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Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Many leading porners, like Pope Paul "the Pious" Fishbein (AVN publisher), Steve "the Marketing Man" Hirsch (Vivid), Patrick "Porno" Collins (Elegant Angel), work out at the same effete, mineral water swilling, bagel eating aerobic yuppie gym in Van Nuys. As the economist Adam Smith wrote in his monumental 1776 book The Wealth of Nations: "People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public or in some contrivance to raise prices."

Ex-porn star Brandy Alexandre says the AVN Awards may not be fixed, per se, "but I have personally experienced how they can set you up so you can't possibly win. My movie Best Butt(e) in the West was nominated for Best Anal-Themed Video. It's not an anal movie--never has been, never will be. It's like they wanted to recognize me as having made a good movie, but there are other companies, perhaps those with movie and who don't cram ads for two movie on one page, who are more "deserving" to win.

"I approached Gene Ross with the situation and he said that's the only category it could go in and have a chance to win. Besides, he said, if it has one anal scene it's an anal movie. I countered with the question as to why, then, are all the Buttman movies nominated in the Best Video category when they have significantly more butt and anal in them? He shrugged and gave no response.

"It didn't win. A movie with anal in it did."

Porn lobbyist Mike Ross writes on RAME: "I am afraid of the whole bunch.... What I have read here confirms my "suspicision"... namely that something needs to be done about "anti-trust" violations... namely price fixing... and stiffling competition.

"For the record, the people whom I am most "scared of" is the cartel called the Free Speech Coalition.... they are the people on the FSC board. Not only do they continually screw up when representing our rights (in court and the legislatures), but they are the ones controlling prices, distribution and content (condoms only)."

Paul Fishbein replies: "Mike Ross has a personal agenda because Free Speech fired his ass and hired Kat Sunlove. I was one of the people who fought to keep Mike as Free Speech's lobbyist because I felt he earned another chance. But his relentless bashing is nothing short of unprofessional and he spews misinformation.

"I believe that Mike is a valuable asset but he can't keep his mouth shut. Had he handled himself in a more professional manner, he might have gotten another shot or a position, but he pisses everyone off.

"If he really knew how the price structure worked in this business, he'd realize that there is no price structure. The industry only wishes they could price fix. They'd all be doing better. The guy obviously hasn't studied the economics of the adult business."

Mike Ross responds at 5:26 AM, Wednesday: "Luke, I wish you would have asked me for a direct comment from me based on what Paul said... I would have asked Paul this question: If Michael Ross spews out "misinformation" why would you (Paul) say this:

"I believe that Mike is a valuable asset but he can't keep his mouth
shut. Had he handled himself in a more professional manner, he might
have gotten another shot or a position, but he pisses everyone off."

"For the record, I am not going to "To keep my mouth shut" just because
it makes them happy. Additionally, I don't want another shot or a position... I will not be "bought off"... Why? Because I am doing what I am trained to do... and the problem the "industry has" is they have never had a professional lobyist (they still don't) and don't understand how they think and act. I have set standards and am achieving them, which is why more and more businesses are hiring me to represent them, which means that FSC is loosing money and membership.

"In fact, its interesting... after getting fired for what every stupid reason they come up with today, would you think I would accept another position with them? Thats a crock, and the main reason I don't trust them.

"Finally, as you can see by my RAME post, Paul missed out on the most important part of my "debate" with AVN..... namely why are the censoring the news that others around the country participate in, understand and accept? Namely when is it that everytime I do something, its not reported in AVN. And to understand this, all one has to do is look at the last issue (page 318) where they wrote a great story about
EMAIL, but..... left out the fact that the AEIEF represented the industry in the negotiations, and, FSC never showed up. In other words, If I report something, both FSC and AVN opt not to "mention/report it" why? For instance, not one of them has written anything about "Indiana" and the attempts to close down the industry (I have been working out there, but FSC is missing in action-again!).

"Additionally, Pauls following statement is WRONG: "If he really knew how the price structure worked in this business, he'd realize that there is no price structure. The industry only wishes they could price fix. They'd all be doing better. The guy obviously hasn't the economics of the adult business."

"Paul, I understand economics, and I am worried that now that the "FSC"
Board is now complete with vivid and wicked, and that they will start
price fixing and all of the nice other "anti-trust" items.

"In closing, I just have to say this:.... I guess someone has to watch
them, and I guess that's you and I! (Mike - politics and Luke - gossip)
I believe I am in good company."

Rich pornographers like Fishbein gather in Denver for an intimate weekend with Goalie Entertainment owner, Eddie Wedelestedt. A convicted felon who inherited most of his stores from Reuben Sturman in the late 1980s, "Eddie W." received a Special Achievement Award from AVN publisher Paul Fishbein at this year's AVN Awards (which started January 9th and are only halfway through as we speak). In his thank-you speech, Wedelstedt praised, among other porn pioneers, the memory of murdered mobster Robert DiBernardo, a member of both the New York Gambino crime family and New Jersey's DeCavalcantes. "Dibi" ran Star Distributors (through 1986) with New York porn legend Theodore Rothstein.

This weekend in Denver, the sultans of smut will do deals, meet with Goalie store managers, and listen to lectures from lawyers. A major donor to charity, Wedelstedt is throwing a large dinner-dance.

Fishbein: "Luke, I am not rich and I don't think I am a pornographer. We do a magazine about pornography but it's a trade publication. Maybe I am a
pronographer yet I never thought of myself that way. And I wish I were
as wealthy as you think."

Rodney Moore: "I am very proud and pleased to announce that for the third year in a row, I've been voted the Hottest Director by the People's Choice Adult Awards at www.cavr.com (Cyberspace Adult Video Reviews).

"Now many may say such an award from a website coming out of the midwest doesn't carry the weight or prestige of the AVN statue. On the other hand, the person (whomever he/she may be) who won the AVN Best Director Award received the most votes among a very small group (under 20 I believe) of AVN selected and paid critics with whatever agenda goes with that and whatever egos need to be stroked. I received the most votes from hundreds of fans whose only agenda is which director makes the videos they most enjoy stroking their dicks to."

Blake Leigh (whom Luke incorrectly identified initially as Heaven Leigh): "I have to write to you and back up my friend Rodney. Heaven Leigh was number three on the vote on www.cavr.com and AVN people over looked her also. The "FANS" pay are bills not a few hands at AVN. I think its time that the awards should be voted by the "FANS", and the winners should be from that vote not from who kisses the most ass!!!!!! Lets see new starlet of the year nominee Stryc9... Please the women had 20 scenes all together and few of them was bad!!!! There was a few others in that list that didn't deserve to be there.

"Lets all face the truth here, its not about how good one is its how good you kiss ass and suck dick period!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven's position on this is this: it's [AVN] an award for best dick sucking, something she will not show her grand children when she is old and out of porn, but its nice to have that one moment where you do get recognised for a good job.So maybe a small web site in the midwest is not AVN, but Paul, without that small web site and the "FANS" where would you be!!!!!!!!!!

"Oh here is a good one. Heaven called AVN and asked for the talent copy of AVN and they said Heaven was not talent and they never heard of her, SO Paul have your staff go to www.cavr.com and have a look and go to www.rogreviews.com and see that she finished in the top ten in that poll for someone that is not talant she sure has a great following!!!!!!So what does this tell us boys and girls, the fix is on at AVN!!!!!"

AVN publisher Paul Fishbein replies: "I don't know Heaven Leigh but I know who she is. If I've ever met her, I don't recall but I meet a lot of people. First of all, all talent gets a free subscription to AVN if they ask, so either she asked the wrong person or didn't call. If she called, maybe the subscription person didn't know who she was, but the editorial staff does. So if she calls, e-mails or faxes, of course, she can have a free subscription.

"But don't vent in public. If you can refer to me by name on Luke's site, you can pick up the phone or send a note.

"Next, I don't know if Heaven Leigh had done anything this year that was
eligible to be nominated. Only she can tell us that. But her dick sucking comments are typical of those stupid, unknowing, disenfranchised losers who would rather shoot darts at people rather than find out what the truth is. (Not that I am saying Leigh is any of those things because, after all, I don't know her). She doesn't know me or how things work here so her opinion means nothing. If she chooses to investigate the way awards are given here, she knows anyone is invited.

"Ditto Rodney Moore. The same man who loved us in the past and who gave him awards for Best Pro-Am and nominated him for Male Peformer of the Year now has an axe to grind? Ask Rodney if I helped him at all earlier in his career? He should know better. Shame on David Perry. Sorry that we didn't say he was the second coming of porn.

"We did however do an article for our March issue on the return of the Cumm Brothers, so Rodney, when you make news, we run it. Just cut the cheap shots. It makes you look like some of the above mentioned adjectives, but I know you're better than that."

Rodney Moore responds to Pope Paul: "First, I have never made any personal comments about Paul Fishbein. I am very grateful for a lot of help he gave me early on in my career. I have always like Paul. But why is he confusing me with some European porn actor? I certainly hope that was a typing error, because if not, then he is guilty of one of the biggest sins against industry people that you, Luke, have been accused of, and he, as publisher of the industry bible and one who should set an example, should definitely know better.

"Who can blame me for touting an award that I won, and building it up in comparison to one that I didn't. If I had won an AVN award, then I'd probably be singing a different tune. At least I'm honest enough to admit that. It's just promotion. I'd just like to see my videos reviewed by someone at AVN who understands and gets what I do. Then maybe I'd get an editor's choice once in awhile.

"The thing with the magazine in the toilet is meant to be funny, like most everything else I do. Hey, Rocco Seffredi and his American copycats stick girls' faces in toilets, and AVN loves them. But they're going to be pissed at me because I drop the mag in the crapper?"

Fishbein replies: "Rodney Moore is right. I was confusing him with a European actor. Tell Rodney that we have a bunch a new reviewers so when he sends in his screeners, have him request new revieweres who might not have seen his stuff. You know, a fresh perspective."

Heaven Leigh: "Well if that is not true Paul then how can a whole staff say I was not talent?I have done alot more movies and alot better work then alot of the New Starlet Award nominees you had this year.I am not saying all of them Alisha Klass should of won or Jassica Darlin so you did a good job on that one,but a few others on the list please.As you can see i did not write what was posted earlier here,if Luke would go look he to would of seen this!!!! [Luke initially incorrectly identified words from Heaven's hubby Blake as coming from Heaven.] I am not going to get into a fight with Paul about AVN awards I think enough people at CES did a fine job yelling at him over it.But Paul I am talent and for you and the stuff to say i am not talent is a big slap in the face to me!!!!!! I have called many times to get the same BS from your staff,maybe you are not getting the BJs but someone over there is!!! I would not want your job but at the same time you need to think about what you are doing when its time for next years awards.Where was Misty Rain for Performer Of The Year???There are a few others that should of been on that list.Now this is the words of Heaven

Paul Fishbein replies: "Who on our staff said you were not talent? Who? Name names. I see your name on credits of movies so obviously, you are talent. Who is giving you the so-called bs.

"How can you judge who should have won? Did you watch everything this
year like our staff did? Why is it that everybody can judhge and think
they are the best of their work is better? It's all subjective. We watch
everything. Which award- worthy performance did we miss? Get me the tape so I can see where our oversight is.

"AVN and our staff loves the talent. We treat the talent well. Without
the talent, there is no industry. We don't get many complaints that our
staff doesn't treat the talent right.

