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Friday, April 20th, 2001

Brianna Banks Interview

Cindi Loftus from Xcitement Magazine writes: She's blonde and buxom, beautiful and bubbly. She's a boxcover star and this baby's got back. Best New Comer of the year if you ask me. But then what do I knowÖ I talked to her, and she gave me everything, except her shoe size, because I forgot to ask. She was a Mirage, but now she is Briana Banks. Let's just sayÖ a star is born.

X: Where were you born and raised?
B: I was born in Munich Germany and I lived there until I was 4, then I moved to England and then to the United States when I was about 7.

X: You moved around a lot, were your parents in the military?
B: No, my Dad is German, and my Mom moved there to work as a live-in nanny. They met, got married and had me and my sister. So I have lived in California from when I was little.

X: Were you really wild in high school?
B: No. I was very very mellow. I didn't really date. I was really a prude. I didn't hit puberty until I was 17. So I had a total of maybe three boyfriends the whole time I was in high school. I got dumped by one of them, named Max, because I was so prude. I was very shy and self conscious in high school. Then I hooked up with this other guy, named John and ended up dating him for 4 years, but he was a total asshole. He cheated and all that, and lived with me for free, didn't give me any money, and I paid all the bills.

X: How did you make the change from a prude in high school to an adult film star?
B: I was really tired of what I was doing. I worked all the time and had no money. My first job was making pizzas, then I worked at an arts and crafts store, then I was a file clerk at an insurance company. Then I got a job as a secretary at a cosmetic company. I worked there for about 6 months. My boyfriend, John and I were breaking up. I was depressed and called in sick at work all the time, so they fired me. After John and I broke up, I had hardened a little bit, I wasn't so naÔve any more. I decided to do something different. In August of 1999 I decided I wanted to try nude modeling. I looked up a nude photographer in the paper and went and saw him. The next thing ya know, he put me in a porno movie.

X: So that changed your whole life.
B: Yes it did, for the better. I'm still the same person I was. But I am a lot more open, a lot more fun to be around, not so up tight. And I really don't care what other people think of me. Some people I have known may think I am a slut, and I'm notÖ

X: No you are an adult film star actress that makes a lot more money then they do!
B: Yeah your right. But because I was so different in high school, I am not the one they expected to end up in porn. So when ever I see anyone I went to school with, they are always like, there's the one that got into porn.

X: Yeah, they are all jealous.
B: I don't care, I like what I do. I get to have sex with really hot guys and cute girls and they don't. And then I get paid for it. I enjoy what I do, I really do. I am glad things worked out the way they did. I'm happy to be doing what I am doing.

X: How did you go from wanting to do nude modeling to doing a porno?
B: Well, I went to see the agent and he told me he could get me a lot of work and I would be paid well to do these movies. I had never even had sex in front of anyone before. It had always been just me and my partner. So the agent says well just try it once and see what you think. So I did, and I remember afterwards I was shaking, but when I calmed down, I was like, that really wasn't so bad. And then work started coming in, I was getting recognition and attention.

X: So what was the first movie you ever did?
B: It was for Dane Entertainment, it was called University Co-Eds, and I worked under the name Mirage. My co-star was Brandon Iron. I remember, he had the biggest penis I had ever seen. When I first saw it, I freaked out, I didn't think I could handle it.

X: Brandon is such a nice guy though, I am sure he took good care of you.
B: Yes he did. I am so lucky that he was my first guy because he says if I hurt you at all just pinch my leg. He was very, very good to work with for my first job. He was really sweet. I was so nervous with all the people watching.

X: What came next?
B: After that I did a lot of gonzo stuff, then I worked with Elegant Angel. I've also worked with VCA and Adam and Eve and Metro and Wicked. I just recently shot with Earl Miller for Pet of the month, I'm not sure when it will be out. I'm not doing gonzo anymore. I like working with a script, you get to become another person. I like the acting and the challenge. It's fun.

X: I saw a JM Productions video, called The Violation of Mirage. It was a lesbian gang bang and you were the bang-"ee".
B: Yes, I was Mirage, but it was supposed to be under the name Briana Banks. About a year ago, I got a boob job, changed my name and my image. That was one of the first movies to come out with the new me, and it was a difficult movie.

X: They gave it to you with a bowling pin. I imagine it wasn't easy. But there were no balls of any kind in the whole movie! (laughs). So what was the first movie you did that got credited to Briana Banks?
B: It was with Legend's David Christopher's Decadent Divas 9. I love working with Legend. They are nice people they always treat me with respect when I go in there. I have no complaints. I am very happy with everyone at Legend.

X: I hear we have a mutual friend over there, Nelson, your P.R. guy.
B: Nelson is a blast. I always bring him polaroids of me and stuff. The last few movies I have done with Legend should all be out when this interview comes out. Nymph Fever 4, American Nymphette, Pimped by an Angel and Gallery of Sins 3. It was really fun acting in Nymph Fever 4 because I got to play a doctor and I had to recite a bunch of medical stuff. It was a challenge because they were all words that I wasn't familiar with. (laughing) Actually, I had no idea what they meant. So I had to figure out what all the words meant so the script made more sense to me. It helps when you know what you are talking about, you can get more into the character. Nelson made a comment to me when I was in his office the other day, on how well I did on that dialog.

X: He wrote that movie. Nelson writes a lot of movies for Legend.
B: He did? He didn't tell me that. I didn't know he was the writer, no wonder he commented on the dialog, he wrote it! I have done a lot of movies for them lately.

X: I noticed that. I think I have gotten 8 movies in the last few months with you on the cover. Let's talk about your family. So your Dad is still in Germany, does he know what you do?
B: No.

X: Does your Mom know?
B: She lives close by in Oxnard, and she knows I do nude modeling. I have showed her some magazine layouts, but she doesn't know about the videos. I don't know how to tell her. I think she would take it the wrong way, like she did something wrong. If she finds out that's okay, but I am not going to be the one to tell her. I am such a wuss when it comes to confrontation.

X: Do your old friends know what you do?
B: I didn't have a lot of friends in high school because I was so quiet. Most of my close friends have moved away. My best friend is my sister, and we live together. I got custody of her when she was 16 and I was 18. I've been taking care of her since she was little. She is the total opposite of me.

X: So she is not going to follow you into the industry?
B: No she isn't. She says she doesn't even like "doing it" with the lights on. I take her to sets with me once in awhile, and she just hangs out. But the minute I am going to do a scene, she takes off. She doesn't want to watch me. She doesn't watch porno at all. She'll look at my photo layouts, but not my movies.

X: When you were growing up what were you going to be?
B: When I was younger I actually wanted to model. I was in one issue of Teen magazine. Now I am not doing so called "straight" modeling, but I am still modeling. Being naked gives me more creativity. I love posing for the cameras.

