Remy LaCroix Tries To Rip Dani Daniels & Jada Stevens

All I can say is drugs are bad….

Remy Update II: Clearing the Air

I have gotten Twitter & Instagram notifications out the butt about this “Let’s Hate Remy Party” a few XXX girls have been having in recent months ever since Riley started all of this with her drunk tweets attacking me (see prev. blog post “Twitter Mama Drama”); fans saying, “Can’t wait to read your blog entry. A lot of fur has been flying”. That is true. Fur has been flying. Flying all over the place because XXX girls are far from even being “adult” enough for the scenes they shoot. And if there’s one thing anyone knows about me, it’s that I do not take shit. The difference between me & them? I may flame some girls in my tweets, but I delete them because it’s MY timeline & I don’t want it to feel toxic — not because I’m a “pussy”. If I were a pussy, I wouldn’t be speaking the actual truth all the time, on here, on Twitter, on Periscope, regardless of the backlash. This post will get backlash & I’ll give you one guess just how many fucks I give. Yep. It was ZERO. People only get real upset when the truth is correct & they don’t like it. *insert Jack Nicholson quote*

Since this is titled “Clearing the Air”, allow me to attempt this in the most concise way possible:

  • Riley: drunk tweeted me & plagiarizes nearly everything I do. Don’t think she went to college, or else she’d know that plagiarism is just not kosher. Be original, you cunt. I asked her for coffee after she drunk tweeted me, like a civil human. She said no. Then when she got eviscerated by me via Twitter, she asked for my number. BITCH PLEASE. LMAO & ALSO, NO. Enjoy being two steps behind me in actually everything.
  • Jada: is a fucking princess & I DOTED on her for years while she rode my successful wave to the top by being fake nice to me. She has also been jealous of me since day 1; another cute brunette w a big booty?! Even my presence threatened the fuck out of her. And now that I am in school, as she aspires to be, her inner ratchet really came out. She’s the biggest jelly donut, bursting with evil jelly. That dumb girl can literally say nothing I’ve ever done wrong to her. She’s the most laughable out of all of them.
  • Dani: is just a two-faced bitch who didn’t think I’d hear about her talking shit with the same tongue she just licked my pussy with.
  • Dana: has hated me since I was the newest Spiegler Girl. Her & Jessie Andrews. Threatened much?? She’s also a loud-mouthed, old, washed up pornstar who started a GoFundMe for fake tits to keep her career “alive”. Clearly its not that alive if she’s begging for money!
  • Madelyn: is a basic little delinquent whore, who physically threatened violence “the next time she sees me”. All over promoting my #RemyOG wax. I just wonder how someone can be so cocky. Really saying that people don’t want to shoot me anymore? Funny how I see her begging for shoots/attention/money, when my agent is constantly having to tell companies that I am no longer shooting because I am in school. And school comes first.
  • Four Fathers Farms: is the fakest “nice guy” you’ll ever meet. Cheats on his amazing wife with side pieces constantly, while trying to play the “cool dude” card. Don’t fall for it. However, I do regret promoting him FOR FREE so hard… If only I saw his true colors earlier. It’s ALL about that #RemyOG from HGH Extractions now!

I used to be close with most of these people. I see the side that fans do not. There are reasons why things are different with all of us now. Trust me when I say they are just acting the part, but behind closed doors, they’re dumb & fake & will turn on you as soon as you don’t have something they want.

That’s pretty much the gist from my side! No need to Twitter-vestiagte my timeline!! (This was like the CliffNotes to my Twitter, lol)

I had an amazing childhood & have a loving family, made it through school with great grades, came into porn to explore & literally slayed instantly by just being myself, but NEVER HAVE I EVER encountered such childish behavior from other humans. Porn is more cliquey than high school ever was.

The BEST PART is how nice & fake everyone was when I was shooting showcases & getting literally all of the box covers & AVNs… & how they’re acting like vultures as soon as they see I’m done. Girls often get “stuck” in porn because it is good money. But if money or fame bulldozes REAL LIFE outside of your porn bubble, then I really pity you.

Like my social media biographies have said for a while: Biggest heart. Fiercest attitude. I’m a lover at heart — that’s why I smoked every single one of these girls out, was there for them when they needed me to be, shot with them even though I knew it was because I was “The IT girl” for a few years — but I also don’t take anyone’s bullshit. It just sucks that me exploring myself & sexuality via porn has been muddled by children who claim to be adults.

My solution to all of this: FUCK IT!:) Grateful for all the awards, but I did the work, I earned them. AVN, Xbiz, XRCO didn’t do all the anal & DPs & blowbangs, I did! I should be thanking myself, tbh.

With this last post regarding drama, I’m done addressing these brats, no matter how hard they try to push my buttons. I have saving lives to focus on; a big, loving family; & hopefully marriage & children of my own in the near future because I’ve been incredibly in love with my soulmate for almost three years now. Twitter drama/other people’s crazy behavior & assumptions about me needs to become the last of my worries. I didn’t care what people thought about me being filmed & getting railed on camera… preeetty sure I could give two shits about a few pornstars who dislike me enough to put my name all over their accounts & keep my name coming out of their pathetic little mouths


  1. janniero234

    Classic Remy! She’s a very disturbed girl. I want to say bipolar, borderline or sociopathic but not sure which, if not all. It’s too bad you didn’t screenshot all of her twitter exchanges preceding this blog post. They were so up her own ass and really exposed her ugly character. Lol congrats Remy, you have your own strain of wax *slow clap* She later deleted it all and hid the blog post cause she realize she screwed up and was losing followers. She’s a huge hypocrite. The only reason anyone knows who you are is for taking it in the ass by ten dudes at once so get off your high horse, Remy. Also referring yourself as the ‘it girl’ who ‘took over porn’ is laughable. Get over yourself. And how’s the job coming along? She’s always talking EMT yet doing nothing but sitting around or partying all day. How long will it be til you have a falling out with the ganja girls cause you’ll find some reason to be jealous and psycho and then you’ll blog listing them name by name all while saying they keep yours in their mouth? Gorgeous girl but how disappointing. Attention whore desperate for attention. The only ones left are beta sycophants who got lost in her ass somewhere. They need to stop feeding her overinflated ego, she’s obviously sick. – Former fan lost

  2. Ashley

    The only reason why riley Reid is soooooo famous is cause there’s no more Mia khaliafa or sasha grey so who gives a fuck……….

  3. Dankus

    I am pretty indifferent of the whole situation, but remy is having delusions if she thinks that she was the best in porn at any time. Plus riley and dani are much better. No negative emotions really towards remy but she is really the one who instigated the entire debacle. Sure riley drunk tweeted remy; she was drunk. Get over it. Your conscious cannot be so frail you snap from someone’s alcohol addled remarks. Remy’s arrogance in her “induustry defining performances” and her great ( no qoutation marks this time ) ass have clouded her judgement on the matter. Long story short – you’re in the wrong, remy.

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