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Thursday, May 17th, 2001

New York Times Magazine Snuggles Up To Porn Industry

Slate.com writes: "The cover story snuggles up to the porn industry. Last year the skin business generated more revenue in the United States than all three major professional sports combined. After meeting the men and women of the industry and reviewing their product, the author finds that porn doesn't lower our standards of decency but merely affirms them. In fact, "there may be no other product in the entire cultural marketplace that is more explicitly American."

Michael Raven and his wife Sydney are not on the cover. Instead there's just an empty bed under the headline "The World's Most Profitable Back Lot."

Pale-Faced Jew-Boys: goyishe Luke can kick their asses

Chaim Amalek writes: POPs (People in Porn) often get a bad rap for living an unhealthy lifestyle, replete with repeated and sustained waves of venereal infection, drug abuse, spousal abuse, and bad oral hygeine. "If only these folks would go yeshivish, they would be so much better off" is the common refrain heard from our liberal cultural tribunals. But is a yeshivish lifestyle really better than whoring in front of the camera? The following item from the Forward (a paper written by jews that is meant to be read by jews and not goyim) suggests that it is not:

Dry Bones: The lifestyle of yeshiva boys and girls may have a "negative effect on the factors that promote bone health," according to a study appearing in the May issue of Pediatrics.

Healthy bone density depends on a calcium-rich diet, exposure to sunlight and exercise, say the researchers from Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and Byrd Regional Hospital in Leesville, La. "The ultra-Orthodox Jewish lifestyle encourages scholarly activity in preference to physical activity," says the report. "Additionally, modest dress codes and inner-city dwelling reduce sunlight exposure. Orthodox Jews do not consume milk products for 6 hours after meat ingestion, leading to potentially fewer opportunities to consume calcium."

Researchers studied 50 otherwise healthy, ultra-Orthodox teenagers (30 males and 20 females). Their conclusion: Peak bone mass, important in the prevention of osteoporosis, "is significantly decreased in ultra-Orthodox Jewish adolescents living in an urban community."

What's The Scoop On Adrian Gold, Lauren Hays?

I encountered Legend director Adrian Gold January 7, 1999:

I find some mainstream folks who shoot real movies for HBO. They're secretly making pornos for Legend Video and are paranoid about getting caught. Today they're shooting pickups on their first hardcore production, boxcover stills, and one S-M scene between the blonde newcomer Kelly O'Ryan and the strapping Frank Towers. In porn five years (over 200 videos), Towers stands 6'4" and weighs 240 muscular pounds. Ten years ago he weighed 150 pounds but was inspired by meeting Arnold Schwarnaegger in 1986.

Mainstreamer "Adrian Gold" says his crew stressed professionalism to its porn talent. That if they showed up late, they would not be used. Everyone supposedly showed up on time. Until today when Kelly O'Ryan, who's flaked on several shoots of late, arrived over two hours late. On the edge of cancelling her, Gold has Bill Deal shoot Kelly for the boxcover and then do Towers.

Luke says: I talked Thursday afternoon to three former crew members for Adrian Gold who want vindication. They feel that Adrian and his wife Lauren Hays [aka Laura Orona] burned them. Lauren has done numerous nude scenes for Cinemax and Playboy etc... Her web site is SXI.com. She's a reporter on the Playboy TV show Sexcetera.

Adrian's real name is Gary Dean Orona. The IMDB.com credits him as director for Trance (1998/II), Stripshow (1996), Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure, The (1994) (as Gary Orona), Bikini Carwash Company II, The (1993) (as Gary Orona). He also uses the name Billy Moon.

Wayne Crews, a veteran crew member of porn movies, tells Luke: "Gary used to do a lot of HBO booby movies. He's really bright and very creative. He's a special person. It's just that one thing is said and another thing is done.

"I contact Adrian in 1998 when I worked at Gourmet Video for Rob Spallone and them. He came in and I just got the gig because I was working at the studio. I helped him with one movie. He had me do a non-sex part playing Dr. Richter.

"The movie did good. And after that, he called me up and asked, 'How would you like some work?' I worked for him on some different movies as an assistant. He asked me if I had played with a camera before. Well, yes. I'd watched many of the great [porn] cameramen work. So I figured I could try.

"I was still his assistant. We'd go out to the desert and various locations and learn what filters, yadayadayada... Well, around February - March of 1999, he contacted me. He had to do six [porn] movies he was selling to an outside vendor. So he asked me to shoot them. He said, I can only afford to pay you so much. It was worth it. He started training me on how to use the camera. What to do, what not to do. What angles to use. I was going to be his softcore videographer.

"At this time, he was doing all the stills himself and shooting everything himself. And editing everything himself. We shot these movies. We shot the movies and they came out great. They were called Surveillance, Tickled Fantasies... He had me shoot three other movies that were super low budget gonzo. He paid me a low budget and got me to go to all my friends and get deals out of the talent.

"We did this movie for him. We shot it at Rob Spallone's old house [in Woodland Hills?]. And about a month later, around May, I get a phone call from my friend Gary. 'What the f--- man? What happened? People are starting to talk. I thought I told you to keep my name hush-hush. No one can know what I do. You're going to f--- me, dude. You've got to chill.' I wondered where all this came from.

"About a year later, I found out what happened. He told the guys at Legend that he was shooting everything. That he was the man. He had this ungodly amount of money into these deals with these guys. He had them paying him big money for these deals on the agreement that he was going to shoot and edit and so forth. It started with me shooting softcore and turned into, 'Hey, tomorrow, you do all the hardcore.' Then the next day, 'Hey, you did such a good job, why don't you just finish this movie out for me.'

"So I turned from being his ten percent guy to shooting 75% of his stuff.

"At Legend one day, they were going through the chromes. And the guy there didn't recognize one of the girls. Well, Rob Spallone was there and they asked him. He looks at the pictures and says, 'That's my house. I saw this scene shot on the walkway. Wayne shot this.' The Legend guy says, 'No, it was not Wayne. It was this way professional guy shooting.'

"Legend went back to Adrian Gold aka Gary Dean and says, 'What's up?' He says, 'No, no, no, I'm shooting everything. They don't know what they're talking about.' He put me on a four to five month break after that.

"Then, in November of 1999, he asked me to shoot for him again. I shot 75% of his softcore. I worked my ass off as his crew. It was me, a makeup artist and his assistant who booked talent and got locations and times together. He kept emphasizing how quiet we have to be. You can't even tell people that you are shooting. And I wondered why. But I went along with it. It paid my bills.

"I worked about four or five times a week for about a year. Then in December, he called me up and said people were talking again. He says that Rob made a stink at Legend. f--- this guy. He's ripping you off having someone else shoot this stuff. And Rob was right. Gary was taking advantage of these people.

"So after I didn't hear anything for a week or two, I tried to call Gary a few times. And all I wanted to hear was, 'Hey dude, I can't use you anymore.' I wanted to hear something. He would never call me back.

"So myself, a makeup artist (Tyson Fontaine) who was screwed over by him and an assistant (Tony) screwed over by him, decided we would go to Legend. I wanted copies of all the stuff I worked on. I go to Legend and the guys at the counter won't help me. 'You're not even supposed to be here. You're supposed to go through Adrian Gold to get copies.' I threw a small fit. I said, 'I shot these movies. I saw them through the viewfinder in the first place. Why can't I buy my own movies that I'm either acting in or I shot? All I want are the soft version.'

"Gary was telling people that my shooting sucked, he couldn't use my footage. So I started getting this complex, thinking, 'My stuff must suck.' Well, I've shot three movies on my own, not for him, and those movies are doing well. And all the people I shot for say that my work is great. I spoke to his editor. He says my stuff is simple to edit.

"All I want is to be vindicated. To let people know that this guy repeatedly lies. He systematically uses people for what he needs and then he discards them when he's done. Truth is, yeah, I'm hurt. I feel like I was f---ed over by a friend. Because I admired this guy. But he's burning quite a few people and getting away with it. And I think that people should realize what they're playing with.

"Adrian Gold fills his title sequences with all these fake names so it looks like he has these big production movies. I saw two of his movies reviewed in this month's AVN that I shot, including Tramp and Fling.

"We would shoot for Playboy's Naughty Home Amateur Videos. The first time I shot camera for it, I asked him, 'How do I get proof that I did this and credit?' And he got very weird. That told me upfront that there was something more going on. Because over and over, like a broken record, he would say, 'You must be silent about this. You can't tell people about this.'

"When you meet people, the first question out of their mouth is, 'Who do you shoot for? What do you shoot?' Not, 'How are you? What's up?'

"It got to the point that I could not even tell people that I shot for Legend. Because the people at Legend don't even know who I am. Now I'm sure they do because every time I go in there and say that I am Wayne Crews, I feel like the damn Christians going into the lions."

Luke: "Why does Legend have anything against you?"

Wayne: "I speculate that he went and gave them some spiel against me. They think to this very day that he was shooting all of his stuff. They don't realize that I was.

"Adrian Gold started paying me $400 a day but as we went along, it went down in price. He said my shooting was hard to work with."

Luke says: Next I talked with Tyson Fontaine, a makeup artist who's known Gary for six years.

Luke: "What ended your friendship?"

Tyson: "His wife [Lauren Hays]. He's just as guilty. He plays along with it and falls into her manipulations. She's been talking to me. She's been making fun of my beliefs about my psychic ability. I talked to some of our mutual friends and we've been finding out the things she's been saying... She was only my friend if I had something to offer.

"I do a lot of body painting. She'd get free body painting from me. I charge $1500-$2000 for body painting. She went to all the Playboy parties and I painted her for free because she was my friend. She started sneaking people into the Playboy parties on my list [of assistants] and not telling me.