"You should want to get into a fight with me because I am deeply offended
by this crass innuendo.

"Misty Rain for Performer of the Year? She's been nominated in the past.
Only problem was that hardly anything with her came out in 1998. Why
don't you ask her or Chad? They'll tell you that she didn't have much
out this year. Why are they aware of it but not you? Because you don't
watch the stuff or pay attention to release schedules. Then you'd know
how little Misty had out this year.

"Stop with the blowjobs bulls---. We're busy putting out a magazine with
hundreds of pages of information each month. Like I said to Rodnety
Moore, give us news and we'll print it. Just don't try to suck anybody's
dick here. Now this is (sic) the words of Paul Fishbein."

Heaven Leigh: "On the postings last night no one said you was
getting the BJs just someone was over at AVN and you can not set there
and tell me you know what the staff is doing 24/7.As for the talent
copy,I called three months ago gave them my home phone number and my
mailing address,they said they would have to check it out and get back
with me.Ok I understand that so two months passed by and no AVN so I
called and YOUR STAFF SAID"SORRY NO ONE HERE KNOWS YOU AND NEVER HEARD OF YOU"so PAUL maybe that is why as you put it"have I done anything this year that was eligible to be nominated"because no one knows who I am.Funny I have done over 70 movies and my box cover for Dark Secrets was on the third page of one of AVN issues.So if AVN is so fair on how they pick the girls then the staff should know all the girls to be fair.Or maybe it comes to PAID ADVERTISMENT,face it Paul half of the girls was contract girls and contract girls mean companies and companies mean money for AVN.Five of the girls out of what 8:Alisha Klass:Seymore Butts,Jessica Darlin and Stryc9:Extreme,Dee and Shelby Myne:AGV,maybe the dick sucking was out of line but ass kissing and money is not.Three of them paid there dues and have done something's to be where they are Alisha,Jessica and Shelby the others was there because of the money spent to AVN.Stryc9 and Dee and the others did what to get eligible as you put it?Lets see Stryc9 was in the business a whole six months and had a whole 20 scenes or less hmmmm...... I could careless about award for best dick sucking,but I do want someone over at AVN to tell me that they are sorry for the slap in the face,I worked f---ING to hard to get where I am to have someone tell me I am not talent or calling me a loser!!!!! My opinion means nothing to you if it was not for the women in porn you would not have this job at AVN!!!!!!!One last thing if no one at AVN knows me then how do you know if I was eligible or not?So if the staff looked at all the tapes then they had to see me with Cherry(aka Stryc9) or Shelbee Myne we did a ton of movies together.I am not trying to get into a war but I am not going to stand by and let anybody slap me in the face!!!!!!!!!"

Porn lobbyist Mike Ross says: "Thanks for making my point very clear... no one knows why I was let go.... the charge was a crock and "charges" were never presented to me so that I may defend myself.

As for an agenda, yes, I have one.. and its pro consumer.. not just pro
industry... but being pro consumer is good for America, and the industry
(they sell more product, become mainstream, and are protected as any
other industry is). Consumer protection belongs in this industry, and
they should recognize that now. Let me ask you this... whom does AVN
cater to? Video Producers? Talent? Shop owners? Hell, their readership
is over 100,000.... that's a lot of "porn shops"... or is it consumers???

Additionally, if the comments made in Luke's column are true and
accurate (mine are somewhat old I believe) ... Paul still didn't
recognize the most important thing about his comments..... why he is
censoring the political truth from the community? And what is the truth?
The truth is I have support in the adult entertainment world, and FSC,
AVN and the rest don't want to recognize it. And they do that by saying
"anything that I do is ragging on them" but the reality is, no matter
what I do, they take it as a rag. Is it my fault if I do my job
effectively?? In fact, I challenge them to a debate on the subject. I
can prove my record, can they?

In closing, I have gone one step further than AVN and FSC could (and
thus the reason they are now publishing a trade fax) , and set up a
system of "information" that not only competes against the FSC, but is
building up steam - within the industry and political circules. With
that in mind, I urge you to look at the record, and once you do, you
will understand... I'm not giving out "miss information" rather, I'm
changing the way its delivered... instantly and AVN is having trouble
competing (just like when luke scoops them) not to mention the fact
that I'm presenting what's going on in legislatures from my point of
view. I am sure that once someone does the "searching" and does it
professionally, you will understand why I'm being supported by the
businesses that I am (Check my lobbying reports)

Mike Ross, Adult Entertainment Advocate

P. S. I don't know what Paul referes to as "another position" within the
industry.....I have not wanted a position from the "industry" rather I
am happy running a trade association that compets directly against
theirs and by representing Cabarets and other Adult Entertainment

FSC Insurance Coordinator Greg Zeboray of www.zeboray.com writes: "Paul Fishbien is a good man who does not deserve all this bulls---. I'm really amazed that members of the talent pool are so willing to take shots at someone who has done so much for them. In regards to the awards, I personally know one of the people who voted, and I can tell you there is NO fix. He went through a long process of reviewing and making notes, like any judge would, and no, he is not associated with AVN or Fishbien in any manner."

Luke spent Tuesday afternoon skulking around AVN headquarters at 6700 Valjean seeking the scoop. When caught by the muscular 207 pound bully Gene Ross, I fled so quickly that I got pulled over on Victory Blvd for doing 55 in a 40 mph zone and given a ticket.

Arch Stanton on Shooting Sex: "Luke, I hope you got paid! [Nope.] Maybe next year at the AVN awards we'll hear "and now for best actor in a non-sex role the winner is ..... Luke F-rd!"

Ricky Retardo writes on RAME about the Update 2/2/98: "hey luke, what's with the extended lame ass bestiality review on your site? that's the most pathetic excuse of "reporting" i've ever seen. you copied that all by yourself? impressive. how long did it take you to throw that trash together? i think you should pull your head out of your ass and start working on real stories before this "fame" that you so obviously cherish evaporates like the air in your brain is starting to. am i missing something here? that was just plain lazy and retarded. i normally like your stuff but your skills are becoming very dubious."

Tturaider writes on RAME: "For those of you looking for some raw, carnal, and filthy sex,then the Nasty Nyphos series is definately for you! I just finished watching NN#7, and I've got to say, it was worth the money! Fans of A/M will definately enjoy it. The Anabolic boys definately like "banging down the back door" in this series, or, at least in this one anyway. They treat the sluts like sluts, and make sure they know it! This one has Bunny Bleu, J.R. Carrington(kuddos), Sophia Ferrari, Heather Lee(kuddos), Olivia, and Sally Laid in a filthy 3-some!"

Porn lobbyist Mike Ross says the AEIEF has scheduled three educational oriented meetings for California's Cabaret and XXX Owners.
The Legislative Seminars are scheduled to be held in San Francisco,
Sacramento, Los Angeles (San Diego will be included as part of Los
Angeles) and are designed to discuss state and local actions (and
issues) that affect the future of the Cabaret Industry.
"The Adult Entertainment Business is a Billion-dollar businesses,"
Bill Gammough, owner of the Pelican Theatre said. "When we stand alone,
we fight as one. "Fighting together, our voice will be heard in a
bureaucracy that is continually taking away our freedom to profitably
conduct businesses and treat our customers as they expect."
"State and Local governments creates public policy that conflicts
with Constitutional law, because they don't understand the industry's
overall appeal and operations, not to mention our Constitutional
rights," Michael Ross continued. "We're about to get picked apart in the
political process, and we need to organize and work together to offset
the anti-industry attacks and negative media that the public receives
about us and our businesses," Ross said. "We also need to work together
to focus dancer attention away from lawsuits that threaten the club
future(s) and refocus them on the big picture, Legislation that
destroys the entire industry statewide."
The program's agenda includes (but is not limited to) the
• A discussion of bills sitting before California's Legislature;
• A discussion of Local/Regional Legal Actions & their impact on you and
your business;
• The Creation and Implementation of a comprehensive Management Oriented
Legal Defense Fund;
• The Creation of an Industry "Media Response Program"
• Regional "Director" Nominations;
• The introduction of the AEIEF Kitchen Cabinet;
• A discussion of recent court cases;
"Everyone in the Cabaret Industry is invited to the meetings,"
Gammough continued. "We hope that every club owner and their legal
representative(s) will attend the meeting and participate in the final
steps towards organization."
"For the last 2 years, the AEIEF has fought for you in the
California Legislature and has been able to fend off attacks," Ross
added. "Now the attacks are growing and threatening the industry's
"United, we'll produce and distribute pro industry material that
will benefit us all," Michael said. "It's time that this industry stand
up and fight back"
Currently, the AEIEF is the sole sponsor of the event. The
following industry leaders have stated that they or a representative
will attend the meeting: Bill Gammough (Pelican Club); Harry Mohney
(DeJa Vu); Mike Galardi (Cheetahs); Marla & Tom Green (Fantasy Exotic
Topless of Colton); Sacramento's Gold Club Centerfolds and The
following legal representatives: John Weston, Charlie Bloodgood, George
Mull, John Espedal, Dale Manicom, Roger Diamond and Gerald Glazer.
For more information (including directions) about the event(s) or
to RSVP, Please give us a call at (916) 456-7311.
Locations will be provided upon RSVP.

A wanderer: "Tonight I went to Circus Books, Santa Monica and Crescent Heights. They get a healthy selection of VIVID, SUNSHINE, CABELLERO COMPS. PRICED AROUND 8:95. Though I have stopped buying porn as a means of protest to the crap being produced, I like to browse.

"Sunshine has put out a line of shemale 4hour comps. Some of the
girls? are very passable. Some look like grandpa Munster.

"Looked for your tape in the rental area--What Women Want. Did not

"I have yet to find a Rob Black video anywhere.

"I looked through the skin mags--Hustler, Penthouse, etc.
The very first pictorial in the current Hustler is a shemale.
Penthouse has a girl giving head with cum seeping out of her mouth.

"There is an annual Adam Film World (I think) that is out that reviews
porn vids for the entire year. It's about 11 bucks. There is a
section titled new media. Looked there to see if your were listed.
Nope. But I did see a Luke F-rd type imitator mentioned--but
I have forgotten the url.

"As I left the bookstore and walked to my car, I passed about three new times machines with your picture in the displays. Tomorrow is the last day for that, so, you really should go out there and take some pictures of some of these machines in different parts of town--for posterity. It's not something that happens to many people. Come Thursday--they pull that issue."

From Pussycat's gossip column www.unchain.com: "I couldn't bear a Luke-style lynching from my peers, but a LA New Times cover wouldn't kill poor Pussycat either.

"Pussycat just finished reading the glowing article on Luke F-rd that is
the cover story (pictured with Raylene (at right) and Randi Rage) on
this week's LA New Times. Kitty also got a little jealous when she saw
Randi Rage licking Lukey's face. Why can't Randi Rage lick my face?
When asked by this hard hitting Kitty, "doesn't Raylene smell good?",
poor Lukey could only reply, "I don't remember." That's because he
was scared out of his mind. Wouldn't you be if you had to crawl in
bed naked with two of the hottest porn stars in the world? Of course
you wouldn't but Lukey was!

