still photos so the performers/talent (two more common words] are essentially both acting or performing and also posing for the video and still cameras while they are doing their scenes and having sex.

Elizabeth Star

NaturalNine writes: I met Elizabeth a few months ago. She is a sweet girl, and I really liked her, but the session was disappointing. Not a "PSE" by any stretch of the imagination. NO BBBJ, NO DATY, NO DFK. Furthermore, I caught her on a bad night when she had some personal stuff going on. She looks fantastic, and I even thought about trying again when she might have been having a better day, but then I figured it would just be throwing good money after bad. At those prices, it's hard to give a second chance.

Brittany Andrews

Fast Eddie writes on www.theeroticreview.com: Expensive, all activites covered and no DFK.... she books through several agencies as well as directly at http://www.meetbrittany.com/ Is into fetishes big time... Foot Worship and S and M, both as a top and a bottom.

Doc writes: It is a shame since she is many senior hobbyists "Would Like TO" list and tons of others too but because of her rules does not make our cut but we must all respect her rules since it is her choice. Time will tell if she and my ATF (All Time Fantasy) bend or adjust their rules in the future. Yeah, I think, with all do respect to Miss Britanny Andrews, she needs to go to the same school Cumisha Amado, Anna Amore, Sinnamon, Ayana Angel, Utah Sweet, Kianna, Miko Lee, Raquel Devine, Anna Malle, Nikita Denise, Kathy Willets, Keisha, Jeanna Fine, Montana Gunn, Phyllisha Anne, Sasha Vinni, Brooke Lane, Stevie, Sunset Thomas, Aja, Tricia Yen, Shay Sights, Marie Silva, Ryan Conner, Nici Sterling, and others have gone to. I rest my case.....hoping for a miracle to happen for the benefit of the hobbyists and Miss Andrews pocket as well.


2Kiss writes: I recently saw an oil wrestling/f--- DVD of Stevie and I have to say she is probably the SEXIEST Fox I have EVER seen! I searched and there are only 2 reviews on her, anyone got some more good info on her? Does she have her own website? I'm gonna take the Stevie plunge! I read where ssshe is an AWESOME french kisser?

Doc writes: She is on my "MUST SEE" list for this year and meets all requirements of a PSE/GFE.

Fan Fair 2000 In Las Vegas

Pepsi writes: Just wanted to let everybody know that I attended this event and was totally disappointed. Only about 10 starts showed up with booths for the tradeshow. Totally a waste of money. The whole thing was unorganized. Stood in line for hours and nothing started on time. Never again

Massi writes: Amen, bro! This was a complete joke and a total ripoff! It was run by some of the biggest Aholes on the planet. Never, never again!!!!

Atrain writes: I would have to agree, very disappointing. The only event that was decent was the bikini contest. I walked into the tradeshow at Club Paradise about 2pm, saw that there were only about 10 girls set up with booths, and walked right back out. Total waste of time, probably last one I'll attend. Thank god for the local talent that made this trip worthwhile, see my upcoming reviews.

Kathy Willets aka Pinklips writes: It's too bad that you didn't contact someone about the fanfair before you spent your money. That show has ALWAYS been a waste of time, the Exotic Dancer Magazine group put's it on. The guy who runs it is a money hungry idiot. The reason it is so lousy is because he CHARGES the girls to attend when the only reason anyone goes to it is to SEE the girls. He would have a much better turnout if he encouraged the girls to attend, and by not charging them to attend. The only business conducted there is for some people to just party in Vegas. Most of your better strip club owners don't even attend, they send their managers,,so for the girls that do attend,,gettting a firm booking is next to impossible. I've even seen poor young dumb girls get taken advantage of by these slimballs,with the promise that they will get a booking . And of course it is all kind of encouraged by the powers to be at the magazine. I've attended only twice, the last time 4 years ago, and I'm still surprised that people actually attend. Next time do your homework, I will say this, it's refreshing to see that someone is telling the truth about that show, instead of telling lies.

Not only is it a waste of time, they are hooked up very heavily with CONTINENTAL,,an agency for booking the girls in clubs. Together they conspire to give these new girls fake titles, with contest in someones backyard. I mean who really believes there are bonifde contests for some of the titles these girls throw out (Miss tall/petite/blue eyed/ brown/blonde/wildest chest/best buns of S. Dakota) Seth you should run a show like that with your knowledge of the girls, contacts, and the way you know how to treat people, with regards to providing an actual interesting show that would be run for the benefit of all concerned.

Doc writes: The Continental Agency is one that claims to have the Hottest Entertainers in the Industry and them being their "EXCLUSIVE" agents. Names such as Devon Michaels, Savanna Staxx, Chona Jason, Tanya Taylor, Ashlyn Gere, Felicia, Jennifer Steele, Barocca and others are listed. I never believed they had such thing "EXCLUSIVELY" and now with Naughty Kathy's wisdom much less.

Nikita Denise

Moose writes on www.theeroticreview.com: Met Nikita yesterday, thru Exotica..Booked with Audrey...She showed up right on time in a pair of jean shorts..She looks incredible in person: beautiful face/eyes, skin, (plus I loved that accent & deep voice)..I've only met a few "stars" (Renee Larue, Raquel Divine, Micky Lynn, & Natalie Bach) but this by far was best experience..Nikita is so friendly, down to earth, that you would never think she's such a star. As a matter of fact, she mentioned she was really turned off by some stars who get bad attitudes after they get contract status.. All elements of PSE were there,(don't know about Greek as I don't like it) multiple cups, etc..Hefty donation (2000), but we all need some indulgences in life!..Absolutely recommend: beautiful, friendly, & a true PSE experience.

Porn Star Escorts In New York

Here is a list of visiting or local stars available in NY during the month of September 2002:

Amber Lynn (Manville, NJ)- IND/BM http://www.amberlynnonline.com/
Angelica Sin - E2K
Ashley Evans - IND http://www.AshleyEvans.net
Bridget Kerkove- E2K
Candy Cotton - IND - candycottonxxx@msn.com
Danielle Diamond- E2K Danacca Grey- E2K
Danielle Diamond- E2K Julie Rage- E2K
Kianna- E2K Kate Frost- E2K
Jasmin St.Claire- E2K L.A.
Lamann- E2K
Lisa Lipps - E2K/BM
Lezley Zen- E2K
Miko Lee- E2K
Melissa Wolf -BM
Nicole Moore- E2K
Olivia Saint- E2K
Phillisha Anne -IND/BM
Pamela Stacks - FCP
Renee Larue- E2K
Sara Jay- E2K
Sasha Vinni- E2K
Savanna Staxx - E2K
Sharon Wild- E2K
Stevie- E2K
Summer Storm -BM/IND
Taylor Wane - E2K

Contact Legend: E2K: Exotica20000, BM: Body Miracle, FCP: Fog City Pleasure PE: Pornstar Experience, IND: Independant Note: Some girls have multiple agents and/or book directly. Please post changes or comments by emailing NYCEntertainers-owner@yahoogroups.com

Current Florida resident, Lita Chase is available thru E2K NOW and YES, she is a wild one

No Union In Porn

Brandy Alexandre writes: There is no union in porn. There has always been a rumbling about it, but the very nature of the industry doesn't lend well to that kind of regulation. With the strippers, there are specific locations, employers and employees, and the way unions work is that the majority of employees can vote a union in (that's a really short version). In porn, they're all independent contractors, which makes it very dog-eat- dog. Granted, SAG has pulled it off because of the huge number of people involved who actually do want a minimum wage. Sadly, porn people want ANY wage and will undercut their co-workers to get it.

Keisha Available For Escorting

Keisha writes on bigdoggie.net: Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know my travel schedule. I'll be available in Chicago, September 9 - 13; from there I'll be in Washington DC September 16 - 20. Then I'll be heading back home to Los Angeles and I'll be available there from September 26 - October 22. After that I'll be heading to New York October 28 - November 2, and from there I'll be in Philadelphia, November 4 - 7. I have a new web site www.pornstarkeisha.com. Be sure and check it out.

Smutty side-gig

From PageSix.com: SEX-obsessed scribes everywhere are rushing their resumes to Adult Video News, the trade bible of the porn industry that is looking for freelance flesh-flick reviewers. Randy writers from such stuffy outlets as ABC News, Time magazine, the Baltimore Sun, Frontline, USA Today, the Chicago Daily News and the Discovery Channel applied for the job after it was advertised on JournalismJobs.com, sources tell PAGE SIX. The prurient perks include free porn and the chance to vote in and attend the annual AVN Awards bacchanal - the "Oscars of porn."

Sin City Back To Normal

A Sin City source close to David Sturman says: "Things are back to normal with the opposing camp moving out soon."