"I was hired by Playboy because I had painted her for a Playboy party. Hef wanted me to body paint for his parties. She offered to help me out and fax Playboy my list of assistants and in doing so she would add my friends to her list. Then some of them she would charge to get on my list.

"They're threatening to sue me for defamation."

Luke: "So long as what you say is true, you don't have a problem."

Tyson: "Gary was not shooting the content he said he was shooting. I know that because I was on set with Wayne who shot about 70%... The talent has seen it. And the still photographers know it.

"They also threatened to sue me for an incident in Las Vegas. I believe, though I do not know, that she told Playboy something that caused them to stop hiring me.

"I saw her in Vegas and I mentioned to her friends that they [Gary and Laura Oden] had been shooting porno for two-and-a-half years. And they made a statement to their lawyer that I had said that they had been in porno for two-and-a-half years. But they have been shooting porno. Laura was in one of them. She does not perform sexually but she is nude. She dances around. Her character's name is Madam Butterfly. The movie is Lips Wide Shut for Kevin Beecham's Erotic Angel. Gary uses the name Billy Moon.

"Laura uses the stage names Lori Baker for casting calls. Her real name is Laura L. Thorsen. She also uses Leona. That's her singing name. Laura L. Dean is her new acting name to get away from her softcore credits.

"She used to put down adult actors and say, 'I can't believe they do this and that.' And she does softcore porn herself.

"His porno company is Pana Entertainment. His mainstream company is Great Iguana Filmworks.

"They act as though they're doing you a favor by hiring you. They hired me for $100 a day and took advantage of my skills. And for thrills he'd say, 'You were paid most of anybody on that set.' I worked all day long, with maybe three hours of sleep each night. My assistant had been up so long that she fell asleep at the wheel and rear-ended somebody. I passed out and fell into the wall while painting. I hurt my foot and had to go to the emergency room.

"He apologized on the phone to me for everything and then they turned around and served me papers that they were going to sue me."

Luke: "What beliefs did she she ridicule?"

Tyson: "My psychic ability. I was driving on the freeway behind this truck. And I said to my friend, 'Those crates are going to fall off the back of this truck.' And as I went into the other lane, these two crates fell off the back off the truck into the freeway.

Tyson played a couple of message from Gary:

"Hi Tyse, it's Gary. I just want you to know that I'm really upset about this whole [Playboy] party thing. It's because of Laura's actions that girls are getting added. And no f---ing person is acknowledging Laura's help with this thing. She's getting nothing for this s--- and they're s---ting on her right now. They're not letting people that she wants to get into the party. Nobody's even thanking her for all the f---ing s--- she's done for everybody. I'm sick of it. I think you guys are all pathetic. And I don't want a phone call back because I am not going to take any messages. She doesn't know that I've called. So don't call her and tell her this. But I think you guys are all a bunch of f----up LA s---heads."

Luke Needs A Nice Quiet Date Suggestion In Santa Monica

I'm dating someone who lives in Santa Monica and I need some date suggestions. Like a nice quiet place to hang out on a Saturday night. A restaurant with good salad offerings like Souplantation. Perhaps you can even email me some coupons.

My number one suggestion is always Torah classes and shul. Number two is Souplantation. After that I'm stymied...

Homegrown Video In Newsweek

Farrell Timlake writes: I need Brandy Alexandre's word-a-day calendar to find a fitting superlative. I would love something really grandiose to describe my joy at this mention of Homegrown in the latest edition of Newsweek.

BrandyAlx1: My word for Farrell: Delusion. He failed to realize Homegrown was being made fun of.
BrandyAlx1: Newsweek's mention Homegorwn was as much of a promotion of them as his mention of me is promotion of me. Any press is good press, right? I hope he continues to be obsessed with me.
BrandyAlx1: Just to be nice, have him try on "exultation," "blitheness" (close enough to "blithering" to be a great fit)," "frabjousity."

Discontinued Titles

Steph writes from AdultDVDTalk.com: Luke - this data is unconfirmed, but I know that doesn't bother you ;) It appears that some stores are removing some japanese titles as they may not comply with the USC 2557 regulations. Also below is a list of Leisure Time DVDs that are possibly discontinued. Last I heard Leisure Time was going to change some titles and box covers. So perhaps the content of these movies will later be distributed with different titles? maybe they already are? maybe the scenes will be put into other compilations? who knows. If anyone has any information please email me at steph@adultdvdtalk.com - you will remain anonymous.

Young Sweet & Juicy
World's Largest Cocks Number 2
World's Largest Cocks 4
World's Biggest Tits and Dicks
Wet Cotton Panties
Walk Like A Pony... And Sit Like A Dog
Bitch Trained Into Obedience Tales from the Torture Chamber
Tales From The Torture Chamber Sexual Monstrosities
Senior Citizens Caught on Tape
Pleasure of: Pain, The Pinned and Gagged
Perverse Desires
Pee 1 Pee All
Older Rod Riders
Nasty She-Male
Sex Nasty
She-male Sex
More Than A Handful 7
Maximum Penetrations and Perversions
Make Her Squirt
Kink's Ultimate Collection
Killer Shots 4
Killer Cum Shots
Girls Butt Banging
Guys f--- Face 7
Fresh Ass
Freak Show Sex
Fat Lovers
Extreme Scenes 25
Extreme Punishment
Extreme Perversions: Girls Doin Guys in the Butt
Extreme Domination
Dr. Discipline
Cocksucker 7
Breast Abnormalities
Bound & Beaten With Leather
Black Gushing Orgasms
Big Tits Big Dicks
Big Fat Titties
Best of Girls Who Suck Cock and Eat Cum 10
Begging to be Forgiven
Barely Legal Boys
2002 Cumshots

New Book Details Role Of Cosa Nostra In Porn

Jordan writes: Luke, Why did you not mention RUSS Hampshire in your OC [Organized Crime] file. You mention Anthony Fiato`s book, but not Russ. That is okay there is another book coming out with more and lots of Industry PICS and s---. Here is a sample of stuff. Look in Animals book and compare pictures. This is a well known talent, with a top West Coast Mobster. Her contacts go up to Sonny Franzese of the Colombo Family.

Luke, That would be Jimmy Caci who is Acting underboss now and is Very much in the Las Vegas papers. The girl is Tabitha Stevens. A good friend of Jimmy and Sonny Franzese. Jimmy will be in the papers a lot more SOON. Jimmy is now in Palm Springs Ca.

The "Animals book" is "The Animal In Hollywood" by John L. Smith, published in 1998 by Barricade Books.

The cards in the picture are Mike Esposito (Gentlemen's Video) and Louie Gelfuso- Louie is now Dead OCT 13th 2000. I will send more soon.

Luke says: Click here to read John L. Smith's April 22nd column on Jimmy Caci.

Here are some excerpts:

According to the FBI, the Buffalo native also ranks as a capo in the Los Angeles crime family recently headed by Peter John Milano. Caci is one of the last remaining defendants in the FBI's sprawling organized crime investigation punctuated by the 1996 contract killing of "Fat Herbie" Blitzstein.

"Narcotics? It ain't my cup of tea. Pimps and whores? Not my cup of tea."

From the 2/2/01 New York Post:

It looks like aging Colombo family wiseguy John " Sonny " Franzese is heading back to prison after he was caught dining with known mobsters in a Central Islip restaurant, The Post has learned.

It's the fourth time since 1982 that Franzese has been jailed for violating his parole by associating with his old cronies, and it's at least the second time that food and friends did him in. In 1996, Franzese was caught eating a bowl of spinach soup in a Great Neck restaurant with Colombo associates he had promised to avoid as a condition of his probation.

Since being convicted in 1967 of masterminding a bank robbery ring, Franzese has been barred from talking to some 40 members of the Colombo crime family. According to law-enforcement sources, Franzese was arrested last week after 15 surveillance photos showed him eating in a Long Island restaurant with reputed Colombo family associates Leonard Dello, Sammy Galasso Sr. and his son, Sammy Galasso Jr.

Here are a few excerpts from the 1998 book The Animal in Hollywood, about mob enforcer Anthony Fiato, by John L. Smith. Pg. 124-125

"...Jimmy Coppola, the guy who picked up the cash. He was later stabbed and killed in prison. And all this came about because Harvey Ross [Harvey Rosenthal, longtime employee of VCA, video pirate, duper, died of cancer about 1995] got me [Fiato] to pressure Marty Krause [Los Angeles crime figure], who in turn went to Mike Esposito [longtime pornographer, owner of Gentleman's Video], who went over to his father Sal [who worked with the Anthony 'Tony Ducks' Corrallo crew out of Harlem, part of the NY based Lucchesse crime family] and then went to Walter [Stevens, veteran LA crime figure].

"Sal tried all kinds of things to get us to lay off. He called me up one day and said, 'Butchie Peraino says to say hello.' And then he asks, 'Is this coming from Mike [Rizzitello, veteran LA crime boss]?' Because if it is, they know where to go to get it stopped. I [Fiato] said, 'This is coming from me.' I know Butchie is with the Genovese people [NY Mafia family], but he's nothing to me. They were all in the porno business together. The Perainos had that Deep Throat movie. I told Sal, 'Well, say hello to Butchie for me and tell him to stay the hell out of my business.'

"But two years earlier I had had guys pressuring the Espositos. That was what set up the Red Morgan move. They threatened to go to everybody they knew. Sal Amarena, Jimmy Fratianno's old friend from San Francisco...

"In the middle of it, I back down... So when I figured they'd dropped their guard, I sent Fat Steve Munichiello and Carl Cataldo over to Mike Esposito's office. And they give him the beating of his life."

Former porn journalist (1978-88) Hart Williams writes Luke 12/30/98:

So what's your point, Luke? Is porn in the business of selling heroin because a couple of junkies are in the biz? As usual, you would prefer to prove a pre-existing prejudice, rather than assay a field of information and come to a reasonable conclusion. I   remember Sal and Mike shooting a Seka video a long time ago, and everyone on the set knew they had shadowy mob connections.