"As you might know, Kitty hated the rat-bastard when she saw what he
was doing to her friends in the business. Pussycat's best friends are
porn stars and divulging their real names was a dangerous business.
But somehow, he managed to fall into Kitty's good graces. He's the
only Australian Jew she will ever meet, so why tempt fate? However,
who can fault him for putting these names up? He's certainly just
"giving the public what they want", safety be damned. Kitty has a hard
time with this overall concept but she has a harder time with people
trying to silence someone who's writing under the guise of free speech.
Lately, the porn columns in magazines have been so boring. This one's
f---ing this one, this one hates this one, it's time that someone shook
up the business and love him or hate him. It's the same old stuff every
day. You have to admit, even if what he puts up there is wrong, it's
completely interesting even to those who are merely fans. To those in
the porn industry that get so mad, I have some advice. Take it with a
grain of salt. This is your work, not your life.

"Who knew that Rob Black was going to Brazil to find more f---ers?!
Who knew Marc Wallice was HIV+? Who knew Joe D'Amato died
minutes after it happened? Luke F-rd. Now if only he knew what
Pussycat does for fun, that would be the scoop... but like I always say,
if you want the stuff that has the potential to hurt people, go there. If
you want to know what all the sexy porn stars did over the weekend,
keep coming back here!

"Now, word has it, Luke F-rd has just been hired to write a gossip
column for IEG. This is on the heels of the news that AVN wants to
hire him too. Luke F-rd goes legit. Did he always want this?
Recognition and credibility? Is this a way to pay the rent? There goes
the underground. Pretty soon my Unchain the Underground editors
are going to make me take his place! Who knew, Luke goes legit and
Pussycat gets rotten. Stay tuned."

Joey Markham writes about Monday's Entertainment Tonight cover story on VCA contract girl Stacy Valentine:

Bob Goen (intro): Stacy Valentine is an adult film star. But while she strips
down to nothing in her triple-X movies, a new film about her life strips
away the make-up to discover the very vulnerable, very real person hiding
within. Now, Stacy's incredible story is our Entertainment Tonight cover

[Throughout, we see clips of Stacy making public appearances, brief home
videos (when she was a baby), clips from her documentary, of her at an ice-
skating rink, clips of her in hospital undergoing surgery, with her one-time
boyfriend, etc.]

Stacy Valentine: I want people to know that there's a real person behind the
pornstar image.

BG: Her business asks its actors to reveal a lot. But in 'The Girl Next
Door', Stacy Valentine reveals a lot about her business.

SV: I do wanna be famous. I love the attention.

BG: The film follows her path from housewife to pornstar. With the slick
and glossy image of Stacy Valentine replaced by the very real picture of
Stacy Baker.

SV (clip from 'The Girl Next Door'): It's just really weird to look in the
mirror and you kinda see a stranger.

SV: I'm human. I'm really human. And I think people should know that.

BG: She comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was adopted by a mother who loved her then and still does now.

SV's mom (alongside SV's stepfather): I never thought that she would be in
this business, but we're still very proud of her.

BG: She became a centerfold when her husband sent nude pictures to a men's magazine. The marriage went bad, she went to Hollywood and made her first movie without a second thought.

SV: I chose the adult business because it was something I wanted to do.

BG: Now, Stacy is skating into a new world. Her documentary showed at
Slamdance, the film festival taking place alongside Robert Redford's
star-studded Sundance. Stacy was enjoying the spotlight but didn't seem
fully prepared for her very first look at the film.

SV: It was very emotional and very dramatic. I felt really sorry for myself
at times! (smiles) I thought "Oh, that's so sad!" (We see a clip of Stacy
from TGND, talking on the phone and holding an award).

BG: Her relationship with her mother was perhaps the most touching part of
the film. At times, she says she loves her job. At others, she says she's
getting out.

SV (clip from TGND): I'm trying to make myself unrealistic. Most girls in
the business, their bodies are unrealistic and I just can't keep up with
that. It's really wearing me down.

BG: She had her breasts made bigger and then made smaller. She's been through liposuction and had her lips pumped up.

SV: I haven't watched the plastic surgery. I can't watch that. I'm through
with plastic surgery. That's it. I don't wanna put myself through that.

BG: And we see her problems with romance. Relationships seem restricted to others in her field and all that sex makes love difficult.

SV: Just because I do adult films doesn't mean that I don't get my feelings
hurt and that I don't get my heart broken.

BG: She may be a pornstar, but she is 'the girl next door'.

SV: I'm still searching. I'm still searching for what I want in life.

BG (wrapping up): There is some good news for Stacy, though. From her
exposure in 'The Girl Next Door' at the Slamdance festival, she has been
cast in a mainstream film.

A source: "Rumors in the valley says that Liza HARPER is going to quit. Going thru a nervous breakdown, sick, soon to go under surgery...
She recently lost her $500 000.00 home and she is too much out of the
loop to do anything better, anytime soon. Ain't that sad, such a pretty girl, and what a true anal talent."

An update on Bridgitte Monet: "I went to high school with Dana Kunath who later became Bridgette Monet. Since her retirement from porn she has moved back to San Diego County and is raising a family. I ran into her at a mall not long ago and we talked about old times, though she never mentioned her porn career. There was an older lady with her I assumed was her mother and she was pushing a stroller with a toddler in it."

Keisha writes to me: "I haven't done a movie since the end of 1994 and I thought I was done for good, but I have decided to come back and do some more movies. I have been in college for the last 2 1/2 years and I am a psychology major and a straight A student. I will continue going to college part time. I have a webpage. The address is Keisha.webjump.com. This is only a temporary address though. One of my biggest fans made this web page for me. I was very impressed with the way it turned out. While I've been in school, I've been working at a club in North Hollywood called Deja Vu. I ususally work there Friday and Saturday nights. I'm very excited about coming back to do movies. I feel my best work is yet to come."

New York Post Page Six gossip on Screw publisher Al Goldstein: "WHO knew that sleazemeister Al Goldstein was so hard up? The portly porn pusher is so desperate for love that he placed a personal ad in New York magazine this week. Under the heading ''Controversial Publisher,'' Goldstein describes himself candidly as ''a 62-year-old fat man looking for love in all the wrong places.'' He's seeking a ''pretty and bright companion, slender, 30s, 40s or 50s'' for ''coach-fare trips'' to share his four homes: ''NYC (tiny), Pompano, Fla. (huge), L.A. and Holland (average).'' Reached at his ''average'' abode in Amsterdam, Goldstein told The Post's Gersh Kuntzman, ''I'm not the person you see on 'Midnight Blue' or in Screw magazine. I'm just a nice Jewish guy who's inept and inadequate at relationships.''"

Nick East: "Hey!!! Wassup? I just read my review in your web page. Damn, man, that's almost a whole book in itself! But the things that Jay Ashley said about me hitting Kim was not true. If I'd have done that, I would
have ended up in jail. Also, I noticed some typos. Don't you have a
spell check? Also, for the record, I challenged Alex [Sanders] because he and I had been on edge with each other for years and it all culminated that
particular evening. I was tired of the disrespect so I gave him some
back and he out-right backed down. Since then though, I've been in a
boat that sank off the coast of Catalina and was so happy to have
survived the experience that I was glad to see ANYONE! Including Alex.
I don't think about that confrontation anymore. It's over in my eyes.
Other than that, the duality of my existence was a nice touch. A
definite winner! Funny too!!! Oh, by the way, do you know any good
literary agents who would be interested in checking out my book. 

"Jay Ashley was wrong [about a CES incident in 1997]. I grabbed Kim's [Kataine] arm to take her away with me and she spilled her drink. Big deal! Well, anyway, I'd better get going, Kim's wondering what's taking me so long to get ready for tonite. Yes, we're still together. Again."

Mr. Owsley writes on RAME about Jenna Jameson's aborted comeback: "Jenna has turned herself into a Frankenstein compared to how beautiful she used to be when she was all natural. I think she's realized this also. I recently
saw an interview with her and she came across as very sad. She was
being asked (almost ridiculed) why she had her tits made even bigger.
She acknowledged that there's no way in life they would normally be that
big and admitted that she thinks she went overboard with all this
plastic surgery."

Pat Redmond: "Yes, it is a business. However, has she REALLY grasped this concept -OR- has the concept 'grabbed her' ?
NOBODY could sell themselves like she has without a LOT of help !!!
She is always friendly with me, however there has to be a point
where you look past the 'wrapping' to find the 'package'!
Obviously she brought herself into the business with the lure of
stardom. If enough people tell you that you are the greatest thing
since sliced bread, eventually you are going to believe your
own press. We see actors, sports stars, etc. every day becoming
'larger than life', ie; $20,000,000 per picture, $15,000,000
per season to toss a baseball or a basketball, and we do hear
about these celebrities on occasion doing some wierd s---
( Atlanta Falcons player arrested for soliciting prostitution
the night before the Super Bowl , or the Hugh Grant/Devine
Brown liason come to mind) and we pass these incidents off
as 'amusing follies', or 'dumb luck for getting caught'.
When Jenna has one of her so-called 'Bitch-a-paloozas',
we find another way to vilify her. She's a 24 year old woman
who is having a tough time adjusting to her celebrity. She may
NEVER fully adjust to her celebrity. Maturity may eventually
surface, and she MAY come around, but on WHOSE terms ??
With this industry being small in 'population', and the number
of Contract Performers being limited, one person standing
out for her 'difficult behavior' is a foregone conclusion.
"Oh, Jenna doesn't have the class of (insert name here)", OR
"Jenna is an impossible bitch", OR "Jenna is embarassing
herself/ Wicked Pictures/ the industry with her behavior"
are things that have been said (although the identities of these
persons are a moot point).

"When all is said and done, Jenna only has to answer to Jenna.
And I believe WE have created this so-called 'MONSTER'.
I also believe Jenna may not be able to be the way WE want
her to. (WHO COULD ?!?!) Yes, i'd like her to be ' The girl
next door', and some want her to be the 'bad girl', some want
her 'fiesty', some 'demure', some 'sophisticated', some 'slutty'.
Yes, maybe she was sexier in her 'Up and Cummers' days, or
maybe 'Blue Movie' was her best work, and maybe she didn't
need a 'chin implant' or 'still bigger breasts', but who
really knows ?! NOT JENNA .
We tell her so many different ways to be, the fine line
between 'fantasy' and 'reality' gets fuzzier by the minute.
Doesn't this girl need someone who REALLY CARES ABOUT HER ?
To teach her the difference between 'real stuff' and 'make-believe'?

"Every time I see her at a personal appearance, it seems there is
a confused young woman in there somewhere. I feel sad for her.
Damnit, let's not waste another human being to excess. We may not like the person Jenna has become, but we have only ourselves to blame."

John Douglas of www.talkingblue.com replies: "It has been my experience with Jenna that she is generally quite the opposite of how she is often portrayed elsewhere. I wouldn't try to suggest that she is without fault or that she has never had a temper tantrum, but the portrayal that you make of her own your site isn't a side of Jenna that I have ever seen in any of my encounters with her."

Chloe writes: "CHLOE IS NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!!!!
GOING TO GET ANY BOOBS, LIPOSUCTION, OR ANY OTHER FORM OF BODY ALTERING SURGERIES...and please also note, to all you hiring producers and directors, I have not raised my rates and I am not "too busy"...so please don't forget that I do good scenes and am friendly and easy to get along with on sets. I know that some girls raise their rates after winning an AVN award, I have not...yet! On a more personal note, my insomnia seems to have passed, so now I can start acting more human, and less like a vampire once again!!"

