#IEAU Union President Sean Michaels Wants To Get Rid Of Abella Danger & Megan Rain



Hey remember that time the new scam union rigged elections?  Im sure you do since it was last week. Do you remember that time the scam union put someone on the ballot that wasn’t a union member and that person had no clue they were even on the ballot?? Of course you do, that was last week..


Lets start with the elections.. I don’t want to get into great detail, but, the union elected a president who wasn’t on the ballot, covered here.  During that fake election, the 20 members also elected Aurora Snow.. After the winners were announced, 8 days early I might add, Aurora, a writer for the Daily Beast wrote this:

The IEAU recently elected board members for its adult performer chapter. Much to my surprise, I was elected to this board—despite the fact that I’m not an active performer or a member of this union, and never pursued any position within it. According to ex-performer Phyllisha Anne, the woman spearheading the newly minted union, my peers had nominated me by secret ballot and voted by mail. I was simultaneously flattered and confused by the process. (According to Anne I was the first board member to decline)


Aurora was in fact not the first person to decline. Evan Stone walked away from being the Union President due to behind the scenes lies and deceit. Evan even turned down Phyllisha Ann’s tax funded bribe of 200-300K a year salary, A salary she hopes will be partially funded by Osha, from Snow’s piece “Right now we’re applying for grants and there’s a huge OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] grant we’re aiming for.” For those that don’t know, Cal/Osha has partnered up with AHF in an effort to force condoms on the whole industry.. Osha helped AHF with their latest measure that allows anyone to sue a pornstar who films without a condom..That’s right, if you shoot content with your BF and don’t wear a condom, the guy who paid 9 bucks for the scene would have the legal right to sue you..

In the article titled “Porn’s First Union President: Performers Should Be 21+ Only” Aurora interviews 58 year old performer Sean Michaels, the guy who wasn’t on the ballot but some how was elected President AFTER all the votes had been cast said this:

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