Why was this interesting?

A: Because of its very uniqueness. Many had never seen such a thing in years in the biz. If mob connections were rife, nobody would have given it a second thought. Instead, it was THE buzz for days.

B: Because no one on the set had any real knowledge of the "Mob" that the Espositos were rumored to be connected with (and, more importantly, DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW MORE). This was my first clue that the connection between porn and XXX was a lot more tenuous than was assumed as gospel by biased custardheads out in general society.

C: As usual, the connections are precisely what I said they were: money connections outside the experience of working porn people. Whether a movie is shot with Union Retirement Funds, with Senator Graham's campaign contributions, or with Mob Money, the effect is merely to rent the equipment, and neither Union Organizers, Senate Aides nor Mobsters are ever seen by the actual porn workers.

Gentlemen's Video, Inc. is located at 9810 Owensmouth Street, Suite 4 Chatsworth CA. 91311 Phone 818-773-8439 Fax 818-773-8423 Order Line: 888-794-7007. Their web site is DVDXXXVideo.com.

According to the 12/01/00 issue of Chicago magazine, the city's Mafia is not as strong as it was. "Prostitution and pornography are not the businesses they once were, perhaps because law enforcement tolerates prostitution, while the Internet has made porn widely and cheaply available."

Robbie Hudson writes in the 3/4/01 Times of London that the web is the new Mafia because...

1 The talk is of family values, the profit is from porn.
2 The most dangerous criminals live at home with their mothers.
3 Its bosses fear leaner, hungrier organisations from the East.
4 Incriminating material is stored forever, no matter how hard you try to destroy it.
5 A few huge organisations with strict codes of silence crush the meteoric few who grow big enough to challenge them.
6 Billions change hands but nobody you know has seen any of it.
7 It facilitates dubious cross-border transactions (Spanisg ciggies, Viagra, depleted uranium etc).
8 Crime is endemic; police are powerless.
9 Stop paying your dues and your home (page) goes up in digital smoke, capisce?
10 Fiery untamed youths become super powerful bosses who lose their edge and need to hire fiery untamed youths to do their dirty work on the front line.

Suspect In Mob Hit Accused Of Extorting Porn Web Site

12/13/2000 South Florida Sun-Sentinel

A Hollywood man already accused of ordering the mob hit of a Pembroke Pines stripper has been charged with trying to muscle in on an Internet pornography business and extorting $400,000 from its owner.

A federal grand jury indicted Frederick J. Massaro and another man, Alphonse "Junior" Carfora on charges they threatened the business owner and his family and conspired with two others to take a percentage of the profits. Massaro is being held without bond and a hearing will decide if Carfora should be jailed until his trial.

Massaro was arrested in September and charged with running the South Florida Mafia crew of the Gambino crime family. Prosecutors said he ordered the 1999 murder of Jeannette Anne Smith, 22, because she was involved in unspecified mob business.

The latest indictment, unsealed Tuesday, said Massaro and Cafora extorted $400,000 from Michael Ginzburg, who owns an Internet pornography Web site based in Hollywood. The men threatened to hurt Ginzburg and his family if he didn't come up with the money, the grand jury said.

Is The Greatest Writing On Sex Pessimistic?

While reading a Salon.com review of Phillip Roth's new book, I found this provocative sentence: "But like most great writing about sex -- Henry Miller's is an exception -- Roth's is profoundly pessimistic."

What Are The Implications Of The Legend Obscenity Bust?

Jack Richmond, owner of Legend Video with Bruce Mendleson, tells GeneRossExtreme.com that the industry should fight any attempts by the LAPD to bring the industry to its knees. Jack wants industry scatman Bill Whitrock to get out of the business.

Gene writes: "Whitrock who tapes s--- videos and has long been suspected of using hidden "potty cams" has voiced comments that he would cop a plea."

Jack says: "This local obscenity charge must be fought. If they have no intentions of fighting, get out of the business because it's going to set precedent against the whole, entire industry if people cop to pleas of misdemeanors. These misdemeanor charges can lead to bigger and worse charges after you plead to them."

A porner tells Luke: "There must be something else going on with that Jeff Mike (Steward) arrest. They use all these cops for just a misdemeanor obscenity bust. He sells mail order out of his home. Everybody knows that mail order is the most profitable and the most risky."

One of the tapes busted, American Bukkake 11, features the banner headline: "Degraded, Dehumanized And Drenched In Cum!"

According to the 11/19/00 Legend press release: "Cute, bubbly Kiki Dare gets creamed until her eyes are squinting like a Chinese short order cook in JM Productions American Bukkake #11. The busty little slut takes more hits to the face than Tina Turner ever did. But, just when you think the degradation is over, enter ... The Cum Bong. Poor Kiki didn't stand a chance. The look on her cum drenched face as a bong load of goo is shot down her gullet is simply priceless. Like the great philosopher Carl Karcher once said, "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." American Bukkake #11 hits the streets on November 13th."

Michael writes: "Sorry to hear about Jeff Mike AKA Jeff Stewart arrest, his problem. Bye Legend didn't like your Crap movies anyway. It is amazing how "real names" become known when these porno folks meet the law or arrested. How many porner have been arrested lately or well known the jail and prison system? You had an article about Lady Paree AKA Sonya Wright a "Randy Detroit Starlet", who just got out of the slammer and lost all her teeth, who really should do grand bukkake. Randy Detroit deserve it from his long exploitation of the uggliest black folks in america to grace Porn. The real implication is real name will be exposed more. I suspect there is a "John Ashcroft Justice Department grand plan to ruin all porner by exposing the real names first in the media. No hiding from relatives and prospective employer in the future. This the new McCharityism. The Good side of it - This won't be much of a problem with black folks since their alias are just as f---ed as their real name for example - Tony Eveready AKA Buckwheat Jefferson or Mr Marcus AKA Hoghead Cheese Jones."

Here are some highlights from the April Legend press release written by Nelson Ayala (I wonder if they will tone down?):

Like an After School Special, Try-a-Teen will scare young cocksockets straight. Oh, sure, we could have made another teenage girl f---fest movie for you, the viewer, to jerk off to, but that just wouldn't be responsible. We, at Legend Video, care about today's young, naive f---holes. We want them to stay in school. To study. To grow up to be doctors and lawyers and such. If that means having Brandon Iron stretch, probe, and destroy teenage pussies and assholes on film to make our point, so be it. If having Brandon Iron throatf--- and throttle every young bitch in the valley will help stress the importance of education, then that's what we'll do.

James Brady.
Kurt Cobain.

Great men who were shot in the face. On April 23rd, Sabrina Jayde will join their ranks as she is repeatedly shot in the face with cum in JM Productions American Bukkake #13. In what will go down in history as one of American Bukkake's most memorable moments, cute, little Sabrina Jayde is fitted with a cone around her neck and must lap up the cum collected in her funnel or die trying! What ensues is fun for the whole family! You won't want to miss it. Like the JFK assassination, you will never forget where you were when you first saw Sabrina take 90 shots to the face. But, if you prefer your whores like your coffee - black, then you will go cuckoo for cocoa puff Sierra in American Bukkake #13. The big, sloppy titted ho takes 85 creamy white shots to the face. Could this be what Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney had in mind when they wrote their hit song Ebony & Ivory? I think so.

And, on a very special Gag Factor #4, Rachel tells Ross to throatf--- her till she upchucks her lunch. Ok, that does not happen. But, Sabrina Jayde, Kristi Love, Michelle Raven, and Brandi Lyons do get all choked up when hard cock is thrust down their windpipes. Now, that's must see tv! JM Productions would also like to remind you to visit them on the web at http://www.jerkoffzone.com/.

Luke says: On December 8, 2000, Nelson Ayala from Legend sent this:

Hi Luke! Here's the latest Legend news.

Wild Bill Whitrock, affectionately know around Legend as Mr. s---rock aka: The Scatman, has left Legend Video to pursue his scatological interests. Whitrock, producer/director of Real Sex Magazine and Real Golden Showers, believes his new series, Real Brown Showers, will revolutionize porn.

Unfortunately, Legend's Jack Richman doesn't agree. "He's sick. He's a sick f---, that s---rock," says Jack. "I'm not putting that crap out. Is he crazy???"

"We tried to explain things to Bill," says Legend's General Manager, Jeff Steward, "but, he feels very strongly about his s--- videos. I think he's obsessed."

Disappointed with Legend's stance, s---rock ...er,um Whitrock issued the following statement:

"I've enjoyed my relationship with Legend Video over the past three years, and it is with great sadness that I announce my leaving. I thought Legend would be open to a new exciting Scat series, but that wasn't the case and I respect that. However, as an artist I need room to grow. I can not work in an environment that stifles my creative needs. I owe it to myself, to my fans, and to s----enthusiasts everywhere. I am excited to report That I will continue on my own, and am sure that my new company Number #2 will be #1!!! Thank you. Bill Whitrock."

Legend Video wishes Whitrock the best in all his endeavors.

Luke says: On August 15, 2000, Nelson Ayala sent out this from Legend Video:

Every now and then a movie comes along that touches peoples' lives and captures their hearts. JM Productions' Gag Factor is NOT one of those movies. From the perverts who introduced you to American Bukkake, comes the revolutionary new series Gag Factor, a display of depravity so vile and disturbing you will watch it over and over again, you sick f---s. Gag Factor is unlike any blowjob you've ever seen. How? 1. Every girl must swallow each cum load. 2. Every whore gets violently throat f---ed till she's teary eyed and gagging, and can't speak for days. This is not your daddy's blow job movie. This is Gag Factor. So ask yourself this question: Are you perverted enough to handle it? Gag Factor will be available in September. From the name you trust, JM Productions, degrading whores since 1993.