XXX writes: "Things might be getting back to normal with the Israelis leaving the premises after a big payoff but rumors say plans are in place that might cost more than a few people their jobs on Deering Avenue. I hear Sturman is considering moving Sin City's operations up to the Bay Area. Production will remain in the valley, but all other departments like shipping, stockroom, admin, etc, will be integrated into the GVA operation up north. Makes sense. Why duplicate the work?"

Letha Weapons

She works as a dancer at the New Century Theatre in San Francisco. www.newcenturysf.com

Scott Phillips

Leading porn webmaster Scott Phillips, from Brisbane, Australia, writes on Oprano.com:

For the record - the Australian police have investigated me many times, for many different things. The Aussie police have a bug up their ass about someone like me becoming rich. f--- them. I have been charged with 44 felony offences over the course of my life. I have been found guilty of 3. I have never been charged with a drug offence. These include.. (taxing my memory)

torture - 3 times
greivous bodily harm - 2
armed robbery - 2
aggravated armed robbery with actual violence - 1
depravation of liberty - 9 times (w00 h00)
extortion - 3 times
making threats - 1
kidnapping - 1
attempting to pervert the course of justice - 2
firearms offences - 2
posession of explosives - 1

Thats all I can remember right now Confucy. My past is a mattter of public record in Australia. I'm sure you can find a website to look it up on. None of this matters to me more than a pimple on my ass. There is not one person in business who can say I ripped them off, that is the only thing that matters to me. When I make a promise to webmasters - I deliver. To me thats all the morality I need. Conversely, when others promise things to me, I expect them to deliver. I do not abide thieves and cheats in business - EVER. My past and my present is an open book.

A couple of years ago I went with Greg Lasrado to buy a new porsche 911. I was dressed like a peasant as usual, and Greg is a little indian guy. We looked poor as s---, despite pulling up in a BMW m5. Anyway, the asshole salesman wouldn't give me a test drive, even when I told him I wanted to buy the car that day. Said he would have to leave the secretary in charge and he couldn't do that. Greg and I drive to the gold coast about an hour away, get to the porsche dealership there, and the salesman gave us the keys and let us take the car for half an hour. After I had bought the car, the whole sales team for thedealership called him on speakerphone and laughed their asses off at him. I ran into this cockholster a few years later and he told me how it ruined his life. It was a subject of a national memo, and he told me he even heard the story told a dinner parties, without people knowing it was him.

Confucy writes on Oprano.com: "Scott, webmasters are afraid to go against you. Remember when Cohen was suing every webmaster who owned a domain name with *sex* in it? Well, your reputation follows you. Those who want money regardless of the consequences, will follow you straight to hell."

Mike AI writes on Oprano.com about Australian internet pornographer Scott Phillips: "While I have had a few issues with Scott PB - mainly the nature of some of his sites, and some of my content being borowed ( he made it up to me, and continues to), Scott PB is an honest, straight forward person. Sure he has a wild streak, but so do many of the people in this industry - especially those that are ultra successful. Many times people become successful because they are willing to take chances, and go the extra mile when others would quit. Scott PB always pays on time, if he gives his word he sticks to it... We do not have to be buddy-buddy to do business... I just need sites that convert, and sponsors that pay.

"He lives a wild life, he is very agressive in business and in normal life. Sometimes appears to do stupid things - WE ALL DO.... But as long as his sites convert, he pays out, and he is a man of his word on business - that is the BOTTOM line for me doing business with a person."

Scott Phillips writes: "Steve Cohen [formerly of sex.com] never sued me because I am in Australia, my staff and business operate from Australia, and a federal US court has already ruled that US courts have no juriosdiction over me. In other words I have to be sued in Australia under our laws - and that bulls--- extortion tactic he tried would have been tossed out of an Aussie court in seconds."

Pagan Porn

Taliesin writes on RAME: Well, my Positively Pagan videos were certainly themed to Paganism.

The very first one (When Pagans Gather) opens with a quote (text fonted onto the screen) from the Old Testament. It's Hosea Chapter Four, Verse Fourteen. God says to the men of Israel (because he apparently didn't speak much to the women): 'I will not punish your daughters for their harlotry, nor your wives for their adultery.' Or something to that effect.

Now I gotta figure that if God is saying he doesn't have the authority to punish those who are sexually liberal, then the Federal Government of the United States doesn't have the authority either. Right? :) There was quite a cross cultural mix of peoples in the same area during "Biblical times". Many accounts in the Old Testament address the Pagan practices that were going on all around. The Cannanites were Pagan, for example. When the Hebrews mixed with them there was political and social conflict.

The Pagans (though that word didn't exist at the time it's an apt description) were a Goddess centered religion, and engaged in open sacred sex practices, various spiritual-sexual rituals. Very often these practices were done under a full moon. The old Hebrew word for moon is "sinn". The people who engaged in these open sexual rituals were the "sinners". The Hebrews opposed these practices, thought they were bad and corrupting and evil. Thus "sinn" became associated in language as embodying things that were bad, and thus giving it the negative connotation it has today.

Getting back to Positively Pagan, I had a few distributors refuse to sell the videos because of the Old Testament quote in the first one. They told me that they didn't want to take the risk. I had checked with an attorney who said it was fine to include the quote. The quote was accurate and properly attributed. Every one of the Positively Pagan videos opens with a quote. I think we had quotes ranging from Madonna to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians. Sabrina Aset, who is High Priestess of the Church of the Most High Goddess, gave short lectures on Paganism in three or four of the PosPag vids.

Some books of interest: The X-Rated Bible by Ben Edward Akerley: Gives detailed accounts in modern English of various sexual practices described in the Bible. Quite entertaining, and humorous in places. When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone: A great book on ancient Goddess civilizations. The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor: A very good history of the ancient Goddess religion from antiquity to modern times.

Romantic Advice Needed

Robert writes: I have been dating a fanatstic lady for the last 14 months. We have a lot in common and seem compatible in every way except for her revulsion toward one small quirk of mine. She is intimidated/offended/repulsed by my vast collection of hardcore pornography. Lately if she gets moody the conversation reverts to "I'm not perfect like your porn stars!" or "I thought I was enough for you."

My interest (obsession?) dates back to my teens and I never thought of it as unhealthy or weird, but she does.

Question. Is my collection of 200 plus porn videos unhealthy? Should I part with my beloved hobby for the love of a good woman? If so, wanna buy 200 XXX tapes?

Fred writes: This raises an interesting issue--is smut the real target of her moodiness or is it just a convenient think to swipe at? I believe that women instinctively try to control all access to sex. This is her way of controlling you. This bears constant monitoring.

Should An Actress Best Known For Getting Naked Host Tribute To Heroes Events?

From www.l-keford.net:

This burning moral question was brought to my attention by my friend Marc Weisblott.

Jaime Pressly was born on July 30, 1977 in Kinston, North Carolina.

After years of gymnastic and dance training, Jaime entered modeling at age 13.

At the age of fifteen, Jaime was legally seperated from her parents. She now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Jaime's has been on the cover of Teen Magazine and has also toured the United States, Italy and Japan doing modelling work. She has also appeared in Playboy Magazine.

Her acting debut came with her starring role in the movie Poison Ivy: New Seduction. The series has used such actresses in the past as Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano. Jaime won the starring role after her work as Barrymore's body double in the first movie in 1992.

Pressly was also in the teen movie "Can't Hardly Wait", starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was Jaime (who played one of her girlfriends), who captured the attention of many. Jaime also has a recurring role on the television show Jack & Jill, playing dancer/actress Audrey Griffin. She has also slummed as trailer trash in the Jerry Springer's "Ringmaster" and this year's "Trash." Pressly has appeared with Richard Greico in both "The Journey: Absolution" and "Against the Law," as well as with Jean Claude Van Damme in "Desert Heat."

She is best known as an actress for getting naked. She says she hates doing love scenes. Jaime says that even a stage kiss is too intimate.

She is 5'5" tall and has a tattoo on her lower back of a blue Leo sign with Japanese writing that means "healthy, strong and brave."

From MarksFriggin.com: "Jaime Pressly Comes In. 12/10/01. 8:00am. At one point in the interview Jaime made a comment about how Howard ''got slapped a yarmulke'' [to account for his ugly looks]. Howard and the guys kept bringing that offensive statement up over and over again through the rest of the show and Jaime was upset about that. Later in the show Howard played tape of Mike Gange interviewing her when she was leaving and she seemed a little upset about them goofing on her. She apologized to Howard for the statement but she didn't seem to realize it was offensive. Howard found that kind of odd. She did say that she has nothing against Jewish people after making that comment. Howard said he can't wait to hear her explanation of that comment on other shows."