X: Are you under contract or do you have an agent?
B: No. I work for all the larger companies. I like deciding who I want to work with. I do all my own booking. I just did the coolest thing, it's called Virtual Sex with Briana Banks with Digital Playground, they are doing my website for me. It was pretty different and I can't wait to see what it turns out like. Because I did one with Jenna Jameson, I was the girl with the strap-no. It was really hard, now I know what the guys go through. You have to keep your head out of the way. I was the "hand" in the scene. I got like 5 or 10 minutes at the end of the scene with my face showing. That's all I wanted. I was like I am getting to work with Jenna Jameson, please just show my face for 5 minutes and I'm happy. So at least people will know it was me.

X: Who are your favorite adult performers that you have worked with so far?
B: Evan Stone, Jenna Jameson, Bobby Vitale, Mark Davis, Leta Chase, she's like my best friend in Florida, although she doesn't really come out (to California) to do movies anymore. I did my first girl/girl scene with her. I remember thinking when I did it, she is so beautiful. I was intimidated.

Xcitement: Well what have you been up to today?
Briana: I just went to the Legend office today to pick up a copy of "Charlie's Devils, a movie that I did recently. It's a play on Charlie's Angels.

X: Are you too young to remember the old show? So it has three main characters like the TV. show?
B: I am 21, almost 22. I sort of remember it, not the details. I know it had Farrah and Jackie something or other.

X: When is your birthday?
B: May 21st.
X: I'm going to ask you about sex now, because all our readers want to know about crazy things you have done. I will give you a place and you tell me if you have done it and how. Sex on a plane.
B: No. I would be too afraid of getting caught. You could get in a lot of trouble.

X: I think they would let you off, tell them you are practicing for a movie.
X: Sex in a parking lot.
B: No.
X: Sex in a park.
B: I used to have a studio apartment with my little sister. So if my ex-boyfriend and I wanted to have sex we had to go in the bathroom, and that would be too loud, so we would go to the park right around the corner from my house. We would go have sex on the bench in the park. We never got caught, there was never anybody there. But the thought that you could get caught, made it even hotter.

X: Sex in the water?
B: I have done that a zillion times, pools, Jacuzzis. I really don't like it because it makes it hard to have good sex. The water has an effect on things. It makes it more difficult.

X: Sex in the kitchen?
B: Yes, I have done it in movies and in my private life. It is pretty cool on the kitchen counter, but you always end up knocking your head on the cabinets. I have fallen in the sink. I have hit my tailbone on the faucet. It's a little tough, and possibly painful, but fun.

X: Sex in a public restroom?
B: Nope
X: Sex in a hotel room?
B: I had a lot of fun in Vegas at a convention recently, there was an orgy one night at the Venetian. There was 2 guys and 3 girls, they were all my friends. When I have a few drinks I tend to love girls about twice as much as guys because they are soft and delicate and fragile. So I had a lot of fun with the girls. I love doing girl/girl scenes with my friends. I'd much rather that then girls I don't know. Some girls in the business aren't really into girls and you can sense that.

X: Back to the orgy.
B: Well there was two beds and we just went flirting around and then ended up going down on someone while someone was going down on me. And we wound up with everybody.

X: Wildest sexual thing you have ever done?
B: I went camping two years ago to a Grateful Dead show. I'm sure you know what kind of things go on at those shows. I got really messed up. I had sex with my boyfriend in the middle of this dirt road. I was so into him that I have no idea if everyone there was watching or not. The next day I had rocks embedded in my legs and in my back. It was very very fun.

X: I though Jerry Garcia was dead.
B: Oh, he was. But they still call it a dead show. It's like the Grateful Dead minus Jerry Garcia. They had all the hippie bands, and the Dead played but they had no singer.

X: So the Dead played but their singer is dead.
B: Yeah. The concert is still filled with Deadheads.

X: If you could go on a dream date with anyone, anywhere, what would you do and with whom?
B: I used to think it would be Brad Pitt, but now he is with Jennifer Aniston, so he's out. I'd like to admire him naked for a few minutes. I don't know his personality, but he is very, very hot. I would take him to Hawaii, we'd have drinks on the beach, go hiking. I've never been there yet. I think my next trip will be with my sister on a cruise to Hawaii.

X: What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you on the set?
B: My only ever accident, ya know what I mean? A very small accident.
X: Could this be an anal accident?
B: Yes, it was. And I just about died. I couldn't believe it. I was like oh my god. Everybody was cool about it, but is was so embarrassing. I was like if this ends up on porno blunders, all of you die. This better never end up anywhere!

X: Would this have been an anal noise, anal liquid or anal solid?
B: Anal solid. An anal noise is nothing anymore. But an anal solid, I was new in the business I though I was going to die I was so embarrassed and all of these people are standing around. I came home and told my sister and she was hysterically rolling on the floor. It's funny now, but it wasn't at the time. I was so afraid they were going to leave it in the film. It was for Diabolic, so you never know.

X: Well when they do your compilation tape of all of your best scenesÖ
B: It better not be in there! With the reaction the crew had when it happened , I know they kept the scene.

X: When you win the AVN award for the best Newcomer of the Year (she's my pick), they are going to have that scene playing behind you.
B: Oh no! (laughs) Every once in awhile someone will tease me about it, and I will say, shut up, I don't want to hear about it.

X: Moving on. Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies?
B: Since I have been in the adult business I have tried to fulfill all my fantasies, which is a really cool part of the job. I have to depend on the writers to create some new fantasies for me.

X: Are there any stars you would like to work with that you haven't yet?
B: Janine. I don't know if she even does stuff anymore. I'd love to work with Jenna again. She is so gorgeous. I didn't really watch porn before I got in the business and the only people I had ever heard of in the business were Janine and Jenna. Now that I have had the chance to work with Jenna, when that movie comes out, I am sending copies to all of my ex's. I'm going to send them all my Jenna movie and my Penthouse layout, unsigned, because if they were signed they could be worth something.

X: Too bad you couldn't be there to see there faces when they open it and watch it.
B: That's okay, they don't deserve to have me around. They are assholes.

X:What do you do when you have time off?
B: I like kicking back and watching movies. I don't get that much time to sit around, so when I have the time, I like to sit around. I'm not a big partier. I just saw Traffic and it was really good. My mom works for a big video store, so I have the ultimate video collection.

X: Do you have a message for your fans?
B: Yes, for sure. Thank you to all my fans. I appreciate you guys and girls watching my videos and I hope you notice how much work I put into it. I am trying harder and harder to keep getting better. I'm having a lot of fun making the movies and I hope you guys are having a lot of fun watching them. Check out my website. It's new and just getting started, so there's not a ton on there yet, but it's building slowly and you can e-mail me from there. Can't wait to hear from you! www.totallybriana.com

Maya Divine Gets Breast Reduction

From AVNGossip.com: Devine went down a cup size, to a C in December. Her decision, she says, was because the doctor who performed her augmentation surgery initially "did not do a very good job." "I would normally get decent reviews," she says, "but the reviews would always say the bad thing about me would be the breast augmentation, because it didn't look real and it was bad."

