Pornstar Tweet Of The Day: Charlotte Cross Accuses Riley At Hussie Models Of “Busting Her Lip”

When it rain it pours. Fresh off being outed for shooting during the moratorium, pornstar Charlotte Cross alleged Riley, the owner of Hussie, of  busting her lip


I reached out to here to get the full story, below are her DMs

There was a Ts model inquiring about representation and I was working the CC booth with Adriane Maya. The TS Model handed me her business card and asked if we represented trans performers. To which I replied, “I don’t know if that is something we’re interested in doing or not but it can never hurt to ask so let me get my agent for you.”

went over to find Riley and explained what I needed him for. He came over, told the model that he wasn’t interested. Then, he said, “Charlotte you fucking did that on purpose. Adriana, block me because I’m going to smack the shit out of Charlotte for being stupid.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head down behind her and hit me three times. I left Industry Day @ the convention crying with a bloody lip

He apologized after Bruno told him to never put his hands on me again and then said he was fining himself and took $200 off of my invoice. I left Hussie shortly after and didn’t pay him my invoice immediately because I was scared to go over to his house alone. So two days after I left, he emailed every producer in Miami and said that I stole from him so if any of them hired me, he wouldn’t do business with them. Someone I was close with ended up paying him $1200 to leave me alone… when I didn’t owe him anymore than maybe $100 because he never got me work


  1. Rick Carter

    Riley is an abusive clown who has difficulty forming complete sentences without drooling. Neanderthals sound more intelligent than that

  2. Riley called me an unprofessional cunt when I turned him down to assist him on house locatons to shoot porn in South Florida through my location service business. Then he taunted and harassed me. Now his girlfriend, Gia Paige had recently done the same on her Twitter account. I was responding to her recent beef of being on Hot Girls Wanted Turned On that it escalated into this nasty tweets to me. Riley it appears if a very abusive man and now it is coming out. All you girls who have a story to tell then tell it now!

    Gia Paige is making false and defamatory comments about my person, my husband and states below that she knows all about my life? How does a 27 year old twit know anything about me or my life? Birds of a feather flock together, she and Riley deserve each other.‏ @GiaPaige Apr 25 MoreReplying to @LisaGandolfo2
    You dont like that I can stalk you back huh Lisa? How bout I tell everyone about you and your life? Hmm?Replying to @LisaGandolfo2
    Because yours is A LOT dirtier than mine I promise Ø=Þ is that why you gotta cling to me and my ex so hard ?

    Please note it appears that both Riley Reynolds and Gia Paige both have Narcistic Personality Disorder and need serious psycho therapy in my opinion.

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