Edward Lozzi, of Edward Lozzi & Associates Public Relations, writes Marc Weisblott 9/2/02 on behalf of The California Jewish Center: "We would like to thank actress Jamie Pressly for her unselfish support for the Tribute to 26 Heroes sponsored by our organization. Her presence and comments in front of the entire Southern California Jewish Community was well-received. The young survivors of the suicide bombs were thrilled at seeing Jamie and appreciated her being there. We were happy to have her. Those of us in The Entertainment industry have put up with the antics and callous diatribe of Howard Stern. Do you think he is an appropriate spokesperson for Judaism? Pul-ease!"

Photo. Moishiach Kashi (L), whose wife Zilpa Kashi was killed during a bus attack in Israel on July 16, 2002, is honored at the "Tribute to Heroes" dinner August 26, 2002 in Beverly Hills by actress Jaime Pressly and Rabbi Shimon Kashani. The Southern California Jewish Center honored 26 victims of attacks in Israel at the event and had hosted them for a two week visit to California.

Dennis Prager Singles Shindig

From www.l-keford.net:

Sunday morning I spoke to a friend.

Luke: "Why am I shelling out $30 to a singles function with 600 people when I could go to Friday Night Live where there will be 1800 singles my age?"

Friend: "Because at FNL, 95% of people will be liberal while at the Prager function you are more likely to find someone with common values."

So I drove 30 minutes up to the Glendale Hilton for the Dennis Prager KRLA 870 AM singles shindig from 1-5PM, September 1.

I kept my yarmulke in my pocket. I looked around when I arrived and saw no one else with a kipa. Dennis didn't have one. I estimate the crowd at about 500 people. The last event, a few months ago, sold out at 600.

I strolled around looking for attractive young women. There were fewer than a dozen under the age of 35. I talked to most of them. I don't believe that any of the young cuties were Jewish.

I saw about 15 people I knew from Jewish life and I estimate the crowd was about one-quarter Jewish.

I sat during Prager's lecture next to a 26 yo blonde Nurse Practicioner who lives in Santa Monica. She had a volleyball scholarship to the University of Michigan. Weighs 145 pounds on a 5'8" frame. We wrote notes, filling two sheets of paper, to each other throughout Prager's talk. She didn't want to date me or anyone else who can't lift her up and thrown her on his shoulder.

I asked her how long she'd been listening to Prager. She said she'd never heard of him. Her father made her attend today's program. Like dozens of young women I know, she described herself as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal."

Prager spoke for over an hour on eight reasons why people don't marry. Then he took about 60 minutes of questions. All of Prager's comments were familiar to me.

#1- We compare people to images of perfection, largely created through the media, so of course real people can't live up to these.

#2 - We are afraid of pain and all marriages entail pain and suffering.

[Fred writes: i.e. being trapped with someone. Forever. Even if they decide to put on 60 lbs, and lose all interest in you.]

Ten years ago, I would've been thrilled to attend a Dennis Prager singles function. Now I'm spoiled listening to Prager on the radio every day and I just cruise such a function looking for hotties, of which there were few Sunday. I estimate the average age at the event was 45.

Dennis said his wife Fran says he's worst driver in the world, and it is only because of divine protection that he doesn't get into accidents. Prager was last in a car accident at age 22.

Prager spoke out against men shaving their chests. He said it was effeminate. Dennis says he showers with his youngest son Aaron who's envious of all of Prager's body hair.

By staying single, men become more effeminate and women become more masculine.

Dennis said he didn't yell at his eldest son David when he crashed and totaled Prager's luxury car.

Khunrum writes: "What Him Worry? You schmucks who hang on his every word will buy him another."

Dennis says one should get excited about as much of life as possible. He says that 45 Sabbaths out of the year, he has friends, two couples, come to his home in the afternoon to schmooze. That gets Dennis excited.

Dennis says he didn't look back on his first marriage, which ended in divorce after four years, as a mistake. He got a beautiful son, David, out of it. Dennis says that he and his wife were simply wrong for each other. He didn't go around thinking what a jerk she was. He entered therapy to figure out why he'd make such a bad choice for him for a marriage partner. Then he married happily in 1988.

Dennis said he was always least interested in women who displayed themselves with overtly sexual clothing. Women who wore terribly short skirts etc repelled him.

Dennis said he almost fell off his chair when a widow told him that a man, on a second date, asked her if she enjoyed oral sex.

Khunrum writes: Did you get stale crackers and cheese for your 30 beanies?

Luke: There was popcorn and soda and ice and deep moral teachings.

On his radio show, 9/2/02, Dennis Prager talked about what a "good looking group" it was Sunday at the Glendale Hilton. Did we go to different events?

Dennis keeps talking about all the attractive women he spoke to Sunday at the event. "It was an impressive looking group."

I thought about a third to a half of the people there were dressed way too casually, particularly the men - in jeans and hawaiin shirts.

Fred writes: I have an ex-partner who could have you an hour lecture on why not to get married that would at least have the virtue of being funny. He'd start out by asking you this. Suppose someone were to make the following offer to you:

1. For the rest of your life, you can't sleep with anyone else.

2. 1/2 of everything you own or obtain is mine.

3. You now have to work like a dog to buy me a house that I want to live in (but of course, I'll own 1/2 of).

Great deal, eh? His favorite movie is an old Burt Reynolds comedy called Paternity. In this film, Reynolds decides he wants to have a kid. One of his friends tells him "Are you crazy? Look at you life. No mortgage. No wife. No kids. You have everything!" Next time you're up here, I'll introduce you and have him set you straight.

Dennis Prager was unpleasantly surprised to find out that his event was covered by the Los Angeles Times. Dennis says he's instinctive reaction whenever he finds out he's in the paper is, 'Oh no.'

Why does Prager react that way? My guesses:

* He takes himself and his work teaching good values very seriously. He's devoted a lifetime to fighting evil and promoting goodness and he knows how easily his good name can be tarnished.

* Prager's a control freak. He hates being edited. He wants to get his values, and his presentation of himself and his life, out to the public without the mediating of journalists. Prager, like most people, wants to control his image.

* Prager instinctively dislikes and distrusts journalists as a group.

Karen S. Kim wrote for the News Press in the Los Angeles Times:

The event kicked off with an icebreaker that involved participants responding to prompts like, "If you have been married less than three times, step forward." Women, who outnumbered their counterparts by a large margin, stood on opposite sides of the room from the men, stepping forward until a couple was able to touch one another.

Single women of all ages were dressed to the nines for the gathering, fixing their impeccably prepared hair and makeup from time to time. Men wore everything from Hawaiian shirts to jeans and T-shirts to suits and ties.

All eyes roamed the room, giving prospective mates the once-over. Some made their minds up quickly.

"The idea of actually meeting anyone didn't hit me until I came here and saw how many people were here," said Mike Stoker of Torrance. "But looking around the room, I don't think there's anyone here that's my type. I have high standards."

[Prager responded on air that Mike's comment was immature and that with such attitudes, Mike would never marry. I spotted a half a dozen attractive women under 35 and I believe that I spoke to every one. Not one was Jewish. Prager feels free to talk about the narcissism of singles. I've noticed that married men tend to be so randy that they're dying for almost any woman other than their wife. Married men tend to have much more generous standards for female attractiveness. I don't understand how Prager could keep talking on the air about the high number of attractive women. Prager said he wanted to take photos of the women at the event to post on his website but he didn't because it wasn't right.]

For some attendants, Prager, rather than the prospect of meeting an available mate, was the draw for the event. "I've loved him for over 20 years, and I'm going to marry him after I kill his wife," Lee Winters of Los Angeles said. "I'm not here to meet anyone but to be close to him."

Sunday's event, while billed as a singles program, was actually the actualization of Dennis Prager's long promised "Dinners with a Difference" Micah Center for Ethical Monotheism dinner program for blacks and whites to get to know each other better. This was dinner with a difference. It started at 1PM and the dinner was popcorn and soda.

Helpful writes: Why doesn't pornrumors.com sponsor a singles night? You could speak on Talmudic issues and guest lecturers such as, recent convert, Kendra Jade, could lecture on subjects like fellation. I'd shell out $30 for that...

Michelle Raven's Fantastic

Dstar writes on www.theeroticreview.com: I don't post that much guys but you have to see Michele Raven. She showed me the time of my life and to be honest, I get the feeling she would be just as great with anyone. She was such a sweetheart and she made sure I was totally satisfied. If you like her movies I can tell you that she was just like that in session. The fact that she was such a down to earth and friendly person but will eat you alive in the bedroom was such a turn on for me. I got her permission to post and so here it is. A contact number is 818.554.0525. Like I said, I don't post much but I needed to tell you guys that she was outstanding.

