What’s Donny Long been up to lately?

Some of you may remember Donny Long from the porn wiki leaks scandal a few years ago. But what has he been up to lately? Has anyone even heard from him in awhile? It’s been years since the original scandal broke.

Every once in awhile I would hear a rumor that he was going to return to porn but then nothing ever seemed to come of it. Last I heard he was living in Thailand – so even if he had plans to return to porn, it would be kind of hard considering how far away he was.


Then something very odd came up. I heard a story about a drunk two year old little girl. It was a mother who posted on Facebook and joked about getting her 2 year old drunk. Can you imagine?   No I’m not kidding here …. some sick fuck got a 2 year old little girl drunk.

What does this have to do with Donny Long you ask? Well it turns out the little girl in question is Donny Long’s daughter and the person who got her drunk was the little girl’s mother, ex-wife of Donny Long.

He recently posted some very long posts on his site DonnyLong.com. So it seems the answer to our question is, Donny Long spent the last six years in Thailand, the last two of which he was suing his wife for divorce and trying to get custody of his daughter. He’s now posted two YouTube videos about his daughter and what he’s been going through to try and get custody of his daughter.

This story is so fucked up. I wouldn’t wish abuse like this on my worst enemy and damn sure not with some innocent 2 year old child. Say what you will about Donny Long – no child deserves to be abused like this child obviously has been.

So there you have it … now we know what Donny Long has been up to.



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  2. pornster

    Notice how everything Donkey does is negative, negative, negative.

    Donkey fled to a foreign country and terrorized their community in Pattaya just as he’s done in Porn Valley and all over S. Florida.

    However, Donkey made one huge mistake. He went to barwhoreland and thought he could push them around. Nope, they push a whole lot harder back than he can ever give out.

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