Her right breast was cut too low, she says, the implant was larger than what she wanted, making her a near DD rather than the agreed-upon D and scar tissue from the three-year-old operation had hardened around the implant. "In order for me to look better, and look more natural, I needed to get them fixed," she says, though the corrective surgery would not allow her to carry the weight of D-sized implants, and made her go to a smaller cup size.

Copyright Infringement On Ebay

Apu says: Well, once again their is a ton of copies for sale on eBay. Five months ago I called VCA, and spoke with Mesha Allen, and reported the seller "Viperone" who at the time was selling copies of numerous videos, including their Dark Chambers movie. At the time I also emailed Anabolic, Evil Angel, Vivid, and whoever else had copies of their movie's being sold. They did nothing.

As I type this there are 50 copies of Rough Sex #1 & 2, 50 copies of Darm Chambers, and 50 copies of Bad Wives, 50 copies of Seymore Butts' Squirters videos, among others. Do any of the companies even care?

Shabbat Shalom

Dear Reader:

I spend most of my time putting together info for l-keford.com, which tends to be sardonic, critical, sarcastic, satirical, outrageous, wicked, etc... So I thought I should sit down and write a few genuine words from the heart, as my way of preparing for the Sabbath.

I also scrubbed my sink.

I visit my therapist on Friday mornings.

I have a really nasty, vicious, satirical, sarcastic, sadistic way of communicating with people and dealing with life. I call my on-air cohost of my radio show, Jimmy the Retard. I know the Torah does not approve of negative nicknames.

I really enjoy humiliating people. I think my site is at its best when I am gently prodding people into humiliating themselves. When they do that most, I laugh to myself uproariously. Unfortunately, I carry this same tendency into almost all my interactions with people. So yes, I guess I condescend to most people. This is all instinctual to me. I am not proud of it. By explaining it in writing, it is coming out much more cerebral than how it really it is.

My joy in humiliating and verbally fencing with people comes from my heart, from my gut, from something very deep inside of me. It's about as core as it gets. And it is only when someone can handle this part of me, that I can ever be their friend.

I remember a Reform rabbi (who did a PhD in Talmud at UC Berkeley) who gave some eloquent speeches at SSW. Afterwards, trying to skewer him, I asked, 'How can a Reform Jew break the Sabbath?' He replied that was a good point. That was the weakness of Reform Judaism. And he immediately gained my respect as someone who was intellectually honest.

I've also encountered Orthodox rabbis who can verbally joust with me, etc... But this desire to joust is primal for me. I can't just walk away from it. I can't just bury and deny it. Unless I can joust with someone, I can't be close to them. That's why I was doomed with YYY from our first meeting.

The most prominent phrase I remember from my upbringing was "Don't answer back." It was often accompanied by an angry slap in the face... XXX did not appreciate my rejoinders and didn't want to even hear them.

When I describe verbally battling various folks, and humiliating some of them, my therapist says she could just substitute XXX's name for my opponents, and it would ring true. Probably true. I remember various times as a child when I fell or hurt myself in some way, and whenever anyone would inquire how I was, XXX would immediately pipe in, 'He's fine.' I didn't get to answer for myself. I hated that.

Unfortunately, I love to humiliate people. I love to put them on the spot. It's who I am. As I've aged, I've simply become wiser in how I express this. But it is not a tendency that I can just walk away from. Yes, I can sit there and keep quiet in Torah learning. But if I am going to communicate in a meaningful way, my real self will inevitably come out.

Shabbat Shalom - Levi.

Chaim Amalek writes: You are way too self-absorbed. You need a hobby.

PS Why don't you ditch the shrink, ditch the religion, dump all those influences in your life that let you make a fetish of your own weaknesses, and join the Peace Corp? And if the Peace Corp won't have you, certainly the National Alliance will.

Luke says: But what about my feelings?

Chaim replies: Real men let others worry about their "feelings". You act like a combination 14 year old girl and middle-aged woman. Be a man and make some money.

Pornography And The Holocaust

The revelations in my book "Pornography and the Holocaust" sprang upon the world April 20. The book documented porn's strategic business and consultative alliance with Nazi Germany beginning from the first moment of the Hitler regime in 1933 and continuing right into the war.

It was this joint planning and custom production of billions of pornographic pictures per year that endowed the Third Reich with the testosterone it needed to dramatically accelerate and automate all phases of its Jewish persecution.

Despite the revelations, Vivid Video has refused to apologize for its role in the Holocuast, refused even to explain its actions. Instead, Vivid has stonewalled all questioners with deflection and distraction.

Vivid Video has yet to open its corporate archives on Califa St, Chatsworth, relating to the numerous interlocking subsidiaries involved in the Holocaust, including the Dutch, French, Swiss, Swedish, Romanian, Italian and numerous other business units involved.

In reality, scores of thousands of Vivid documents on the period remain hidden from view.

It is time for Vivid to face up to its history, open its archives, and apologize for aggressively helping the Reich plan during its 12-year war against the Jews. Instead, Vivid hopes that with nonsensical arguments, it can distract the media long enough for the issue to go away. Vivid needs to understand that the Holocaust - and the issue of Vivid's involvement - will not disappear. Shabbat shalom.

XXXEZone Responds To Zoe

Ron Berry, former partner with Tabetha Yang, responds from XXXEZone.com to critical comments by Zoe:

I would like to thank everyone for personally contacting me and asking for a response to ZoŽ's comments.

First I would like to say that ZoŽ is a beautiful woman, one that I personally enjoyed working with. Where I may not understand why she choose to get into adult entertainment, much less what made her decide to quit the business, I would personally like to say that I can respect her choice whatever brought it about. I personally enjoyed the time I worked and knew ZoŽ as a personal friend. It was always a treat to have our daughters play together, and to spend time socializing with her. At one point we even took a trip to St. Martin together, after which her giving me the nickname "goat loving web bitch". With ZoŽ moving to Boston with her daughter to start a new life with her significant other, I personally wish her the best on the road ahead.

In the last 48 hours, I have read several very strong statements made by ZoŽ concerning XXXeZone.

Where the validity of these statements are ultimately left to the courts to decide, I can personally say that I obviously disagree with her printed statements. When ZoŽ's site came under contract it was late July and properly functioning in August, she had very little traffic or PAYING CUSTOMER interest and it took time to build the proper web awareness to even begin sales on her Membership site. Weekly pay periods of owed monies to ZoŽ herself ranged from $0 to less than $100. If there was nothing to pay for that week - of course there would be no payment sent - that happened more than once. Porn Stars do make money on their websites, unfortunately it seldom is what we feel we're really worth, and it certainly is not enough to embezzle or risk throwing away an entire company for. However, we are responsible for poor accounting and will make amends to her for any open balance there may be.

As for 'downtime', we are a hosting company - we are not perfect - does your website go down? Possibly. Is it uncommon for this to happen on the WWW? No. Did it affect her as a Porn Star or her sales? No.