The big breasted Fulsoms

Just to let you know the breasts are prosthetic. They are glued on to the models. In fact the breasts were worn by the Fulsoms (they aren't really sisters) and Mandy Mountjoy.

Carrie writes: I would be appalled to think that some providers don't shower between appointments if they see more than one client a day!! To me that would be basic hygiene and good manners. I only see one client a day because I have a full time day job so I count clients by the week not the day but the point is always to provide the same level of good quality service, which includes cleanliness, to all clients.


Bobboob writes TER: Porn star Fujiko Kano is in SF this week, thru Sept. 6. Exotica-2000 is booking her. I saw her about 6 months ago in New York City. She was awesome! I've seen a few other Asian stars (Cumisha Amado, Minka, and others) and Fujiko is by far the best. Fujiko is from Japan and has been in this country for a couple of years. She used to work at a strip club in Japan before coming to the US. Fujiko has made several porn films. I visited her at her hotel. She is gorgeous and much prettier in person than in her photos. And it's clear she's Japanese as she totally focused on me and completely satisfied my every desire. Fujiko speaks several languages, including Greek, and multiple cups of coffee are available. I can't wait to see her again this week. She was truly a porn star experience. She is a gorgeous, sweet woman

Performers On The Road

MONIQUE 09-04 thru 09-07 Stevi Secret's Adult Cabaret Phoenix, AZ
MARY CAREY 09-05 thru 09-07 Blue Zebra Adult Cabaret North Hollywood, CA
TAYLOR ST. CLAIR 09-05 thru 09-05 Eros Station Van Nuys, CA
NAKITA KASH 09-05 thru 09-07 Spearmint Rhino Rialto, CA
SAMANTHA STERLYNG 09-16 thru 09-21 Columbus Gold Columbus, OH
FELECIA & INARI VACHS 09-16 thru 09-21 Foxy Lady Providence, RI
ASHTON MOORE 09-18 thru 09-21 Solid Platinum Lexington, KY
RACQUEL DARRIAN 09-19 thru 09-21 Foxy Lady Brockton, MA
SAMANTHA STERLYNG 10-17 thru 10-20 Carousel Club Hauppauge, NY

Kevin Blatt Backstage

Kevin Blatt writes on Oprano.com: Backstage at Lenny Kravitz looked like a scene from Caligula.... I have NEVER sen so many supermodel looking girls throw themselves at a person...It must really suck to be Lenny.

Britney Spears Has Hots For Jenna Jameson

From Sunday Times of South Africa:

EXHAUSTED pop princess Britney Spears loves watching lesbian pornographic videos and is a good friend of one of the stars, say friends.

She has befriended Jenna Jameson, a sultry porn actress who "swings both ways" on screen.

And in June, 21-year-old Spears, who is now taking a prolonged rest from show business, amazed people at Club Spin in Miami Beach, Florida, by turning up at an after-hours party thrown by porn producers Vivid Entertainment. They put out such titillating titles as On Her Back, Where The Boys Aren't, She Town and Blonde on Blonde.

An insider told the US magazine Globe: "Britney was surrounded by porn stars. They partied till the wee hours."

A friend confided: "Britney isn't the goody-two-shoes everybody thinks she is. She loves to watch porn and has her own personal collection of hot sex videos.

"Britney has an interest in all kinds of pornography.

"She is particularly taken with lesbian sex, ever since she had someone rent an all-girl video for her. She and her friends watched it together and Britney is absolutely fascinated."

The friend revealed that Spears and her friends rent raunchy movies from a store in California, near her new home.

The blonde star and her former lover, Justin Timberlake, once lived together in the multimillion-dollar mansion. A few weeks later, Spears and the 'NSync star split up, leaving her heartbroken. She had said she would remain a virgin until she married Timberlake.

She is rumoured to be dating wannabe singer Marc Terenzi.

Now Spears is consoling herself with a bizarre new friendship. She is said to be fascinated by 27-year-old Jameson, who Rolling Stone magazine says "put the star in porn star".

Jameson is famous for her sizzling lesbian scenes. A friend said: "Britney is a real fan and loves watching Jenna's videos. Jenna was really flattered, and she and Britney have become great pals."

Jameson's fiancé, Jay Sterling, declared: "There is a definite attraction between them."

He said his bride-to-be would love to perform with the pop star in a movie.

An insider explained: "I think Jenna is attracted to Britney because she always wanted to be in the music business.

"By the same token, Britney likes Jenna because she is in the porn business. She has had a thing about porn for a long time."

Jameson was given a special backstage pass to see Spears in concert in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 12. Two weeks later, she appeared at the opening of Spears's posh New York restaurant, Nyla.

Earlier this year, Spears cavorted for a night in Amsterdam's red-light district. A witness reported: "She and her friends checked out stores that sold porno stuff.

"Then she and her friends convinced the manager at the bar Fat City to keep it open after hours so she and her pals could come in and enjoy the party atmosphere.

"People were smoking pot - which is legal there - and men were walking into cathouses right next to the bar. Britney really seemed to be enjoying herself."

Spears's career is faltering, according to music insiders. Merchandise sales at her concerts have gone down. And her latest album, Britney, is doing about half as well as her previous one, Oops, I Did It Again.

Jim Summers writes: What is so shocking about this? A friend of mine who has a teenage daughter says that his daughter is always coming home from school and announcing to the family new stories about a girl at school talking about how she is bisexual now. The younger generation of females is definitely more sexualized than ever before. Some of the psychologists are saying that this is the result of more fractured families from multiple divorces, etc. Perhaps girls growing up these days aren't as close to their mothers as they used to be and are now more drawn to female affection outside of the home because of this.

Dan writes: Are you talking about the pix of bicycle-pump-boobs britney and her friends on a yacht and she's sitting w/them and she's topless, but her back is to the papparzi's camera? If so, the only shocking thing was why would an alleged virgin, Baptist-church-going girl be on a boat with GUYS and girls and go topless in the first place? Maybe because the good-girl act is just an act and she's probably just a slut.

I.M. Constantine writes on RAME: Wash this article [Sunday Times of South Africa] down with some margaritas and the proverbial grain(s) of salt, but a lot of interesting things about Ms. Spears supposedly 'dancing with the devil' (attending Vivid parties, loving lesbian porno, hanging out with Jenna, etc.) --- the article has both Britney's and Jenna's current ages wrong (Britney is 20, will turn 21 this December 2 ... Jenna is 28, not 27). I mentioned a number of months ago in a post here on r.a.m.e. that the Industry rumor is Justin Timberlake, Brit's former squeeze and overall dweeb, has a smallish pecker... but how could one figure that Britney would be so friggin traumatized that she'd go lesbo? No mention of Anna Kournikova, though. The article also erroneously states that Brit's career is "faltering" -- that characterization is down-out bulls---, as Spears remains one of the hottest 'commodities' in all of Entertainment. (more than likely, the article contains some truths, half-truths, and some out-in-out misinformation)

Now, speaking of Ms. Jameson, she appeared on Judith Regan's show last night on Fox (Regan indeed has signed Jameson to a book deal, and she loves to use her Fox show to pump her publishing ventures; what the hell is Jenna going to reveal in the book that we don't already know, however? Unless Regan knows the real skinny on the Jenna/Britney goings-on .)

Also, the rumor mill's churning about Timberlake now hooking up with Janet Jackson; poor fella, he apparently suffers from a tiny brain to go along with that tiny johnson (he's also a wannabe 'wigger', say some) --- Imagine having a fine Britney model and trading down in class to the Janet past-her-prime-Jackson-wacko piece of junk? The mind boggles. ("Yo, Justin boy... or should I say "Just In" boy... Britney's whacked and she's into the porno G... you coulda had Brit with some other girlies G if you knew how to play the hand... damn boy! ... you f---ed up bigtime, cuz!")

Male Bisexuality In Porn: The Definitive List

From a post to RAME: Sucking dick or eating pussy, these guys do it all. Here is a lengthy list of studs who have played around on both sides of the fence. Includes titles and descriptions. This is a revamped list of a previous post. Special thanks to everyone who helped put this together.

Adams, Buck (as Buck Adams) Appeared in Buck's Excellent Transsexual Adventure where he slept with she-male Leilani. Has performed in many double vag scenes.

Andrews, Drew (as Drew Andrews) Appears in gay, bi, tranny and straight titles; Gay titles include; AM Hardon, Cadets In Arms, When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Straight titles include; Porno X, Peek A Boo, True Hooker Stories.

Andrews, Mark (as Marc Andrews) Worked in straight, transsexual and gay titles. Gay themed titles include Claifornia Twinks, Cow Pokes, Bi Bi Birdie, etc. He also appeared in the straight titles; Anal Pandemonium, DP 5 and Fire And Ice, among others.

