Comment Trouble?

I’ve heard from a few people on twitter that they couldn’t log in to comment.

Please let us know the circumstances because everything seems to be fine on our end.

But I"ll be happy to register for you if you want to sign up, or fix your account if you can’t get in.  Please send me an email with your user name, email address and what you want your password to be and I’ll set it up for you manually.

Thanks,  Cindi


  1. Jerkuliscious

    I don’t know if yer end is fine, I aint seen it 😉

    Since the new broad came on the site and started fiddling around, the Sign In link at the bottom of the posts is beat. You have to click the Sign In link on the right column.

    Since this post is 7 days old and it is still F’d up, I figure no one else told ya. Although, I checked out her other site, and noticed she must not be a fan of people commenting, so it could be on purpose.

    Either way I’ll check back to see how long this ON TOPIC and HELPFUL post remains up.

  2. ceth86

    Oh shit, Jerky’s method actually works! Yeah guys, click on the “Log In” link on the right dark green column, underneath all the banners.

    Honestly though, why bother? Since it’s been Under New Management this place has pretty much died. It seems slightly counter-productive to remove drama and shit-talking from a site that thrives on drama and shit-talking, but maybe that’s just me.

    I suspect that LIB may have simply fallen into a deep coma, and only The Man of Steele can help awaken it. Where is that mad little genius?

  3. Karmafan

    Thanx Jerk, now I can log in too. I think the majority of regular posters have been unable to log in. Thats partially why no one posted recently.

    Also the threads that have been started recently are mostly boring zzzzzzz.

  4. Jerkuliscious

    Yer welcum fellas.

    @Karma: The transition from a Gossip Site to a PR site will lead to much more boringness. Miss Kelli should take a page out of the Gene Ross Book of Porn Blogging. No, not post while intoxicated. I’m talking about posting salacious shit about those not paying her, in order to shake em down. I’m a bad fake lawyer, but I believe it is only extortion if you ask, not if they offer.

  5. PulpeD

    Gene Ross would never do that. He’s classy. And a retard, at least when he says there was no anal action in the Farrah Abraham thing.

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