In regards to Federal Law, we are in compliance with their rules and regulations. Any content that XXXeZone of ZoŽ that is being used on ANY other affiliated site was either purchased or created by XXXeZone. Are we taking advantage of her name or image? Well then, let's also look at www.zoe.com, (a phone design company), www.pornstarpics.com and their ZoŽ Zeman site, or the other girl on that site using the name of "ZoŽ" with the same hair style and look. I suppose no one has the right to be a fan, admirer or an independent creator.

Over all, I can not explain why ZoŽ would make such statements when they are unfairly exaggerated. It is interesting to me that if ZoŽ found herself in a situation that a person would find unacceptable, why she did not seek the assistance of the courts, nor why she did not contact us to resolve the issue, but rather decided to just move a website. Her website agreement was basically written and designed with her specific requests in mind, all she had to do was send a written certified letter stating she was unhappy with our work, state her allegations us - and then proceed as professionals from there. I agree that if there is ANYONE out there being unfairly taken advantage of, they should indeed stand up for their rights. But by all means, if ZoŽ no longer wishes to be a Porn Star and deal with all the "bulls---" of this industry, then don't involve the "industry" and handle her personal issues in a proper and professional manner.

My only thought on the issue is that with her decision to start a new life in Boston, moving her web site was her last link to the adult industry. She had already severed her ties to acting in films with the split from Sin City, severed her ties for shooting for publications and web sites, and most recently terminating her dancing agents. This only left her XXX adult web site, which now she has taken down. It is unfortunate that this situation has developed, but I an confident that if and when any of these allegations are brought to a proper venue, XXXeZone will be shown to have conducted itself properly under the terms of the agreement with ZoŽ. Once again all of us would like to wish her well in her new career, and life in Boston.

Flashman Calls

Here are excerpts from my latest messages from porn middleman Flashman:

Marilyn Star is living happily in Canada, after that Wall Street scandal. She used to call me all the time. She wanted me to get her distributors for her film. She made the mistake with Marilyn Does Miami. She thought she could sell it on the web site alone without distribution in adult book stores.

The hottest thing right now is to have Ron Jeremy's recording answer your telephone. He comes up with a clever 20-second joking spiel. Just call the wonderful Lovette in South Carolina and she has Ron Jeremy's new tape on it.

I just got off the phone with Brittany Andrews. She's been so sick this past week she thought she was going to croak. She's been diagnosed with tonsilitis and has been in bed for days.

I spoke to Ben Dover, Helen DuValle and Rocco in Europe and they told me they don't want to shoot in Los Angeles because in Europe the locations are nicer, there's no police harassment and the women are better looking.

I talked to the top booking agent in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The girls down there are very attractive. And they'll do anal for $300, while the San Fernando Valley norm is $1200.

Olivia's Farewell Escorting Tour

Olivia writes on BigDoggie.net: To any of my real fans out there in Internet Land (you know who the hell you are)...this tour is my last tour (I got a REAL job...wish me luck)...until then you can see me in Miami until the 23rd. Then on to San Francisco the 30th through the 3rd. And then finally Hawaii, the 6th through the 14th.

What's Up With Chloe Jones?

Gaucho writes: ASF, back in December you indicated you wouldn't have anything to do with Chloe Jones, In fact, your quote is:

"From the feedback we received from the few calls that we booked with her that she actually showed up for, her "escorting" skills are average, definitely not a GFE or PSE - in fact she seems very enamored of herself and assumes that anyone that will see her will be as well, and relies on that sort of "adoration" to make the session (as opposed to relying on skill) From our experience (and one of the reasons we don't book her anymore), is that people were setting themselves up for a big disappointment with her. A direct quote from one client..."this was a fantasy that was better left a fantasy". My advice is save your money, or see her at a club date somewhere and see what you can work out. Under NO circumstances (if she does ever answer your email), should you send her a deposit for an appointment. I know Cheetah has been very vocal about his problem with JR Carrington - It would not surprise me in the least if Chloe did/does exactly the same thing (It's happened in the past with her). Think very carefully with the big head on this one."

Now, I see she is on your tour list. Is she back in your good graces. Should we still save our money? What has changed?

Steve at AdultStarFantasy.com writes on BigDoggie.net: Back in December, Chloe was apparently dealing with some "issues" that affected her ability to be reliable and work. Since we began our joint venture, Nici has been asking us to put Chloe on tour. She (Nici) has guaranteed us that Chloe will be both reliable, and "worth EVERY single penny". Nici has had a long-standing relationship with Chloe, so if she says it's so, I believe it.

Mustang Sally Layd

J Street writes: I used to see her over there [Silverlake, Los Angeles], and she was by far the best, or maybe she liked me, but she actually loved the sex, just like in her movies, something I can't say for Holly [Body], anyway, it's a shame she's gone, she was the best!

Tigger writes: Sally retired over a year ago. She is running a recording studio with her husband now. It's too bad because she was AMAZING when she was available!

Does Vivid Girl Kira Kener Escort?

According to an informed poster BigDoggie.net, Kira Kener escorts through AdultStarFantasy.com.

Are there any Vivid Girls that do not escort?

ASF says they've received eight calls about this in the past hour. And ASF says Kira does not escort.

NicisGirls says: Kira Kenner does not escort.

Zoe Says David Sturman Called Her Fat

Zoe tells GeneRossExtreme.com: "Basically David Sturman called me one Saturday night, midnight, and told me I was fat."

Zoe says Sin City dropped her because she wouldn't do anal.

Elsewhere on Gene's site, I see that Greg Zeboray and Tabetha Yang have split, and it appears that Tabetha is also splitting with her longtime partner Ron Berry. And Zoe is splitting from Tabetha. Folks, instead of breaking up, we should be making up. Because breaking up is hard to do.

Sin City director Michael Raven writes Luke: "Zoe is correct. There was an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding whether she performed anal scenes or not. She is also correct in stating that it was never fully discussed. Assumptions were made based on her past performances with Mr. Bowen and I will take responsibility for that. I am a fan of Zoe's. I knew her before she entered this industry, perceive her as a very talented individual and will always think of her as a friend. I wish her well in all of her future endeavors.

"Regarding the alleged conversation between Zoe and David Sturman, I have no personal knowledge of that, but it doesn't seem in character for David to have made such comments."

RangerRick writes Luke: I have been a fan of Zoe since she started in this business some time ago. I now find she has left the west coast for greener pastures back east. This all really lets me down and to be perfectly honest , I think she is a fool for retiring. Things seemed to be going her way but then she foolishly loses her contract and work becomes few and far between. Then I find out she met an untalented loser musician who she winds up supporting and then he takes a hike back east and she follows suit and all of a sudden. Pretty pathetic!!! She should have just done the anal and not had an attitude about it and then she wouldnt have to worry about how she is going to be able to support her and the guy. She probably cant find an agent to book her so she claims to book her own dance gigs ( yeah Right). At this point I give her 1 year and she will be back taking on 6 guys for half rate at Extreme. The land of anal gang bang is soon on its way and lets not forget the lucrative job of escorting which I believe was already tried.