Ashley, Jay (as Jay Ashley) Appeared under the name 'Bruce' or 'Mike' in a bi sex movie called 'Bi-Bi Love Amateurs 3' from Quackenbush Video (Bobby Hollander's company before he went in for lung surgery) in 1993. The two females in the movie are Kaitlyn Ashley (under the name Misty) and Cumisha Amado. Jay sucked the other guy's dick and f---ed him in the ass. The other guy sucked Jay's dick but Jay was never f---ed in the ass.

Baressi, Paul (As Paul Baressi) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Directs gay titles. Crossed over from gay to straight quite consistently. Gay titles include Men Of The Midway, What The Big Boys Eat etc. Straight titles include Looking For Lust, Santa Comes Twice etc.

Bentley, Jim (as Jim Bentley) Appeared in many bi titles. Didn't mind the ladies, but loved the boys. Jim has appeared in at least fifty gay titles going back to 1987, and is still quite active. Has appeared sporadically in bi and straight titles; including Moonlusting 2, Hauli' n' Ballin' etc.

Bolla, Andre (as Andre Bolla) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include Wet Daddy, Black Attack 2, Harlem Nights Gang Bang etc. Appeared in the straight film; Licorice Stick. Boy, TT (as TT Boy) Appeared in solo jack-off scenes. see; Straight To Bed. Brandon, Michael (as Mike Phillips) Works primarily in gayporn but has crossed over in the two straight titles Letters From The Heart and Hard On Press. Gay titles include; Butt Boys In Space, Giants 2, Air Male.

Brock, Rick (as Rick Brock) Works in gayporn, transsexual and straight porn. Gay titles include; Lights Out among others. Straight titles include; Gang Bang Girl 18, Double Penetration Virgins: DP Therapy etc. Butler, Jerry (as Jerry Bulter) Made love to post-operative transsexual Shannon in the film Legs.

Byron, Tom (as Tom Byron) Did a set of stills with a male-to-female transsexaul in 1982 for Peter Theander's Climax Corporation. Including unprotected oral and anal sex. Ejaculated into the trannies mouth during the scene. Also did solo jack-off stills for Dan (Daniel Alan) Studios, tape 1001 or film 105, with photo sets in the series 'The Boys of USC.' Also did 8mm loops for Kurt Dietrick. Has performed in nearly two dozen double anal and double pussy penetration-type scenes. Did a scorching scene with post-operative transsexual Shannon in the film Divine Decadence. If you wanna see Tommy f---ing another man on film, this is about as close as you're gonna get. Tom also had a penchant for taking a dildo in his booty, check out Cumback Pussy 5, Jaded Love etc.

Caldwell, Chance (as Chance Caldwell, Jay Fox) Macho bodybuilder worked in straight and gay titles. Gay titles include; Every Inch A Man, Virgin Territory etc. Straight titles include; Letters From The Heart, Boob Tube, In Your Wildest Dreams etc.

Carrigan, Paul (as Paul Carrigan, Paul Korrigan) Crossed between gay, straight and transsexual themed videos. Has done some work for Jane Waters and Extreme Associates. Gay titles include; Barracks Buddies, Seal The Deal etc. Straight titles include; Shoe Shine Girls, Breastman's One Night Stand, Return Of The Nightstalker.

Carrone, Antonio (as Antonio Carrone) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Chandler, Tom (as Tommy Chandler) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include; Giants, Spellbound For Action, Rodz. Straight titles include; Who Shaved Cassie Nova? where he and Andrew Michaels doubled up on Kassi Nova in a scene.

Clark, Eric (as Eric Clark) Product of NY underground sex scene. Appeared in a handful of titles including some straight and B&D films. Bottomed for Joe Simmons and Nick Mauro and sucked off Jose Morales in I Know What Girls Like. Also made love to Valeria Black in another scene.

Colt, Zebedy (as Zebedy Colt) A bisexual performer who once sucked Jamie Gillis's cock in Story Of Joanna. Correa, Vladimir (as Marcello) Gay porn stud appeared in several straight titles under the Marcello pseudonym. Worked with his girlfriend Chantilly Lace alot. Gay titles include; 10 Plus, Best Wishes, Black Salsa. Straight titles include; Virgin Pink 9, Transitions, One More Night. Culver, Cal (as Casey Donovan) Appeared in mostly gay titles with one straight exception, Opening Of Misty Beethoven. Gay titles include; Sleaze, LA Tool & Die. Dano, Chris (as Chris Dano, Eddie Van Ness) Worked in straight, bi and gay titles. Gay titles; Three For The Load, Demolition Man etc, Straight/bi titles include; Littlest Squirt, Bi-Hard, Big Switch 3 etc.

DaSilva, Guy (as Guy DaSilva) Slept with post-operative transsexual Lana Woods in Gang Bang Diaries 4.

Davenport, John (as Mike Paget) Worked in straight and gay titles. Gay titles include; In Hot Pursuit, Oasis, Anal Hall Of Fame. Straight/bi titles include; Innocence Lost, Best Bi Far.

Davis, Tony (as Tony Davis) Crossed between gay, bi and straight titles. Gay titles include; Giants 2, Fantasies, Cream Of Meat. Straight titles include; All Hands On Dick, Sex Crazed, Matters In Hand.

DeMarco, Mike (as Micke DeMarco) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include; Arousers, How I Got The Story, Bait, Hard Men At Work, In The Heat Of The Knight, Tony's Invitation. Straight titles include; Double Dare, Miami Spice 1-2, 1001 Erotic Nights 2, Backdoor To Hollywood.

Dough, Jon (as Jon Dough) Appeared in the gay film Nightwalk, A Bedtime Story. He may have masturbated but am not entirely sure.

Donovan, Rick (as Rick Donovan) Worked in gay and tranny titles. Dated she-male Leilani and f---ed her/him in She's A Boy. f---ed Peter North in the ass in Bigger The Better. Other gay titles include; Captain Stud And His Seamen, More Of A Man, Bare Boners. Duncan, Tony (Tony Duncan) Straight stud who slept with transsexual Sylvia Boots in Mr 18" and His Freaky Adventures. Followed with the all tranny video Mr 18" And The She Male and later, She-Male Rampage.

East, Nick (as Nick East) Appeared in a solo jack off tape called Hawaii Jack Off.

Flagstaff, Bill (as Ken Ryker, Buck Ramsey) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include; Matinee Idol, Ryker Files etc. Appeared in All About Teri Weigel as Bill Flagstaff. Better known as Ken Ryker.

G, Mickey (as Mickey G) Straight porn stud appeared in a solo jack-off scene in a Redboard solo tape Jerk It. Garetto, Rod (as Rod Garetto) Worked in straight, transsexual and gay titles. Gay titles include; Tommy Boy, Workin' Hard, Men In Blue etc. Straight titles include; Life In The Fat Lane 1-3, Titty Titty Bang Bang.

Gillis, Jamie (as James Rugman) Had his cock sucked by another man in the film Boynapped. Zebedy Colt, another star of straight porn, gave him head in Story Of Joanna. Jamie also did an untitled loop with Marc Stevens in the late 70's. He rounded out his career in two gay bondage videos Power Play and Brute Force and still continues to appear in gay titles in nonsex roles. In Kink Police Chronicles, he helped jerk off transsexual Leah. He's a legend.

Glass, Dean (as Dean Glass) Worked in straight and gay titles. Gay titles include; Deep Desires, Trick Stop, Bigger The Better 2. Straight/bi titles include; Down Bi Law, Bi-Ology: The Making Of Mr. Right.

Golden, Jeff (as Jeff Golden) Straight porn stud who appeared in close to fifty straight titles between 85-95 and also dabbled in gay videos. Straight titles; Backdoor To Hollywood 10-11, Deep Inside Charli, Life In The Fat Lane 1-2. Gay titles include; Bound To Please, Hollywood Hunks, Interview 3.

Halston, Troy (as Troy Halston) Primarily a gayporn stud who is probably one of the only men to ever suck Jill Kelly's boytoy Julian's cock on tape in Fly Bi Night. Gay titles include; Beached, This End Up, Loaded. Straight titles include; Breathless, Mile Bi Club. Hammer, Jack (as Jack Hammer) Appeared in She-Male Facecream. He has oral sex performed on him by a transsexual. Also appeared in many other transsexual themed titles including; She Male Rampage, She Male Surprise, She Male Covergirl, She Male Turmoil, She-Nanigans, She Male Vengeance and Tranny Gang Bang

Hardman, David (as David Hardman) Slept with a post operative transsexual Lana Woods a number of titles. Also helped to double anal penetrate Ms. Woods in Anal Trans Excess. David performed in nearly 50 double anal and double vaginal penetration scenes without a condom. Probably more than any other straight performer.