Rog Pipe of www.rogreviews.com was disappointed by Thomas Paine's "Love My Wife, Please!" for Legend:

Does anyone remember when all porn videos used to have
something that resembled a plot? In days before gonzo, wall to wall
and whatever the hell they call tapes that can't be classified,
seemingly every video on the shelf had some sort of story to follow?
Now, before you start thinking this is me, lamenting the loss of the
'good old days', I'm not saying I liked those movies better. In fact,
most of the stories sucked and the acting was hideous. However, they
did help to bring us the time honored cliches about plumbers, coeds,
housewives and farmer's daughters. These days, most of what I see
makes no effort to tell a story, even a bad one, and once in a while I
find myself hoping the hottie on the box will actually try playing a
character while she f---s and sucks. Since Thomas Paine took the time
to credit himself as writer/director on this project, perhaps I will
get to see one of the women from this cast, Raylene, Lexi or Shelby
perhaps, doing their part to make sure Vivid doesn't corner the market
on scripted porn.
    We open as Alec Metro types away on his laptop in bed. In the
bathroom, the lovely Lexi Erickson gets out of the shower, wraps a
towel around her body and puts a collar around her neck. She starts
kissing and licking his toes, making her way up his legs while
offering to be his slave. You see, Alec is about to leave for some
reason and Lexi wants to make sure he knows just how lucky he is. (As
if having your dick sucked by someone as f---ing gorgeous as Lexi
weren't enough.) Hearing her talk a bit as she sucks his cock only
makes things hotter and she gets major credit here for making it seem
like all she wants to do is worship Alec's cock with her sweet, slutty
mouth. Lexi stays submissive, burying her head in the pillow and
leaving her ass exposed as Alec goes licking about her puss and butt.
My God, even Lexi's pussy is gorgeous. Laying on his back, Alec
positions his little slave over his cock and has her bounce up and
down on it. Luckily, Lexi is not one of those Vivid type pretty girls
who looks great, but f---s like a bored stiff heroin skank. In fact,
Lexi seems to like it when Alec f---s her hard. (Notes- Her shoes stay
on, so does the collar and Alec does wear a condom.) Good, hard f---
that leads to a shot up her belly and onto her tits.
    Alec takes off for a meeting with Ron Jeremy, and not seconds
after telling him that he would never cheat on his wife, Alec comes
face to face with Raylene and seems dumbfounded. As soon as Ron leaves
the room, he jumps on her. A case of sexual harassment? Some f---ed up
role playing? We really don't have time to worry about that as they
tear each other's clothes off in a lust-filled frenzy. We really all
have to feel sad knowing that Raylene has taken the Vivid road to
mediocrity, especially after watching how she actually sucks Alec's
cock here. This woman is super fine and was a totally hot piece of
ass. For the second time in as many scenes, Alec spends a lot of time
licking pussy, something I happen to enjoy to a point, but goes on a
tad long here with nothing but her back in our view. (And Jeez, that
tat is f---ing hideous. Why?) All that labe lapping pays off, as
Raylene spreads her thighs and delights in the strokes as Alec slams
his full weight down into her sweet hole. This is a really nice
coupling if you like flexible girls who get f---ed with their legs
pinned way back. (And who doesn't?) Good, high energy f---ing that
again ends with a shot on the tits of the female performer.
    The fun is just beginning for Alec as Raylene rushes him home
to a three way with her girlfriend Shelby Myne. Damn, another good
looking woman with a big ass tat across her back. Did someone say
moratorium? It's really distracting when all I can see is ink.
Watching the same couple f--- in two consecutive scenes is a bit
redundant, even with another woman there fingering her pussy through
most of the action. Not that I mind watching Raylene f---, she still
looks good and Alec gives her everything he's got. Even the cumshot is
the same though.(Not the same shot looped, just a matching on the tits
    Before we go feeling sorry for faithful little Lexi, check
this out, she is busy in a three way of her own with Steve Hatcher and
Randee Lee. Randee has a big ass on her but she sure moves it well.
Lexi pulls his cock out a few times and tastes the brunette's juices,
apparently liking the flavor. Lexi is ten times prettier and
thankfully, every bit as eager to f--- Steve the Lizard Boy. Have to
give the boy credit he manages to keep his tongue and fingers busy so
that both women seem plenty happy with his cocksmanship. A somewhat
above average scene ends with a facial, but it's shot from a terrible
angle, pretty much eliminating anything sexy that might have otherwise
been there.
    I think somewhere along the line, we lost the story because
what happens next is a cut right to Alec and Lexi in bed. Not that I
mind watching Lexi again, but what exactly is the idea of having one
guy f--- two women twice in the same movie? How do I describe the same
scene twice? Essentially, this scene is just like the first, minus the
dog collar. Good doggy, good mish and another on the belly shot that
may have accidentally got a drop on her chin.
    OK, so we started off well, with hot scenes from Lexi and
Raylene, then something happened. We got repeats of the Lexi scene and
basically a re-do of the Raylene scene. I guess if you really like
Lexi Erickson, seeing her in three scenes has to be worth something,
and if your lady happens to dig Alec Metro, he's in four of the five.
Lexi and Raylene look great and they f--- with some enthusiasm,
however, the popshots are all quite Vivid-like, there is no anal and
if this is supposed to be a story-porn, it fails miserably. I'll give
it points for Lexi and Raylene, but Shelby Myne and Randee Lee are
wasted and there just is not enough for me to recommend here.

Bianca Trump and Champagne will be on a episode of Jenny Jones, being taped on Febuary 2nd. The show is intitled "Beautiful Women Who Can't Get Dates". It should air in 2 - 3 weeks. (Diablo on RAME)

Brandy Alexandre: "Could it be that she's charging too much for said dates? Maybe she should lower the price. This seems to be part of the new "I'm a person, too!" whine/trend in porn stars. After reading Rog's interview with her, comments about me notwithstanding, the girl doesn't seem that bright or interested in life. Getting a date often has nothing to do with looks and beauty. What's she like to hang out with? I wasn't impressed."

Schnip writes on RAME about Metro's Starlet Express tour: "I met Misty Rain, Coral Sands, and Shyla Foxx last night. And boys it's true Misty is available for escorting if you get a chance to ask her. I was one of the first in line and she wanted me to wait an hour or two to talk more about
that, but I couldn't hang around for so long. And she claims that
www.nicisgirls.com is not a fake, but Nici still hasn't gotten back to me from last night on booking Misty. Coral is very attractive and she has great tits... Shyla's tits are not so attractive, they are too disproportionate."

Dogs, David Clark Blown Away

David Aaron Clark appears in his own blow job series for Extreme Associates. Rob Black returns from Brazil this week and may be cleaning house. Will Van Damage and Tiff Mynx survive?

Clark writes: "Luke, call me to get this straight. It is EMPHATICALLY NOT MY BLOWJOB SERIES, and I am merely an undistinguished anonymous dick crammed in among a dozen other such penises -- most of them longer and generally more impressive than my own.

"PLEASE correct your opening line. If Rob ever sees it, I will be in deep s---. HE invented COCKSMOKERS, as he did DR. FELLATIO, its precursor, over at Elegant Angel. HE is the producer of the series. I, on the other hand, shoot one or two scenes an episode and have been the dick in all of ONE of them so far. Although more to come, yes ... esp MacKenzie.

"I get to be done by MacKenzie later this week, though. She's that controversial deaf girl. Very sweet, definitely bright. The net idiots assume she's retarded without ever having seen her. How ignorant.

"I am not starring in a blowjob series, but I broke my pro porn cherry by doing a blowjob scene with the very sweet Gina Adorabella, which will be in COCKSMOKERS 5. I will be getting the odd bj here and there in this series, since it mercifully concentrates on the cock and the girl, and you don't see hardly anything else of me (which was no mean feat for cameraman Slain Wayne to accomplish, let me tell you!). As for Tiffany, at this very moment she is still with Extreme. Sitting right here in the office, as a matter of fact."

Philip01@hotmail.com writes on the alt.cult-movies.erotica newsgroup about his bestiality collection:

I have some explicit videos that I would like to trade. The quality of the tapes varies from excellent to very good and I will not trade videos that are not viewable. This is not and I am not doing this to make money -- I am only doing it to trade with like-minded adults. Also, there are no tapes that
depict anyone who is actually under or who is pretending to
be under 18. I have no interest in any such tape so please,
if this is what you have to offer, don't. All of the tapes
are NTSC, the standard used in the U.S.

If you want to trade, please send a list of your movies, a
statement that these type tapes are not illegal in your
community (they are not in mine), that they are within your
community standards and that you are over 21. I am not in law
enforcement and am not attempting to entrap anyone.

Here is a partial list of those that I have (as to
viewability, VGQ = very good quality, etc.):

#1 Lust for Animals 26 - Petting out Dog (120min) Excellent
This crystal clear tape personifies bizarre. Lust has a red
hatted blonde and large lab. The bizarre part is that
throughout the video the woman, at times, sort of chants at
the dog. This is followed by a brunette and the lab.
Petting our Dog has a sexy smoking pierced girl and a German
Shepherd doing the nasty.

#2 Dog and Lesbian Festival - Danish Love Dog -- Dog
Kidnapping (120 min) Excellent
This contains the Chessie Moore classic with a large golden
dog. Not great action, but good to see nonetheless. Next up
is Danish Love Dog. Two girls do bondage scene then guy
brings in dog. This has lots of oral and oral cum shots and
is one of the most graphic around. It has an innocent girl
and an experienced blonde. The innocent one sucks a bit, but
the other really goes for it. (this is a good scene). Next
is a huge Dalmatian looking dog with a na´ve looking girl.
After her play, three guys enter and use the dog on a girl.

#3 Swiss Love Dog -- The f---ing Dog and the Dream (120 min)
This is one of the rare tapes that has a real plot. It
starts with a bride and groom and a Saint Bernard. I'm not
sure but it seems like it's not that great of an idea to have
your dog on the honeymoon. Throughout the movie this big dog
plays the voyeur and goes from place to place spying on
people and substituting in. All in all a good starter movie
to introduce someone to the joys of animal sex. The Dream
has a sexy corn rolled hair girl and a big old brown beast.

#4 Pretty Pet - Hunger for Dog (120 min) VGQ
The first film has a sexy blonde and a pretty brunette and
that one lucky golden dog. Each girl helps him to mount and
then the fun starts. Oral finishes this bad boy off. Hunger
has a cute, pigtailed girl (but well over 18) and another
golden stud. It's your typical tease, tease, tease, f---,
f---, followed by an oral finish.

#5 (120 min) vg-excellent
Starts with pregnant blonde and very cute girl with German
shepherd. Action starts quickly with dog-female oral
followed by extensive girl-dog oral. Both women very eager,
but videographer (not too often) sometimes "whites out"
scene. Girls help each other mount dog and reverse in clear
scenes. Excellent anal scene with the cute girl. Action
very clear and close-up. (55 min)
Girl and black stallion. Very clear oral by good looking
masked female. Attempted but mostly unsuccessful vaginal.
Animal Satisfaction -- Dark haired pretty girl and German
Shepherd start with him mounting her followed by dog-girl
oral. Guy comes and demonstrates how to do it.
Ride Lessons. Girl and large black stallion. Good, clear
penetration with cum shot. Also good head with cum shot.
Mustang Explotions (sp) vol 1. Blonde starts with oral and
ends with vaginal.