Luke Gets Mail

RLS writes about Seymore Butts: Is this illiterate clown indicative of the quality of mind found in porn today -- or is English simply his second language? And an we set up some type of fund whereby we can arrange to have this guy set up with private tutoring in typing and grammar? Jeez: it would require more time to correct this passage than most people would need to actually physically compose the damn thing....maybe it's possible for Adam to get his GED when he's not otherwise getting gang raped in the pokey.

Rodger Jacobs replies to Seymore Butts on AVNGossip.com: Last evening I received a message from Adam Glasser wherein Glasser opined that yours truly is "just another asshole with an opinion." Glasser, creator of the loveable Tushy Girls, also challenged me to answer three questions for him:

What exactly are the limits (in pornography)?
Where exactly do I draw the line?
What are the exact standards for obscenity in the city of Los Angeles?

All three questions have the same answer: Community Standards. The limits are imposed by and the line is drawn by community standards, Mr. Glasser. In 1973, Chief Justice Burger of the United States Supreme Court made it clear that a jury ruling in an obscenity case would be allowed to decide prurience on a local standard, rather than some national, hypothetical concept of obscenity. "It is neither realistic nor constitutionally sound," Burger wrote, "to read the First Amendment as requiring that the people of Maine or Mississippi accept public depiction of conduct found tolerable in Las Vegas or New York City." It is "the common conscience of the community" that determines whether a movie, book, play, or work of art is obscene. You need to remain educated on community standards nationwide, Mr. Glasser, and the court has consistently ruled that ignorance of the law - and community standards - is not a defense. I will be glad to answer any further questions you may have regarding these matters, as this asshole does indeed have an opinion - and a shelf full of case law and court decisions to back my play.

Jasmin St. Claire writes: HI Luke, I hope all is well. I just wanted to make a public announcement that Ron Berry DBA XXXEZONE has put up a bunch of unauthorized websites with my images, claiming to be my official sites. He never paid me the correct amount of monies owed to me & never maintained the site, as he was asked. Gamelink has notified me to let me know that they are severing all ties with him due to his scams. He collected plenty of money from them & never paid me what was mine. I hope that nobody else gets conned by him, or his wife Tabetha, who claimed to be my manager. She was fired back in December. The only official sites I have are jasminstclaire.com & jasminstclair.com.

Gene Ross writes on his site: ...Why Andrews' vid Dark Angel didn't win the XRCO award for Best Vid as it did at the AVN awards show? Why, because Tom Zupko's In the Days of Whore got the most first place votes at XRCO. Swear to God. HOWEVER. With XRCO's point system, AVN voters instead of voting for Andrews like it did in December, voted against Zupko, thus off-setting his first place ballots. It all comes down to the fact that AVN rather than support Andrews, betrayed thus allowing John Stagliano's vid, Buttman's Toy Stories to sneak in as the winner in total point accumulation.

Cindi Loftus writes from Xcitement magazine: Hi Luke, Thought you might be interested in my interview with Briana Banks. She's pretty hot right now ( in more ways then one!) I also want to give you a compliment. I think your site is great. I know people always give you a hard time, saying you are a gossip, don't verify your facts, etc. But what I want to tell you is that your site is the perfect place for me to start my quest for information on a topic. With all your links and mentions of people in the know, I can take my next step into research by visiting their websites, from their I can send e-mail to the appropriate person, and lots of times get a quote or an interview. For example I am working on a little piece about adult industry aids testing. I got quotes from Farrell Timlake off your site. You passed on my e-mail address to him. I contacted him, he contacted me back and now I have quotes for my article. I also went to your site to find the link for AIM, and went to their web page, checked it out and e-mailed Ms. Mitchell, so now I am waiting for her answer. All because of the help I get from your site. Keep up the good work.

Gene writes: I have been emailing and writing Shyla Foxxx for sometime but either she's left the business or has a different website. Please I'd appreciate anything you might have in reference to her?

TBfan writes: I noticed that you posted the Stacy Valentine interview to your site. Maybe you might know what Stacy meant by "the other stuff". Arlene and Stacy kind of made one of those wink wink gestures during the interview. What was Stacy and Arlene referring to with "the other stuff" comment? What did Julian do?

By the way, you might be interested in checking out this review for a film called Fly Bi Night. Yup, that's Julian in the pic with his thinger-ma-bob in Troy Halston's mouth. http://www.intouchformen.com/flybi.html:

We don't normally review bisexual pornos, but we thought we'd make an exception with Fly Bi Night. Why? Because Jordan Rivers [Julian] (In Touch #226 coverboy) is in it. Jordan is one of the most perfect men we've ever seen. We fell in love with him back when we first published his pictures. We've been following his porn career through his jack-off videos (All Worlds' Choke'Em and Just You and I) to his latest, in which this "straight" hunk has sex with Troy Halston.

Being that this is a bisexual porno, the first scene is all about Jordan Rivers f---ing Brittany Andrews while porn goddess Sharon Kane watches from the closet. The presence of Sharon in this movie definitely makes the whole experience more enjoyable. For those that don't know, Sharon is like every gay porn star's big sister. She's at every gay porn party, creates the music for a large number of gay pornos and actually acts in many adult gay flicks. So, seeing her in action is a definite treat for lovers of gay porn, even if she is a woman. Anyway, Sharon gets majorly turned on while watching her boyfriend Jordan banging Brittany.

Later, Sharon decides to expand Jordan's horizons by convincing her gay friend, Troy Halston, to jump into bed with them.

This brings the porno to the final scene. Sharon blindfolds Jordan and starts giving him head, but, unbeknownst to Jordan, Troy comes in a takes her place. When Jordan finally figures out what's going on, it's too late-his glorious cock is already rock hard, and as far as it's concerned, a warm mouth is a warm mouth.

Lisa Ann Interview

I talked Thursday to the bubbly Julia Roberts lookalike Lisa Ann (born around 1973), a porn star from 1994-96, and a regular feature dancer since then in strip clubs across North America. She sports a wide winning smile and an endlessly positive attitude.

Luke: Why did you get into video?

Lisa Ann: I started dancing as a teenager. I went to Al's, a big cabaret in Redding, Pennsylvania. Al's has a different feature every week. So I was introduced to [porn stars]. Because when you go to an adult bookstore, you really don't think about running into [porn stars]. That's why people read your site every day. I was fascinated. First girl I met was Teri Weigel, a big crazy porn girl.

I was there three years, talking to a different girl every week. Many of them encouraged me to get into the business. After I gathered enough information, I made a ton of phone calls and sent out photos to all the movie companies and Hustler and other magazines.

The person I got the closest with over the phone was with a company called LBO, Peter Davy. He is a wonderful person. He was my guardian angel. Peter Davy picked me up at the airport. He let me stay at house for a month. He took me from movie company to movie company. He put in my mind what I should look for. 'This is all good and fun, but you still have to have a business plan in every situation.'