From Legend 9/22/00

Like Martin Luther King Jr., JM's Jeff Steward had a dream. A dream of having a beautiful black whore get painted white with cum by a bunch of sick degenerates like you. The dream is realized in JM Productions' American Bukkake #10. Porn whore Mocha makes history as the first African-American woman to participate in &n American Bukkake, "It's an honor and a great responsibility," says Mocha. "As an African- American role model, it's important for me to set a good example. When little shorties from da hood look up to me, I want them to see that it's possible to be both a good whore and a pillar of the community." JM Productions couldn't agree more. "It's important to promote unity," says Jeff Steward. "Power to the People!"


Porn legend Max Hardcore will also be signing at the Legend booth, along with his favorite cock-sockets, Jade Marcela, Candy Cotton, and hot, new latina whore Catalina. Max will be arriving in Las Vegas in a specially equipped, water-proof, motorhome filled with coloring books, crayons, and lots and lots of lollipops. Max promises to see all his fans and hopes to, maybe, meet some new and interesting f---holes during his stay.


Kate Frost is a stupid whore. But that's a good thing when you're being spoon fed 51 cum shots in JM Productions' American Bukkake #12. Kate delivers an award worthy performance. This is the kind of scene you'll tell your grandkids about. Kate may not be too bright, but she shines as a true whore when she starts to lick every drop of cum off the tarpi Holly Landers is also along for the ride, taking an amazing 95 shots to the face. American Bukkake 12 hits the streets on January 29th.

The Former Lynne L-patin writes: The Legend press releases are possibly prosecutable for something by the celebrities they mention, and the trade phrase "cuckoo for cocoa puff(s)" belongs to General Mills. If the boxes feature similar copy, they might inspire a civil suit. How stupid to risk attracting the attention of any kind of law enforcement, not over porn, but over the use of real people's names in that context!

Playboy Hypocrisy

Former Free Speech Coalition president Gloria Leonard writes: It's sadly true that Playboy's posture has always been one of "our tits and ass" are better than anyone else's and we are NOT pornography, distancing themselves to the point that Hugh Hefner has, on more than one occasion, been selected to receive the FSC's "Freedom Isn't Free" award but chose not to accept or associate himself with "us." I once got into a fracas with a Playboy staffer aboard one of their Jazz Cruises since he did not think that my credentials as Publisher of High Society Magazine, met their criteria as a member of the "press." Excuse me!??!! I did host my own TV show on the East Coast some years ago (The Leonard Report: For Adults Only) which the Playboy Channel did run but it was a rather benign half-hour show of interviews, film reviews, and even some comedy. And what many younger porn afficionados don't know, is that for years, the magazine ran a monthly adult film review column by well-known critic, Bruce Williamson - they discontinued it, however, I am sure, to eradicate all ties to "porn." While Hefner does a lot to support the issue of free speech, he speaks with a "f---ed" tongue. Favorite turn-offs: hypocrisy!

Alisha Klass writes: I'd like to comment on Gloria Leonard's "Playboy Hypocrisy." I'm not writing in to make any judgment on her thoughts or go to battle as I see many do on Lukes site. I was just reading her thoughts and found myself with a different opinion based on my current employment with Playboy and my own personal observations and views. I agree with Gloria that the overall image of "Playboy" magazine has been "the good girls of T and A" for the past generation, but I don't think it's fair to say that this is Hugh Hefner's current view. First, I just read that "Sky" from "Vivid Video," (who's as dirty of a porn girl you can get, I mean that sweetly) just shot in New York for "Playboy" magazine. Is she said to be the first? Yes, but this show's us perhaps that things are evolving with in the magazine. Second, "Playboy TV," most all of their shows are hosted by "Adult Film Stars," including myself. Hugh Hefner has built his own empire in the magazine world and let's not forget "Playboy TV." It's clear to me anyway, that Mr. Hefner is evolving and Playboy TV is helping porn girls such as myself who are proud of the adult work they do, educate and entertain the public. Who else has created a world where girls of adult can host their television show?

Also, maybe you haven't heard of "Playboy TV's," "Saturday Night Directors cut." Once again, now Playboy is supporting adult film actors and adult film directors, such as director James Avalon and his film "Les Vampyres." Which includes great adult actors like Syren, Ava Vincent, Wendi Knight, Violet Love, Samantha, Jack Hammer, Brandon Iron, Brick Majors and Joel Lawrence. If you would stop and think about it, Playboy has now made themselves a part of the adult industry and as it stands today, they're are all we have in the world of mainstream. Maybe Gloria speaks of the "Playboy that was," but I think I speak for the "Playboy that is"! Again, I'm not writing to be controversial, nor does my personal opinion have anything to with my employment. I'm just one woman who is writing her personal views, such as Gloria Leonard expressed hers. I for one am thankful that Playboy trust me to represent their brand name and accepts where I came from. "Playboy Hypocrisy, NO More." Always Smiling, Alisha Klass

Gregory Bowman writes Luke: Sorry to hear about Playboy. They are pretty strict. I got kicked off the set so I know what its like.........they escort you to the green room to watch the show on a bigscreen TV. Of course, I wasn't wearing the famous "l-keford" cape and matching tee shirt on so that may be why. I was just the lowly boyfriend of talent.

You're a star!! Playboy should give you a show!. Maybe you and Helmetcam Gary could host a show called "two jews in porn-oh the agony!!" The backdrop could be posters of your mothers holding their heads saying OY OY OY! and they could show clips of the Hindenburg crashing after each segment. Playboy hahaha! God Bless America.

Destiny Calling For Quasarman

Mike McCormick writes on QuasarmanRants.com that he's learned many things while shooting Destiny Calling for Metro:

-Taylor St.Claire and Lola hate each other.
-Taylor St.Claire's tongue piercing chafes the male member. Joel Lawrence requested that she remove it after suffering penile trauma. She complied and handed it to me. I still have it and will be auctioning it off to the highest bidder.
-Jewish porn starlett Cheri is more attracted to pizza than Tyce Bune who was her partner in the movie. She actually specified her topping preferences while riding Tyce's Slim Jim reverse cowgirl and was angered to discover that it would not be delivered in time to be waiting for her in the moments following Tyce's cock-a-cola pelting her in the eye.
-Taylor St.Clair was angry with me for suggesting that her role as a high priced escort was akin to Sly Stallone playing a slow-witted underdog. Apparently one of her "customers" informed her that comments atributed to "Quasi-man" were posted on Luke F-rd.com.
-Porn newcomer Kay Lynn doesn't kiss. When I informed her that I required additional foreplay in her scene with Bart Myne to enable a cable version of satisfactory length she dropped the bombshell that kissing was a no-no. She claims that it's "too personal". Thirty minutes later Bart ejaculated into her mouth and left eye. This she had no problem with.

Hot D'Or Winners

Here is the list of winners for the 2001 Hot D'Or, held May 16, 2001 at the Radisson Montfleury Hotel here.

Best Movie- "Stravos," Colmax
AVN D'Or- "Hell, Whores and High Heels," Pirate/Private
Best Movie, Professional Vote- "Max," Blue One
Best Renting Tape of the Yeat- "Le diner de can," JTC
Best Director, Professional Vote- Fred Coppula
Best Director- Pierre Woodman, "Madness," Private
Best Actress, Professional Vote- Oceane
Best American Actress- Tera Patrick, "La Croisee du Desir," Marc Dorcel
Best French Actress- Oceane, "Project X," Blue One
Best European Actress- Daniela Rush, "Orgie en noir," Marc Dorcel
Best Actor, Professional Vote- Sebastian Barrio
Best American Actor- Mark Davis, "La Fille de Justine," Marc Dorcel
Best European Actor- Ian Scott, "Max," Blue One
Best Supporting Actress- Estelle Desanges, "Project X," Blue One
Best Supporting Actor- Marc Barrow, "Professional Gros Cul," Alkrys
Best New American Starlet- Brianna Banks
Best New European Starlet- Judith Fox
Best New French Starlet- Clara Morgane
Best Screenplay- Ovidie, "Orgie en noir," Marc Dorcel
Best Box Cover- "Madness," Private
HOT D'OR HONNEURS- Larry Flynt (Hustler), Sharon Mitchell (A.I.M.), Paul Fishbein (AVN), Ovidie (French Actress)

Jerry Springer vs Max Hardcore

Dudley Moore writes: Luke, occasionally you make a case against Max Hardcore's victimizing ways. I tuned in to a "bi-sexual surprise" segment of the Jerry Springer Show recently, where Jerry was springing the shocking news on a young woman that her boyfriend was bi. He showed a video segment of the man entering the guest bedroom of his nude male lover, taped the previous night... courtesy Jerry Springer Show...to the very visible horror of his girlfriend. As usual, Jerry had made the camera available to the 2 men so they could share a room together and make a tape for the next day's shoot, a now routine occurrence on the show and Springer's instrument of choice for traumatizing his unsuspecting guests. The similarity to Max Hardcore's surprise interview rape (mentionned a few weeks ago on your site) is obvious. Like Max, Jerry similarly uses the camera to purposely shock and inflict sexual trauma...and is legally absolved in advance of the consequences via a paperwork release. Jerry not only profits--he himself is visibly excited by the proceedings (especially the catfighting). At the end of each show, he routinely distances himself from the preceding show in his famous Final Thoughts, nonchalantly absolving himself, and wishing his now traumatized and victimized guests the best of luck in their "new, hopefully less destructive relationships".

The End of American Bukkake and Golden Showers?

MikeSouth.com writes on RAME: As you may have read on many industry sites, Jeff Steward, mastermind behind the American Bukkake series was raided and searched both home and office today by the LA PD. Tapes specifically confiscated were American Bukkake and Liquid Gold. legend has a reputation for being veryu gun shy about obscenity busts, thus the parting with Max. I wouldn't look for many more releases of either of these series. Matter of fact I would look for the whole industry to start policing itself (can you say too little too late).