#6 (125 min) vg-excellent (all mostly 2 girl-1 animal)
Puppy Love. Two girls, one who looks like Ginger Lynn and a
black shaggy dog. Blonde does great oral followed by mount.
Brunette and dog. Good oral cum shot followed by a tit shot
and more oral. (18 min)
House Party Dog. Brunette with awesome knot busting vaginal
cum shot (need more be said?) (8 min)
Dog Maid. Unusual in that a black girl does
a lot of very nasty and explicit oral.
Wild Dogs. Same nasty black girl (and she is very nasty) does
several scenes with different dogs who have a very good time.
She does some vaginal but really shines at oral. (20 min)
Sheep Lovers 2. Guy proves why he is black sheep of the
family! (12 min)
Danish Pet 1. Cute girl and black lab. They do most
everything -- this is a classic and stills have been posted

Lots of different scenes of girls sucking and f---ing dogs.
Some real good looking girls in this one. This includes Dog
Wedding, one of the best oral cum shots ever filmed.

#8 Mona and Lisa (115 min) VG-excellent
This is an American tape in English with two good looking
blondes doing 3 different dogs and a horse. All the
"prompting" is clear, the movie is clear (but "jerky" at
times), and the "acting" is hot. This is one everyone wants.

#9 Lust for Animals 27 - Dog Joins Party (120 Min) Excellent
Lust starts with the dreaded golden dog, the decent big
chested brunette, no condoms and a bunch of unusual
missionary position followed by a very clear and explicit
oral. It seems like these "Lust" tapes are setting the
standard for more modern beast tapes. It also includes clear
and drippy pussy and, if I have the geography right, ass
f---ing. Dog Joins the Party is a German movie with a very
willing frauline (sp). This has to be the same "chanting"
girl as in number one. Hey, if you want to see a real freak
go after a willing dog, check her out.

#11 Dog Me Tonight - Dog and Teeny (120 min) VG-excellent
The first is a cute woman with a German shepherd. It's
mainly f---ing for this big boy.
The second, Dog and Teeny (60 min) Excellent
This has a very attractive 20 y.o. teasing a dog in the
beginning then orally satisfying him completely at the end.
If you like oral, you'll appreciate this one.

#12 Dogfun and compilation (120 min) Excellent-VG
Starts with cute babe sucking dog to completion then screwing
him while another girl watches. The girls then do some
strap-on action followed by some good action with a basset
hound! Again, this 60 min is extremely clear and everything
is visible. The last 60 min is good looking girls f---ing
and sucking dogs and other animals. These are older but
clear scenes with weird, American 70's music playing in the
background (maybe disco music?)

#13 f---ing Dog - Get Me Dog (120 min) Excellent
The Danish looking redhead (I think) who is in many ng
pictures and a wild haired brunette. Some lesbian action to
begin with followed by some intense oral and intercourse with
a large dog. Includes trailers. Get Me Dog Starts with two
girls and a guy and some bdsm and slight whipping. It
progresses to one having sex with the guy while the other
sucks and f---s a German shepherd. Good, clear action here.

#14 Horny Dog - Girls with Dogs (120 min) Excellent
The tape begins with the well-known Danish lass and another
cute girl going at it with each other. Soon a very large
shaggy dog comes in and the experienced girl shows the other
the pleasures of doggie love. Plenty of clear f---ing and
oral here. Next is Girls with Dogs, a 70's swinger type
movie with a Dalmatian. Following is several shorts,
including Animal Zoo, Moscow Dog, Royal Dog and ending with
the unusual Gay Dog. This tape is very clear and has a lot
of variety.

#15 Choc - Two Lesbians and Dog (120 min) Excellent
This tape begins with some of the clearest Choc previews that
I have seen. As advocates know, Choc contains the Danish
damsel and other cute girls satisfying horny pets. The tape
ends with (I think it's called) Two Lesbians and a Dog, a
great movie with a pierced, pigtailed youngish girl getting
aggressively f---ed by an anxious and adept dog. This
includes her getting tied by the knot and lotsa cum dripping
from her pussy.

#16 The Best of Bizarre 7 - Dream of Dog (120 min) Excellent
The "Best" includes classics like The Right Studs, Russian
Master Dog, Happy Horses, and County Girl. This tape is a
clear and explicit potpourri of horse and dog scenes. Dream
of Dog is a bit unusual in that it seems to have a real
theme. It concerns a rich guy and woman exploring her
sexuality, up to and including, well, you guessed it.

#17 Dutch Dog - Best of Choc Vol 2(120 min) Excellent
Dutch starts with a couple of very good looking girls in the
woods and a very well hung dog. They end up indoors and the
dog has his way with each, ending with a knot busting finale.
This is one of the best knot scenes around - with a dripping
cunt and the familiar "gurgle, gurgle" when he pulls free.
The familiar Choc scenes need no introduction. Suffice it to
say this is a very clear rendition. The tape ends with 15
min of (I think) Young Dog Sucker. This is the same cute
girl that is in Wedding and is a very good oral scene.

#18 Pervert Group, Teeny with Dog, French Hot Dog (120 min)
It begins with a meeting of what can only be described as
70's swingers. The infamous puppy is introduced and it seems
that he has the best time of all. Another Danish "Teeny" one
with a shepherd. Both of the girls saw their teens long
before this was every filmed, but it has that classic feel
and has good oral and f---ing scenes. The French scenes
include some graphic animal and bowel scenes. The tapes ends
with some classic filler.

#19 Endless Dog - Dog of Play (120 min) Excellent
Endless has a real cute woman (with blonde streaked hair)
getting f---ed and orally satisfying an anxious doggie. Dog
of Play has a bdsm couple and a big dog who gets more action
than the guy. This one has an incredible scene of the girl
getting really f---ed by the dog with the cum streaming out.
This is more graphic than most any that I have seen

#20 Cum shots - (120 min) Excellent
The title says it all. It's a compilation of all of the most
graphic ones that I have seen

#21 (120 min) Excellent
Starts with a German shepherd and an attractive girl. Then
comes a couple of horse scenes, one that includes the rarely
seen ejaculation. This ones ends with a great girl (in a
sailor's hat) and German Shepherd scene. The girl is the
same one in Dog Wedding and she is just as cute and
adventurous. Extensive f---ing and oral complete this scene.

#22 Zoo Show - Teeny's Dog (120 min) Excellent
This is a big Brazilian (I think) production with normal
credits and all. It has all kinds of human interaction and
other happenings at the zoo (giraffes are insincere?). It
has a brave girl jump in between a stallion and his mare in
time for an impressive but rare horse cum shot (Peter North
is finally beat!). Other such shots happen toward the end.
This Teeny's is the one with three girls, including the one
who shyly eats more dog cum than most that I have seen.

#23 Animals II - (120 min) Excellent
Starts with a cute brunette and a black lab. Followed by two
girls, a very cute brunette and an obviously pregnant blonde
and the requisite dog. Each help themselves to his pleasure
with the blonde acting as a teacher. Not for long, though,
because the cuter girl soon learns and performs. Very clear
RAC (RAG?) by both. Next up are a couple of girls and a
shaggy dog. This includes a rare and clear anal scene. Next
are a couple of vignettes that each include 2 girls and one
dog. Lastly, some trailers including ones of Chessie Moore.

#25 This Dog Loves to f--- - Lovelace (120 min) Excellent
This begins with the sought after Chessie Moore video that
has it all, even fisting. The last half of the tape includes
the clearest Linda scene that I have seen and some other
clear and explicit but somewhat older scenes.

#27 House Party Dog - Lesbian Dog Orgy (120 min) VG
The first is the whole version of #6 above, showing the
complete, whole knot experience. This is a one of a kind.
Next are two girls who look like they are experiencing this
for the first time. Okay action as they each teach the

#28 Russian Bizarre Dog (120 min) Excellent
Good looking girl and very big dog explore each other. Good,
extremely clear scenes, outstanding cum shots. This knot is
as big as a softball! Next is a good copy of one with folk
songs and cute girls. An older movie but nice to see because
Joan Baez lives (did she do "diamonds and dust"?). Actually,
very good oral with a questioning girl.

#29No name - Private Dog (120 min) Excellent-VG
This has a nasty (American) biker chick (some call this one Kentucky
pig tail -- regardless, the girl is a bigun) talking and taking on
a dog. It begins with a fisting scene to get her ready. The
last half of the tape is the experienced blonde in 3 girl
teeny above. She is as explicit as ever and the movie is
very clear.

#30 Amateur (120 min) Excellent
This has nervous and obvious amateurs. Often the girls
understandably hide their faces in these type videos so it's
mostly f---ing in this tape-with some very well hung dogs.
The best part is that this amateur tape is clear as can be
and the prompting is in English.

#31 Danish Pet II (90 min) GQ
Danish has the 30 y.o. blond in shorts with a skinny but big
black dog. This is filmed all outdoors. Next is the Danish
actress (Bodil?) and a brunette and her boyfriend. Bodil
attacks the pup while the other girl and guy go after it.

#32 Two Chessie Moore tapes (110 min) GQ-VGQ
The first is the porn star with a very horny and hung dog.
Unfortunately, the clarity could be better. Nonetheless, it
is clear to see that Moore is not at all bashful about
sucking dog cum. This also includes some girl-girl action
with some fisting. The next movie is an anxious Chessie and
a real dumb dog that just can't quite figure out how to get
it on. Chessie does finally get some dog dick, but it is a
struggle. This scene is pretty clear. The movie ends with
some clear trailers from Mona (see above).

#33 Teeny's Dog-Erotic Dog (120 min) VGQ
Another fairly clear copy of the teeny tape. Followed by an
okay pierced brunette with a black lab. Next are some
shorts, including Ulla's Dog, a longhaired blonde and an
experienced dog. Then is Black Stud Lover, a horse movie
with a couple of girls and a big black stallion. Cunt Eating
Dog shows that a boxer and a blonde can do it. The tape
continues with Danish Pet 1 that has the short haired blonde.

#34 American Rotweiller - Sarane (120 min) VGQ
Rot is a somewhat unusual movie in that it has an English
speaking girl wearing a mask for anonymity. She does
everything with the big dog, finally claiming that she has
dog cum all over her. Sarane is one that has, what many
claim, the best looking girl to have ever done an animal
video. She is a very pretty blond and shows that she is not
as innocent as she seems.

#35 Lisa & Felix - Dog Adventure (120 min) VGQ
Lisa is a submissive, attractive brunette with her lover
helping a Husky looking dog repeatedly f--- her. She is very
vocal when the dog is well placed. The other show has a
short haired cute girl who is very adept at getting an
anxious dog to f--- her, knot and all by herself, without any
help from anyone but rover!

#36 Dog Kidnapping (120 min) GQ
Starts with the full version of #2 above. The "kidnapping"
of a girl and her use of a big Dalmatian. Next is an
American tape with "Zach" (may be Dog Whore, but I am still not sure
which movie that is) tormenting a masked woman. Lots of
dog juice in this one (it sort of has the sense that this one
is done by the same people who did Mona).

#37 Nymphegirl - Chicken Lover (120 min) GQ
This Danish movie is another that seems to have a plot and
may make you want to go and learn another language. This
time a German Shepherd has his way with the woman of the
house. Chicken and the rest of the tape are fairly clear,
older 8mm loops from the heyday of bestiality (when it was
more available in the U.S.).

#38 Danish Love Dog - Donkey Dong (120 min) VGQ
A very complete and clear version of this Danish classic as
in #2 above. The donkey movie is another from way south of
the border and includes credits and all (and some Cheech and
Chong lookalikes?). The different donkeys seem to have great
times with the nubile natives under the hot sun - that part
is easy to understand in any language.