Holmes, John C. (as John C. Holmes, Johnny Wadd) Appeared in both gay and straight titles; gay themed titles where he performed sex with other men include Private Pleasures Of John C. Holmes, Falconpac 9: Pool Party and Vintage 8mm 2:1969-1971. Other gay themed titles include; Who's Got The Ball?, Hot Shots Volume 26: Self Service, Black Velvet: The Big Deal 1, Falconpac 16: The Biggest Of Them All, Bucky's Triple XXX Rated All-Male Beavers: Locker Room Loops 6, Falconpac 21: Big John, Singlehanded, Lost Gay Tapes Of John Holmes, Falconpac 14: Taking It Straight, John Holmes Goes Gay, John Holmes-The Man, A Problem Of Size, To Hard To Handle, Super Studs, Sex Machine, Connoisseur Collector Series, Erotica Video 30.

Horner, Mike (as Mike Horner) Hard working straight stud, star of over five hundred titles may have ventured into the gayporn arena. Two gay titles are attributed to Mike Horner, Games Men Play in 1979 and Men Come First in 1988.

Idol, Ryan (as Ryan Idol) Gayporn stud who appeared in one straight title, Letters From The Heart. Gay titles include; Idol Country, Idol Thoughts, Idol In The Sky.

Irish, Scott (as Scott Irish) Well known straight stud appeared in solo jack-off scenes. According to a poster, Irish appeared in a gay film early on in his career getting his cock sucked by Pierce Daniels. The name of the video is still unknown. Irish also appeared in the gay film, 10 Plus and the bi film, Switch Hitters 4: The Grande Slam.

Jeremy, Ron (as Ron Jeremy) Has appeared in non-sex roles in gayporn. Had sex with she-male Sulka and sucked his own cock in countless titles, nearly fifteen at last count. Some of the titles where Ron sucks his own cock are; Lips, Fascination, Inside Seka, Kip Noll's Casting Couch, Devil In Miss Jones 2, Sulka's Wedding, Olympic Fever, Cheeks 3, Boobs, Butts And Bloopers, Girls Of The A-Team, Erotic Interludes, Inspirations, Consenting Adults, A Week And A Half In The Life Of A Prostitute, Pink Ladies, Arabian Nights 2. Directed the gay title Night Flight under a psuedonym.

Julian (as Jordan Rivers) Jill Kelly's man crossed over from gayporn into straight. Appeared in several bi and gay themed titles including Fly Bi Night among many others... A picture of him getting his cock sucked by Troy Halston appears on Luke F-rd's site from Fly Ni Night. Other gay themed titles(all solo masturbation scenes) include Screentest 2, Alex & Bruno, Hung Heroes 2, Choke Em', Just You & I, Black By Popular Demand, Hot Laguna Knights, Hard To Swallow. Knight, Chad (as Chad Knight) Worked in straight and gay titles. Most notable for his scene with Viper in Don't Kiss Me, I'm Straight. Gay titles include; Willing To Take It, True, Malibu Pool Boys. Straight titles include; Lust Horizons, Family Affair etc.

Lane, Derek (as Derek Lane) Mid-80's gayporn stud who worked in two Barbara Dare videos. Surf Sand And Sex and Prime Choice. Appeared in a handful of obscure gay titles.

Lane, Derek (as Derek Lane) Yup, Racquel Darrian's boytoy. Did a solo jack-off scene in Straight To Bed and World Of Sexual Oddities. LaRue, Chi Chi (as Taylor Hudson) Mostly directs but makes appearances in gay, straight and bi videos.

Long, Byron (as Byron Long) Well known straight porn stud began his career in gayporn in titles Black Handfulls 7, Black Horses: Hung Like Horses etc. The compilation video, Byron Long's Gay Lust hi-lights some of Mr. Long's homoerotic escapades.

Lowe, Tim (as Tim Lowe) Has worked in many bi titles with men and women. According to Cindy Papa, Lowe actually jerked off Jake Steed's massive dick during a scene in Angels By Day, Devils By Night. Gay titles include; Down Under, Fratrimony, Full Service etc. Straight titles include; Real Magnolias, Blazing Nova, Offering.

Mann, Dan T. (as Dan T. Mahn) Macho straight stud did at least one gay video called Cybersex. Was in hundreds of titles including Let Me Tell Ya Bout Black Chicks, Loose Caboose, Rump Humpers.

Masters, Rick (as Jack Aloeu) A recent flame war on Generossextreme brought to light some revelations that Rick Masters actually began his career in gayporn under the psuedonym Jack Aloeu. I've yet to find a video with this actor in it so I have doubts behind the truthfulness of the rumours. Masters has appeared in countless double vag/anal scenes.

Metro, Alec (as Alec Metro) Appeared in a solo jack off tape called Hawaii Jack-Off. Michaels, Andrew (as Andrew Michaels) Appeared in gay and straight titles; Gay titles include; Hard Knocks, Gay For Pay, Buddy System. Straight titles include; Who Shaved Cassie Nova?, Blazing Nova.

Michaels, Sean (as Sean Michaels) Appeared in solo jack-off scenes, directed all-male jack-off tape Naked Juice. Helped to put together Jeff Stryker's theatre presentation of Hard Time. Montana, Tony (as Tony Montana) Appeared in a solo jack-off scene in Baressi's Cop Sins. Many rumors abound regarding his bisexuality. This one wouldn't surprise me!

Morgan, Jonathan (as Jonathan Morgan) According to a ramer, ststeboy, he did one gay film called Knight Out With The Boys and may have appeared in Method And Madness, a film about the making of Knight Out. Morgan supposedly sucked cock, took a variety of dildos up his ass, and was chained to a wall and shaved by another man.

Morgan, Paul (as Paul Morgan) Crossed between gay, straight and transsexual themed videos. This guy has appeared in hundreds of videos on both sides of the fence.

Moore, Austin (as Austin Moore) Horny bi stud appeared in gay and straight titles. Erica Boyer's old flame loved it in the ass in his gay titles and loved f---ing ass in his straight films. Gay titles include; Loaded, Summertime Blues, Release Yourself, In Your Face. Straight titles include; Backdoor Club, Bung Ho Babes, Wonder Rears.

Morris, David (as David Morris) Straight porn star who appeared in one obscure gay video, Slaves Of New York. He worked as a bottom.

Nichols, Wade (as Wade Nichols) Performed gay sex in Boynapped but was primarily a straight porn stud. Straight titles include; Virgin Dreams, Love You, Captain Lust.

North, Peter (as Matt Ramsey) Appeared in both gay and straight titles; gay titles include A Matter Of Size, Bigger The Better and many others. According to director William Higgins, who directed North in several films, Peter loved to get f---ed in the ass and would even do uncredited stunt doubles for those boys not wanting to take it in the booty. Attribute this data to Luke F-rd. Gay titles include; Below The Belt, Best Of All, Big & Thick, Catalina Classics, Catalina Preview Tape 5, Catalina Studs, Classic Catalina, Company We Keep, Cousins, Directors' Best William Higgins 1, Euromen, Getting It, Glory Holes 4: f--- My Ass, Hand Jobs 1, Hot Off The Press, Interview 1, Jocks Pac 8: Backstrokes, Like A Horse, More Mind Games, Sex In The Great Outdoors 2, Sizing Up, Star Gazing 4, Switch Hitters 3: Squeeze Play, Two Handfuls, Young Gladiators.

O'Connor, Dean (as Dean O' Connor) Gay actor who appeared in Nefarious with a female. That was his only cross-over to the straight side. Gay titles include; Something Very Big, Weekend At My Brothers, Pleasure Trail.

Palmer, Blake (as Blake Palmer) Straight stud of hundreds of titles worked in a handful of gay and bi films, always in a masturbatory scene or straight encounter. Gay titles include; Falconhead 2, Prized Pieces, Switch Hitters.

Papillon, Francois (as Francois Papillon) Muscluar straight stud appeared in solo jack-off scenes in gay videos. Titles include; Alone & In Heat, Interview 1, Solo Flight, Weekend Workout and Young & The Hung. Paul, Randy (as Robert Harris) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include; Vice Cop, Stryker Force, On Top. Straight titles include; Twenty Something, Taija, Caught From Behind 8.

Payne, George (as George Payne) Crossed between gay and straight themed videos. Gay titles include; Centurians Of Rome, Jr. Cadets, Navy Blue. Straight titles include; All About Gloria Leonard, Babylon Pink etc. Pike, Jimmy (as Jimmy Pike) Appeared in gay and straight titles; Gay titles include Skin Torpedoes. Straight titles include; Who Shaved Cassie Nova? and Painted.