Pat Riley writes: Arch pointed out AB #11 and LG #5, the only common performer being Kat Langer. I haven't seen her recently. Is it something to do with her? Nothing peculiar about AB #11, no girls in extra-young dress, no one saying that they're in school, if fact it's boringly similar to all the other AB's.

As to LG#5 there are two scenes which could qualify (just) as golden showers: one has Hardman peeing on Emily Moore's shoulder and tits and the other has Chloe Adams peeing on a guy's clothed leg. No sex at all not even masturbation in LG #5 (but there is in LG #3). There's two much more certain golden showers in LG #4 where Mirage pees in Rod Fontana's mouth and later Samantha (an unknown) also pees in his mouth. So why pick LG #5?

I wouldn't look for many more releases of either of these series. They've about run their course anyway. Like monster gang bangs, the novelty has worn off. Naturally I'm heartbroken

Ridley99 writes: this is very disturbing news man....very disturbing. it shows a complete change in the vice squads attitude towards the porn industry...this is a real kick in the ass. of course we know our "blue knights" will love busting porn stars and raiding porn sets. I hear there were 40 cops at the scene. a black gets killed in Compton and you'll be amazed to see 2 cops at the scene....prioritys. titties come first. looks like the gloves are off, Mr Bush is working faster then anyone could have believed. we talked about how vulnerable the porn industry is, the obscenity laws are already on the books. and the minute they start checking the books and levying fines .....the minute people start losing real money...you talk about the party being over....s--- you watch if they don't shoot the piano player on the way out the door. now we are going to see who really has balls in the San Fernando valley.

its was 8 years of Billy Clinton.....8 years of Gangbangs, ass to mouths, Bukkakes, interracial sex, midgets, lactamania, cum swapping, golden showers, 8 years of barely legal teens, rough sex, slap happy bastards, 8 years of Rob Black, Max Hardcore , John T Bone, 8 years of Heroin binges and cocaine, 8 years of parties in Las Vegas, and Porno stars becoming household names. now John Law is coming calling and everything we talked about is on the horizon. John Law can take your money can take your home can take your company and finally take you.... now lets see Mr Marcus Talk , and Rob Black laugh. 8 years in paradise can be a cruel joke when confronted by the reality of hell . well hell for 4 years. i suggest you all get good lawyers right away and get your books in order, hold on for 4 years. no way George W gets reelected. who ever thought porn could be undone by a guy named Bush.

Mike South replies on RAME: To lay this one at Bush's feet is flat out wrong For starters the setup started way before we even knew who the next pres would be (December) But Most importantly this was an LA Vice operation not a federeal thing. Bush had nothing to do with it. In reality I believe porners have brought this on themselves, the reason this stuff is just starting to surface is because porn has just started puching the limits. I have long said that if porn does not police itself Washington will do it for us. This is just the begining Im afraid.....

Chill Wind Blows Through Cannes Porn Festival

CANNES, France, May 17 (Reuters) - Fear of a U.S. government backlash against the thriving pornograhy business has sent a shiver down the spine of the birthday-suit set.

Arriving in this French Riviera resort on Wednesday night for their annual European awards ceremony, international porn stars strutted their silicone stuff, blowing kisses to the cameras and flashing their thighs to the photographers.

But the excesses of previous years was gone. There was no nudity, no hardcore video clips and barely an exposed breast in sight. In short, the industry was trying to clean up its act.

"There is fear out there. Times are changing and the business wants to become respectable," said director Axel Braun, who is based in the throbbing heart of the porn trade, Los Angeles.

Even in the more liberal Europe, there are the first tentative signs of a counter-attack by the moral majority. Porn actresses have flocked to the Cannes film festival over the past decade to share the limelight with the mainstream stars, but they suffered a setback this year when a beachfront hotel [Hilton] evicted them during a promotional event.

"Coming from the puritanical United States it is lovely to be in Europe, but yesterday we saw the spectre of censorship in Cannes," said Paul Fishbein, head of the industry bible, the Adult Video News magazine. "That is very disturbing."

After the hotel debacle, the organisers of Wednesday's Hot D'Or awards -- an irreverent take on the official Cannes Palme D'Or competition -- called for sobriety from their guests gathered in a plush hotel far from the glare of the main Riviera strip.

Chewing on massive cigars and guarding their starlettes like stern fathers, some of the producers thought that the financial might of their business would see off any political threat.

"The porn business is a giant ship. A chill wind is blowing, but it will take a long time for it to make us change direction," said Thomas Elliott, director of the Californian firm Fresh Produce.

Complete Cannes Gossip

Maxx writes: dear luke, i got lotsa european porn gossip + pics and gossip concerning american pornstars when in europe...... luv, drugs and hugs, maxxx

Stars of X undesirable

Actresses X are in anger. Some of them, whose fore-mentioned Ovidie, gave this Wednesday a conference press to Lounge Café, on the first floor of the hotel Noga Hilton, and this the day before the handing-over of the trophies of X, Hot d' Or. Which was not their surprise when at the semi-day, it were expelled of the aforesaid establishment.

Jacki Benayoun, the owner of Lounge Coffee, ensures to be berné by the tenants of the room. "It is not a brothel here!", it exclaimed.

Another sound of bell on the side of the actresses. " Even equipped like a good sister, I am made foutre outside ", declared the young starlet of X Ovidie, before specifying that " people confuse the spectacle and reality. When Sylvester Stallone leaves at his place, it does not break the mouth with all the Communists who pass. For us it is the same thing: one does not organize orgies tous.les.jours on our premises!"

Let us recall that the ceremony of Hot d' Or, which will be held this Thursday evening, will be chaired by Larry Flint, the founder of the Hustler magazine. That which inspired film bearing its name (realized by Milos Forman in 1996) will give a conference press to 15 hours with the Martinez Hotel, always this Thursday. Will it be as animated as that referred to above?

Maxx with Misty Rain

Adriana Kerembeo

Lisa Bella?

Lisa Bella

Porn stars Jessica Drake, Dee, T.J. Hart etc ejected from Cannes Hilton

Larry Flynt in Cannes

Tera Patrick

Max with Alisha Klass

Max writes: luke, you are a jew so i'll love to know what you think of this.....

Hailed by the French as "the God" of cinema, controversial director Jean-Luc Godard launched a caustic attack on Hollywood at the Cannes film festival on Tuesday.

Godard, arguably the most influential film maker of his generation, complained that big U.S. studios had effectively smothered the artistic potential of cinema.

The contrast between Godard and the Hollywood giants could not be greater and when asked what he thought about Steven Spielberg, director of such box office hits as "Jurassic Park" and "Schindler's List," the Frenchman gave a slight shrug.

He was particularly severe about the Holocaust drama "Schindler's List," based on a novel by Thomas Keneally. "It is strange, he had no idea about (the Holocaust) so he went and looked elsewhere (for inspiration). When we don't have an idea about something, we look first of all within ourselves," he said, puffing on a cigar.

take care, maxxx PS i think that GODard is right on target when he says that spielberg had no idea about the holocaust........

Luke says: I think Spieldberg is a terrific director and I thought Schindlers List was a great film. I find French films depressing. What's the scoop from Cannes?

Max writes: there was no scoop of course......it was an extremely serious question.....the fact is that the holocaust was a terrible tragedy and godard of course is god to us european filmmakers while spielberg is just mr nice guy but not a great artist......even if i do love him.......anyway the prince albert of monaco was at the post hot d'or party........ and mario salieri won the hot d'or for best director and he's from naples and of course a friend of mine.....but i guess he's completely unknown in the USA....

Porn Stars In High Times

I hear that the marijuana magazine High Times will be doing a special issue on sex and marijuana, with a major feature story on porn stars who advocate the use of it.

Bridgett and Skeeter Kerkove are expected to talk about the drug paraphenalia in one of their series.

Porn stars interested in participating should email Ashley Kennedy at Fearless420@hotmail.com.

Allison Kilgore Says She Is Done Hooking?

Jimmy writes on BigDoggie: Well, bad new boys, I just got off the phone with Allison and she says that she is done with NY, she is leaving tonight and "Never comming back" so I guess those of you looking to score with her will have to wait longer.

BD13 replies on BigDoggie.net: Allison is still in NYC and is still working. This guy is a boneheaded ex that is chasing Allison around and just harassing her. If you do get a chance to see Allison while she is on the East Coast, do it. She is an absolute blast. Very down to earth.

Luke Gets Mail

Ex-porn star Britt Morgan writes Jason Sechrest: Hello, Jason, my dear - thank you for the love - I send mine in return most devotedly! I did indeed grill him on much, and he answered unabashedly - with only a couple of 'no comments' which of course you know is driving me insane now! haha (Tell Luke we need to tag-team on him and do a lunch - I've got him good and warmed up, or else he'll just refuse to speak to either of us ever again! haha)

Fred writes: 1. Did Britt go into porn because she is an exhibitionist, for the money, or for the sex?

A: I went into the biz out of severe curiosity; I don't think that I am (or was) an exhibitionist - I didn't do it for the money (I made plenty of money before the business and make plenty in spite of the business now) and as for the sex - it was definately a treat, but not the sole purpose - I was truely curious about the people, about the industry, & about the dynamics involved. I was rewarded by what I was lucky enough to gain from it - confidence, enlightenment on many levels, friendship, empathy for things and people I would never have otherwise been exposed to and acceptance by people far above the mainstream society which is almost completely judgemental and hypocritical.

2. Does she think she has a stronger libido than most women? Does she think she has stronger exhibitionist tendencies than most women?

A: Not at all, and probably less. Porno does not define me, and it's been my experience that porno could not even remotely contain or handle the even slightly-above-average civilian woman.