#39 Dog and Dildo - Hot Dogs (120 min)excellent
Cute 25 y.o. pony tailed blonde coaxes a large golden lab to
explore her secrets. The pup knots up with her and,
afterward, is rewarded by a long blow job. She follows this
by girl-girl play with the toy of choice. Next is a 30 y.o.
brunette and a pit bull stud "going to town". It has very
clear and explicit insertion and screwing scenes with the
woman often talking to the camera.

#40 Cum Doggie Cum - Two Lesbians and a Dog (120 min)
Two girls, one a very cute blonde, get involved with a large
bull dog type dog. It starts with one having the dog try to
have the dog mount her while the other helps. A very clear
scene with explicit f---ing. After the dog starts coming,
the cute girl sucks and swallows him (this is incredible).
Next is a great knot shot with a 30 y.o. and a clear, clear,
clear bj. Two Lesbians and a Dog is a great movie with a
pierced, pigtailed youngish girl getting aggressively f---ed
by an anxious and adept dog. This includes her getting tied
by the knot and lotsa cum dripping from her pussy.

#41 Dog - Teenager's Dog (120 min) excellent
A very cute "Marilyn" looking blonde and "dog", a well hung
bull dog that can't get enough. This movie has non-stop
action almost start to end, with all positions filled!
Teenager's dog is a clear movie with a long haired Swedish
looking blonde who, once more and this time with gusto,
pleases the dog (how do they find these girls).

#42 Cocky - Three girls and a Dog (120 min) Excellent
Starts with a very attractive Swedish looking girl tempting a
Golden dog. The dog goes down on her a lot in the beginning
and then the beauty returns the favor. Mostly oral for this
big boy - he even splatters the camera. There have been a
lot of photos of this movie in the news groups - the movie is
even better. Next, three very cute girls take "advantage" of
a bull terrier. These girls are pretty by anyone's standards
(look around 20) and take turns tempting, teasing f---ing and
sucking this lucky dog.

43 No Dog Like my Dog - Girls Play Pets (120 min) excellent
Beautiful blonde and it looks like the same dog as in #42
above. The girls in these newer releases just keep getting
better and better. This girl starts right off with, what
else, but doggie style. Another good looking girl, this time
a brunette, joins in for the fun. This scene ends with the
dominant girl "forcing" the more innocent one to suck dog
cock. She resists at first 'til she gets a taste of the
nectar. Voila, she soon sucks and swallows enthusiastically.
Play Pets has two girls and the needed dog. The action is
crisp and clear, including the close up oral cum shots.

#44 American Amateurs - Play Dog (120 min) Excellent
A variety of American girls, some quite cute, who seem to be
having their first times with dogs. This amateur feature
really shows the struggle that girls can have with
experienced and inexperienced animals. The prompting is in
English. Some of the scenes are only good quality but that
is typical of many amateur tapes. After the first feature
there is some filler, with horses and other beasts. Then
comes Play Dog, a very clear tape with the cute blonde and
her heavier "sister" taking turns with a well hung pit bull
type dog.

#45 Me, My Dog and My Girlfriend - Stop This f---ing Dog(120
Min) excellent
Starts with just one girlfriend and the dog but quickly
another girl joins in for the menage. The girls share going
down on the excited pup, swallowing him down to the knot.
The scene ends with nice girl-girl dildo play. Stop starts
with a "professional" business woman slowly taking off her
business suit and getting dressed into sexy clothes for her
"date", the big golden dog mentioned above. She readies
herself by some jilling off and then the brute comes in.
This girl is one of the more vocal of the beast babes and she
lets her pet know when he is doing right.

#46 The Dog Artus - Sexy Twins (120 min) VGQ
Starts with a Doberman and a brunette. A lot of clear oral
in this one with the dog cumming all over the girls face and
chest. The Twins are a couple of blonde girls who take turns
with a big golden dog.

#47 Best From Animal 2 - Trio With 2 Dogs (120 min) Excel
Good tape that has dog and horse scenes. Clear parts of Dog
Fun, Horse For Pleasure, Teenys Play Pet and others. Trio
has same black girl as #6 above. This girl is a true lover
of her craft and needs no direction whatsoever.

#48 American amateur tape - Euro Scenes (120 min) GQ
This tape doesn't really have a name and the quality lacks a
bit but it is one of a kind. It has new girls trying dogs
with some help from their boyfriends. The girls are willing
but really inexperienced (as are the boyfriends and camera
people). Who knows where this was taped but it includes some
get down hillbilly music and some of the people look like
they were band members in Deliverance. The next part of the
tape is more traditional Euro fare with a variety of scenes.
Then back to some more American scenes.

#49 New Animals 22 - New Animals 20 (120 min) Excellent
Starts with a cute brunette and a schnauzer. I think that
the girl is the same as the one in #50 (Real Life Dog Lover).
She is an oral freak and quickly starts in on the well hung
pup. This girl really romances the dogs she does and in the
next scene she takes on a St. Bernard and it looks like a
beer can that he is carrying his "brandy" in. Great clear
oral cumshots but not much f---ing. Next up is a blonde who
starts with a blowjob. Then a clear anal f---ing scene. New
#20 begins with a slutty gypsy looking girl, a blonde and a
shepherd mix. The girls do a duo bj on the pup and then it's
time for the fortune teller to make him cum. The blonde
takes up the challenge and does him as well. They take turns
mounting him and he them.

#50 Real Life Dog Lover - Lust for Animals 16 (120 min)
Real Life has the cute brunette that has pictures all over
the newsgroups. She and the lucky dogs do it all clearly.
Lust has another cute brunette and a great knot scene that is
clear beyond belief. Plus, the editor knows when to switch
to slow motion to enhance the oral and other play.

#51 Japanese videos (120 min) good to very good
This is an unusual tape that has innocent Japanese girls
doing horses and dogs. There is no sound and the movie is
not real clear at times, but it might be a good addition
because of it's rare nature. The movie has some story line,
but I have not watched it enough to figure out just what is
going on. It has huge cum shots, but I am not convinced they
are real. Weird, but the girls are cute and I wouldn't have
been able to understand the dialogue anyway.

##52 Euro scenes (120 min) good to very good
A typical older 8mm tape to ntsc that starts with three good
looking girls and their animal pals. They do various animals
and their boyfriends, including Shetlands. The girls are
cute, no denying that, but this tape is best as a historical
thing - the newer girls and shot on video tapes are clearer
and better.

#53 2 Dogs, 7 cumshots - Dog eats Pussy (120 min) excellent
Starts with a trashy but fairly young looking blonde. I
didn't count the cumshots, but the title is probably about
right. It is a different movie because the girl has two dogs
doing her at the same time (three if you count her
boyfriend). Dog eats has a very cute pigtailed brunette and
the golden dog that stars in many tapes. A lot of attempted
f---ing finally followed by a splashy cumshot and good cum

#54 Dog and Anal Love - Real Life Dog Lover (120) Excel
The shepherd and cute girl begin this tape Finally another
brunette joins and the dog gets down to business. The girls
play together a bit then one girl helps the dog please the
other. The next movie, Real Life, is the cute brunette in
#50 above.

#55 f--- by a Dog - Dog Night (120 min) Excellent
First scene is a 25 year old girl in lingerie and an anxious
dog. The action is great but the sound on this movie is
screwed up. There are a couple of other scenes that in f---
by Dog that look great. Dog Night is a great movie, in my
opinion. It's sound and picture are great. The girl is an
innocent 25 year old and a yellow lab. They do it all and it
is interesting to watch.

#56 Color Climax 285 Animal Tricks (120 min) Excellent
Exceedingly clear tape that has the old theme of the
experienced girl (Wilma, I think) introducing the new girl to
the joys of doggie sex. Although this is an older German
movie, I have never seen this clear or complete of a copy.
It even includes English subtitles. After the main feature,
the tape ends with clear European trailers.

#57 Super Animal Highlights #3 (120 min) Excellent
This has very clear mini-movies from such films as Eels for
Pleasure, Private Dog (includes the nasty blonde in 3 girl
teeny above. She is as explicit and oral as ever.), Dogs
Power, Give Me Dog and others including a bunch of horse and
cow scenes.

#58 Super Animal Highlights #6 (120 min) Excellent
Starts with an extremely clear trailer from Horse World that
has the blonde and brunette and stallion doing their thing.
Moscow Dog and an extremely nice version of Dog Wedding, the
best oral scene in animal videos. Although this is a
compilation tape, its quality makes it a great choice.

#59 Chessie Moore Fantasies #1 (60 min) VGQ
Begins with the big chested woman, a brunette and a golden
dog. Moore is a quick study and wastes no time in seducing
the pup. But it is a frustrating and long build-up until the
end, a clear cum splashing knot up of the beast and Moore
followed by clear and complete oral by both girls on the
stud. It was worth the wait!

#60 American Amateurs (120 min) VGQ
This is a different king of tape. It has a guy talking and
introducing a girl to animal loving. His voice sounds a lot
like one of the guys in Mona. He gets the girl to screw and
finally suck the pup (Scotty is the dog's name) and describe
the taste and feel. I have not looked at this tape since I
traded for it a long time ago and now I have to say that it
is a very good American tape. As in many of these tapes, the
shots are sometimes a bit jerky or out of focus, but that
adds to the true nature of it.

**#61 Japanese - (60 min) Excellent
Starts with a golden lab, a short haired pregnant Japanese
girl dressed in an old fashioned maid outfit out for a walk.
I can't understand all the dialogue, but she meets a guy on
the walk and the next scene has her jilling at home. She
then starts in on the pup, first having him lick her (bear in
mind that Japanese videos use a mosaic technique to hide
human genitals). She goes down on the dog and this dog cums
all over her.

**#62 Young Dog Sucker - Girl's Best Friend (120 min) Excel
Sucker stars the cute girl from Dog Wedding. She is wearing
a drum majors hat and garter belt with hose and seduces a
German shepherd. Good, clear oral highlight this movie.
The second movie is has a black lab and a girl with kinky
blonde hair. This pup goes down on her while she jills then
humps her in doggie fashion. This is one of those movies
where there is more trying than doing!

**#63 Playdog - Do it Dog (120 min) Excellent
A Choc movie that has the common experienced girl teaching
the newcomer. Nice clear oral and f---ing in this one, with
each girl helping the dog do the other one. Then the girls
use strap-ons on each other until the explosive dog finale.
Do It has a cut short haired blonde who starts by dildoizing
herself. The dildo is soon replaced by human and dog dick.
Another girl (very cute) joins in. The clear movie switches
between the girl and two guys and the two girls and a German

**#64 Lust For Animals 29 and 30 (120 min) Excellent
This is another Lust for Animal tape. Everyone knows that
these are filled with clear, explicit action. The first
movie has a blonde and a well hung dog. There is no playing
around in this movie - the dog and girl know what they want
and they just do it. The second movie is number 30 of the
series and another decent flick. It starts with a German
girl going down on a guy but soon the golden lab joins in.
The next part has a Spanish girl, the dog and a guy. There
is some very clear and drippy penetration of this olive
skinned girl by this golden dog.