Pike, Gerry (as Gerry Pike) Appeared in solo jack-off scene in Straight To Bed 2.

Powers, Ed (as Ed Powers) Ed premiered two trannies, Nancy and Shalimar, in Bus Stop Tales 4: Ed's Transsexual Adventures. It was never indicated whether or not Ed actually had any kind of intimate contact with them. He did photograph them undressing and commented on their cocks but that's about as far my review goes. I would love to be able to confirm that Ed made love with them. Ed's such a slut that I don't doubt that he probably bedded down with at least one of them at some point on the tape. According to an interview in Sexnet Gazette, writer Dirk Calhoun commented that Ed had garnered a fair-sized following in the gay community after his classic scene where he bottomed for Heather Lere's huge dildo in More Dirty Debutantes 3. Also, during the interview, Ed commented that he might someday consider directing gayporn or at least a man-on-man scene because he's open to all forms of sexuality.

Price, Eric (as Charlie Stone) Crossed over from gayporn into straight porn. Eric topped and bottomed in his gay titles. Here are some of those titles; Bi Ways, Something Wild 2, Naked Juice, Last Good Bi, Butt Darts, Entertainment Bi-Night, Hard To Be Good, Heat In The Night, Seduction, Switch Hitters 5: The Night Games, Tasting Mr. Goodbar, 57 Pick-Up, Engine 69, Offering, Stroke 45: I Like To Watch, Superhunks 2, Get Bi Tonight, Gushing Gonads, Kenny And Friends, Mix N' Match, Ray, Mickey (as Mickey Ray) Appeared in solo jack-off scene in Straight To Bed 2. Reynolds, RJ (as RJ Reynolds) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include; Big Men On Campus, A Night At Halsted's, Studhunter, Wet Shorts etc. Straight titles include; Taboo, Sex Boat, Filthy Rich.

Rider, Sean (as Sean Rider) Straight stud appeared in solo jack-off scene in Is Your Big Brother Home? and Straight To Bed 2. Has appeared in hundreds of straight titles.

Rome, Greg (as Greg Rome) Appeared in at least one of Old Reliable's solo films. According to X-Nico, he looked 'wasted'; earlier (while still active in straight porn) he appeared in Hot Video's 'Santa Monica Blvd.', in a motel scene with a guy who went on to be a Playgirl model. He also appeared in a locker room scene in a video called Winners. Apparently works as a male prostitute these days. Attribute that data to a Christy Canyon interview.

Russo, Donnie (as Donnie Russo) Rough neck gayporn stud who crossed over to straight porn in the bondage vid Innocent Women/Pantyhose Punishment. Gay titles include; Flesh Trap, Thrill Me, What Pigs Do Best.

Sanders, David (as David Sanders) Primarily straight porn stud who couldn't resist sucking a dick in a bi-themed movie he was cast in called Innocent Bi-Standers. Sanders and Aja shared a cock in the film, then Sanders offered up his own cock. Later, he was on the receiving end of the man's cumshot which was deposited onto his back. Straight titles that Sanders appeared in; What Gets Me Hot, Summer Break, Holly Does Hollywood and many others.

Savage, Hershel (as Hershel Savage) Slept with post-operative transsexual Shannon in Postman Always Comes Twice. Did two steamy scenes with her, the first one ended in a facial.

Shannon (as Catherine Crystal) Post-operative transsexual. Best description available - imagine one of those masculine transsexuals on the Jerry Springer show who isn't fooling anyone, well, that is Shannon. She had a large, noticeable Adam's Apple, a heavy, masculine-sounding voice, and slightly muscular body. Worked opposite some of porn's most notable leading men including Jerry Butler, Hershel Savage and Tom Byron. She clearly loved what she was doing.

Siffredi, Rocco (as Rocco Siffredi) Apparently slept with a transsexual according to Luke F-rd's site. Although only considered gossip, a prominent director claimed that Rocco and Joey Silvera once shared a very male looking tranny. Attribute data to Luke F-rd's website. A prominent gayporn gossip columnist recently brought to light the rumour that Rocco is actively bisexual and has actually been linked romantically with many leading male models from Lucas Kazan and Bel Ami studios. Remember this is strictly a rumour so don't give it too much weight until you get all the facts.

Silvera, Joey (as Joey Silvera) Created the Brazillian She-Male line and has according to Luke F-rd's site engaged in sex with some of the trannies. This one is a real no-brainer. Appeared in the bi video Double Standards in drag.

Simmons, Joe (as John Simmons) Black gayporn stud who worked in a few straight titles. Gay titles include; Black Power, Dirty Tricks, Advocate Men Live 6. Straight titles include; Kinky Vision, Little Romance and I Know What Girls Like, where he assf---ed both Kristarrah Barrington and Eric Clark in the same film.

Slate, Earl (as Zorro) In his first video in the industry the macho Earl Slate appeared as a girl in a video directed by Jane Waters for Devils Films, entitled: Transexual Prostitutes 2. Lisa, Brandy and Geneva are on the box cover. They look like girls, but when you look at their private parts, they are not. In fact, there really are no women in this movie at all. It is directed by Jane Waters. Production date is Feb. 28, 1997. Earl goes by Zorro in this film. He ass f---s one of the transsexuals.

Spears, Randy (as Randy Spears) Appeared in solo jack-off scene in Straight To Bed. Stagliano, John (as John Stagliano) Admitted in Adam Film World interview that when he was in his early twenties he would earn money by sucking men's cocks. Later, admitted to a passion for transsexuals. This was verified when in 1997 he became HIV+ following a tryst with a Brazillian she-male.

Stallion, Itallion (as Itallion Stallion) Slept with she-male Vanity. Heck, it was his girl?friend. Titles include; Devil In Vanity, Bottom Line, Devil In Barbara Dare, Westside Tori. Steed, Jake (as Rick Wynn) Solo'd in Black Workout 3. Cindy Papa wrote; He had his huge cock jerked off by Tim Lowe in Angels Bi Day, Devils Bi Night.

Stevens, Marc (as Marc Stevens) Did a loop with Jamie Gillis. Appeared in gay titles including Brentwood's Marine Furlough. Was apparently a bisexual in real life and referred to it in his autobiography. Appeared in over 100 straight titles including Devil In Miss Jones, Every Inch A Lady, Sleepy Head. Stone, Rip (as Rip Stone) Appeared in gay and straight titles. Gay titles include; Nightwalk: A Bedtime Story, IML Uncut, Hotter Than Hell! Straight titles include; Bathroom Babes, Chain Gang.

Stryker, Jeff (as Jeff Stryker) Crossed between gay, straight and transsexual themed videos. Straight titles include; Jamie Loves Jeff 1-2, Cummin' Together, Rebel, Wild Buck. Gay titles include; Santa's Cummin', Bigger Than Life, Busted. Swann, TJ (as TJ Swann) Huge dicked black stud bounced from gay to straight titles and back. Gay titles include; Monsters and Size Queens, Black Workout, Black Sex Party. Straight titles include; Tons Of Buns, Invasion Of The Lust Snatchers, Taste Of Genie. Thomas, Karl (as Karl Thomas) Worked in straight and gay titles. Gay titles include; Back For More, Men Only: Double Dicked, Bike Gang. Straight titles include; Inside Karl Thomas, Party Partners.

Towers, Frank (as Mark Slade) Straight porn stud crossed over into gay porn and completed these titles (always as a top) Active Duty, At Large, Bi American, Boxers, Briefs & Firemen's Jocks, Getting It At The Rave, Perfect Stranger, Playing With Fire 2, Cadet, Cuffed!, Billy 2000: Billy Goes Hollywood, West Hollywood Hope.

Van Damage (as Ty) Appeared in a solo jack-off scene early in his career in the movie All American Navy Seals. Rob Black attempted to get ahold of it to use it in a video called Damage Is Done.

Verducci, Joey (as Mac Reynolds) Appeared in many gay porn movies early in his career as a top. Gay titles include; Big Score, Hardcore, Do Me Dirty and many others; Straight titles include; Gangbang Girl 12, Bomb Squad, Rainwoman 7-8. Victory, Ray (as Ray Victory) Appeared in solo jack-off scenes in the gay film Black Champions among others.

Vitale, Bobby (as Bobby Vitale) Appeared in a solo jack off tape called Hawaii Jack Off.

Wallice, Marc (as Don Webber, Marc Goldebrg) Got ass-f---ed by Scott Avery in A Matter Of Size. Also appeared in Route 69? according to Luke F-rd and another title. Appeared in Stroke magazine in a photo layout getting his ass f---ed (without a condom)and cum spurted on his face from a very turned on Steve Collins. Also appeared in Hawaiian Jack-Off solo tape and performed in scores of double vag and double anal penetration scenes. Rumored to be a gay escort at various times in his life but these were just rumours and could never be confirmed.