3. Does she consider herself unusual in any way? Or does she think that by and large she is a typical woman?

A: Unusual - in the most unusual ways. And Typical - I'd rather be dead first. But you would really need to ask others about this one I think.

Lynne writes: So does Britt have real breasts or not? If she does, do they sag or not? If she has implants, then of course she doesn't need a bra. Not that I'm judging her, mind you, but the point of wearing a bra is that real breasts often sag as we get older, have babies, etc. Big real breasts do all sorts of funny things in clothes if they aren't harnessed in place. If, like me, Britt has been fortunate enough to escape this fate, bless her... If she's saying she prefers artificial breasts because they eliminate the need for brassieres...that's different.

Britt Morgan replies: I suppose I will have to let Mr. Ford pop off a couple of photos just for the sake of argument, I haven't done this myself because it is truly a huge chore to mess with this contraption of a computer - so, if he's willing to withstand the effort, you can take his personal opinion into account also. hahha And as for 'preferring' artificial breasts? I don't believe I have ever made any comment to that effect, I have only said that I judge not what a girl chooses to do for whatever reason - it is just none of my damn business personally - because personally, I think Keisha has the all-time perfect breast thing going on, and anyone would be very hard-pressed to find anything real or not that even vaguely compares.

Scott Lawrence writes: Well, I guess I have to ask Nelson Alaya from Legend if those videos I want will still uncut-or availiable. BTW does Legend produce JM PRODUCTIONS or just distribute them(like MAX)? Well, if the Seymour Bust was unclear, this makes it obvious-it has begun. I will pass on the usual 'don't they have anything better to do?'/tax dollars/energy crisis/look at Bush's drunken whore daughter (with the porn star name!) rant. But I wonder why doesn't the adult industry (and it is an industry) really stand up and fight this? I'm sure they can afford it. But I guess it is much easier to just go back to making bland crap-makes money anyway, why should they care. I'm sure Rob Black will stand up to it but-and I really like the guy-it will probably be a big clownshow and get tossed out. Will Legend fight this or just recall everything they've done in the last 6 years?

Brandy Alexandre writes: Thanks to Lynne for supporting my stance. I know for a fact my expectations of the FSC are not unreasonable. In addition to being an executive secretary in an extremely professional organization, I was also the administrative support for the corporate foundation. I actually created and maintained the database, and on a quarterly basis I did all of the mailings, received all of the grant requests, and prepared reports for the trustees. I have seen the financials of many legitimate charities and not-for-profit organizations seeking funding. These included tax returns, lists of major donors, their IRS 401(c)(3) designations where applicable, the salaries paid to the administrators, fees paid to the board members, fund-raising expenses, yearly budgets for the previous 5 years, and exactly how they intended to use the funds they were requested. Granted, a casual donor or member probably wouldn't, or shouldn't have access to that much information, but they do have a right to basic information, such as budgets and other operating costs. You certainly don't want only 5˘ of every dollar to go to the cause, which I suspect is the case with the FSC.

Noah writes: Luke, You are associated with two of the coolest people in porn, Rob Spallone and Jim DiGiorgio. Something cool always happens when they're around. You should let these two have their own column on your site detailing their porn lives. Also, Rocco did a porno with a Scores dancer by the name of Savannah. They did an anal scene and I heard it was pretty good. Do you know the name of this video? Thanks, dude.

From Evil Angel News May 2001

Re-Released Video! Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris

Release Date: September 5, 2000, Re-Released May, 2001

As promoted on the Howard Stern radio show! Once banned, now it's BACK!

Featuring: Savanah Samson, Liza Crowford, Amanda, Monica, Olivie, Ksandra, Estelle, Carmen, Nacho Vidal, Max, Lou Lou, Ian Scott, Titof, Alam & Rocco Siffredi.

This video had to be removed from the market for legal reasons shortly after its release in September of 2000. Now it's BACK! Millions of porno fans heard and saw the amazing Savanah on the Howard Stern radio & TV show, and sales of this video went through the roof! The video documents the true story of how the American stripper wanted to f--- Rocco so badly, she sent him a letter telling him how she would do ANYTHING sexually with him and for him. Rocco was so struck by this challenge and the photos included that he told her to meet (and meat) him in Paris. She did, and resulting meeting (and meating) is ALL REAL and INCREDIBLY HARD AND NASTY. Rocco pulled out all the stops and f---ed Savanah several times during her stay in Paris; alone, with another girl, and in the last scene, with 5 other guys she'd never even met before in a unbelievable gang bang. Savanah matched Rocco stroke for stroke and blow for blow!

Cybererotica Correction

Yesterday I reported that Cybererotica won't put up a booth at this June's IA2000 show. It turns out the CE will have a 40 by 40 booth and is sponsoring Snoop Doggy Dog to come to the Players Ball, a party for the big porn webmasters.

What Is Playboy TV Hiding?

After repeated invitations by Alisha Klass, I finally took her up on her word this evening to sit in on her Playboy TV show "Inside Adult."

After battling through rush hour traffic for 40 minutes, I arrived at the location in Hollywood and waited for ten minutes in the lobby. Then the director, Robert Bauer, came out to tell me that it was a closed set. He would risk his job if allowed me on. He was very sorry. He reads my web site and enjoys my fearless reporting. At this, my anger begins to subside. He understands if I must flail him for this snafu. That I gave up a date with an attractive economist and a community wide meeting in Torah to go to this stupid Playboy set to be sent away.

Bauer came on board of Inside Adult and Nightcalls six weeks ago. His background is mainstream and he wants to bridge the chasm between mainstream entertainment and pornography. He might give me some exclusives in the future to make things up to the l-keford.com.

Bauer says that Playboy is clamping down on many of their shows and closely monitoring them. They want no outsiders on their sets. So what are they hiding?

These directives apparently came down from the top - Playboy TV president Jim English.

He featured prominently on that Fifth Estate Expose a few weeks ago.

Robert told me that it was his fault that he had not communicated clearly enough to Alisha that the sets were closed. Robert said Alisha arrived around 5PM Wednesday evening. At which time they discussed that I had been invited and that the set was closed. Still nobody notified me (I'm easy to get a hold of via l-keford.com, etc), so I wasted my time.

I drove away at 7:30PM to the Meeting in Torah - about 300 Jews from about 15 different synagogues, from Reconstructionist to Orthodox, around LA. It was an opportunity for me to grow in tolerance and compassion.

We studied Moses for two hours. Which was probably a more worthy way to spend my evening.

I tend to be tolerant of most things but theft of my time does annoy me.

Alisha Klass writes Luke 4/18/01:

Good Evening Mr. Luke F-rd, I just read about your experience this evening and I want to apologize to you. If you were unhappy, I wish you would have asked someone to get me and I would have helped you. Did you even see the fashion performance show? I guess it went well. I would like to thank the girls who participated today in the COTW (Center Of The World) fashion performance show Tera Patrick, Bridgette Kerkove, Renee La Rue, Keri Windsor. Great girls! We had a fun day together. Classy show as well. Catch it Wednesday night on Entertainment tonight. The girls each had an individual interview after the show. So, check out ET Wednesday (18th). Luke, I'm very sorry. Now I know why I didn't see you inside. Maybe I can make it up to you and invite you on the set of "Inside Adult" tonight (Wednesday 18th) live at 9:30pm. Come around 7:45pm and you can also catch Tiffany Grannith and Julie Ashtons show "Night Calls" first. E-mail me back and let me know. Again, I thank you for your effort tonight to cover the event, I only wish you would have mingled with the right people. I saw you as I ventured down the press isle and I thought you were taken care of. If I had known, I would have handled it!!! I think the highlight of my evening besides seeing you Luke (LOL), was the Entertainment Tonight interviews and the sincere thanks I received from the executives at Artisan. Oh, and the interview on Fox 11 News Live with Wayne Wang and I will not be forgotten. My hard work is finally starting to show through. Let me know about "Inside Adult." Keep Smiling and Many Thanks, Alisha Klass

Luke replies: I would love to come to your set.

Alisha replies: Hi, I just phoned my executive producer and she's checking to get clearance, so that you can come on set and review the shows. Also, I will make sure that you can interview all talent from Night Calls and Inside Adult. So sit tight. I didn't know there would be an issue. She said it should be fine for tonight. But, we might have to put it off till the next show date in two weeks. So, I'll get back to you as soon as I get the call. Enjoy your day! Smile All Day, Alisha

Alisha writes 4/19/01: Hi Luke, I just got word from Playboy TV. They would like to invite you to set in two weeks. They want to prepare for your visit and set up interviews and so on. I think it's kind of better for you as well. So, Wednesday the 2nd of May at 7:00pm. We will speak before that. I'm off to New York early in the morning. I'll be on Stern 7:30am eastern time, then ofcourse, the replay. Then I'll be on the Chauncy Hayden show for two hours. I'll be signing autographs with Wayne Wang for Center Of The World on Saturday. Then it's time to rest with my NYC friends! So, I'll write to you from New York. Have a great day Luke. Let me know if your clear for the 2nd and if you can watch "Inside Adult" tonight at 9:30pm. Ahhhh come on Luke, you know you get Playboy TV. LOL!