**#65 Hot Puppy - Barnyard Frolics (95 min) VGQ - GQ
Hot Puppy has a real cute blonde doing the sometimes
frustrating "down on the ground, up on the chair, tease the
dog) dance with a beagle. You are rooting for the pup to
survive the tease until finally this beautiful girl gives him
some well deserved head. She then mounts the happy dog and
gives him a great ride. Barnyard is an older compilation
with a bunch of scenes, including horses. Scenes from this
tape have been spread all over - you've seen the two girls
doing the Shetland pony, haven't you? Then in comes the dog
and he does them and they do him. It also has a couple of
horses and pigs doing it and even has some eel action.

**#66 Lust For Animal 23 - Lustfill Animal 2 (120 min)
A great tape with that short dark haired girl that has been
posted a lot. She has an encounter with a huge dog
(mastiff?). With little stimulation, this dog comes gallons
and this girl is not at all bashful. She goes down on the
beast and jacks him off. This dog screws the heck out of the
girl and rewards her with a creampie. This girl then has to
go down on him - she is out of control. Then next part of 23
has a couple of very cute girls starting with each other then
moving to a big dog. It has clear and explicit oral cum
shots followed by a dual blowjob. The second movie has an
innocent girl. a nasty blonde and a pitbull. The innocent
one does some excellent oral on this beast and then the
blonde mounts him. This is a very good tape.

**#67 Two Japanese movies (120 min) Excellent
First one has a girl who looks kind of like an Asian Kimberly
Cummings, the American porn star. She starts our jilling
herself then moves on to the dog. This is presented in the
interview style - it may be a reason to study Japanese.
Remember that the humans genitals are mosaiced but everything
else is crystal clear. Interestingly, the animals organs are
not distorted. Starts with a Dalmatian going down on the
doll. She puts foodstuff all over and the dog gets to eat.
Finally, the girl goes down on him. No real cum shot is
shown. The second movie has a cute, young girl who needs an
orthodontist. A This girl, although very innocent looking, is
really trampy. She goes after this young dog until he
splatters all over her and her mouth.

**#68 Two Japanese movies (120 min) Excellent
Starts with an extremely cute girl in a business suit getting
her picture drawn. This girl is not bashful as she hikes up
her skirt and flashes her underwear. Soon the puppy from #67
comes in and this girl has some treats for him. She puts
some goop on her sloop and the pup

Full results from www.cavr.com of the 1998 People's Choice Adult Video Awards:

Hottest New Porn Star Hottest Porn Star
================================= =============================
1> Inari Vachs 77 1> Alisha Klass 66
2> Cheyenne Silver 52 1> Tiffany Mynx 66
3> Gwen Summers 42 3> Serenity 46
4> Wifey 35 4> Chloe 38
5> Temptress 27 5> Heaven Leigh 32

Hottest Porn Tape Hottest Porn Director
================================= ==============================
1> Hot Bods & Tail Pipes #1 53 1> Rodney Moore 66
2> Gangbang Girl #23 48 2> Seymore Butts 60
2> Tampa Tushy #1 48 3> Christophe Clark 59
4> Euro Angels #4 33 4> Cheeks Williams 37
5> Cum Back Pussy #12 27 5> Dion Giarrusso 29

Hottest Porn Scene
1> Chloe & Alisha Klass Tampa Tushy Fest #1 110
2> Jacklyn Lick & Tiffany Mynx & Moral Degeneration 84
Vince Voyeur & Mark Davis
3> Samantha Stylle & Elle DeVyne & Tushy Girls Slumber Party 69
Alisha Klass & Elana

What's wrong with Max Hardcore videos, asks admit2 on RAME: "I like him, but the quality is shot to s---! Did he buy Home Shopping
Club cameras or something? C'mon Max, we aren't buying these tapes
just to fill your pockets! A few other suggestions -- don't make the
boxes so similar -- the Hardcore and Extreme ones are so close that
you are losing sales because after one gets one, she doesn't know that
she hasn't got the other, get it! Keep those slutty girls smoking,
Max, but lose the fake cum shots.

"What's up with the skanky topless dancers who can't buy a break -- is
it your way or the street corner?  And those ADA babes? What's the story? It's hard enough when you put music over a (too) nasty talking bitch, but when we have to learn how to read sign language to see how much it hurts her, well, that is just asking the audience to do to much (okay, so I have enrolled).

"More butt-wax, dude. Even your scrawny hanger should open the closet
door wide enough to see the drips. And what's up with taping in Jan
and releasing in August?" (RAME)

Max Hardcore responds: "Return the f---ing bad tapes, and demand your money back. Sounds like you're getting bootlegged copies. Stop bying out of sleazy videoshops who sell low-grade copies.

Here's the lowdown...

Mission Statement
January 1999

When Max Hardcore started making dirty movies, he was a nice guy. Max
believed that a slut could be saved, one day renouncing her whoring
ways, and make a fine wife and mother. But after years of anguish, Max
eventually wised up. Then he got even.

Max has embarked on his new mission with a simple premise. That is, "To
Blow-Out The Whore’s f---ing Ass!" Not merely stroking, not simply
reaming, but completely obliterating her asshole on video.

This is not easy. Because after severe abuse, even a young slut
develops resilient scar tissue, extending what’s left of her whoring
days. She assumes that her next f--- is going to be just another grind
and squirt. Oh, ooh, baby! Confirm the reservations at In and Out

Then again, they never met Max Hardcore.

If you have never seen Max Hardcore in action before - beware. Better
you start with some lighter fare, like German fist-f---ing videos. If
you have seen Max destroy on-cue - prepare. This is not the same old
hard-core. It’s hard-to-believe-core.

[And this is the important part...]

Shot by Max’s award winning crew with three digital cameras, bright
lights, and a plan of action - with sluts too stunned to resist.

P.S. If the videoshops in your area ain't getting the good s---, order
directly from me. And check out the website at www.Max Hardcore.com.

Nikki Dial has done an all-girl comeback movie for Vivid.

Rog Pipe of www.rogreviews.com interviewed Bianca Trump at the Consumer Electronic Show:

Rog: OK, here we are, final day of CES, sitting down to interview Bianca
Trump. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with all your
fans on the net.

Thank you very much.

Let's get right to it, where were you born?

Bayridge, Brooklyn.

And where did you grow up?

Bayridge Brooklyn.

When is your birthday?

November seventh, nineteen seventy something.

Close enough. You live in Florida now, right?


Did you move from Brooklyn to Florida or were there stops in between?

I moved from Brooklyn to LA, then back to NY and then to Florida, so I
could cover all the bases.

Where do you prefer living?

Arizona. So if anybody wants to buy me a house there, feel free.

Why Florida, why not LA.

Because LA sucks real bad, worse than Florida.

Why does LA suck?

It's dirty, the traffic, it just sucks.

Did you originally move to LA to do movies?

I came at first to do magazines.

When was that?

1989, early 90.

So you were like six right?

Close, I was pulling a Traci Lords. Just kidding!

Do the people you grew up with know what you're doing?

I think so, it's been ten years. Most of them should have a clue by

Do you get any feedback from them?

Well, my grandmother thinks I'm a lesbian because I sleep with women,
but besides that, nobody says much. I don't ask them for anything, so
they stay out of my business.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be surprised to see you

Oh yeah.

What were you like growing up?

A prude, a worse prude than I am right now. Now I'm just the prude of
porn cuz I won't parade around like some of these skanks here, showing

How do you go from being a prude to being a porn star?

Money. Money will make you change your ways really quick.

When did you do your first movie?


For who?

I honestly don't remember.

Do you remember who it was with?

Buck Adams. I know the title was "It's a Wonderful Sex Life" but I
can't remember who directed it.

What was it like?

I think I was in shock, so I just kind of floated through it. It's not
a memorable experience so I don't know what I felt.

When that first scene was over, did you know you were going to do
more, or were you thinking it might be a one shot deal?

I kept doing it. It wasn't like I didn't like it, but I was in a phase
where I didn't really know what I was doing.

Then you left for a while right?


When did you leave?

Three years ago.


Burn out. I was burned out on living in LA, doing the same s---,
everyone calling you for the same stuff over and over. It was like any
job, when it gets too much, you leave. I thought it would be better if
I just backed off for a while.

You were gone for three years, what did you do in that time.

Started working on my web site, and it's still not finished after
three f---ing years.

That may be the longest web site project in history.

Hey, at least I'm learning.

Why did you come back?

Well, if you want to continue being a star, you have to have new
product. I got to a point where I was comfortable with it again and
came back.

About how many movies have you been in.

Around a hundred and seventy, ballpark.

(At this point, we are interrupted by a gentleman saying good-bye to

That was Ed?


Video Ed.

That was video Ed? I've been looking for him all weekend. Loser.

Video Ed IS a lamer.

That's right, he left without even saying hello, so now we get to talk
about him. Ed, you were right here while I was doing this, you
freaking loser.


OK, back to business. Are there any videos you have done that you are
particularly proud of?

This one? (BT points the to slick for her Anabolic Naughty Nymphs 22)
I also like Puffy Pussies which is one of the new ones, from Devil's
Films. That scene was f---ing awesome. I'm not sure they captured it
quite the way they could have, but I think it was the best scene I
have ever done.

And that is out now?

Yep, it's out now. I have it on my web site, www.biancatrump.com

Any favorite males to work with?

Yesterday I would have said Vince Voyeur, but that was before he
turned into a f---ing asshole. He was at the top, but is no longer on
the list at all.

Sounds like a feud brewing.

He f---ed up my game last night, big time.

How about favorite females to work with?

Sunset. She's my girl, she is the coolest.

Why is she the best?

Well, she's my best friend. She does awesome scenes, and she likes
what she does and she have fun and she is just the coolest person.

What do you think the best scene the two of you ever did was?

Oh, that would be some old s--- for, what was the company, Carrier's?

Leisure Time?

Yeah. We were both under contract for them, so we worked together a
lot. I couldn't give you any titles, but it would be early 90's.

How tall are you.

5-6 and a half.



Damn, they're huge.

Yeah right, knock it off.

No, I can see them, right there.

Did you see my Anabolic stickers?


Here, check em out.

I have never seen those stickers put to better use.

OK, time to put them away before we start a riot.

Do you watch your scenes?

I watched like the first five and I was appalled. Like, what am I
doing, what is that face? I was over critiquing, but since I came back
I have watched a few. I watched Blowjob Fantasies because it was my
first true facial, so I had to see that one, and I watched Puffy
Pussies because I knew the scene was so hot. I want to see the Naughty
Nymphs one because I thought it sucked so bad, but people keep telling
me how good is came out.

What do you think of this business?

You know, my opinion has changed since last night.

What happened last night?

I just met a lot of newer people in the industry that I didn't know.
The industry has always been like really close, like a family and
maybe I am a little jaded, but it seems a lot different now. People
are, I don't know, not anti-social, but I didn't meet anyone that I
would want to be friends with. Outside of working, I wouldn't want to
hang out with anyone I met, anyone new in the industry.

Do you have any favorite thing to do on camera?

Probably blowjobs.

Funny you should mention that. We have a little thing to clear up.

Oh no, here it comes, there are all these people looking.

No, on tape, in front of all the listeners, you need to clear
something up. I caught a lot of s--- over something you promised me. I
want you on tape, telling everyone you were bluffing.

I was bluffing. I said it as a thank you for a good review.

I know that, and you know that, but now everyone knows that.

Some of those people take s--- so seriously. That's why I boycotted
the dinner.

How does your on screen personality reflect or differ from how you are
in real life?