I never worked for him and he never expected anything from me. So I feel like it is up to me now to be that kind of person to the new people I meet.

He was so comforting and real and nice. And I got out here [Los Angeles] and I realized that there were a lot more nice people in the business than people thought. Before I came out here, Peter got girls to call me at my house in Pennsylvania. Leena called me. She told me, 'You can definitely trust him. You can go out there and he will definitely help you out.'

I was under contract to Metro for two years and after that I did a few movies. One for Wicked, one for Ultimate, they were kind of strange, and one for Greg Dark (Flesh). He's bizarre.

I always had to be on the boxcover. Because when Peter Davy took me around, he said: "You're a pretty girl. You should demand to be on every box cover. Some girls will do 300 movies and only appear on three boxcovers. They lack the self confidence to ask. But it is so much more exciting to go into a bookstore and see yourself on the boxcover.

I made my last movie in October of 1996 for Sin City. It's called Erotica. I started feeling the yen to move on. I wasn't enjoying it as much as in the beginning. You will remember there was a big AIDS scare in October of 1996. Some people that doesn't affect.

You're dealing with some people in the business who are not doing the right thing for themselves healthwise. They might be reckless with their partying. They might take it so far that they are infringing on the other talent's life. If there were a common club of people who were more respectful towards each other, it would be different.

There are a lot of crazy people in the business but I couldn't have had more fun doing anything.

Luke says: Let me read you something from the January 1996 issue of AVN: "Lisa Ann lives with drama, featuring in dozens of magazine layouts, an exclusive contract [now torn up], video features [all with boxcover appearances], fist fights, personal appearances, interviews, and enough speculation and gossip to fill an entire issue of AVN."

Lisa Ann: Always. You've got to be in the middle of drama when you're in the business because that's what keeps your name afloat. Negative drama happens because I was a lot younger than I am now. I had a totally different outlook on what the big picture was. Then the big picture was me and nobody else mattered.

Now the big picture is, if we're all equal here, and we don't divide ourselves as the entertainer being someone more powerful than the writer, when really we're all completely the same and equal, then things work. But when you're new and you get in this and everybody's pumping your head up and it's your first time on the road, your ego takes you for a ride. But this slows down eventually.

I see all the new girls go through it. When clubs tell me, 'Oh, she didn't show up.' I say, 'Listen, she's just having her fun right now. She's got a little leverage and she's seeing what she can do with it. It'll work itself through and it will pass.' But oh, the drama was everywhere and all the time.

Luke: You got in a fist fight with someone?

Lisa Ann: A director over a ultimate fantasy movie. His name was Joel Roberts [Adelle Robbins?].

One person who was always side by side was Dominic [AVN photographer Dr. X.]. Dominic would see all the drama and laugh. It was just passing the time for him because he was bored at work. But it was getting me in trouble.

When I say I'm going to do something, I stick to it. When someone else says they're going to do something, and they don't, then I am offended and I am going to let them know. In this business, you're a slave to everyone who needs you and that you need. If they dick you over and don't show up, you're still going to have to work with them again.

I work for Danni's Hard Drive a lot. I can get my groove on and shoot a bit. I don't have to deal with any porn people. I work for the Playboy Channel occassionally. Last year I danced 44 weeks out of the year. I will probably give it two more years of working like that. It's so fun and so easy and I've been doing it long enough that I am really comfortable. I don't get nervous and scared anymore going to new places.

For Danni.com, I do live feeds for them. Where I do four or five hour live strips in the afternoon. I do photoshoots for them that are just like magazine layouts except that they use them on their site. I also write a video column for Danni. I take a camera on the road with me and shoot other girls and get crazy. I write a column and they put a five or ten minute clip up there for guys to watch.

Luke: What are you doing with your web site LisaAnn.net?

Lisa Ann: All my guys are asking me for new pictures. And if they want custom videos, ok. They've been asking me these same questions for four years now. I didn't want to do a pay site but I couldn't afford to do 500 photos and daily news if it was a free site. My free site was so huge that we decided to step up to the plate. We shot photos for a year straight and archived them all. I didn't want to get into a boat where two months down the road, I don't have enough photos. So we stocked up on content and got Danni to host it.

I used to only do custom videos for these ten to twenty guys in my fan club who've been in my club since 1995. I know these guys. I know every address they've had. But I wouldn't do videos for just anybody. I didn't know what guys were going to do with them. Were they going to mass produce them? Now that I have my camera, I can do it myself because I have a remote control. So, I've started doing them for other people. I sell them on my site and for people I meet on the road. Sometime a guy will be like, 'Ok, take home that outfit and wear it,' then I come in the next day and they buy it.

What sorts of things do they ask for? Well, start with foot fetish. Then I have the ass guys following me. I get a lot of, 'Can you do 20 minutes of your ass?' And I work my way up from there. Mostly it's brief. They don't know how to write down what they're thinking, so I am lucky.

Luke asks: Do you do scenes with your fiance?

Lisa Ann: No. He doesn't want to be on camera. But our life is like a scene. And I do keep my life just as spicy as when I was in the business. I keep him very active. But all that practice in the business helps me keep him.

I'm always in Las Vegas for CES. It's always fun to see everybody. But I like to keep it not too much. Because that was one thing I lost when I was in the business and around all the time. You're just another one of those girls. You lose that novelty.

But we've been looking for you. Two club owners at the Club Owner Expo told me for the first time about you. And I was so glad that you had missed my time in the business because people had so much s--- to write about me. Hustler Erotic Video Guide printed that I killed myself. And nobody even called and asked my agent. For about six months, clubs were calling me and going, 'Oh my God, I am so glad you're ok. We read that you killed yourself.'

I'm thinking to myself, nobody could've written to my fanclub or gotten a hold of anybody that I ever knew to make sure that I didn't really kill myself. How much did they really care? They didn't care at all. I think this was May of 1997 or 1998. It was so bizarre. It was a pretty harsh thing to not make sure you got your facts straight on.

Luke says: I emailed Hustler Erotic Video Guide editor Michael Louis Albo for a response to Lisa Ann's comments.

Mike writes back: "Since I'm on deadline and don't have the time to drop everything to look up some obscure fact for your lazy ass, to the best of my recollection, there was a RUMOR circulating among several people in the business that Lisa Ann had either died or disappeared, and a number of people appparently believed it. I received several phone calls asking to confirm her "death." THAT's what we wrote about in one of the news/gossip departments we had at the time. It was probably all of 75 words. And the next issue (or the one after that) we reported her to be alive and well. Happy now? (And please, don't bother me with trivial bulls--- like this in the future, you fag.)"

Lisa Ann says: Do they think that I am that crazy? I know the business can make you crazy. But come on. I was one of the most sane girls in the business. Wouldn't you say?

Luke: So nothing terribly bizarre or dangerous happened to you on the road?