Alisha Klass writes 5/2/01: Dearest Luke, I'd like to offer you my deepest apology for not coming thru for you and inviting you on the set of Inside Adult. I just read what you posted about my car accident. Wow, you're pretty good. How'd you get so many facts correct? Thanks for not dropping my dates name. My face shattered the windshield, but I just had some light bruising. My neck is just getting tight and I have whiplash, but I will be fine, thanks to the beautiful exotic flowers and the airbag. I've had to cancel my appearance on "Howard Stern" for Friday and my feature engagement at "Club Gossip" in Long Island, but my friends are spoiling me with comfort. I'd like to use your site as a venue to thank all of the people who have sent on-line get well cards and their kind words to suchklass@aol.com. Thank you very, very much. Luke, please mark your calendar for May 16th, cause you're going to come have a blast on the set of "Inside Adult" and get great interviews from my guest. Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing Kylie Ireland and Ginger Paige. Thanks for a great show girls. They both look incredible. OK Lukster, I'm off to gab with my girlfriend and then hit the sack. You're wonderful and I hope you have a great night. Oh, also, I have a huge meeting with the director and producer (female) of 3000 miles to Graceland on Monday night. Much on the table, I'll keep you posted. That's all for now! So long sweetness! Keep Smiling, Alisha

Alisha writes 5/15/01: Hello My Friend Luke, You are so on top of your game. I was going to e-mail your confirmed invite tonight after class. So, yes, we're hanging out tomorrow evening together. My guest are Ava Vincent and Syren. I'm quite excited. I'm also happy you're attending. I will give you the exact address in the morning. But, let's say 7:30 pm. So you wont miss Julie Ashtons show. Get some rest! See you tomorrow! Always Smiling, Alisha Klass

Alisha Klass writes 5/16/01: Just so you know, I'm on top of retrieving the physical address for you. You will get it as soon as I get the call. I'm excited to see you tonight! You're going to get the best interviews! Always Smiling, Alisha Klass

Alisha Klass writes 5/16/01 at 11:39 AM: The address has arrived! Find street parking and walk on in. Ring the buzzer and I promise everyone will be aware of your arrival and you will have no problems.

Luke writes Alisha 5/16/01 at 10:04 PM: Hi Alisha, Needless to say I was disappointed to get turned away... Robert Bauer was very gentlemanly about it... You owe me some exclusive scoops now! Let down, Luke

Alisha Klass replies at 10:49PM: Luke, I'm SSSSSOOOOORRRRRRRyyy! The rules have changed and I was unaware. Plain and simple. How about an exclusive interview with me next week. You name the time. I do have a lot to say right now, but I'll save it. Needless to say Syren, is one amazing girl. Sorry you had to drive thru traffic and all the irritations you must have experienced. Have a nice evening and thanks for being such a great sport! Smiling Right At Ya, Alisha Klass

Julie Walters writes: Changed rule? Unaware? I worked on Night Calls a year ago and those rules were in place then. The set got closed last year because one of the hosts got nervous when people were on set and she was expected to be sexual. Surely Alisha knew of these rules, as they were reiterated every week, unless she thought she was somehow above them, which, from what I hear about her is entirely possible.

Alisha Klass writes Luke 5/17 at 5PM: Thank you for posting my e-mail's I sent to you. I never would have been inviting you to the set if I new it was closed.

I am not above the rules, but yes Julie Walters, I do voice my opinion. This is true! In closing Luke, I hope you understand I was just as upset as you were. Playboy TV is not trying to hide anything. There's a lot going on with two live shows to prepare for that evening and there just isn't a place for guest or reporters. This is my understanding and as one of the beings involved in the day, I guess I have to agree. Luke, please no hard feelings. It's nothing personal. And besides, you're going to get the best interview next week. (SMILE LUKE) Most Sincere, Alisha Klass

Luke says to the reader: If you want to bash Playboy, now is the time to email me.

David writes: I spoke with Playboy TV personality Kira Reed yesterday and she says, based on the work she's been asked to do lately (including bondage sequences), that she thinks Playboy TV is actual becoming more open to being kinky.

BrandyAlx1: You want some dish on Playboy? As you know, they've always had this "thing" against porn stars, thinking their girls and their models are somehow better than any other girl who would strip for a magazine or entertain in other areas of the sex industry. However...
BrandyAlx1: Considering that they think they are better than everyone else, you'd think that would extend to their opinion of people once they get out of the sex industry.
BrandyAlx1: I sent my resume in response to an opening they had for an administrative assistant with my exact set of skills. They even called on the resume to schedule at interview, and with a false sense of security I told them that if they were concerned about my working for Playboy and dealing with the subject matter, I had worked in the adult film industry. They didn't want to see me anymore.
BrandyAlx1: I've never seen a more haughty and hypocritical organization. They give me Site of the Day, but reject my application to be an affiliate.

Yaakov writes: So besides learning compassion and tolerance, what else did you learn at the Torah meeting the other night. It was about Moshe, right? I imagine the distinguished Reform personnel informed us that Moshe was in reality, what, a Cannanite God deconstructed by the "authors" of the Torah. And the Reconstructionist guys and gals, I imagine they hold that Moshe was in fact... a vegetarian Hittite priestess names, Missy. According to the Shulchan Aruch, you should never blow off a date with a fine Jewish girl to go and listen to a bunch of, how can I put this delicately ?-- -- I know, a bunch of nitwits.

Jenna Jameson On Luke F-rd Live

Listen here to yesterday's interview.

Dan writes: Hey Luke, I noticed quite a bit of Jenna on your site lately. If she's got her sights set on mainstream I think she should be ready to write her autobiography. Books by pop culture icons, which Jenna definitely is, even from the margins of show business are now in vogue. When Simon and Shuster published Howard Stern's autobiography they had no clue it would become a NY Times Best Seller then a movie. Publishers are snooty but they finally discovered that the great unwashed masses can read and will actually lay out 25 bucks for a hardcover book if it's about someone that interests them. Mick Foley the WWF wrestler Mankind, Cactus Jack took Stern's lead and wrote a similar honest funny autobiography and it too went to No 1 on the best sellers lists. If I worked for a publisher I'd be all over a Jenna Jameson autobiography, the face of the mainstreaming of hardcore pornography in America. Jenna is friendy with Howard I think. She should ask him to get her in touch with his friend Judith Regan, the hotshot Simon and Shuster editor who did his books and now has her own publishing label.....I think with Hyperion or HarperCollins... I forget. I don't know if a Jenna book would go No. 1 but I'd bet it would be a best seller and with a book published by a major publisher she'd be booked on pretty much every major talk show to sell herself to the mainstream and kinda put the close on her hardcore porn career.

Luke: "Jenna, will it be hard for you to get older?"

Jenna: "I've been dealing with that lately. I've been in the industry for a while now and that seems to be the first thing that people say if they want to be nasty to me. I'm 27. I think that I am aging gracefully. I've succeeded in the things that I wanted to do. If my looks fade, who cares? At least I have people around me who love me.

"A lot of people in the industry are fixated on 18-year old girls. And they're hot. But they're stupid. You can't have a relationship with an 18-year old chick."

Jim DiGiorgio: "But when you're an old guy like me, you can really take advantage of that stupidity."

Jenna: "The girls that I use for ClubJenna are 18. I know. I'm bad. I'm becoming one of those evil pornographers."

Luke: "Jimmy, that's not very ethical."

Jim: "I'm not responsible for what I say today because I've got a lot of Vicodan running through my body because I have a toothache."

Jenna: "Oh God, Vicodan. Join the club. That's the rumor about me. That I'm a Vicodan head. I joke around about all the rumors going around about me.

"Meni's telling me right now that Meni does all the drugs at ClubJenna. Do you guys know if Meni does drugs because I might have to start giving him the piss test.

"Nobody's been mean to me on your site, Luke. I'm really happy."

Jim: "Did Wicked Pictures call you to congratulate you?"

Jenna: "No. I had that really big falling out with Joy King in Panama City [Florida]. As of the past week, she's been calling me and we've kinda patched things up. She said she was sorry. Things kinda got straightened out. She emailed me and congratulated me on a deal that I was doing with someone else [Vivid]."

Luke: "Oh, the deal with Vivid?"

Jenna: "I can't say. I'm not going to be affiliated with Wicked anymore in any way. They've been really nasty. Mainstream people have called up there wanting to get a hold of me, and they say, 'We don't handle her anymore,' and hang up the phone. I will continue to be friends with Joy on a personal level."

Luke: "What happened between you, Wicked and Joy in Panama City, Florida?"\

Jenna: "We went down there to promote ClubJenna. Wicked was down there. And of course, there's room for everyone in the industry to go anywhere. And with me being friends with Joy, it should be no big deal. That we could hang out and do our own thing when it comes to business. But she flipped her lid when she found out that the club they were promoting at were trying to get me to come over there to draw people. The club put me on their radio station and in their VIP room and they wanted to bring me in for Memorial Day. And it really pissed off Joy and she freaked out and she started some really nasty rumors about me. And it just turned into a big huge mess. And I was pretty hurt by it because Joy was my friend.

"Joy was just mad because everybody was saying that the Wicked Girls were fat."

Luke: "Why is Wicked having such problems keeping their contract girls? They seem to be dropping off like flies."

Jenna: "Wicked used to be so much different. It was more personal. And Steve and everyone were really good to the contract girls. I think it has a lost a lot of that personal attention. And a lot of girls who've come in after me have expected to be treated like I was treated but of course that is not going to happen because they don't sell like I sold. I think a lot of them got big heads the moment they signed with Wicked. 'Oh, I'm a Wicked girl and I'm going to be the next Jenna Jameson.' And when it didn't happen, they would yell at Joy and say, 'You're not giving me any publicity because you like Jenna better than me.'

"That's one of the reasons I left. There were too many girls and too many egos and too much bull."

Luke: "Who runs Wicked?"

Jenna: "I think Aaron [Karakis] who does the Wicked web site. Joy makes a lot of the decisions. If she doesn't like a girl, that girl is not going to be a number one girl there. Joy picks who's going to be publicized. Steve is distant from that. He doesn't know exactly what's going on. He chooses not to. He doesn't like any kind of confrontation. I'd say that Joy has more of a hand in running Wicked than Steve does."

Luke: "Are you still dancing with Nikki Tyler?"