It is totally different. They intentionally give me movies with little
or no dialog, because I suck at dialog. So, people never really hear
me talk in movies and in real life I'm pretty loud and obnoxious if
you want to get brutally honest. I don't think any of that reflects in

You're so calm in your videos.

Exactly. A lot of my scenes are lame and laid back and that is not
even how I am in person.

Do you have a fan club?

Yep, write to me at my web site, www.biancatrump.com and the fan club
address is there.

What will fans find on the site?

Merchandise, fan club, photos, video, FAQ, updates, appearances, all
that good stuff.

You've been really active on the internet of late. What do you think
of cyber fans?

I'd say it's 50/50, either people are really cool or they really suck.
Some people take full advantage of the fact that they can hide behind
a screen and nobody knows who you are, Jimmy f---ing Mac. And they can
act and say and do anything they want, that you would not typically do
if you were face to face with that person. Some people abuse it, but
the people who don't have turned out to be really cool people.

Have you talked to a lot of fans through email?

Yeah, I almost get too much email sometimes. The internet has given me
a really good response.

Do you do any dancing at this point.

I am about to go out on a tour. Dates will be on my web site.

Do you have any tattoos or body piercing?

I have three tats, one on my ankle, one is like underwear and one on
my back. Then three piercings, my tongue, my belly button and my clit.

Hey, it's like a trail you can work your way down.

Right, got to show some people the way. I'm symmetrical, it makes
sure I don't fall down.

You had some health problems not too long ago, how are you doing now?

I sound like s---, but that has nothing to do with my health problems.
I am doing fine. Healthwise, I feel 110 percent better, but I have to
go back again and get it re-done.

Why not just have the implants taken out all together?

They have to cut you up really bad to do that. It leaves a lot of
scars and they have to cut a lot of skin out. The other problem is
that they have to take your breast tissue and smash it out to cover
where the implant was. When they tighten it back up, it ends up
looking like cottage cheese. The thought of all those scars and
cottage cheese boobs wasn't too appealing.

Do you think the industry puts too much pressure on women to get

I don't they do now.

But they did?

Oh yeah, definitely. I got mine in an era where everybody got their
boobs blown up and it was bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. For
the most part, it has gotten better. I notice a lot of girls now that
are natural. I think they are kind of laying off now because people
are sick of seeing them.

Is there anything you won't do on camera?


No anal?

No anal, and that also covers DP, double anal etc.

Anal fisting?

Fisting! I am not going to do any fisting. What the f--- is that? What
the f--- is that? Alisha Klass kept talking about that at the AVN
awards last night. Stuff about she rocked because she wanted a dick in
her ass, and/or Chloe's fist. I've seen some threads in RAME about it,
but I didn't think anything of it. I figured it was like vaginal
fisting. And I guess she squirts, so she wants fists in her ass. All
righty then. Are you f---ing kidding me? I just don't understand some
of this, the whole Houston 500, Jasmin 300, it's crazy.

But you were going to do a gang bang.

A gang bang is one thing. I was thinking ten twelve guys, What am I
going to do with three hundred guys? I am not going to even think
about that.

But if the internet people can get it together, you'll still do that
gang bang?

Well, if someone gets together enough money, sure thing.

What are you goals in the industry? Are you going to be with us for a

Yeah. At this point I just want to do like eight to twelve videos a
year and maybe go back on the road. Mostly, I want to do more with my
internet stuff. I know I'll have to quit one day, but for now, I'm
still around.

So we won't be seeing you in the f---ing Forties series, or f---ing

No. I am going to graceful and retire before people start talking
about how I am aging disgracefully.

Do people talk that way about stars in this business?

Well, there are a few. Brandy of course, but she isn't even in the
industry, she is just a disgraceful person. There were a few people at
the show last night. Nina looks awesome, Patricia Kennedy looks great.
Amber Lynn of course, looks killer. But some look like Hell.

What about HIV?

I would say that anyone who didn't see that coming is an idiot. I
think prevention should be up to the people involved. It should be up
to the performer and it is a shame that some companies still
discourage condoms because some viewers don't want to see it, but I
don't understand how a viewer, instead of a little piece of see
through latex would rather jerk off to the fact that you're risking
your life. To me, that is just f---ed up. When they whine about 'I
don't want to see a condom' I just think 'OK, so you would rather see
a girl at risk all so you can f---ing masturbate, that's f---ing
f---ed up. I think it should be up to the performers. And I decided
that since all that happened, I am going to try for condoms. If that
is not an option, I will decide, on the spot, what I want to do. I
mean, I love you guys, but I'm not going to die for you.

What do you do when you're not making movies?

I work on my f---ing web site. I spend all my time on that thing.

This has to be the biggest web project in history.

I know, and I get so mad when people say 'Oh I liked your web page.'
It's more than a page, it's a whole f---ing site.
I do have a lot of outside interests. I hang out with friends a lot, I
travel, go to the beach, rollerblade, stuff like that.

Is there any one you have never worked with, but have always wanted

TORI. Tori, I am so in lust with Tori Welles. I heard she did a
comeback movie, but I haven't seen her in years. If she is reading
this, tell her I want her bad.

Any unfulfilled fantasies you want to act out on camera?

None. I try to keep my fantasies off camera at first. Whenever you see
me do something new on camera, you know that Bianca has fulfilled
another fantasy at home and is ready to show the world.

Do you have a boyfriend or husband?


So you're available?

Yep, available.

What do you look for in a guy?

I have a list. It details everything from physical description to
every little details. And no, big dick is not one of them. I should
post that on my web site. Things like character, honesty, a night owl,
open mind, willing to share me with my fans.

Put that up on the site.

OK, I'll do that.

Anything you want to add?

Brandy can kiss my ass.

You know, she was here.

She was here, I know. And Brad, the f---ing moderator or RAME can kiss
my ass too. He's the reason I boycotted posting there. But I didn't
boycott the dinner intentionally. I just f---ed up the timing and
meeting Diablo and people.

What do you think would have happened if you had gone to the RAME

Nothing. She was here the next day and came around to the edge of the
booth behind me and talked to Biff Malibu. She said I am mad at her
because she is better in Photoshop than me, but I think she is just
bitter because she has so much more time to spend on Photoshop than
me. I guess she walked by with Mike South a couple of times, but I
never looked up. I don't think anything would have happened though. I
think she is a piece of s--- and I will tell her if she ever spoke to
me, but I don't think she would ever have the balls to say anything to
me at all. Probably because I'm a little f---ing crazy and she knows

Anything else?

Nope. Thank you.

Thank you Bianca.

Luke did this interview with the French magazine www.hachette.net:

- Why are you interested in the medium of the porn ?

I like sex. I like looking at naked women. I like beauty. I am confused
about myself and my own sexuality, and by studying porn, I get to know
myself better. I gain clarity. I see clearly that the porn lifestyle
does not work, and that calms my wild desires.

- You speak about Maffia, of drug... we have the impression sometimes to be into full detective novel, as in a history of James Ellroy ?

I only write about the Mafia and of drugs to the extent that I find this
to be true of porn. I seek the truth. I may often be fooled in my
pursuit. I may be naive at times. I may be confronted by the truth at
times and unable to admit it. I may be deeply flawed, but I primarily
seek truth. When I believe I have found truths about porn, I write them.

- It is now a year since the beginning of the Monika Lewinski case. What do you think about Matt Drudge ?

I am deeply ambivalent. To the extent that he spreads truth, then he has
fulfilled his role as a journalist. To the extent that he spreads
misinformation, he, like me, has failed as a journalist.

- How has the Internet changed the role of journalism?

It enables anyone to get into the game. It democratizes the transmission
of news. It is the easiest medium to publish, and the easiest to fix
your mistakes, which can lead to the type of sloppiness and laziness
that is often demonstrated on my site.

- Matt Drudge has been reported saying that the "stars of journalism in the
classic mediums, such as television and radio belong to the past". Do you
agree with him ?

No. I do not look to Matt Drudge for wisdom. We live in an age
preoccupied by stardom and fame. With television, we have the perfect
medium for creating stars over night. Those who read the news on TV
become stars.

- How and what do you believe they should change, in order to be part of
journalism today?

- Are these media stars far too complaisant towards the different powers ?
Are they corrupt?

Fame corrupts. Power corrupts. Money corrupts. The human being, and
consequently journalists, corrupts easily unless he is grounded to
eternal values of truth, ethics, decency and God.

- Do you feel that you have changed things? How have they been changed?

Yes. I have brought about the most aggressive ongoing reporting on porn
that the industry has ever had to endure. It is making the industry more
media savvy and more open. I have encouraged more aggressive reporting
on the part of my peers. The magazines (like Adult Video News) realize
that they cannot compete on breaking news, because of the two month
publishing delay, and hence have changed their focus more to lengthy

- How do you react towards the journalists who reproach the fact that you
didn't check your sources and that you didn't make a distinction between
the truth, rumors and lies?

It is an excellent and keen observation. About half of my site is
journalistically sound. On the other half, I act more like a talkshow
host who simply lets his guests speak and does not constantly interrupt
and fact-check them. I let porners speak and I quote them. If I know
they are saying something not true, I will often try to insert the
empirical truth in brackets.

- What are your investigative methods and their limits?

Their chief limit is that I am only one. I have no staff. And I am not
willing to work more than 50 hours a week consistently. My methods are
traditional - I develop sources and I learn from them. And I check them
against each other.

- How do you use the Internet as a tool in your investigations?

I use the search engines, the newsgroups and databases like the Wall
Street Journal Publication Library to check facts, find stories and
investigate the history of porn.

- How did the Internet help you gather information in the Wallice affair?

By monitoring IRC discussions, sending my questions via email to dozens
of sources and by monitoring the newsgroups.

- What is the motivation behind your informers?

Almost all of them have individual agendas - to promote themselves and
their values and perspectives and to dig knives in their opponents.

- Do you sometimes get the impression that you are being manipulated?

I am constantly being used and manipulated, just as I use, and perhaps
manipulate. I want stories. I want truth. I want insight. I want things
just like my sources want things and we haggle and barter and give to
each other.

- You are a believer of the freedom of speech, but has there not been
certain information that you've refused to publish?

Plenty of information that I have refused to publish - such as
gratuitously harmful personal information about the private lives of
porners. Such as a porn star wife who miscarried. Such as home addresses
and phone numbers of porners. I would never publish such information.
Also, I often refuse to publish certain embarrassing stories in exchange
for my sources giving me even bigger stories. "If you do not write X, I
will give you Y," is the essential message of many sources. And if Y is
bigger than X, I will go along with them.

- Does the Internet enable every Tom, Dick and Harry to become a journalist?

Yes. But the best will rise to the top. You have to distinguish yourself
to get readers. The internet is a meritocracy.

- Since your success and Matt Drudge success, have other people tried to
follow in your footsteps and uncover scandals or/and scoops using other
routes rather than the "classic mediums?

I have contributed to a harder edge to porn journalism, largely by the
more traditional sources of porn coverage. I may also have unwittingly
encouraged gossip mongering and sensational coverage by folks who know
little about porn and simply see my success and want some of it for

- Does success change your life??

Yes. It gives me hope of making enough money to have medical insurance,
to pay my debts, and to be able to support a wife and family one day.

- Today you are a star like Dan Raser!

- Would you agree to join large traditional medias?

Yes, certainly. I would be willing to exchange some degree of freedom
for more money and more scoops and more opportunity for success.