Woods, Lana (as Lana Woods) Post-operative she-male who appeared with David Hardman and Guy DaSilva in a gangbang tape, Gang Bang Diaries 4. Lana and Hardman have had sex several times on camera, culminating in a raunchy double anal penetration in Anal Trans Excess.

Wrangler, Jack (as Jack Wrangler) Crossed between gay and straight themed videos. He worked in nearly 60 gay titles and just under 20 straight titles; Gay titles include; Junior Cadets, Eyes Of A Stranger, Kansas City Trucking Co., Straight titles include; Debbie Does Dallas 2, Devil In Miss Jones 2, Filthy Rich.

Miko Lee

Plazaman writes on www.theeroticreview.com: Today I spent some quality time with asian porn sensation Miko Lee; it was an amazing session. One major piece of advice is that she is even more beautiful in person than on film. So be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor when you first meet her:) She is also a real beauty, brains, personality combination and a total joy to be around. DFK, DATY, BBBJTC (spit), Multiple pops and positions, Greek, and Asian were all on the menu. She is my ATF and highly reccomended.

Box Cover Art

Dave Cummings writes on RAME: The box cover art for the last 24 of my stuff (Sex Fun, Sugardaddy, and Knee Pad Nymphos) costs me approx $1,600 EACH; then I have to order a minimum printing order of 3,000 box covers in order to get them at 27 cents each. Then, it's on to duplicating at $1.35 each (that's for a 90-minute cassette; a 2-hour duplication cost $1.60 each).

$1,600 is all-inclusive. For that, I get the entire office of Phase One Graphics (see www.phaseonegraphics.com), an AVN award winner; all of their artists; design; review of 600+ photos to select the best shot of each girl for the front of the box and the best hardcore shot of each for the back of the box (in my opinion, "whackability" is the key ingredient of videos, so the box should show it, BUT in a totally truthful depiction); 20+ scans, half of which are the more costly drum scan process; a 3-M for printing of advertising/screener "slicks/one-sheets; the processed and completed film for printer use; CD's of all scans; and multi-year expertise and a long-standing reputation as one of the leaders in box cover and other adult products. My boxes are viewable under the "filmography" link in the FREE/Guest's portion of my site. I started using Phase One with Sugardaddy 9 (now up to Vol 23), and for all 8 volumes of Sex Fun, and all 4 of Knee Pad Nymphos.

Scoop On Luke

Scott Phillips from Brisbane, Australia, writes on Oprano.com: Why do I think Luke is a cowardly lying parasite? I come from the same town as Luke. He knows everyone down here, he knows the truth of the situation. He used to be in regular email contact with most of the Brisbane porn crowd. Where I come from when someone pretends to be your friend to illicit information then knowingly publishes untruths when he knows what the truth is - well when you see that 'friend' you open up the can of whip ass on him. Maybe Australia has different rules than other places, but you don't last long selling porn in Brisbane unless you can behave with integrity.

Confucy, I beg to differ about Luke F-rd. Luke isn't someone with a lot of talent, hes someone who likes attention, self promotion, and hasn't got the talent to do it on his own merits. The reason he has not branched out from his website to mainstream media is that he knows he couldnt publish the rubbish he does without being sued. Do a test with Luke, send him some complete untruth from a hotmail address, you will see it published as fact the next day on his site. At one stage he had 10+ pages on the "aussie porn mafia" - about 2 lines of which was even loosely based on fact. I personally can't wait to run into Luke at a webmaster convention these days. I told him 2 years ago that hed run into me one of these days and that I would kick the living s--- out of him. Hopefully that day will still come ..

Confucy writes on Oprano: Luke made me smile. He walked right into the eye of the storm and usually fell on his face, but he got right up. I enjoyed him. Luke has traveled around the world and is a little boy in a big man's body. I miss his column. I miss his show. What didn't Luke share with us? He revealed his most private moments and thoughts. He poked fun at himself each day. He is without a doubt more entertaining than Matt Drudge. Luke, you are needed.

Luke stirred up controversy. He didn't care about porn. He saw the lying scumbag bastards, and he went after them, even when it meant being sued. I didn't say Luke ALWAYS told the truth.

The first time when I wrote to Luke, I *assumed* that because it was a private email message, that it was between the two of us. Ha! The next day my words were on his site. I wrote to him and asked why he did that. He said if I didn't want my comments to go directly to the front page of his website that I should tell him it was private. From that day forward, he protected my privacy.

Luke never told his readers that he checked out every little story. He gave each of us enough information that we could seek the truth and the entire story if we so desired. Most webmasters are lazy like you, and they want to be spoon fed. Do you believe everything Serge, Meat, Lensman, and lilbitch tell you on their boards? I want to hear from them off the boards. Everyone of us has an agenda. What is yours?

So you want to sock my little Lukey in the face when you see him in Las Vegas! Big strong Scotty! What bulls---! You aren't man enough to hold Luke's s---ty pants. Luke has so much talent that he doesn't know what to do with it. He was bored with porn. He didn't respect 95% of the porn people, and who can blame him. Luke is a very good writer. He has a great voice. He is a gentleman. He never censored anyone in his radio chatroom. People like you were constantly threatening to beat the s--- out of him, and he didn't stop the threats and the criticism. I wouldn't expect someone like you to appreciate Luke's talents. Anyone who wants to physically kick someone's ass at a porn event is scum. That is one thing I could never understand about Brad Shaw. He looks like a little teddybear, and he writes on the boards like he is bin Laden. Time for a testosterone check!

Mutt writes on Oprano.com: While Luke is a converted Jew, he wasn't born with the Jew's innate interest in business and self promotion. He doesn't seem to care about money too much or marketing himself. He has a great book in him, he just doesn't realise it. So he'll write a book like you say about Hollywood producers only a handful of cinephiles will want to buy.

Confucy writes: Mutt, I don't know why Luke doesn't have his own non-porn radio show or at least a column with Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. He is too good to be sitting there in a garage with no money writing about producers for a book nobody will buy except me. I have been waiting for the day when he would decide *to hell with being a jew* and come back to porn, recognize his sexuality, grab his digital camera, and head for the porn events. If Luke had gone to Hollywood, FL, we would have gotten a true picture of the happenings. LUKE, COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mutt, remember Bob Berkowitz on eyada? All radio shows were cancelled about the same time Luke walked away from l-keford.com. I loved to listen to Bob & Luke discuss porn. They were the best! The shows we have now are very lacking. I have nothing against Holly, Headless, Sandra, dokk, Sharky, YnotBob, and the gang...but they are amateurs compared to Bob & Luke. D$ & KB are the only ones who have a chance to do something with radio. I don't think D$ cares, but KB could really do something special if he found the right team and the right formula.

Gene Ross Reports Lacie Coxx Has HIV

From www.GeneRossExtreme.com: Lacie Coxx who worked in the adult business last year has HIV. Coxx who's currently living in Florida was diagnosed recently. Coxx, who was the victim of an assault and murder attempt by her husband, had appeared on the Montel Williams Show to tell her story. Coxx' husband attacked her with a screwdriver, driving a hole in the side of her cheek during the attack. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder. However a screwup in paperwork furloughed him by mistake. It was suspected that during the three days that he was on the loose, Coxx had sex with him which may have resulted in her condition.


XXX writes: Serge Birbrair's a pro at finding out people's weak spots and mind f---ing them.

You know what's happened to Seymore Butts aka Adam Glaser? Maybe he burnt out on the porn lifestyle and has found God. That's what happened supposedly to the kid who ran Busty Amateurs a couple years ago.

What's up with BigDoggie.net? I see you posting exerpts on your site from their messageboards. While you were away from porn the two middle aged guys who run that site were arrested on a bunch of charges, made the national news, was all over the place. Yet they appear to be running the site in the same way.

DUC says: Adam Glasser has had some financial troubles and seems to be out of the business.

Cali writes: If you want to know the deal on who's running Bigdoggie.net, contact their attorney. His name is Luke Lirot, he should be in the yellow pages (or online equivalent); his office is in Tampa and his firm is the same as his name. In the past he successfully defended voyerdorm.com when the city of Tampa was attempting to drive them out of town with zoning infractions, and is currently defending an attorney being attacked by the rabid lawyers of the Church of Scientology in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death civil suit. While "honest" is to "attorney" as "bong" is to "Mother Theresa," I seriously doubt he'd be defending them if they planned to cop a plea and are cooperating with the fuzz. It'd be like hiring F. Lee Bailey to plead no contest to a parking violation. So I suspect he'd give you a somewhat straight answer.