Jenna: "No. It's been a while. We had a falling out at one of the clubs. I think it had to do with us being incredibly tired. We were on a two month stretch. And Nikki flipped out and accused me of stealing money and I'm like, 'Why would I ever steal from you?' The only reason we made as much money we did was because of the name 'Jenna.' And I would never do that to my friend. We worked it out but the bottom line was - you make more money on your own. You don't have to split everything.

"I just did my first boy-girl scene in two years and it is on my web site now. With my boyfriend Justin Sterling. I know every girl in the industry is going to want to see this, because that's their number one question - what is Justin like between his legs. All the girls were hot after him when he was the cameraman."

Jim: "That's why I fired him off my set."

Jenna: "We've just put up our first live surgery. That's in the plastic surgery section of my web site. So you can actually see a surgery being performed. It's pretty cool."

Luke: "Can you watch that without passing out?"

Jenna: "Yes. I was actually in the surgery room filming it. I had my assistant Linda's boobs done and I filmed it. And now all my friends are like, 'Wow, if we get free surgery, we'll let you put it on the web site.'

"That's the number one question that people ask me. What's it like getting surgery and what do you have to go through? So I have all the information step by step on my web site."

Jim: "If you're getting your plastic surgeon [Garth Fisher] patients, you should get a piece of that."

Jenna: "That sounds good."

Luke: "Jimmy, Jenna is not a money grubbing person like you."

Jenna: "Contrary to popular belief Luke.

"Garth Fisher does incredible work and I just want girls who do decide to get plastic surgery to go to a good doctor. You should think about it Luke, maybe you should go in and get something done.

"I just did a photo shoot with Janine."

Luke: "She's signed with Digital Playground right?"

Jenna: "Not for long. I have my lawyer looking at the contract. They were supposed to get to work on her web site and it's been four or five months and they haven't done anything. But I'm sorry. If you had Janine, wouldn't you do something? I've talked to her and it sounds like she wants to get out of that contract and come over to Club Jenna."

Luke says: Janine has been peripatetic. She did a deal with three other big porn stars about four years ago to operate the biggest porn stars fan clubs. But that failed. Then she left Vivid and announced her retirement. Then about six months ago, she announced that she'd signed with Digital Playground but they don't seem to have done anything together. It's rare that a porn girl leaves the production company that has made her famous and succeeded.

Jenna: "I have a home in Florida but I don't spend much time there anymore because ClubJenna takes up every second of every day. So I'm selling that house and settling down in Scottsdale [Arizona]."

Luke: "So what do you do on ClubJenna.com?"

Jenna: "I oversee everything. I don't do any of the tech stuff. I don't know HTML or Flash. But I make the big decisions on how things should look and what should go on my web site. I do my diary every day. I write in the forum every day. I have final say on everything that happens on ClubJenna. My partner is Justin. He edits all the movies. He's the brains behind the whole thing. He's incredibly smart and knows exactly what to do.

"We're coming out with a live show. I will be going head to head with that other girl from Digital Playground."

Jim: "Tera Patrick?"

Jenna: "Is that her name? No, I love Tera."

Luke: "Are you doing a variety show?"

Jenna: "Yes."

Luke: "Will you be singing songs?"

Jenna: "No, I'm not that cheap. But I can try."

Jim: "Luke, how come ToddHunter.com and GeneRossExtreme.com make such a big deal of the Tera Show every week?"

Jenna: "Because Digital Playground has a publicist Adella, a very nice girl. And she bombards people with messages. They're trying to publicize Tera as much as possible and they're doing a great job of it.

"Our first video release will be Brianna Loves Jenna. Brianna is one of my best friends. She's going out with Bobby Vitale, a good friend of mine. We hang out on a personal level all the time. I think she's going to be a big star."

Luke: "Yes, she's beautiful."

Jenna: "She's definitely got the look and she's a great performer."

Jim: "Jenna Jameson is the last big porn star. There will be no more big porn stars in the future. Because there are so many girls now. And nobody wants to invest the time and resources into making big stars."

Jenna: "I asked Janine if she was going to go back to doing movies and she seemed iffy. She said, 'If I do anything, I'll do Playboy style videos for my web site.' She's not sure. She got a bunch of more tattoos. And she got pierced. She had her belly button, her tongue and her cookie done. And her hair is light brown now, almost blonde."

Jim: "I think I witnessed when you and Justin first got together [January 1999?]."

Jenna: "It happened at the Playboy party."

Jim: "Then afterwards you guys were in that little restaurant, the coffee shop, that stays open late. You guys were there forever."

Jenna: "That was the first night that we ever had sex."

Jim: "I knew something was going on."

Jenna: "We were trying to hide from everybody."

Jim: "I know Justin. We headfaked each other. You know how guys fake their head up when they walk by each other.

"Luke gets me in trouble on such a regular basis... He printed a picture last week of two porn girls on my set who were smoking a [marijuana] pipe. And I'm in the background, coming out the door of the house. So he put the drugs on the porn set picture up there. The next morning, you couldn't believe the phone calls I got. We had to call him up and ask him to please take it down. That's now an image of pornography that we want to put out there Luke."

Luke: "It's my duty to tell the public the truth about the pornography industry."

Jim: "It's your duty to stay healthy and in one piece which is why you took the picture down."

Jenna: "That sounds like a threat Luke."

Jim: "We invite him to our set and what does he do - he puts a picture up there that ain't right."

Jenna: "It makes you look bad."

Jim: "I didn't invite him there to make me look bad."

Jenna: "The thing with Luke before, I said, you know what, I'll give you the scoop and good stories... Trying to be a nice guy. Then he prints these stories from these people saying that I'm a drug addict."

Jim: "That's Luke."

Jenna: "I feel your pain honey."

Jim: "That's Luke. You can't trust the guy."

Britt Morgan came over to my hovel with a video camera to shoot me doing the show. Then she got on the phone with Jimmy, who just bulldozed over our scheduled guest Roger Pipe.

Roger Pipe: "My ex-girlfriend met Britt 15 years ago at a bookstore in San Diego. She got Britt's autograph for me. Britt posed for pictures with my girlfriend. I thought it was very nice of her."

Luke: "She asked me, 'Who's Roger Pipe?'"

Britt: "Well, I'm glad that was not a horrible story."

Roger: "If it was, you know that Luke would've already printed it."

Britt: "That is so true. I think he's still waiting for me to trip up so that he can print something horrible about me."

Jim: "Are you having sex with Luke?"

Britt: "Would Luke have sex with me? Does Luke have sex?"

Jim: "Has Luke shown you his gun?"

Britt: "Yes."

Jim: "Has he pointed it at you?"

Britt: "No, we'll do that later when I'm naked.

"I just got off a 15 day mainstream shoot. I was script supervisor."

Jim: "What are you wearing right now?"

Britt: "Red slacks and a sleaveless sweater. And I do have underwear on. No bra. I don't own one. I don't see the point."

Jim: "He's so narcissistic. He loves the camera being on him. Are you detecting any gay traits?"

Britt: "I'm not at liberty to discuss things like that."

Jim: "His ego is such that he'd allow 15 people to shoot a documentary on him. You're not exclusive. If I walked in there right now and said, 'Luke, I want to shoot a documentary on you.' He'd say yes, while you were standing there. He wouldn't care."

Afterwards, Britt and I went to a nice kosher restaurant down the street where we ran into two couples I know from my local Orthodox synagogue. I wonder what's going to go around about that. I had a big bowl of lentil soup and a big Israeli salad.

Luke F-rd Stealing From RAME?

Nick Adams writes to Michael: There's always the issue of proving damages. I suppose he could claim being quoted on Luke's site got him in trouble with his boss and cost him his job. He could claim that Luke advertising his perversion cost him the respect of family and friends, etc.

But then he'd have to show why Luke's posting was more damaging that his original post showing up in RAME. And since he's using a fake name and admits he plans to change to another fake name as soon as his 30 days are up and he has to reinvent himself to continue ripping AOL off, he can't really claim any of that.

His best bet would be to challenge Luke to meet him on People's Court. Luke, being the publicity hungry guy he is, would do it in a heartbeat. Not to mention the free trip to Burbank or whereever they film that show these days. :>

He might even have a chance on people's court, since you seem to win by being the guy who annoys the judge the least. I'm pretty sure Luke would lose it when his opening statement is "Are you Jewish? What's the biggest dick you've taken up your butt, judge? Did the mafia make you do that?"

A History Of X - The Novel

Jechu Prospect writes: Pyongyang, May 14 -- Full-length novel "Suburban Home Where People's Pornograph Shoot Took Place" was recently published by the literature and art press group. It is one of the cycle of novels "immortal history" dealing with the glorious revolutionary history of Luke F-rd which are being created by the April 15 Literary Production Unit of Korea.

The germ of idea in the novel is that a revolution is carried out by an army of prostitutes and it represents the destiny of the nation.

Based on moving historical facts, the novel deals with the tireless efforts made by Mr. Ford to document and build a regular revolutionary cinema soon after the liberation of Los Angels from mob control.

It tells how wisely he led the struggle to found the Workers' Party of Pico, establish the people's power and build the regular pornographic enterprizes right after the liberation from crips and bloods.

The novel recounts stories about how leading centres for building regular cinema such as the Pyongyang Institute, a Parent Center for Training Sexual and Political Cadres, appeared one after another and ordinary people were trained to be pornotutes of the revolutionary cinema. The book also deals with the fact that Luke F-rd saw to it that the Adult Cinema helped Dreamworks in its hours of need, both materially and morally and at the cost of HIV- blood.

In a matter of two years the core units for building a regular adult cinema were founded and their ranks rapidly expanded. A parade of elite units of the Fortean forces took place on the square. The novel also impressively depicts energetic efforts made by the great Manichean revolutionary fighter Luke F-rd to build the revolutionary sex cineman.