Lisa Ann: Nothing. I don't know if somebody wrote that because they meant it. They thought it really happened. Or if they just wrote it to see if I would come back in and call somebody. I'm not sure. But it made exciting on the road for a while because everyone was so thrilled to see me. But a lot of people probably did not come around because they thought it wasn't me.

Luke: How many girls have you gotten into the video industry?

Lisa Ann: At least 25. Every girl I used to work with in Pennsylvania, one by one, came out here to work with me and I got them in the business. And a ton of girls that I met on the road. There's always one girl in every club that wants to do it. She doesn't have a boyfriend at the time and you know she wants to make the move and go. You can always talk her into it. It's a fun job.

Shelby Myne and I used to work out together. Next thing, she's in the business. My girlfriend Jennifer Worthington mainly does magazines and she's on the road. A girl named April Hunter does mostly magazines and she's on the road. I've given a lot of girls to Danni, like Sydney Lu. She's a Hustler contract girl.

I have a friend named Zana who came out here from Chicago. She's been doing a ton of movies. But she's not thrilled that there's not more action. She thinks there should be more f---ing. She thinks they're cutting everything too short and the directors are too fussy. She thinks there should be more sex and less talk. You'll really like her.

Luke: How are the other girls reacting to the industry?

Lisa Ann: It affects everybody differently. Some girls party that you didn't think would party. Some girls save their money and have a great life ahead. You don't know anybody well enough to know which road they're going to take. I tell them to have a financial goal and if they reach it, they can get out at any time. There's no man out there that's going to say that he thinks it's horrible that a girl saved her money and prospered from this business. He's going to say, 'Hey, I got what I wanted. I got to see her do this, that and the other thing.' And she got what she wanted. She had some fun and she's living ok now.

Luke: It seems to me that most of the girls in the industry do not save their money.

Lisa Ann: I would say that there was a larger percentage five years ago than now that didn't save their money. I think there are a lot of secret savers in the business. There are a lot of girls who are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. They show this public side of themselves, then when they get in the car alone and drive home, there's a different side. There are some girls out there with some cash. Girls who are savvy people. Like Christy Canyon. She can make her money make more money and be working at the same time.

There are a lot of kids in this business who've graduated college but aren't using their noggin. They're too busy partying. We've all spent too much money in Vegas or bought a pair of shoes that were too expensive. And if we had a regular job, we'd never buy those pair of shoes.

Porn is a fun enough environment that I don't think drugs should be necessary.

I'm lucky that I only know the type of girl who isn't involved heavily [with drugs]. She may have a good time here and there and may like to part on occassion but would never let it interfere with work, or would never have to do it to go to work. I stopped drinking when I moved out here in 1994.

Luke asks: Have you ever done escort work?

Lisa Ann: No. But I get these emails all the time from these companies and I laugh at how much money they say you can make.

I hear of girls doing escort work, but it is one of those things that I try to turn my ear away. I don't want to hear something like that because I don't want to have to place judgement on someone. What if it is my friend and that is something she chose to do. I would rather not know about it because then I'd have to judge it a little bit even though I don't want to be judgemental. I just want to be, 'Ok, this is your choice, not mine.' I'm just afraid for girls that they are going to get hurt. You see these movies where the hooker comes and the guy chops her up into pieces. It's not the money. It's not a moral issue. It's just safety.

We just got DSL. We've been using a phone modem all this time. It sucks. So now I can talk on the phone and be online and it's like a dream come true. I'm an internet freak. I go shopping online almost every night before I go to bed. I don't necessarily buy much. I just love to look at how they update their sites and how they change their graphics. I always steal different graphics from different sites that I want to use.

Lynne L-patin Disses Whoremongers

Lynne writes: Lynne writes: Regardless of whose pocket the money actually went into, Rum spent $2.5K on an adventure, the point of which was to visit Thailand to f--- Thai hookers, prostitutes, whores -- whatever word you most prefer. I think that's frivolous, immoral and, given the HIV risk, really stupid.

Animals mate instinctively, driven by hormones and pheromones. Humans have an instinctive desire for sex, separate from procreation. That's why human females are available 24/7, rather than just during estrus. Marriage is society's attempt to put civil regulations on the urge for sex, so that it will be exercised in a responsible manner. Sex outside of committed relationships or marriage, and I'll admit to having had plenty myself, is usually thought of as immoral by the powers that regulate our society.

Humans do not have instincts for hiring prostitutes, buying romance novels or spending money on themselves or others to satisfy their sexual desires. That's culture. People lacking in self-esteem who pour money into the economy in efforts to make themselves more "dateworthy," are, for the most part, just reacting to their own insecurities (We've already established that many female fripperies are just frivolous discretionary spending.)

Men in this day and age who buy women dinner and gifts thinking they will get sex out of it are flat out deluded. Have the sex first, then buy your partner dinner and flowers out of thanks. Notice there's no gender in the preceeding sentence. It's the New Millenium: people who respect one another at least offer to split the tab.

Sex belongs in the context of a relationship, or at least should be given freely between friends. Pursuing a relationship which will include sex is not frivolous at all. One person spending money on another is not a firm foundation on which to build a lasting relationship. Paying for sex is frivolous and immoral, whether it's in bucks, bahts or dinners at the local steakhouse.

Hiring prostitutes for sex because one is incompetent at relationships is the hallmark of a loser. L-O-S-E-R. Celibacy is a perfectly honorable, through frustrating, alternative to paying whores for a feeling of masculine superiority and a moment's physical release.

I have never considered myself an "ex-porn star." An "ex-porn exec" or an "ex-porn producer," sure. I just appeared in a handful of cheapie videos on the side. Performing in porn is not considered prostitution by law, and what you are actually seeing is a portrayal of sex. The sex itself is often very unsatisfactory. If one WERE paying for the experience, most of the time one would probably demand a refund. Granted, there's a fine line between selling one's self as a prostitute and being paid to perform in a porn video, and women seem to step back and forth over it all the time. Luke is quite clear that both are immoral, and he's probably right. But that's a different argument.

But yes, spending money on pornography is frivolous. So is spending money on Beanie Babies and Easter candy, but the manufacturers of porn, stuffed toys and chocolate rabbits are all grateful that people choose to purchase their products. Discretionary spending is important to the economy. Porn is entertainment. It's not sex. Masturbation to a rented porn video may be frivolous, but only in a small potatoes way compared to spending $2.5K on a vacation in Hookerland.

That said, I admire whores. They have intimate contact with all sorts of needy, disgusting losers I could never service, and they deserve every penny they can suck out of their customers. Being a whore is hard work, requiring a lot of mental compartmentalization and disassociation in the face of general societal opprobrium and mucho disrespect. I sure can't do it. f---ing a few strangers for porn videos, under controlled conditions with my husband standing by, was hard enough.

Some might say better to spend the money on a sure thing, like good sex with a professional, than to waste it trying to entice a disinterested civilian into the sack. I think either choice is ultimately frivolous and meaningless. On the other hand, spending the money on a good therapist, learning how to have an ongoing relationship with someone who loves you, is an investment that could pay off with a lifetime of good sex.

Luke, are you afraid to address the whore vs. relationship issue? Men will never understand why women are so united on what losers they are, when they reject relationships for mindless f---ing. We take their money, but we don't have any respect for them. Biting the hand that feeds us? No, just parting a fool from his money. There's a sucker or, in this case, a suckee, born every minute.

Whores are not the answer, Luke. Whores exist because men are lazy and stupid enough to pay for what they could get out of love, with a minimal investment.

Women get just as horny as men do, and crave human contact just as much, but they aren't stupid enough to pay to use someone's genitals. Sure, they sublimate the feelings into shopping or pets, but those are honorable pursuits and don't interfere with one's ability to have relationships if the right one comes along, whereas becoming accustomed to sex, no strings attached, is just gonna interfere. And the idea that women exist in the moment...not long term...one month we're two pounds overweight, six months later we aren't....twenty years later we have wrinkles.... Get used to picking out a whore for an hour's sex and one will never be able to deal with women over the long haul of a relationship

You have been so fascinated with whores/escorts lately that I wonder if you don't think that they might be the answer to your "problem." You know, that problem where the women you lust after don't want you, and the women who actually like you, you don't want...(I don't mean me...I'm just a wild, uncontrollable, unpredictable former "bad girl" who scares you worse than you (used to?) scare others, you wienie.)

Luke, is sex sacred or is it a commodity? You adopt polar opposites and then you have eternal conflict. Most of us find some middle ground. Sex is fun, sex can be transcendent, sex can be sold...

I don't respect a man less after I f--- him, because I go into it respecting myself, and don't respect myself less for f---ing; men with no self esteem think, "I'm a piece of s---, and she f---ed me...therefore she's a piece of s---." All I ask is equality: it's men who seem to have trouble extending it, not me. I've never asked a man to pay for a date. I'd rather go to the library or the park and sit and talk, for free.

For many years I f---ed purely for fun. Now even that thought bores me. Now I want to f--- for the transcendence. I loved being married, f---ing the same man twice a day. Now I love you, even though there's no physical contact, even though I would walk away in a moment should I find a man of your intellectual ability who wanted both intellectual and physical communion. Not something I'm gonna find in a whorehouse, that's for sure.

Ruby writes: I'm sorry you feel that way Lynne, I have classes available for women, and my clients aren't disgusting.

Lynne replies to Ruby: I'm glad you wrote in. What kinds of classes do you have for women? To teach them how to be whores? Or to teach non-whores how to have the kind of sex with their men that will keep them away from whores? I know that the Bunny Ranch is several steps above hooking on the street corner, and I would assume that the quality of the client goes up proportionate to his fee. I even understand why you would want to give the adorable Luke F-rd a fabulous sexual experience (I've no doubt that, with you in charge, it would be) and for free. But I would be really upset with Luke should he decide to take you up on it because I expect him to set an example with his personal behavior and limit his sexuality to the same moral and sacred standards he proposes for the rest of us.

Helpful writes: Is a woman who has appeared in sex films any better than a prostitute? Let she who has not been analed on film by Tony Eveready for money cast the first stone!

Fred writes: The basic problem Lynne has is this: Anything she sees the point in is non-frivolous. Anything she doesn't see the point in is frivolous. Since she doesn't enjoy sex outside of a relation anymore, it's frivolous. Since she enjoys sex within a relation, it is non-frivolous. There is no logic or reason, other than evaluating everything with regard to her own personal taste.

Lynne's claim that hiring prostitutes or buying romance novels has nothing to do with "instincts" is silly. Prostitution is essentially a universal phenomenon. If it were a cultural phenomenon, it wouldn't be universal.

People spending money to try to make themselves attractive is also a universal phenomenon. It is not a mere "self esteem" problem, unless you happen to think that all of planet earth lacks self esteem. (It is so like you puny earthlings to think such thoughts.)

I detect a certain amount of bitterness in Lynne's response (e.g. calling those who use the services of hookers "disgusting losers", hoping that hookers suck every penny they can out of their customers, etc.) Why the bitterness? Exactly what sort of emotion is at work in crafting Lynne's answer?

Anyway, I wager that a large percentage of the male population (in the U.S. and throughout the world) has procured the services of a hooker at one time or another during their lives. I am dead certain that the vast majority of straight males have plied females with gifts or expensive dates at one time or another in an effort to procure sex. Are they all disgusting losers? Is there any male who isn't a disgusting loser?

Robert writes: I guess I'll put that $500 I was gonna pay Lynne for a blow job back in the bank then. *sigh*

Lynne wants Robert to know that she probably would have blown him for free if he'd asked really nice, before he brought money up and ruined everything. Not being a whore doesn't mean I'm not a slut...

Frank writes: I sense that there is a considerable amount of bitterness in Lynne's comments. This is not mere arguing of an opinion or position that she holds. There is some vitriol. I'd allege that she's upset because guys would prefer to spend $500 screwing a cutie than doing her for free.

I think she is personally repulsed by recreational sex now, and the mere fact that she dislikes it causes her to decide to dislike anyone who thinks otherwise (which, by the way, is most men). I wonder if this is a reaction to her past, age, present situation, or simply being a middle aged woman. In any event, there appears to be some big emotional issue here.

Lynne writes: Now, Frank is getting a lot closer to what could be the reason behind my perceived "bitterness." What might there to be bitter about? That I'm not working as a prostitute? That if I did, I'd have more money? That there aren't prostitutes for horny women? (Actually there are -- most "gay" prostitutes will do women if asked.) That I can't afford to hire a prostitute? Is "disgust" an emotion? Because I find men paying women for sex rather than putting the time and effort into having a relationship absolutely disgusting. Yuck! Gross! Polluted, even! Could it just be that I find the idea of spending $2.5K screwing disease-ridden prostitutes frivolous? Or could it be that, once I found out how much better sex could be either with someone I truly love or with a porn professional, having sex with your average civilian seems boring and pointless?

If recreational sex means being treated like a disposable diaper after the act, nope, I'm not interested any longer. I've had that experience plenty of times and never found it very fun. If there's money involved, that's compensation. Sex with friends, fine. I might be open to that, assuming they could handle it without reading weird s--- into it. Sex with one's lover, one's mate...the thought makes my heart (and other things) sing! But rubbing my genitals against a stranger just for the friction? Boring. Airplane food. Bad television. Sex is like champagne: once you've had the good stuff, the rest is swill...

Rumdar writes: Women are very strange. I have met scores who were somewhat promiscuous (in varying degrees) in their youth. Maybe into their late thirties, early forties. Then all of a sudden they turn the tap off. "I am not going to have sex with another guy until I find a meaningful relationship" They lock up the sacred beaver at just about the same time no one wants to f--- them anymore. As I see it, at that stage of their lives they should be doing more f---ing not less.